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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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we need something done. my family's in agony right now. a tearful grandfather challenging law makers after the death of his grandson. the 3-year-old was killed in san ramon by suspected drunk driver. the news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm raj mathai.
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>> this time deadly consequences. the little boy killed and the child's grandfather is outraged. sglrks here at kaiser hospital in walnut creek and i talked to the grandfather tonight and says his grandson's denath is why las need to be changed. reacting to court documents that show the woman arrested for the crash that killed his grandson has been arrested before for driving under the influence. >> she's going to get behind another wheel again. court documents show he was arrested in june. in that case, she's facing an additional charge of child cruelty because a child was in the car. today the chp says her latest
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dui arrest wasn't for alcohol but for drugs. >> she had her actual valid california driver's license in the time of the collision. whether or not she was issued a pink slip, that's something i don't know. >> reporter: they issue a pink slip when someone is caught driving drunk. it's good for 30 days. but if you're suspected of driving under the influence of drugs, the laws are different. >> we do not take driver license for a drug related dui because of the way the law is written. >> hope one day there's a bill that says you get one dui, your automatically done before you go to court. >> reporter: there is a go-fund me site in elijah dunn's name. if you'd like to learn more, goeto our website at nbc bay
11:03 pm reporting live in walnut creek. thank you. now in the south bay, it's not only disheartening but brutal. an 88-year-old woman beaten up and left for dead inside of her own home. two men are still on the loose tonight. 88-year-old flo douglas was the victim on sunday and monday. she says two latino men attacked her. came back and attacked her again. she's in the hospital with severe facial and head trauma. they stole her car at one point and abandoned it down the street. the neighbor then found douglas. >> it's awful. >> they're being assaulted and came back to ran sack her house. they also stole jewelry from her person. >> reporter: her neighbors say a
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they're praying for the best. >> a stanford student is in the middle of a controversy tonight. not what she was doing but what she was wearing. a hijab. a head covering worn by some muslim women. the hate she says she receive she's pushing back, terry. >> reporter: in the stands of the cardinal faced off against washington last october, these stanford students supporting their team. a couple weeks ago, the picture turned up in an ad promoting vip football experience. >> i thought it was awesome. it was exciting. we get to represent stanford. >> reporter: not everyone thought it was awesome. shortly after the picture showed up on facebook, the insults started coming in. >> i was like this sucks and
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brushed it off at first. >> reporter: another facebook user wrote. >> reporter: insult after insult and she thinks she knows why. >> our political climate currently and the things viewed in politics or at this level that seems be to disconnected from day to day life does trickle down into day to day life. why do they think they can dictate what i can do as a woman, as a muslim woman, as a black muslim woman. >> reporter: tweeting out verbatim some of the insults and a part of her remains disappointed. >> it showed that they were so adamant about how they were feeling. and so disappointing to me that people had so much hate when they really didn't have enough knowledge. >> youssef says she is thankful that the entire stanford community for their support to
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help her through this. well, they spray painted racial insults on the home and lit it on fire. now two people have been arrested. 27-year-old roy savari and 25-year-old crist christine mcdaniel accused of throwing molotov cocktails at a home in antioch yesterday. court documents accuse the two of plotting to murder and torture the family at least a week before the crime. they face multiple charges, all with hate crime enhancements. >> i don't know why they did what they did. it's not acceptable. >> both suspects are being held on more than a million dollars bail. ryan kary of lafayette now in jail. this happened in antioch near
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plymouth lane. when they tried to arrest him, they say he backed up into the officer. the same officer shot at the car. the officer not hurt and no one hit by the gun fire. turning now to decision 2016. all right. let's turn things over to decision 2016. the democratic d.c. hopeful will be in town tomorrow. he'll spend time at the home of philanthropist julian and it's being hosted by long-time republican whitman. and he'll head and his running mate was supposed to attend at the masonic. she's scheduled to return on thursday. donald trump unveiled his plan to make childcare more affordable during a speech in the battleground state of
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pennsylvania tonight, that would allow them to deduct child care from their federal income taxes. and if their employers don't provide the benefits still. tomorrow, the presidential candidate is expected to take a segment for the dr. oz show and head to ohio for an evening campaign rally. it's one of the few streets in the bay area we all have in common and that's the problem. the people who live on lombard street say they've had enough. the tourist traffic is getting out of hand and a neighborhood filled with many long-time residents and tonight it got heat heated there's lot of frustration and interesting slus solutions. >> reporter: that's right. they say they're having a hard time getting around the crowds on a daily basis and tonight,
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city leaders are considering some changes. >> it's a small catastrophe, every weekend, every three-day weekend. >> every day. >> reporter: frustration over crowds on crooked lombard street in the surrounding neighborhood boil over at a community meeting. >> i'm living in the house where i was born. i cannot afford to move. >> reporter: they say what used to be a weekend inconvenience is now a daily headache. >> the last few years it's been awful in the summer on weekends and holidays. we often can't get out of our driveway. >> reporter: ambassadors are busy trying to keep tourists out of the street as they snap pictures. now the san francisco transportation authority is exploring controls. options including closing the street to vehicles. the agency says it's time to
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manage the two million people visiting the block every year. the president of the lombard hill improvement supports pricing. >> it could be surge pricing. in other words, it's cheaper during the week and at night it should be the max because no boy knows unless you live there, people go down honking their horns, yelling "wake up" boom boxes. >> reporter: they want the impact of the crooked street straightened out. the transportation authority will considder the feedback it got tonight and forward it to the board. and they understand the frustrations and would be willing to pay a small fee to access that crooked street. reporting live. thank you. up next, two families get some closure 40 years later. how investigators may have
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finally solved a double murder cold case. he took the lives of two young california girls. tonight steph curry is lending support to colin kaepernick's protest but says he'll likely stay standing during the national anthem. star swimmer, anthony irvin tells us how he got his olympic focus back. and now high pressure will warm it up. we're talking about 90s and when that returns. three officers -- run down by a
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car. it happened phoenix ly this rning -- and a camera ws three officers run down by a driver. it happened in phoenix early this morning and a camera was rolling . the video may be a little hard to watch. they believe the driver was driving under inthe influence.
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all three seriously injured but expected to survive. incredibly one of the officers managed to pull the man from the car and arrest him. he's now facing three counts of attempted murder. there are now two new suspects in a 1973 double murder. investigators say 12-year-old valerie lane and doris dairyberry vanished in 1973. a search team ultimately found their bodies on a dirt road 35 miles north of sacramento. by using technology not available in 1973, they recently found a dna match for 65-year-old larry don peterson and william lloyd harbor. both men are in custody. have you seen him? both napa police and the fbi looking for him after a bank robbery this afternoon.
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he charged into the bank demanding money at gunpoint and luckily no one was hurt though. >> it's the off season. but warriors superstar has been busy fresh off his promotional tour in china. he appeared on "the ellen" show in l.a. and was a featured guest at the tex crunch. >> i support him and his attempt to start the conversation or continue the conversation or try to bet arterrible situation that we've been noticing for a while -- >> forever. >> particularly the last five years. so, that's what i commend him for, his act, but i would do it a different way. >> he added he'll likely continue to stand during the national anthem. kaepernick's jersey remains the number one seller on the website.
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this is erick mar with kaepernick's jersey on. he wrote i stand in solidarity with 49ers and kaepernick for racial solidarity. colin resch has a look at why a former 49ers quarterback is issuing an angry response from kaepernick. it hardly sounds like the road to olympic gold but it was for olympic swimmer, anthony irvin. talking about his les than golden past. >> reporter: winning gold in sidney, then 16 years later in rio may serve as book ends to anthony irvin's swimming career, but the chapters in between tell the story of redemption. those details now featured in his new book. irvin admits the struggles after
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the 2000 games, including drugs and alcohol were important for him to talk about. >> the insecurities i had to contend with to keep moving forward. >> a lot of athlete's bios, they don't see them. >> reporter: irvin would ultimately miss two olympics before london and rio. >> i had really great people that helped support me along the way and pull me back together. >> reporter: and where ryan lochte made up a story about robbery that got four swimmers suspended. >> i advocated heavily for the two younger members of the four who i really felt like were in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: with gold once again around his neck, he says he plans to travel and spend time with family. he's not sure what comes next. >> the drives become stronger and faster. i'm completely on vacation for
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now. >> reporter: but he's looking forward to whatever the next chapter brings. ian cole. >> his story is fascinating and you were with him first hand in rio. >> i asked him, hey, are you going to hang on to these medals, because the medal he sold for tsunami relief. so, he said for now. really cool, very deep intellectual guy. all right, jeff, let's take you outside. changes in the weather and you have snow for us too. >> we did have a little bit of snow across the sierras. you can get more on the video on my twitter or nbc bay but with a little bit of snow throughout the sierrsierra. and that is in november with an average of 49.7 inches on the south lake tahoe end and by
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february, up to 75 inches. we could see an average season. meanwhile, here throughout san jose, currently a cool 62 degrees. temperatures in the 50s and mostly clear skies expected for san jose tomorrow morning. but in san francisco we have the fall coming on back and it does nau not look like as low cloud event. and it's not going to be super thick. we'll begin with 50s across the board. for wednesday, temperatures three to five degrees. this puts the south bay and san jose at 78 degrees. for the peninsula, half moon bay, 63 and towards palo alto, mid-70s tomorrow. san francisco, the chilly westerly wind coming your way. 65 and the financial district a little bit cooler.
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for the north bay, east bay and the tri-valley, we start to push into the 80s. hottest temperature here in livermore at 80. pleasanten, 77. oakland, 73 and you get away from the bay breeze and walnut creek will be a warmer 78. and santa rosa 80 and a cooler 72 in mill valley. the area low pressure out here has been responsible for the below average on sunday, monday and now our tuesday. but it's making way for the hotter pressure building in the pacific. this will be responsible for some 80s tomorrow, but eventually some 90s coming our way. we stay in the 60s until sunday and then we see temperatures pop up into the 70s. and for the inland valley, upper 70s and low 80s tomorrow and by
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sunday, 91 and we'll stay in the low 90s through next tuesday. as far as any big storm for september, it looks like the chance for that right now is pretty much zero. but we've got -- >> emphatically zero. >> so, we don't have a chance. >> october, november and december coming our way. >> something to look forward to. >> always bring as silver lining. well, coming up next, trapped beneath the wreckage. we're going to show you two people pull a driver out of her car alive. and we have jimmy. >> hailey woodly is my guest tonight and carol burnett, wayne newton, do not change the channel. it's good. the winners of july's $487 million dollar powerball jackpot have decided to remain anonymous. happening now and trending on facebook, the winners of the 4$487 million powerball jackpot have decided to remain namero unianmous. the padres staged a ninth inning
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comeback, winning 6-4. they remain three game business hind the dodgers in the n.l. west.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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you're looking live at an actis of san jose. news in san jose. we have a live crew on the scene live for you in the east foothills of san jose. we're hearing reports of a shooting. these are live pictures in san jose. we'll continue to update you with any new information. in the area of sierra road near murill avenue. well, a group of good samarit
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samaritans, frantically helping to free a driver. the driver trapped in a wrecked car. it happened in southern california. the victim told a group that another car was about to hit her head on, so she swerved to avoid it but ended up flipping several times, one of the rescuers used a pocket knife to cut the seatbelt. they say the woman was taken to a nearby hospital and appeared to be okay. well, the sales tax on personal items will live on in california. governor brown says he's vetoing several that would have halted sales tax on diapers and tampons saying tax breaks are the same as spending. up next, more drama with the 49ers. colin kaepernick not happy with one of the former 49ers. stay with us.
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s they refelct on their
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opening night win. okay. plenty of smiles for the 49ers today as they reflect on their opening night win. but also, more drama too. >> here's nbc bay area's colin res resch. >> he said it's dividing the
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locker room. first of all, how do you know what our locker room is. >> reporter: the he he's referring to is trent dilfer, the former quarterback turned nf nfl analyst, criticized the continued anthem protest saying quote. >> reporter: to which kap replied monday night. >> i think that's one of the most ridiculous comments i've heard. the fact that he said you're a back up quarterback, stay in your place. that's an issue. to me you're telling me my position as the back up quarterback and being quiet is more important than people's lives. i would ask him to really have a conversation with the families of people that have been murdered and see if he still
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feels that way, because i bet he doesn't. >> reporter: he was so enraged, it brought him to show his solidarity. >> he said what he said and i disagree and that's why you're around me because it led me to doing something at the national anthem. >> reporter: this is the colin kaepernick we saw. if it's a locker room divided, players and coaches seem unaware. >> there haven't been any issues and i think colin did a very good job of articulating what his feelings were and why he's doing what he is doing. >> reporter: colin resch, nbc bay area. >> the 49ers now preparing for week two against the carolina panthers. the first snow of the season.
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sierra, captured from kirkwood's . okay. here it is. the first snow of the season. you're looking at the sierra captured from kirkwood's web
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camera today. pretty but not quite enough to ski on. just yet. >> i think there's still enough. i think we should just go and ski on it. what the heck. >> that's about the mountain i can do well. >> a nice hot toty. >> we can get that thing, what's that thing, the bowl and you put the grease on the bottom. it's enough to do that, right? >> are we okay in the morning? >> yeah, no snow, temps in the 50s. and warm low 80s by the afternoon. >> thanks for joining us here. have a great day tomorrow. >> hope to see you, bu-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley, carol burnett, musical guest, jas


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