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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a teenage boy is in the hospital this morning after getting hit by a pick breaking news. a teenage boy is in the hospital this morning after getting hit by a pickup truck riding his bike home from fishing on the long weekend. extremely dangerous. the search is on for a convicted sex offender in the south bay who police say tried to kidnap two young girls. a no show. colin kaepernick stands up a church full of people in san francisco. the congregation waiting for the 49ers quarterback to speak about his stand on race that garnered national attention. "today in the bay" starts right now. and good morning on your labor day holiday. on a monday. thank you very much for joining us. i'm chris brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. i hope you're having a cup of
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coffee. it's for pleasure and not to get your day started this early in the morning. >> it would be nice to sleep in. temperature wise it's chilly in the north bay. we dropped in the upper 40s this morning. around santa rosa around 48. 56 around san jose. sunset at 7:32. later on this evening mid 80s today. for the middle part of the week mid 90s. we'll talk about the big warm up with your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. we're following the breaking news this morning. a 14-year-old boy recovering after he was hit by a car. police say the boy was riding his bike affiliater spending th fishing with friends and swerved to avoid hitting pedestrians. that's when he was hit by a pickup truck. the driver stopped after the crash and is cooperating with the investigation. at this point, we're not clear
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on how the boy is doing. right now we're following breaking news out of israel this morning. a building collapsed in tel-aviv and at least two people are dead. new information on the rescue minute by minute. initially there were reports that 20 people were trapped beneath the rubble. still lots of confusion now as crews continue to search. tel-aviv police say the there are about five trapped. at this point, police say there were a total of 30 people injured. we'll continue to follow the breaking news and bring you the latest as soon as we have it. extremely dangerous. san jose police are looking for this 56-year-old man accused of trying to kidnap two girls. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live this morning. police are looking for this man. they already know who he is. he has been convicted and sentenced in the past.
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>> reporter: you are correct. his name is david lee russell. according to the website, he does have two prior convictions for sex offenses. russell is 56 years old, according to police, tried to kidnap two young girls it was taking place over the past week. the first attempt happened a week ago today, it was last monday near hamilton and meridian and not far from the silicon valley technical education center. both of those attempts happening around 5:00 in the ening. in both instances the girls were able to get away from russell. >> this is the first i've heard about it, and i can't believe that it happened here. this is a safe neighborhood, or so i thought. >> reporter: police know rustle. they tell us he's a transient who spent a lot of time in san jose. according to the law website his
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last former known website was an apartment on basscom avenue. he was last seen driving a white nissan rogue, an suv, similar to one we put on the tv screen, this particular vehicle didn't have any license plates. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. shots fired in the middle of traffic. it all started with a hit-and-run crash. police want to talk to anyone who might have happened. this was the scene about 5:00 yesterday evening on 880. officers say the driver in silver mercedes struck two cars on the freeway. the driver got out, started running, and opened fire at another vehicle on the off ramp. no one was actually struck by the gunfire, but two people were injured in the crash. the gunman is still on the loose. after days of exspeculation
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nbc news confirmed that brock turner is back home in ohio. this video shows turner in the backyard of his parents home near dayton. turner was released on friday. we brought it to you as live breaking news during the release. turner served three months of a six month sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the case drew national headlines because what many say was a lenient sentence. some of turner's neighbors are asking people to move on. >> she's even come to terms with her. in her statement she agreed she come to terms with it. the best anybody can do is let people live their lives. i think you should leave. >> under public pressure the judge who sentenced turner to the six-month sentence stopped
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hearing criminal cases. there is a bill on the governor's desk. colin kaepernick usually plays on sunday, but yesterday packed church members wanted to hear what he had to say. the 49ers quarterback was supposed to speak about racism. he was scheduled to, and also his own silent protest at san francisco's third baptist church. he ended up being a no show. some of whom were wearing niners football jerseys. they wanted to hear about his explanation about national anthem protest that garnered credible amounts of coverage. the reverend told the congregation that colin kaepernick wasn't coming, quote, because of the rigorous training." willie brown vowed continue support of colin kaepernick's protest to raise awareness of racial mistreatment by police. >> the young man took a
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courageous act to bring attention to the situations in america. he did so potentially at a great sacrifice. as always, the black church should have his back. >> he really has to work. >> third baptist hopes to reschedule colin kaepernick's talk sometime soon. he was the back up quarterback for the starting game. it's been a rough, long weekend out in the san francisco bay. already several rescues, including that of a tourist who jumped into the bay to save another man. and the water is very inviting, rob, with the weather we're having now. >> yeah. we've been seeing temperatures in the 70s and 80s for the afternoon. right now 55 in san fransisco, but we're tracking 90s returning to the forecast. when you can expect the heat to return coming up. the lobby of a jail in downtown
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fresno is back open this morning,ft 4:40 now. the jail back open after a shooting in the lobby. correctional officers were shot inside the lobby on saturday. both of whom remain in critical condition. the fresno county sheriff's department is reviewing what happened and considering making security changes. right now correctional officers guarding the facility are not armed, but visitors go through metal detectors to get to secure areas. the suspect who served time for child rape is in custody right now. he surrendered immediately after
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the shooting. on this labor day people are warned to be extra careful in the water. there have been a few rescues in the san francisco bay. two tourists spotted a man in the water off aquatic bay, aquatic park in san francisco yesterday. that man was face down wearing a life jacket. one of the tourists was a life guard. he jumped in trying to keep the man afloat until help arrived. the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the second rescue was also at aquatic park. it was within 24 hours of that emergency. on saturday you see a group of sea scouts were thrown into the water when their boat capsized. believe it or not, no one was hurt. from dangers in the water to dangers on the road. the chp is in full force this holiday weekend to crack down on drunk drivers. so far there have been more than 730 dui arrests statewide and ten deaths. california is on pace to surpass
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last year's statewide totals. local police departments are beefing up the staff. >> you encourage people to have fun. if you choose to drink and are getting bhienld the wheel of the car, think about it. you have many alternate options to get home. make a smart decision. >> there have been several dui check points across the area. in addition to the crack downs on the freeways, that's going to continue through the end of the holiday. coming up the presidential campaign is not stopping on this labor day. the clinton team hitting the battle ground state today. we'll show you the heavy hitting campaigning on hillary clinton's behalf today. no rest on the campaign trail---
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donald trump and hillary clinton are not taking labor day off. they're both campaigning in no rest on the campaign trail. donald trump and hillary clinton is campaigning in the battle ground states. bernie sanders is holding his first solo event holding for clinton. other surrogates or family members in action. tim kaine is in pennsylvania defending hillary clinton's e-mail and classified information. the polls show majority of americans disagree with the fbi's decision not to indict her. >> when she received the e-mail, the material that was classified, which is supposed to
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be flagged and identified as classified in many instances was improperly labelled. clinton's poll numbers are dipping but donald trump's aren't gaining. trump surrogates are having a hard time explaining what he would do with 11 million law-abiding immigrants here legally. >> some have to be thrown out but not necessarily all of them. >> he's been completely consistent on this point. >> on saturday donald trump made his first campaign visit to an african-american church in detroit. right now polls show fewer than 3% of african-americans want to vote for the republican nominee. meanwhile republican vice presidential nominee mike pence said donald trump will release his tax record. the indiana governor and his running mate made that vow during nbc's "meet the press" yesterday. pence said he would release his full returns later this week and trump would release his following a completion of an irs
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audit. that's always been the case. both the democratic nominees hillary clinton and tim kane already released their tax returns. happening now president obama speaking at this moment on economic issues in china at the g-20 summit. on the sidelines u.s. and russia came up short yesterday on a deal to try to end the syrian civil war. secretary of state john kerry said a couple of tough issues remain in the latest of the series of talks with the russian counter part. you see president obama addressing the summit members live as we continue to follow that event. and we'll listen in if anything important comes up we'll bring it to you. the catholic church now has a new icon. you already know her name. yesterday pope francis canonized mother theresa of calcuttcalcut >> more than 120,000 people were
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there in saint peter's square for the ceremony. there were 13 heads of state and governments atenlding the ceremony. the front seats were given to 1500 poor and homeless men and women from all over italy. pope francis said it's going to be difficult to remember to call her saint theresa because we've known her as "mother theresa" for such a long time. >> mother theresa helped me a lot with the concept of love. love for the poorest of the poor. >> she was an amazing woman. i think it's important that this day has come for a lot of people. >> now known as saint theresa. she won the nobel peace prize in 1979. work that continued even after she became sick. catholics in the bay area also celebrated saint theresa in
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san jose yesterday parishioners gathered to celebrate the life and saint hood of mother theresa of calcutta. worshippers remembered her life. father told everyone they can follow her footsteps by checking in on the elder or the sick. >> this from the jersey shore, specifically cape may in new jersey. there are new developments as we track hermine which is churning in the atlantic and potentially threatening parts of the east coast that threaten new jersey, long island, and southern new england. 7 million people are under tropical storm warnings. governor christie declared a state of emergency for new jersey. hermine continues to twist hundred of miles off the shore in the atlantic. it's creating dangerous waves and specifically dangerous rip
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currents for the last day of the holiday weekend. >> the pace of the storm is even slower than we predicted. we can man some of these effects will last after wednesday rather than ending on tuesday. people on board cruise ships are feeling hermine's wrath. traveling back from the trip to bahamas the carnival "pride" brought the ship to port in baltimore several hours earlier. crews are working to keep the water out and people safe from very slippery floors. a brave person taking a video from outside the ship there. 27-foot seas. >> i don't understand how people live and work out there. and that happens. >> the center of the storm moved a little bit further offshore, which is good news. not seeing any threat of flood rain but the beach erosion an
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issue. it's a post tropical clone. we lost that inner eye wall. we have an inclusion bond try on the north side. taking on more of that protest topical clone signature. wind speed 50 miles per hour through tu. just low weakening as the storm encounters cooler waters and slowly begins to weaken. at lot of coastal flooding. some strong wave action and gusty winds here. very calm conditions. still a sea breeze as our temperatures in the 50s outside. patchy low cloud out near san francisco. in san jose, for this morning, we're seeing mostly clear skies. high temperatures later on climbing through the low 80s. early afternoon today. your temperature trend around san jose high 83. we'll be going above that new the middle part of the week. the sea breeze fired upkeeping the temperatures relatively mild for another day. we'll see air quality mostly in the good range.
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in the north bay might see a little bit of smoke drifting in from the north today. we'll see air quality issues for the rest of the bay area. the temperature heats up for the middle part of the week. a nice finish to the labor day weekend. mid 80s around the tri-valley for today. then the pattern we've been seeing over the last three days keeping things relatively cool. replaced by the polar opposite. high pressure building in. offshore breeze. it's been awhile since we've seen temperatures soaring through the mid 90s. check out temperature. offshore breeze is pushing temperatures in the mid 70s. it's been a long time since we've seen that in the seven-day forecast. and the seven-day forecast throughout the valley starting tomorrow close to 90 degrees and the middle part of the week mid to upper 90s possible but slow cooling approaching next weekend. back to you. >> thank you very much. by the way, mike is off. we'll see if any traffic situation arises, we'll, of course, cover it for you.
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a labor day weekend means chicken wing anytime buffalo, new york! coming up san jose's so you wee chestnut was in new york. we'll show you how he did at the wing eating contest. >> hot dogs and buffalo wings. the expensive bay area taking a poll on one couple. read the story on if you're looking for a labor day laugh. video of a flight attendant delivering a landing announcement. you've got to see it to believe it. back in two minutes. you know what goes good with
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pizza -- wings. yesterday -- a new wing king was crowned on sunday in
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know what i hear goes good with pizza wings? the 15th annual national chicken wing festival was held in buffalo, new york. joey chestnut came away with the victory. he doesn't just do hot dogs. he ate 188 wings in 12 minutes. the contest came down to the last bite for chestnut. only won by 11 wings. his closest win in recent years. >> 188 wings, that's like super bowl sunday with my dad and brother. >> there's a new tallest building west of the mississippi. >> yeah. this weekend construction crews lowered the final two sections of wilshire fire grand in los angeles. the pieces make it 1100 feet
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tall. the highest sky scraper in the western u.s. here is how the wilshire grand stacks up to the tallest building in san francisco. about 150 feet taller than the salesforce tower. and 250 feet taller than the transamerica pyramid. >> i'm inspired. san francisco's hardly strictly bluegrass festival announced the line up. san francisco begans want to have fun. chr also confirmed to play rosanne cash, boz scaggs. the festival runs from september 30th. through october 2nd. and the best part it's free. >> i love it. coming up rob is in for kari
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on this labor day who is no longer laboring. had a baby. >> that's right. seeing temperatures this morning that show want to bundle up for the 40s in the bay area. and 90 for the later part of the week. a look at that coming up. plus, we're following breaking news this morning. a boy is fighting for his life after getting hit by a pickup truck while riding his bike. it happened in the east bay. much more coming up on this breaking news after the break. a boy is in the hospital this
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morning after getting hit by a pick-up truck - he was coming h breaking news. this morning a teen we in the hospital after getting struck by a pickup truck while he was riding his bike home from fishing on this long weekend. plus, extremely dangerous. the search is on in the south bay for this man who police say tried to kidnap two young girls. he has a prior record. a no show. colin kaepernick leaving an entire church full of people waiting in san francisco. the 49ers quarterback was supposed to speak about his protest that garnered national attention. "today in the bay," starts right now. 5:00 a.m. on a holiday monday. we're glad you're with us this morning. thank you very much. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. sometimes people get up early to put something on the grill or smoker. >> the tri-valley has been 70s for highs for parts of the tri-valley. in the north bay


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