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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  September 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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when something like that hams, it's just like devastating for everybody. >> reporter: that was reaction from the mechanic at the san carlos airport. meanwhile, in reno, the ntsb on-scene there, looking for a cause to this crash. and here in san jose, many people coming together after this loss and planing the memorial scheduled later this week. michelle roberts nbc bay area news. >> thank you. gunfire erupted, and two people were injured. details limited at this hour. but here's what we know. the contra costa county sheriff's department says neighbors reported the sound of gunshots this afternoon on lambert road. this is near rolling hills park. our nbc chopper was overhead. it's not known exactly who was shot or what their condition is. we want to get to -- levi's stadium. >> yeah. >> big action happening tonight in santa clara. >> big action and a lot of excitement around the bay area right now. opening night for the 49ers.
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these are live pictures from our nbc chopper. about 70,000 people heading towards the stadium. and will fill the seats in a short time. the 49ers hosting the l.a. rams and not just the game, but a lot of people watching back upquarterback colin kaepernick, expected to take a knee during the national anthem. we're joined from the stadium. and dame i don't knian, a lot o players joining the protest. what to we expect to see right now with the airplane? >> reporter: he is getting some support. kickoff here in just over two hours and no doubt, colin kaepernick will be booed by fans if he does not stand once again for the national anthem. fans we spoke with here at levi say "let's just play football." they began arriving at the stadium seven hours before kickoff. these fans say they now have kaepernick fatigue. >> we're here for football. we're not here for anything
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other than that. >> reporter: a slew of players across the nfl joined colin kaepernick's protest before their games on sunday. some kneeling, other interlocking arms or raising a fist during the national anthem. nearly all called their act a gesture of solidarity to what kaepernick calls a protest of racist police tactics nationwide. the nfl commissioner commented on the growing protest sunday. >> you know, we encourage our players to be respectful. we want them to do this. but they also have rights. and we have to respect that. >> reporter: the santa clara police union initially threatened to boycott the games at levi's stadium, saying the players' blanket statements were insulting and hostile. that's changed. all officers now say they will suit up. >> we have very professional officers here in santa clara, they volunteered to work. they realize the safety of the community, the fans, players, referees are of utmost importance to us, so they volunteered to work. >> reporter: the police department says they don't
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expect any protests outside levi stadium. we are awaiting for an airplane banner sponsored by the group, common courage. in fact, it's supposed to be in support of colin kaepernick's actions. we haven't seen that airplane so far. it is a bit windy here not sure if that will have an impact. we'll give a live update when we see the airplane banner. we did also see a practice run by military aircraft. they will also do a flyover for the national anthem. live outside levi's stadium, damian trujillo. >> an active night there in santa clara. see you again on our 6:00 newscast, as well. not just colin kaepernick, at least one of his teammates is expected to join him again tonight. safety eric reid also took a knee with kaepernick during the national anthem a couple weeks ago when the team was in the preseason games. reid says he supports kaepernick in trying to raise awareness on a variety of social issues. he adds, he supports the military and is not trying to be
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disrespectful to veterans. new at 5:00, the woman at the center of a sex scandal that has rocked east bay police departments is being offered a plea deal after being charged for assault. the 19-year-old accused of assaulting a guard. it has been dropped to a misdemeanor. meanwhile, the district attorney announced on friday she would pursue criminal charges against seven current and former east bay officers in a sex trafficking case involving guap, who may have been a minor at the time. a drastic move for defense attorneys in the double murder case against three bay area drifters. they tried to get the press and the public barred from part of the court proceedings. attorneys for 23-year-old morrison lampley asked a judge to bar the public from part of his preliminary hearing. he said he's worried that statements made by allgood, also accused in the case might
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prejudice potential jurors. prosecutors claim the suspects shot and killed a therapist and canadian tourist last october. cameras were not allowed inside today's hearing, but an attorney argued that the upcoming hearing needs to be open to the press and the public. >> excluding the public from portions of the proceedings where the judge is deciding what evidence is add messable or not is very important process. it can be key to the developments in the case. and the public has the constitutional right of access to see that process. >> the judge agreed, and the preliminary hearing will ultimately be open to everyone. it's set to begin a week from tuesday. more than $40,000 have been raised for the family of a little boy killed by a suspected drunk driver. it happened friday night when his mother's car ran out of gas on 680 in san ramon. an suv then plowed into that car, killing 3-year-old elijah
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dunn. the suspect is 39-year-old mal ahan, the wife of a sheriff's deputy. today the sheriff's deputy said in part, quote, words cannot express how deeply saddened we are about the tragic death of elijah dunn. this is yet another example of why drunk driving is a selfish and irresponsible crime with drastic consequences. an historic move. california is expanding overtime to farm workers. governor brown signed the new law today. it's the first of its kind in the nation to end the 80-year-old practice of applying separate labor rules to agricultural laborers. the governor signed the bill, following a push by the united farm workers union and its allies. it settles farmers and growers with higher costs and could force them to hire more employees. the new law will be phased in the beginning of 2019. students keeping an educator from losing his job.
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i'm live in pleasant hill tonight. ahead, why comments about dress code violations by a school official here got him in trouble. can technology change the way we see election results? i'm scott budman. a silicon valley startup says yes. but some say that's a bad idea. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a cool 68 in san jose right now. tracking changes for tomorrow morning's forecast and when much hotter air returns in just a few minutes. an east bay assistant principal
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could be out of a job. he was put on leave after repo an assistant principal in the east bay could be out of a job. he was put on leave after reportedly calling out a female student for a dress code violation. this evening, other students are now fighting to get that assistant principal back on campus. nbc bay area's elise concernner joins us from pleasant hill. what's happening there? >> reporter: it all started last thursday, when the vice school principal here talked to students about what they can and cannot wear here on campus. several students complained they were singled out for dress code violations. but not everyone agrees with the decision to put that assistant principal on paid administrative leave.
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students walk out of class. to rally around vice principle pal gary jenson at college park high school in pleasant hill. >> we wanted to take a stand and say we support him in every way possible, and that we want him to come back. >> reporter: there's also an online petition to keep jenson, seen here from losing his job. jenson has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly making comments about this outfit. posted by a female student on instagram. the sophomore says jenson singled her out for dress code violations during the assembly last thursday, saying in part, "you can't point out a single girl for wearing spaghetti straps in front of 300 students." the principal would not comment on the matter, but according to school rules, the tank top may break dress code. it states, "no bra tops or transparent outer wear."
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>> so for him to be blamed for enforcing school rules, that the school told him to enforce is not his fault. >> they should have been dealt with and had punishments in a less humiliating way. >> reporter: and the district tells me they should be wrapping up their investigation into those complaints sometime tomorrow. once that is completed, they will decide whether or not the vice principal here can come back to work. reporting live in pleasant hill, i'm elise chiropractor muchner. a fatal collision killed a motorcyclist in oakland. a white 2016 kia sorento may have been involved in the incident yesterday morning around 2:00 a.m. officers found 40-year-old steven lee from row dayo dead on interstate 9 80 near the on ramp. his mangled motorcycle was nearby. evidence at the scene suggests the sorento may have damage to the front right wheel area.
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it's been more than 20 years in the making and tonight there is word that a new east bay b.a.r.t. station could be up and running by halloween, right around the corner. the warm spring station in south fremont could open by october 22nd. however an official b.a.r.t. spokesperson says that date is not set in stone. the new station was first proposed back in 1991 as a way to cut traffic on 880. now to decision 2016. down, but not out. hillary clinton will still appear at a san francisco fund-raiser tonight after being diagnosed with pneumonia. she won't be here in person. peggy bunker is live in san francisco with more. she will also release more medical information following this diagnosis. >> yes, of course, this diagnosis has created a lot of renewed interest in mrs. clinton's. reporters today sent between 250 to $50,000, saying they are here to support a candidate who can't
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be. they say that's okay with them. earlier today, we talked to a lot of the supporters who are waiting in line to get in. today mrs. clinton's campaign advisers said her doctors have diagnosed her with pneumonia, well-known fact now. and recommended she lighten up on her very tough campaign schedule. however, a clinton spokesperson says here this erent is so important, she will be making an appearance via teleconference. supporters are a little disappointed but came from near and far to be here. >> was very excited and hopeful she would be here, but she does have to rest so we are obviously understanding of that and glad to still be here and let her know she has support. >> i'm all the way here from sacramento. i take two trains this morning. but i really want to support hillary. >> reporter: now also here headlining is kd lang. i just had an exclusive interview with her. she said it was so important for her to be here. she too is disappointed to not
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be doing it with mrs. clinton but has really interesting things to say about how important it is for people to get out the vote. she is actually canadian, so she is really encouraging americans to get out and vote. we'll have that coming up tonight at 6:00. >> and peggy, as you mentioned at the top of your hit, a lot of political pundits are for you saying this entire episode has put a renewed focus not just on the health of hillary clinton, but also donald trump. >> reporter: both of them. in fact, earlier today the trump campaign said they are going to be releasing medical records for donald trump, and also the clinton campaign saying they wanted to keep this with clinton family members, thought it would be something that would be used by the other campaign against her so they wanted to keep a lid on it. they're now saying they're going to let everybody see this new medical record. people we talked to here today said they want to see both of them. if you're going to run for office, that's a key thing you've got to do. >> okay, peggy, thank you so much. donald trump also firing back on clinton after she made comments last week that half of his supporters belong in a, quote, basket of deplorables.
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trump called them the most explicit attack by any major nominee. trump claimed that clinton demeaned a cross-section of average, hard-working americans. it all adds up, according to trump, to a level of disdain that disqualifies clint. in a statement, she said she regretted what she said but is not backing down, attacking the tone of some of his rhetoric. it's already been a big election season for twitter and facebook. now another silicon valley company wants to jump in and get in with real-time voting results. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, is with us. this is a bit controversial for a lot of people. >> yeah, it's controversial, raj, because it goes against what we usually see on election night. that is networks holding back on the results until the polls close here on the west coast. but a startup called vote caster wants to shake things up, giving updated vote information in real-time. the thought being, if the
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numbers can be tallied, why not give them to us. some say it may keep callans away from the polls if they already know who is headed to the white house. >> we've got city council positions and assembly positions and 17 ballot initiativeses in california this year. and so if turnout is depressed, that can really affect the outcomes of the other races, as well. >> vote caster says it will work with journalists from slate to send out the results. it says it believes it is legal to do so. now we don't have any idea of how big vote caster will get or if it will add any jobs. we do know the company says it will start a crowd funding campaign sometime next month. back to you. >> okay, scott, thank you. today marks one year since the valley fire, which devastated so much of lake county. 76,000 acres were torched, four people were killed. 1,300 homes from destroyed. investigators ultimately traced the cause to faulty wiring on a
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hot tub. with damage, estimates topping $1 billion. the valley fire is now considered the third-most destructive fire in recorded california history. a year later, there's complaints that updated building codes are slowing the rebuilding efforts and hundreds of residents are still living in trailers or other sorts of temporary housing. so it's still an issue. it's -- you know, affected so many lives. >> and it's so heard breaking to see the homes destroyed in the fire. and we're not done with fire season yet. even though it is cooler today. >> yeah, that's a great point. we still have dry weather expected the next two weeks, and that will keep the fire danger up. today you're probably noticing outside that much colder fall-like air moving in. and it's part of a much larger pattern besides a typical fall. it's a polar air mass currently across the dakotas and stretches down toward san francisco. so as this chilly air set in today, it helps to disrupt the
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atmosphere and create breezy conditions, as well. right now sustained winds in san francisco out of the west at 17. 15 miles per hour in oakland. 19 in livermore. and you've got 16 in san jose. it will stay blustery tonight but i think tomorrow those winds will begin to calm town for us. check out these temperatures in san jose. currently 68 degrees. if you're headed out to levi's stadium, expect low 60s so make sure to take that jacket. it's going to be certainly chilly out there. walnut creek, usually one of our hottest. instead 90s and 100s like we have had the past couple weeks, just 66 degrees right now. if you're headed out this evening, do know we'll be dropping into the 50s as early as 8:00. so for tomorrow morning, not only a chilly start, but do expect widespread clouds throughout the bay area. also some patchy drizzle for san francisco, low clouds in the east bay and possibly some of that drizzle and mist for the peninsula and 52 degrees. as we get a look at the larger
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pattern, the cold air is settling in and the main thing that drags this cold air across california is this huge trough of low pressure. originally last weekend looked like a decent chance of rainfall. never expected to be a huge possibility. but what will still keep with this area of low pressure as it moves across for tomorrow, the chance here once again of some of the spotty drizzle. maybe a little isolated shower near the coastline and once again, the widespread cloud cover. as we head into the afternoon on your tuesday forecast, sunshine returns for some nice, crisp fall-like air, returning again. check it out in the south bay as we look at our tuesday forecast. just 70 in morgan hill. downtown san jose, 74. for the peninsula, we have that chance of drizzle in the morning hours. and then sun by the afternoon. it's palo alto at 72 degrees. for san francisco, fall, a few breaks of sun. 64 in the mission. 61 in the marina. for the north bay, east bay and also the tri valley, anywhere
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from 5 to 10 degrees below average. this puts alameda county here throughout danville, pleasanton and livermore in the low to mid 70s. north bay, 67 is your high. napa expecting 73. the long-term trend in san francisco continues with the 60s all the way through this week. we'll see a slight warmup by the weekend, but you really notice the warming trend ahead on the interior valleys. we'll go from the average of 75 for tomorrow to 86 on saturday. then as we look all the way ahead towards next monday, we could have some low 90s coming back. we're still looking for that possibility of rainfall in the next three or four weeks. right now we don't see anything. but we're going to continue to monitor that. >> it's still beautiful here. in september. >> nice way to start monday, right? >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, blocking internet trols. instagram giving users to fight online abuse. >> and here comes the holiday season. that means target is hiring in a big way. we'll tell you how many jobs.
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stay with us. ==reveal==
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california fire crews are looking for people to help on the fire lines. the state says the number of inmates-- who usually make up about a fifth of the crews-- is dwindlin the state says the number of inmates who make up a fifth of the crew is dwindling. and it was inspired by a true story of a young man jumped in an emeryville parking lot. the man behind the movie on our twitter feed. we'll be right back with more news. two men suspected of robbing a
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few students were a high speed chase throughice on three cnt two men suspected of robbing a few students arrested after leading police on a high-speed chase through three counties. teens were walking to school when they were heldup at gunpoint. the suspects drove away. police spotted them and chased them down interstate 80 to vallejo where they were captured. scathing research tonight accuses the sugar industry of borrowing tactics from big tobacco. analysts digging into 50-year-old studies paid for by the sugar industry say the studies were deliberately misleading leading out the considerable role that they play in heart disease. experts tended to blame fat as the main cause of heart disease,
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ignoring the role that sugar played. instagram is trying to make it easier to weed out the haters. a new feature allows people to block inappropriate comments, photos before they're even posted. users can block specific words or phrases. instagram says it's trying to keep the app a safe place for self expression. twitter and facebook are also looking at ways to prevent negative content and negative comments. okay. you want a job? you should head to target. 70,000 job openings for the upcoming holiday season. a fortune magazine says these are similar numbers from last year, meaning target isn't expecting a sales increase for the holidays. last month, target reported declining sales for its second quarter, blaming fewer shoppers visiting its stores. still ahead, royal eye tuity revealed.
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a photo fakeout. ==take vo== vacation rentals at didnturn oud coming up tonight at 6:00. >> a photo fakeout. vacation rentals that didn't turn out as advertised online.
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nbc bay area responds to viewer complaints and how you can protect yourself. that story and more coming up on our 6:00 newscast. the babies are coming! and canadians can't wait. nobody works the crowd like william and kate. the duke and duchess of cambridge. canadians were thrilled to know they're getting a royal bonus. prince george and princess charlotte are coming to. they will come fr. the visit very outdoorsy and informal. the kids are coming. they're going to have some fun. >> a road trip all the way to canada. >> how fun for the family. >> we got kicked off at levi's stadium, 7:20. chilly or warm? >> yeah, chilly. definitely take your jacket if you're headed out to levi's stadium. already in the 60s, could be in the 50s by 8:00 and 9:00 tonight. so a little bit unusual for this time of year but i think everybody is welcoming that. >> reminds me of candlestick. >> brrr. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with "nbc
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nightly news." >> goodnight, folks. scare fallout. after that jarring video of hillary clinton becoming ill, tonight her campaign under fire. why did it take two days to disclose she had pneumonia? aides now admitting mistake, promising more medical records are coming. is it a turning point after years of bloodshed in syria? a u.s./russia megadeal finally stops the bombing. can it last? caught on camera, an arsonist torches a florida mosque. a congregation shaken in a hunt for who set the fire. fatal crash involving a high school football team, a frightening accident once again raising questions about seat belts. and the price you pay. imagine instead of paying for medical costs, the insurance company pays you. we'll show you how patients are saving big. "nightly news" begins


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