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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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over what happened. she's in pretty bad shape still. >> that's right. vistors said they were told her condition has not changed. she remains in intensive care. now at the request of her family, public visits will stop, even as the investigation ramps up. sheriff's investigators went door to door today, searching for possible witnesses to try to find out who beat up flo douglas during a home invasion robbery that started sunday and extended into monday. officers say the savage level of violence is very unusual and makes them take the case personally. >> we all have a grandmother, wives, sisters, this is a horrible act committed to a person we usually hold in high regard in society.
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>> many people feel the same. she's been a member and leader since the '60s at this church. they're praying for their friend they call mother douglas. >> i'm shocked, someone had called me on the phone. >> it was part of me that had been violated. >> there's great concern at this hair design shop in san jose, where flo worked as a beautician for 40 years. >> she's a lovely individual. whoever out there did that, your time will come. >> friends who came to visit flo today were not encouraged. >> she was moving a little bit. it's sad, we're all hoping for the best. >> a short while ago an announcement was made that there will be a community meeting tomorrow to address violence in the neighborhood. that will be held at the community center at 4601 highland avenue in san jose.
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that will take place tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> a man charged with trying to kidnap and sexually assault two women appeared in court today. he was arrested last week, now, russell is a convicted sex offender, according to the deputy, public defenders and witnesses in this case are about to leave california, so the d.a. has asked that they be cross examined before the case moves forward. >> celeste is dead. >> the woman at the center of the bay area sex abuse scandal has a new identity. she's asking she be referred to by her real first name of jasmine. she was released from jail today in florida. tonight she's headed back to the bay area. jodi hernandez joins us this
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evening. her attorneys had plenty to say? >> they sure did, they didn't hold back as they took aim at the city of richmond, suggesting the richmond police department engaged in witness tampering, they took aim at the bay area police officers tied to this case, calling their alleged acts heinous crimes. >> jasmine is glad to be free and wants to go home. and we're going home. >> after spending 17 days in a florida jail, the young woman at the center of a bay area police sex scandal is heading home. her attorneys say to start a new life and seek justice against the bay area police officers accused of sexually exploiting her. some while she was underage. >> we cannot tolerate law enforcement of the magnitude we have observed in the bay area, to do this to our children. >> jasmine the 19-year-old who called herself celeste, accepted
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a plea back,en this morning. pleading no contest for biting a worker at a florida rehab facility. her attorneys took aim at the richmond police department. suggesting they tampered with a witness, by helping arrange her stay there. >> it's our understanding that the richmond police department, and in particular, the leadership of that department engaged in communication with a local agency here and brought her here under false pretenses. >> the city's role was in working with the victim and the family. >> richmond's city manager insists the city didn't pay for her florida rehab, and doesn't know who suggested she go there. >> i would want her to know that the city of richmond, richmond police department supports her as a victim of crime. >> colleen the key witness said she expects jasmine to testify against seven bay area police officers who face criminal
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charge charges. jasmine's attorneys say she's ready to make a difference. >> she's going to help us help others who are being sex trafficked on the streets of oakland and san francisco. we're going to address this issue with full force. >> jasmine is heading back to the bay area tonight. she will receive support services at an undisclosed location. she eventually wants to go back to school and become a veterinarian. her attorneys will address the bay area media tomorrow morning at 11:00. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, our coverage of the sex scandal continues online, head to our website to watch the raw video from today's news conference in florida. it's posted right there on our front page, >> it is sinking. but did city officials know and what did they do about it?
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those are the questions being asked by a san francisco supervisor after an investigation into the millennium tower broke. jackson vanderberg says it proves the city dropped the ball after learning about the tower's trouble. >> what's amazing, this is not in the city's file. aaron peskin is talking about three letters that date back to 2009. the same year the city certified the millennium tower as safe for occupancy. the city did not include them in its response to our public records request. the city botched its response after it learned the 58 story tower had already sunk 8.3 inches. just as construction had finished. the building was safe then and
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is safe now, peskin has questions about how the city handled it. >> you need to have an ongoing monitoring regiment. he can't tell if the city did anything. >> did the city follow up on this letter at all? >> did the city get this letter? >> peskin plans to press for answers during a public hearing on september 22nd. as for alleged political interference. a millennium representative describes that accusation as outrageous. and a spokesman for gavin newsom told us, i have no idea what aaron possess kin is referring to. >> a 19-year-old woman has pled not guilty of murder. she's accused of beating and torturing a homeless man. one of six people accused of brutally assaulting that man in golden gate park in may.
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cell phone video captures videos of the suspects forcing the man through the park. the woman was arrested in arizona and is being extradited to san francisco. questions over whether tesla's auto pilot software is involved in a deadly crash in china. tesla in a statement says it's investigating the crash, but also stated the damage to the vehicle was so extensive, that no log data was sent to tesla's servers. there's no way of knowing if the auto pilot feature was involved. safety concerns have surfaced over tesla's auto pilot feature back in may in florida. a bay area company is now offering classes on how to be a self-driving car engineer. a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. scott bud man joins us with an exclusive look inside the
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company that's making this happen. >> autonomous cars are being driving around the bay area, and will soon be put to use. it needs lots of engineers, and now there's a class for that. the self-driving car is here. uber is doing it. google is doing it. but for autonomous vehicles to really catch on, more people have to learn to build them. >> the most important thing to remember is this. enter udacity. a mountain view online education company, whose newest class is taking off. the president used to build these cars at google. he says online education is the best way to grow the industry. >> because the timing, you can repeat things, you don't have to sit in this boring lecture hall.
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for people who are busy, have jobs or a family, it's perfect. >> the first class isn't going to be easy. >> this class is going to be technical. you have to have some mathematical background, some statistics background. some day the roads may be full of cars like this one but first a new crop of techies will go to class. >> that class kicks off online in october, it will cost $800 per session for three sessions. the number of jobs out there really depends on the demand for self-driving cars. scott bud man, abc bay area news. the big show under the big white top gets underway tonight. but not without some neighborly concerns. a live report is next. an east bay superintendent could be fired for allowing 49er
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ray mcdonald to speak at a high school. we'll have the latest on the controversy. >> i'm jeff ranieri. piedmont checking in at 70 degrees, mostly clear skies, hotter weather ahead. i'll have details in a few minutes.
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can.
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financial guidance while you're mastering life. lose his job tonight. hayward unified superintendent stan dobbs is under fire after an east bay superintendent could lose his job tonight. heyward unified superintendent is under fire after he invited former 49ers player ray mcdonald to speak to kids during a school asell sellably. he was facing charges of sexual assault when he visited the high school. the school board will vote if dobbs should be terminated. dozens of students and parents are there to support him is that right? >> there was a large turnout on both sides of this controversy, the public portion of the meeting is now over, and the board is expected to make a decision tonight. >> he's been this solid force that's been invested and peaceate about our students and our community. >> two kids in the heyward unified school district, she believes stan dobbs is the right person to lead the district. tonight the school board will
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review a three month long investigation of what some say is questionable behavior by the superintendent. >> we're not here to fire anyone. we're here to do what's best for the kids, we will take action on items that are best for the kids. >> the superintendent has been on paid administrative lead since june. due to his involvement to allow ray mcdonald to speak to at-risk students last year. he's been accused of domestic abuse and sexual assault. the students were not made aware of mcdonald's criminal history before his motivational speech. the board will review a violent outburst that took place last year. dobbs is accused of getting into a fight, which led some trustees to file a police department. more than 300 people have signed a petition in support of dobbs. many credit him for increased test scores and higher graduation rates in the district. >> he's been doing a great job. because of him, i've been
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improving in schoolwork. >> dobbs has denied any wrongdoing, he didn't comment on tonight's meeting. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. from menlo park to new mexico, facebook is setting up a new facility. unveiling its plans today to build a sprawling server farm in albuquerque. they plan to start construction as soon as next month. the big show is just about two hours away. the neighbors are none too pleased about cirque du soleil's stay in the south bay. what's the issue, traffic? >>. >> reporter: a little bit of everything. it's been chaotic the last month, and this show is here through october. >> crews are busy putting the
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finishing touches on the show. getting to this point has already been a problem. >> you come around this corner, you can't see anything. >> george says big trucks and earth movers have been added for more than a month. bringing noise and congestion to their once quiet neighborhood. >> there's a bunch of businesses here. and since these guys started doing this, it's more crowded than ever. >> we're a little surprised. >> he personally held two community meetings to hear residents concerns. >> we invited as many neighbors in the closest area within 1,000 feet, to attend that meeting, and we explained how we're going to do, what we're going to do, the times, the dates, the kind of impacts to be had, parking, traffic. >> they adjusted their show design to accommodate some of the concerns they've heard, including turning speakers away from the neighborhood. show directors also say street parking won't be an issue, because the company is renting the parking garage owned by the
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social services agency on julian street. tonight will be the big tests. the show gets underway at 8:00 tonight. and neighbors say they will be watching. >> thank you, damian. jeff ranieri is with us now. this is possibly one of the best ye days we've had all year. >> things will be getting comfortable as we head through the next 7-day forecast. as you mentioned, it's nice outside, we've been getting a lot of pictures in tonight. let's share another viewer photo from oakland. this is from ally cat 747. it's a gorgeous evening, low 70s, perfect night to eat out. i agree with you, ally cat. you can tweet us your photos at in oakland, we had an official high of 75 degrees. san francisco also a degree below average with 69 degrees, and livermore warming up to 82.
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but also still below the mark. things are going to be warming up, for the morning hours, nothing too out of the ordinary, we have fog building back at the immediate coastline, low clouds pushing here into contra costa, also alameda counties across the bay, by the afternoon hours we get that sunshine returning. and with hotter air moving in across the interior valleys, this will be good enough tomorrow to bump up our temperatures in the east bay to 85 grows. you're beginning to feel that warmup, south bay 83, peninsula 76 and san francisco with 66. high pressure builds offshore as we head throughout the next seven day, and in a will lead us to some 90s inland. it looks like we'll really begin to notice those temperatures starting to tick up, once we hit friday's forecast, as we're expecting a high of 89 degrees in livermore. more of this warmer weather and how long it lasts coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, see you shortly. dozens of homeless people
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have weeks before they're kicked out of the mission here in san francisco. i'm stephanie trung with more details. happening now on our homepage:
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==reveal== the obama administration is planning to boost the number of refugees allowed into happening now on our home page, the obama administration is planning to boost the number of refugees allowed into the united states to 110,000 by next year. the 30% increase. on our twitter feed, check out the list, the 49ers rank number
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4 on the forbes list of nfl's most valuable franchises, the raiders are 20th, the cowboys number 1. homelessness -- is three weeks
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old. and it wants to actswiftly. the' san francisco's department of homelessness is three weeks old and it wants to act swiftly. there's a plan to clean up the city's newest tent encampment. hundreds of people are going to have to be moving, the question is where are they going to go, what's the plan? >> i spoke with some of the homeless in the area, some here camped out near 16th street say they have no place to go. the city says it's investing millions of dollars into more beds and job services calling this the start of a new era here in the city. a walk along folsom street can be disturbing.
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>> there's human fiss on the ground, people shooting up outside our door. >> reporter: the problem of homelessness is too big to solve any time soon. >> people like 75% of them used to be tenants here and they have nowhere to be. >> they're just going to move on to another street without the help we should be giving to them. >> the city is experimenting with ways to offer the help. the city is sending outreach teams to each of the 50 tents the homeless will have until sometime in october to leave. supervisor has a few months left in office, this issue is his top priority. >> in four months, no more homeless encampments in the mission? >> yes. that's the hope. >> according to the department of public works, crews picked up 49 tons of trash a month and delivered 1900 needles a month
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in 2016. a year before that, the numbers were 35 tons of trash and 1300 needles, help is on the way. including three new buildings set to house 300 of the most vulnerable homeless on the streets by the end of the year. some of the homeless say they prefer the freeze open of being in their own tents than shelters. shelters have allowed people to come in as couples, bring their pets. six more centers will be built in the next few years. stephanie trung, abc bay area news. >> recovering from pneumonia. the new medical information released from hillary clinton's campaign, and what it shows about her ability to serve as president. dr. jill biden visits san jose to push for free community college tuition, i'm marianne favro, i'll have that story coming up in a live report. right now at 6-30:
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coming together for local education. san jos right now at 6:30, coming together for local education, san jose mayor tweeting out this photo which shows dr. jill biden, the's not the only one excited about her visit. dr. biden was in the south bay today to talk about a program that would make college available to every student. >> america's college promise.
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>> dr. bide opinion met with technology leaders and educators here this afternoon, she's passionate about education, she's been a teacher for more than 30 years and she's currently a community college professor, she doesn't want students to give up on their dreams of higher education, because they can't afford it. dr. jill biden met with silicon valley business and education leaders today. president obama's initiative to help provide free community college tuition for low income students. >> it's all about jobs, and it's all about having the best educated workforce in the world. >> a similar program is already working in oakland. >> we sent 300 oakland public school students off to college with $2.5 million in scholarships and all with an individual mentor who's going to
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give them the social and emotional support to get through college. >> at san jose's city college, a pilot program has already helped a dozen students pay for tuition. >> in the south bay promise program, they covered our tuition fees and helped us cover our book fees. >> she's about to graduate with a degree in biology. now san jose is works on expanding the program to reach even more students. >> that's our ambition, to make sure that every student realizes they can attend if they have the need. >> expanding the program will cost about $2.5 million, the idea is to use city, state and private money to reach that goal. >> reporting live in san jose,
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mary ann favreau, nbc bay area news. >> chest x-rays and prescriptions are part of the medical history released today by the clinton campaign. among the documents, details of hillary clinton's pneumonia diagnosis. it's in the right lung, noncontagious, and she's taking antibiotics. a previous ear infection. and her doctor analyzed her mental health calling it excellent. mrs. clinton plans on going back on the campaign trail tomorrow. >> meanwhile, donald trump sat down with dr. oz as he released his medical records. he's a little over weight at 267 pounds and he takes a staten. he was in flint michigan, where he toured the water plant. his speech at a nearby church was interrupted when he kritized hillary clinton.
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>> after another high profile figure has been hacked. e-mails leaked from colin powell revealed that powell called trump a national disgrace. he also criticized hillary clinton for trying to equate her own e-mail practices with his. powell tells nbc that hackers have a lot more of his personal e-mails. barbara boxer says trump's hardline on immigration construct contradicts the policies of his own modelling agency. senator boxer cites a report by mother jones, that report quotes foreign models who claim they work for trump model management while on tourist visas which is illegal. one model said she was constantly afraid knowing she was in this country illegal when i. trump's agency exploited the women by not paying the prevailing wage. 54 days until the november
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election, and activists want corporate money taken out of politics. they rallied the san jose courthouse today urging voters to say yes to prop 59. at the heart of the issue is the citizens united ruling. which allows unlimited funding in elections. it's an advisory measure. >> most movements start at the local level. there have been a lot of cities -- this is the state level. keep in mind it's a state and advisory, it's the largest state in the nation. >> advocates say if they pass 59, dem gatts will have to listen and support the issue in washington. a college athletic conference has followed suit. the acc plans to move its championship tournament from the city of charlotte. all this, the fallout from the
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hb-2 law. the law bans transgender people from using bathrooms in offices and schools that correspond to the gender they affiliate with. a new shipping route will link china to oakland. it means an additional 50 annual vessels to the port. the move could lead to more cargo handles jobs. california produce is expected to ship out. a cargo ship going under the golden gate bridge bringing items in. the korean company filed bankruptcy last august, and stopped carrying cargo. it's billions of dollars in
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debt, the latest ship is carrying 450 containers that will be unloaded in oakland. it's going to cost you more to rent out your home in san francisco. the city is increasing fees for short term rental hosts. right now they pay $50. it will jump to $250. >> we've all heard stories about how real estate prices have driven artists out of the bay area, there's a new project in san francisco specifically aimed at helping them stay put. >> i love making art, i looked in sculpt tour. >> there's an electricity to the art dana makes, sort of. >> i've been taking the extension cords and making it
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the focus of the artwork. >> she finds nothing humorous about finding a place to make art. >> there's a lot of people who have lost their spaces in the bay area. >> high rents have driven artists out of san francisco. >> not only was it stagnating, it was going backwards. >> the change was this place, inside san francisco's dog patch neighborhood, a new studio space dedicated to artists has popped up in a former warehouse. >> a building with 30 studios for 35 working artists. >> the studios are part of the minnesota street project. a gallery opened by a pair of san francisco philanthropists, aimed at stemming the tide of artists evictions and displacement. >> it's been committed to studio space for artists for a long term period. >> inside, artists build their
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creations without the fear of losing their work space. it's an aberration among the city's difficult art landscape. the building has a workshop, a digital media lab and places to gather, it's a respite for displaced artists. >> my partner and i were facing an eviction notice, the conversations we were having, we're moving to another city. >> after recently landing studio space in the new project. reichert decided to stay put. >> it's kept us here in san francisco. >> we had 300 applicants for 30 spaces. that shows you there are artists working in san francisco that are seeking space. >> roche hopes others will mimic the project. to preserve the city's unique art scene. up next, $11 billion in overdraft fees, nbc bay area responds to bounced checks and
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how you can protect yourself. >> the plan to boost self service on muny's light rail. a carjacking in san francisco
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ended in a police chaseear at&t park. police say they got a call about a carjacking on geary bl. a carjacking in san francisco ends in a police chase near at&t park. they got a call about a carjacking around 3:30 in the morning. after officers caught up with the car, the driver sped away. police arrested the driver and the two passengers with him.
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contra costa county fire department tells us a pool of chemicals spilled into the street after a small pickup collided with the sedan. the hazmat team set up a decontamination area. firefighters asked 20 people in their homes to stay in their homes. vector control teams will be out in the south bay this evening, sprague to combat west nile virus. the fogging will begin at 11:00 p.m. in millipede as around 6:80. that's where they recently confirmed cases of mosquitos with west nile. they're scheduled to wrap up just before dawn. can you hear me now. san francisco muny trains may be getting more reliable call phones. bart riders have enjoyed a reliable cellular service yurnd grounds.
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beautiful day outside today it just made you happy to be outside. >> how do you feel about hotter weather soon? >> i like it. >> one blast of summer coming our way over the next seven days. today was beautiful along parts of the coastline. aiesha didn't need her hoodie today. we're tracking more of the 90s and when they return in a few minutes. to a south bay woman who had a
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question about overdraft fees. jess/2shot consumer investigator chris
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chmura is h a south bay woman who had some questions about those overdraft fees. >> we have a question about mathematics here, zeb rah e-mailed us with a common question. which order do banks use to process checks. she forgot to transfer money into her checking account. when three checks hit the account in one day, she didn't should have the money to clear them all. the bank went and cleared the larger amount and gave her a $35 overdraft fee for the two smaller checks. banks can process checks however they want. many will process the largest checks first the aba also said, if you don't want to bounce checks often, call your bank and
6:46 pm
ask them to wave the fees that doesn't always happen. banks told regulators recently they collected $11 billion in overdraft fees last year alone. 8% of the money they bring in, is overdraft fees. the consumer financial protection bureau says it's looking closely at overdraft practices. >> if you have a complaint let us know about it, call 888-996 tips. once there, click the yellow submit tips bar debra's fee is right on target with the national average. $34 for every single time on average. it's a lot of money. got to be careful. >> thank you, chris. there's a new way to uber starting today in pittsburgh pennsylvania. a fleet of self-driving ford fusions will pick up uber riders as part of a test program.
6:47 pm
there's a driver behind the wheel to take control of the vehicle if something goes wrong. so far the idea is getting mixed reviews. >> i would feel comfortable riding in a self-driving car. i trust it over human drivers. >> i can't speak for other people, it's kind of scary. >> for the test runs there was an uber engineer in the front passenger seat to help out with any problems. >> there were two other people in the car with you, in the self-driving car. >> give it a year or two around here, it's going to help in a big way. >> what do you have? >> we have some warm weather coming our way over the next couple days. >> driving in the car across the bay area you're going to need to click on that a.c. temperatures anywhere from 3 to 7 degrees warmer at this hour. that's where the hot air aloft
6:48 pm
is having the easiest time push in. the fog is keeping us a little cool here from san francisco to half moon bay. as we get a look at the sky camera network, after a high of 79, relative humidity at 71%, there's not too dry. it's a nice night out tonight. temperatures drop into the 60s as we head into the next hour. >> we're currently coming in with 74 in san jose. that's after a high of 78. you can see 60s here as we head throughout 8, 9, 10 and 11:00 this evening. >> we'll begin with widespread 50s throughout the bay area. patchy low clouds, typical fog coming back to san francisco and areas of low clouds here for the peninsula as well, the largest change i want to take us to is the trough of low pressure that brought us the below average
6:49 pm
temperature sunday, monday and tuesday. that moves off to the east, any time we get a weather system moving out, we'll get another one moving in. it's going to be about high pressure the next six days in the forecast. our 70s will be fading away this is going to pump up some 90s here. you're already seeing a preview of that on the 7-day forecast. you'll be happy to know, tomorrow looks really good. we're not expecting any 90s at this point. that puts us at the south bay in morgan hill. in the peninsula, a little above average here. half moon bay, 61. san francisco does begin to warm up to 69. if you're out in the full son, it's going to feel like low 70s tomorrow. you don't need the jacket for too long in sf. for the north bay, and trivalley, no 90s for tomorrow,
6:50 pm
we'll go up to 85 in livermore. for the east bay 81 in freemont and the north bay, 84 degrees. as we push ahead into the extended forecast, eventually some really fantastic weather in san francisco. 23 you're doing some sort of stay indication. have a night out. we have 71 by sunday. that's going to be the day to be outside. low 70s into monday, tuesday and wednesday. for the inland valleys, we have the average going up tomorrow to 85 degrees. 91 by sunday, low 90s, monday and tuesday. back to 87 on wednesday. one more thing before we leave. that's the extended forecast as we run this out the next ten days, look for any kind of green here we're seeing some show up out of the viewing area. that's our only chance of rain for us right now. we'll keep an eye on that. >> it's looming down. >> a road trip to eureka for the rain.
6:51 pm
>> no self-driving cars. >> up next. is it too good to be true? the raider nation head over heels with excitement. the high flying derek carr. here..
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6:53 pm
the 49ers and raiders -- got off to a great start. it's been a good week around here. the 49ers and raiders got off to a great start for the nfl season. >> the raiders have a chance to do something they haven't done in how many years? >> 14. >> colin resch joins us from alameda. >> after sunday's thrilling win
6:54 pm
in new orleans, optimism as high as it's been in a long long time for a raiders home opener. derek carr says playing in front of raider nation never gets old. >> walking off the field last week, it hit me like, that was drew brees. >> we were talking about it today, a couple of us. can't believe that's what we're doing for a living. it's crazy. >> it will never get boring. especially playing in front of our fans. >> a win sunday at the coliseum would give the raiders their first 2-0 start in 14 years. should this version rft silver and black make it to the super bowl, that may be the next time you see derek carr do this again. yes, jack delrio is spoken with the signal caller. >> everyone's heart dropped when i did that, i think mine did too. i'm not surprised at all, he's a
6:55 pm
team guy. he'll do anything for us. >> i have to be smart. i saw what happened with rg3 on the sideline, a freak thing. you have to be competitive, but you have to be smart for the team. >> drew brees gave the raiders defense fits. they'll need to perform better against matt ryan, a tested veteran in hostile environments. >> he has 40 games in a row, over 200 yards on the road. pretty impressive, they have a talented group led by julio jones. we have our work cut out for us. colin resch, nbc bay area. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, a backlog of cold cases in san francisco. we're going to show you the changes the police department is making to try to get families some nuances, even if it comes decades later. finally here at 6:00, some of the fastest cars in the world are in the bay area, the indy cars are here getting ready for this weekend's big race in sonoma.
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>> the cars stopped by our nbc bay area studios, they gave us the spin around the block. janelle strapped in, we held on for dear life, 240 miles per hour. >> 60 miles per hour. >> we zipped around the studios. had some fun, the car will be picking up jessica in about 8 minutes, strap it on, jessica, you are going in the indy car. >> the difference is, i will be driving. >> i will be driving that car. >> and you really would, actually. >> yes, i would. >> it should be a fun weekend in sonoma, and nice and sunny for the indy cars sunday. >> thanks for joining us. drive safe. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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. donald trump on an extreme presidential diet. surprised new confessions to dr. oz. >> now on "extra." ♪ he wants to win the white house but first he needs to lose weight. >> is it important -- >> those were all the tests that were just done. >> a results of trump's tv health exam with dr. oz today months after telling mario. >> you lost the weight. >> oprah down 30 pounds and down 117 million. all new details on her weight watchers stock plunge.


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