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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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alto. what was that object? >> reporter: it was some kind of brass bolt. they believe this is the bolt that caused a deadly crash that happened at about 1:00. we know an 82-year-old mountain view man was driving north near university avenue when the bolt flew up, and hit him in the neck. >> the driver collided with the center divide and eventually brought the vehicles to a stop. >> according to triple-a debris, caused more than 200 crashes between 2011 and 2014. and in san mateo county, cal tran has picked up more than 2,000 cubic yards of debris, from litter to pieces of
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construction equipment. the scene has been cleared from earlier. all lanes are open. a fender bender just took place a few minutes ago. there was a disabled car in the left lane approaching university avenue. reporting live in east palo alto. thanks, michelle in less than an hour from now a candle light vigil will be held for the 88-year-old woman. she's still hospitalized right now. they plan to pray for douglas's recovery. she remains in critical condition. her attack still very much under investigation. less than an hour ago, we spotted several sheriffs investigators on craigmont avenue where douglas lives. they were interviewing neighbors, going house tohouse. the sheriff's office declined to
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comment except to say "we are following all leads." sheriff's detectives arrested 19-year-old zachary cuen wednesday night. they declined to comment on a possible second suspect. also developing at this hour, $66 million. jasmine, also known as celeste gaup has filed a claim against the city of oakland and oakland police department. she is the woman at the center of the ongoing sex abuse scandal. and jodi, this story as you well know changes by the hour. what are the new details? >> reporter: well, jasmine's attorney, as you mentioned, wants the city of oakland to pay $66 million. they say city officials stood by with a blind eye or acted to cover up what thicaey call mode day slavery for police officers.
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and filing the first charges in the case. >> you know, i'm more than disgusted. the last individual on this planet in this city that i would expect to -- not to break that law would be an officer. >> reporter: that's reaction of oakland city leaders as the district attorney files the first formal charges against police officers accused of sexually exploiting richmond teenager, celeste gaup, who now goes by her real name, jasmine. they charged dan black with engaging in prostitution and lewd acts in public. black picked up the young woman in a motor home last apal, telling her just to be clear i'm not paying you but i will buy you dinner. the two later engaged in oral copulation and sex in the motor home. also charged is retired oakland
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police sergeant, leroy johnson for failing to report. according to documents, he told johnson she had sex with members of the oakland police department. "tell me you were an adult" wrote johnson and the teenager wrote "i would be lying." >> if i knew about it and failed to take any action, especially when it comes to violating women and young women on the street. there is no explanation, no excuse. >> reporter: again, jasmine's attorneys have filed a $66 million claim against the city of oakland. at least one city leader tells me he's not at all surprised pm n there are five more police officers, current or former, who still face charges. we're told they will be filed in the coming days. meanwhile, the two officers charged today will be in court on october 4th. they must self surrender before
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then. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. this november election could be playing a big role in the sierra lamar murder trial and all to do with proposition that would bring an end to the death penal penalty. and damian, some say this could change the timing of his trial. >> reporter: that's right. the experts tell me the implications are huge and it all has to do with the potential jury makeup of before and after the election. he's been awaiting trial for more than four years. now the lawyers for garcia torres may be trying to delay the trial for another two months. >> they would like to run out the clock until after the november election. >> reporter: that's because prop 62 appears on california 's ballot. it would repeal the death penalty. steven clark says they would
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want jury selection to begin now to get a jury with the option of a death penalty on the table. >> you get much more conservative jurors, because they're not philosophically opposed to the death penalty in principal. >> reporter: and if a death penalty is repealed, they say jury pool would favor the defense, because the death sentence would no longer be an option. >> the real issue at this point is what is the jury makeup going to be for mr. garcia torres and it could be very different if the jury selection starts after november 8th if the death penalty is abolished. >> reporter: sierra lamar disappeared in 2012. her body has never been found. but they say dna evidence links torres to her death. and only saying. >> my home is that californiaens
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take into considerations, victims and the victim's family and their extended loved ones when they go to the ballots. >> reporter: elec torl implications for one of the biggest elections in hilsstory. we're live in san jose. nbc bay area news. thank you. colin kaepernick's call for social equality is reaching beyond the nfl. tonight high school players in san francisco are getting involved. here now from mission high school in san francisco. are they on board with this protest? sfwlr >> reporter: i can tell you a spokesperson said they didn't have a position. the principal says he is in support of his team. they left for a game in san mateo at 7:00 tonight. they say they have had discussions about colin kaepernick and their own experiences.
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football players at mission high school in san francisco made a team statement. >> on the field they start playing the national anthem, the whole team seen me taking a knee and they took a knee with me and i felt more confident. >> we were talking on the social injustices in america following kaepernick taking a knee and as a team, we l all decided to taka knee. >> i support them 100%. they're my brothers and i love them. >> reporter: they decided to become the latest athletes to following the leadoff 49er quarterback, colin kaepernick in an attempt to draw attention to racial injustice and in equality. >> i had to think fast and what i decided to do was support my team by standing for them and support of them. >> reporter: while kaepernick has received both support and criticism from those who believe it's offensive to veterans in the country. this team says they haven't had
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negative feedback. >> i'm proud to say all decided to do that together is extremely diverse group of students. >> we're sticking up for something we believe in. >> reporter: i reached out the san mateo spokesperson and they said if any of the players from their district choose to participate in a peaceful demonstration, it's certainly their right to do so and the district supports their right to free speech. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith. >> his protest seems to be gaining momentum around the bay area. big, big. the giants are on. and the playoff spot on the line. >> a little curve ball by bruce bochy. anything to get an edge, right? >> reporter: anything to get an
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edge, raj. and you said it. when i arrived at the ball park earlier today, i talked with giants media relations direct r -- direct director and the giants didn't need it last night, they ripped off 12 hits, they won 6-2. span was big. drove in runs 5 and 6. who needs practice, right? he says at this time of the year he's just fine not having batting practice. >> that's baseball in general. you win today, the next day you eat whatever you ate yesterday. go to the bathroom at the same time and try to do the same thing you did before. >> reporter: how much is it superstition how much is practice? >> a little bit of both. but to be honest, keep them off
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the field again. couple days off the field i think it serve them well. in the san diego series, especially coming off the tough road trip, boys looked a little beat and that's why we're trying to give them a little break. >> reporter: coming up later in sports, we're on the look out for kevin durant. that's right, k.d. he's supposed to throw out the first pitch. and we'll let you know the giants player he's going to exchange jerseys with. can you think of who it is? think 35. >> now i have to rack my brain, number 35 of the giants. so, what's your plan this weekend? we got a lot going on. this is one of the biggest and highest profile weekends of the year. not just the giants and cardinals. we also have football, cal hosts
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texas at memorial stadium. in the south bay, beyonce is in concert at levi stadium. and the indy car series, all the fast cars will be at the sonoma raceway and at the oakland coliseum, the raiders home opener against the falcons. and we're leaving out oracle open world. >> olympic gymnasts at san jose. >> do you have a lucky tick let? >> no, i don't have a ticket to any of this but i want to go. i'm meteorologist, jeff ranieri, across at&t park, you can see the players getting ready for the game, a cool 62. i'm scott along side the brand new iphone 7 plus. coming up why many people still lined up even though they couldn't get one of these. and more disturbing details
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emerge about what led up to a hate crime in the east bay. live in martinez. ahead, a motive that may be behind the hateful vandalism. the defending nfc champs
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will be highly motivated, not to mention it's their home opener. they beat keenum with ease. >> he may be the biggest quarterback in the league doing it and it's going to take all guys on every play to win this battle. >> the red and gold spotlight is brought to you by the x 1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. bringing tv and internet together for the most complete way to access entertainment on all your screens and personalized recommendations based on what you're watching. what prosecutors say led up to a
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violent hate crime in the east ba more disturbing details about what prosecutors say led up to a violent crime in the east bay. the couple who they believe
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painted swastikas and lit it on fire faced a judge today. live with the allegations of attempted murder, torture and arson. elyce. >> reporter: the suspect did not speak earlier today in the courtroom behiennd me. but a family member of one of the suspects had a lot to say off camera. she was even heard threatening the d.a., calling him a rat. gloria putell all a lot to say off camera. but on camera, she would only say it's l a misunderstanding. her granddaughter, 25-year-old christy mcdaniel and boyfriend are accused of plotting to torture and kill shackle fort who had a relationship with one of the suspect's sisters and the couple also spray painted swastikas on his family's home.
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an stashau has known savari for years and says the charges don't make sense. but investigators claim he bought glass bottles, perrit to make maltoff cocktails. and they say he posted this racially fuelled story online back in 2011, painting himself as a crime fighter who sees his enemy as quote an invading army of thugs, the poor, usually black, residents that have moved into antioch. neighbors can't believe it. >> we're very peaceful neighborhood. >> reporter: and we did speak with lloyd shackleford, he told us quote "i hope the two get the
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help they need." they'll be back in court october fifth. they don't have to line up but they still do. thousands of people around the world and around the bay area spending hours in line to get their hands on that new iphone. our business and tech reporter is at the apple store this evening. and scott, all these people in line. can't we just order online. >> yeah, you can. and i tell you many who were here depending on the color and model went home empty handed. others are on their way home to charge up their new phone. >> reporter: even in the era of online shopping it's still a tradition. camping out and lining up early. >> 6:30 a.m. >> reporter: to get the new apple iphone. or at least try to get one.
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>> the one i originally wanted, jet black, they're out of stock that one and completely out of stock for the 7 plus. >> reporter: it's kind of a community thing spending hours among your fellow apple faithful fans, even long-time tech watchers say they're not surprised. >> not really when it comes to -- the fascination people have with this brand is cult like. there's no other way to talk about it. >> reporter: and while lots of fans got to meet ceo tim cook, not everybody has a phone. >> if he says there's no 7 pluses, i'm going to leave. >> i got an iphone 7. i had to wait in line probably about an hour. >> reporter: okay. was it worth it? >> yeah, it was. >> reporter: unlike in years past, we don't know how many phones have moved just yet. nbc bay area news.
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jeff ranieri is with us and jeff saying show it to us. show us that iphone 7. >> that little girl in the background was jumping for joy. >> i want to check it out. you got a cord and you can only go so far. >> you need air conditioning this weekend. >> i know. it's going to be hot for the interior valleys. it's going to be for a few isolated locations. got the immediate coastline and that's what is giving us the fantastic weather tonight. for everyone heading to the ball game here beginning with pregame coverage beginning at 7:00 and first pitch shortly after that. and as we head throughout 9:00 and 10:00 tonight. let's get a look at the forecast and by 10:00 p.m., we'll be widespread throughout the coastline and by tomorrow
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morning, it filters into the typical spot and contra costa and alameda counties. and cloud cover towards palo alto as well. this pushes back towards the afternoon for our sunnier skies and let's show you what that will do to our temperatures inland. last weekend of summer with near record setting heat. 95 for the interior valley average in the east bay. south bay at 89. san francisco, 67. up into wine country, 88. what about on sunday? it is expected to be getting hotter. we'll be real close with the east bay at 98 degrees. 92 in the south bay. we'll have details for the raiders' home opener and for the sonoma raceway indy car action this weekend coming up in about 25 minutes. still to come, a cat killer on the loose in a south bay
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neighborhood. the steps the owner is taking to make sure the coyote doesn't strike again. happening now on our homepage. a
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high school stude in lake countr lowered her grade significantly because she averages high school student in lake county says a teacher lowers her grades significantly because she refused to stand during the pledge of allegiance. she's native american and said it never felt right to stand. and at stone gate elementary school, they say shots were
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firebfir fired behind the school. on high alert after a coyote
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attack. warning signs are going up and a san jose neighborhood on high alert after a coyote attack. warning signs now going up and parents are keeping their kids inside. all of this after a cat was found dead earlier this week. some details may be disturbing. his name was goliath. >> he was a great little guy. >> reporter: but his owner says he didn't stand a chance against this opponent. tuesday morning, she says she let her cat out for about 20 minutes before she heard her roommate's dog barking. a coyote had jumped over her backyard fence. >> i yelled at him and he took off. >> reporter: but it was too late. >> my cat's back was slit open and his liver was hanging out
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and his neck was broken. sfwlr . >> reporter: they've noticed an uptick. >> they have been attacked by coyotes. >> reporter: he says the extended drought may be a factor,oyotes into neighborhoods looking for food and water. as animal services investigates, angela is getting the word out, plastering her neighborhood with warning signs, making sure what happened to goliath doesn't happen to anybody else. >> i want them to know coyotes are jumping in backyard fences and killing their pets. and coyotes are known to attack small children when they're desperate. >> neighbors say they saw a coyote walking down the street at 9:00 this morning. they recommend keeping all cats,
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dogs and children indoors unless you're supervising them outdoor. and he's changing his stance. donald trump now admits president obama was born in the united states. but tonight the controversy is far from over. is it about access? >> it's always about access. >> big money buying big access in washington. coming up, we investigate where all the big donations from california are going. iumier senior investigative reporter. we'll also tell you who's giving all the big money. interesting answers when it
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comes politics...and the tonight we follow the money and it leads to interesting answers when it comes to politics and the sillicon valley. it's not just the presidential race we're talking about here. >> they're funding candidates across the country and we discovered it has eclipsed hollywood when it comes to giving. how much and why? here's steven stock. >> reporter: two decade ago, sillicon valley was a bit player in the national political conversation. now it's emerged as one of the largest givers to the national political campaign in america. this year more so than any other political cycle in history. when america's top yachts raced on the water of san francisco bay, the major force was none other than oracle founder and
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ceo ellison. he's an equally big forces behind the campaign. he's been the top donor, giving at least $5 million to various conservative causes, including florida senator, marco rubio and the sen torrial committee. and among top sillicon valley users, kleiner perkins, and sequoia capital's barbara stevenson. >> the wealthiest groups in america are the ones that tend to fund the presidential campaigns and there's a lot of wealth in sillicon valley. a nonpartisan group based in berkley that tracks and monitors money where it comes from and where it goes. >> it's not so much about geography but wealthy peepl and
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groups. new york, texas, the wealthiest areas. it's a tiny fraction of the population that funds those politici politicians. in fact this shows sillicon valley have eclipsed southern california in the amount of giving. we found another interesting trend. these big donors from the california are giving big time to campaigns in other states. specifically to nine toss up u.s. senate races. in florida, illinois, indiana, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania and wisconsin. >> what the national government does effects all of us and right now the control of the senate is up for grabs, whether it's republican or democratic control will have a big effect on everyone in the country, including the wealthy groups funding these campaigns. >> reporter: president and ceo of the sillicon valley chamber of commerce, now giving the large sums of money out of
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state. >> there are issues that whether they're in florida or ohio or new york, they're going to be key decision makers on issues that effect immigration reform, trade, effect taxes. effect intellectual property. those are all businesses, leaders, entrepreneurs care about. >> reporter: and we team would the center for responsive politics. we wanted to take a closer look at what companies and their employees are big givers this year. no surprise we found oracle, kleiner perkins and sequoia capital. google, apple and among the top corporate givers. and it 2/3 of all california campaign giving went to out of state or presidential candidates. >> for donors, it's a sense of how is my money best used.
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what is the best way to effect change? >> dr. percevel. >> they're trying to influence politics at the national level. so, am i going to spend money in this election cycle, how is my dollar best spent? it's states like papennsylvania wisconsin. >> reporter: the amounts can be staggering. and critics say that is a big problem because the average citizen's voice is being drowned out by all this big money. we've teamed with maplight to create a special app called voters edge to give you information about all the elections in california this year. you can find that on our website, nbc bay thanks so much. if you have a story for us, just
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call steven at our tip line. you can also send an email to the unit@nbc bay another controversial day for donald trump. for years he played a key role in the birther movement. today, he switched his stance in washington d.c. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, peri period. >> even as he reversed his stance, he now claims that hillary clinton started the berther movement eight years ago. there's no evidence to support that. >> imagine a person in the oval office who traffics in conspiracy theories. and refuses to let them go, no matter what the facts are. >> as for president obama, he had a reaction today. he says he thinks most people
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know he was born in the u.s. and hopes the election focuses on more serious issues sheriff's deputies have released photos of a gun they say was in the hands of an 86-year-old home owner when they shot him. eugene craig was shot in his saratoga home on monday. they were initially called to report his safety. a relative was called a welfare check. they knocked on the door and finally broke in a side door when there was no answer. that's when they say they were confronted by craig armed with a loaded gun. they're on paid administrative leave while the case is being investigated. who damaged american flags in palo alto? we showed you the scorched flags after an arsnist set fire to a september 11th memorial outside the east palo alto fire
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department. the flags represented the firefighters killed in the collapse of the world trade center. investigators released this surveillance video of the suspect. take a good look there. if you recognize this man, you're urged to call police in east palo alto. you can remain anonymous. more information on the lake county high school teacher in hot water after they say she lowered a student's grade for not standing during the pledge of allegianallegiance. she hasn't stood for the pledge of allegiance since second grade. but this year her home room teacher said she counted the pledge as class participation. >> i worked hard for it, i did whatever she wanted me to do in her class. >> reporter: the school's superintendent is reviewing the incident and says the teacher will be disciplined for violating the district's freedom of speech policy, not to mention
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first amendment rights. it can be tricky trading in your car. bay area responds to an east bay woman who had issues getting back nearly 6,000 bucks. the reason palo alto denied mark zuckerberg's home renovation plans. a woman watched in horror as her
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beloved pet died -- inside her burning home. ==vo== a woman watched in horror as her beloved pet died inside her burning home. she tried to run in and actually rescue the dog, but officers physically stopped her for her
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safety. was a tough fire fight. >> there were fwo ltwo layers ay wood and we went to a fourth alarm. >> the fire destroyed one town home and destroyed two other units. as for the dog's owner, she was briefly arrested for fighting with police. zuk gets denied. the city of palo alto said no to mark zuckerberg. he went to buy the four properties surrounding his home in palo alto. he now needs permission to tear down those houses and arerebuil. they denied the plan because it looked too much like a compound. his neighbors had plenty to say.
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>> i don't like to see palo alto turned into a large estate homes. >> the city says the developer plans to redesign the so-called compound and resubmit the plans for approval in november. let's talk about this weekend. the last weekend of summer. >> you're exactly right. temperatures starting to sore and because of the hotter conditions expected across the bay area, an air alert has been issued with the worst air quality over the east bay. and maybe it's the sonoma raceway on saturday. qualifying. expects 80s throughout the afternoon. i'm back with my full forecast in just a few minutes. a car was trade in before the extended warranty expires, leaving thousands of dollars in limbo. nbc bay area responds next. owed some money after trading in
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her car, but couldn't get it. ra nbc bay area responds to a woman who was owed money after trading in her car but couldn't get it. >> chris. >> good evening. several thousand dollars was on the line here. she bought a new car plus several optional warranties. she traded in that car and says the dealer told her she was due a proerated refund of the unused portions of those protection plans. but that refund didn't happen. >> my last message was i'm sure you will really wish you had called me back because i'm going to pursue this in other directions. >> and judy did. tonight at 11:00, we'll explain her month long battle for her refund and share information every driver needs to know before buying those warranties.
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if you have a consumer complaint call us. or log on to nbc bay once there, click the yellow submit tips bar for our consumer complaint form. i'll see you at 11:00. have a great night. it's orange friday here on nbc bay area. we're counting down to the first pitch, the giants and cardinals here at 7:00. kevin durant of the warriors is throwing out the first pitch. recognize her. aly raisman is in town. she'll be tossing out the first pitch tomorrow night and on sunday she'll be performing at the shark tank in san jose. >> let's take a live look. you could see blue skies. it's the last weekend of summer and it's going to feel like
6:47 pm
summer and as jeff mentioned earlier, high temps, high amounts of smog. we're going to have a spare the air event today. >> it looks like the 90s is where that is going to be. so, if you suffer from allergies, you may want to limit your outdoor exposure, especially on sunday. as we get a look right now at the ball park, our crew out there at at&t park is getting ready for the game which will have pregame action beginning at 7:00 p.m. on this channel. as the cardinals and giants go at it, 62 degrees. and we'll get wind and also little bit of areas of fog moving in throughout the latter half of the game. as we head to our weekend forecast, it is so, so close. that is the rainfall. you can see the jet stream is to the north. that's the conveyer belt of the cooler air and the wet weather.
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the main reason why we will not is we have high pressure building off shore and that's going to help to shield us from any kind of cooler temperatures and rainfall. now it's not going to be hot everywhere and that's the simple fact we have cooler, westerly wind that will help us filter in the fog and that's why temperatures range from the 60s to the 90s this upcoming weekend. as far as tomorrow morning's forecast, fog back in san francisco and 53 degrees. north bay at 52. for the peninsula, low 50s and mostly clear and 57 degrees. for saturday, temperatures again do get hotter. let's take the warmest, morgan hill, 93. san jose, 89. for the peninsula, half moon bay at 64. those 60s extending towards port
6:49 pm
rais. and 65 degrees towards the golden gate bridge. you can see right here for the interior valleys, livermore up to 95. pleasanten, 91. for the east bay, oakland, 77 in downtown. and check out some of the awesome restaurants or who knows what else. walnut creek will be up to 95 degrees. and in the north bay, temps in the upper 80s. with all this sunshine and so many huge events, you may be thinking about nascar. it's going to be big, indy racing up at the sonoma raceway and the biggest day is on sunday and that's when temperatures do get the hottest this weekend and if you're headed that way, bring the spf and the water. low 90s expected 2, 3, and 4:00. temperatures in the 70s from the noon hour to the early afternoon. let's get you into the extended forecast. you're going to be able to see for san francisco, 71 on sunday
6:50 pm
and temperatures gradually drop off as we go from 95 on saturday to 97 on sunday. monday looks warm and back to 80s through the middle part of next week. last weekend of summer is going to be great. >> raiders, cal, stanford, sonoma, everything. junel's flying. >> oh, i need my pilot's license. >> we need the helicomme commec. >> and speaking of our vets. we'll send it out to colin resch at the ball park. >> reporter: look who's behind me. it's the newest giant. kevin durant. number 35. we're going to talk more about this guy. pregame throwing out the first pitch. back after this.
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it's one of the most important games of the season. it's happening here on nbc bay area, giants and the cardinals and a really tall guy. >> standing right in front of k.d. hi, colin. >> reporter: yeah, k.d. right over my shoulder. we're going to talk about him in a minute. this is money time. midseptember. pennant chase is on. tonight, game two of the four-game series. last night a big win for the giants. 6-2 over the cards. and thanks in large part to the hunter pence two-run homer and a
6:54 pm
complete effort from johnny cueto. two up on the cards in the wild card standings. he tells me when it comes to a playoff push, been there, done that. >> the fans can feel it, the cardinals wild card, chasing the dodgers. you sense this and feel it every moment you're in here now. >> i don't want to say we're feeling the pressure but i think that brings out the best in this group of guys. however many we have in here with the call ups, when it comes to crunch time, i know how to play in the circumstances. i think you're going to see our best baseball. >> reporter: look over my shoulder, kevin durant. he's supposed to exchange jerseys with giants number 35, brandon crawford. i said who would be his guy?
6:55 pm
do you have a favorite basketball player? and who would you like to exchange 2s with? >> my favorite basketball player, lebron james. >> reporter: i'm sure a lot of people would say that. >> yeah, but because here. the wound hasn't closed yet. but he's definitely my favorite. let's give span some credit. k.d. would be nice as well. back to tonight's game. let's hear from the guy's on the action. >> and thank you. last night the giants played their most complete game in probably a couple of weeks. they caught it, they threw it. >> fundamentals. they were pretty fundamentally sound yesterday. they were pretty clean all night
6:56 pm
long and that's what it is going to take to play and win this cardinal team. the big x-falctor is that giant are going to see the right-hander for the first time. what negates that? well, the cardinals are going to see matt moore for the first time. i say the x-factor's about even. it gets back to fundamentals and playing baseball. >> game two of the 4-game series, giants and cardinals. >> thanks, guys. hunter pence, kevin durant having a nice pre-game conversation. first pitch about 20 minutes away. nbc bay area. back to you. >> a lot of fun. >> and you can watch the game right here after the game because the giants game is going on, you can watch everything else and we will be back here for the news at 11:00. >> we'll send you back out to at&t park. hunter pence and the giants.
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