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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  September 4, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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news. spotted in ohio. our nbc cameras catch of glimpse of brock turner... >> right now on nbc bay area news, spotted in ohio, our cameras catch a glimpse of brock turner and what neighbors are saying. colin kaepernick the no show. the disappointment in a church as the quarterback goes back on a promise. first, a dangerous sex offender on the loose in the south bay. a wanted man suspected of trying to kidnap young girls. the news starts right now. thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. peggy bunker has the night off. police describe him as dangerous with a prior history of assault against women. it's an all out search for a convicted sex offender trying to
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kidnap girls in the south bay. the kidnapping happened twice in the past week, once in the area of meridian in san jose and again in the area of hills dale and highway 87. marianne is live with the latest on the investigation. marianne? >> i talked to maybes here near hillsdale where one of the attacks took place and they are alarmed. fortunately the victims were able to get away. both of these attacks happened at 5:00 in the evening. police are asking for your help in tracking down the man who tried to kidnap them. this is the suspect, convicted sex offender, 56-year-old david lee russell who has prior assaults against women and considered extremely dangerous. last monday he physically assaulted a young girl and attempted to kidnap her near the corner of hamilton and meridian
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in san jose. malt tees works in the area. >> i drive around at night for my job and it's scary. i am here delivering an order right now. it's scarey that that could have been me. >> on thursday, russell allegedly tried to kidnap another young girl here near the corner of hillsdale. just a few steps away from the silicon valley career technical education center. linda lives nearby and said she doesn't know about the attack until today. >> i was home on thursday at 5:00. so that is really surprising. >> russell is a transient known to frequent san jose. he was last seen driving a white nissan rogue like this one with no plates. they are turning to the public to get russell off the street. nbc bay area news. >> another look at the wanted
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suspect. this is david lee russell. 5'10", 200 pounds with salt and pepper hair and a goatee. >> we are following breaking news. traffic moving on 880 after a sho shooting. a live look at the situation in the past ten minutes. things have begun to clear up after a back up for hours. here is why. the chp said about 5:00 they received reports of gunfire between the cars on the freeway. at least one driver sped away on the side of the freeway in oakland. no word on the extend of injuries. just in after days of speculation, nbc confirmed that former stanford swimmer brock turner is back home in ohio. video showing him in the back yard of his parents's home near dayton. he was released from jail friday after serving three months of a six-month sentence for sexually
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assaulting an unconscious woman and many thought it was a lenient sentence. they urged everyone to move on. >> she has even come to terms with it in her own statement. the best anybody can do is let people live their lives. let these people live their lives. >> under public pressure, the judge stopped hearing criminal cases. >> pews were filled with standing room only, but colin kaepernick was a no show at san francisco's third baptist church that invited him to speak to the congregation about racism and his silent protests in two preseason game. live with reaction. chuck? >> reporter: good evening, terry. some expressed disappointment, but not to the point where they were going to pull their support of colin kaepernick.
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brown told the congregation before he was supposed to speak, he had every plan on being here, but because of the rigors of training, he will not be here. about 200 people somewhere in jerseys hoped to hear the quarterback talk about why he decided to protest the national anthem and becomes a vocal critic of police. >> how he really has to work. he is busy. he's a good man. sorry. >> it wasn't already for jeremy. the high school teacher who brought a dozen students and families who consider him as a role model. >> you say you are going to do something, that's your bond. i have been teaching my young men about responsibility. it says a lot. >> the reverend and civil rights lawyer and former san francisco mayor willie brown said kaepernick's message to raise awareness by police should not
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be dismissed because he was not here today. >> [inaudible]. >> all the black churches throughout the country should stand with him. the young man took a courageous act to bring attention to a horror of a situation in america. he did so at a great sacrifice. as always, the black church should have his back. >> two associations denounced his protest. they hope to reschedule his talks sometimes soon. they start on the bench for the 49ers. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much.
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kaepernick's decision not to stand for the anthem is not hurting jersey sales. the 49ers report that his jersey went from the 20th most popular to the most popular virtually overnight. he was benched in november and jerseys were put on clearance because they were not selling well. the season opener against the rams monday september 12th at levi stadium. nbc bay area and threatened to not patrol games because of kaepernick's remarks. we will bring you any new developments. a day after 15 children were rescued from san francisco bay, first respondering were back in the water today. two british tourists spotted a man in the water facedown wearing a life jacket. one is a lifeguard. the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
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the second emergency within 24 hours. yesterday afternoon a group of scouts were thrown into the water when the boat capsized. no one was hurt in the accident. the lobby of a jail in downtown fresno reopened to the public. two unarmed correctional officers were shot and both remain in critical condition. the suspect who served time for child rape is in custody. he surrendered after the shooting to an armed officer. the sheriff said they are reviewing what happened and considering making security changes. the officers are guarding the security and are not armed. they go to metal detectors to get to secure areas. >> i man who led police on a chase is behind bars on a variety of charges. the pursuit started about midnight in santa cruz. police are asking for help for the driver of a van. the santa cruz chp to san jose
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chp and deputies who cornered the suspect at a dead end. they went to lengths to arrest the suspect without the use of force. >> we were able to take the person into custody without incident. the gentlemen was yelling out the window that he wished to be killed by the officers. indicating he might do that. >> he was evaluated at the hospital before being booked into jail. >> authorities identified the the teenager killed in a fatal car crash as isaiah meeks of union city. take a look at this collision. it happened about 1:30 this morning on 880 in hayward. the teen was a driver of the honda accord you see here. they crashed near the west 80 street off-ramp. they are investigating the accident and whether alcohol may have been a factor. coming up next, the highest of catholic honors.
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a huge crowd as mother teresa is declared a saint. whether front row seats were declared by only a few. >> the spirit of sacramento. the danger the ship is causing in contra costa county. >> i'm anthony fodder. after a beautiful day, we have clear skies coming out from the golden gate bridge. traffic is not a problem. we will get into the microclimate forecast and it includes 90s. we are back after this.
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-- as pope francis bestowed the honor of sainthood on mother teresa of calcutta. the legendary missionary and relief worker died in1997. n-b-c's claudio lavanga (clow- an historic moment at the vatican. the mission and relief worker mother teresa died in 1997. we have a report from the vatican city of the canonization
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known of the saint of the gutters. >> they may have elevated her to sainthood, but to the more than 120,000 people who came here to st. peter's square from all over the world including the u.s., this was recognition of what they believe for decades now. not only is she a saint now, she was a living saint due to her dedication to the poorest of the poor. she used to call them. despite criticism. they were undeterred by the criticism here this morning in st. peter's square. the teachings of mother teresa helped me a lot. love for the poorest of the poor.
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it's important this day as finally come for a lot of people. >> in government, they attended the ceremony and it was 1500 poor and homeless men and women cared for by the missionaries of charity. that was founded by mother teresa. they were later treated to a free lunch and that was offer and paid for by pope francis. he said it will be difficult to call her saint teresa because he has known her as mother teresa for a long time. >> whatever you want to call her, saint teresa or mother teresa, she is the new icon of the catholic church. >> the canonization of mother teresa recognized in the bay area. parishioners remembered her life.
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they reminded that everyone can follow her example like checking on an old friend or visiting the sick or listening to somebody else's troubles. it is no longer a hurricane, but hermine threatens the northeast. look at the wind and waves bashing the coast. it has to do with the deaths of two people. it missed the tri-state area. new jersey governor chris christie urged people to be ready for anything. >> the pace of the storm was slower than they predicted. we can imagine that the effects will last until wednesday rather than ending on tuesday as reported. >> minor flooding is a big threat in the tri-state area that consisted of new york, new jersey and connecticut. >> a popular paddle boat provided tours on the delta have sunk. take a look at the spirit of sacramento.
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they got a call after midnight about the boats taken off the coast and contra costa county and the 87-foot paddle bode that crews are looking to cap. >> the bay area fire units are helping to control a small but series fire. the sunny fire is threatening homes near pine flat reservoir. about 200 people had to be evacuated and about 120 acres and fire leaders want to make sure you put out quickly. crews have helped do that. orders have been lifted and the fire is 50% 1 taned. we are talking about the storm back east and the dry weather out here. what is the weather looking like? >> it is heating up and labor day being the unofficial close of summer. that is getting warmed up. the temperatures will soar by
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the middle of the weekend. clear skies today and 70s for the warmest locations. about 10 degrees, below average. this time of the year we will take below average. it will warm up. at least for another day. 63 is where we are at and temperatures today as i mentioned, mid 70s for the warmer spots and up to 66. we will feature much more of the same and warmer conditions for the inland valleys and ahead. 90s return to the forecast and next weekend temperatures stay warm like it will be for the week ahead. right now traffic moving along and clear skies and the same for the trivalley and peninsula and all clear right now. tomorrow you will wake up to clouds. after the clouds part, it will heat up for the trivalley. tomorrow 83 and 85 tomorrow for the north bay and back into the 80s tomorrow for the south bay. believe it or not, we have frost
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and freeze warnings across the cascades. you can see here near mount shasta. burning man over in black frost, nevada, they have frost advisories for the final night and round out the festivities there. chilly evening all in all across northern california and nevada. that's a good indication that fall is around the corner and the air mass is why it was cool across the bay area. for tomorrow, things start to warm up. the microclimate forecast is 80 degrees in san jose and 81 tomorrow for cupertino and after a chilly day today, 79 for palo alt. 68 for the mission district in san francisco. back into the 80s for most of us after seeing 70s today. 85 as well for santa rosa and a warmer day for oakland. switching gears, here is hawaii. we have been telling you about tropical storm lester. here it is making its way out of
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the island chain. they dodged a bullet here across the hawaiian islands. if you have family or friends headed that way, good news. they didn't have to deal with the hurricane. the beach forecast, 65 degrees and pacifica and half moon bay, a little warmer. they will clear out and warmer in santa cruz. 73 degrees and again after morning clouds it will feel nice with the cool breeze drifting through. if you are headed to the game, the oakland a's taking on the l.a. angels for the first game of three. temperatures through the 70s during the game. the next couple of days for the frost and freeze warnings for the northern part of the state. warmer air back into the area over the next couple of days. the seven-day forecast is what i'm talking about.
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things are heating up. hot in san francisco and enjoy tomorrow. 68 degrees. just look at temperatures and san francisco and summer. september and october. >> crazy. the next time it will hit you up for a forecast on winter. it's coming around the corner. it will be here before we know it. >> still ahead, rescued at sea while trying to escape vietnam after the war. a woman is setting out to find her saviors. it will make the bay area proud. with refugees, often meeting a
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tragic end. it is a scene that has played out so many times over e overloaded boats filled with
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refugees meeting a tragic end to the scene that has played out many times in the mediterranean. for one san francisco woman it is not just something in the news, it is something in the past. she wants everyone to know about the heroes involved. that will make you bay area proud. >> during the vietnam war, her father fought alongside u.s. troops. after the war, life was not good for the family. they decided like hundreds of thousands of others to escape when lauren was just seven years old. >> just as the things that we are hearing on the news today is an entering crisis. >> on world history, some lessons failed to capture student attention. >> you can imagine as a child. >> not on this day.
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>> seeing someone bleed out to death is quite an impression. >> not with lauren. >> it was the most terrifying thing i ever happened to see until i got on the boat. >> lauren was there to share the story of her family's experience following the vietnam war. here parents are wealthy landowners faced persecution under communist rules. so lauren's family crowded with dozens of others are slipped out to sea. >> it was almost like a suicidal mission. days they were at sea, suffering storm after storm, low on fuel, food, and water and no one stopped to help. >> it was recorded in news that 120 ships past that time frame, not one of them sunk. >> then early in the morning of
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november 28th, 1980, one did. >> that tiny little peach dot is me. >> she and her family given the opportunity for a french start. though never learning the name of the captain. >> but for one man who said stop. save them. and how could i go on and join all the benefits of my life? children. my career. and not acknowledge where it all began. >> it sparked in lauren a quest to find that man. one that spread over decades. until one day, a name and a number landed in her inbox. so she called. the call led to an emotional reunion and in lauren, a realization that stories of this
8:26 pm
captain and his crew's compassion along with other who is did the same needed to be shared. lauren has been recording her journey and hopes to create a documentary not so much about her, but the one she called the real hero. in lauren's research, she found many more than that one captain who saved that one family. she found stories of thousands of others being saved which is another reason she wants to continue and do a documentary to tell the entire story. nbc bay area news. >> still to come, bernie sanders offering serious advice to hillary clinton if she becomes president. >> this is a bigger thing than people realize. >> a problem of stolen identities and stolen lives. you may think you have heard
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everything. we investigate a shocking side effect of the crime.
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loose in the south bay. police now searching for a man suspected of trying to kidnap young girls. >> a dangerous sex offender in the bay. a man suspected of trying to kidnap young girls. >> the news starts right now. thanks for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. peggy bunker is often tonight. people in two neighborhoods on edge after police revealed two kidnappings linked to a violent sex offender. it happened in the area of san jose and highway 87. nbc bay area is live in the bay
8:30 pm
with the latest development. >> as you mentioned, one of the attacks happened here off of hills dale avenue. both happened around the same time. 5:00 in the evening. fortunately the two young victims were able to get away and tonight police say they know who did it, but they need your help finding him. this is the suspect. convicted sex offender 66-year-old david russell. he had prior assaults and considered extremely dangerous. police say last monday russell physically assaulted a young girl and attempted to kidnap her near hamilton avenue and meridian in san jose. works in the area. >> i think it's sad that we can't go outside and stop worrying about being attacked and being in danger. it's really sad. just a few days later on
8:31 pm
thursday, russell allegedly tried to kidnap another young girl here near the corner of hillsdale and a few steps away from the hill convalley career technical education center. they didn't know about the attack until today. russell is a transient known to frequent san jose and last seen driving a white nissan rogue similar to the one you see here with no license plate. they are relying on the public to help them stop this man and make an arrest. marianne favro, fbc bay area new. >> brock turner is back home in ohio. this video shows turner in his parents's home near dayton. he was released from jail on friday after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the case drew headlines because
8:32 pm
of what many saw as a lenient sentence. neighbors urged everyone to move on and the judge who sentenced turner stopped hearing criminal cases. >> disappointment at the altar. colin kaepernick was supposed to talk to the congregation about his nonviolent police protest. he didn't show up. his reaction with chuck. >> terry, in the church community leaders insist that they will continue to support the decision not to stand during the playing of the national anthem. the last two, his no show did erode some support of at least one teacher. jeremy vasquez brought a dozen students and many family members hoping that they would hear from a role model directly.
8:33 pm
>> why he is still a member of the football game to speak about these things in the community and they are waiting for a man to step up at the plate and score a touchdown and get deals. >> what you did that generates interest. [inaudibl . >> the fran mayor and head of the naacp, huffman joined in the protest despite the decision not to show up. he was told this morning that kaepernick had every plan on being here, but the rigors of training. he started the season on the everyone and hopes he reschedules here. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news.
8:34 pm
>> his decision not to stand is not hurting jersey sales. he has the highest selling jerz oat team. the jersey went from the 20th most popular on the website to the most popular virtually overnight. when he was benched, the jerseys were put on clearance because they were not selling well. >> the san francisco 49ers season opener against the los angeles rams is monday september 12th at levi's stadium. this was the first to report the police officer's association threatening to not roll the games. we will continue to bring you any new developments. a day after 15 children were rescued. first responders rescued a man wearing a life jacket. is a life guard and jumped in and the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
8:35 pm
yesterday afternoon a group of sea scouts who are affiliated. a man who led police on a chase on a variety of charges, the pursuit started around midnight in santa cruz and they asked for help trying to get the driver of a van for driving erratically. they cornered the suspect at a dead end. they went to extraordinary lengths. >> they were able to take the person into custody and the item was yelling out the window on many occasions he wished to be killed by the officers and indicating he might have been trying to do suicide by cop.
8:36 pm
>> he was evaluated before being booked into jail. authorities identified the teenager killed in the fatal car crash in the east bay as isaiah meeks from union city. it happened on 880 in hayward and the teen was a driver of a honda accord. they crashed near the west a street off-ramp and they are investigating the accident and whether alcohol may have played a role. we heard about identity theft and it's one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. you can take your money a. >> thieves ruin your credit history. they turn victims into suspects. it can take years to clear your name. we discovered that even when we
8:37 pm
report it stolen, it's often not enough to fix the problem. >> papers, papers. it's all papers. >> spend any amount of time with palo alto resident and you can see her life documented in paper reports, forms and e-mailed memos. >> it's a couple of boxes. >> inside these two boxes lie two stories. jennifer's life and another posing as her including a criminal history and failure to pay debt and purchases of real estate that she couldn't have afforded. after burglars stole it, she spent thousands of hours trying to rebuilt her credit. she had to defend herself too. >> i was going through the credit report and saw contra costa county and there was a book overdue. i called over there and they said i committed a crime and
8:38 pm
everything else. i said i'm actually in new york. they said oh, really? now you are a felon. >> police arrested an arrest warrant citing several misdemeanor traffic violations. jennifer was able to clear her record showing it couldn't have been her. in this case the real jennifer had a good alibi. she was in labor in new york at the same time the criminal incident happened in california. >> look, i am giving birth at the same time. >> jennifer's frustration and attempts to get back her identity did not end there. despite reporting her identity stolen, she received calls about crimes that she or someone using her name committed and bank and credit accounts she never opened. california state franchise tax board contacted her employer to dock her pay. >> how do you look at a credit
8:39 pm
report and see i have two birthdays and two social security numbers. obviously i wasn't born twice. >> she was not the only one caught up in the frustration. the federal trade commission monitors the crimes nationwide. they show more than 15,000 complaints showing that law enforcement took legal action against them. >> the investigations, you want to make sure you got the right person. >> they oversee cyber crimes on the cyber security division. >> they continue to evolve at a rapid rate, at such a rate that is difficult for law enforcement to respond. >> this is a bigger thing than people realize. >> the assemblyman believes the state ignored the activity like this in the past, thus allowing the thieves to steal with little recourse from state law. the audit found thousands of cases where the same benefits
8:40 pm
were paid to ten different people all using the same social security number. >> at what point did the red flag go off. people using the same number. >> they considered suspicious numbers as a red flag to trigger fraud investigations. just in the last years, they investigated 300 cases totalling $27 million in actual and potential stolen money in the bay area alone. >> the victims are the number one priority. >> dave thomas understands the frustration that theft victims go through. even his own personal bank account has been compromised. >> we tried to help the people as much as we can. >> after a lifetime of saving every receipt, every memo and police report and credit application, she has been doing everything she was told to do. >> what are is the biggest frustration? >> getting help to get it resolved. so i don't have to worry about
8:41 pm
my credit score going to the ground and getting arrested for something i didn't do. at some point, something needs to be done. >> the assembly member mathis said it's not tough enough right now. the secret service said they handled more than 20,000 cases with an actual monetary loss of $1.2 billion. nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for the unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to the unit at >> the campaign trail, donald trump's running mate tried to clear up the deportation plan. mike pence said they cleared
8:42 pm
deports most undocumented immigrants and those compromised by terrorists. hillary clinton battling more fallout from the e-mail controversy. the majority of the americans disagree with the decisions no the to indict her. they advise her to distance herself from her family's foundation. >> i would suggest as president of the united states, she should cease all contact with the clinton foundation. >> there are just 65 days left until the general election. >> well, mike pence said he will release his tax returns. pence said he and republican nominee donald trump will both make their tax returns public. trump previously rejected requests saying his lawyers told him not to until an audit was complete. the nominee, hillary clinton and
8:43 pm
tim kaine have released their tax returns. coming up next, recognition still pouring in for the bay area olympians. they were in san francisco today. a milestone for the panda population. we will have a big announcement. after a beautiful sunday across the bay area as we get ready for labor day. we will talk about the return of 90 degree heat for the week ahead after this. to a san jose man who couldn't
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
get a refund from a popular hotel booking website. but our consumer investigator, nbc bay area responds to a man who couldn't get a refund from a popular booking website.
8:46 pm
>> the local star and dramatic fashion. he is proud to represent the bay area. >> i am fran born and raised. to bring back is not one but two medals. back to the best city in the world. it's an amazing feeling. >> people were able to get autographs and take pictures with the medalists. >> pandas are no longer on the endangered species list. they were endangered for minute 20 years. the animals are in less danger of extinction than before. they are made to protect pandas
8:47 pm
by the chinese government. >> as i was saying, we responded to a man who couldn't get a refund from a popular hotel booking website. >> doug campbell book and prepaid for a hotel room using and later canceled the room with just within the 48 hour cancellation period. said they never received the cancellation and he provided his phone records. he said he still couldn't get a refund. we reached out and they refunded him $105. the company pointed out that even though his phone records show he called in him, he might have hung up after the deadline.
8:48 pm
they refunded they said as a courtesy. click the yellow submits and the videos help us investigate. >> it's a nice call. come with you. >> i wanted to show you east coast weather. switch gears and talk about something else. think of this hole i'm in. let's talk about it. hermine. this is a tropical system that moved towards florida over the
8:49 pm
past couple of days and sitting out across the eastern seaboard. you can see the outer band bringing showers and starting to form across cape cod. it's not going to make a direct landfall, but it is going to pick up dangerously high surf and a major beach erosion here. winds still at event miles per hour along the center of the core of the storm. we will put it back out as you can see it. no threads for any landfall for the prop cal system. tropical storm lester still a tropical storm. just about a day ago. things are starting to eat up through this labor day. no major impact. clear skies for the most part. same for the rest of the bay
8:50 pm
area. tomorrow we will wake up to a little bit of morning fog and 70s and 80s for most of the bay area for tomorrow. believe it or not, frost and freeze warnings bay north near the cascades. portland and mt. shasta. right along the border and definitely a sign that the seasons are beginning to change. that's north of the bay area. that's why it was so chilly. we had the same cool air mass in place. palo alto here and san francisco will be in the mid 60s and quickly. even in oakland, a nice day. 76 degrees today. walnut creek up to 84 and mill valley 83 for tomorrow. even in the north bay, temperatures warming up back into the 80s.
8:51 pm
into the game, the oakland a's taking on the angels. even at the beaches and sunscreen on tap. 65 degrees for pacifica. once you get past about 1:00 or two:00. 73 degrees there. the cool air mass in place, that is going to start to lift north over the next couple of days and you will feel it by the time they get to wednesday. temperatures back into the 90s for inland valleys. here it is. the seven-day forecast and temperatures climb. if you are wanting to complain about the forecast, i will
8:52 pm
forward you and kuwait on hold for about 45 minutes and he will take your call. >> out stabbing suggestion. call now. what's going on with you? what are the deadlines in your life? >> please don't put me on hold. the a's win a thriller at the coliseum. a-game series with the best team in baseball. don't go anywhere. the family favorite. yoplait.
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and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. in baseball the giants only managed to get 14 hits... hey, guys, welcome back in a four-game series. the giants only managed to get 14 hits. it's usually a recipe for success. they had a chance to split the four-game series against the mighty cubs can. let's take you to the highlights at wrigley field and they are dividing the most peaceful fans.
8:55 pm
giants have won on for the save and russell doubles down the left field line and not happy after that. he wouldn't be happy after this either. he rolls and goes past buster posey. russell advances to third and moments later, third case inning now. two on and one out for hayward. could he be the hero for the cubs. let's see. blooper for the game wehner. they win a heard breaker. the giants are three games back of first in the nla. >> they gave it their all and
8:56 pm
they went if in for the good pitching staff. i'm good with how they play in the series. >> red sox and a's with rodriguez. outs away from the no hitter. they had other plans. they spoil it with the infield hit. and you want to believe this. davis doubles off the left field wall. here comes danny valencia and he would score. the a's win a walk off and went up for the final with the post-game tie. the deutsch bank championship. the second shot on a par five. it's a beauty.
8:57 pm
nearly sinks a double eagle. at nine under and tied for seven. having to breakthrough the round on 16. a beautiful shot. steps up an easy put for birdie. ranked 30th and it's a pretty good day. another gorgeous shot that goes right for the cup: eagle with the par five 18th. the leaderboard at 15 under. that's the local guys and during the game, she used to channel her inner step. of course she was pumped up about it and they give her a few pointers on the shimmy.
8:58 pm
we all knew that she can throw down in the kitchen, but who knew she had game. what do you think about that? i like how she is teaching him how to cook and she is giving him pointers on the course. >> if it is clean up with the shimmy thing, they have a family. >> yes. she has to do that. >> there you go. >> that's good shimmies. thanks for watching. we will be back at 11:00. see you then. we will see. ♪ ♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever.
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male: one lane down from matt biondi, but as they come now to the final 5 meters, it's matt biondi joined to the wall, and matt biondi wins gold. and matt biondi has just-- female: and all he's got to do is get to the finish line, ted. he's right there. a 25--and that's it. that's going to be the gold medal run. male: every day in training, you dream about being introduced as the olympic champion. and when it happens, it is the biggest rush of your life. [music] [music] jim gaughran: citius, altius, fortius.


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