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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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breaking overnight--- a car crashes into a light pole in a south bay suburb--- and now two women are critically injured. breaking overnighted, a car crashes into a light pole and two women are critically injured. the verdict is in. the hayward school superintendent is out. the reason the school board ousted its top administrator. plus, beginning the process of justice for the woman at the heart of a police sex abuse scandal that has shaken up a half dozen local law enforcement agencies. "today in the bay" starts right now. this week is flying by. thursday morning. glad you're with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's been cool, turning warm. is that the case now? >> temperatures going up just a
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little bit, back into the 80s for some us, in san jose, the tri-valley. we're waking up to fog. a foggy shot above the embarcadero. 55 in san francisco, 57 in san jose and 55 in livermore. you'll notice 40s if the north bay. it will warm up later this afternoon. 83 for livermore and san jose today. we'll talk about warming trends for the weekend. in the meantime let's toss things over to mike. >> good morning. we have a note for the south bay. we'll look at your map. southbound 880 in milpitas, when you make the transition to 237, you're down to one lane for that transition at the nimitz. the reason being, road crews are repaving your left lanes and you're splitting off to the left lane. i got cut off by folks hitting their brakes.
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i got cut off. just a note for you. >> they should have known who they were driving next to. 4:31. new this morning, three people are injured, two of them critically after an suv slammed into a utility pole just before midnight at meridian and san jose avenues in the willow glen neighborhood. firefighters say the third woman in the car suffered minor injuries. they did not detail the injuries of the two who were critically hurt, just to say they were in critical shape. the cause of the crash is under investigation. also new this morning, a controversial east bay superintendent is ousted. sam dobs, despite pleas to keep him. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell with more on the meeting that stretched into midnight. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. there are a couple of issues that led to the ouster of stan
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dobs. one is his decision to invite a disgraced nfl player to speak at one of the schools. the superintendent invited former 49er ray mcdonald to speak to an assembly at tennyson high school. the superintendent didn't disclose to the students that he had been accused of domestic violence and sexual assault. in june, the board suspended him, placed him on paid leave, started an investigation and then you had last night's board meeting. about 1 100 people showed up. the superintendent was allowed to speak. a violent outburst that took place during a board meeting when he was confused of getting into a fight that led some trustees to file a police report. dobs claims he's been targeted by the board. >> how do you respond to the van debt that?
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my goal has always been to stay professional. >> that was dobbs speaking to us before the vote last night. dobbs supporters credit him with increasing test scores and graduation rates within schools within the unified school district. this morning he is out of a job as the board voted to terminate his contract. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. 4:34. the woman at the center of the sexual abuse case is expected back in the bay area to face the men she say took advantage of her. those men, police officers and sheriff's deputies are from across the bay area. celeste guap is asking to be referred to by her real name, jasmine. she is free after accepting a plea deal in florida after being locked up for assaulting a guard while in rehab. her attorney, pamela price, held a news conference yesterday in florida with jasmine's.
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>> celeste guap is dead. whether or not somebody gave her a dollar or a dime is irrelevant. the fact she is alive today is a miracle. >> last friday the alameda county district attorney said criminal charges will be filed against seven bay area police officers for being involved with her in some form or another her attorney is expected to hold a news conference later this morning. an appalling crime. now a south bay neighborhood shaken up by the beating and the robbery of an elderly woman is coming together to stop violence like that from happening again. an emergency meeting is going to take place tonight as 88-year-old flo douglas fights for her life in intensive care. the santa cara county sheriff's office say two men attacked her, beat her, took off with her jewelry and a car and came back and beat her again. neighbors in the alum rock
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foothills neighborhood discovered her on monday morning. investigators say douglas has severe trauma to her head and face. now neighbors are hoping to develop a plan to protect one another. >> this is a time where we come together as a community. we come together as neighbors. we come together as humans to help each other out. >> we she brainstorm how to help our neighbors? what is it? is it technology? is it phone calling to make sure everybody is okay? >> that meeting is tonight at 7:00 at the st. john vienna community center. they're searching for the suspects, asking neighbors to check security cameras for clues. >> nice to see the community come together. 4:36 right now. anthony slaughter is in this morning for kari. >> fog this morning. no big surprise there. temperatures warm up into the weekend. we'll talk about the forecast and today's forecast as well after this. >> palo alto looks great as you would expect. looking for changes in milpitas,
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the transition at 237 coming up. plus hillary clinton is back on the trail, but is the damage already done? what her campaign released yesterday after clinton recovers from pneumonia. ==gfx==
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==sam//rail== back on her feet--- hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail for the first time since her bout with pneumonia became public. back on her feet.
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hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail for the first time hins her bout with pneumonia became public. as far as hillary clinton is concerned, she's going to the battleground state of north carolina. donald trump will be in new york promising to reveal a detailed economic plan. this as the topics of health and transparency are taking center stage. hours after trump gave a peek of his medical information to tv's dr. oz, mrs. clinton's doctor released a statement. >> it shows she's a very healthy person. >> the vice presidential candidates are also releasing their own medical information as well. all eyes might be on the presidential campaign, but or investigative unit discovered a lot of big california donors giving to congressional races in other states as well. we seemed up with nbc stations across the nation to follow the campaign money, and we found that silicon valley has now
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eclipsed hollywood as the area with the largest total campaign contributions. california as a whole gave more money to out-of-state races, particularly u.s. senate races, than to those in the state. >> they tend to fund the senate and presidential campaigns, certainly a lot of wealth in silicon valley and it is funding the candidates. >> tonight our investigative unit breaks down the numbers to show who has emerged as a major player this political season and show you where the money is going and which states are getting a lot of attention from california donors. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a story, call our tip line, 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to a modern miracle perhaps? a new test gives hope to detecting cancer early. four times more lickly to detect
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breast cancer, potentially saving lives.
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almost friday. >> it's always tough to look forward to the weekend, but if we must, what we're seeing is temperatures actually -- >> we are looking at temperatures that will warm up -- if you want to get to the beach one last time as we get ready to close out the summer, inviting fall on. you've been hearing a lot about that. temperatures not going to feel much like fall. we'll be feeling like summer a
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least for one more weekend. still a little like fall in the north bay. 49 degrees. looking at the 50s across san francisco, the tri-valley and the south bay. later today, 85 degrees for places like the tri-valley. 69 for san francisco. 83 for the south bay. our winds today out of the northwest. it's the slight shift that's going to bring in that warm air out of the northwest to the north. that happens for tomorrow and we'll see temperatures really warm up, responding to that. because of high pressure that's in control of our weather, we'll see the wends shift out of the north. that's going to leave the storm track to the north. look what happens to the temperatures over the next couple days across the state. today, 85 degrees in walnut creek, 83 in napa. southern california down into southern california, not too bad. even the 90s for palm springs. 100 for tomorrow, walnut creek back into the 90s. triple digit heat builds in as
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we head to the weekend. talking 9 a degrees for places like walnut creek and warm at the coastline. here is the seven-day forecast. as you get ready for the weekend, let it sink in. another warm stretch of air moving in for the weekend and even for next week. san francisco is going to warm up, back into the 70s for the weekend. nice beach weekend. maybe get the surfboard out, take the dogs for a walk. >> doing any of those things you're doing okay as far as getting there, even in the south bay. we had the slowing in milpitas over the last ten minutes. south 880 at 237, i think the road crew is completely cleared although they may be gathering up the rest of their work stuff on the shoulder there. watch for the transition, a little transition. the rest of the south bay moves well. we'll show you the san jose camera, north of 680, no problems with the few cars. the bay bridge toll plaza, popular spot. no backup and no delay.
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back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. 4:46. if you're thinking about picking up the new iphone 7 when it goes on sale, you'll have to wait. >> for the rest of the news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. wall street could be treading water ahead of a slew of economic data. futures are higher. stocks ending mixed on wednesday with a drop in oil prices dragging on the dow. the nasdaq moved higher thanks to apple with its best day in two months. you want to look for perks on unemployment, retail sales, inflation and manufacturing. the dow falling 32 points to 18034, the nasdaq rising 18 to 5173. if you were hoping to pick up a new iphone tomorrow, you may have to wait. apple says they're sold out worldwide as is the new jet black version of the smaller
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iphone 7. that means if you go to an apple store on friday, you won't be able to buy one on site, but you can still place orders online. there's more at stake in tonight's nfl match-up between the jets and the bills than just wins and losses. it's also a crucial test for twitter which is streaming the tv broadcast along with live tweets and ads from budweiser. twitter announcing yesterday the app is available for devices such as apple tv and xbox 1 where users can watch live events. sam and laura, back over to you. >> thursday night football that we can all watch? >> yea, football! thanks. >> i can detect the excitement there. one place that loves its football is pittsburgh. as people are sufling around going to games, a new way to get around town. uber showed off the new fleet of driverless cars to the rest of the country. a test program kicked off in
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pittsburgh with self-driving cars picking up passengers. the vehicles are loaded with features that allow them to navigate. a driver is behind the wheel to take control if something were to go wrong. an uber engineer is also in the front passenger seat. >> i would definitely feel comfortable in a self-driving car. i trust it over human drivers. >> i can't speak for other people, but it's kind of scary. >> uber's current self-driving fleet made up of ford fusion sedans. the plan is to add volvo suvs in the future. the self-driving cars have been spotted in san francisco. uber says an actual driver was behind the wheel at the time. >> if you're noticing more corporate shuttle buses on bay area roadways, it's not your imagination. for the first time we're getting a clear picture of the growing number of private tech company buses. bay area transportation leaders yesterday released their first ever shuttle census. they counted more than 400 tech
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buses in operation daily in san francisco alone. typically shuttle buses are moving about 34,000 passengers per day around the bay area. >> moving out now, days after the ncaa pulled its championship games from north carolina, another college athletic conference has followed suit. the acc plans to move its championships from charlotte, all this fallout from the controversial hb 2 law that bans transgender people from using bathrooms in government offices and schools that correspond to their gender identity. two months ago the nba moved the 2017 all-star game from charlotte as well. 4:50 right now. exciting hopeful news in the fight against breast cancer. a revolutionary test given in addition to mammograms is showing it can be better at fighting cancer than just mammograms alone. it's called molecular breast imaging or mbi. for women with dense breast
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tissue which is half of all women, it's a highly effective tool to detect tumors. the patient is injected with a tracer that reacts to different behavior of cancer cells making tumors much easier to identify than just on mammograms. >> in my opinion, this is the most promising technique we have towards zero deaths from breast cancer. >> one study has proven it's nearly four times more likely to detect cancer than mammograms in women with dense breast tissue. >> could make a big difference there. 4:51. a new study released this morning suggests major difficulties with -- the problem is in procedural memory which is linked to automatic tasks like walking, talking and writing a bike. procedural memory issues have been linked to dyslexia and language problems. 4:51. what's beneath the big top? coming up, the answer many have
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been seeking in the south bay and co-valle begins and neighbors express their angst. high-tech, low-price shopping. on our facebook page read how walmart customers can soon use a hand-held device to summon an empty shopping cart. we introduce you to the winner of the 11th season of america's got talent. city workers in san francisco
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are cleaning up the growing the mission district. mentsn ==vo== 4:54. city leaders are cleaning up the pet encampments in the mission. using outreach teams to con vass the tent cities. supervisors announced a clear timetable for dismantling those
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encampment. mission district residents are skeptical about this plan. >> people, like 75% of them used to be tenants here and they have no place to be. >> they'll move on to another street without the help that we should be giving them. >> public work crews are supposed to clear those encampments before october. congestion and noise. that's what neighbors say they've had to deal with during the month-long preparation of the high profile equestrian show. cavalia has set up in downtown san jose. some people living nearby in apartments say they've had to dodge trucks and equipment and a lot of construction. the show's marketing director says he personally delivered pamphlets to the neighborhood and held two community meetings. >> we invited neighbors within a thousand feet to attend the meeting and explained how we're going to do, what we're going to do, the times, the dates, the kinds of impacts to be had,
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parking, traffic. >> the show runs through october. >> definitely answer some questions for those driving along 87 and think what the heck is that giant tent. warriors fans not lucky enough to have season tickets, no u is your shot. single game tickets go on sale today. tickets to the warriors' 41 home games are supposed to go on sale at 10:00 a.m., talking individual tickets. they're available at the box office at oracle arena. season will be here before you know it. anthony slaughter joins with a look at the morning forecast. >> fog this morning, especially in san francisco and the north bay. we'll talk about lhow that will your morning commute. >> part of it 580, a big part of your morning commute. no fog in the tri-valley. we'll track this traffic as welcoming up. plus a new twist in the police sex abuse scandal that has rocked several bay area police departments.
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what we're learning about the alleged victim and her push for justice. >> got a tip for the bay area's biggest investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. pete tease
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=sam/vo= plus-- ousted-- a ctroversial e
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is fired.. the overnight decision by the hayward unified school board following a tense meeting. =laura/vo= and keeping a south bay community safe. what neighbors are doing to protect themselves after an 88 year old san jose keeping a south bay community safe. what neighbors are doing to protect themselves after an 88-year-old woman in san jose is brutally beaten and robbed in her own home. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as you get those plans ready for today, tomorrow, heading into the weekend, summer is going out with a bang here. >> i was looking at some of the long range models, next weekend, this weekend look good at the pool, the beach. last-minute time outside. our days get numbered when it comes to the beach this time of year. san francisco, cloudy and foggy
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this morning. if you're headed into the city, it will be great to start the day. 49 in the north bay. sam in napa, looking at 40s across the north bay. visibility there down to one mile. everywhere else looking pretty good. if you're coming in from the north bay, you may need to pay attention to mike. 80 degrees at redwood. >> no major problems for those roadways. speed sensors looking good. the bay bridge, no waited. we'll show you the live note past the coliseum. southbound 880 at 16th, overnight there was a crash, busted up cement on the barrier. we'll track the commute to see how things build there. we're following breaking news in the south bay where emergency crews are on scene. >> we have the


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