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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. this is not a choice i wanted to make, quite frankly, but it is a choice i had to make. right now at 11:00, detectives being pulled from investigations to patrol the streets. a police shortage grows to emergency level. the news starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. jessica aguirre has the night off. at this hour new marshalling orders for sjpd.
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chuck coppola is at police headquarters. they are beefg up the streets but creating another hole. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: we are hearing investigations could take longer and the net effect of this is that cases may not be closed as quickly. san jose police chief eddie garcia has two weeks to figure out where to find 47 detectives or officers working in special task force to transfer to street patrol. >> we have a special unit that works on child pornography. for me i'm uncomfortable removing personnel from that division. >> if you take away some percentage of your detective staff, that means that your capacity, your capabilities will be reduced by that much with that manpower. that means you will take longer to conduct an investigation, for example. >> reporter: response to violent crime remains a top priority, but property crime response may be slower. >> it is not a choice i wanted to make, quite frankly, but a
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choice i had to make. >> reporter: garcia says he will balance where the transfers will happen. san jose's police department has had fewer that the minimum for the last four years. chief garcia is concerned the short-term fix may last a long time. >> we have a company coming in to look at our staffing and help us see how we can redeploy as our numbers are now, and, you know, as they diminish. >> reporter: transfers will help reduce the amount of mandatory over time officers have faced. >> we still have to sit with the city right away and move forward in the next couple of weeks talking about if we lose more officers, if there's more retirements and resignations, if the academy numbers are still low, that has to be discussed plied at the table. >> reporter: san jose has seen a steady parade of officers either retiring or leaving for other police departments since voters here passed pension reform in 2012. now, there's no word how long these reassignments may last, but it bears noting that the current police contract ex piers
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at the end of the year. reporting live in san jose, chuck coppola, "nbc bay area news." >> he was once a notorious drug king pin in oakland. his family says he is now a community king pin helping stories. his story reached the white house. today president obama commuted his sentence. this is daryl lamar reid. he will walk out of prison seven years earlier than expected. nbc bay area cheryl hurd spoke to his family this evening in san leandro. >> the early release of daryl reid is a dream come true for his mother and son. they say the man who will soon be walking the streets of san leandro is not the same man who was locked up 28 years ago. >> you know, i'm not good at this kind of stuff. >> you're all right. >> reporter: a day for hugs and celebration. >> it just so happens we get a phone call this morning. >> reporter: a call this mother waited almost three decades to get. >> he said, yay, and i was like yay. >> reporter: delores stevens got
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a call from daryl lamar reid he finally will be coming home. >> december 8th, 1988 they ared him. >> reporter: back then reid was a prominent drug dealer on the streets of oakland, taking over for well-known king pin felix mitchell in the late '80s. >> when you meet people in the community and you meet people who knew my dad when he was younger, all they talk about was how giving he was. >> reporter: he had the money to give, making tens of thousands of dollars daily selling what was considered a new drug, crack cocaine. president obama granted clemency to 111 people, providing a second chance to prisoners who have taken steps towards rehabilitation and who have received sentences for non-violent drug crimes. while serving his time, reid has given back to the community, calling into community forums and telling young people not to go down the wrong path. >> i think he feels it is his generation's responsibility to, you know, steer the young people of today in the right direction. >> junior high sweetheart.
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>> reporter: mistakes reid will soon have a chance to make up for after all of these years. >> he's not living in the past, he is living in the now. he wants to fix the now, he wants to help this community get better. >> reporter: reid's family is hoping they will be able to spend new year's together. in san leandro, cheryl hurd, "nbc bay area news." last night the bay area, tomorrow mexico. donald trump is heading south of the border. the republican candidate made the announcement late this evening on twitter. the tweet says he will be meeting with mexico's president, enrique nieto. this meeting it happen hours before trump is expected to clarify his stance on immigration at an event in phoenix. "the washington post" reported the president invited hillary clinton to meet with him. no word if she has accepted. a new poll shows the race is tightening. mrs. clinton's lead is shrinking
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a bit. nbc survey monkey polls her with a six point lead. last week it was eight week. it's been an active night for colin kaepernick. there's been growing support for him. the ash tag veterans for kaepernick has been the number one trending topic on twitter. thousands of tweets from veterans and active members supporting his right to free speech and drawing attention to racial inequality. kaepernick is getting a helping hand from a legendary athlete who is now an activist. kareem abdul-jabbar. tonight kareem was in san francisco and had choice words. here is nbc bay area's eual cohl. >> reporter: tonight kareem abdul-jabbar speaking at the hearst theater in san francisco, weighing in on issues and on colin kaepernick. >> you know, that is a very
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worthy cause. >> reporter: he penned an op-ed in "the washington post" today calling kaepernick's actions highly patriotic and defending his free speech right. >> it is important to protect the speech of people who you don't want to hear because freedom of speech really is the basis for what america is about. >> reporter: the nba star says athletes should publicly stand up for what they believe in. he demonstrated on the ucla campus after dr. martin luther king jr. was asas mated, even when others told him not to. >> i don't think that colin has to abide by that. he has to do what his conscience dictates, and i think that's why he made the statement he made. >> reporter: in the audience tonight three-time nba champion bill cart wright going further and agreeing with kaepernick. >> now i think we have everybody's attention, i think the next step is what do we do next. >> abdul-jabbar ended providing an answer to start ending racial
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inequity. >> get to know your neighbors because merks is an incredibly diverse place. >> reporter: in san francisco, ian cohl, "nbc bay area news." noted bay area soeshologist dr. harry edwards who works closely with 49ers. he wrote a lengthy op eld supporting kaepernick and challenging other pro athletes to get involved. amidst the headlines, there's a game this week and kaepernick will be the starting quarterback for the 49ers this thursday night in san diego. here's the 49ers new head coach. >> we said all along we recognize his right to express his feelings, but it doesn't affect what we do when we get here at 8:15 in the morning until we leave at 8:00 at night. >> coincidentally, it is military night in san diego during that chargers/49ers game on thursday. if you have an opinion on the kaepernick protest, join our conversation on the nbc bay area
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facebook page. going to great lengths to avoid being locked up. police say they captured a woman who escaped while on her way to jail. any kia hutchinson was arrested at a home in richmond. officers launched a search because she disappeared while on the way to the county jail. but they called off that search after a few heres. police say she was using her sister's name as an alias. a warning tonight at san jose state campus. two different men exposed themselves to students, but it happened in the past two days, the first yesterday inside mcquary hall classroom. the victim says she was in class when a man exposed himself to her. the second incident happened inside yoshida hall. in both cases the man ran away. no arrests made. a burglary pursuit near campus turns into a bomb scare. officers were called to a possible burglary in progress
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alt a residential storage unit on north first street? it happened this afternoon. when police arrived they found signs of a burglary but also a suspicious device. officers shut down four blocks and ordered dozens of people out of their homes, condo owes and businesses. >> i was coming home from the grocery store, and i had the groceries for the evening. i came home and the street was blocked off. the officers told me they were evacuating our entire billing. >> the box squad detonated the device. no word whether it was dangerous. teenagers abusing drugs and alcohol here in loren county. dozens pack a community meeting admitting there's a problem and seeking solutions. also, singer chris brown arrested again, this time after an hours long stand-off at his home. what he post owed instagram before being taken in. good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking cooler summer air coming our way. details on that.
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plus two hurricanes headed near hawaii. full forecast path in a few minutes. >> wanted by police. >> did you think you were going to be arrested? >> yeah. >> luckily she had an airtight alibi. >> i was giving birth thank goodness. >> wednesday we investigate a cyber crime that could turn you into a criminal suspect, even if you never did anything wrong. >> this is a much bigger thing than people realize. >> wednesday at 11:00 on nbc bay area. we investigate. every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer.
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we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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you're watching "nbc bay area news" with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. teenagers abusing drugs and alcohol in maren county is an urgent public health issue. that's what a school superintendent told a packed meeting tonight. this comes after a party bus was busted over the summer, filled with teenagers, booze and pot. nbc bay area's jean elle is in san rafael with details of the mean. >> reporter: raj, i talked with parents, students and school officials who say the party bus incident was not surprising. they say teenagers here in marin county have easy access to illegal substances and it is time to address it. >> i'm nervous for my girl.
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she is strong, but i think the culture she is growing up in is rampant, drugs and alcohol are rampant. we don't have drug-free schools. we have drug-infested schools. >> reporter: marin county mom joins a community meeting post bid the school district. this party bus, bust ned larkspur in june, triggered the gathering. police say 34 kids ages 15 to 17 were on board along with drugs, alcohol and pills. >> it is sad, but it is not surprising. >> reporter: tire have had teen partying, dubin started a group called bb influence, organizing parents who agree not to give kids access to drugs and alcohol. >> but i think that parents want to be friends and not parents. they want their kids to be popular, and as long as their kids are getting strays a's they think drinking and drug use is a right of passage. >> reporter: exposure the public health department says can be a life-changing mistake. >> the earlier in life someone is exposed to something like
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alcohol or opioids, the more likely it is they will have life-long dependency. >> reporter: teens are at the table. 18-year-old tyler mcdonald is looking for solutions. >> there's not very many alternative fun things to do except go party and go do something crazy and stupid. that's why i'm here. i think this meeting is really important to finding other things for teenagers to do in the community. >> reporter: now, ideas generated here tonight will be taken to a youth summit for feedback. then all of that information will be used to develop a strategy, aiming to prevent teen drug and alcohol abuse here in marin county. reporting live in san rafael, jean elle. >> thank you. he has been arrested again. singer chris brown is in trouble with the law after he allegedly pointed a gun at a woman. late this afternoon brown turned himself into los angeles police after initially not cooperating with the police department. a woman claims brown threatened and pointed a gun at her while
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she attended a party at his house. brown denies any wrong doing and posted a message on instagram, bashing police. >> when i call the police for stalker people endangering my life, they don't come until the next. let somebody make an allegation about me, and yeah, the whole swaut team. >> not happy. in 2009 you might recall brown assaulted his then-girlfriend rihanna. he was sentenced to probation, community service and domestic violence classes. a good samaritan becomes a crime fighter. he jumped into action to help an orinda police officer struggling to take a shoplifter into custody. nbc bay area's ee leash kirchner has more. >> on patrol. >> we've had a lot of shoplifting from cvs, one just the day before. >> reporter: around 11:00 in the morning on august 19th. >> we saw the subject exit the store, act suspicious, cross the
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street. >> reporter: parked in front of the cvs, the officer tries to stop a suspicious man leaving the drugstore. >> i was able to catch up to him, and i got within, you know, 10 feet or so and i said, hey, stop or i'm going to tase you. >> reporter: a few blocks away he says the 49-year-old suspect finally stopped in the middle of cedar square. >> i was sitting here meeting with a client. >> reporter: that's what private investigator dayson dewitt happened to be drinking a cup of coffee. >> then i saw the suspect swing on the officer, and that's when they both went to the ground. >> he punched me in the face and my right side. >> so i jogged over and said, do you need help. >> i said yes, please, control his upper body. >> between the two of us it was probably 20 seconds and he was quickly in custody. >> reporter: quickly getting him in custody. >> utilize the taser, pepper spray, baton and cause more
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injury to the suspect and possibly more injuries to myself. >> it could have gotten ugly and, you know, little old orinda could have gotten ugly quick quickly. >> tonight hawaii is on hurricane watch. this is hurricane madeline. a view from the international space station. that storm churning in the pacific. it could hit the islands this weekend. keep in mind, a lot of vacationers still in hawaii as we approach the holiday weekend. right now it is about 500 miles east of hawaii, but many people are already preparing for the rain, the wind and high surf. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking this. is it a hurricane or -- >> reporter: yeah, there's not only one, but two different hurricanes heading close to hawaii. there's actually a little bit of a bay area connection. you felt a little humidity today and saw the high clouds moving across. there's, again, a small relation. we will get a look right now. you can see both of these hurricanes, one a category two,
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one a very strong category four, and some of the cloud covering also a slight bit of humidity is streaming up from these systems moving into the bay area. we're not expecting anything more than that, but over the next couple of days we will see something similar. where are these storms headed? well, the first one that's the closest here to hawaii is hurricane madeline. we expect this to be south of the big island by wednesday night and thursday as a category one. it really looks like it is going to be centered as a big island event here, again, wednesday night and thursday. then there's the second hurricane. it looks like this will gradually weak enas it gets closer the hawaii, but it will be north of the big island by saturday and north of mauy as well. both storms, we're not looking at a direct hit right now. but as for any hurricane you need to watch it closely. we will be doing that for you as well. a slight shift in this track and we could see things change drastically for us. a lot of wind and also rain coming their way.
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as far as our forecast goes for tomorrow morning, more of the same that we've had the past couple of days, fog back in san francisco and 57. patchy, low clouds for east bay. also for the south bay. we'll start off at 61 here down towards san jose. a look at the microclimate forecast doesn't show many major changes. tomorrow slightly cooler across soeb. 78 expected in coopertino and san jose 81. san francisco will be milder in the financial district with 69, but head towards the marina, a little cooler breeze will have us at 65. north bay, east bay and for the tri-valley you can see two differences here into the north bay. mill valley 77, where we get some of the cooler westerly wind coming in. napa a little farther away from that will be a warmer 85. looks like our hottest temperatures in tri-valley, danville expecting 86. we will have changes once we hit thursday, friday and saturday. a larger trough of low pressure builds in to help the drop the
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temperatures another two to five degrees. some of the cooler weather will have you thinking about what will be happening as we said into september and fall coming our way. september definitely signals larger changes. averages begin to cool. look at 81.9 in september for san jose. rainfall for the month usually averages 23/100s as well. san francisco stays in 60s for next seven days. for inland valleys an average of 79 on thursday and comfortable through sunday, raj. >> this is the last unofficial weekend much summer coming up, right? >> yes. thanks, jeff. coming up at 11:00, ride barpt, get cash. we will tell you about a new reward program and why some riders are skeptical. and we have jimmy. we have mel brooks, music from bags and stills. it is a great show. do not change the channel. and happening on our home page, we just posted a story about five kayakers hit by a
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ferry in new york city. this was on the upper west side of manhattan. they were part of a group. no word yet on the extent of their injuries. also, some russian alien hunters claim they've detected a radio signal from a star 94 light years away, but researchers from berkeley say the signal was interference and not a radio transmission. back in two minutes.
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a very rare species of whales found dead in maren county. in fact, it was the first beach whald the marine mammal center has responded to in 41 year
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history. the whale washed ashore at north beach in inverness. a necropsy has been performed to determine cause of death. they believe it was hit by a ship. cash or convenience, b.a.r.t. is offering to pay riders willing to shift schedules to off peak hours. would you do it? b.a.r.t. calls it a perks program. the goal is to easy crowding on rush hour trains. b.a.r.t. has $300,000 from the federal government to offer cash incentives. here is what you have to do. sign up with b.a.r.t., and for every mile you travel you earn a point. if you travel off-peak you can hearn three points per mile, and when you have earned 1,000 points you get a dollar. >> a dollar is not exactly that much. >> reporter: i'll give you a buck if you miss it. >> no, not today. >> would you ride off peak for money? b.a.r.t. says it will run this experiment for six months. up next, one of the bay area's
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most popular athletes might be out the door. we'll explain.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. the a's may be headed out the well, a's fans unfortunately are used to this. the longest standing member of
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the a's may be headed out the door. tonight reports kcoco crisp is being traded. the news comes a couple of weeks after crisp was critical of a's for limiting playing time. gochl legend johnny miller who is a bay area product has never been shy about sharing his opinion. miller unplugged. he charted with our own colin resch. >> the olympic experience, i know you were candid as you are at the end with the guys who didn't go. >> well, you know, i sort of took a shot at the press, talking about the zika virus and all of the problems with, you know, crime and everything else down there. i never did see one mosquito. of course, i got a little on the managers who, you know, they weren't playing for any money so the managers aren't making anything, and they're sort of telling their players, don't go down there with the zika.
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i know spieth feels bad he didn't go because once he watched on tv he said, man, i should have been part of that. the guys will learn. by the time they get around to tokyo in four years, i know, i think it will be ramped up and will be almost as valuable as winning the major championship. >> reporter: it is obviously a huge subject that went national and i covered the 49ers a lot and colin kaepernick sitting out the national anthem. is there any discussion you have had in the last few days with people in the golf community or your thoughts on it in particular? >> it is just one of those things that you sort of wonder why he would do that. it is not tough to stand up. if you want to say something to the press or whatever, but you're asking for a little trouble when you disrespect the flag. you know, i don't understand why he did it. i would like to talk to him and see what he was thinking about, but i wish him the best but that was sort of a double bogey. >> reporter: thanks, jimmy. thank you for taking time. >> johnny miller with kol
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enrefresh. poem headed to lake tahoe. we will explain why.
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. now there's a better way to solve consumer problems. introducing nbc bay area respond. call 1-888-996-tips or visit our website. we respond to every call, every e-mail. how is this for a scenic business trip? president obama is heading to
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lake tahoe tomorrow. he will be speaking at the annual lake tahoe summit. he will focus on climate change. others headed there include governor brown, senator harry reid. >> he's there so much i'm surprised he doesn't have a house there zblits 'been chili in the morning. >> reporter: fog is back, temperatures starting near the 50ss. 63, cooler weather on friday and saturday. great weekend ahead. >> labor day weekend. thank for joining us here at 11 ss . have a great day tomorrow. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- mel brooks, rita ora,


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