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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  September 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00 tension t swastikas are found in two student dormitories on the same night. thanks for being with us. i'mç jessica. >> and i'm ronger. were these incidents targeted. >> what do we know at this point. >> reporter: we know that someone from one of those ç
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swastikas up here and with no word who are responsible students who live here are feeling uneasy. >>ym sanho say state students react to hateful messages on campus. police are investigating two separate incidents where someone posted a çswastika and hate speech inside campus dormitories. >> daniel lives in the hall where someone created a çswasta and posted it on hallway door and moved it into a window. investigators won't say what it specific group. they say it's her fault. >> people should be educated on how things like this aren't a joke, people who were÷ú hurt li this, like many families. >> the leader sent the campus about the incident expressing
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sadness and anger, they are >> racism is not acceptable. i will say that this symbol is antisemantic, it is not acceptable but÷ú it's a reality that we deal with. >> it was on a white board, inside a seven-story sweet. student who is live there are >> it's a little bit awkward, yeah. i mean i don't know what they could do. >> abc news. >> you might÷ú recall there was another highly profile racially charged incident there at san jose state. four students were suspended amiddle allegations they forced% a bike lock around the neck of their black roommate. they also hung up a federal flag. those allegations promised protests. thoseç students were found guiy but acquitted of any hate crime.
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campus task force was formed on racial discrimination. >> the governor tonight declaring a state÷ú of emergenc as protesters clash with police for a second night. police fired tear gases in the crowd that was blocking theç interstate and throwing sh was in critical condition by being shot by another person in the crowd. police are stressing the shooter was not a police officer. was not a police officer. >> i don't know, they just shota somebody and he was laying there in front of the omni there was blood and crowd of people. i don't know. i don't know if he's dead. >> again, that man is in critical condition, four officers are also hurt and hackers managed to take down the city's web site. tonight's chaos, one a black police officer shot and killed a blackç man lamont scott duringn investigation. of course, we're continuing to update the developing story across all of our digital platforms you can check÷ú out t twitter feed for the latest
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information. >> a bizarre story, the state capitol, sacramento mayor was assaulted at a dinner event.ç 32-year-old man has been arrested on felony chargess, protester threw a pie in the mayor's face that's when the mayor fought back, allegedly punching that çprotester in th face. he's a former nba and cal basketball star. he was elected mayor in 2008. within the past 60 minutes he tweeted this,ç appreciate everyone, i'm doing fine. thank you sacramento pd for being there. a teacher in brooklyn said she's beingzv suspended after exercising her. >> she along with the supporters faced off with the school board. cherw&, is she allowed back in the classroom? >> no, not yet. she's a teacher and protests
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organizer who is not apologyu! jettic about her stand on civil rights but tonight at school board meeting she told a room full of people her activism may eventually cost her÷ú her job. the students and teachers supporting middlep schoolteachers. >> today asking questions about history. >> the story made national headlines in june when sheç std up to demonstrators at a sacramento rally that turned violent. ten people were hurt during that demonstration, including the stab wound. >> they attacked us. >> her activism is what she thinks got her suspended today, even though she said÷ú the administration has not provided a clear reason. >> we were the ones who were stabbed by naszis.
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>> in the days after the violent rally, themy leaders received a threat, to either fire her or there would be violence on campus, that threat happened during the summer break, but she has been backym in the classroo since school started a couple of weeks ago. now she said she's been blind sided by the suspension. >> barrowing me to have a chanc! to continue to service members. it's not only salvaging me but salvaging service. i promise you'll not getç away with it. >> later on tonight we got a president from the school superintendent. they syruply said they cannot comment because this is a personnel mper. aep nbc bay area news. well, no clinton or trump today in the bay area,v: kaine, have theial candidate three cane
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had started his day with two e weeks and finished with a dinner inp san francisco. like many other high profile qualifications he raised big time money. here is at the home of entrepreneur steve÷ú spinner. here is the twist, some prominent bay area republicans are supporting the democrat, that's meg whitman, the hp boss the lunch event with jewel i can't say, both are active republicans. >> these played tonight, still no answer as to what caused a stench that sentç dozens of th people last night she said she went out in full force. today inspecting some oil sheets nearby. the question is, are the sheens goingç to somehow involve with twitter. here is more from the living room, here are the theories but still nothing definitive. >> yeah. we had some theories,u! still w
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do not know what that odor was but we're being told what it wasn't. they're saying it was not natural gas. the city also said wherever it the city of valejo which has somebody taking a look and that's impossible, so the source. >> all day and into the night oil boomsç surrounded the tank at the philip's refinery. this after two oil sheens were spotted in its way this morning byç cord skart gear. >> they could find no trace of the oil machines. we may have had some, but we don't know. there are a lot of unknowns but (j one of the lighter oils it could have evaporat evaporated. >> machine was out to protect the harbor, just in case. >> if you have a protect us, i will÷ú guard around you. >> they cannot produce the sickening odor that prompted 899 one calls overwhelming energy
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rooms and had the÷ú city wide shelter in place. >> as bad as my son quantities to go outside, i just stayed inside. >> it sickened to many families, norris asuppliesç and says tha you. >> quite often we smell strange things i never know what to worry about it or -- let's justú normal. >> the oil spill has no apparent harm to wild life. >> we haven't observed any oil wild life. >> we haven't received any. >> so 24 hours later, we don'tq know what it was, where it came from, the investigation continues, terry mcsweeney, abc 12 news. >> tragic accident takes the lia5ñ of a stanford graduate student. she was killed on sunday while the university today. she was 26 years old. student. sanford school of medicine
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studying immunology. authorities say she was climbing onç the eastern matthews and lt her fouting and fell more than 800 feet. this is the second tragic accident to hit bay area universities this week. on monday we werezv reported deh of san jose student who drowned over the weekend near fresno. >> coming up next, it happened in a matter of seconds. it has police worried a warning going after one çcommunity, afr this crime committed. >> and we continue our investigation into the sinking millennium tower, why a member of his staff couldú!in the hot seat. >> plus it was without question an emotional announcement drawing attention around the world. mark zuk zuk's and hisç wife $3 billion promise. >> no need for the air conditioning tonight, already down into the 50s but how long will the winds stick around for the first forecast of baltimoreç we'll look at that when we come back.
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a brazen smash and grab -- near google headquarters in mt. view. take a look... in front a starbucks. ornin -- the mpoutnain view pd -- is now issuing a warnfor peopleliving -- and working in the area. ==boxes== nbc bay area's ian cull is in m, ian -- the video is pretty clear...any leads yet?
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video shows getting out of gray honda -- hyundai sonata he ditches a backpack in the trash and÷ú apparently had his eye on another, left behind in the red nissan less than a minute before and then in just seven seconds he covers his hands with sweatshirt, punches the back sqllass, takes the backpack and take gs off. >> this is a grim of opportunity. we're not sure if they had been following him. >> they say the victim hadç grabbed to get coffee was gone just a few minutes his laptop was inside the stolen backpack. >> we're looking to inside lerp involved in other case. 20 feet about an hour after it opened monday morning. >> it's incredible and crazy. wouldn't expect something like that to happen, especially
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around this time of year. >> we showed the video to others stopping by for coffee tonight. >> it's amazing how in broad daylight she's÷ú doing that. >> she said she'll live it unlocked for sometimes, but not any more. >> but one would think that everything there is to recover your laptop or your lost ymphon that it would deter people from doing something like that. >> but apparently it does not, now mountain view police want tv remind people to bring your valuables with you, ern if you're running a quicker rand or if you recognize the suspect or the car in that vehicle, give them a call. >> lotsym of supporting compassn tonight for an east bay family after deadly accident that killed a toddler. oakland police officer set up a go fund me page for family of two-year-oldç jeremiah sarah. jeremiah was killed yesterday when he was hit by transit bus outside an oakland home.
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we're told the boes wasç traci when the bus hit him. more than $15,000 has been raised for the toddler's mission. >> he and his wife, the couple making av: monumental donation an effort to cure all fa seeks, who needs this? >> we're at the limit of what we understand about the human body and decent.zv there's since behind medicine. the women of our ability to alleviate suffering, we want to push back that boundary.d8 [ applause ] . >> how they want to do it is vowing to donate $3 billion over the next decade to cure, manage orç eradicate all the disease the end of the year. that includes 600 million for ucsf. that center will run as slab ration between u.s. berkeley anç stanford and u.s. -- >> that doesn't mean no one will ever get sick. it means people should get sick
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a lot less and we should be able to identify it quickly andç trt it. >> for the past two -- to plan for this efforts, we'll talk more about the new addition of tomorrow morning in an exclusive intervrcjz the today show. >> we continue our exclusive reporting on san francisco's millennium tower. we've learned a top member served as the permit÷ú expedite and helped to get approval for the sinking high-rise. >> jackson can explain why this staffer's past and now his current employment could mean ñy tough questions when the city's supervisor holds hearings on the dryer tomorrow morning. >> patrick has been built asç e world's first chief resilience offer add miezing people on how to prepare for sea level rise. before that, he workedç as a private consultant, performing a
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little understood role permanent expe dieter. the signature iszv on many documents related to the now sinking and leaning millennium tower project, nbc bay area has obtained a eistien wrote in august, she expressed what she considered the alarming problem that the millennium tower, earlier this month the mayor responded saying,zv the city ha thoroughly scrutinized the project, in fact, the mayor's letter was cited by the developer this week in a press defending the project as state erñ mayor li resp is that it went through all of the design and review processes of the city of san zvfrancisco. it went through an additional peer review process and it met all of the requirements of city codes and of those processes. >> on wednesday, heym acknowledd to supervisor that he provided
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guidance in the mayor's letter to find stuff. the other office says the supervisor intends to cleanse supervisors here on the project. nbc, bay area news. >> we mentioned the hearings they're triggered by documents we uncover, if you would like to see our exclusive conch we posted all of jackson stories at nbc bay if you have a tip regarding this story or any other story, give us au! kau. 888996 tips. or you can send us directly to the unit. >> we're midweek and can start thinking about the weekend and ñ you have to tell us what the weather. >> she's got a big event on sunday, basically is what she's saying. >> keeping the summer clothes in one powell andym winter claims soon. >> we've been drinking a lot good indication that, yes, we're starting fall tomorrow morning this is at 7:21 our time.
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equal amounts ofzv daylight on both sides of the equator, the days continue to get shorter and the nights get longer and colder. the temperatures you're seeing right now,÷ú 58 degrees in too evaluation, breezy conditions there, san jose, though, noticeably cooler, here 50s and the last couple of cities÷ú plas like liver moore at 7:00 and check this out, 57 degrees, big cool down in the areas east of 680 seeing temperatures at this hour still running quite after ways below but we're around this time last night. wind speed still strong along the costal hill tops, we'll see gusty and dry conditions as we continue to win to 30 miles per hour in high temperatures later tonight for just one more day. for the morning, 40s and the wind sheltered÷ú vallies, you'l see tf high temperatures for tomorrow, low to mid-70s.
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60s in san francisco, with those winds going throughout the door, light jalkt ormy long sleeve mit be good for one day. that low moves on, high pressure builds in and strong ridge of high pressure at that, you'll see the change coming up in the seven day oupç come, low 60s an approaching 70 on friday and then by sunday, mid-80s in the forecast and a bigger jump i think for theç factory do insi, the coolest of the day of next seven tomorrow and mid-80s on friday, for the weekend plans we ì% upper 190s. it is fun tomorrow, some are not going anywhere. >> i'll think about that. >> thanks, rob. still ahead, hackersç take over a moving tesla using wi-fi. we'll show it to you. >> we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, kelly ripa is my next tonight. music from band of horses night.
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do not change the channel when it's this good. >> happening right now on twitter feed, recall impacting÷ parents with young children, even flow is vo lun tering recall the bet star necessary, recall the facts. page giant let down in l.a. the dodgers beat the giants tonight, 9 3. they remain tied for the wild cardu! lead which is ten gapmes remaining in the regular season. we'll be back in a moment.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. ere able to ntyrol a teslcar tonight tesla says it has since fixed the vulnerability -- and is upgrading its software tonight. ==vo==
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a chinese company called "keen security" found out about the security flaw -- before any hackers were able to take advantage. the hackers are able to take complete control of the vehicle from a remote location. ==raj== some racy reports about apple -- getting into the car business... ==vo== apple is talking towell known b- mclaren. formula one racing cars.'s the reports say apple and mcclaren would join forces to develope self driving cars.. mclaren released a statement saying - the company "is not in discussion with apple in respect of any potential investment." apple has yet to comment. =raj/2 shot= adlib sports tz
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!" (screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out. "trick or treat."
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possible move to las vegas -- might not be so likely. ==take vo== intends to call state lawmakers into a special session early next month, to consider a public financing plan for a new stadium. the republican governor says he spoke with raiders owner mark davis, and thinks davis is committed to relocating the team to las vegas. howevere -- n-f-l commissioner roger goodell says he thinks a
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deal can be made in oakland. there is continuesd eculati that forner raider and 49er great ronnie lott - -is pa a group looking to buy the oakland coliseum site. ==jess/rail== the 49ers and seahawks have had a fierce rivalry over the past 5 years. and as nbc bay area's colin resch explains, the teams are ready to battle it out this sunday on the field, while speaking out about the same cause off of it. ==take pkg== outcue=...nbc bay area" trt=1:36 ==raj/2shot= we'll be right back.
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>> what the tackles clin çtop, they'll shutdown the run game and no longer recall on marchand lynch. >> they've got to move on and a little weakness that we're not we'll try do get done. >> no talk from kaepernick or fellow teammates regarding the protest, that wasn't the caseçn seattle where sherman started his press conference by stopping it in regards to football. >> i'm not going to answer any questions and it's no offense to youu! guys. i think this state of thingsed in world today is very interesting. i think the last couple of days a couple more guys have gotten shot andç killed in the middlef the street and more videos of coming out of guys getting killed and i think people are still missing the point. the reason the guys are here and we'reç looking on to make peop
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aware this is not right. >> collin, nbc bay area. >> richard sher man aç former stanford sta
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at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. well, the firehouse of course.
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meet "chico" -- that's the name firefighters in tampa florida gave to the pup -- they found walking around their station yesterday. chico seemed right at home... hanging with the crew. firefighters set out to find chico's rightful owner -- and sure enough someone came forward... and chico is back home. =jess/3-shot= thanks for joining us [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kelly ripa,


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