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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  September 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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they want answers and penalties. michelle, what's the focus of the case? >> reporter: it's really on the executives. it names the ceo along with a dozen others on the leadership staff. they're accused of corporate waste among other things. >> stealing money from people is criminal contukt. >> and speaking on behalf of his client who's a wells fargo share holder. they say they're fighting for justice after wells fargo employees opened millions of fake accounts for customers. >> the people that top all got bonuses. >> reporter: the complaint is asking ceo john stump to force the rest of their leadership team to hand over holdings back to the bank. they're even billion dollar
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range. >> we're asking for a claw back. in other words that those executives that knew what was going on have to give back those bonuses. because that's really the public's money. >> reporter: today stump resigned to the federal reserve but he's still the head of the bank. >> i accept full responsibility for all unethical practices. >> reporter: he apologized for the fake accounts but insisted the practice of cross selling wasn't a scam. they have already been fined $185 million over the controversy. and his clients believe this is trivial. >> they let them off the hook for $100 million. what a joke. >> reporter: thousands of low level employees have been fired over the controversy. they declined to speak on this lawsuit. reporting live in burlinggame, nbc bay area news. we are going to take you to
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charlotte, north carolina, where it's just after 9:00 p.m. there. the city is bracing for a third night of protests. the first two nights pretty violent. and so far as you can see pretty peaceful. they're protesting the shooting and killing of a black man by a police officer. today the family of the man police shot, keith scott, said they want police to hand over dash cam video of the shooting. the police chief says he will not release it to the fpublic bt will show it to the family. scott's family says he did not own or carry a gun. and in tulsa, oklahoma, the female police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man will face manslaughter charges. that just hours ago came doin. this showed 40-year-old terrence crutcher with with his arms up when officer betty shelby opened fire last friday. he was reaching inside his car,
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which prompted her to open fire and we're going to keep an eye on the protests going on in charlotte and we'll keep you posted throughout this news cast. the 49ers quarterback at the center of a growing protest of police violence is now on the cover of time magazine. we're talking about colin kaepernick. he began taking a knee during the national anthem next month. and it appears his coach is adding new support for the protest. live in oakland where antipolice brutality demonstrations are expected this weekend. >> reporter: kaepernick's protest is definitely inspiring others to get involved. an oakland city counsel member joined the protest and she's not the only one showing her support. >> he's shedding light on a situation that is heinous. and it shouldn't happen in this country. >> reporter: 49ers head coach chip kelly says he stands behind colin kaepernick's decision not
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to stand during the national anthem. in his most detailed comments to date, kelly shared his thoughts on kaepernick's ongoing protest. >> you look at what's gone on in charlotte and it needs to be addressed and taken care of because what's going on is not right. >> reporter: this week oakland unified school district honor band followed his lead, taking the knee as they played the national anthem at tuesday's oakland a's game. and rebecca capline also joined the protest. as colleagues stood for the pledge of allegiance, caplin sat down. >> part of my motivation is to say what you're doing is good and don't worry about the haters. because we need to stand up for justice. >> reporter: kaepernick's fight has landed him on the cover of this week's time magazine and
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brought the issue of racial injustice to the forefront. those who've been marching and fighting for police reform and civil rights for decades say they're grateful. >> thank you for putting your body on the line for a black wli life. thank you. >> reporter: now that oakland activist says she's normally not a football fan but says she's now a fan of colin kaepernick and plans to buy this week's edition of time magazine. we're told that we can expect more actions here in the bay area in the coming days. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez. >> thank you. in the south bay there's new racial tension on the san jose campus. they have identified two students in a hate crime investigation. there were two separate incidents where someone posted a swastika and hate speech inside the campus dorms. until recently the two did not
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appear to know each other and acted individually according to police. san jose's president says she's saddened and upset. >> we all should be outraged, whether here on our campus at san jose state or anywhere we live and work are targeted in some way that is hateful and so i'm both saddened and outraged. >> all this comes after three white students were convicted of misdemeanor battery against their african-american roommate. what did the city know and when and what was done about it? those were some of the questions today about the luxury tower. it's sinking and tilting in san francisco. live where the city is considering big changes due to this growing cont vuversy. >> reporter: this did center on who knew what and when.
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they explained their process and how they were notified. but we did speak briefly with one owner who thought key issues were avoided. >> this is not somebody's toilet is leaking. this is big deal and a seismicly prone town. >> supervisor pesken led a hearing on the city's response to the issue. >> it blows my mind that you have to call 311 to have the sd city come out and deal with a 58-story concrete building that is tilting. >> reporter: they didn't start investigating until a complaint came through in august from a tenant. and in 2009 one was sent. and not followed up. >> we don't monitor status of buildings once they're constructed. but we respond -- it could be
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anonymous -- file as complaint with us. >> reporter: they are piecing it together and waiting a final report from the developer on foundation settlement and looking at policy changes moving forward. >> i am not aware of any disclosures made of any purchaser of the millennium tower with respect to settlement. >> reporter: the whole process upsetting and frustrating to this owner who signed a contract in 2013. >> i would like to see a building safely corrected and somehow tied to bedrock. we would all like to stay in the building. >> reporter: and mayor lee did issue a statement saying he was informed by the department of building and inspection that the building is safe. and they'll do everything to insure the building does stay safe. christi smith, nbc bay area news. >> so, today's hearing was
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prompted by the exclusive reporting of our investigative reporter. jackson joins us from our san francisco news room. he says today pf's hearing was d blowing. >> reporter: actually pesken heard a series of statements and claims by building officials that he couldn't believe. he heard that they don't have the developer's response to questions that the city raised about the sinking building back in 2009. they don't have them in the records. even though these are critical documents to understand what the city knew and what should have been done. pesken said they should have started a monitoring plan and gone after the root cause of the sinking. quite a long time ago and now the city just can't even find it documents that developer sent and there are other issues that everybody can't remember certain key issues, who knew what when
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and i think it was a frustrating day for him. >> we heard from some of the residents in christi's report. what's the general feeling? >> reporter: about 20 stood up and one of them was frust raided. she said it gave her little confidence and faith that anyone was go sin going to get to the of this problem anytime soon, let alone sauvlg the sinking problem. >> what happens next in this? >> reporter: the owners have hired consultants and they're going to start a geological survey, if you will of what's going on related to the soil, its quality. whether there's water, there's been accusations it's causing settlement of the soil. they're trying to figure out an
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independent perspective so they can make their next move. >> jackson from our news room in san francisco. so, he has been leading our cover thochage of the story. you can find his exclusive reports online. and download our app to get updates directly to your smart phone. a man shot in a home invasion robby in the east bay and that why that victim is in trouble with the law. there's an increase in fires in homeless encampments. a live report is coming up next. and we're seeing cool and breezy conditions around the bay area of highs in the 60s and 70s yet feels like fall with snow showers around the sierra. but a big change is going to takd you by surprise, compared to the temperatures we're seeing now. we'll show you when we come rights back.
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a man and a woman shot inside their own home and now facing possible charges. yeah, this happened in concord just a few blocks from the concord bar station. and live with new details on this violent home invasion robbery. the victim could also face charges because of a drug found inside. >> reporter: that is a possibility.
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and neighbors tell me this is a quiet, safe area and so when gun shots rang out last night, some thought it was fireworks. instead, police discovered a couple had been shot multiple times inside their home and now they say they've also discovered drugs inside their home. 911 calls flood in. concord police arrive to find a couple shot multiple times at close range. >> the wife in a pick up truck left the scene prior to the 911 phone call. >> reporter: it happened in the newly developed high point housing development. >> this is not a bad neighborhood. >> reporter: douglas heard the shots from his house. >> maybe 50 feet. >> reporter: he says at least eight rounds were fired.
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>> they followed them into the home. >> reporter: blees say a suspect followed a 29-year-old woman and a 28-year-old man through their garage into their home, shot them both and drove off. when detectives searched the home. >> they found a large amount of marijuana upstairs. >> reporter: police say several pounds of marijuana are being discovered and are investigating whether drugs are behind the attack. whatever sparked the shooting, lorraine hopes the violence doesn't come back. >> happy no one else got hurt. >> reporter: and the couple is now being treated at a local hospital and is expected to survive. detectives say they will be interviewing that couple to determine whether or not they will also be facing drug charges. the suspect is also still on the loose. reporting live in concord tonight. nbc bay area news. thank you. a violent car jacking in the
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east bay, but thanks to a observant detective and a malfunctioning gun, no one was hurt. it happened yesterday when a man crashed a subaru just off 580. with a totalled car, the police hijacked a nearby pick up truck. the situation almost took a turn for the worse. >> it owner of the utility truck tried to protect his vehicle, the gunman pulled the trigger several times on the semiautomatic pistol he had. >> he ditched it a few miles later, stealing a honda. and from there, the map show as path he took. the officer was able to spot him using description from witnesses. he was ultimately arrested. he's a paroly with multiple
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warrants for his arrest. a jailed activist said he expected to be tackled by police, not punched by the mayor. sean thompson admits to smashing a cream pie into johnson's face and they over reacted giving him nine stitches. he tells the associated press, he's surprised his action is considered a felony. he's charged with assaulting a public official. a growing concern for firefighters. they're facing recent fires add homeless encampments. and damian, what's the problem there? >> reporter: well, raj, this one came awfully close to businesses near story road. in the last week alone, san jose firefighters tell me there have been at least five fires in the city and they pose a very different kind of threat.
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>> i would say we've laid a lot of mileage on these trails. >> reporter: he's a officer for the fire department. his short tenure has been filled with many of these, homeless related fires. how close of a call was it? >> it's pretty close. >> reporter: over the last week alone, crews have responded to at least five fires near homeless encampments. likely started to cook or keep people warm, but they also pose unusual risks. >> with the homeless population, there is potentially propain tanks, mattresses, tents, human waste out there. >> reporter: they're still talying up the number of homeless fires this year and they know they're costing the city resources and money. the department has the adding
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homeless in monitoring fire activity. >> there's a box that says was this related to a homeless encounter? >> reporter: information they can give city hall. a couple of other risks in fighting these types of fires, these propain tanks can explode sometimes. so, that does pose a risk and there's the rth other risk involved because sometimes they use booby traps to keep other people away. i'm damian, nbc bay area news. bring in our meteorologist. one thing we haven't talked about in the last few weeks here, but now it's hot. >> we had dry, breezy conditions throughout the day. and you mentioned the weekend ahead, we'll see temperatures soaring well into the 90s.
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it's hard to believe considering. you've got 60s and 70s for highs today. very approapriate for the first day of fall. average high, closer to 80, today, 73, now in the upper 60s. and we'll take you towards livermore, average highs in the mid-80s, today only 62 degrees. and nice view in tiburon. close to 70 degrees. this was the view at heavenly ski resort. elevation, 8,625 feet. snow showers at times. but here's the fine print, but right now, still a few lingering snow showers, close to 7,000 feet and the upper level system starts to move on, we'll start to see wind and kind of a chilly morning tomorrow. north bay wind shelter valleys may even see low 40s and highs
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tomorrow afternoon a little bit warmer than today. 80s south of downtown, and close to 70 in san francisco. and low to mid-80s around the trivalley out towards walnut creek and the big heat sets up into the weekend. here comes high pressure saturday into sunday. mid-80s around san francisco and mid to upper 90s for our inland locations on sunday. and in our next half hour we'll have a closer look on sunday, a reminder summer's sticking around for a while. >> looks like it. up next, somef the best of the best. president obama honors two bay area men at the white house. i'm going to tell you why.
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that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. happening now on our home page, disturbing claims about the work environment at national park. the congressional committee was given a report that claims sexual harassment, bullying and other misconduct are rampant among national park employees. and on our twitter feed, our mete meteorologist is tweeting out photos of sierra snowfall on this first day of fall .
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it's expected to be a record breaking tv audience. today, hillary clinton stayed
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home in new york, huddling with her closest advisors. donald trump was on the road camp paining and commented on the recent police shootings, saying the violent protests in north carolina would not be tolerated. he backed away from earlier calls from the controversial police tactic, stop and frisk. it's now shifted to police training. >> we must do everything we can to insure that they are properly trained, that they respect all members of the public and that any wrong doing is always and it will be by them vigorsly addressed. >> meanwhile, outside new york city, the finishing touches on the stage for monday's big debate. you can watch right here on nbc bay area. starts at 6:00. lester holt will be the moderator. they are among the most
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talented and gifted men in the bay area and today, president obama awarded the national medal of arts and humanities at a ceremony today. he praised them as figures of the top of their field. >> all of today's honorees work in an age where the stories we tell and the technologies we use to tell them are more diverse than ever before. >> reporter: bay area play write, and director, luis valdez was honored and stanford professor and best selling author, was honored for his contribution to the field of medicine, teaching and writing. a tight congressional race for the sillicon valley just took another ugly turn. we'll explain why he's challenging. and a huge data breach at a
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sillicon internet giant. if you've ever had a yahoo account.
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right now at 6:30, a half a billion accounts hacked. yahoo is on damage control after admitting a major breach. now whether you have one now or in the past, your personal info could be at risk. >> critics say yahoo was in trouble. as yahoo was recently sold to
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verizon for $5 billion. and live with this developing story. scott. >> reporter: well, yahoo says as many as 500 million accounts may have been hacked. it's still trying to find out why but if you ever had a yahoo account, your data may be in somebody else's hands. the data breach could effect half a billion yahoo users. >> i do have a email but if it's breached, they probably have my information as well. hope not. >> reporter: that's a lot of email users and fantasy fooltbal players hoping their information wasn't stolen. >> all those properties will be potentially vulnerable. >> reporter: and even if you haven't used your yahoo account since the dot comboom.
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>> i do. maybe i should log in and check. >> reporter: sillicon cyber security experts say your data may still be in the system and may still be vulnerable. >> we never move on. things have gone in the internet, they never get erased, so all the information is still out there. >> reporter: what happens on the internet stays on the internet for a very long time. and the best advice we've heard all day from security experts here, change your password right away, especially if you use that password for other internet accoun accounts. reporting live. an ugly political battle in sillicon valley just got worse. mike honda is suing ro khanna.
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khanna's campaign says honda will do and say anything to hold on to his seat. >> i would liken it to a modern day water gate. >> reporter: accusations of political scandal in cyber space. in a lawsuit filed in san jose today, congressman mike honda alleged ro khanna's campaign manager downloaded voter info. >> they're now on watch. i have your information, i'm contacting you and it's me personally contacting you. that's a violation of privacy and it is harassment. >> reporter: honda's campaign says haupd onda's campaign mana had access. and khanna's campaign illegally continued to access them dozens of times and used the list to contact donors.
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khanna and his campaign manager denied to speak. but they released a statement carling it "it's desperate and sad." melinda jackson says it's too early to tell how they'll effect the election. >> it could certainly cause voters to take a second look at khanna, to look at him a bit more critically than they have or it could be seen as sour grapes on honda's part. >> congressman honda was not at the news conference today. and khanna's campaign manager did not answer our calls but they issued a statement saying that he'll resign to avoid risk being a distraction. just go to our website, nbc bear it's still a mystery in the waters. the coast guard continues to
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look for the source of the two oil sheens pap coast guard helicopter was on the scene this morning and said they're no longer visible. >> it has a natural degradation rate, so over time, the sheen has a natural tendency to evaporate in the air, which would explain why it was not seen today. >> they're investigating whether that came from a ship and the first oil slick showed up on tuesday and the second on wednesday. and there's word if the sheens are linked to the mysterious odor that sickened dozens of people in vulallejo monday nigh. this video provided by stanford university shows blue whales and hunch backs lunge feeding. it allows them to engulf pray
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and water larger than their bodies and found in seconds. there's a beautiful part of san francisco that most of us have never been to. it's 30 miles from the city and off limits to the public. but thanks to technology, woo ecan now visit the fairlon islands. sort of. >> reporter: they definitely have a mystique about them. most people don't really know what's out there. >> reporter: on the clearest of clear days, you might be able to make out the kragy outline of the farallone islands. >> there's a mystique about it because we're surrounded in fog and remote. >> reporter: it's off limits to the public. >> and that's due to the sensitive nature of the habitat on the island. they're home to globally important populations of various wildlife, including more than
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300,000 breeding seaboards. >> reporter: whale watching and other boats may get close enough for a view of the island. but the breeding and the work of the biologies have been off the grid until now. the fish and wildlife service and the point blue conservation science launched a new high definition camera to stream video. instead of the faint outline of the islands. viewers will be front and center to island life. >> you'll see eaall the wildlif on a the island. and it provides a new way for the public to experience and see the wildlife and interacted. >> for now the camera's fixed on different points around the island. >> you'll be able to zoom in with that high definition camera and tight arizona rocky shoreline and seals and sea
6:38 pm
lions. >> reporter: they say it may include a few surprises. >> say people get a shark attack, they'll move that so the publicing can experience it. >> reporter: but on the most part sweeping views of the terrain and the mysterious islands won't seem that far anymore. nbc bay area news. >> feels like you're really there. still to come, it's advertised as a water resistant phone. but a south bay woman she found out the hard way it's not. and a hand written letter from a 6-year-old boy to president obama. the offer he makes that's getting world wide attention.
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an innocent oversight or a malicious prank. an electric rice cooker let streets to shut down one of the busiest streets in san francisco. it was tense after the bombings in new york and new jersey. a bomb squad robot ultimately removed the cooker's lid and determined it was empty. it's one of the most talked about images in years. president obama shared the story of a young boy offering to host a syrian child. here's the image that made global headlines. pictured after an air strike last month. 6-year-old alex of new york wrote to the president. president obama then read his letter during a refugee summit at the u.n. general assembly. >> dear president obama, remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in syria.
6:42 pm
can you please go get him and bring him to our home. we will give him a family. and he will be my brother and i will share my bike. i will teach him how to ride it. i will teach him addition and subtraction. those are the words of a 6-year-old boy. >> a lot of people getting emotional after seeing this. president obama called on every nation to have the same compassion as alex. the video posted on facebook has now been viewed more than 10 million times. >> such a heart warming story. after such a heart breaking photo. that image is so, so strong in our minds. we're talking first day of fall right now. temperatures outside quite cool and breezy. but big changes coming up in time for the weekend. we'll have have a look at that in our forecast coming up. a brand new smart phone
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falls short of its advertised rugged image. consumer investigate chris chmura.
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nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman whose water resistant phone wasn't so water rezestant. >> and here with our story and how we helped. chris. >> remember water rezestant, not water proof. she recently bought the samsung galaxy edge from t-mobile. it's advertised as being water rezestant. while on vacation, it was splashed with water and quit working. she asked t-mobile to replace the phone but told her she had to file an insurance claim plis a $175 deductible. arguing the fair was obviously
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defective. we called t-mobile to ask why it wanted her to pay a deductible for a phone already under warranty and they replaced it saving her at least $175. we requested a statement from t-mobile but it didn't respond. call 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay and click the yellow bar that reads submit tips and add attachments to help us investigate. am i hold fashioned, because even though they say water resistant, i don't want it anywhere near the water. maybe i'm too old. >> you're not old. thank you, chris. ♪ happy birthday bay area treasure, betty celebrated her 95th birthday by going to work. the oldest park ranger is normally assigned to the museum,
6:47 pm
but today she's working on the grand opening of the new museum of african american history and culture. she loves sharing her own reflections on history. >> we all hope it be 95 and still anchoring at nbc. >> speaking for yourself. >> it's going to get hot, isn't it? we were seeing examples of fall here, winter in the sierra and a summer in the weekend. the nice, comfortable, if not somewhat chilly evilening. a case of canadian air conconditioning outside. and pretty interesting, the warmest temperatures are around the north bay. still a little blustery around san francisco. winds around santa rosa northwest at 20. so, no fog in san francisco. 62 as you see the clear skies. 50s out towards the outer
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richmond area. foster city, 68 degrees. peninsula temperatures in the mid-60s around redwood city. and to the south bay, san jose, the high was only 73 degrees and mid-60s outside already around santa teresa and morgan hill, 64 right now. check out livermore, 72. and 60 right now around the trivalley and look at that, 59 is that cool air comes racing on in. tiburon, 68 degrees right now. north winds allowing for a warming there. numbers in the low 70s. but much cooler temperatures obviously up at 8,625 feet at 3:20 at heavenly. so, those showers starting to move on towards the east. cold enough for a little bit of snow around south lake tahoe. that is a cold, fall-like
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weather system in beiend hind the rockies and the clearing skies setting up for a chilly start tomorrow morning. wind sheltered spots in the north bay. day time temp dhrs trending warmer as high pressure begins to build in. upper 60s, maybe even close to 70 for san francisco and highs in the low 80s and about the same for the trivalley. so, here is the big pattern change coming. high pressure late tomorrow and the impact starting to be felt on saturday when the nientsz come back and two days we're look at temperatures like this around 100 degrees. mid-90s possible in san jose. 80s for san francisco and close to 90s in oakland. seeing the warm up as winds briefly turn off shore as we'll see 70s and 80s for the weekend. we got 60s for tomorrow, close to 70 in san francisco.
6:50 pm
likely mid-80s in sunday and monday. and the inland valley temperatures soaring. we'll be seeing them close to 100 in sunday and monday. things cool off towards thursday. so, welcome to fall. got summer coming back big time. >> you called it weather whiplash. >> up next, kaepernick started it and nba players might continue it. we're going to hear about a possible protest when the basketball season tips off.
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open for business. the warriors are back at work.
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they report for duty next week, but today the coaches and kpexe on the floor. and the protest with colin kaepernick, could it happen with the warriors? colin. >> reporter: can you believe it's almost here? the new look warriors with kevin durant will play their first preseason game a week from saturday in toronto. now, throughout the league, so not happy with the thought of the rich getting richer, but today general manager says he's not apologizing for k.d. >> i think everybody gets their turn. maybe this is our time to see what we can do with a talented group of players. but we waited. if you're a fan of this team, you had to be patient. you had to wait and i feel like for our fans, they deserve to watch a team like this. our fans are the best. so, let's not apologize. >> reporter: as curious as we all may be to see durant for the
6:54 pm
first time in a warriors uniform, many are just as curious to see what k.d. and fellow nba players do when the national anthem is played. under the current rule, players have to stand. >> what i would not do is tell our players you have to do this . the conversations we're having with our players is good. what is happening in society, that's not good. it's much more important than dribbling a basketball and making shots and what we're going to try to do as an organization is take some opportunities to continue to have these conversations. >> reporter: which meyers expects in the coming days and weeks. they've put together speakers versed in social issues. >> they want to do things to help. they're just trying to figure out what they are. >> reporter: in oakland, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> yesterday, head coach steve kerr said he would support his
6:55 pm
players in what they want to do. kevin durant appeared on hbo to discuss. >> since colin started off and it's got so much speed since then, you never know what will happen but i'm sure there will be guys that stand up and i guess protest. >> the nba's also trying to take a proactive step. the league releasing a long statement that read in part quote fostering a conversation is likely the best things teams can do. these aren't issues that can be solved in a locker room meter or any community out reach with the league and they don't have to be issues that tear a team or the league apart. finally, if you've been looking for the foofuture of ror coasters, put your goggles on. it's called "the rage of the r
6:56 pm
gargoyles." and riders will wear virtual reality goggles and pass through a battle of demonic creatures. sounds scary. the new ride is being added ahead of the park's animal fright fest. scary. >> so, you're on the roller coaster and wearing the vr goggles. >> double scareiness for you. how does that stay on? you're right. you'll lose one of those. >> we'll have to go to vallejo to check that out. i nominate michelle. >> i'm too old for roller coaster rides. >> have a great weekend. or evening. is it friday yet? >> have a good night. we'll see you back here at 11:00. investigated for
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child abuse. brad pitt investigated for child abuse? >> and angelina filing for divorce, now on "extra." child services probing brad pitt. the explosive new report. an intoxicated pitt got verbally and physically abusive with one of the kids on a private jet. today brad fires back. plus jennifer aniston's best friend chelsea handler unleashes on angelina. >> married a [ bleep ]


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