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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  September 20, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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right now at 11: the city of san francisco serves the developers of the "millennium tower" wh right now at 11:00 the city of san francisco serves the developers of the millennium tower with a subpoena, asking what they knew about the sinking construction and when they knew it. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on our midday news cast. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. the tower has sunk a foot and a half in seven years and this morning the city took a major step to go after that developer. it's a story we broke two hours ago. pete suratos is live with the reaction. what do we know from the velar's side, pete? >> reporter: good morning, kris and scott. the developers are holding a
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press conference behind me here at the four seasons. i am told this was planned before the city served the subpoena that was delivered to the millennium tower offices below us about a couple of hours ago. the city attorney's office plans to investigate whether the developers broke any type of state law when it comes to disclosing the sinking issues to purchasers of more than 400 residential units going for as much as $3 million. since the opening in 2009 the 58 story tower has sunk a foot and a half and leans two inches. in the release, it says the demands -- he said i have serious concerns that the disclosures required by state law did not contain information about the settling of this property. the news release went on to say that the engineer hired by millennium expects the tower to sink 15 inches further into a
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landfill. the story was broken by san francisco bay area. the press conference will end around 12:00 p.m. stay tuned and follow us for all the updates at we're live in san francisco. pete suratos. we've been reporting on the millennium tower for a while. we've been digging deep into the issue, even triggering a supervisors hearing. catch up on the investigations on we're following breaking news near sacramento. the u.s. air force confirms a u-2 jet, neighboring named dragon lady, out of beall air force base crashed shortly after takeoff. two pilots ejected. the air force says the crash happened during a training mission. witnesses say they saw two
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parachutes with people and a third carrying equipment. no word on the condition of the two u-2 pilots. also, san jose police investigating the death of a man near the los lagos golf course. bob redell is live there. you say neighbors heard gunshots? >> reporter: they did. police have not made any arrests. they're still trying to identify the person who shot and killed a man in the driveway of this small neighborhood near the intersections of center and capital. we spoke to a couple neighbors who heard gunshot last night. no one seemed to be able to pinpoint the exact time and it appears no one thought anything of it at first. >> three gunshots. they were all really close together. after that it was really quiet. no screaming, no cars.
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>> reporter: it took a while for a neighbor to finally come outside to see what happened. like i said, shots between 11:00 and midnight. police tell us they didn't receive the 911 call until around 12:506789 they found what appeared to be a middle aged man dead from at least one gunshot wound on the other side of the black car we were showing you earlier parked next to the driveway. the people in the man didn't know the man. they believe he may have been homeless. neighbors say there is an encampment along coyote creek by the los lagos golf course. >> kind of scary. i'm worried. it could have happened to really anyone, you know. >> it's very, very frightening considering that i have a grand daughtered. you thi -- daughter. you think you're safe where you live. this is a neighborhood that has been congested with a lot of homeless people lately that live out -- down by the creek and
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also they live at our -- in our streets and are walking back and forth. >> reporter: that woman, who did not want to be identified, has only lived in the neighborhood for about a year and is already trying to move out. the coroner's office say they have yet to identify the victim. we do know that he is the 36th person to be murdered in the city of san jose this year. reporting live here outside san jose police headquarters, bob redell, nbc bay area news. thank you vauery much, bob. we'll learn about how san leandro police tracked down a man who try tod kidnap a woman in july. two more victims came forward saying the same suspect approached them within a week of the incident. police released a sketch of the man in august and put out surveillance photos of the suspect's car. it worked. police say they tracked him down. he was out of state. our reporter will be at the 1:15
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press conference this afternoon. watch for her full reports in our 5:00 and 6:00 news casts. would you believe this fire right there was sparked by a family dinner. started by a home owner who was making fried chicken on the patio of a home on leab court near story and white roads around 7:00 last night. it was fueled by a gas line that took an hour to turn off. >> reporter: when the first engine got here, they called for a second alarm because we had a gas-fed fire. the gas meter was on fire and gas was jetting out and the burning gas was under pressure. >> nobody was hurt but four people living in the home have to find somewhere else to stay. eight other homes were evacuated but those folks were allowed back home, though long after the dinner hour. enjoy the cool-down while it lasts. we have a few days of nice weather before the heat returns once again. and it will return in the fall. live look at the golden gate bridge from our traffic camera. haze still hanging around.
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meteorologist anthony slaughter. at least it's on a spare the air day. >> you can see the clouds from the shot. you can see, there is the marine layer that's returned. our natural ac. temperatures this time yesterday, anywhere about 14 degrees warmer. 67 right now in santa rosa. 71 in san jose. 61 in san francisco. 51 in half moon bay. the temperature difference. 17 degrees warmer in santo rosa this time yesterday. would have been 84 degrees. major cooling felt across the bay area today. even 11 degrees cooler in san jose. later this afternoon we continue on the cooling trend. we'll still find warm spots across the bay area and inland locations will get back into the 80s. look what we have brewing across the pacific. this is tropical storm payne. we'll talk about this and how it could impact the rest of the forecast in a bit. the hot and dry weather has allowed the soberanes fire to
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burn making it the costliest fire in u.s. history. 57 homes and 11 buildings are destroyed. more than 400 structures are still threatened today. it started by an illegal camp fire. it's burned over 113,000 acres. it's not expected to be fully contained until later this month. right now it's at 71% containment. because of the fire. the national weather service says the air quality in car mel and car valley is worse than beijing. a plan to add a new parking lot near a popular open space will go to a vote. they'll vote to add a 300-space parking lot near the mission peak preserve near fremont. the place gets packed on the weekends, leaving many people to
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park in front of homes on neighboring streets. a bigger lot has been in the works for four years. san francisco transportation leaders debating an over haul to a muni line. the mta wants to renovate the line between 15th and 46th avenues where the streetcars run above ground through the sunset. the plan includes eliminating some stops and painting muni only lanes. protesters are planning to attend the hearing today at 1:00. an oakland high schooler has tuberculosis and now parents want to know if tb could be spreading at skyline high school. health leaders answered questions last night and told the community of the alameda county's plan to test up to 300 students and others who may have had close contact with the infected student. one man who attended the meeting said the tb scare hits close to his home. he says his daughter dates the young man who is patient zero.
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>> the person, as my daughter told me, was coughing up blood. so he is in the hospital. so he has been in the hospital for several weeks. >> though tb can be serious, health experts it is actually hard to catch and there are effective drugs to treat it. but most people who are infected never show any symptoms. friends and family are mourning the death of a san jose state student. he drowned this weekend at sequoia national park east of fresno on a backpacking trip. the 19-year-old was a kinesiology major, struggling while swimming in eagle lake saturday afternoon. other members of the group tried to rescue him but were unsuccessful. nguyen's family and friends say they're in disbelief. >> complete shock. he is 19 years old. one of the nicest kids i have ever met. and, yeah.
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it's just complete shock. >> nguyen was a member of the san jose state outdoor adven tourers recreation program. new this morning, a long-running hollywood romance seems to have come to an end. angelina jolie is seeking a divorce from brad pitt. they were married two years ago but have been together for 11 years. on monday jolie's lawyer officially filed the divorce documents. reports say jolie is seeking physical custody of their six children. the couple first became acquainted on the set of their 2005 film mr. and mrs. smith while pitt was still married to jennifer aniston. well, poisoned pups. several dogs who got sick after visiting the same park. wells fargo fired thousands of employees over fake accounts. now the wells fargo ceo is on the hot seat over what he knew
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about it.
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ad-lib numbers scott the head of wells fargo w and welcome back to you. the markets are mildly higher this morning. we're waiting on a two-day fed meeting, so we're not going to see a lot of movement in the stock market. the head of wells fargo was questioned this morning by a senate committee investigating the scandal at the san francisco-based bank. wells fargo workers signed customers up for accounts they didn't want, in many cases they were accounts customers didn't even know they had. wells fargo says it's fired more than 5,000 people for cheating customers. you saw there the ceo, john stumpf. he says he takes full responsibility, but senator were not happy when mr. stumpf was not able to answer questions about what happened.
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>> were you the ceo of the company? >> i am the ceo. >> are you the chairman of the board? >> i am. >> okay. >> but i do not -- excuse me. >> the buck stops here, so to speak. >> it stops -- i am the senior officer. >> one exchange between senator bob menendez and the wells fargo ceo went on too long for us to show you the entirety on television, but it went something like this. menendez pointed out, if you are a personal banker at wells fargo you make about twice the minimum wage with a family, you're actually at poverty level. if your boss is pressuring you to do something, you're going to do it. one thing we learned from stumpf's testimony wasn't just tellers and bankers. the misbehavior ran up to regional level. up until the scandal, wells fargo had an excellent reputation. it was the only large bank that avoided controversy during the housing crisis. wells fargo did not make the strange and questionable decisions that other banks made. kris. speaking of questionable
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choices, a woman is accused of hitting police officers in petaluma. she is wanted and now police have another clue to help to bring her in. police are hoping someone can identify her. she is accused of nearly striking an officer as she and a male companion took off from their car from a gas station two fridays ago on lakeville street. officers were responding to a domestic violence call involving the couple reported by someone else. police say the car took off at high speed, no lights on. there was no pursuit. we are expecting a report on how the changes are coming along at the santa clara county jail today. the board of supervisors will receive a status report during their regularly scheduled meeting today. supervisors ordered sweeping changes at the jail after the death of inmate michael tyree. three deputies have been charged with beating him to death last year. someone intentionally poisoning dogs in the east bay? that's the suspicion after several dogs have gotten very
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sick. dog owners say someone is putting poison maybe on the grass at a park in the housing development in martinez. at least six dogs have gotten six after walking there. parents are also worried about kids who may play on the grass becoming ill. >> we have animal control right here in town. you would hope somebody would do something about it. >> the contra costa animal services is investigating. they've received tips but have not made arrests. today we know more about the man expected of planting home-made bombs in new york and new jersey. nbc's miguel almaguer is in new jersey with more on how authorities tracked him down and what it says about a possible link to terrorism. ahmad khan rahami's shootout captured on cellphone. investigators say his bombings in new york and new jersey were captured on surveillance video. rahami's father speaking
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exclusively to nbc news. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. >> reporter: you had no idea. >> no idea. i'm not sure what's happening exactly. but i think so -- it is very hard right now to talk. okay? >> reporter: hours after law enforcement put out a cellphone alert for rahami, he was spotted sleeping in the doorway of a bar, not far from his home in elizabeth, new jersey. rahami reportedly pulled a gun did shot officers angel padilla and peter hammer when they approached. they're both recovering this morning. he was caught after a foot chase and gunfight which left the suspect wounded but alive. he's suspected of planting explosive devices saturday morning at a charity race for marines in sea side park, new jersey, and another that exploded saturday night in manhattan, injuring 29 people. a third device was discovered just blocks away but failed to detonate. monday, a mile from his home, a backpack filled with five
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devices was detonated by police after it was discovered by two homeless men. rahami is an american citizen, raised in the u.s. whose family emigrated from afghanistan. >> he goes from being a normal kid to wanting to hurt people. >> reporter: rahami has been charged with five counts of attempted murder against a police officer. he could get up to 20 years for each count, relatively a life sentence. investigators say they are still trying to determine his motive. now back to you. to decision 2016. traffic officials are worried about california's recreational marijuana ballot measure. a report from colorado says the number of people involved in traffic deaths who also tested positive for some measure of pot in their bloodstream was up more than 30%. critics say unlike alcohol there is no nationwide standard for pot impairment. advocates say law enforcement is
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well trained to judge someone's ability to drive. >> it's already a billion dollar industry in california. prop 64 doesn't make that industry bigger. all it does is bring that industry out of the shadows and into the light so we can identify some of the potential harms and get ahead of them to protect people. >> prop 64 would allow adults aged 21 or older to have up to an ounce of marijuana. our meteorologist anthony slaughter has been watching the forecast tick up, take a dip and start ticking back up again. >> we are on the downside now as we get the fog and marine layer back inland. san francisco still dealing with cloud cover. north bay seeing clouds. we're seeing some clearing. temperatures are responding nicely, back into the 60s. where we have had the sunshine all morning long we're back into the 70s. the south bay, peninsula and the tri-valley. another 91-degree day for the tri-valley today. we'll get into the 90s. but yesterday we were closer to
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100. san francisco back into the 70s. the south bay will see temperatures around 89 degrees. we have the fog still hanging out. a very small sliver of it. you can see from the visible satellite, across the golden gate bridge, starting to clear heading too richmond and oakland. that's the only place we've had the clouds inland. the rest of the clouds continue to hang out at the coastline. zooming out farther, showing you the remnants of hurricane payne bringing pain to places like san diego and phoenix and flagstaff. winds about 45 miles per hour at the core. it will continue to weaken but lots of rain and much needed rain for places dealing with the drought across southern california. good news there. across the bay area, good news for us. we have clear skies. the blue skies we haven't seen the past couple of days because of the haze. air quality improves over the next 24 hours. back into the good category.
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high pressure will start to move away over the next couple of days allowing for a trough to develop across the pacific northwest. that means, we get more fog and cloud cover even in the afternoon hours, and we get cooler temperatures, even cooler than what it will be for today. temperatures for the first day of fall, here it is. thursday. sonoma, 76. san francisco at 63. palo alto on thursday, 72 degrees and livermore back to 78. san jose, 75. yes, fall will come in. on thursday temperatures will feel nice for everybody. even including our inland valleys. here is a peek. kris, you were talking, temperatures go back up for the weekend. if you're trying to get into some last few pool or beach days, it looks like you have another weekend to do so. temperatures even in san francisco go up into the 70s by sunday. >> if it's hot you get to skip mowing the lawn, scott. >> yesterday i didn't do anything. >> good for you. coming up, keeping students
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safe. area universty campu >> that is the sound of new technology that could thwart an attack at an east bay university. happening now, the city of san francisco served a subpoena to the developers of the millennium tower. it's been sinking since construction finished. we broke the story online and we continue to follow up. hot air balloon enthusiasts launched for the oldest and most prestigious air balloon race. the balloon that goes the furthest wins. we have the story and lots of video of good-looking balloons on our facebook page.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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back to school with a twist. incoming students at cal state east bay are getting more than just the textbook. >> they're getting a tool to help fight off an attacker. the sonic grenade. what is it? >> reporter: at cal state university east bay freshman orientation included something new. a sound administrators hope these students never need to hear. this is robo cop. a key chain-sized alarm designed to scare off any attackers. all incoming freshmen will receive one of these two-inch sound grenades that's as loud as an ambulance alarm. >> we think that, if the
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students have a sense that they feel safer, they'll do better academically. >> reporter: this woman says she'll hand out the devices to students in her residence hall tomorrow. >> living in the residence hall away from family can be nerve wracking. to have something to make you feel secure, i think it's great. >> reporter: students think it's a sound idea. >> it's an easy and small tool to help keep us all safe. >> i think it's actually a really good thing because you never know what could happen. you never know when you're alone and it's dark. it's a good thing for your own protection. >> reporter: students can pair it with an existing campus app called rave guardian to pinpoint their exact location if they're ever in trouble. that's marian favro.
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the university plans to hand out 5,000 of the robo cops this year. bike thefts at b.a.r.t. stations are down overall but some tried and true locking devices are apparent live becoming more of a target. overall bike thefts are down more than 20% this year but thieves are getting more savvy at cracking the usually sturdy u-locks which are considered more secure than the cable locks. through july b.a.r.t.'s dublin station recorded the most bike thefts followed by fremont. nothing is getting done. lots of deadlocks. >> delay ands deadlocks. coming up, we investigate the federal elections commission, the fec. i am senior investigative reporter steven stock. for the first time ever we dig into the f.e.c.'s voting records to see how the agency charged with protecting your voting laws instead does little to nothing
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at all. =cam5 bump in= adlib???
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they're supposed to enforce the law and make sure the federal election commission is supposed to enforce the law and make sure that our elections are fair. >> we've discovered the federal agency that oversees the campaign law now actually finds itself stuck in political grid lock. senior investigative reporter stephen stock is with us. how does this impact us? >>. >> reporter: scott, the bottom line, if a candidate or campaign now breaks the law, there is a good chance they'll get away with it. we locked at thousands of complaints that came before the federal election commission, the f.e.c., dating back to the year 2000. we found complaints that linger in the system for years, with no action. four years ago it was a sensation in los angeles county.
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>> i don't want to leave l.a. >> announcer: a proposed ordinance called measure b put forward to require porn stars to wear condms when filming sex scenes. many say people missed the bigger impact that had on elections as a whole. >> a mandatory condom law will not make our work place safer. >> reporter: the federal elections commission was asked to step in. american election law prohibits foreign money from funding political campaigns. but despite that, in this case, the f.e.c. did nothing, forcing california's fair political practices commission to intervene and move to stop the foreign money. >> this issue was really, really upsetting to me. >> reporter: bay area native anne wrobel once worked for california's f epc. she serves on the f.e.c. now in
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washington. >> we're not accomplishing what congress intended us to accomplish. >> reporter: founded in the wake of the watergate scandal, the f.e.c. is made up of three republicans, two democrats and an independent, who our analysis found voted with the democrats 92% of the time. causing a 3-3 deadlock. the f.e.c. was designed to create, regulate and enforce election law. >> unfortunately, we don't really do any of those things. >> reporter: we teamed with our nbc investigative partners in washington, d.c., to check the f.e.c.'s records and see if that was true. reviewing nearly 1900 cases dating back to 2000 we found the average investigation of a complaint took a year and two and a half months to complete or close. even cases where they took no action. 42% of all those cases went on longer than a year. compare that to california's fppc where only 12% of cases stay open longer than a year.
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mark everson is a former irs commissioner who ran for president as a republican this campaign cycle. >> i think the members themselves understand it, and i think that the political players understand it. that's why they can take advantage of it. >> reporter: we dug further and found the problems of delays grew, starting after 2009. this graph shows the number of closed or decided cases dropping dramatically through this year. in fact, our analysis found that it now takes an average of a year and ten months to even get to a vote. and when they did vote, republicans voted as a bloc 98% of the time. democrats and that independent voted together 87% of time. >> the f.e.c. is atrocious at enforcing our campaign finance laws. >> paul ryan serves as deputy director of the non-partisan campaign legal center. >> nothing is getting done. lots of deadlock. >> reporter: the fec's calendar shows deadlock kept cases open four years or longer. one case remained open nine
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years. >> republican commissioners are just as unwilling to enforce the law against republicans and democrats. they're trying to do all candidates and parties, outside groups, big spenders, a favor by letting them run rough shod over the law. >> do you believe there are people in power in congress who like it this way? >> i do believe there are people in power who like it. there are people who do not want change at the f.e.c. >> reporter: why? >> because they understand that, if the law is actually enforced at the f.e.c., it can have implications for how campaigns are run. >> i would strongly dispute that. >> reporter: at the regular commission meeting last thursday, republican appointees spoke to us through their chairman, matthew peterson. >> there is no signalling, so to speak, to say that you're free and clear to do whatever you want because we're just not going to enforce. the cases where we have had disagreement are based on a
11:36 am
disagreement over what the law requires and prohibits. >> reporter: even chairman peterson conceded the f.e.c. can do better. >> there have been times when i think you will all of us agree we can do a better job. >> reporter: why should mom and dad at home care about this? >> they should care about the fact that we are supposed to make sure that it's fair. >> reporter: seems like you can't get agreement on anything. >> not on very much. >> reporter: the f.e.c.'s inaction has now gotten the attention of the courts. we learned today that a federal court in washington has now ruled to the commission misinterpreted campaign finance law when it dismissed complaints against two conservative super pacs which were raising dark money. experts say this one court ruling may slow down the use of untraceable campaign cash currently flooding our political system. you can read the details on that and see our data analysis of the f.e.c.'s voting history on our
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website at >> thank you, stephen. if you have a story for the team, call the tip line line. 1-888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit. a san francisco man shot in the head with a paint ball gun at point-blank range and place s -- police say the homeless man, the victim was shot twice. his attacker is still on the loose this morning. we spoke with the manager of a nearby gas station that shows his camera footage shows people running around the time of the attack. >> i am sorry for the guy. i am really sorry for him. at midnight -- he's lucky it happened at the gas station where people come and go. >> police say it appears there may have been an altercation between the suspect and the victim that led to the attack. this is the second reported paint ball gun attack in the city this year. there are new charges and
11:38 am
new disturbing details in the sexual abuse case involving police officers and an east bay teenager. the alameda county district attorney filed felony charges against former contra costa county sheriff's deputy ricardo pérez. according to the court documents, the teenager now known as jasmine who was known as celeste guap, says the two had sex about ten times when she was just 17 years old. oakland police officers faces felony charges related to sex with a minor. court documents claim he engaged in sex acts with her in a public area near lake merritt. >> there absolutely does need to be accountability. my concern is about both the individual accountability but also about making sure we fix this broken system. >> the d.a. filed charges against oakland police officer brian bunton for allegedly tipping the teenager off about undercover prostitution stings in exchange for sex. a man accused of beating an
11:39 am
88-year-old woman nearly to death faced a judge yesterday for the first time. this is zachary cuen, charged with attempted murder and robbery. investigators say he beat and robbed flo douglas in her san jose home. the family says miss flo is still in critical condition in the hospital's intensive care unit. a woman who was hit by a falling tree branch at a popular san francisco pork is nark is s city. emma joe is suing the city and county of san francisco for not correctly pruning pine trees in washington square park. she was talking with her daughters in the park last month when a 100-pound branch broke off and hit her, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. she is still suffering from brain damage. doctors say she'll need 16 months of rehabilitation and suspect she'll not walk again. in his final speech to the united nations president obama urged world leaders to take
11:40 am
action on the refugio crisee cr >> refugees flow across borders in flight from conflict. >> the u.n. calling on countries that can accept more refugees to help out and for wealthier nations to spend more on humanitarian aid. a large fire swept through a camp for migrants yesterday. there are more than 4,000 people in the camp. nobody was hurt. police are investigating the possibility some of the refugees started the fire. crowding and long delay in processing of asylum requests have repeatedly caused tension at the camp, often among different ethnic groups. the usgs may be forced to move from its menlo park headquarters. another cost of high living in the bay area.
11:41 am
it's where gofrt scientists perform earthquake research but the agency is forecasting a rent increase at its current building. now it is exploring a move about eight miles south to moffitt field. they say it's a natural fit to work closer to nasa scientists. coming up, an update on california sea otters. it's an endangered species that's making a comeback. but why? plus. >> the debt collector calls before you even get a bill. i am consumer investigator chris chmura. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. after starting off cloudy in san francisco, we did clear out in some locations, but still cloud cover at ocean beach. so our beach days are getting numbered as it's getting closer to fall. we'll talk about the fall forecast coming up and a cooldown on the way. are having trouble after using
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an ambulance nbc bay area responds to several bay area residents who are having trouble after using an ambulance service. they say they never received a bill and, yet, recently got letters from debt collectors. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is helping them. he has an update, chris. >> reporter: good morning. two weeks ago we ran a story
11:45 am
about three people who received collection notices from a debt company that's collecting on behalf of rural metro ambulance. as soon as we got after the air calls from around the bay area started pouring in. we've heard from 12 more consumers who told us the same story. each recently received a surprise debt notice ranging from $765 to $3200. some say they even got two notices. we're now, wou working with the rural metro to address the dispute before the notices put a drag on the consumers' credit scores. rural metro assures it will address each complaint as quickly as possible. rural metro has wiped the bills clean for many viewers who have written in, saving them thousands of dollars and protecting their credit reports. if you have had a similar experience with rural metro ambulance, we'd like to help you too. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit once you are there, click the
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yellow submit tips, bar and share your documents, stories and videos. tomorrow morning the dmv refuses to register a car because it doesn't meet emission standards. even though it's brand-new. have a great day. >> i want to see that one! >> i do too. i want to see these guys. who doesn't like these guys. sea otters in california, making a comeback. the southern sea otter has been on the endangered species for years. they could come off the list, though. scientist say the record high population could be because they've had more food to eat. they span from monterey to south of santa barbara and they help all levels of the food chain. probably not the part below them. all right. you know by now that kari hall is on maternity leave. she shared pictures of her baby bella. she is smiling. not only at her momma but she's
11:47 am
smiling at her big brother kj. >> we like this next picture we saw this morning. look at that c! happy and proud big brother. she'll be away for a while but, oh, for such good reason. >> i am glad she dresses her kids the same. i did that too for a long time. >> still do it with the twins. people get them mixed up. i have to cut their hair differently now so folks can tell them differently in school. not that funny when they play tricks on the teachers. they do that. they're 3. >> my goodness. >> i could talk about babies all day. especially when they're other peoples' babies because they're they're so cute. what's happening in the weather world in the bay area. some clouds have made their bay wack in back into the picture. temperatures in the 60s with the clouds. where we didn't have the cloud cover this morning, where it's been sunny, back into the 70s, almost 80 in the tri-valley.
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70 for the peninsula and 71 for the south bay. high temperatures this afternoon, not as hot for the tri-valley. 89 degrees for the south bay today. cool in san francisco. we may not even reach 71 degrees because i am not seeing any break in this fog right now. you can see the visible satellite shows the fog right through the inter bay coming over the golden gate bridge. if you step out a little farther you can see a mixture of mid and high-level clouds along with the fog at the coastline. zooming out farther, rain is falling across southern california. great news especially considering that we are still in a severe and exceptional drought really from about fresno south into southern california. so rain associated with the -- this tropical system. this is tropical storm payne. it was a hurricane yesterday. started to weaken. it will make its way to phoenix and the four corners of the desert southwest. the one thing it's done and bring in the high and midlevel
11:49 am
clouds. you see them from berkeley. it's cleared out our atmosphere. the natural a.c. has brought our better air quality back in. that's the general trend over the next few days as high pressure moves away and the low pressure moves to the desert southwest. another one to our north, and both of those will kind of dig into the western part of the country, the pacific northwest, down across the rockies. that will cool us as we head toward the first day of fall. today will be a warm day, especially for the inland valleys. managing 90s degrees from fairfield to kill rio. temperatures cool off. back to 79 for inland valleys by thursday. we rebound by the weekend to 80s and 90s. san francisco, a nice day today. cooler tomorrow and into the next couple of days. >> thank you. coming up, impressive gear but will soon be a casualty of the latest innovations. we'll show you why, after 50 years, a real bay area
11:50 am
institution is giving way to something a bit more virtual.
11:51 am
11:52 am
now .. your smarne . well, chances are you've got a camera with you right now, in your smartphone. that's real good for apple and android. >> but, very bad for bay area camera stores. in fact, our business and tech reporter scott budman has more on how big business is closing up small businesses. >> reporter: in the heart of high-tech, a casualty. >> we're in basically a sunset industry. >> reporter: keebl and shuket, on the corner for 50 years. is closing. there are too many smartphones that can do too many things. >> they're wonderful. they make pretty decent pictures. they don't compare to really great pictures taken with
11:53 am
high-end cameras but they're still pretty phenomenal. >> i also have the sony -- >> reporter: this store like so many of the other so-called brick and mortar shops done in by technology and our love of online shopping. >> well, it's the way that business has become. we don't like it at all, but our choice is either accept it or close. i decided it was time to close. >> reporter: so one last sale. 10% off plus they'll pay the sales tax. a final chance to stop for real cameras at this real store. >> i have rented lenses from those guys for 20 years. >> my goodness. scott budman reporting. the sale lasts through the end of october. they employ about 35 people rain/sno right now. they employed about 70 a few years ago. >> it has to fit in the back pocket or it doesn't go. well-known warrior will
11:54 am
provide a key assist today as part of a bay area back to school drive. sam brock and raj mathai are helping out. sam is the tall fellow. warriors guard livingston putting the bags together as well. san jose's sacred heart community service. he'll help volunteers deliver supplies to a handful of south bay school. i bet the warriors players were like, hey, sam, why don't you come join the team! we'll be right back. he's not just a water boy for
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
the wildcat football team at a detroit area high school. so this young man, not just a water boy for the wild cat football team at a detroit area high school. senior bobby hay, who has down syndrome got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on friday night. that's when the coach and team found out that his mother, who is battling cancer, they wanted to do something special for her so they planned a big moment during the game that would be memorable for the family. the wildcats hand the ball off to robby. he takes it 20 yards into the end zone, gets a touchdown, and mom, well, you know she starts crying. >> the look on mom's face. >> that was so nice. a last look at the forecast. >> temperatures will cool off over the next couple of days as we approach fall. thursday temperatures inland back into the 70s. san francisco will see temperatures back into the 60s over the next couple of days. >> have a great day!
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> oh, i'm so sad this morning. >> oh. >> truly shocking news. just arrived to us. angelina jolie has filed for divorce from brad pitt. >> welcome back to "access hollywood live." >> i know. so sad. >> i mean we heard the news this morning, it was like, no. >> come on. >> impossible. come on. these are another one of those tabloid rumors that we're going to find out is not true. but it appears that now it's been confirmed that they are, in fact, getting divorced. they're citing, jolie citing irreconcilable differences.


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