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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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tims from the public they knew exactly where he was going to be and they took him in. right now take a look at the suspect. david lee russell. this is his mug shot from a previous arrest, again, a convicted sex offender. this morning he shaved his mustache and goatee. didn't fool the public. russell wanted for assaulting and trying to kidnap women in san jose in broad daylight, once ten days oog, the other time last week at hillsdale and 87. police say those women fought hard and escaped after he tried to incapacitate them. this morning police were waiting for russell as he drove on open road. >> a lot of them were in unmarked cars, you know, were using a lot of covert type of, you know, tactics in order to take this guy safely and as quickly as possible, and it worked. >> reporter: again, big thanks to the public. a couple of things that police are holding back, and one thing they haven't figured out yet is how it was when he tried to kidnap those two women in the
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last ten days he was driving a nissan. this morning when he was captured he was driving a huh day. they're trying to figure out where the cars came from and all kind of details about that. last time we heard russell was right here at san jose pd being interrogated. live in san jose, terry mcsweeney. >> new developments tonight in the brock turner case. he registered with the sheriff's josertment as a sex offender in ohio. a change for the judge who od aenced turner, judge aaron persky. now judge persky will be working from there. >> reporter: that's right. he was transferred here by his own request to hear civil trials. we checked in to today on his court room but it was close willed. brock turner checked in with the sheriff's department in ohio as he will have to do every three months for the rest of his life.
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brock turner didn't answer any questions as he walked into the greene county sheriff's department in ohio this morning. >> brock, you want to apologize to the victim? >> his mom stood by his side and tried to block the cameras with her sweater as her son formally registered as a sex offender. behind the sweater and glass window, turner filled out this form. in the official documents today turner answered no if he had any addictions to drugs or alcohol. he also answered a few questions about his advice tim including age and hair color. the survivor in the case chose to remain anonymous, but her powerful account of the attack read into the record in just persky's court has been viral following conviction. protesters holding signs and some carrying weapons continue to camp in front much turner's house. >> by us he will be treated as any sex offender would be. you know, out in the public i don't know. >> the sheriff of greene county ohio says all of turner's neighbors will receive a notification letter including this picture announcing a sex
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offender moved in nearby. when asked to comment on turner's three months in jail, sheriff fisher had this to say. >> people know not to come to greene county to commit a crime because our judges are tough. >> reporter: as for the official recall of judge persky, that will begin in april. backers will work together. 80,000 signatures, if they can do that, it will be on the november 2017 ballot. ngporting live in san jose. i'm michelle roberts, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. people in the neighborhood are angry and scared. police are investigating the shooting of a pregnant teenager. latestpened last night. she and her unborn child are now look a nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from san pablo with the latest. robert. >> reporter: police say investigators are working on what they call strong leads, but it is going to take more than that to console the family, friends and community. the grieving family of 18-year-old alicia mccoy has posted on an online fundraising site expressing shock and
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sadness over what happened. many residents we talked to in and around 17th street in san pablo told us they heard gunshots ring out last night around 8:00 p.m. but took cover rather than try to see what was going on. police say when officers responded they found the pregnant teenager laying on the ground, shot and bleeding around the 1700 block. >> i'm horrified. i mean i'm just -- i just want to cry because it sounds so sad. >> man, i just think it is a tragedy the way things going on in this neighborhood, shooting pregnant, 18 years old, a young life to go. so young, you know. >> >> reporter: some neighbors told us the shooting was centered somehow around a specific police. police would not confirm it saying mccoy and the baby died as a result of gunshot wound and trauma from the shooting. >> we are exploring all of the angles. if something leads us to believe we need to look at something such as domestic violence, then we will. at this point we are treated it as an isolated incident. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood we talk to want to see an arrest made.
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>> i hope she gets justice, that's all i know. he hope gets justice for what happened to her. >> reporter: police tell us many people came forward, and investigators are following up on very strong leads. in fact, say they hope to make an announcement soon. live in san pablo, robert handa, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. robert. for want to show you something. this is hurricane newton drenching los cabos. d cabommed into the southern tip of mexico's baha peninsula, naocked out power and grounded flights. in fact, some flights between san jose and cabo were cancelled. chief meteorologist is tracking it now. >> reporter: it looks like it is on a path towards southern arizona. currently winds in the storm system are 75 miles per hour, making it a category one hurricane. it is now north of cabo san lucas. beginning to pull away. still rain and wind tonight, but by tomorrow they should have better conditions tlchlt however, again, towards arizona
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by 11:00 on wednesday, it weak ens to winds of 40 miles per hour and by wednesday evening winds of 25. overall, the rain really will bring the biggest impacts here. tucson, just south into the mexico and arizona border will see anywhere from one to about 4 inches of rainfall. back here at home we're tracking the heat, anywhere from eight to nine degrees warmer at this hour compared to this time yesterday. it is even hotter tomorrow. we will tell you who is going to hit close to 100 in a few minutes. >> thank you. seewill see you in a bit. we will continue to track the area cane on our website as well. click on the story right on the crimt page to see pictures and get more travel information. that's at analogied hate crime at a notable south bay high school. rostudent was arrested for making online threats against jewish classmates. hais happened at fremont high school in sunnyvale. nbc bay area's maryann favro. these are serious allegation also. what are the details there? >> reporter: well, the 17-year-old suspect referenced a
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columbine style attack in his threat. balls of that police went to his home to look for weapons but didn't find any. because of the threats, the department of public safety beefed up security at fremont high school today. investigators say the 17-year-old admitted to making a threat on instagram, targeting about 50 jewish students. a captain with the department says the boy referenced columbine in his instagram account profile and attached a photo of the mass high school shooting. >> we take it extremely serious. you know, that's why as soon as we got the threats we had two detectives involved in the case immediately. we called them in, had this work on the case. we did everything expedited. >> reporter: students we talked to were surprised to learn of the threat. >> i was surprised because we're a diverse population at fremont, and i didn't think any jews would be oppressed like this. >> rabbi says he is glad the school took the threat seriously. >> i was very, very happy to hear that the administration was very proactive.
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i commend the fact law enforcement took it seriously. in today's day and age, you know, we can't dismiss hate speech. >> reporter: officers arrested the student on suspicion of a hate crime and making criminal threats. officers say they plan to do extra patrols here at the high school the rest of the week. er irting live in sunnyvale, maryann favro, "nbc bay area news." becthank you. snapchat may lag behind facebook and twitter in terms of user numbers, but advertisers love snapchat because it appeals to young millennials. very desirable demographic. r's nuchers at e market are predicting snapchat's ad revenues could hit nearly a billion dollars next year, more than twice this year's number. snapchat was invented by stanford student, although the company is now headquartered in ee on.p l.a. neighborhood of xennis. decision 2016 now virtually nothing the presidential
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==tdidates hillary clinton and donald trump agree on, you know uldt, except for a tax loophole both politicians say they will lose. peggy, if that happens. ==rld directly impact venture capitalists here in the bay area. >> reporter: yeah, you could say that again, jessica. you know, venture capitalists say they've helped to create companies, even industries when you think about uber or facebook, but others say no, paying your taxes is something we all do and everyone has to pay their fair share. >> the average venture capital investment loses money 42% of the time. it takes eight years to make gains. >> reporter: venture capital world in the cross hairs of both presidential candidate it. don't tax us to death. it is called carried interest, and in a rare moment of harmony both hillary clinton and donald trump say they'll close this tax loophole that lets vc, private equity pay only 20% tax.
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>> the total taxes with federal and state is around 36%. this charges it result in going up to 59%. it will get to the point where government is going to keep 60% of every dollar you make, people won't have a reason to do these risky things. >> sam alt man said he should be taxed on his profitable investment. >> there's no logical way that i can justify why the returns that we earn managing other people's money should get capital gains treatment. >> ganathan says while it is a profitable business for vss they're creating jobs so the tax break should stay. >> over 42% of the companies that go public on nasdaq on venture backed companies. when i look at it, that's a great pay back, that's the reason to keep supporting this. >> reporter: now, there have been other attempts in congress to end this tax loophole, none of which has been success. . however, with both political parties looking to close it that
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could change. in menlo park i'm peggy bunker. >> up next, caught in the act. san francisco police need help catching this suspected car burglar. we will show him to you. the fight that landed bruce miller in jail and ended his career with the 49ers, the fight here at the marriott, that wasn't the first fight of the evening for miller. he got into another one in tommy's joint. we'll have that story coming up.
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you see on this you're watching "nbc bay area news" with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. police are looking for the man that you see there in that surveillance footage, breaking into a car. you could see him walk up to the car. he is smashing the window there, and they he climbs in and takes a backpack. it is all unfolding in 200 block of villa street in san francisco. happened back on august 6. if you recognize him or the car or you have information, called the sfpd. tonight we learned that the hotel room fight that landed 49ers' bruce miller in jail wasn't the first fight he got into allege lid on that sunday. hours before he was arrested, he was allegedly involved in an altercation over a sandwich. nbc bay area's mark thu has been tracking down how miller spent the hours before the arrest yesterday, and it is a sandwich at the middle of this. >> reporter: well, it is a sandwich that was part of this story. you know, before bruce miller
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got into the fight at the hair yot, punched a 70-year-old, duked it out with the 70-year-old's 29-year-old son before the cops arrested miller at the travel lodge across the street. he was with friends in the marina starting an evening that would land him in jail and end his nfl career with the 49ers. bruce miller posted this picture on instagram sunday afternoon. sundays are for the boys, read the caption. the management says yes, he was here on sunday at palm house, but they don't want more publicity. nine hours later around midnight bruce miller stumbled into tommy's joint. >> he was stumbling around. he could not stand up for long. he actually sat down for about 20 minutes in a chair by himself. >> reporter: manager eddie martin says miller was hungry and did not have money. >> he was asking for food, asking people to buy him food, asking for guest's sandwiches basically. >> reporter: some of the guests recognized miller as a 49er but
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that didn't mean they were willing to buy him dinner. >> and then things got a little heated. he tried to take someone's sandwich, and of course, you know, the guest was not having that. >> reporter: there were words, but no punches and miller was escorted out. three hours later he was in handcuffs, accused of hitting two hotel guests at the marriott including a 70-year-old who was reportedly left with broken bones in his face. miller ended up with a deep gash over his eye his agent said required multiple stitches. miller's agent says he believes that miller is a great guy and he doesn't understand what happened, but he believes that there are two sides to the story. bruce miller, due to be arraigned in court in san francisco this friday. we'll have that story for you. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, "nbc bay area news.." >> we'll wait to hear bruce miller's side of the story as well. what started out at a 911 call about shots fired lead san francisco police to a staggering
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arsenal of guns. officers arrested this man last night, 63-year-old jack dane. they found him after being called to the intersection of laguna and green street. this was in cow hollow. police seized all of these weapons, 57 firearms from his home, including 17 semi-automatic rifles and machine guns and about 40 handguns. well, bill cosby back in headlines this evening and so are some of his alleged victims. they gathered at the state capital rallying to help women sexually abused or raped. rape survivors stood in unity to urge governor brown to sign the justice for victims act. it would eliminate the 10-year statue of limitation for rape crimes in california. several women called it their duty to stand up for future victims. >> when many of us first started speaking out against bill cosby, we were vil fied, we were called gold diggers, we were called
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who. >> reporter:'s for cosby, here is video today. he was back in a pennsylvania court room. the judge said he wants cosby's sexual assault case to begin no later than june 5th. a temple university employee is accusing cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her in 2004. >> a 20-year-old cold case is getting renewed attention. investigators launched a new search for a missing cal poly student. she disappeared over memorial weekend in 1996. she was 19 years old at the time. no sign of her has ever been seen. her body has never been found. today two dozen fbi agents joined sheriff's deputies on a hillside overlooking the campus. specially trained detection dogs identified several areas that they began digging take. the area was searched 20 years ago, but the sheriff says investigative tools have improved since those two decades ago. >> if you are hoping for the coveted green sticker, you might
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be out of luck. that allows you to drive solo in if you own a hybrid. took no action on assembly bill. it would extended the driving perk between 2019 or simply allow more of the green stickers above the currently capped 85,000 limit. state officials say they don't know if the bill will be resurrected in the next session. there are currently more than 6,000 drivers on the waiting list for the green decal. people in the bay area, here you can. you are encouraged to car pool, bike, walk or take public transportation to work tomorrow. look outside and see why. a spare the air ee lert will be in effect. the air quality district suggests keeping physical activities in doors. if you plant to go for a walk or jog try to get it done early in the morning hours. this is the 19th spare the air alert this year. >> we felt the temperatures to go up and we expect more
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climbing tomorrow. another five to seven greens tomorrow. we will get closer to possible record setting heat tomorrow. you can see the areas that increased the most on the 24-hour temperature change. 8 degrees hotter in livermore, napa up 8. santa rosa nine degrees warmer compared to this time yesterday. how does it compare to the record high temperatures for this day in history? well, it wasn't good enough, again, for record setting heat. in santa rosa we would have had to hit 100. we had 91. san francisco would have -- excuse me, we would see temperatures soar to 92. livermore was at 95, but we would have had to hit 104 degrees throughout today. not good enough for records but certainly uncomfortable for a lot of us after we had below average temperatures for the past several weeks. right now still holding on to a warm 90 in concord. temperatures will drop into the 70s by 8:00 hour and eventually 60s by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow's
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forecast obviously has more hot temperatures to offer. in fact, wednesday looks like the hottest day of the week. that's when the interior valleys of the east bay will go as warm as 97 degrees. peninsula averages 81. south bay 93. san francisco also in the 70s. we are tracking cooler changes ahead as the jet stream pushes a little bit closer by this upcoming weekend. i'll have more details on that, and that's coming up in about 25 minutes. raj and jess. >> we will see you shortly. an historic visit with president obama promised to do as he became the first sitting u.s. president to visit laos. a mountain lion sighting on the
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peninsula. the big cat was caught on a security camera outside a home in happening now, mountain lion sighting on the peninsula. the big cat caught on the security camera outside a home in hillsborough. you can vee the picture of that mountain lion on our twitter feed. the mystery couple captured in that breathtaking photo of yosemite decided to remain a mystery. they responded but decided to say anonymous. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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sitting president to visit the nation of laos. ===tak== president obama made history today becoming the first sitting president to visit the nation of laos. laos was heavily bomb by u.s. during the vietnam war. by some estimates a new bomb hit the country every eight minutes for nine years. today the president announced a $90 million investment to clear away bombs that are still
6:25 pm
unexploded. >> whatever the cause, whatever our intension, wars inflicts a terrible toll, especially on innocent men, women and children. >> laos was hosting a summit of southeast nation goes when the president pledged to work with allies to tuchb sanctions on north korea. president obama also received an apology from the president of the philippines that led the white house to cancel an upcoming meeting. a call for to the zika outbreak, u.n. made a plea to men and women that traveled to and areas with a zika outbreak. it asked they practice safe sex and abstinence for six months even if they show no strains of the virus. it has been proven to cause brain and head abnormality in newborns. disney world has been using finger scanners on adults and
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older kids, now it is requiring children ages three to nine to scan fingers as well. parents uneasy with the scan can scan their fingers instead. purpose is to prevent guests from using stolen tickets or sharing tickets. the park hopes only a child assigned to a specific pass will be the child using it. >> itt touchdown and lee students frustrated and confused. i'm live in oakland. i will show you what this all means for students. taller fences and new technology. i'm scott budman at san jose international airport. the mix of hardware and software for your security. bigger wall. fence.
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san jose international airport is putting the right now 6:30. building a bigger fence, san jose international airport is putting the finishing touches on a taller perimeter surrounding its runways. not only raising that fence, but sjc also plans to raise money. >> that money is going into technology upgrades, all in name of security. scott budman joins us live at the airport. >> reporter: probably not, jessica and raj. after all, the fence and technology are in place to keep would-be intruders out while the technology will be in place to protect those who are inside. this is the hardware part of the new security plan, a fence upgrade. san jose international now has 11-foot fences in certain areas
6:30 pm
to try to cut down on security breaches. >> san jose airport did have a number of incidents in the past two years where we realized that we needed to increase our fence line in order to deter individuals from trying to scale our fence line. >> reporter: but there's also a software upgrade coming to sgc. the airport applying for federal grant money to buy new technology in the name of safety. >> our next steps are seeking federal funding to bring on new technologies. >> reporter: tech, likely from silicon valley companies, to track cars, people and planes. >> you have cameras but how do you make smart cameras? how do you make them find things that shouldn't be where they are such as a car parked at the curb too long. >> reporter: new products coming to the airport to help keep you secure. and in case you are wondering, the 11-foot fences are three-foot above what they have been up to this point.
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reporting live in san jose, scott budman, "nbc bay area news." >> drunk driving could be the cause of a nasty rollover crash in oakland. there was a path of debris on san leandro street near 44th. police say before the car overturned it struck several pole also and one or two parked cars. the driver was a woman in her 40s. her passengers were a son and son-in-law. >> it does appear that alcohol may be a cause to this collision, and also speed as well. so that's being investigated at this time. and then, also, being investigated whether or not -- during this collision. >> reporter: police say the son-in-law riding in the back seat suffered critical injuries. southbound 880 is open this evening after a chemical spill shut down three lanes. look at the video shot by our chopper. chp says the spill located before the marin boulevard exit between eight and 10 inches
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thick. >> decision 2016, some are calling it a stunning come comeback for donald trump. a new cnn poll shows him up up two points on democratic nominee hillary clinton nationwide. they stumped in virginia, north carolina and florida, all battleground speaks. they will meet in nbc's first commander-in-chief forum and you can see it here on nbc bay area. steve hamilton has more from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton with 63 days to go still has a big league over donald trump in potential electoral votes and a six point poplar lead in today's "nbc bay area news" survey monkey poll, but the cnn poll puts trump ahead by two when two independent candidates are included. no worries clinton said. >> i pay no attention to polls. >> reporter: she says republicans focusing on e-mails say they don't pay attention to voters. >> why did someone come from the outside and seize their
6:33 pm
nomination who had never been in public service before? >> reporter: her new tv ad shows veterans disapproving of trump. her new super pac ad. >> i'm really good where i love war in a certain way. >> reporter: depicts trump eager to use nuclear weapons, a theme she hit in tampa today. >> he is loose in his talk about nukes. he says he doesn't care if other countries get them. doesn't know why they haven't been used already. >> reporter: trump was in a navy town in virginia beach and saying clinton is not tough enough. >> hillary likes to play tough with russia. putin looks at her and laughs, okay. he laughs. just look at her decisions, look how bad her decisions have been. >> reporter: an echo of trump saying earlier clinton does not look presidential. i'm steve handle, "nbc bay area news" washington. more than one million acres here in california earmarked for
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fracking are off limits. today a judge overturned a federal plan that would have op-ed large areas of california for fracking. the judge citing potential threats to water supplies and endangered will life. it called for santa barbara, san luis obispo and other areas to be drilled. homeowners can't find enough qualified workers to get the job done. the national association of homebuilders estimates there are about 200,000 unfilled construction jobs at all levels of experience. without enough workers, construction is trailing demand for homes. also, with labor costs rising builders are now resorting to making more expensive homes, abandoning the starter market, causing a tight supply of entry level homes. frustrating and heartbreaking on east bay today. students walking to their school only to find it has been closed per nently. i.t.t. tech announced all campuses will shut down because
6:35 pm
the federal government ordered them to no longer accept students on federal aid. some students are just stuck in a bind here, sharon. >> reporter: that's right, jessica. you know, the school is under investigation for fraud and false advertising, and students today when they talked to me were very upset about what happens next. >> everything is pretty much shot now. >> reporter: dennis tomlinson was one quarter away from earning his degree. the welcome back sign not so welcoming at i tichtt tech's lo campus, doors locked and no answer. he was in the cyber security program and liked it. >> teachers were helping work everything out to make sure you got the education. it was a good school. >> reporter: they heard the news and saw on the internet the campus is permanently closed. the u.s. department of education saying transcripts should be available and students should look to try to transfer their units to another schools, but students tell us they continue
6:36 pm
access transcripts today. >> a little bit of frustration. put like two years of my life into it pretty much, so at this point not really getting any answers. we tried calling all of the numbers and of course none of those work. >> all we are doing is trying to learn, get an education and actually contribute more than we already do. i know i work full time, try to go to school full time. >> reporter: a subcontractor with the city of oakland says he's concerned about the jobs lost. she was here dropping off information for the professors. >> when you lose your income in that kind of abrupt manner, all you are carrying about is where is the revenue going to come to pay bills. >> don lane also a quarter away from finishing his training. he says dreams are on hold. >> now it is a little bit of an issue. >> reporter: some students who were receiving federal aid through the veterans administration program, they said they received notice last week that the close would be closing so they tried to transfer some of the units. they say some of the units will
6:37 pm
transfer but not all of them, that's what they're finding. reporting live in oakland, sharon kastuda, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, charn. less than 30 minutes more than 100 homeowners are expected to make a stink over a sewage proposal in san mateo. the baymeadows homeowners found out that the city's clean water program included building a sewage storage basin nearby. they're afraid the sewage tank will give off fumes, leak and devalue the neighborhood. the city of san mateo says it is not the case. the tank would prevent sewage from overflowing during heavy rain storms. bad news if you have needle phobias, reasons say to avoid the flu list this season. apple getting ready to unveil its newest iphone but there could be something noticeably missing with this new version.
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nbc bay area, bra cast home of the giants. >> this baby is out of here! boechy and the boys take on
6:40 pm
the giants versus diamonds back, friday at 6:30 on nbc bay area. you're watching "nbc bay area news" with the bay area's biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area, we investigate. and overnight fire ripped through a san francisco victorian. this is video from a neighbor of the two-alarm fire in hayes valley. started at 2:15 in the morning. six people were displace and at this point unclear exactly how the fire started. that b.a.r.t. extension in san jose is shifting into high gear with crews getting ready to test trains on part of the new line. in a few months trains will be running between fremont to san jose's bariessa area. the new tracks are highly voltage electric tracks and people should avoid them. b.a.r.t. hopes to have the new line up and running late next year. another train has been added to the city's busiest line.
6:41 pm
the new shuttle train service will be launched this morning, hoping the addition will cut down on the commute crowding. connects sunset to financial district and more than 40,000 vied riders take the line every day. if you are looking forward to the new iphone, the unveiling of the iphone is in san francisco hours away. the biggest speculation seems to be over audio. traditionally as you probably know, apple ships phones with ear buds but there's indications iphone is going wireless. that intrigues some and infeweriates other. there's no comment from apple so we have to wait to find out. that's a stuff one because i lose my ear buds but, two, i don't like change. >> she doesn't like change at all. >> i don't know what is going to happen. >> and the ear buds fall out when you are running. >> but you can't run with the big ones either. a lot of problems here. >> it is a first world problem. >> exactly. well, you know, we have had certainly some rain problems the past couple of years with the drought. so far in september where we
6:42 pm
begin to pick up some sort of rainfall, not doing so bad for the month. running one to.03 inches behind. we will have details on tomorrow. also, flu season around the corner, why teed trishans are going a thumbs down to the only needle free vaccine on the market.
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chl . "nbc bay area responds," recovering more than $100,000 to bay area consumers. if you want help, call us or visit >> we're in september and it is almost time to get the flu shot, and the key word now is shot. >> kids across the bay area screaming. if you are afraid of needles, be wear because experts say the nasal spray no longer works. here is erica edwards.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: it's been the flu vaccine preference among many children for years, the nasal spray flu mist. now the american academy of pediatrics say kids should not get it this year. the move comes after a panel of experts found the nasal spray has not been effective the past three seasons. it is unclear why. >> it is still a scientific mystery, but we can't go on giving a vaccine that's ineffective. >> reporter: the aap recommends instead that all kids over six months get the flu shot, which experts say was about 63% effective in protecting against the flu last year. even if you do become infected after vaccination, doctors say you're far less likely to have a severe case. >> influenza can take a normal healthy child or even adult and put them into the emergency room in 24 hours. this is a serious infection. >> reporter: kids we talked to said they'll tough enup for the shot this year. >> i hold my breath and close my
6:46 pm
eyes. >> reporter: public health officials will continue to review data on the nasal sprays, and it is possible the mist could be back next year. erica edwards, "nbc bay area news." this is always a special time. rio is about to come alive yet again with another set of world class athletes. yes, they will be competing for gold. the flame was lit today, it is the opening ceremony for the paralympics. more than 700 torch bearers carried the flame in the paralympic relay. the paralympics will run through september 18. >> i think i should go back for that. >> maybe we're going to send you back because it was so fun, right? >> i vote for sending me back to cover the paralympics. >> you've got it. jeff. >> lots of inspiring stories happening there. back here at home we have temperatures getting hotter for tomorrow, and by this weekend some cooler changes coming our way. let's get a look at microclimate weather. it is sticky out here with haze moving in from the fire off to
6:47 pm
the south near monterey. in san francisco 68 degrees, but today it got up to 76 in down ton san francisco and we're still under currently clear skies. back here across the east bay, at mt. diablo in the distance you can see how haze it is. once again some of the smoke particles moving in from the south and of course we had the warm temperatures which helps to bring us this pollution. 90 degrees currently, and eventually we will see numbers drop into the 70s throughout 8:00 and down into the 60s by 11:00. let's get you to tomorrow morning's forecast. without that much fog in san francisco at this hour, there's not beings expected to be a lot more tomorrow morning. golden gate and bay bridge commuters down to san mateo bridge shouldn't have to worry. temperatures mid-50s. peninsula begins at 56 and very, very hazy to start in south bay tomorrow with 60 degrees. high pressure is the culprit with the big change in our weather this week.
6:48 pm
it was so, so nice this weekend. temperatures were in the 60s, and the 70s for a lot of the bay area. now we've got this coming on back, and i know a lot of you want to slide into fall, you don't want to go back to summer, but this is the main reason that is happening. and that air quality will suffer tomorrow, worst levels of ozone making it unhealthy in east bay, also for the south bay, so a spare the aday in effect. i do think we will begin to see healthier air move in by friday as temperatures cool down. back to the forecast for tomorrow. across south bay no 100s expected but 10 degrees above average for a lot of south bay. morgan hill at 95. san jose at 93. through the peninsula some of the hottest weather you've had in palo alto with 87. half moon bay beach weather and 69, that's the air temperature. in the sun it probably will feel like low 70s, and into the 70s across san francisco with 75 in the mission, financial district
6:49 pm
76. for north bay, east bay and for the tri-valley, hottest trem practice tours throughout livermore at 98 degrees. pleasanton also one of our warmest 94, danville comes in at 9 . nork from 86 in mill valley to 94 expected in napa . big changes come by this weekend. we have the jet stream with cooler air associated with it dropping closer to california, and as a result saturday and sunday numbers will go down. you can see in san francisco this puts us at 66 by sunday's forecast, and we'll keep the trend through next week for the inland valleys. you will see that 97 average tomorrow down to 88 on friday, and by sunday 86. next tuesday back to what i know a lotd of you like which is temperatures in the low 80s, maybe even more 70s returning by next week. it looks like summer even though it is past labor day. >> i know, it is. i want the cool weather back. >> i like the summer. >> i know. >> thanks, jeff. well, the raiders ready to
6:50 pm
kick off the season but they'll have to do it without a star. colin resch will tell us who when he joins us next.
6:51 pm
at nbc bay area we're driven by one phrase, we investigate. >> we investigate the powerful and hold them accountable for you. >> four years, 400 investigations and counting. count on the bay area's biggest investigative time. >> to tackle big problems and issues that affect you.
6:52 pm
>> we're investigated billions in public money. >> our stories have changed numerous laws and policies. >> and we've recovered millions of dollars. >> real results, real excellence in journalism. >> but you know what we're most proud of? >> you. >> us. >> together we're making the bay area and beyond a better place. nbc bay area, we investigate. well, taking a stand on the controversy that ensued appears to be good for business. colin kaepernick's jersey is the top selling piece of nfl merchandise. his number seven jersey has been gaining in popularity since he started sitting or kneeling during the national anthem. that's a big shift from last season when he lost his starting qb job. the team placed the jersey on clearance and even then had trouble getting the jersey sold. more las vegas chatter for the raiders. tomorrow could be a notable day.
6:53 pm
the southern nevada tourist committee will meet with city officials about the $1.9 billion stadium project off the vegas strip. they're expecting to get into the financing details for the stadium, which would be used by unlv football team. mark davis says the franchise will contribute $500 million to this project. now, if all sides come to an agreement, the new stadium will be recommended to the governor of nevada. the raiders kick off the season sunday but they're going to have to do it without one of their top players. march shell reese will miss the first slee games three game the season. marcelle reese is arguably the most respected voice in the raiders' locker room, which is why his four game suspension for violating the nfl's policy on performance enhancing substances
6:54 pm
surprised everyone. >> it is disappointing because everybody knows me knows what was being said. >> reporter: it was said that reese suggested a banned substance. true, but to understand his frustration you have to understand the substance itself. he consumed a natural plant extract which converts to a substance banned by the nfl once ingested. >> i was doing it for the right reasons, it wasn't in competition forum, like i said, the past is the past. if i get, you know, vindicated in any way it will be good. like i said, i'm at peace with the situation. >> reporter: reese sat out the raiders' season finale in 2015 to start suspension. and though he was able to practice and play in preseason games, he can't be in the facility or on the sidelines until he sits out the first three games of the regular season, which means the earliest he can return to action is october 2nd against the ravens. >> we don't believe he did anything wrong, but, you know, that's what the league said.
6:55 pm
so he would have no choice, but i think he put a lot of effort into getting us ready, you know, for the season and helping me out, you know, for three games to be in the action. we're ready for him to come back. >> i know they're going to hold it down just fight without me, i have to come back with a vengeance for baltimore. >> reporter: in alameda, colin resch, nbc bay area. the season is here. tonight at 11:00 it happened again, someone dropped off dozens of cats outside of the same animal shelter. it is the fifth time it has happened in the past four years. on our 11:00 newscast we will tell you about the two new clues that may point to who is behind it. he is among basketball's best and he is being treated like the rock star he is. a big crowd gathered to treat curry at a gym in taiwan. nbc told them he made it in the nba by shooting better than
6:56 pm
anyone. the stop here marks the lest of his tour through asian. >> i have been asking how to make it to the nba for years. i keep shooting, it is not working. i haven't grown and can't shoot any better. >> i would get more professional help in that area. >> all right. jeff, before we leave, it's been a gorgeous day. jessica and i like the warm weather, by the way. >> you have one more day to go and things will cool down. not in the way of fog in san francisco and 55 degrees. peninsula 56, and the south bay at 60. for tomorrow's highs, 97 degrees for average in inland valleys and east bay. there's the hot weather. 73 in san francisco, and eventually this weekend we will see temperatures cooling back down, another 10 to 15 degrees. a lot better saturday and sunday if you don't want the heat. >> a big smile for tomorrow. thanks for joining here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> we hope to see you at 11:00. bye-bye.
6:57 pm
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