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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> i just wanted to show my support to him. let him know he's not the only person that feels the way he feels. >> right now at 11:00, colin kaepernick again protests the fashion alan them, but this time he was not alone. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening and thank for joining us on this thursday evening. i'm janelle wang in for raj mathai. >> i'm jessica aguirre, all eyes on the preseason game but it had nothing to do with the play on
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the field but what was happening before the game. as the chargers honored the military in san diego, colin kaepernick knelt rather than sat during the national anthem. the movement to be more respectful to veterans. >> fellow player eric reid also knelt showing his support for kaepernick's cause. moments ago kaepernick addressed the media. >> i'm not anti-american, i love america, i love people. that's why i'm doing this. i want to help make america better, and i think having these conversations helps everybody have a better understanding of where everybody is coming from. >> now, seattle sea hawks player held his own protest during the game in oakland. team cover beginning with nbc bay area rick boone. how did local veterans see tonight's game? >> reporter: they had had a lot of opinions and weren't too kind towards the quarterback here of the home game. they say they love watching the 49ers in action but they say
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they are with kaepernick where they agree with his freedom of choice. they don't get why he has to do it in a uniform. >> i see it and i don't like it. >> reporter: more flack over colin kaepernick's continued side line protest. >> i spent four years in the air force during the korean war, and you have to respect the flag. >> reporter: this qb silent movement during pregame has vets wanting to stop watching the home team. >> anybody that's been in the military, when you hear the national anthem it is hard not to have a tear or two. >> reporter: and their love of country is personal. this pool hall and sports bar is owned by a vet where most clients who walk in the door are active or former military. >> the flag is symbolic of sacrifices. >> reporter: they see reactions to his stance around the nation but they say they won't burn a jersey or scream, they will just hold their hand over their hort
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for those who refuse. ladies, it appears kaepernick is putting money where his mouth is. he is donating a million bucks of his earnings to far this season as soon as he gets to charities that go along with the cause he is standing for, or rather tonight kneeling for. rick boone, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, rick. the from the 49ers game to raiders game where a player joined the protest tonight. colin resch continues our coverage. colin. >> reporter: yeah, i was wondering, i know many were wondering if other nfl players would follow kap's lead. we saw eric reid do it tonight in san diego and we saw it happen tonight right here in oakland. it happened not with the raiders' player actually but a sea hawks player. starting quarterback jeremy lane, seen in this photo sitting on the seattle bench during the playing of the national anthem. he was the only player foresee a little or for either time to do so. moments ago, lane told us why he
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decided to sit and his reason was simple. he just likes kap's message. now, coming up later in sports you'll hear from lane himself. also, i just had a one-on-one interview with the always controversial richard sherman. you want to hear what he had to say about lane's stand tonight. live at the oakland coliseum, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> we'll see you in a little bit. you may have noticed a man standing at attention next to kaepernick. this is at the 49ers game. afterwards the two man embraced. the man was a green ba ray named nate boiyar. he tried to make the seattle seahawks but was released from the team. both men reportedly talked about ways to make more meaningful change in race relations in this country. >> photos surfaced adding fuel to the controversy, pictures all over social media showing the qb
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wearing socks during practice that have pigs dressed if police uniforms. he reportedly wore the socks as early as august 10 but was never asked about him. kaepernick posted a statement that read in part, i have two uncles and friends who are police officers and work to protect and serve all people. so before these socks, which were worn before i took my public stance, are used to distract from the real issues, i wanted to address this immediately. now, for continuing coverage of kaepernick's high-profile protest, go to our website, or check out our twitter feed. coming up later in the news cast we'll have more sound from kaepernick's news conference tonight. a clerical error led to accidental release of a potential dangerous criminal. victor rodriguez was released from san francisco jail although he served only several -- although he had had several months remaining on his sentence. he was booked back in november on suspicion of robbery, battery and resisting arrest.
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in jail though he reported tli threatened to shoot law enforcement with an ak-47 if he had ever been pulled over. spokesperson for the sheriff's office said pez take happened when a county clerk incorrectly wrote down the judge's orders. >> now to a developing story in south bay in just about six hours from now, a controversial inmate walks free. barricades going up at santa clara main jail to control the circ uhm expected at brock turner's release. the former stanford swimmer served only three months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious one. ian cohl live at the san jose jail with more. ian, the sheriff says these preparations are unprecedented. >> reporter: they certainly are. you can see the path behind me brock turner will take as he exits the santa clara county jail here, barricades with zip ties line the route. the sheriff says she doesn't know exactly what to expect tomorrow on what could only end up being a 10 to 15-second walk.
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>> there's a lot of attention on this, as there should be. >> reporter: tonight sheriff lorie smith exited out of the same front door every inmate leaves including brock turner tomorrow. deputies setting up barriers tonight as a safety measure. >> when is the last time you had barricades like this for one person leaving jail? >> never i can think of. we want to make sure that he's directed the right way. >> reporter: four deputies will guide him from the door to a car. turner will be swarmed by media and angry protesters. >> we want to make sure the public is safe, and if there is any kind of violence, that we have deputies here to be able to respond. >> reporter: among the groups protesting tomorrow, ultraviolet, also trying to oust judge aaron persky who sentenced turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on the stanford campus. he only served three months. >> the judge who let his bias get in the way of what should be justice for a violent assault.
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>> reporter: turner is expected to go back to his hometown in ohio. students a few miles away in dayton have followed the case closely. >> kind of scary to know he will be out on the streeds again, basically he could do the same thing. >> reporter: the nation now focusing on this one exit, including a sheriff who wishes turner never even entered the building. >> i believe that anybody who is a convicted rapist ought to be in state prison, not doing time in a county jail. >> reporter: now, once dpen, a lot of media, a lot of protesters expected tomorrow for turner's release. turner will have to register as a sex offender and a former student has been banned from the stanford campus. reporting live outside of the santa clara jail, ian cohl, "nbc bay area news." >> thanks. we will be there as brock turner is released tomorrow. we are told he could walk out of jail as soon as the sun goes up. join us for complete coverage starting on ""today in the bay"" at 4:30 a.m. >> now to another developing story. hurricane hermine made landfall
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south of tallahassee. it is the first hurricane to make landfall in florida in a decade. dozens of county are under a state of emergency. chief meteorologist has been tracking the storm. jeff, tell us where hermine is right now and do we know the effects of the landfall? >> there is intermediate damage with the storm system as it did move in, wind damage, isolated tornados that happened and storm surge. latest update has it as a strong storm, winds at 80 miles per hour. central pressure is beginning to rise a little bit, a sign it is starting to weak en, and getting hit hardest right now at the current moment is tallahassee with some of the strongest wind and heaviest rainfall as it slowly starts to push off towards the north. where is it headed next? georgia tomorrow, still astonishingly staying a tropical storms with winds of 50 miles per hour, then beyond this it looks like it is going to hang on through the mid-atlantic states through saturday and
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sunday, exiting somewhere south of delaware. the biggest concern if you are headed that way for the labor day weekend is the rainfall, flooding potential, right along the interstate 95 corridor from northern florida through carolinas. possibly isolated areas of five plus inches of rain. i will have an update of the hawaii hurricane in about ten minutes. >> see you then, jeff. >> nbc bay area chopper overhead. a dangerous situation this afternoon. it is a water rescue in kirby cove on the west side of the golden gate bridge. rescuers say a fishing boat hit rocks on the shore. they managed to help get everyone to safety. turner's release were 15 people, a dog on the boat. the u.s. coast guard, marin county fire and park police worked to try to get everybody off the boat safely. still to come at 11:00, she is center of a sex scandal involving several bay area police departments. now she's sitting in florida jail cell.
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the bazaar series of events that have celeste facing chas. >> donald trump and the deportation plans. >> calls for a federal investigation after an airline allowed two young boys to get on the wrong flight last month.
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you're watching "nbc bay area news" with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. >> he she is center a sexual misconduct scandal involving dozens of bay area police officers, tonight she is in a florida gail accused of assaulting a security guard. jean, celeste guap in the headlines tonight. >> that's right. the police report say celeste guap had a violent outburst, screaming at staff, biting aen
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ma's hand and the police report says she was soliciting sex throughout the whole episode. a mental health expert says it is all concerning. >> she clearly needs a good evaluation, and really being looked at as someone who is clearly not well and at a very young age. >> reporter: therapist peggy wynn says the 19-year-old who calls herself celeste gape needs help. this is a mug shot taken in florida where she is facing an aggravated battery charge. the police report says she had a violent episode. it began when she ran outside and exposed her, then threatened staff and bit a security officer on the arm. under arrest, police say she repeatedly banged her head against the patrol window and officers restrained her. the report also says she propositioned officers throughout the entire incident. >> that kind of sexual acting out behavior isn't just -- doesn't just occur one day.
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there has to be an underlying thing. >> reporter: wynn says it is likely a complicated case as guap sits in jail more than a dozen police officers here in the bay area from at least five departments are under investigation for having sex with the richmond woman. guap says some of the encounters happened when she was a minor. >> i did speak with representatives from the oakland and richmond police departments tonight. they say they have no comment on this incident but they do say the investigation into officers who are connected with her are ongoing. reporting in san francisco, jean elle, "nbc bay area news." thank you. a year-long investigation into a string of home break ins ended with arrests. these are the criminals behind the burglaries. they say they're members of an east palo alto street game. they say they committed some 200 burglaries in san jose and nearby cities. the suspects traveled in high-end cars and primarily stole guns, cash, jewelry and electronics? more san francisco officers are given the latest crime fighting
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device today, body-worn cameras. the department has been pressured to reform following officer involved shootings. they got the equipment for day, but you the bay station has been using the equip.for weeks. >> i say overall it's had a positive impact on my encounters with people who otherwise would be hostile. they're aware, oh, he's recording now, i better be be on better behavior. >> the department is on track to have all officers up to the rank of lieutenant wearing cameras by mid-january. now to decision 2016. fresh off his fiery speech on immigration, donald trump is facing backlash from some of his biggest latino supporters. hispanics that were on trump's side say they were hopeful the republican presidential nominee was softening his stance on immigration. instead, just hours after meeting with mexico's president yesterday, trump came out swinging, calling for a major immigration crack down.
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the move led a member of trump's national hispanic advisory council to quit. >> i'm not going to be a hispanic prop like the mention cal president was so i resigned. >> staffers hinted more than a week trump would no longer promise mass deportation, but after his latest speech it appears he changed his mind. vice president joe biden lashed out at donald trump for being out of touch with working americans. that's his accusation against trump during a rally in ohio today. biden rallied -- railed against trump's suggestion that wages are too high and insisted he doesn't have a grasp on issues surrounding middle class families. >> this is a guy porn with a silver spoon in his mouth now he is choking on because his foot is in the mouth along with the spoon. >> biden called trump irresponsible. so we're heading into the weekend, almost friday and this will be a long holiday weekend, jeff. >> and the weather is going to cooperate with us.
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temperatures will be going up, down, then back up again and we will sort it out for you in the extended forecast? as we get a look at mike weather we will start locally, and get you up an update on the hurricane heading close to hawaii. you can see walnut creek right now, currently 62 degrees after a high of 80 which was below average. relative humidity now at 70% as temperatures begin to drop. we're getting cooler breeze importing moisture from the ocean, and we'll see 50s here as we head into the overnight hours. as we get a look at the rest of the morning forecast for tomorrow, you have patchy fog coming back to san francisco and 55 degrees. areas of cloud near bay and a few crowds filtering across santa clara valley. we have a trough of low pressure that continues to sit in the same position across the pacific northwest. this again good enough to keep fog going at coastline and slightly cooler air to push temperatures below average
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heading into tomorrow's forecast. here is a look at mike weather for friday. south bay 77. in cooper teen owe a little warmer in morgan hill once you are away from the ocean breeze at 82. for the peninsula any are where from 63 in half moon bay to 74 in palo alto. 64 in the marina in san francisco, and then a few degrees there in the financial district to 67. for north bay, east bay and tri-valley temperatures right near average here. in napa 82 degrees. best weather in oakland with 72. let's go ahead and get you to potentially some traveling issues if you're heading to the east coast the next threw days. tropical -- what is, excuse me, hurricane hermine, it has already made landfall and we expect it to stay a tropical storm through tomorrow over georgia, which is remarkable it is keeping this kind of strength even though it has moved in. usually the friction of the land helps to weak enstorm systems. again, it is a tropical storm over georgia.
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what happens beyond that? it rides up the atlantic seaboard, exits south of delaware by sunday. flooding will be biggest threat along interstate 95 corridor. again, looking at two to maybe 4 inches of rainfall on average. for hawaii, this hurricane will stay north of maui, honolulu and kuai, if you are headed to the islands you missed a direct hit with the storm which is great news, but still rain and wind to contend with. watch storm track very closely. a shift to the south of this and we could be looking at drastically different conditions. as we look at san francisco's numbers, low 70s, eventually returning by tuesday, wednesday and thursday of next week. inland valleys 82 tomorrow, down to 79 on saturday, then by labor day up to 84. then it really starts to go up by next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. look, nothing the bay area can't handle. there's no 100s on here so i know you're happy at home. >> we are happy. thanks, jeff.
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the artist behind the infamous naked donald trump statue tries to get the donald back. what police told him and where you can find another donald statue. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. michael phelps is here. calm down, michael. hairy conigj, junior. >> happening now on our digital platforms, colin paper nick adressed the media about his protest during tonight's national anthem. check out our twitter feed for reaction by veterans. a 6-year-old southern california boy is being called hero tonight. the boy called 911 after his pregnant mom passed out. you can hear from the little boy on our website. more news of the break.
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. jetblue is looking into a frightening mixup that put two children on the wrong airplane. she was presented with another little boy, not her son, at the kennedy airplane who was carrying her son's passport. airline said two unaccompanied children of the same age traveling separately from dominican republic boarded a flight to the incorrect destination with the incorrect passport's. jetblue says once it realized the mistake it quickly got the concern to their final destinations, but those were anxious hours for parents. >> a big explosions and hundreds of millions of dollars lost by two companies with roots in silicon valley. a spacex rocket exploded. it was the second failed mission by the space exploration company.
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a $200 million satellite was on board that rocket, part of a facebook-funded plan to bring internet to developing countries. fortunately no one was hurt. >> we're going to hear more from colin kaepernick coming up next in sports. >> tonight fallon has harry conic jr. and michael phelps seeing double. nick jr. and mich seeing double.
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row capping our top story tonight, colin kaepernick again protested during the national anthem. the 49ers quarterback took a knee trout the singing of the national anthem. it was joined by teammate eric reid. once he took the field he looked good. lead the team to a touchdown on opening drive and played the entire first half. >> i realize men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives and put themselves in harm's way for my freedom of speech and my freedoms in this country, and my freedom is to take a seat or take a knee. so i have the utmost respect for them, and i think what i did was taken out of context and spun a different way. >> not just the 49ers, a proes the at tonight's raiders' game as well. colin resch is here with more on that. colin. >> reporter: yeah. well, while kaepernick and reid were taking the knee in san diego, seahawks quarterback jeremy lane was sitting in
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oakland. just like kap did last friday night, lane of the seahawks decided to sit during the national anthem. he started at quarterback for the seahawks, played in one series and then he was a spectator like the rest of the starters for the rest of the game. when asked after this game why he chose to sit, here is his response. >> i wasn't going to say anything, just standing behind kaepernick. i didn't tell anymore i was going to do it it, i just did it. i don't mean no disrespect to anybody, but i'm standing behind what i believe in. >> reporter: very simple, he just likes kaepernick's message. fellow quarterback richard sherman has never shied away from controversy. he was first to talk to lane when the anthem concluded? he was the only sea hawk that new he was going to sit. >> like i told him, going to be pros and cons to everything. you know, there's going to be criticism but i think he will be able to -- he is really strong
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in his decision and very -- has a strong conviction in what he's doing so he will be fine. >> reporter: oh, yeah, the raiders and the seahawks, they did play tonight. few highlights until the fourth quarter, that's when 36. the 44 points were scored. george atkinson iii with an 81-yard kickoff return with a minute left. that was the game's final score, but seattle wins 23-21 on a night where once again the bigger story is what happened prior to kickoff. the season starts for good for the raiders, that will be about a week from sunday when they play the saints in new orleans. reporting live at the oakland coliseum, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> thanks so much. we will be right back.
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t it's a naked trump cuss todd aye battle. artist was hoping to get one of his now infamous statues back from the san francisco pd, but officers turned him away.
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doe spite being taken away by police, monroe says he is still happy with the response from the bay area. >> the one here in san francisco, you know, had a great response. actually, i scoured the internet and saw great video. there was video of a dog attack thing his private parts at one point. >> he created a new trump piece currently on display at lefty o'doul's which wanted the original trump statue but couldn't get it, at least not yet. can you maimagine eating dinner with trump there? that will do it for us. see you tomorrow. bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- harry connick, jr., michael phelps,


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