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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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arson. here that the court house. elyce. >> reporter: the two suspects face a judge behind me late this afternoon and the two suspects allegedly plotted for at least a week on how they were going to torture and kill the antioch family and they're looking for a third person who may have been involved in the incident. roger martin saw the swastikas and racial slurs spray painted all over the home next door in antioch. >> i was upset. of course i'm upset. they're friends. >> reporter: 27-year-old and 25-year-old targeted their neighbor. >> that's the only reason they were targeted. >> reporter: they say the two intentionally started a fire to trap shackleford and
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surveillance video shows three molotov cocktails being thrown at the home in the middle of the night last wednesday. no one was hurt but according to court documents, the two started plotting to murder and torture the family at least a week before the hateful vandalism. cell phone records show on december first, he texted christine, i have the rope and you got the tree. and she responded i've got the cross and some matches. victoria adams of the naacp says hate can't be tolerated. >> i don't know why they did what they did. however, it is not accessible. >> they're good people and i hope they stay and don't feel threatened. >> reporter: the charges include attempted murder, torture and arson, as well as hate crime
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enhancements. we requested a jail house interview. they denied our request. reporting live for martinez tonight, within the past 90 minutes we learned more about a person who slammed in to a stalled car killing a 3-year-old boy and injuring several others. she's the wife of an alameda sheriff's deputy. she was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence of drugs after she crashed her suv into a distabled car on friday. 3-year-old elijah dunn was killed in that crash and his mother was injured. in a previous case, she was charge would child cruelty because she had a child in her car at that time.
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they're asking how she still had a driver's license to begin with. >> once dmv makes the determination we're going to suspend the driver's license, that is when it's going to show up in our -- in the dmv data base that they're a suspended driver or restricted driver. >> elijah dunn's mom was hospitalized for a broken ribs and a back fracture. three other kids suffered injuries. let it snow. in fact, we have sierra snow in the summer. this is from kirk wood's web cam. is it enough to ski? >> not so much. it's a good sign of what could be coming our way. i took the radar backing to this morning. and that's when we saw most of this, anywhere from 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 in the morning on the southern end of lake tahoe near
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ki kirkwood and bear valley as well. we started to see things wind down after trace amounts to about one inch. snow may have you thinking about rain in the bay area. and we average 2300 in san jose for the month of september. it looks like we're not going to meet that mark the way things are going right now. i'm tracking the heat associated with it and that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> just inter your zip code in the right-hand corner of our front page. your neighborhood temperature will pop up at nbc bay students at u.c. berkley showed their support at a solidarity wall and to raise awareness of victims of all sexual assaults. campus police believe two separate suspected are
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responsible. has to be unnerving for some of the students there. >> reporter: students say they're terrified and they're taking a stand. >> for those who have experienced something like sexual assault, we need let them know it is not their fault, that this campus will support them. >> reporter: students are writing messages of support for those that have been sexually assaulted on campus. they put up a wall of solidarity to show they care. >> i don't personally know any victims and i'd like to keep it that way. >> reporter: but just over the weekend, three women, including two students were sexually assaulted while attending the concert at the greek theater. campus police are looking for at least two separate suspects. >> we take our students and our
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visitors to the campus, their safety very seriously. we're aictively investigating all three of these cases and we ask that if anybody has additional information to please reach out to us. >> instead of sitting down and ignoring it constantly, it's time for people to stand up. >> reporter: they're alarmed to hear of the latest assault and it's time for everyone to declare enough is enough. >> it's not a certain person it can happen to. it can happen to anyone. >> i'm hoping that eventually this can come to a stop and think about what they're doing before it actually happens and they do it. >> reporter: u.c. berkley police are asking anybody with information about the assaults to contact them. meanwhile, the solidarity wall will be up here through the end of the week. reporting live at u.c. berkley, jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. break the zika deadlock in congress. that's the message from 77
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mayarma mayors in cities from new york to sunnyvale. and mayor lee is among those who signed the letter. it pointedly blames congress and its inaction for lack of funding. they're critical that the centers for disease control have been forced to divert millions for cancer and heart disease to zika. so far, 17,000 zika cases have been reported in the united states and its territory. san francisco supervisor is tonight taking the lead, announcing he'll hold hearings next week into what's wrong with the shrinking millennium tower. our investigation revealed the high rise is sinking and the home owners that paid top dollar had no idea. >> i am here today because this is of profound concern to the
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city and county of san franci o francisco. >> reporter: city supervisor says he wants answers to the millennium tower's findings. >> because of the good work of mr. vanderbecken, we have gotten some 1600 pages of documents from the department of building inspection. >> reporter: but in a letter, peskin said monday that the city's responses to the public records requests seem woefully inadequate and now he wants to know what was not turned over and why. >> they raised significantly more questions than answered. there are huge gaps in the reco record. >> reporter: they want to know what the developer said when the city challenged millennium regarding the sinking rate as of 2009. >> there is no answer in the record as to the responses here. >> reporter: they said just
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month later, the city approved the building for occupancy. >> we hear at the board of supervisors have the duty and obligation to get to the bottom of this . >> reporter: the first of the hearings is set for september 22nd. nbc bay area news. >> well, after today's announcement, millennium partners issued a statement. press conference." jess/vo our investigative unit has been on this story for weeks. you can look at all their previous reports on our me now, our investigative unit has been on the story for weeks. you can look at all the previous support on our home page at nbc bay this time the markets posted big losses after oil prices dropped. the 3% drop in crude oil sparked fears about the possibility of a weaker, global economy and confusion over what the federal reserve plans to do over interest rates is shaking the
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stock. cou cupertino based sales for the iphone strongest yet. and the census numbers reveal the income for a typical household topped $56,000 last year. that's an increase of more than 5% from the year before. it marks the fastest annual growth on record. and still under the median income before the recession. and the high schools of the stories we first told you. they have long offered courses in ethnicity. he wants to make sure that knowledge is available to high schoolers as well. he signed a bill to offer ethnic studies. it's vital the students have a better understanding of their differences and similarities. that will be offered in grades 9 through 12 starting in the fall
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at public and charter schools. is it too much traffic on san francisco's crookedest street? there could be a toll to go down lombard. and the police department telling us about the suspects caught in surveillance video. and good evening, i'm meteorologist, jef ranieri, only 76 in walnut creek. we're tracking hotter 90s. more details in just a few minutes. the september 11th attacks
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someone fi it happened while the country marked 15 years since the september 11th attack. someone set fire to a memorial on sunday. that memorial set up in front of an east palo alto fire station. live with what the fire chief says is so troubling about that crime. peggy. >> reporter: well, you know, jessica, if you think about it, this act of vandalism was on american flags. so, he's saying first of all it's the flag and second of all each of those flags representing a firefighter that lost their life on 9/11. now the police just releasing a
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description coming up in a moment. take a look. >> i would love to know why. that's what i want to know. >> reporter: anger from the memo park fire district police chief after someone set a 9/11 memorial on fire in front of the east palo alto fire department. it happened on sunday, the 15th anniversary of the attacks each fooir station placed 3,000 american flags, remembering every firefighter that died in the twin towers. >> it was just a memorial for fallen firefighters that died trying to help other people, including that person or could have been that person that did this. >> reporter: the east palo alto police department say they have surveillance of the suspect setting the flags on fire. they have yet to release the video. >> standing that corner, waiting for traffic to leave and then squatting down and setting the
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flags on fire. >> reporter: the chief who went to help and lost close friends in the towers, it's an unforgivable act. >> it's despicable, cowardly, and maybe we'll never get a straight answer. >> reporter: they've been reviewing the surveillance video. they captured this act of vandalism. they say they think it's a man in his 20s, medium complexion. collar length bushy hair, wearing horizontal striped shirt and had a distinctive walk. they told me they think anyone who knew this person would recognize them from their walk. they plan on releasing the surveillance video to the media in the next day or two. >> peggy, thank you. it's the most famous, crooked street in the world and hundreds of tourists are smiling and in awe as they walk or drive down lombard street.
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the home owners say they're fed up. among the ideas, charging a toll or maybe even a reservation system. what do you think? ma marianne favro. >> reporter: there are lot of people from all over the world. we talked to people from germany, asia, turkey france. it goes on and on. and you can see how big the crowd is here this evening. an estimated 16,000 people walk or drive down lombard street every day. people who live on the street say they've had enough of the trash, talk and noise the big crowds bring. as many as 220 cars wind their way down lombard street. most are tourists who are not happy about a propose tool charge a toll. >> this is a public road and they pay a lot of money to get here to pay to see this. i don't think so. >> reporter: greg says he and
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neighbors have had to deal with people tossing trash, deaficating on sidewalks and blaring radios. >> if you lived on a block and you couldn't get in and out of your house no matter where you lived, you might be a little bit upset. >> reporter: tonight, a dozen possible solutions are on the table. >> the reason we're thinking about a reservation and pricing system as a possibility is it is a way to potentially manage the congestion we're dealing with here. >> reporter: most of the tourists say charging would be a turn for the worse. >> we come here for a holiday for a few weeks and it kind of feels like you're doing people over who travelled all over the world to see it. >> reporter: right now a community meeting is underway at elementary school to talk about the possible options to managing all of the crowds out here and they'll work on a report and
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forward that on to a board of supervisors for a vote. reporting live in san francisco. marianne favro. a giant among kids. giants' buster poe eer posey vi children's hospital. >> it's national pediatric awareness month. and posey took the time to pose for pictures, sign autographs and make bed side visits. he says days like this are important. >> the good thing about the cameras and you guys being here is we are able to get the word out more and spread more and make people more aware that there's a deficiency and we need try to do everything we can to get these young people back healthy and in the community and doing great things. >> posey and his wife have committed a lot of time and energy and resources to
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hospital. as for tonight, he's at at&t park as the giants host the padres. it's been a nice day for him. starts off with the kids and ends with the ball park. >> the kids get so excited when they get to see buster posey. >> and whenever we do community events, they light up your day no matter what. started off cloudy and areas of drizzle. and we've rebounded incredibly this afternoon. very comfortable temperatures. you can see santa rosa topped out at 76 degrees. that's one degree below where we should be. oakland right on target with 73. but livermore, the coolest weather with 73 degrees. down 12 from our average. let's take a look at livermore
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and drop to 72. but as we head throughout the next hour, we see numbers sink into the 60s around 7:00 and 50s by 11:00 p.m. tonight. for tomorrow morning's forecast, i think a fog will be back. you'll see on the forecast model, it's namely from san frisk frisco to the golden gate bridge and if you're traveling throughout central california tomorrow morning, maybe a road trip to l.a., watch out for fog that looks to develop as well. by the afternoon, we get that sunshine building. that will help temperatures go up a few degrees. for the east bay, 80 degrees for the east bay, 73 in the peninsula, in san francisco, we'll come in at 65. temperatures are expected to get a lot hotter from this area of hot high pressure. this will bring 90s by sunday. we're tracking more of this
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trend in about 25 minutes. >> okay. jeff. we'll see you then. private medical data stolen from olympic athletes. a cyber security breach and it could last for days. video of warriors star -- steph
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curry appearing on ellen. joining him was first lady michelle obama. video warriors star, steph curry joining on ellen and joining him is michelle obama.
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and on if i cfacebook, scientis closely watching the birth of activity of a volcano on the big island. illegal doping.
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blaming russian hackers ..n is a bazar cyber attack on a fwrup that prevents olympic doping. they're blaming russian hackers. big time olympians like simone biles are being brought into this. >> and private medical data on well known athletes was accessed. those include simone biles and tennis star, serena williams. the international olympic committee quickly pointing out that those two, including other american athletes did not
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violate the doping rules and blaming russian hackers, after many athletes were banned from rio. >> you had to see that coming . you go after the russians and they want to now set the stage and embarrass other countries to say their athletes are doping as well. you knew they were definitely under radar. >> a group known as fancy bear is claiming responsibility for the hack. it's threatening to release more information on athletes in the coming days. the anti-doping organization say it's a russian group. they think the hackers got in through an ioc account. after the hacking got out, some of the athletes, including simone biles, pointing out that she has always been clean. and the first time, shortly after the russian-rio ban. the cell phone industry is back in court again, trying to
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knock down berkley's cell phone ordinance. i'm mark matthews that 9th circuit court of appeals in san francisco. we'll have that story in a live report. santa clara county sheriff's investigators are still at the scene of a vicious home invasion. coming up, the strange events that led to a woman being hospitalized and the search for suspects. brutally beaten in her own home.
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tonight -- sheriff's depues are looking for two right now, 6:30, brutally
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beaten inside of her own home. sheriff's deputies are looking for someone who attacked an 88-year-old woman in the south bay. she's in the hospital with severe injuries. >> friends tell us her injuries are getting worse. and here near the home in san jose foothills. they're still trying to figure out who did this. >> reporter: well, that's right. and neighbors are very upset and worried about the victim and you're right, investigators have been here around the clock gathering evidence on this ruthless attack. >> reporter: neighbors of the victim are still realing from the reported assault. >> i think she was definitely targeted. an elderly woman living alone. >> reporter: santa clara sheriff's investigators are looking for answers of floe douglas who was taken on the hospital with severe facial and head trauma.
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>> oh, it's horrible. she didn't deserve this. >> reporter: sources say it started sunday and continued to monday. she told investigators she was beaten by two latino adult males who broke in through a side door. >> they were gone and came back to ransack her house. and stole jewelry from her purse. >> reporter: they say the assailants stole douglas's car, crashing through the gate and fence. the car was abandoned down the street. >> my daughter checked around it and saw it was ran sacked and her medical i.d. card was on the floor. >> reporter: the daughter went to the house and found douglas beaten and nearly unconscious. the family called 911 and have been checking on douglas ever since. how is she? >> it's not looking good right now. it's not looking good.
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>> reporter: and again, investigators here are still on the scene and ask anyone who might have any information to call the sheriff's office. live in santa clara county. >> robert, thank you. former israeli president perez suffered a major stroke today. doctors in tel aviv say they worked to stop heavy bleeding in his brain. he's listed in serious but stable condition. he's said to be sedated and breathing with the help of a respirator. hillary clinton's national lead has narrowed to four points. this showed clinton with 48% to trump's 44%. it's down from the 10-point lead clinton had over trump right after the democratic national convention. as clinton recovers from pneumonia, she announced she'll
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resume on thursday. she had high-ranking help today as president obama made his first solo campaign appearance on behalf of mrs. clinton. he asked them to support mrs. clinton the way they did him. and when they booed about donald trump, he told them to stop and vote instead. she's released decades of tax returns while trump hasn't released any. trump raw promised to end epa intrusion into farms and homes. trump compared hillary clinton's emails to the water gate scandal in which 30 ofilss were indicted and jailed. fbi investigation of her emails found no basis with charging her with a crime. click on the decision 2016 bug on the front page to see the measureses yo s on the front page to see the measureses yos you'll be voting
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november. cell phone industry is trying stop giving warnings on radiation limits. they asked for an injunction against the cell phone ordinance in berkley. here that court in san francisco where cameras were allowed in and this could be a landmark hearing. >> reporter: it could. the cellular association came here today to try and convince a three-judge panel to overturn a lower court decision that actually okayed berkley's cellular ordinance that requires cell phone retailers to warn customers about the possibility of exceeding federal regulation guidelines. in march, berkley became the first city in the country to make cell phone retailers warn customers about radiation from holding cell phones too close to their body. there's actually an rf exposure notice embedded in cell phones,
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though people we talked with had never seen it. >> no. >> it's not something i check in my phone. >> reporter: so, they voted to require cell phone stores to post noticed. and lawyers were here arguing that those warnings are an undue burden. >> it is squarely contrary to science, facts and the fcc's carefully considered findings. >> reporter: former solicitor general said the radiation standards were 50 times more than needed. >> 50 times below any possible thermal effects on laboratory animals. >> the thermal effects are not the only possible effects. >> reporter: judge william fletcher noted the science is not yet subtle. and he said it's about telling people of the government's standards.
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>> have they ever said putting a cell phone in your pocket is unsafe? >> no, but they've repeatedly said these are the standards you have to live under in order to get a cell phone approved so we can certify it as safe. >> reporter: after the hearing, he told me berkley just wants cell phone users to know how they may be getting over exposed to cell phone radiation. the industry says it's a scare tactic. we expect a ruling out of the 9th circuit in the next couple of months but both sides appear ready to take this to the supreme court. mark matthews, tonight, we have a pretty good estimate of same-sex marriages in the u.s. in 2014, the treasury department counted 183,000 married couples
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and they tended to earn more than het rosexual couples. head rosexual married couples average 113,000. lesbian couples, 124,000. male couples tend to live in cities and lesbians in smaller and medium-size cities. the problem and how local volunteers are helping one sick pup at a time. the bay area universities that made the list of best schools in the country.
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so i got your test results back and it does show an allergy to cat dander. there are options, but the most effective course of action would be to remove the source of the allergens. he's got a name. it's herbert. as long as you live with herbert, you're going to have the respiratory symptoms. and i'll have the joy that only a kitty cat can bring. okay, well there are some things we can do to minimize the impact. allergy shots, a nasal steroid... does that sound doable? i'm in. at john muir health, we know how big the little things can be. john muir health. be heard. patrol officers see lots of crazy chases on the
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southland's freeways-- t to southern california's highway patrol officers see lots of crazy chases on the southland freeways, but today bigger, weirder. for starters, involving the stolen big rig and the unlikely cargo, high grade hazardous material headed for nevada. the driver ended up surrendering near palm springs. he told officers he drove around so long because he didn't want to go back to jail. a 3.5 magnitude quake overnight. it struck just before 1:00 a.m. nearpe near pedmont. there were no reports of damage or injury. and apple rolled out its latest update, ios 10. there were some glitches. apple said it experienced a brief but it was fixed quickly. you can replace text with emojis
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and seiri is open to more apps. a list of top universities came out today. number one for the 15th consecutive year is cal. u.c. berkley named the top public university in the country. stanford at number five of top national universities, including private schools. by the way princeton and harvard are number two on that list. it's based on several categories including graduation rates and student excellence. and spartans rank sixth among west coast universities offering masters and bachelor's degrees. >> you got it all here. >> if you can get in. these are tough schools to get into. >> i couldn't get in. >> you could. you had a 4.0. >> i applied in florida. i got in. just saying.
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let's get a look at the forecast. no major rainfall this morning. we had drizzle and you can already see halfway through september we're starting to see a deficit. and we're tracking a hotter forecast in just a few minutes. thousands ofbaby sea lions and
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seals, toosick to move well, it is an unusual site for beach goers. thousands of baby sea lions and seals too sick to move washed up on coastlines last year. there are about 3,000 of them. >> and experts say it's all about global warning. here with the story from sausalito. sfwlr >> reporter: it's being called a sea lion tsunami. sick and emaceiated pups washing
6:45 pm
up on beaches. barely more than skin and bones and half the size they should be. the lucky ones are rescued and find themselves here at the marine mammal center in sausalito. and they're here because the ocean is getting warmer. >> as warm water comes into our shore for a variety of reasons, it causes the fish to move and because the fish move farther out to sea or north, there's no food for the marine mammals. and the moms can't find enough food to produce enough milk to nurse them. >> reporter: the moms swim farther distances looking for homes and the pups get left alone long enough where they go look for their own food. hundreds of them ending up here where volunteers and staff worked around the clock keeping them alive. >> around 100 of them and they were everywhere and in terrible
6:46 pm
shape. >> reporter: each pup gets an id flag glued on their head which naturally falls off when they lose their fur. she sets up a pup for a tube feeding of elect rolites. some of the pups are too sick to eat. >> when they first come in, we have to provide them nutrition through stomach. so, we put a tube in their stomach and push fish mash or smoothy. >> reporter: starting at 4:00 in the morning and stay until 5:00 or 6:00. making multiple trips to the kitchen to serve 1,000 pounds of fish that the center goes through every day. and how much are you paid? >> with the christmas bonus. um, nothing. we're all volunteers. >> reporter: that's right. 96% of the staff are volunteers. they've seen it all. starving animals, injured
6:47 pm
animals like this sea lion nerly killed after being intangled in a fishing net. after weeks of emergency care, the sea lion survived and was released. do you cry? >> i have been known to. a couple animals that i worked on rather extensively didn't make it and i waited till i got ho home. >> reporter: when they're strong enough to survive on their own, there's this. it's release day for sea lions and seals and pay day for volunteers and staff who fought so hard to get them back in the ocean. and a reminder of the climate change that is bringing them ashore in the first place. peggy bunker, netinabc bay area. >> it's great to see that final shot of them going back into the water. all right, jeff, we saw a bi bit of a change. >> temperatures warmed up a few
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degrees. it should be said that our ocean temperatures are beginning to cool off a little bit after our el nino phase, so hopefully that will help out, at least in the short term. we have beautiful skies throughout san jose and 71. we'll be dropping into the 60s throughout 7:00 and 8:00 tonight. san francisco got in on the sunshine and that continues right now with 67 degrees. relative humidity at 57%. some patchy low clouds for the north bay can start in the low to mid-50s there. across the south bay, a few clouds and 55 degrees. tomorrow's forecast warms up a couple more degrees and that will put us at 78 in san jose where the peninsula, anywhere from 63 in half moon bay to 76 in palo alto. san francisco around mid-60s after the westerly cold wind is not going to be going anywhere,
6:49 pm
at least for tomorrow's forecast. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, hotter air aloft and less of an ocean breeze for the interior valleys will bring us up to 77 in livermore. and in walnut creek and it's a hotter 78. for the north bay, 72 in mill valley and towards napa, 77. so, the area of low pressure that brought us below average weather the past three days is starting to push off towards the east and as it does so it's making way for this. a hot area of high pressure. really the last thing i want to see heading into september. we're not expecting any rain at least over the next seven to 10 days. beyond that, it's a coin toss right now. we may see weak systems into early october but doesn't look
6:50 pm
like anything major at this point. you'll see for san francisco, once again mid-60s for tomorrow. and notice what happens by saturday and sunday. you get a bit of a dryer wind and temperatures warm up. by monday, 71 and on toouds, 72 degrees. for the inland valleys, a much quicker rise in our temperature. up to 88 on friday. then by sunday. here's the heat. 91 degrees and at this point we'll stay with low 90s next monday and next tuesday. we'll see the temperatures consistently trending downward. we're not seeing that. but once again, october hopefully will have rainfall here for us. i was looking at long-range model earlier and it showed december we may really start to see the chance of above-average rainfall. we'll see where that is the next
6:51 pm
couple of weeks. well, the 49ers won but they were angry after last night's game. one of the former quarterbacks is to blame. colin rush will tell us what it's about. a clarification now -- to a
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
story we first brought you last night. this is about the tot-a's planned express serce a clarification now to a story we first brought you last night. this is about the planned express service to 49ers game at levi's stadium. we reported the express program which has sold only 11 season passes had been halted. that's incorrect. the express trains will continue. they say while initial season pass sales have been disappointing, only 11, they're
6:54 pm
opt mimistic it will continue t grow as the season progresses. the 49ers shut out the rams 20-0 in the season opener last night, but once again the post-game rhetoric surrounded colin kaepernick. >> but this time fuelled by a former 49er and kap didn't mince his words. colin resch with the latest. >> he said it's dividing the locker room. first of all, how do you know what our locker room is? >> reporter: he's referring to trent dilfer turned espn nfl analyst. criticized it protest saying quote.
6:55 pm
to which kap replied monday night. >> i think that's one of the most ridiculous comments i've heard. the fact he said you're a back up quarterback. stay in your place. to me, you're telling me that my position as a back up quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. you know, i would ask him to have a conversation with the families of people that have been murbdered and see 23 he still feels that way. >> reporter: he was so enraged by the comments, it urged him to show his solidarity. >> he said what he said and this is why you guys are around me because it led to me doing something that i stood up for what i believe in. >> reporter: moments after the anthem, this is the colin kaepernick we saw. if it's a locker room divided, coaches and players seem aunaware. >> there hasn't been any issues in the locker room. i think that's because colin dade very good job of
6:56 pm
articulating to the rest of the guys in the locker room his feelings and why he's doing what he's doing. santa cruz is back on top after winning a golden ticket award. they're the oscars of the amusement park industry. it's a perennial favorite in best sea side park. but it was edged out last year by pierce in new jersey. and the fury at 325-foot roller coaster which took the grand prize for best steel roller coaster in the world. it is in charlotte, north carolina. oh, that looks good. >> we never want to go on that. >> i love it. let's take a field trip. >> just in case you didn't know, she loves roller coasters. >> get you a gopro and get that on video. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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. ryan lochte attacked. derek hough on the attack. >> get out of here. >> giant security scare on dancing now on "extra." ♪ a man tackled to the ground. olympian and his dance partner shaken up. >> so many feelings going through my made right now. >> new details on the protesters. >> and our own tracie edmonds in the audience. >> we didn't know if it was real or not. >> bill o'reilly's first


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