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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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a story you will only see on nbc bay area, damian. >> reporter: jessica, the teacher tells me it happened to him twice, in fact twice to this car here in south san jose. he showed us the video here, the same video he shared with san jose police. >> this is surveilled yas video chad cameron's home. he says it is the second time someone has thrown a rock at his windshield. ram ron believes the culprit is one of his former students at willow glen high school where he is a teacher. >> you're 100% sure this is one offer former students? >> why. >> reporter: cameras showed us the rock the suspect used in the vandal ifrm. he says the suspected vandal lives a block away. he gave owl of the evidence to police, was given a case numb area and was told there are no police to investigate. >> we are living in the middle of silicon valley and you wish there were enough officers to come help out and take care of me. i understand there's worse crimes happening in the city.
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>> reporter: san jose police tell me the case was assigned to a detective who will investigate. the police department has been mired in a staffing crisis for several years now. on tuesday the city council declared a state of emergency, allowing the chief to pull more detectives out of their current jobs to put them in patrol cars to help answer 911 calls. that means even fewer detectives will be available to help victims like hemmer. >> i have a three year old and it is, you know, scary it has happened twice now, and our fears going to bed, you know, could he come back or could him and his buddies come back. >> reporter: the teacher tells me he had no bad blood, no run-ins with this former student, so he's baffled by what's been happening. by the way, he does have insurance, but because of the deductible he's been paying for repairs out of pocket. live in south san jose. thanks, damian. the woman at a center of a sex scandal involving dozens of police officer around the bay area is arrested in florida.
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nbc bay area ian cohl is going through the police report and joins us live in the news room with more. ian. >> reporter: yeah, janell. she is in florida where she is a patient at a voluntary rehab facility. that's where it started monday afternoon. here is a mug shot taken just after his arrest. according to the police report, 19 year old celeste guap went out and started flashing people. workers tried to get her to come in, but she became violent, ultimately biting a male security guard on the forearm. she was arrested shortly after and is being held or $300,000 bond. in the arrest report deputies say guap was trying to solicit sex from them as transported to jail. she first caught national headlines when she was linked to a sex scandal. guap repeatedly claimed at least
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two officers solicited sex from her before she turned 18. at least five officers from a variety of law enforcement agencies have either resigned or been put on leave as the investigation continues. guap now faces a charge of aggravated battery as she is in a martin county jail tonight in florida. ian cohl, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, ian. we're tracking a developing story out of ma rin county. want to show you these pictures that just came in from our nbc bay area chopper. it is a water rescue in kirby cove on the west side of the golden gate bridge. rescuers say a fishing boat hit the rocks on shore. there were 15 people and a dog on that boat. the u.s. coast guard, marin county fire and park police worked together to get everyone safely off the boat. an amber alert has come to an end. the 11 month old baby was found tonight and the grandmother in custody.
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a neighbor who saw the amber alert called police after spotting the grandmother and baby. police caught up with this at a big lots. police say the mom of the baby left him with his grandma while she went to the market. when mom came back the grandma and baby were gone. police say the baby appears to be fine. >> so the baby was medically cleared at the scene by medics and we're currently undergoing the process to determine what is best for the baby going forward and making sure that everything is okay with the little child. >> the d.a. must decide what charges if any the grandmother will face. colin kaepernick warming up on the field at qualcomm stadium in san diego. this video taken in just the past hour. all eyes will be on him before the game starts. as capper anyone hkaepernick ha once again sit in protest during the national anthem. it will be performed by a u.s. navy officer. more than 200 service men and women hold the american flag as
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part of the chargers' salute to the military. we have team coverage. we begin with nbc bay area's jodi hernandez, live in turlock with more. his hometown, how are they reacting there? >> i will tell you it is pretty much a mixed bag in his hometown. many here are die-hard fans and they say it is not going to change, but others say kaepernick crossed the line, a fumble they say they can't forgive. >> this is a pretty conservative, central valley, california town. >> reporter: the talk is all about kaepernick's decision not to stand during the national anthem. kaepernick is a product of the patriotic town. he graduated from pittman high school, but the headlines he's making aren't scoring points with many. >> it is a disrespect the flag like that, it is not good. >> i think he should stand up and respect the flag. >> the moves made some shy away from supporting the once favorite 49er. the barber shop he used to frequent has removed his jersey
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from the wall. a local bakery has decided to stop making kaepernick cookies, and this hot dog shop crossed the c.k. dog off the mean yu. >> with all that was going on and what happened, we thought it was working against us, not helping us. >> others say while they may not agree with the football great's actions, they support his right to express himself, and some spots are still proudly displaying his number. >> i'm still going to wear my jersey. some people burning them, some giving them away. i'm not giving mine away. i'm still supporting him as a team player of the 49ers. what he's intending to do, he is doing it. he is getting people talking and people are thinking about it deeper. >> there's still people that love you. >> reporter: and we're here live at the sports grill. you can see the jerseys of roger craig, joe montana and jerry rice prominently displayed but noticeably absent is the jersey of the once-hometown hero colin
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kaepernick. folks will be closely watching tonight's game. reporting live in turlock, jodi hernandez, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, jodi. meantime, new photos surfaced that add few el to the controversy. this picture all over social media showing him wearing socks during practice that have pigs dressed in police uniforms. he reportedly wore those socks as early as august 10 but was never asked about them. go to our facebook page to post comments and read his statement about his socks. it was called operation cruz control and tonight police say the operation ended a year long string of home break ins. investigators say these are criminals behind those burglaries. they say they're members of an east palo alto street game that committed to 200 burglaries in san jose and nearby cities. they usually traveled in high-end cars and then concentrated on taking guns, cash, jewelry and electronics.
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firefighters seem to be making quick work of a grass fire near morgan hill. one of our viewers, todd coil, shot this video for us. you can see smoke billowing from the hillside. so far it has burned 35 acres near the chesbro reservoir. homes were evacuated but no word whether residents have been allowed to go home. the fire is about 35% contained so firefighters doing a good job. the former -- served three months for sexual assault will be released tomorrow. hear from college students in ohio where turner is expected to travel tomorrow. i'm scott budman. a huge explosion takes down two tech companies. coming up, the latest from both spacex and facebook after the satellite explodes. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot of blue sky tonight. tracking labor day weekend forecast, plus an update on two
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different hurricanes expected to impact traveling plans this weekend. at nbc bay area we investigate to hold the powerful accountable. now we're expanding our resources to solve your consumer problems with "nbc bay area responds." introducing our new consumer investigative center. we respond to every call, every e-mail. we'll investigate your complaints, hold businesses accountable and return your money. call 1-888-996-tips or visit nbc bay area, we investigate.
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. closed captioning sponsored by airport home aflieppliance dg their huge labor day sale. and less than 24 hours from stanford brock turner will walk out of a santa clara jail. he was convicted on three counts of sexual assault and the case
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attracted national attention. turner will have served only three months in jail. nbc bay area's my vel roberts joins us live outside of the jail where turner will walk out. we're talking about an early morning release, michelle? >> it will be early morning release. they have barricades set up because a couple hundred protesters are expected out here to protest the early release. meanwhile, many people are hoping that this goes smoothly. >> i think it is ridiculous that he didn't get a longer sentence. >> reporter: emily strobaugh doesn't think a summer in jail was enough time for brock turner to think about what he did. >> i don't want him near us. >> reporter: she and other students at the university of dayton, ohio say they've been following the case closely. turner's hometown of oakwood is a few miles away from the campus. >> it is scary to know he will be out on the streets again. basically he could do the same thing potentially. >> reporter: hundreds of people are expected to rally outside of the jail house steps tomorrow morning, including michelle dauber who is chair of the
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committee to recall judge% ki. >> the message he sent not just to in turner but other perpetrators is don't worry, this isn't really serious. >> reporter: persky sentenced him to six nonmonths in jail. >> we want to have laws that protect conscious and unconscious victims. >> reporter: senator jim bell is supporting two bills on the governor's desk. it is an effort that has millions of survivors and families saying it is about time. >> it is insulting i think to women our judicial system doesn't take rain seriously. >> reporter: well, the former stanford swimmer is banned for life from swimming for team usa. he also has to register as a sex offender. reporting live in san jose, i'm michelle michelle roberts. the sentence for turner
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includes three years for probation and he must register as a sex offender. he will be banned from stanford, the harshest sanction that can be posed on a student. we are told he could walk out of jail as soon as the sun comes up. for complete coverage turn to us on starting on "today in the bay" at 4:30. we're learning a new term from san francisco police. today the department delivered a status report and demonstrated the gear. the department has been pressured to reform following officer involved shootings. >> i tell you, overall it has had a positive impact on my encounters with people who otherwise would be hostile. so they're aware, you know, he's recording now, i better be on better behavior. >> the department is on track to have all officers up to the rank of lieutenant wearing these
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cameras by mid-january. >> is it going to be a sit or stand night? let's turn back to colin kaepernick's protest which is expected to happen in about 45 minutes. take you live to san diego so we can show you exactly what is happening there. nbc bay ar nbc bay area omari fleming joins us from kwaul com. we are expecting about 45 minutes from now to see whether he sits or stands. we apologize, we have lost him right there. we will bring you more on the controversy surrounding kaepernick. more news, a big explosion and hundreds of millions of dollars lost by two companies in roots in silicon valley, talking about spacex and facebook. scott budman is here with the crash and what is next for the companies. scott. >> reporter: janell, i tell you, a tough morning. this is what it looked like when the spacex rocket blew up. on board the rocket, a sat lie. you can see it there. part of facebook's plan to bring the internet to developing countries. something mark zuckerberg just finished talking about when the
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explosion happened. when the spacex falcon exploded on the launch pad it took a key facebook research tool down with it. >> limaking it so no matter whe you are in the world you can get access to a signal. >> a $200 million satellite on board the rocket was part of a facebook funded plan to bring the internet to developing countries. ceo mark zuckerberg spoke about it earlier. >> we are launching a satellite earlier this week to beam connectivity. we built these sole 'powered drones that are basically like a cell tower in the sky that can beam down connectivity, to make network spread can reach everyone. >> now a disastrous crash. fortunately, no injuries. >> so you pick up the pieces figuratively and move forward and try again. >> reporter: sinclair vass of milpitas based company knows about tech in space.
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their instrumentation will help a nasa launch next week. he says setbacks like the spacex crash are always hard. >> it is very frustrating for the engineers and scientists who spend years working on a particular satellite when it blows up, but it is part of, you know, exploring the frontier and it is going to happen. >> and lift off. more launches will also happen with silicon valley along for the ride. mark zuckerberg posted a statement after the crash saying he was disappointed that the spacex failure destroyed the satellite. gnata's launch to eventually land on an as roid is set for next week. janell. >> thanks, scott. our coverage of the explosion continues online. go to our website to see raw individualor from after the explosion in florida. it is posted on >> mild temperatures considering the time of year for us here. >> it is. you know, a lot of people are kind of checking the calendar twice, even though it is september 1. we still can get 90s, even
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certainly isolated 100s, and that was not the case today. as we get a look at our microclimate forecast, that's exactly what we want to start off with, the climate in september for san jose. the big change here for this month is the fact we do begin to average rainfall which is great news, of course, for our drought. for the month of september, san jose can average 23-hundreds of an inch, the temperatures drop with monthly average of 81.9. the amount of daylight starts to shrink drastically. 7:35 sunset, 6:51. big changes coming our way. outside to the sky camera network, walnut checking in with 76. relative humidity at 40%. you can see the trend through tonight will begin to dip into the 60s by 8:00 this evening.
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as we head into tomorrow's forecast we will see similar conditions for san francisco, 64 degrees, patchy fog at times. over to the north bay, beautiful day and 79. looking at 80 for east bay and the south bay expecting 78. while the weather is beautiful here, if you are doing traveling of course we do have two different hurricanes impacting the labor day weekend. the first one is hawaii travelers. hurricane lester, this is our second hurricane this week, and the track still has it to the north of the big island, maui, honolulu and kuai. that's good news there but a glancing blow for maui and honolulu with a little bit of rai rain, one to 2 inches and winds that might hit 40 miles per hour. it should be said you want to watch the track closely, a shift to the south and conditions could be different. in florida we're hours away from landfall of this hurricane, hermine. winds are at a strong 80 miles per hour, category one storm.
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it is putting this with landfall right near tallahassee, and you can see the path. what is so remarkable, staying a category one hurricane or strong tropical storm into friday over georgia. this weekend we are still looking at rain and also the wind continuing right up the mid-atlantic seaboard. the biggest threat with this system will be the rain. flooding is possible. everyone is certainly taking this seriously out tlchlt if you have loved ones you are planning heading this way, get ready for a lot of rain. next three days from northern florida to the south of washington, anywhere from two to 5 inches of rain. generally we could certainly see isolated amounts higher than that. more in the local forecast in 25 minutes. back to you. >> we will see you in a bit. still making a state, some reasons people are saying the city is about to ruin their neighborhood. sales force makes a super size investment. how the move will benefit students across bay area.
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happening now, an inmate in sonoma county is on the run tonight after walking away from work detail this afternoon. the man was expected to be released in a couple of weeks. you can see his mug shot on our website. amc theaters will show "willy wonka" and blazing saddles this weekend in honor of gene wilder who died earlier this week.
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in san mateo it is causing quite the stink, a proposed five million gallon sewage tank. hundreds of community members signed a petition to block it from going in, but the city says the $900 million program will keep the streets and the bay cleaner. inside the baymeadows community there is shock and disgust over a possible new neighbor. >> oh, my god. you're talking about a sewage storage tank. >> reporter: linda lives near baymeadows park, one of five locations where the city of san mateo is looking to build a sewage storage basin. linda fears the fumes will make her sick. she used to live down wind from a palo alto city dump. >> oh, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, brain fog, you know, just just inability to function. >> but the city says it won't be a problem. the tank will be buried underground and have odor filters.
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>> the tank would be empty, it would be cleaned after each use. >> reporter: the upgrades are part of a state mandate. clean water program manager says the tank will only be used during rain storms to stop raw sewage from spilling into streets. right now the cities have the most problems near baymeadows at 25th and delaware. >> if you see a manhole bubbling, that may be sewage coming out, and that, again, is a big health problem. >> reporter: still, it is little comfort to first-time home owners who think a sewage tank will also tank their home values. >> it was almost alarming and shocking to have really been reached out to. >> no way. the other sentiment is a lot of our neighbors now given this news are considering selling. >> reporter: more than 100 residents are planning on attending next tuesday's city council meeting to voice their concerns. the city says there's still time to consider alternatives. there will be no final decision until january. >> a tech ceo made a
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multi-million dollar commitment to east bay today. he says his company will donate $2 million to support kids. the investment means more money for math, science and computer science classes. >> this kind of investment is all about making sure that no one gets left behind and that we're investing in the future generation. >> it's the first year sales forces partnered with the oakland unified school district. the company has provided millions to san francisco schools for several years now. still to come, firing back, two of california's highest profile politicians offer an angry response to donald trump's immigration plan. also. >> this is a much bigger thing than people realize. a billion dollar problem, stolen identities, stolen lives. i'm stephen stock, senior investigative reporter. you may think you haver you've heard everything there is to
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hear about identity theflt but you haven't heard this story, and it could cost you a fight to stay out of jail even if you did nothing wrong.
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you have heard about identity theft and you may know it is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. >> our investigative unit has uncovered another form of stolen identity, it is a little more stealth and can take your money and freedom. here is senior investigative reporter stephen stock. steven. >> janell, jessica, it is bad
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enough when thieves ruin your credit history, but when identity theft turns victims into criminal suspects it can take years for them to clear their name. we discovered even when you report your identity stolen to police and to banks the system right now is so fragmented it is often not enough to fix the problem or clear your name. >> papers, papers, it is all papers. >> reporter: spend any amount of time with palo alto resident jennifer vrooman, you are see her life documented in papers, reports, e-mails and mellows. inside these two boxes lie two stories. jennifer's life and the life and actions of another person posing as her including a criminal history, failure to pay debts and purchases of real estate jennifer never could have afforded in her life. after burglars stole her wallet and i.d. in 2000 she spent
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countless hours disputing fraudulent charges to rebuild her credit. in recent years she had to defend herself more serious authorities. >> i was going through my report and i saw contra costa county. i thought it was a book. i said i'm actually, you know, in new york. she is like, oh, really? okay. so now you're a felon. >> police issued an arrest warrant for someone in jennifer's name citing several misdemeanor traffic violations, but jennifer was able to clear her record showing investigators it couldn't have been here. >> here's the evidence. >> in this case the real jennifer had a good alibi, she was in labor in new york at the same time the alleged criminal incident happened in california. >> look, i'm giving birth at the same time. >> but jennifer's frus tags and attempts to get back her identity did not end there. despite reporting her identity
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stolen to police she received calls about suspected crimes she or someone using her name committed, plus new bank and credit accounts she never opened. after she moved west california franchise tax board contacted her employer to dock her pay. >> how do you look at a credit report and see i have two birthdays, i have two social security numbers, i have two names. obviously i wasn't born twice. >> reporter: she is not the only one caught up in this frustration. the federal trade commission monitors identity theft crimes nationwide. ftc records show more than 15,000 complaints since 2013 from victims claiming that law enforcement and creditors mistakenly took legal action against them. >> investigations 101, you want to make sure you got the right person. >> reporter: malcolm palmore, overseas cyber crimes at fbi cyber security division. >> cyber theft continues to evolve at such a rapid rate i think it is difficult sometimes for law enforcement to respond. this is a much bigger thing than
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people realize. >> reporter: california assemblyman devin mathis believes the state ignored much of the suspicious activity like this in the past, thus allowing thieves to steal from victims with little recourse from state law. he points to a 2015 state audit that found thousands of cases where the same state benefits were paid to ten different people all using the same social security number. >> at what point does a red flag go up that says, whoa, there's ten people using the same social security number? >> reporter: the u.s. secret service considers suspicious social security numbers as a red flag to trigger fraud investigations. in the last five years the agency has vgted nearly 300 cases totaling $27 million in actual and potential stolen money in the bay area alone. >> the victims are our number one priority. >> reporter: secret service special agent in charge dave thomas understands the fres tags identity thefts go through. he says even his own personal bank account was compromised.
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>> in law enforcement we try to help those people as much as we can. >> reporter: after a lifetime of saving every receipt, every memo, every police report and credit application, jennifer vrooman says she has done everything she has been told to protect herself. >> what's been the biggest frustration? >> getting help somewhere to get it resolved so i don't have to worry about my credit score going to the ground, i don't have to worry about getting arrest foerd something that i didn't do. it is like at some point it is something to be done. >> reporter: now, assembly member mathis also wants state law to have even more teeth now to go after those who would steal someone's identity. right now he says it doesn't do enough. he's gonna keep pushing to change law in sacramento. nationwide the u.s. secret service tells me they've handled more than 20,000 cases over the years with the natural monetary loss of $1.2 billion because of this crime. guys. that's a lot of money. thanks, steven. if you have a tip for our
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investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at >> it won't work, that's the criticism leveled at donald trump's immigration plan. >> it is coming from janet that poll t napolitano. she isn't the only one falling back. >> senator barbara boxer was on campus earlier today announcing she was donating congressional papers to the library here. uc president janet napolitano. both had a lot to say on donald trump and his policy on immigration. in her 40 years in elected office. >> what makes us great is when we care about each other, when we work together. >> senator barbara boxer says she has never seen a presidential nominee quite like donald trump. >> you know, you don't call people rapists and criminals and say they're taking jobs away and then stand for 20 minutes next
6:36 pm
to the president of mexico and have that erae raised. >> the soon-to be retired is referring to his meeting yesterday with the president of mexico. >> show me a 10-foot wall, i'll show you a 12-foot ladder. that's not the way you do immigration and immigration enforcement. >> uc president janet napolitano and former governor of arizona calls it a lost opportunity. >> there's so much to talk about with mexico than a wall. >> either for health reasons she doesn't think it is important now. >> says trump's take no prisoner immigration speech in arizona is even more proof he should be our next president. >> this speech is meant to put fear into the hearts and souls of criminals and to soothe those who might otherwise have fears of being deported.
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>> reporter: senator barbara boxer had an opinion on in trump's immigration speech, calling it harsh and nasty. she announced she is launching a lecture series here to focus on women in leadership. that will start next year. in berkeley, elise riryce kirch never. >> trump's rifle will be back in the bay area soon. hillary clinton will be in san francisco for another fundraiser. tickets costas you have as $50,000. she was in town last week to raise money. consumer investigator has a new run down of top consumer complaints and what you can do to protect your cash in your checking account. also, a second statue, i'm going to tell you where to find the nude likeness of donald trump in san francisco.
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t . you're watching "nbc bay area news" with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. a federal judge has signed off on the settlement linked to volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal. under the deal volkswagen will pay $76 million to the attorney general's office. california will get an additional $10 million to fund studies on the health impact of aud owe emissions. vw has been accused of spiking software on hundreds of thousands of dollars to dupe smog testing. when fire trucks were dispatched to a the airport it turned out it wasn't an emergency, it was a celebration. it is air china's inaugural non-stop flight to shanghai. the shanghai flight is expected
6:41 pm
to attract lots of business travel from silicon valley. it offers three flights a week to shanghai. the naked trump statue is staying in police kud custody. it is evidence in a felony vandalism case and can be released. monroe says he is happy with the support he received. >> here in san francisco had a great response. actually, i scour heed the internet and seen great video. >> since monroe could not get this statue back he created a new trump model, only head and owners, at the san francisco bar lefty o'doul's which wanted the original trump statue but couldn't get it. >> wow. >> wonder what it is going to do there? it is going to hang out and greet customers. jeff, nice weekend ahead for us. >> looks good. labor day weekend, we have the fog rolling back into san francisco after, you know, some thick fog this morning. it did clear out for eventually
6:42 pm
sunshine. right now at 60 degrees. we will take you to north and you will see in santa rosa much different. sunny skies and 79. full wrap up of what is ahead in the next couple of days in a few minutes. banking is easier than ever but still a sore spot that can cost you dearly. i'm chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds" with options next.
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"nbc bay area responds" to a fair number of complaints about banks and we're not alone. consumer investigator chris chmura has a look at how often consumers are asking uncle sam to get tough with banks. >> this brand few snapshot comes
6:45 pm
from the consumer protection bureau which logs more than 20,000 complaints each month. of the top ten companies americans complain about, five of them are banks. now, recently we've seen an up tick in bonus offers those banks are using to entice us to open new accounts, but washington says it is noticed an up tick in people saying they didn't get the promotional perks they were promised. the most common complaints here are about bank fees on everything from atm use to monthly account maintenance. overdraft fees are the biggest hot button in the record right now. they say they averaged $34 per offense. what can we do about it besides complain? we can shop around, then switch. banks are competing. credit unions might offer lower fees, plus credit union membership isn't restricted always the way it used to be. it is a hassle closing one account and opening the other, but if you are routinely paying hefty fees you might save yourself serious cash making the
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switch. if you have a complaint about a bank or any other business for that matter, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or visit click on the yellow bar that says submit tips, fill out our form, share documents, photos and videos to help us investigate your case. you know, those bank fees sometimes are sneaky. you guys, skrut nice your statement every month, right? >> yes, we do. they're insidious. we know she does. >> how do you know that? >> because you're meticulous. >> i am. >> embrace it, embrace it. >> i am. >> well, we want to tell you about something going on in space. mission accomplished for a bay area astronaut. you are looking at napa native kate ruben. she spent more than six hours outside of the international space station today during the space walk rubens and space station commander installed several new parts for the station including high definition video cameras. they worked together to fold up a giant thermal control radiator
6:47 pm
that is being retired. >> so cool to see that. >> i know. >> it is amazing that you can watch them do that work. >> hang out in space. wouldn't that be nice? >> what a job. >> get a great view. >> want to hang out this weekend. >> nice temperatures. >> it is looking right ahead towardsxd labor day weekend and the weather looks comfortable across bay areas. some days hotter than others. we will get you into the microclimate forecast. happy to know most of the bay area on september 1 is at least on average for the month so far. again, only one shot here to get rainfall so far. we don't really average too much of the start of september, but here you can see our monthly averages versus the departure. the only area where we are running a slight deficit is santa rosa, one-hundredth of an inch behind at least according today's numbers when it comes to the monthly average. let's get you into the morning forecast for tomorrow. we do have some fog moving into san francisco and 55 degrees. 56 in the east bay, mix of sun
6:48 pm
and clouds for the peninsula 54, and the south bay starts off partly sunny and 57 degrees. we have this trough of low pressure that's dropping down from the pacific northwest, and that is what produced that really comfortable weather that made it feel like the beginning of september here across the bay area. with this staying in place, fog remains at the immediate coastline and, once again, that's slightly schooler air moving aloft. so this is what it will do to temperatures for friday. 77 in cooper teen owe. downtown san jose 79 degrees. for the peninsula anywhere from 63 at half moon bay to 74 in palo alto. in san francisco school breeze and the marina at 64. towards the financial district slightly warmer and 67. for north bay, east bay and tri-valley temperatures going up a degree or two, a slight fluctuation in the marine layer at coastline, but all in all low average. 80 in pleasanton and 83 in
6:49 pm
livermore. northbound looks fantastic, mill valley with 75 degrees and napa expecting 82. when it comes to traveling plans the next couple of days, labor day weekend people going here and there. if you are headed the florida or any of the atlantic seaboard, this storm system has doesn't stronger than the forecast models originally predicted and it is about to make landfall. hurricane hermine, winds of 80 miles per hour, as we zoom in and getting closer look, hours away from the center of the storm moving in somewhere near also, port st. joe. they may call landfall in the next hour or so the way things are looking right now. extremely gusty winds beginning to move into the florida panhandle. again, the heavy rainfall. this storm hang goes on into friday's forecast right over georgia as a category one tropical storm. that's going to be switching a little bit here to a slightlyñr weaker side and hanging on to
6:50 pm
the upcoming weekend on the seaboard. that's where the flooding threat remains high. as the storm system moves up the atlantic seaboard it will pull in moisture from atlantic. looking at generally two to four sfs inches from northern florida, south of washington dc. there could be five, maybe 8 inches in terms of total ray. if you are heading to the east coast, you need to watch out for that. if you are heading to the hawaiian islands, saturday and sunday we have hurricane lester. current track has it north of maui, honolulu and kauai. it is good news but a glancing blow. it looks like the worst impacts will stay away. temperatures in the 60s for san francisco, and then eventually some low 70s next week. for the inland valleys we go up a degree or two with 82 tomorrow. back down to 79 on saturday, then by labor day 84 and next tuesday, wednesday and thursday low 90s. >> whoa.
6:51 pm
10 degree jump. >> i know. >> ready for it. >> yeah. >> you know, september we have hot days. >> exactly. >> here it comes. >> the weekend on the way. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. >> we know what colin kaepernick plans to do during the national anthem tonight in san diego. i wanted to know how will raider nation react when it is played here at the coliseum. that's next.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
steph ste . as the 49ers prepare to kick off in san diego, the oakland raiders are preparing for their first home game of the preseason. >> and raider fans are talking about what everyone else is talking about, colin kaepernick.
6:54 pm
asked the raider's nation what they think about the quarterback's stance to sit. >> colin kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem has prompted debate nationwide. everyone is weighing in including raider nation. >> it bothers me because i think it has to do a little bit more than what he is telling us. i think there's some under issues about, maybe, his playing, his contract or something of that nature. >> a little different feel inside the coliseum i would expect? >> i think a little more cheering, you will definitely see that. we will definitely be cheering for usa and for our raiders. >> something for him, until we see action, i mean, sitting dourngs down, it doesn't mean anything. he has to take it a step further and do something about it before he can say it is a good cause or bad cause. >> i hear the chargers have something lined up for him. so that the flag as everybody should, i believe. >> will people be looking
6:55 pm
forward to the anthem differently? >> i think so. because it has been covered in the media over the last week, i think it is going to be a little more heart felt. same reactions, same raider fans like always. live and up and screaming. >> definitely. i think there will be a tear in my eye. >> i have mingled with the tailgating raider nation many times, but never before have i heard so much pregame chatter about something other than the upcoming game. speaking of which, raiders/sea hawks moments from now. back at 11:00 with highlights and reaction. in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> thank you, colin. here is a question for you. would you work harder for free pizza? >> hmm? at the university they tested that theer ee and the answer was yes, yes, they would. >> four groups of factory workers were offered several rewards to increase productivity. one offered cash, one a well-done text from their boss, a third group nothing at all and
6:56 pm
the final group promised pizza. the pizza team increased productivity more than others. the group that was offered the $30 actually came in last. >> wow! >> food, food, food. >> you know, factory workers work hard, they want food. >> exactly. i would work hard if it is thin crush or deep dish. >> that's the next study. >> that's a good question. >> i would work harder for thin crust. three more stories tonight, if you give me free pizza, producer. >> i think we got a yes, yes. >> pizza lover? okay, sure. that's fine. >> exactly. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast, cold pizza is good for the morning. 55 in san francisco. we'll have temperatures in upper 50s in south bay and mix of sun and clouds this weekend. good for just about anything. great labor day weekend coming our way. >> thanks for joining us. i like extra cheez. >> your order is in. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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serial liar? new claims she has a history of crying wolf. >> now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ before she said chris brown pointed a gun, baylee curran accused this former roommate of making death threats. >> she made false accusations against me. >> was it all made up? >> i would never lie. why? for what? >> we investigate the ugly past of beauty queen baylee curran. >> she likes to cause drama. >> bethany versus luann. >> behaves like a complete [ bleep ]. >> inside the name calling, mudslinging all-out hatefest on the housewives of new york


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