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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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and how long it may go on. >> approximately 15 hour, officers responded to a report of a burglary. in the process of searching for summits, they located a suspicious dwigs. the device was legitimate looking enough that we called our bomb unit out. they were going to go inside, get a look and see how to proceed from here. >> do you know where this was found? >> in a building here on south third street. >> was there a threat prior to this to anyone as far as you know? building management? >> at this point, no, we have no indication of that. >> all right, this is happening we should say by the san jose state university's gate. there are about 30 officers on the scene right now. we don't know how long this will
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continue. >> thank you. other headlines this evening, brock turner will walk out of jail this freud. they say that will be the last time this happens. zpl mary ann joining us now from san jose. you spoke with the governor's office today. >> right now, brock turner is inside this building. he will be released friday after serving just three months for a sexual assault conviction. it's that sentence that conspired ledge islators.
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which would make prison time mandatory for anyone convicted of sec yully assaulting a person who is unconscious or too intox dated to give consent. >> we're seeing an epidemic on college campuses and it's important to make statements to say if you do to crime, they're going to do to time. we are closing a loophole in defining rrk rape as rape. >> they run a crisis center to assist victim of sexual assault. leaders hope the proposed legislation can make the difference. >> survivors of sexual assault need to have confidence in their responses. >> the aclu opposes the bill,
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saying sentences have quote, increased racial despairties with more people of color going to prison for more time. >> under the proposed law, there would be a three-year maximum prison sentence. for the same crime that brock turner has been convicted of. >> more information about the judge who sparked this national fire storm with the sentencing of brock turner. now, the judge is figing off a recall. the judge is now campaigning to remain on the bench. his opponents have raised more than $100,000 and have created online petitions against him. the judge has formed a campaign committee where he is reaching out to fellow judges for financial support and endorsements. a shortage of police officers that's what san jose
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police chief says they're struggling with, but emergency calls come in. so today, the chief asked for the city council to give them emergency authority to solve the problem. robert honda joins us now from city hall and the counsel is getting ready to vote on this any moment now. zpl that's right. the council is about to vote on this, but judging by what they have been say, looked like they were approved. >> san jose police chief eddie garcia is using statistics. he dupt have enough officers on patrol and can't make up for it anymore. the chief planned by other top cops asked for a determination of emergency to get around state law and give him the power to assign cops to patrol units. garcia said he needs to deploy 47 cops not to solve the
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problem, but just to makeover time adjustments manageable. >> in order to keep my officers safe and reduce you know, quite frankly, some of the fatigue and also keep our community safe, that we needed to do this and needed to do this quickly. >> the chief got support from many residents who said they don't feel safe and an endorsement, the police union. >> what number of officers does our department have to reach before it is an emergency. >> they scoffed after a proposal to bring in chp officers. lori smith who coordinates responses, sent the city a letter calling the idea nonsensical. >> although they can come in an help us with some thing, they certainly cannot be expected to help us fill 348 shifts p per week because they have their own responsibilities. >> it appears it will be about a
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10-1 vote although aacknowledge there are long-term problems. if approved, this solution would go into effect on september 11th. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. a san matteo resident frustrated with neighbors lush green lawns takes a stand and those efforts were rewarded by the governor today who just signed into law new legislation that would give water companies to fine water hogs who ignore route restrictions. this idea for the law came from the ought to be a long contest, where citizens pitch ideas that would improve the quality of life here in california. as of january 1st, 2017 and only when the governor declares an emergency, districts can impose $500 fines per day for people who use water in excess. >> didn't have a nozzle, i could get fined $500 for that, but i
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could use millions of gallons in excess of what i was allowed and not be fined at all! so now every single water provider, whether a district or agency in the state, must develop and execute an excessive water use policy. each agency must have the policy ready to go by january 1st. now, another interesting component is that by establishing a policy, it subjects agencies to public records, so now anyone who wants to know who the hogs are, would be able to inquire and find out their names. >> beautiful weather here, but a different story in hawaii. madeleine now a category 3 storm is moving closer to the island. it's a little after 2:00 p.m. there and there is a hurricane warning. how damaging could this be? >> looks like a direct hit. they'll be spared at this point. not only madeleine, but we're
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tracking hurricane lester m i want to go first to the one who's going to impact first and that's madeleine m right now, winds at 115 miles per hour. the current track of this once again has this moving to the south of the big island by thursday, but it's going to be a close blow, so anyone heading to kilo or the rest of the big island need to watch out for this and also, some fast changing traveling plans at the airport. it's expected to strengthen over the next three to four day, but by saturday, it will be north of the big island as a category 1. winds of 75 mile% hour. so, the zone of concern, thursday through saturday for this wet and windy weather headed towards hawaii. we'll have more in your local forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thank you. this is a holiday weepd, so people are still on the islands. well, a major below against isis. it's second in command leader has been killed in syria.
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isis issuing a statement confirming its spokesman had been martyred. may have been lipged to the spike in terror attacks in turkey and perhaps orlando. the u.s. military says only a coalition force carried out an air strike in the area today, but u.s. officials are not confi confirming. donald trump is now chipping away at hillary clinton's lead. just six points separate the two now. according to the latest nbc survey monkey national poll. now, that's compared to last week, where clinton led by a full eight points. you can track the election by clicking on the 2016 bug on the front of our website. now, there, you would enter your address and see the candidates and also the measures that you'll be dtdsing on. that's in november. once again, at nbc bay
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a naked statue of donald trump will probably not p the honored guest at a party on friday. the statue was a popular selfie suggest about two weeks ago. it was one of five installed acrass the coup tri. police removed the statue. they say it's evidence in a case against vandalism. it cost the city $4,000 to remove the statue, which was glued to the pavement. the owner of the bar said he will repay the city along with any fines. he hoped to display it this weekend before returning it to the artist who made it. big questions surrounding hayward's top cop. tonight, some in hayward say it's a sign of much bigger problems here. i'm jodi hernandez. aisle have a live report coming up. also, a no fly zone. the newest loek in the bayy where drones are not allowed. >> and a town devastated wii a
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fire last year slowly rebuilding. how one man is inspiring others. one exercise at a time. that's in tonight's bay area proud. and good afternoon, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. breezy across the bay area today. we're tracking what's ahead in your forecast and changes the next three days in just a few minutes.
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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the city put it's police chief on administrative leave. and so far the police department a lot of questions tonight in hayward. the city put its chief on administrative leave and so far, the police department is not saying much about what's behind the action. jodi hernandez is live in hayward and people are saying it's just one more example of hayward's broken leadership. >> that's right, so far, the city isn't giving us any information about the investigation, but we know that hayward's top cop isn't the first high ranking official to be placed under the microscope and folks here say that's alarming. >> i think the community need to know when the highest ranking safety official is put on administrative leave. >> that's what many are asking about the city placed diane stewart on leave as they investigate a personnel issue. so far, the city manager and mayor aren't giving any details on what's behind this move.
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>> it is a broken leadership. not only is the house broke oen, but the house needs a lot of cleaning. >> luis says it's just the latest example of the city's failed leadership. >> superintendent is is also on administrative leave and the school board investigates his role in allowing former 49er, ray mcdonald, who has been accused of sexual assault, to speak at a school assembly. and last august, the city's fire chief nearly lost his job after an investigation revealed he had driven city vehicles while under the ip fluns. >> it's poor leadership for sure. >> this woman doesn't know what's behind the investigation of the police chief, but she has some idea. her ex-husband, nate greer, died while being taken into custody in 2014. >> the number of officer involved deaths has spiked dramatically since chief stewart took the helm of the department.
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>> i hope he gets fired. >> again, the city isn't give any information. they won't say how long the investigation will take. in hayward, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a rare species of whale found dead in marin county. this is the first beached whale they've responded to in their history. the whale washed ashore at north beach. nearly a dozen biologists have performed a -- in hopes of finding a specific cause of death. they believe the bhal wasly hit by some kind of ship. next month marks one year since the valley fire really devastated part of lake county. >> a full recovery is still a long way off, but the people there want a shot of inspiration, we know where to go. garvin? >> the good thing is it isn't hard to find rick bower.
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there's one spot in middletown you can almost always spot him. good luck keeping up with him. zpl to this day, almost a year to the day the valley fire start, you'd have trouble finding someone in middletown who wasn't sinlged by the fire. many lost their home, but others lost business. beth had to cut the number of classes she offers in half. >> we lost a lot. they lost their homes. they're out of the area. not enough housing here to keep everybody in the area. >> but at best if any of ore clients are feeling down b about their recovery and need something to lift them up, well, they have rex. rex bowers just turned 95 years old. and to call him a regular at
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jazzer jazzercize would be to misuse the word. he's more like a fixture. he doesn't move like one. last year alone, rex attended more than 200 classes. he's closing in on 1,000 and moving to middletown five years ago. >> rex is an inspiration to all of us. we say we want to grow up and be like rex. >> i've been told that. individual people have told me that because i'm still going, i'm kind of an inspiration to them. >> rex says he took his first group exercise class just after retirement in the early 1980s and was hooked. >> a lot of women there. >> rex says he doesn't have a pain in his almost century old bold di and can't remember the last time he had a headache.
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still, the last year has to be. >> you like to driver around to see the empty houses. for those who did, there's something reassuring about rex's presence. a living, sometimes heavy breathing example that no matter what life throws at you, the best response is always to just keep going. i don't know if you can read his t-shirt, giving up is is not an option. he just exuded that where ever he goes. look at this. >> he's exercising three days a week. >> inspiring. >> knows where the women are. >> he's got a good strategy. thanks, garvin. you'll have to find somewhere other than stanford to fly your drones. university has banned use of drones and other ariel devices over the campus. stanford issued the new policy because -- could have their
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safety jeopardizes. public agencies that utilize the program with exempt. faculty and students have to b obtain school approval. who saw last night's amazing sunset? apparently, a lot of us. we've gotten a lot of photos from sunnyvale to san francisco and oakland in between. >> that's the one i saw. fz facebook page, check out the slide show. maybe tonight. >> probably not the crush your dream, but as good as it was last night, we had a little bit of mid level moisture from humidity and that set off colors. temperatures were up a few degrees this afternoon. certainly low and mid-80 ds throughout the san the ta clara
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valley and drop doung to the 60s by 8:00 tonight. relative humidity at 42%. offshore, we have another weak disturbance right now. the only thing this is going to do is keep that marine layer in place at the coastline and produce some drizzle for tonight and tomorrow morning. speaking of which, let's get you into the forecast as we head into wednesday. 55 the start, and fog back in san francisco at 57. mix of sun and clouds for the east bay. right on don to the south bay. milder here for the south bay as well with 61 degrees. as we take you to your forecast, temperatures will stay at average and slightly below. so this puts us at another comfortable day right here across cupertino with 78 degrees, san jose, 81. for the peninsula, 73 in san matteo, palo alto, slightly warmer, but still a magnificent stretch of weather. san francisco will be as warm at 69 in the financial district and we'll have 65 in the marina. north bay, east bay and
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trivalley, we'll hold here in the mid-80s, livermore at 84. for the east bay, anywhere from 73 in oakland to 86 in walnut creek, so tomorrow, very comfortable day coming our way burke there is going to be some changes. as we head into thursday, friday and saturday, we're going to see this trough of low pressure dig more to the south and that's going to kick off some cooler air coming in the forecast. i thought with this tropical low pressure, being pretty good way to slide into september. first day of september, let's look at our averages here in san jose. 29 degrees, an average low, beginning to pick up in september for the entire month, we averaged 2300. also notice the daylight on the first of september. a 7:35 sunset by the 30th of
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september. there's today, the daylight getting shorts with the sunset at 6:5151. begins to mark a lot of changes across the bay area. your seven day forecast, temperatures stay in the 60s around san francisco. and for the interior valley, we go from an average of 84 on wednesday down to 79 on thursday and friday, 80 degrees. peggy and ra j, it's that time of the year where i'm scanning the long range models every day looking for our hopes of rainfall, so the first sign of that of course i'll be here to let you know. zwl can't wait. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, ride b.a.r.t. and get cash. we'll tell you about a new rewards program from b.a.r.t. an internet watchdog group will
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soon add "white lives matter" to a list of u-s hate
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group happening now on facebook, an internet watchdog group will add white lives matter to a u.s. u.s. hate groups. they say it's often used by white supremacists as a slogan and now, they've learned they were switched at birth. they are from the same town in canada. they say people have been telling them for years they look like each other's parents. more news the a moment.
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want to give you an update on the breaking news. you looking at live pictures in downtown san jose near 4th street and san carlos. right at the edge of campus. streets have been evacuated and businesses have been evacuated because of a suspicious device that was found. within the last ten minutes, we're told they were on the scene of that suspicious device has been detonated. >> all students in the area have been rerouted around the scene, but once again, completely blocked off at this time and we're continuing to watch it for you. we'll bring you more details after the break. we'll be right back. ==peggy/ots== bart is hoping it's newest idea will help ease congestion on
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rush hour trains. ==vo== starting today -- any commuters with a clippe b.a.r.t. is hoping its latest idea will help ease congestion. starting today, any commuters with a clipper card can sign up for the program. they would earn a point for every mile, every trip. earn nuch of the points and you can turn them in for cash. just like shopping. >> yeah. >> b.r.a.t. cash.
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>> sa vvannah guthrie is next o nightly news. breaking news tonight. hurricane watches and warnings just issued. a triple threat up and down the eastern seaboard and all the way to hawaii, bracing for impact. also breaking, isis says the leader at the top of america's kill list is dead. did the u.s. just take out the major strategis behind so many horrific attacks. a governor under fire for a profanity laced rant and accusation of repeated racist and inflammatory remarks. and a prep school rape case that gripped the nation, the victim reveals herself publicly for the first time. the mission she is on. and amazing rescue. a heart stopping pileup caught on camera. a woman trapped, her car engulfed


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