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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mild slowing. south bay peninsula, looking great. typical pat northern the altamont pass for early signs of slowing. 101 approaching vermont in san francisco where there are reports of a car fire blocking your right two lanes. left two get by heading up toward the split over octavia or the split toward 80 eastbound and the bay bridge. tracking the activity. so far, just the initial reports chp arrives on-scene and as slowing shows up we'll give you more detail coming up. back to you. let's take you out live to a look at new york city. sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack in the united states. this weekend there will be a special reminder of that day on display in san francisco. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos shows us live from san francisco's first responder plaza with a preview of this weekend's event. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, laura and scott. it's hard to believe it's been 15 years since that tragic day. there will be a ceremony taking
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place here at first responders plaza in san francisco honoring those first responders who put their lives on the line that morning. the ceremony will begin at 6:45 a.m. on sunday at this plaza at third street and china basin. a local first responder will ring the department bell symbolizing the final call for 343 new york firefighters who died on this tragic day. there will an unveiling of the piece of the world trade center tower and that was brought to us by the san francisco fire department and the family of better yong, a local woman from san francisco who died working as a flight attendant on american airlines flight 11 and they are the ones who brought this piece to the city. around the country, it will no doubt be an emotional moment for folks. >> just thinking about it is an emotional thing for me. i think there will be a loft different reactions. i think it will be somewhat of a
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somber moment. >> reporter: now that piece of the world trade center will eventually be put on permanent display at the san francisco fire department on second street. and this sunday's ceremony is open to the public. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." new this morning, a number of dogs are believed to be dead after a home went up in flames overnight in the south bay. this is a photo from the scene given to us by the south santa clara county fire district. see those flames shooting through the roof of the san martin home. the fire was tough to knock down. you kroos from three neighboring cities called in to help. firefighters able to rescue four dogs but they tell us there were more than a dozen dogs inside the home. it's still unclear how many were killed. three people are homeless but they were not hurt. also new this morning, north korea has hit the button on its fifth and potentially most powerful nuclear test. claiming to have uk is cessfully tested a nuclear warhead. state media is claiming the warhead could be mounted on
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ballistic rockets and would enable north korea to produce a variety of smaller, lighter, and diversified war heads. reports say the test is part of north korea's response to international sanctions. the man accuse of shooting the cars along a busy south bay road will be back in court today. investigatoring say michael lewis was targeting cars along blossom hill road in san jose this summer. lewis has a criminal history including charges of stealing money and assault. he was in court yesterday but did not enter a plea. lewis faces four charges of attempted murder and possession of a firearm as well. a break in a quadruple murder case now a big reward for more information. last july san francisco police arrested 27-year-old lee farley in connection with the shooting deaths of four people in january 2015. now police are offering a four million dollar reward for help identifying more suspects. video from the crime scene that night. four people were found shot in a car in hayes valley.
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police say the multiple leads umt maltly brought them to farley who is already in prison on an unrelated charge. police have released surveillance photos of the women they say robbed a u.s. bank branch inside a fremont safe way store last month. take a look. it happened at the store on mission boulevard in the city's warm springs area on july 18th. police say the woman handed a bag to a bank teller, demanded cash and threatened the teller. she then took off. something to note about the robber. police say she had blond hair that was partially dyed pink you see in the pictures there. dogs aren't the only ones barking at the palo alto animal shelter. volunteers are angry about a new management plan they say would lead some animals with no lace to go. city council is considering outsourcing service at the shelter so save half a million dollars a year. it would be run by pets in need out of redwood city. a no kill group that provides pretty plush living for animals. the volunteers claim not all types of animals such as a
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rooster would be able to stay. the proposal has not yet been finalized. santa clara police officers say they will in fact provide security for you at the 49ers season open. >> a lot bigger than whether or not he sits down or they sit out. >> about 70 officers typically volunteer to work overtime at 49ers games. they threatened to boycott after colin kaepernick did not stand during the national anthem. and then kaepernick made negative comments about police. their boycott is not going to happen after the santa clara mayor wrote a letter voicing her support of the officers and clearing up a misconception that they're required to work for the 49ers. the police chief tells us the games were always going to be full staffed even if he had to reach out to other bay area police departments. 49ers ceo jed york says the team will join the cause of improving racial and economic inequality. the team will give a million dollars to two bay area groups, the silicon valley community foundation and the san francisco foundation.
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the same amount of money that kaepernick promised to donate for the community. the 49ers donation will help foster communication and collaboration between law enforcement and the communities they serve in the bay area. some construction projects take a little longer than others. you've got to expect some changes when you're building a massive space ship. it's happening along 280 as apple's futuristic new campus takes shape in cupertino. the construction is causing backups. caltrans says work begin on the second lane for the lawrence expressway off-ramp. ramps will be widened. apple will pay for part of the costs. those hoping for more snow this winter may be out of luck. according to noaa's latest climate update. >> la nina is not likely to develop this winter. it's usually brings higher than average snowfall to the northern part of the country. forecasters say the chance of la nino only 40% and with less winter snow it comes increased
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drought concerns as well. i would settle for just not being 90 something in the middle of september. >> well, i was really hope for good juicy storms in tahoe. a little too early to predict that right now but, rob, you can tell us what's happening today. >> at least 90s off the board today. temperatures in the 80s inland and we do have some low clouds we're watching in san jose. but not the type that will bring any snow to the sierra. just misty skies on the coast. morning, hazy sunshine around lunchtime. temperatures in the 70s. valley highs today reaching the mid 80s south of downtown san jose. mid to upper 60s closer to san francisco. north bay temperatures in the 70s and 80s. pleasanton and livermore in the upper 80sthis afternoon. seven-day forecast shows cooling early next week. monday to tuesday. can check out our valley temperatures in the upper 70s wore watching an area of low pressure. will it bring any showers? i'll have a look at that coming up in eight minutes. let's see what's happening with your morning commute, here's mike. >> i still have my eyes over here on san francisco. car fire, south bay and east bay
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peninsula showing speeds at the limit. the slowing on the sensors is northbound 101. now just north of 280 you start to tap the brakes and there was a report of a traffic break going on approaching the earlier car fire. no reports of flames but two right lanes are blocked. right around the vermont street off-ramp. if you take 280 up to the area you can get off maraposa. and then that will get you in towards the rest of san francisco. that is your only real slow down right now as you get into the city. but we're watching out. look at the golden gate bridge shot. we do have the fog and low clouds. that may be a factor but so far chute is light and at speed. coming up, are donald trump supporters under attack? students at uc berkeley say they are. we have a video next. you're watching "today in the bay." ===nat sot=== "tolerance at uc berkeley everybody,his what tolerance looks like."
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runs :04 ===scott//vo continues=== a political dust-up u-c berkley is getting tolerance at uc berkeley, everybody. what tolerance looks like. >> a political dust up getting attention online. 13 seconds of video recorded by a campus republican group. members claim protesters rushed them, tried to steal their life-size cutout of donald trump. meanwhile, the presidential candidates taking two different audiences today. >> hillary clinton is discussing national security while donald
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trump is talking congress serve tive values. "today in the bay's" tracie potts following the campaign trail for us this morning. and every morning it seems. good morning, tracie. >> lawyer racks yeah. i think we're going to be doing it for a while. when it comes to today, hillary clinton literally trying to turn the page from ore e-mails and refocus the conversation on national security. while donald trump goes after his party's base. donald trump takes his message to the conservative value voters summit in washington today. in ohio, his education speech pushing school choice largely focus and hillary clinton. >> she refused to take accountability for her failed policies in the middle east that have produced millions of refugees. >> reporter: trump getting push back from his own party for praising russian president vladimir putin. >> i think this is the biggest miscalculation since people thought hitler was a good guy. >> reporter: mike pence defends his running mate as the republican most like ronald
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reagan. >> they said he was a little more than a celebrity and then entertainer who entered politics late in life. sound familiar? >> what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks america's generals and he's praise on russia's president. >> reporter: hillary clinton is pulling together democrats and republicans on national security and foreign policy. after a softer message to the national baptist convention last night. >> we need a president who understands that none of us has all the answers and no one person can fix our problems alone. >> now, that is the first of what the campaign says will be several back-to-back speeches by hillary clinton focusing on her theme which is stronger together. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, tracie potts live from washington this morning. another presidential candidate taking a little flack
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for what he doesn't know. >> governor gary johnson libertarian candidate asked a question about the syrian civil war. certainly dominated newsed a lines for years now. listen to how he responded. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? about aleppo? >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis -- >> okay. got it. >> this interview happened yesterday on msnbc. johnson later said, quote, i'm human, i blanked, it happens. google is planning to deliver bur writs rit google is planning to deliver bur writs rios in a hig way. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell let's check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. happy friday. wall street could start the
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final trading day in the red. futures are lower this morning. global markets don't appear reacting to news of north korea's latest nuclear test. stocks slipping thursday on disappointment over the lack of stimulus me sure from the european central bank. oil prices pulling back after a big jump thursday. following reports of a drop in u.s. oil supplies last week. the dow falling 46 points to 18479. the nasdaq down 24 to 5259. meanwhile, chipotle has agreed to settle with more than 100 customers who became ill after eating at restaurants last year in terms of the settlement are confidential. chipotle's strategy of resolving claims out of court wants to avoid a legal battle over the food borne illnesses. and google eats parent company alphabet plans to use drones to deliver burritos to students and staff at virginia tech university this month. research lab called x will fly
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burritos have a chipotle food trunk to several hundred feet away, will then deliver them to the customers and last for irl several days on a government-sanctioned drone test site to improve drone technology. back over to you. >> thank you. i want to drive as a burrito official. travelers beware. flight attendants will ask you to put away your smartphone during your flight because of concerns over the galaxy note 7. battery fires have prompted a recall of the phone. quantus, jetstar, virgin us a australia gentleman say they're going to ban the phone as a precaution. they'll not be allowed to -- passengers won't be allowed to charge or use the phones during flights. here's in the u.s. the faa is considering its own response. everyone hates bank fees but what if you were paying on an account you didn't know about. more than 5,000 wells fargo customers are facing that right now. regulators say company employees secretly created millions of
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unauthorized bank and credit card accounts. the phony accounts allowed employees to boost their sales and make more money. all 5300 employees have been fired. the bank will pay a record $185 million in fines and $5 million to he furefund customers. let's get this weekend started with a check of your weather and traffic. it's just griping about the heat. >> it's bad. >> yeah. that's where it belongs. we had numbers in the 80s in san francisco on wednesday. cooldown not started yesterday. if you like cooler temperatures lit continue today as we see numbers closer to seasonal averages outside right now, there's the ocean air conditioning under way in san francisco. you've got low clouds. one end of the weather spectrum today will have highs in the mid 60s. you see the foggy commute across the golden gate bridge. at the opposite end of the spectrum. south bay locations including saratoga, temperatures climbing to the mid 80s and probably staying in that range as we head through this upcoming weekend. everybody's got a taste of the low clouds for the morning and
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then low clouds begin to break up and head back to the coastline during the afternoon. mild conditions for the coast and base. temperatures today as warm as the mid to upper 80 ppz away from the mid 90s we saw earlier this week. 82 in san jose. 60s near san francisco. north bay and tri-valley temperatures today as warm as the mid 80s. you will see here quickly in the seven-day forecast. temperatures around san francisco. actually cooling down toward monday and tuesday. i want to show you the inland seven-day forecast. things get interesting. monday and tuesday. we're going to see high pressure holding its ground through the weekend. that's the reason why temperatures will stay close to average. but here comes the big change-up as we head into monday and tuesday. area of low pressure drops down the coast. look at that. the areas north of lake tahoe. perhaps a chance of sea seeing a few showers. the bigger story for the bay area will be gusty winds and high temperatures that will be running quite a bit below average as we head into early next week. so the weekend looks okay. it may turn a little breezy by sunday afternoon.
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but monday and tuesday may be a preview of fall there if those valley temperatures in the mid 70s. so things cooling down as early next week. in the meantime, the weekend ahead looking good. let's see how your friday morning commute is shaping up with mike. >> overall, rob, looking good. south bay. we'll talk about these guys in a second. want to take you up to san francisco. update on that car fire has concluded and cleared all lanes northbound 101. no injuries reported and, again, all lanes and recovery for speeds north approach that split ma heading over towards city streets. a smooth drive across the span. golden gate bridge, rob, you showed the fog there. we'll show you the view from emeryville and bay bridge where we have low clouds sitting there blocking off part of the top of the tower. and fremont we'll show you 880 where there was a construction crew clearing there. both directions just north of the dumbarton bridge. back to you. >> all right, mike, thank. coming up, south bay security guards go too far? the guards pulled a gun on a
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driver. we're going to tell you whether the man on the other side of that gun says happened and what he's asking for now. you're watching "today in the bay." finally on steady ground --
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more than 30 people who spent the night stuck in cable cars above the french alps were on steady ground. more than 30 people who spent the night stuck in cable cars above the french alps were rescued this morning. it all started yesterday when the cables carrying the cars
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reportedly got tangled. more than 100 people were originally stuck. many were brought down yesterday. but helicopters used in the rescue, they had to stop for the night. rescues resume at daybreak. cellphone video captured the shocking scene at a popular south bay mall. a security guard pulls on a gun on a driver because he allegedly ran over a traffic cone. video is taken during the christmas shopping season. nicholas buchanan says he was staring down the barrel of a gun just outside valley fair mall. he says he was so traumatized he missed five months of work. and now he's hired lawyers to take both the guard and the mall to court. >> the security guard who was at the site considered that a capital offense. chased him down. >> investigators say the guard did not have a valid gun permit or his security guard id as required. police recommend criminal charges against the guard but the district attorney chose not to file. westfield mall officials would
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not comment on that case. the police officers in one east bay city will be the first in california to have a new tool. these are body-worn video system cameras, but here's interesting part. they have an outward facing playback display. they show what's being recorded to the person being recorded. san ramon officers are trained on how to use them. the department says these cameras offer more transparency. >> well, there is a legal standard. stand legal standard is that if we're in a public place and if you're in a public place you're freely able to record what's going on in that public place. >> 40 officers will be outfit we'd the cameras in the next few months. california's governor, governor jerry brown, is pushing ahead with historic claim legislation. he wants to we aare reduce california's carbon footprint. it is the most aggressive benchmark set by any governor.
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>> bills today, they really are far reaching. and they keep california on the move to clean up the environment, to encourage vast innovation, and to make sure we have the environmental resilience that the californians really want and expect. >> the governor says if the 2030 goal is met, the next goal is to reduce emissions even more by the year 2050. latino nos longer the fastest growing minority in the united states. a new report says the growth of hispanics has slipped behind asian americans. pew research center says the slowdown began after the 2007 great recession. since then the annual growth of the latino population has dropped by more than 1%. researchers say the shift has been caused by a drop in immigration, combined with reduced birth rates. more eye popping numbers this morning for the bay area housing market. >> here we go. according to a coldwell banker, saratoga is ranked as most
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expensive place in america to buy a four-bedroom home. average price, $2.4 million. nine bay area cities made the top 20 list including cupertino, redwood city, and of course san francisco. still ahead, will there be security during monday night's football game at levi? some officers are not happy with colin kaepernick's national anthem protest. plus -- >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez in san jose where a suspected serial car shooter is due back in court. we'll show you what happened when he was before a judge yesterday and what police say about the possibility of another shooter. "today in the bay" continues in just a few minutes. for joining us.
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i'm scott mcgrew -- in for sam brock. =lau/4 good morning. thanks for joining us. happy friday. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> happy friday. i'm laura garcia-cannon. all right. we got to get through the workday before we can taste that weekend. rob has a look at our day for us. >> the qulr is similar to the weather we will see over the weekend. outside right now, lots of low clouds and maybe just half of the golden gate bridge is what you can see right now. some of the misty skies. 56 degrees. not much warmer by mid afternoon. mid 60s san francisco. upper 80s though returning to the tri-valley. low 80s around the south bay. and north bay this morning, so things looking fairly tame. weatherwise, let's see if it's friday light with the commute. >> friday light or friday late. we'll see how this fog influences the commute. we saw a lot more traffic the
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last couple days on the roadway. san jose, new issue pops up. we'll let you know if it's on the bay shore freeway or 880. meanwhile, in san francisco, the earlier slowing we saw cleared up, 101 approaching the vermont street off-ramp and no problems toward the bay bridge. san mateo bridge shows an easy flow of traffic over across the peninsula with no delay. back to you. south bay neighborhood breathing a sigh of relief. police arrested a man accused of targeting cars and should be back in court today. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live in san jose. kris, this suspect was already in court yesterday but he didn't enter a plea. >> right, he's still sitting at the main jail here in santa clara county on $100,000 bail. he will face a judge once again today. but as you mentioned, when he was in court yesterday michael james lee lewis violated the court's rule of not communicating with family. mouthing the words "help me" to his relatives. now he will need more than his family's help as he faces four
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charges of attempted murder because when police got a warrant to search his home they found a gun and bullets that the crime lab matched to four of the ten shootings along blossom hill road. here's sergeant enrique garcia from the san jose police saying there may be another shooter. >> we know that this guy was capable of doing anything. you're not playing around. you're shooting a handgun at a car. >> reporter: lewis was arrested on unrelated charges in mid august. and between then and now investigators did connect the dots to four of the ten shootings. there have been not been any additional shootings along that blossom hill corridor since he's been in custody. but again, police are not ruling out that there could be another suspect. this was so unnerve for people who live and work in that area, some of them told us that they became law breakers themselves, speeding through red lights and yellow lights so they would not be sitting in their cars like sitting ducks. this san jose, kris sanchez,
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"today in the bay." >> thanks for the update, kris. 5:31. san jose police say they need help identifying this man. he's wanted in on necklace of a deadly shooting of a college profess per. david moglen was shot and killed in late july at willow and first streets near the 87/280 interchange. moglen was a professor at evergreen valley college in san jose and foothill college in los altos hills. a number of dogs are dead after this house went up in flames overnight in the south bay. this is a picture given to us by the south santa clara county fire district. you can see the flames shooting through the roof in the san martin home. the fire so tough to knock down crews from three neighboring cities called in to help. firefighters rescued four dogs but they say there were more than a dozen dogs still inside the house. it's unclear if how many were killed. three people are homeless as well but they were not hurt. the alameda county d.a.'s office will announce today whether it will file criminal charges against police officers
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involved in a sex abuse scandal. the investigation centers around a 19-year-old self proclaimed prostitute who calls herself celeste guap. she claims she had relations with more than two dozen officer, some when she was a minor. is sex scandal came to light at the oakland police department where 12 officers vbs disciplined. it's led to the down fall of several officers and deputies in a number of east bay departments. >> regular civilian of the community would be prosecuted for anything pertaining to sexual exploitation with a minor, sexual assault with a minor. so we're looking for the same outcome. >> this news conference will be at noon today. new this morning, north korea's hit the button on its fifth and potentially most powerful nuclear test claiming to successfully tested a nuclear warhead. here you see their state media announcing that. they say the warhead could be mounted on missiles and would unable north korea to produce a number of smaller, lighter, and more diversified warhead.
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reports out of the country also say the test is part of north korea's response to international sanctions. it is 5:33. taking a live look from new york city. beautiful skyline there. but one that was changed forever. 15 years ago. sunday in fact marks the 15th anniversary of the september 11th terrorist attack on the united states. and this weekend a special reminder of that day will be on display in san francisco. the san francisco fire department will ring the bell symbolizing the final call for 343 new york firefighters who died trying to save lives that morning. the ceremony at first responders plaza sunday at 6:45 will also incrude the unveiling of a piece of a world trade center stou we're. it is no doubt expected to be a very emotional moment. >> just thinking about it is an emotional thing for me. i think there will be a lot of different reactions. but i think it will be somewhat of a somber moment.
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>> as it is every year. the family of betty yong and the fire department brought the piece to san francisco. she was from san francisco. she actually died working as a flight attendant. hijackers flew her plane into the north tower. that piece of history will eventually be on display at the fire department's headquarters. another bell at first responder plaza. the $300,000 piece was dedicated in april but the san francisco arts commission learned in july the computer that rings the bell is actually not functioning. the bell does have a ten-year warranty so the fix will not cost the city a cent. the commission is working with three companies in france to try to correct that problem. six years ago a pipeline exploded in san bruno killing eight people, dozen of homes flattened in that explosion and subsequent fire. a jury found pg&e guilty on five felony counts of violating pipeline safety laws. one felony count of obstructing
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the investigation into the explosion. pg&e may face a $3 million fine for those charges. investigators are assessing the damage caused by a four alarm fire at a recycling plant in san carlos. so far they're estimating repairs could take up to six months. flames ripped through the shore way environmental center after a conveyer belt caught fire around 9:00. nobody was hurt. crews had the fire under control at midnight and the exact cause remains under investigation. it is 536. east bay city coming together after a family's home was burned and spray painted with symbols of hate. the family was sleeping. police now releasing surveillance video of a suspect lighting three molotov cocktails and throwing them at this antioch home and then running away. what you don't see is the suspects spray painting the swastika and the "n" word on the home. the mayor held a news conference to let people know this act of
5:37 am
violence will not be tolerated. >> this will not be allowed to happen in our city. the police department is taking this seriously. our district attorney's office is taking this seriously. >> this wasn't a random act. someone picked a black family and tried to burn them out while they were asleep. >> police say they have no suspects. we went over to the home to ask the family if police are making any progress. one man told us the information was considered classified. former san francisco 49er bruce miller is expected to be aer rained today facing several felony charges after a very bizarre attack at a san francisco hotel. miller was arrest eed monday morning after he attacked a 70-year-old man and 29-year-old son at a hotel in fisherman's wharf. you're seeing surveillance video of miller here. police say miller was drunk and confused. the victim's room with his own. the elderly man suffered a black eye and facial bone fractures as
5:38 am
well. the controversy surrounding the president of the san francisco school board conversations. he's made national headlines for proposal to rename some public schools. now matt hanie is clarifying his stance. he says he wants to make sure the school communities know it's their choice to rename schools. hanie says george washington high school and frances scott key elementary were named after important fig churs but also slave owners. he suggested renaming a school after maya angelou. he wants to open a dialogue about historical leaders who may be more relevant to students and families today. >> i think i'm going to take a little bit of time to listen to people and talk to people about what makes sense here. and make sure we clarify some of these things before we jump in to this. >> hanie says the proposal to rename the schools will be introduced this month or later. he's received a lot of feedback and even some physical threats. one of the most famous homes in san francisco is on the rental market.
5:39 am
the "full house" house could be yours. it's probably going to cost you a little bit. >> the price tag of the victorian home seen in the tv show $14,000 a month. the house was up for sale in may for $4 million. didn't sell. the owner decided to rent it out. 2900 square feet. it's big. three bedrooms and 3 1/2 bath. >> quite the rental there. if you like beer, brat, and polka music, redwood city is the place to be. >> i can do two out of three. annual three-day oktoberfest celebration at 5:00 on broadway street. this live music, decked out in oktoberfest tens. more than 1,000 feet of family style bench seating, dancing, and of course cold beer. >> sounds like a friday night. >> it does. tune up the polka music, cue it up, i should say, rob. >> it's friday. watching the forecast around redwood city if you head out. temperatures in the mid 70s by
5:40 am
mid afternoon. towards 5:00 low 70s. right now we have low clouds and fog around san francisco. 50s and 60s outside. 80s though later on. various south of san jose. peninsula temperatures 60s and 70s. upper 60s around san francisco into the north bay and tri-valley. 80s for today. as we head through this upcoming weekend, not much change. temperatures holding steady through sunday. monday and tuesday, temperatures begin to cool down. quite a bit. look at the valley temperatures inland spots by monday and tuesday of next week. dropping into the mid 70s. now to see what's happening with your san jose commute this morning here's mike. >> we have a little slow down. pretty typical pattern but i did see an incident pop up as we were on camera last anaheim as well. more details. chp says yes. southbound 880 around the first street off-ramp, reports of fender bender. no slowing. the slowing we do see is a typical pattern northbound wurn from 680 up to oakland road. the same general area but not affected by each other. now, the bay bridge toll plaza,
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affects a lot of folks but not a surprise. bay bridge metering lights have turned on and a left approach is to build. it's only at the toll plaza where we have the slowing. low clouds, be aware of that. mike, thanks. coming up, a pet was pulled from the rubble that earthquake that destroyed towns. plus -- >> reporter: it now appears that santa clara police will staff 49ers football games in spite of colin kaepernick's protests against law enforcement. i'm bob redell. you're watching "today in the bay." its being called a miracle cat:
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the animal was pulled from the rubble 16-days after a take a look at this. it's being called the miracle cat. the animal was pulled from the rubble 16 days after a devastating earthquake that killed nearly 300 people in central italy. the cat was dehydrated when firefighters pulled it from a collapsed house last night. rescuers say they can't believe it survived so long without food, very limited air, and just a small amount of rainwater. the cat is said to be in good spirits at veterinary clinic. santa clara police officers say they will, in fact, provide security for the 49ers season opener on monday night. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live with more on the controversy that's been going on for some time now. >> good morning to you, laura and scott. yes, the santa clara police officers union is now encouraging its officers to provide security here at levi stadium during the 49ers game including as you meigsed the home opener which is this monday
5:45 am
night. a little background you might recall last week the union hinted some of the members might refuse to take this voluntary overtime shift at the football games because they're upset with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. kaepernick as you recall has been sitting out the national anthem before games to protest police brutality and was photographed wearing socks that depicted pigs wearing a police uniform. so why the change of heart from the police union? this week santa clara mayor lisa gillmor, she expressed support for her police department while at the same time encouraging officers to work the game. if they did not work the game, she said their actions could be misundersto misunderstood. the police chief and nunion met this week with the naacp. both sides hope that kaepernick can do the same and agree to a face to face meeting. >> the santa clara police department are the ones who protect the stadium, protect the team in and out. they should have a much closer
5:46 am
relationship with kap. they can understand his viewpoint and he can understand their viewpoint. and once the two see what the other is saying, we can move on from there. >> it takes about sent officers to volunteer to provide sufficient security at 49ers games. the santa clara police chief says the games would have been fully staffed regardless if he had other at the present time departments for help. reporting live in santa clara outside levi stadium, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> i know you were watching the opener here on nbc bay area. broncos linebacker brandon marshall kneeled to the national anthem. marshall is a teammate of colin kaepernick when they were at the university of nevada reno. protest in some form this coming. sunday. nfl kickoff sunday night. it was a rematch of the super bowl in santa clara. retired broncos quarterback you saw him there, peyton manning, bringing out the trophy before the game. down by one.
5:47 am
the panthers missed that 50-yard field goal. would have won the game. broncos escaped with a 21-20 victory. >> teams may think twice about choosing a sugary beverage if it has a warning label. research rs out of the university of pennsylvania surveyed 2,000, 12 to 18-year-olds. when they saw warning about obesity and tooth decay they were 18% to 16% less likely to choose the drinks. 62% of teenagers said they would support a warning label policy for shuy drinks. >> researches in alabama have some advise on how to avoid overscheduling your child and yourself. they suggest parents limit children to one or two sports or activities at a time. and set priorities for schoolwork and getting those good grades. also make it a goal to spend time together at least one night a week. maybe a little time every day. amid all this parents also need to take time for themselves.
5:48 am
amen. and their own hobbies. what's that? >> how do you schedule all that time? >> a good idea, a family home evening. one home a week. >> i do it every night. dinner table no, device, we talk. >> we should all go to your house. >> come on over. i make dinner. i'm tired but, you know, it's important. >> maybe we can eat outside. check in with rob. >> the weather should be nice for anything outdoors with family and friends. right now fog to deal with and misty skies closer to san francisco this morning. 56 degrees. 61 low clouds into san jose as you can see right there. 61 degrees. highs in downtown. low 80s south of downtown in los gatos today. numbers approaching the mid 80s by mid afternoon today. now, notice the low cloud cover through the altamont pass this morning into the carquinez straight through the south bay and then around 10:00 this morning that will break out the hazy sunshine, all day sea breeze, keeping the coast and bay in 60s and 70s and valley to
5:49 am
low and in some cases up cases live more. you should see sun but some cool temperatures around santa cruz, highs today in the low 70s. mid 80s south of downtown san jose. upper 60s for san francisco. from the north bay to the tri-valley, you will see highs actually very close to average. 87 dries is the average high this time of year for livermore. so right an par with that for today. as we get through the weekend, not much changed from san francisco. mid 60s through sunday but look at the valley temperatures here going from the mid and upper 80s for the weekend then upper 70s in the monday and tuesday. so this is a sneak preview. next week could see a major pattern shift from the mild to warm conditions over the weekend. tracking this area of low pressure, dropping down the coast. that is the reason why for the u-turn in the forecast and that seven-day outlook for inland valleys. the weekend ahead looks fine. breezy at tapimes for sunday. big drop in temperatures next week. now to see what's happening on a friday light commute, here's
5:50 am
mike. >> we've seen more traffic this week than previous months tlo throughout the summer. the build is on now through thanksgiving. typically the trend. we're looking at hayward, 880 slows a bit coming into the area and through union city. it's lighter. friday as we talked about. the tri-valley doesn't see any slowing on our sensors. down through pleasant on the or sunol for 680. farther south looking at the silicon valley with northbound 101. show that first burst of traffic. that kind of sticks around for the next couple of minutes. we'll show you the live camera now. we do see a good amount of traffic coming north. headlights, we show you the commute direction north of of and 280. good flow of traffic although the camera slowed down. you're pretty much at speed aside from 680 up to oakland road in that section of the bay shore freeway. we'll give you a live look at the bay bridge from emeryville side. this is our camera facing the toll -- the bridge itself. treasure island and san francisco you can't see those factors because we do have low clouds. but the drivers are doing all
5:51 am
right. the backup at the bay bridge because the metering lights are on. that is going on in pretty much everyday. even on a friday. back to you. >> all right, mike. thank you. all right. for beer lovers there's a new drink in town. think teal. >> the san jose sharks deeming up with a well-known brewery gordon biersch for chum ale. it's not actually teal it's kind of red. it makes its debut at the center on september 27th. that is the shark's preseason openers. scheduled to hit the store shelves as early as the 19th. sharks commentator randy hahn says he's a fan. >> i love the name because obviously the connection to a shark and chum, but your chum is also your friend. so where else do you most enjoy having a beer? watching a sharks game with your friend. >> dan gordon, the owner of gordon beer says he a huge sharks fan. part of this collaboration is a
5:52 am
dream come true. >> support local. well, take a look at this. you've got to be fast to hang with this skateboarder. kyle smashed the world speed record by going 89 miles an hour downhill. santa cruz skateboard posted this video of the record breaking run on youtube. shot at an undisclosed location in colorado. absolutely do not try that at home. >> does your mother know what you're doing, young man? oh, my goodness. 5:52. happening now, you can preorder a new apple iphone 7. apple started taking preswordd preorders at midnight. apple says it has a longer lasting battery of any iphone. many are critical of apple's decision to remove the headphone jack. phones and apple's new watch will be available in stores next friday. coming up, millions of fake accounts created by wells fargo workers. the reason thousands of people are out of a job and the bank
5:53 am
facing a record fine. but first, happening now. some bay area schools may have to wait to be renamed. san francisco schools named after slave owners but now school board president says a resolution that allows the renaming might have to wait. they include francis scott key and george washington. we have that story on our facebook page. plus, california unable to track $2 billion a year in mental health funds. this despite a critical audit 19 months ago that alerted officials to that problem. our investigative team has been working on it. they posted everything they have to would be
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. but what if you were paying on an account you didn't evenw i don't know a lot of people who like bank fees but what you are paying on an account what if you didn't know about it. company employees secretly created millions of unauthorized bank and credit card accounts. the phony accounts allowed employees to boost sales and make more money. 5300 employees involved have been fired.
5:57 am
the bank will now pay $185 million in fines and $5 million to refund customers. national guard on stand by. north dakota's governor mustering security in dakota access pipeline. this common administratidemonstn topeka kansas. the tribe opposes the four-state pipeline because it runs under the missouri river and through reservations. members worry if something happens to the pipe it would ruin their water supply. they've sued and in just a few hours a judge will issue a decision. governor brown is pushing ahead with historic climate legislation aimed at refusing california's carbon footprint. brown signed a bill in los angeles that sets the goal of setting emissions by 2030. it is most aggressive benchmark set by any governor. >> bills today, they really are far reaching. and they keep california on the
5:58 am
move to clean up the environment, to encourage vast innovation and to make sure we have the environmental resilience that the californians really want and expect. >> the governor says if the 2030 goal is met the next goal is to reduce emissions even more by the year 2050. to decision 2016. this morning the presidential candidate is taking on two very different audiences. hillary clinton is in florida talking about terrorism with national security experts. donald trump courting the religious right at the conservative value voters summit in washington. trump's education speech yesterday largely focus and hillary clinton and she was quick to respond. >> she refused to take accountability for her failed policies in the middle east that have reduced millions of refugees. >> you need a president who understands that none of us has all the answers and no one person can fix our problems alone.
5:59 am
>> last night marked the first of four speeches the clinton campaign was say will focus on her theme "stronger together." political dust-up that uc berkeley is getting attention online. >> uc berkeley, everybody. what tolerance looks like. >> 13 seconds of video recorded by campus republican group. members claim protesters rushed them earlier this week and tried to steal their life size cutout of donald trump. the website, the college fix, posted the video. apparently no one was hurt in that scuffle. right now, a south bay home went up the flames. a fierce fire sfith fight to save more than a dozen dogs trapped inside. the case moves forward against a man police say targeted fearly a dozen cars and drivers on a busy san jose roadway. what's expected to happen in court and what police are now saying about the possibility of a second shooter. let's take you out live to new york city. a skyline change forever 15 years ago this weekend. a special ceremony happening
6:00 am
here in the bay area to honor the victims of september 11th. "today in the bay" continues right now. 6:00 on your friday morning. and we hope it's a good one. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew. in for sam brock. he's take taking an early weekend this morning. let's get your weekend started with the forecast. >> the forecast right now looks foggy around san francisco. that is the ocean air conditioning that dropped temperatures as much as 20 degrees from those mid week highs in the 90s. today, san francisco about 65 degrees as you can see the fog spilling in the south bay this morning but as you move towards the afternoon, numbers in the mid 80s. upper 80s around the tri-valley. now to see what's happening with the south bay commute, mike. >> fog may be a factor. it's not a problem across the bay bridge where the metering lights are on. typical patterns for most of the bay but i was concerned right here for the south bay. two notes. northbound 101 we had this e


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