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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable? i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard. right now pat 11:00, he is off the streets after months of searching, police officers say they have their man. accused of terrorizing south bay drivers. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. ten random shootings targeting innocent drivers. some people were so scared they didn't want to leave their homes. serial shooter michael lewis was arrested tonight. when broke the story on our
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twitter feed, sjdp said his violent crime spree spanned between may 4th and august 5th and focused in a specific neighborhood, on or near blossom hill road and monterey road in south san jose. ian cole is in that area. there was a twist in this investigation. how did day finally track him down? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, raj, he was initially arrested on an unrelated charge about three weeks ago and became the official suspect in this case today. ten shootings in all happening along here. terrorizing this part of san jose. tonight, some relief on the roadways. san jose police say 30-year-old michael lewis is the man who shot at ten different cars. driving along between monterey and coddle roads each time firing just once. >> i'm just relieved to know that we don't have this concern and question in our minds anymore. >> reporter: the shootings happened after midnight on random nights between may and august, some people stopped going out.
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>> because my wife, myself, travel through this area quite frequently, we live less than three minutes away from here. >> reporter: in the ten shootings, two people were wounded by shrapnel or flying glass. san jose police say lewis was arrested august 16th on an unrelated charge but through follow-up investigation at his house, detectives found a handgun and the crime lab determined that gun was used in four of the shootings. the motive is unknown tonight but people in the area feel better simply going outside in the dark. >> people can live in peace and, you know, they don't have to worry about getting shot. >> reporter: lewis faces four counts of attempted murder. he's currently being held in the santa clara county jail without bail. reporting live in south san jose, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian. no police chief and tonight a few less cops as well. oakland mayor libby schaaf making public the results of an internal investigation into a sexual misconduct scandal
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involving opd officers and at the time an underage girl. tonight 12 officers have been disciplined and 4 have been fired and there is more. next bay area's cheryl hurd joins us with more. >> reporter: a tough year for the oakland police department, the mayor announcing firings today at a department that has no police chief. >> i am deeply sorry for the harm that this scandal has caused particularly to community trust. >> reporter: mayor libby schaaf along with sabrina landreth announcing the results of an internal investigation involving oakland police officers. investigators claim the officers had sex with a self-proclaimed prostitute by the name of celest guap. seven others will be suspended without pay, one sent for counseling. >> we will hold our officers to nothing but the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. >> reporter: integrity that was put into question this summer
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when guap says she slept with more than a dozen police officers. some she says while under age. investigators looked into those allegations, combing through some 80,000 pages of social media documents and 28,000 text messages. >> i'm hopeful the -- they should be prosecuted. we're talking about men who are police officers having sex with a minor. >> reporter: we reach eed out t the oakland police officer's association, the association president says "the mayor didn't even have the courtesy to call and talk to anyone at the poa prior to her press conference." the mayor had this to say about the poa. >> they issued a very strong public statement and they announced that they were not paying for the legal defense of the officers involved. >> reporter: the district attorney may look into this. some asking for the state attorney general to look into this case. now, the woman at the center of this controversy is now in
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florida at a rehab center. she is now in jail for biting someone at that rehab center. there are now two attorneys from the bay area heading to florida to represent her. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. the 49ers kick off the season next monday. there's plenty of drama tonight. warriors star steph curry publicly supported colin kaepernick earlier today. now the mayor of santa clara is weighing in, lisa gilmore said in part "just as mr. kaepernick has the right to sit down for the national anthem, off-duty police officers have the right to sit out football games. however, i wish they would not." the statement stems from the santa clara police officers association warning officer might not work 49ers games because of kaepernick's blanket statements about police. now today, the 49ers quarterback stood by his remarks and says he has no no regrets about his decision not to stand for the national anthem.
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he also said he'll donate proceeds from his sky-rocketing jersey sales to the community. kaepernick's protest is in impacting other sports. the pregame ceremony before a women's soccer match in maryland was altered today because of midfielder megan rapinoe. the olympian is kneeling in solidarity with kaepernick. this photo was from sunday's match. today, the washington spirit, the team, said the national anthem was played early so fans would not be subject to disrespect. now, our coverage continues on our website. coming up later in this news confident, we'll hear steph curry's comments about kaepernick's protests. turning now to decision 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton both on the hot seat tonight. nbc's matt lauer, u.s. veterans asked the presidential candidates how they would perform if commander in chief. clinton once again tackled the e-mail issue while trump defended his plan to work with russia. the question tonight is, will the candidates' answers sway
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voters? nbc bay area's jean ellie has more on the unique forum. >> reporter: in separate q&a sessions donald trump and hillary clinton answered direct questions from matt lauer and veterans about national security. a strategy to defeat isis is a top concern for those who serve. >> i think i would have a very, very good relationship with putin. >> reporter: trump says he would team up with vladimir putin. >> russia wants to defeat isis as badly as we do. if we had a relationship with are russia, wouldn't it be wonderful if we could work on it together? are. >> reporter: clinton has different ideas. >> we're not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> reporter: her focus has a tech angle. >> we also have to do a better job combatting isis online, where they recruit, where they radicalize, and i don't think we're doing as much as we can. we need to work with silicon valley, we need to work with our experts in our government. >> reporter: two very different strategies. >> this is a fascinating exchange. >> reporter: political analyst
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larry gerssten says the format allowed the kbts candidates to plans without interruption from each other giving voters a chance to consider their plans. >> the clinton viewers aren't going to change their minds, the trump viewers aren't going to change their minds. what happens to the indents? we'll see. >> reporter: we'll hear more from the candidates during a debate on nbc september 26th. nbc bay area news. another moment that caught the attention of most people watching tonight's forum, donald trump was asked about this tweet. a few years ago he tweeted, "26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military, only 238 convictions. what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together? that's the end of the codquote. tonight he stood by that tweet. >> it is a correct tweet. there are many people that think that's absolutely correct and we need to have a strength -- >> shouldn't that have been expected, does that mean the only way to fix it is to take women out of the military? >> by the way, since then it's
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gotten worse. no, not to kick them out but something has to be happened. >> trump added there should be consequences for everyone in the military accused of sexual assault. clinton and trump stated their case on the national stage, some college students debated on a much smaller one. dominican university in san rafael host add new event called college debate 2016. students from all 50 states participated. the goal was to explore the issues vital to students and increase participation in the political process. a possible hate crime in antioch. a black family woke up to a frightening scene. here's the aftermath. family members found the home on fire around 3:00 a.m. it happened on mccormick court in antioch. the three adults and four children inside managed to get out in time. but once outside, outside of their own home, another frightening discovery. >> the "n" word then there was a swaustika on the front. >> treating this as a hate crime. >> whoever did this could be facing attempted murder charges because the fire was
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strategically set to try to trap that family inside. the homeowner says surveillance video did capture the suspect. so far, though, no arrests. are you ready to give up your earphones for airpods? that's one of the things apple is wondering tonight after launching its iphone 7. i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. i've got reaction coming up. i'm just telling the truth. >> also, convicted sex offender accused of trying to kidnap two women talks tonight. we'll take you inside the jail to hear his version of the story. and this hasn't happened in more than 70 years. the new plan for yosemite that has a lot of people excited. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a foggy wind building in from the south. cooling san martin off to 57. a mild 69 in santa clara. we'll talk about the fog and how much it drops everyone tomorrow in just a few minutes.
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you're watching nbc bay area news with the biggest investigative unit holding the powerful accountable. nbc bay area. we investigate. okay. call it apple unplugged. so just how big is the next big thing? well, apple answered that today with the rollout of the new iphone 7 and new headphones that have a lot of people talking. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is live at san francisco apple store. terry, are we talking they like wired or no wires? what are people saying? >> reporter: well, you know, reaction is mixed to that. it seems everybody likes the fact that the iphone 7 is water resistant and has a stronger camera, but apple's asking people to give up their earphones for something they call airpods. >> this is iphone 7. >> reporter: at san francisco's bill graham auditorium today apple unveiled the newest,
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sleekest sleekest iphone. >> up til now no one has taken on the challenge, audio wirelessly between your mobile device and head head phophones, opportunities to do something new and great. >> reporter: how great do apple customers think it is to do away with headphones for these airpods? michael of san francisco a current earphones user says wow. >> wires keep us constrained sometimes, so it's kind of nice to be able to not worry about them. >> reporter: others didn't give a nod to the airpods. >> it's still going to be kind of awkward, it's going to be odd with the little, you know, little, like, pieces that come with it. i want to hold out until it's just one piece entirely in the ear. >> reporter: also new, an update to the apple watch. the company calls it series 2. aimed at the runner, this version from nike. >> when you go out for a run, you don't want to be distracted. so we give you just what you need at a glance. >> reporter: some customers say
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they'll get the new phone. >> i'm a really old guy. my iphone is really old. this is a 4s. so i think now it's time to get over to an iphone 7. >> reporter: others say they'll pass on the 7 and wait for the next big thing. >> it's just like, kind of like iphone 6 because the size is the same, like, the design, itself, didn't change that match. >> reporter: you can order the iphone. starting friday. it ships a week after that. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. of course, nbc bay area followed the apple announcement today. we have extended coverage on our website, and on our free nbc bay area app as well. you might want to check it out. in a jailhouse interview with nbc bay area, the sex offender accused of trying to kidnap and sexually assault two south bay girls says he didn't to
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do it. >> that's kidnapping, right? if you go to talk to somebody and walk away, that's not kidnapping. that's not even attempt. >> david lee russell said he was just trying to talk to those girls and had no idea he was a wanted man after the two alleged attempted kidnappings. san jose police finally tracked him near oak larland road yeste. when asked if he shaved his facial hair to avoid detection, he offered this explanation. >> i don't like gray hair. >> reporter: you didn't do any of that to change your appearance? >> no, i didn't know none of this was happening. >> he was talking to our reporter robert handa. the prosecutor will seek a life sentence. russell is being held without bail. he returns to court next week. a man accused of gunning down a pregnant teenager is in police custody in san pablo. police arrested him overnight after a standoff in a vallejo apartment complex. police say he gunned down mccoy on monday night. she and her unborn baby died.
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officers are also questioning second person of interest, duarte, who turned himself in to police. at this time, san pablo pd is treating this case as a homicide. the man accused of starting the devastating clayton fire is facing four more arson charges. damin pashilk pled not guilty in a lake county courtroom. the charges are related to various brush and grass fires. he called police -- police call him a serial arsonist. myself accused of intentionally starting the clayton fire last month. that fire destroyed close to 200 homes and more than 200 structures. how about this? 400 new reasons to visit yosemite. more than 400 additional acres of meadows and forests is being added to the national park. this was the largest expansion in decades. the money to buy the land came from donations. park leaders say the new land will include wetlands home to crucial wildlife and plant species. yosemite is celebrating its centennial anniversary with the national park service this year. i was thinking about it this morning, i haven't been to
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yosemite in more than two years. we got to change that. this is in our own backyard. we got to get there. >> we should do an nbc bay area field trip. >> nbcs field -- all of us? in a station wagon? >> we can do live weather easy. done. take our new storm ranger vehicle out there. >> we should do that. >> jessica, you're a great planner. >> i'll put it together. >> can't wait. our microclimates are in full effect tonight. you can already notice some of that cooler air move ing in if you're in the south bay. 24 hour temperature change. this is the beauty of living in the bay area. once that fog starts to creep back in, well, we get those cooler changes coming in. right now, notice san martin, 7 degrees cooler. that's because of that southerly push of cooler air and fog associated with it. meanwhile, napa still running 9 degrees hotter. let's take you to some of the heat right now after a high of 97 in livermore, we dropped down to 74. so it certainly is cooler out here, but still very mild. we'll see 60s eventually here as we head throughout the overnight hours. as we get you to the main change
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at hand here over the next 12 hours, it's that fog, again, building at the immediate coastline. we're still expecting this southerly surge of fog as we head throughout thursday's forecast and that is the number-one reason why temperatures will be dropping as we head throughout thursday. a look at your morning forecast. this will bring some patchy fog back to san francisco and 54. also patchy clouds for the east bay, peninsula and the south bay. a little bit of cloud cover, but mainly hazy here. smoke from some of these nearby fires continues to, unfortunately, filter in. we're not going to see a lot of this haze really clear out until they get that fire extinguished. temperatures tomorrow, i know you're going to be a lot more pleased with this. in the south bay, 86 in morgan hill. here's your cool down in san jose. 87 degrees. for the peninsula, half moon bay, back to our cold beach weather and 63. for san francisco, instead of 70s and 80s, 65 for the marina. 67 in the mission. for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, after
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nearly 100 in livermore, 87 degrees tomorrow. oakland looking good at 74. and that bay breeze pushing here to walnut creek to drop us out of the 90s as well. a change we're looking at very closely here, not until next week but forecast models are showing the first indication of possibly a few spotty showers showing up in the models today, again, that is for next week, though, next tuesday and wednesday. doesn't look like much, but it's something we're going to continue to monitor. i want to see more model verification before i put the shower icon. the extended forecast, we'll keep it dry over the next several days but noticeably cooler. san francisco back in the 60s. inland valleys after the upper 90s today, we go to 87 tomorrow. then by next tuesday and wednesday, 70s return. i'm liking what's on tap next week. >> boy, that's a dramatic change. >> yeah, it is. >> thank you, jeff. >> yeah. well, steph curry joining in
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on the conversation about colin kaepernick. we'll hear from him a little bit later. we also have jimmy. >> hey, guys. michael strahan is here. giant bicycle race. zachary quinto, james cameron. music from vince staples. do not change the channel. it's good. happening now on our home page, ryan lochte has been suspended from usa swimming for ten months, follows that scandal in rio. lochte and three other usa swimmers vandalized a gas station and gave conflicting reports to police. and on our facebook page, a florida congressman brings a jar of mosquitos to the house floor to push for legislation to battle the zika virus. the congressman said there would be a fear in the room if those mosquitos got out. we're back in a moment.
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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well, there's one less option for date night in downtown san jose. camera 12 apparently is closing. the owners said after a decade of lost revenue, they couldn't keep open the cinemas. a trio of san jose film gates opened their first movie house camera 1 in 1975 then in 2004 the team took over failed theater turning it into camera 12. this complicated things for san jose's film festival which begins in march and is now scrambling to try to find some substitute venues. a new multimillion dollar project for the new transbay terminal in san francisco, but is it a copycat of the new span of the bay bridge? take a look. commuters say yes. this is a bridge for trains going into the terminal. the construction company says it was designed to match the transit center and not to mirror
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the bay bridge. and structurally, it was the best option. looks pretty similar. up next, the 49ers react to the abrupt departure of bruce miller. and steph curry talking about kaepernick.
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well, they're the most talked about team in the nfl. not just because of collin kaeperni kaepernick. the 49ers are now without one of their most well respected players. >> bruce miller was not only arrested but immediately cut from the team. colin resch is in santa clara with how miller's former teammates are now reacting. >> reporter: just days away from their season opener on monday night football, 49ers players find themselves talking about a former teammate rather than the rams. today, the likes of torrey smith reacting to the news of tight end bruce miller's arrest early monday morning which subsequently led to his release. >> it's tough because i know, you know, bruce is a great guy, but that's one of the bad things about, you know, drinking alcohol and being under the influence, it can lead to bad decisions and good people make bad decisions sometimes so it's a lesson learned for everyone, you know, the risk and the decision-making that comes when you do drink. >> reporter: 49ers center daniel kilgore entered the nfl with miller in 2011. the two have become extremely
11:29 pm
tight since then. >> me personally, consider him one of my best friends on the team. he's a great guy. and just real unfortunate. to lose him as a teammate and it's real unfortunate to see him going through this. unfortunately, had a rough night. so that could have been anybody. it really could. football player or not. everybody has a tough night. >> reporter: has he reached out to you at all since this happened? >> no. i've reached out to him, but no word from him. >> reporter: since kilgore hasn't heard from miller, he holds out hope that there's more to the story but he's also realistic about his friend's situation. >> hopefully there is something out there that will help him. right now, from what i've seen, probably not, but who's to know. i don't know. we don't know. you guys don't know. so it's just tough. >> reporter: in santa clara, colin resch, nbc bay area. we mentioned earlier this newscast, colin kaepernick getting the support from one of
11:30 pm
the country's biggest sports stars. here's steph curry. >> i mean, i love that there's freedom of speech and he can stand for what he believes in. there's going to be people that disafree with him. there's going to be people that agree with him which is what our country stands for, hopefully will drive the conversation to bettering the equal rights and treatment of african-americans and people of color. >> sat down with cnbc during a marketing tour in china today. he also said he likes how kaepernick is, quote, putting his money where his mouth in, kaepernick pledging to donate his first million dollars he makes this year to various charities. up next, a viral wedding photo that still has a lot of people talking. it's the breathtaking snapshot
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of a bride and groom that went viral. ==vo== the newleyweds were captured in it's a breathtaking snapshot of a bride and groom that went viral. the newlyweds captured in an embrace on the yosemite ledge. tonight after days of staying quiet, we know who the mystery couple is. the bride came forward on instagram, they're both actors from australia. a c a photographer was trying to take a picture of the sunset
11:34 pm
when they wandered into the photo creating that stunning moment. >> a wedding at yosemite, beautiful idea. >> how are we going to do when we wake up tomorrow. >> fog coming back, a much cooler start. 54 for the south bay. colder wind will drop temperatures, instead of upper 90s, 87 tomorrow, 84 by sunday and 70s next tuesday and also wednesday. thankfully this wasn't several days of these 90s to 100s. i know a lot of you at home are happy about that. >> still gorgeous. thanks for joining us tonight. have a great day tomorrow. >> we hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael strahan. zachary quinto. james cameron.


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