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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  September 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we see the fog in our cameras. you might see it on the roadways this morning. >> that may be an issue. the golden gate bridge is getting some fog right now. first a smooth drive for most of your commute. the speed sensors slowing on the right. a fender bender reported. we'll check on the details there. another fender-bender northbound 17 at the summit off-ramp, not affecting the freeway speeds as far as we can tell, but it is still there. that's also not far from the loma fire. these are not related, the fire and the crash. i want to point out where that is. at the bottom of the screen, there's fog registering on the roadways. is that helping? >> seeing a lot of thick low clouds at least below 1,000 feet. you can still see it from our san bernardino mountain camera. looking at the low clouds in san francisco. a misty commute for you across the golden gate bridge. temperatures in the 60s for the afternoon and 80s for highs across the valley today which is nice. as we mentioned, the elevation
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of the fog. above it is where the loma fire is burning. still 73 degrees in the hills. not as hot the last few days. we should see cooler temperatures, and the marine layers deepening which will help things out along the fire lines. >> the cooldown badly needed on the santa cruz mountains, where the loma fire continues to burn mostly out of control. >> here is the laeest in terms of the numbers. the fires burned through 2200 acres, up to 10% containment this morning. one home and six out buildings have been destroyed. bob redell is out there and will have an update later this morning. as we mentioned yesterday, there were a lot of reenforcements needed to get to this point today. the number of firefighters went from 350 to 500 on the front lines, bringing in tankers and choppers as they did more air drops and used more fire retardant.
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it appears to have calmed the spread of the fire. >> a very fierce fire season. firefighters say it's only intensified in the past few months. we spoke to one firefighter who battled four different fires back-to-back. >> the intensity of the fires with so much fuel to burn that, you know, the sob bran know fire, we were in the fog. it was so dry. after 15 days you need a break. >> these guys are working hard. firefighters usually work 24 hours on the fire lines and then have the next 24 hours off. >> no doubt they have very appreciative families and communities they're protecting. stay with us for continuing coverage. we'll continue to follow it on air and a online at breaking news this morning. we're just getting word ha the downed malaysia airlines flight mh-17 was a russian warhead. according to the dutch-led team of investigators.
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the missile was fired from an area of ukraine controlled by pro moscow levels. the first sur sfas-to-air missile heading to kuala lumpur. the plane scattered wreckage over several miles. >> another incident raising questions this morning and a developing story in the wake of several recent high-profile police shootings around the country. people in southern california are demanding answers following a deadly ens depth last night. protesters quickly gathered at the scene of the shooting which happened near a san diego strip mall. the el cajon police chief says officers shot an african-american man who they say was acting erratically and failing to comply with their directions. witnesses that our sister station spoke with contradicted that police statement, but police say the video proves what
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they were up against. here is a picture of the scene, specifically the confrontation between police and that man. you can see his hands are in the air. it appears as if he's holding something or pointing something. that was the video released by police. they are right now calling for peace as they investigate this case. >> now is the time for calm. now is a time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event, and we plan to be open and transparent within the results of the law. >> this shooting comes just three days after police in charlotte, north carolina, released video there showing the september 20th killing of keith lamont scott. a tulsa, oklahoma, police officer is facing criminal charges in connection with a shooting there. police looking for reports of a stall kerr at an east bay high school, driving up to students between classes and harassing them. it's been happening at oakland technical high school's upper campus. officials say the man is targeting mostly female
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students, driving a late 1990 rs white van which looks similar to a dodge ram van. he's described as white between ages 50 and 65 years of age with gray hair and a gray mustache. today two santa clara county jail correctional deputies will be back in court from a preliminary hearing stemming from charges in connection with an alleged inmate beating. the two are accused in a beating last july that left an inmate severely injured. the former inmate, ruben garcia, says the guards gave him a fractured jaw and other injuries. let's get you caught up on a continuing case here. the preliminary hearing will begin in the case of three difters accused in two separate bay area murders. 24-year-old shawn angold has agreed to testify. on the stand he cried as he talked about how all three of the suspects were high on
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methamphetamines when they robbed and killed the 24-year-old backpacker. two days later angold says they shot and killed that man walking with his dog near fairfax. he says they shot the man in order to steal his car. new this morning, contra costa county workers are locked in a bitter contract dispute and they're promising to walk off the job on friday. the union represents some 1100 county service workers, and their last contract expired in june. a new bargaining session set to take place tomorrow. in a statement issued yesterday, the union says the workers will walk off the job on friday if a new deal cannot be reached. former israeli prime minister shimon perez has died two weeks after suffering a major stroke. he led peace talks with the palestinians in the 1990s, an effort that won him the nobel prize.
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our stephen stock interviewed him last year. in addition to being israeli's ninth president, he twice served as the country's prime minister. >> pretty amazing life. 5:07. let's get a check of your micro climate forecast. >> the sea breeze making a comeback yesterday afternoon. 61 degrees. not much in the way of low clouds in san diego, blue a different story across the golden gate bridge. 55 and misty skies. dropping temperatures into the 60s and 70s from san francisco to oakland. inland temperatures still warm, not as bad as the last few days. mid to upper 80s inland. san francisco cooling as we move through the weekend. slight chance of showers by monday. inland temperatures dropping out of the 80s into the 70s as we move into the weekend. mike? >> looking over here, the rest of the bay trending on an easy drive except out of the altamont pass.
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westbound 580, a crash blocking the fast lane out of the tracy area. as you get to the area past there, everything smooths out. our dublin camera, westbound, look at the spacing, at speeds at the dublin interchange. thank you, mike. >> still ahead, the latest on the momeloma wildfire. plus the candidates hitting the road following the historic debate watched by millions. >> i said last night, i said, you know, secretary, you are experienced, but it's bad experience because everything you did turned out bad. >> and when i confronted him with the reasons why he won't release his tax returns and i got to that point where i said, well maybe he's paid zero, he said that makes him smart.
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the final figures are in. it turns out more than 80 million people tuned in to watch the debate between hillary clinton and donald trump on monday night. that figure doesn't include online views. it's the most watched presidential debate ever. candidates now back on the campaign trail. >> "today in the bay's" edward lawrence joins us live from washington, d.c. this morning. ed, hillary clinton continues to capitalize on her performance. many political pundits say she won that debate. >> reporter: sam and laura,
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that's exactly what they're saying right now. in fact, hillary clinton trying to ride that momentum as he goes into a campaign event today. she's targeting younger voters. she has an event with senator bernie sanders at the university of new hampshire. riding a wave of energy from her debate performance, hillary clinton reminded the crowd in raleigh, north carolina, that donald trump criticized the amount of time she took to prepare. >> i said, yes, you know what? i did prepare. i'll tell you something else i prepared for. i prepared to be president of the united states, and i think that's good. >> reporter: she went on to say trump has never treated women fairly. at one point 20 years ago even calling the miss universe winner miss piggy. political analysts say trump helped clinton during the debate. >> trump gave the campaign a huge gift. >> reporter: trying to turn the
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conversation, hammering clinton on establishment ties, saying he represents change. >> what has hillary clinton accomplished for your family in the last 26 years she's been doing this? nothing. nothing. >> reporter: experts say he may have a lot of ground to make up before the next debate october 9th donald trump will be in chicago and then at an event in iowa and wisconsin. live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> bearing down edward with only a few weeks left. hillary clinton's final planned bay area event before the see lex will be held october 13th. that event will be in san francisco. it makes up for a fund-raiser that clinton had to skip when she got sick several weeks ago. that event included performers like katy lang. tickets for the fund-raiser are available. unprecedented but not unexpected. that's the word from san mateo county's chief election officer
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as voter registration soars. the number of registered voters has hit 375,000, approaching the record breaking total seen during the 2008 presidential election. statewide, california searches for voter registration information has grown 230% compared to 2012. voter registration for the upcoming election has already surpassed the total for 2012. people are getting involved, we're talk bsz elections also in business news. bay area company helping people registering to vote. wells fargo execs are giving up millions in compensation under public pressure after employees open hundreds of thousands of sham accounts. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell, let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. wall street could add to tuesday's gain. futures are higher this morning. stocks rose following the first presidential debate between
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hillary clinton and donald trump and positive news on consumer confidence. look for data today on durable goods. fed chair janet yellen is on capitol hill to testify about financial regulations. the dow at 18,228, the nasdaq up 48 to 5,305. wells fargo ceo john stumpf has agreed to give up $41 million in compensation sfloeg the bank's investigation into its sales practices. the former head of community banking is also foregoing $19 million. wells is under fire for creating millions of sham accounts and signing up customers for services they didn't ask for to meet sales target. stumpf will testify before a house committee on thursday. twitter wants you to fulfill your civic duty this november. it is launching a new feature to help you register to vote. users can send a direct message to twitter government and type in your zip code. the account will tell you how to register with a link to sign up
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online and eventually show ballot information and help you find your polling place. sam and laura, back over to you. >> good to know. new sobering numbers from the world health organization on the growth of air pollution around the world. using satellite data and ground measurements, experts say 92% of the global population lives in areas that exceed world health organization guidelines. the group links 3 million deaths every year to air pollution and exposure. 90% of those dealts occur in low and middle income nations. >> we're having a lot of pollution in the south bay because of the loma fire. beautiful sunset, but you know why it looks so orange. >> right, the orange sunsets. smoke pollution the big problem, not a spare-the-air day today. but morgan hill south of san jose down to santa cruz, you'll be dealing with some of the smoke pollution at times. a longer sea breeze. you can see the low clouds
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making a big comeback this morning into san francisco, misty skies right now. san jose, no low clouds, but you'll benefit from the sea breeze with temperatures cooling off a good ten degrees cooler in most spots around the south bay compared to the same time yesterday. right now 61 degrees closer to downtown san jose. upper 50s towards the coyote valley. san martin about 56 degrees. san bruno, 60. warmer in the hills, below 1,000 feet. misty skies and fog. a tough drive across the golden gate bridge. cool temperatures, cooler than 24 hours ago on the scale of ten degrees cooler in san francisco right now. see that big change in santa cruz as the low clouds have made a comeback. the winds are onshore today. that's going to match up a marine layer which right now is a little thin, about 1,000 feet and down toward the ground level. during the day today, the hon shore breezes will keep the low clouds hugging the coastline. that's the biggest drop in temperatures today. san francisco and down the peninsula with sunny skies
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inland and bigger cooling ahead in the seven-day forecast. areas south of san jose today in the mid 80s. 60s closer to san francisco. oakland seeing highs in the 70s, inland spots around the tri-valleys still. upper 80s around the forecast. heading into the weekend, the trough of low pressure comes in sunday and again monday, there's a chance you can see showers. so the long range forecast, we hope this pans out, could bring the first rain of fall our way early next week which would be great news for fire danger. cooler temperatures ahead. san francisco, after days in the 80s, now we're talking low 60s as we move into the weekend. valley temperatures which have been in the 90s, in the low 70s with clouds and a chance of showers early next week. >> big changes over one week's span of time. over here, not a lot of change as far as the bay area commute. we'll take you over here. the bay looking really good. the north bay the issue yesterday morning into yesterday evening. eastbound across the san rafael to richmond bridge.
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highway 37 should see a lighter flow of traffic, novato into vallejo. yesterday had all those folks trying to find another way across the bay. we'll show you the mass transit system. the reroute that continues over the balboa park station because of construction. no delays, 38 trains for b.a.r.t. system and we'll look at the cars at the bay bridge toll plaza, getting a few more there. no real problems. we have the backup over to the right and that will build at 5:30 with the metering lights. a trying last couple of days as we saw, two days ago the loma fire absolutely erupts on that ridge line. now good updates. firefighters after ramping up numbers and reenforcements, fiercely fought yesterday the loma fire and eyeing a day for full containment very soon. >> it's something we can do in
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our lifetime. >> we'll show you what elon musk is planning for mars. an energy rebate for three grand is owed but nowhere to be found. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds. the commander in chief will be
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in fort lee,irginia happening today, president obama will be meeting with service members this afternoon. the commander-in-chief is going
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to be in forte lee, virginia, for a town hall discussion. the topics will include veterans affairs, national security and foreign policy. the president is also taking questions from active service mem kbers and veterans in the office. nbc bay area responsds to a san jose woman waiting months for a rebeat. >> in january joyce randolph decided to make an improvement to her home, making it more energy efficient. she hired valley heating and cooling to do the job with a price tag of $13,000. joyce was told she qualified for a $3,000 rebate through a pg&e program. the job was done in february. joyce has been waiting ever since to get her three grand. when she called about it, she was told her rebate was in the system. for an explanation, we contacted pg&e's rebate program and valley heating and cooling.
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we learned it was outsourced. it cut joyce a check for the $3 reba rebate. joyce, in turn, will reimburse them when she gets the rebate check. pg&e says it regrets the delay. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the phone number is 1-888-996-tips, or you can visit us online at nbcbayarea.c tomorrow, instead of new furniture, he sent the floor model and asked us for help. 5:24 right now. there's new fallout from san francisco's sinking millennium tower. the city transportation authority is blocking funding for the nearby trans bay transit center. they voted to withhold the next payment for that project that. is the kwif lend of about $6 million. as our investigative reporter
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jackson vander back en reported, the developer is blaming the tilts on construction of a nearby center. supervisors want more answers and oversight on the transit hub. crunch time for high school seniors and their parents. new changes to the new federal aid. that means the clock is ticking earlier. >> before you panic, every parent and student should fill out the faf is a, you can file as early as october 1st. for years parents had to wait until january to do that. another change to fafso is parents will be required to report income information from their 2016 tax year. although the filing deadline is june 2018, you're suggested not to procrastinate. >> most schools have what's called a priority filing deadline. that's the date those schools say first-come, first-served. >> depending on your school, if your fafsa is filed by the priority deadline, you'll have
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first dibs on any money that might be available. elon musk wants to send you to mars. >> yesterday he laid out a timeline and unveiled a video showing how his company may some day get us to the red planet. musk adds mitts the technology is still being developed and the high cost of a mars trip would have to come, quote, way down, before any rocket could go up. >> a relatively small number of people from earth would want to go, but enough who would want to go and could afford the trip that it would happen. >> that might be a tough combination. he imagines rockets to transport as many as 200 people each trip, eventually meleading entire colonies to mars. 5:26 right now. coming up, developing news in the santa cruz mountains where the loma fire is still burning. we have crews headed to the scene. rough terrain for firefighters
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out there. bob redell with a live report. joining us. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcannon. good morning and nice to see you on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get to the forecast but what about the morning commute. >> we'll show you the map, nothing unpredictable about the speed patterns. the latest crash is northbound 280. just got this into the chp
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report. they are not yet on scene. no injuries reported there. as we zoom out, another issue that we will be following for the next couple days is the loma fire. a crash reported on a surface street near the area. i'll check on the details. doesn't sound like anything is related to any of the fire equipment. we see a little fog registering. >> let's show you what's going on right now as you drive across the golden gate bridge. misty skies and fog. what's bad for driving across the golden gate bridge is good if you want inland cooling. right now 50s and 6 os outside. thanks to the low clouds, above 1,000 feet. below that across sea levels, ic interior valleys, 80s instead of 90s. around the loma fire, 74 degrees. air still dry. temperatures today close to 90s. next couple days, cooler temperatures, high humidity,
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even the chance of rain. >> they can certainly use that cooldown in the santa cruz mountains, rob, where the loma fire continues to burn mostly out of control. >> here is the latest. the fire stabilized a bit yesterday with 2200 acres burning total. at 2,000 to start the day. fire at 10% containment. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live there right now. we've been talking to rob this morning, an opportunity to make some headway with temperatures coming down a bit. good morning. >> we can definitely feel it's cooler out here compared to 24 hours ago when we were out here at the loma fire. good morning, sam and laura. we're on loma prieta road on the eastern side of the fire. the fire has moved in a southeasterly direction which makes sense given where the winds were headed. yesterday we were on the western flank. the flames have since moved.
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you're looking down, if you were to go past that ridge where the flames are right now, hitting santa cruz and ma sisk ocean. you can see that's where a lot of the flames were concentrated right now. this fire is one that has stabilized over the past 24 hours. you might recall on monday afternoon it was at 1100 acres. it doubled that night to over 2,000. here we are, only a couple hundred acres more over the past 24 hours. as you were mentioning, the containment is only at 10%. there was a lot of firefighters out on the scene, close to about 875. several aircraft yesterday morning performing a massive air attack just with the fire retardant and the water drops which quite possibly helped establish at least the western edge of this fire which is what they're hoping for. they do still have evacuations
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in effect, still 300 homes threatened. >> kind of strange what you do grab. i brought with me photographs and gathered my pets. >> reporter: that is one woman who was evacuated. we know one home was destroyed, and i did speak with that person off camera yesterday. through his tears he explained he lost everything including his dog. back out here live, looking south towards where the head of the fire is right now. a good mile away from us where you can see the flames are still burning bright as we are in the 5:00 hour this morning. cal fire is hoping to have full 100% containment by this monday. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much for that update. in the meantime it's been a fierce fire season in general. firefighters say it only intensified the last two months. we spoke to one firefighter who
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battled four different fires back-to-back. >> the intensity of the fire, with so much fuel to burn, the sob bran knows fire, we were in the fog and it was burning no problem it was so dry. after 15 days you definitely need a break. >> these resources and flights getting drained. the fryers work 24 hours on the fire lines and have the next 24 off. we were the first to break this story, we will continue to update on air and online. many people came home from work to see their homes completely up in flames. others driving along 101 also saw this fire, the smoke from it. this is all that's left for some families in petaluma. the fire started about 3:00 yesterday afternoon. flames fueled by eucalyptus trees were suddenly shooting skyward. 20 homes evacuated.
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14 burned. some appeared to be a total loss. fire officials say something from a vehicle ignited brush on the shoulder and the driver responsible for all this likely didn't even know it was happening. >> a lot of things can start a fire on the side of a freeway; stuff coming out of your exhaust pipe, steam from your catalytic converter will start it. >> after the began, it was over. two people suffered minor injuries. back to breaking news. the downed malaysian airlines flight mh-17 was a russian warhead. this according to a dutch-led team of investigators. that missile was fired in july of 2014 from an area of ukraine controlled by pro moscow missiles. killing almost 300 people. the latest findings refute moscow's suggestion that the plane was brought down by the ukrainian military.
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police are investigating a deadly stabbing in san jose after they found a man in a field. this marks the 37th homicide of the year for san jose. they had 30 all of last year. police were out to investigate a body that was found in the field on gene avenue. when they arrived, they found a man unconscious with stab wounds who was not breathing. the victim so far has not been identified. >> hopefully today will be a better one for drivers in san francisco and the north bay. fiery accident yesterday morning on the richmond-san rafael bridge caused headaches late into the evening. >> it blew up twice. there was a couple of explosions. i've never seen anything like it. >> a big rig hauling contaminated dirt hit a guard rail bursting into flames. chp says the driver made it out before the cab exploded. emergency crews worked through the day to clean up the wreck shutting down the lower deck of the richmond-san rafael bridge.
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commuters had to go through san francisco and across the bay bridge to get to the east bay. happening today, a major announcement in san francisco in response to the wells fargo savings account scandal. "today in the bay's" sharon katsuda is live outside wells fargo corporate office the to talk about what we're hearing from the state treasurer. >> reporter: this is another development in the case where wells fargo is accused of opening millions of bank accounts without the customer's knowledge by several or many bank employees. just yesterday wells fargo said chief executive john stumpf will forfeit compensation worth up to $45 million. according to a statement released by wells fargo's board of directors, stumpf will give up about $1 million in unvested stock awards or about 910,000 shares and won't receive a bonus this year. the decision comes before stumpf is expected to appear before the house financial services committee. the bank already agreed to pay
5:38 am
$185 million to federal regulators and the los angeles city attorney's office. regulators say opening the fake account was encouraged by an aggressive and poorly soup vielz ed structure. the state treasurer's office would not give details but says chung oversees $2 trillion in annual transactions as well as a large number of local area investment funds that are pooled into accounts. today secretary chung -- treasure -- state treasure chung's announcement is expected to come at about 2:00 at city hall. live in san francisco, karen katsuda, "today in the bay." 5:38 right now. a bay area family shattered by the death of two young children celebrating a victory today. bob hack's children, 10-year-old troy and 7-year-old alana were killed 12 years ago.
5:39 am
a woman ran them over after taking prescription drugs and drinking. he spent the last decade fighting to prevent it. yesterday governor jerry brown signed a bill making it mandatory for doctors to check a statewide prescription database before giving a patient narcotics for the first time. pack is hoping the new law will help prevent tragedy. >> the families in the future that have loved ones with addiction problems and issues. hopefully it will save lives. >> that family has been fighting this fight for over a decade. the law will take effect at the beginning of next year. >> i've interviewed him several times. that's definitely his passion to see that successful. the san francisco board of supervisors have approved legislation to ban travel,
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legislation makes the city the first in the country to prohibit city contracts with and purchases from companies in such states. the idea is a response to laws passed recently in mississippi and north carolina that provide legal protection for discrimination on the basis of sexual or gender orientation. >> it is 5:40 right now. former israeli president shimon peres has died two weeks after suffering a major stroke. he led reluctant talks with palestinians with efforts that won him the nobel prize. our investigative reporter stephen stock enter vurd shimon peres last year. in addition to being israel's ninth president, he twice served as the country's prime minister. his son spoke out this morning about his father's legacy. >> our father's legacy has always been the future, look to
5:41 am
tomorrow he told us, see your future with courage and wisdom and always continue to strive for peace. we were privileged to have been part of his private family, but today we sit with the entire nation of israel and the global community in mourning this great logs. >> even after retiring from elected office, he brought together arabs and jews in efforts to promote peace. >> there are extraordinary lives and then there's that sort of extraordinary life. this morning we're resetting the button. the marine layer making a big difference. >> fog make bz an appearance. >> we lost summer at least for today, cooling changes in san jose. mid 50s around downtown. 61 in morgan hill with haze and smoke from the loma fire that continues to drift off to the south and east.
5:42 am
55 in cupertino. there's the look above the fog. 61 degrees and thanks to the all-day sea breeze, highs around the peninsula and dloeft, low 80s in san jose. mid to upper 80s inland. the seven-day forecast, we'll continue the cooling trend from san francisco into the weekend. notice sunday into monday, valleys only in the low 70s and a chance of showers, too. now to see what's happening with your morning commute, here is mike. >> looking at a smooth commute right now. a couple offender benders on the grid here. the altamont pass, the first one around greenville is still veg centering, but now over the center divide. another crash in the backup may be affecting the flow out of tracy. upper eastshore freeway, disabled vehicle and that's causing some slow down, early slowing typical in that area
5:43 am
anyway and a little fog registering here. also across the golden gate bridge, we'll look at the bay bridge where it's not fog. that's the time for the backup. back to you. >> thank you very much. it's 5:43. coming up another deadly officer-involved shooting sparking outrage. this time happening in southern california. there are questions this morning about the actions of the officers. we'll have a live report just ahead from el cajon. wake of several high-profile
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police shootings around the nation -
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developing story, in the wake of several high-profile police shootings across the country, people in southern california are demanding answers following another deadly incident last night, this one at a strip mall. protesters gathered z in el cajon after police shot and killed a black suspect. >> liberty zabala has more on this latest shooting. >> reporter: we know one of those officers deployed a taser while the other officer fired multiple shots hitting this man. the department just released a photo that may back up what these officers are saying. this photo taken from witness cell phone video appears to show that man in what el cajon police are calling a, quote, shooting.
5:47 am
the man was reported as not acting like himself and walking in traffic. police say when they arrived he had his hands hidden in his pocket, he rapidly drew an object from his pocket and extended it. that's when the second officer deployed his taser. at the same time the officer closed to the man fired several shots. >> now is a time for calm. now is a time to allow the investigation to shed light on this event, and we plan to be open and transparent within the rules of the law. >> police say both these officers have more than 21 years of service. meanwhile demonstrators are already planning to hold a rally right here in front of the department at 9:00 this morning. live in el cajon, liberty zabala, "today in the bay." >> liberty, thank you for the very laeest at 5:47, an orinda man is
5:48 am
talking about the terrifying moments when he and his wife were violently attacked. a all this happening late monday night outside their home on claire mon claer month avenue. police believe their attackers could have followed them from the supermarket to their driveway. at first the 63-year-old victim, tom spalding thought the whole thing was a hoax. his wife got shot twice, once in the pelvis and once in the arm and he was pistol whipped. >> we thought they were my son and his buddy doing a pre halloween prank on us. the guy said give it up. i pulled out my wallet, gave it to him. >> spalding's wife karen brown is a leader on the orinda school board. thankfully her injuries are not considered life-threatening. 5:48. new this morning you may want to check your freezer. tyson foods is recalling 132,000
5:49 am
pounds of chicken nuggets because they may be contaminated with hard plastic. it involves five-pound bags of tyson fully cooked panko chicken nuggets with a befd if used by july 2017 date. tyson foods says the recall comes that after plastic was found. people taking action after what's being called the biggest data breach in corporate history. nbc bay area's investigative unit uncovered three class action lawsuits filed against yahoo. customers from new york and the bay area filed the lawsuits. they say the company failed to protect their sensitive information even after a hack in 2012 exposed certain.
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developments in the loma fire. still burning on the loma prieta ridge. right mao the fire is up to 10% containment. in the process, one home and six outbuildings have been destroyed. want to check in with rob mayeda with a look at the forecast. cooling temperatures across the bay area. the firefighters, will they get much relief? starting to see cooling at least below 2,000 feet. the marine layer makes a comeback. it's going to lead to a big drop in temperatures inland. right now, the fire above 2,000 feet, still in the 70s. humidity levels about 31% during the day. instead of the upper 90s, upper 80s to low 90s. i think we'll see cooler temperatures around the fire lines, especially by the weekend. even a clans of seeing some showers in the seven-day forecast ahead. speaking of the marine air, it
5:51 am
has moved over towards castro valley in hayward this morning. down the coast. tough drive coming up highway 17 or the golden gate bridge this morning. the sea breeze means our temperatures will be pretty comfortable. oohs and 60s outside to start your morning. taking the 90s off the map today. you can see the fog over the hill from san bruno, 61 degrees right now. there is the view across the golden gate bridge at 55 degrees and misty skies at times. temperatures especially along the coast as much as 12 degrees cooler. around the hilltops and fire lines this morning, about five degrees cooler from yesterday. winds onshore today. that's going to bring our temperatures down into the mid 80s around the south bay. 70s around the peninsula. for the north bay and tri-valley, mid to upper 80s inland. the numbers corporate to drop down as this trough of low pressure approaches friday to saturday, then from sunday all the way through tuesday, there's a chance of seeing showers. you can see that there sunday into monday. could see a little bit of rain,
5:52 am
the first we've seen so far this fall. the seven-day forecast continues the cooling trend throughout the weekend for san francisco and valley temperatures no longer 90s today, no longer 80s by the weekend. 70s saturday and sunday. >> over here we'll take a pretty smooth drive around most of the day. nothing unusual to call out as far as the speed patterns. i do want to note, folks, if you hadn't heard, we talked about the reopening of the san rafael to richmond, eastbound to 580, it is open this morning. that means highway 37 will be easier from novato towards vallejo. fog registered on our road weather index as well. we'll talk about that in just a second. i want to call out a reroute. we know about the construction at balboa park stakes. that's why there's a slight reroute. 45 trains reported on the b.a.r.t. system. no delays reporter. the golden gate bridge, that's
5:53 am
where the fog is and lighter traffic. look at the contrast between this shot of highway 101 and highway 101 in the san jose area. the first burst of traffic north of 680. back to you. 5:53. warriors fans getting their first taste of what will no doubt be serious star power on the court. >> getting their burst right now. there's kevin dur rant as the dubs opened training camp with the first practice of the year. on full display, the warriors' new high-powered addition, the durantchula. >> pick up things quickly, still learning. it's a different game, different system than i've been used to playing in. as time went on, i started to get to see what the coach wants me to do. >> ready or not, games are uft j around the corner.
5:54 am
the first preseason match-up takes place october 1st. warriors open up their season at home against san antonio october 25th. >> coming up, breaking news out of afghanistan, after a reported u.s. military strike targeted a building. we're just getting word there may have been civilian casualties. happening right now as we've been telling you, the 2,000 acres loma wildfire continuing to spread in the santa cruz mountains. we're constantly updating a patrol trooper pulls over a driver in the car pool lane who had a cutout of donald trump in the passenger seat. we're back in two minutes. an investigative unit exclusive
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
taking advantage of you byies overcharging or not giving you what you pad right now an vittive unit exclusive, the state can shout down the auto repair shop by pulling their license. >> big gan shaban discovered a loophole that allows the same owners to keep doing business. >> good morning. this all has to do with a state agency called the bureau of automotive repair. in the past year we've recovered how the agency may actually be failing consumers, by keeping the track records of bad repair shops secret. the bureau says it's also able to collect millions of dollars' worth of repairs and refunds for customers.
5:58 am
we also found out the bureau doesn't actually check if any of that promised money is ever paid to customers. now we're exposing a loophole that allows repair shop owners to legally keep on doing business even after they've been shut down for taking advantage of customers. remember this car we showed you earlier this year? it was damaged at the auto repair shop, but mechanics tried covering up what happened. after our story, the attorney general's office went after the business and is now working to pull its repair shop license. the management blamed their mechanics for the coverup but denied any involvement telling us, quote, we're honest people, accidents happen. the owners ended up selling off the business and the new owners tell us they've replaced most of the mechanics, but we discovered the old owners are still allowed to run another repair shop just three miles away. the owners are legally allowed to keep it open since that shop is listed under a different corporation name as the other business even though they were owned by the same people. after our initial story, state
5:59 am
lawmakers began demanding changes at the bureau of automotive repair. earlier this summer, the legislature passed a reform bill to give the agency a power to issue a wider range of fines to bad acting repair shops. while at the same time requiring more transparency within the bureau. just last week the governor vetoed that legislation calling it, quote, unnecessary. back to you. >> bigad, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to right now the race to contain flames burning in the santa cruz mountains continues. >> reporter: i'm bob redell live on the scene where you can see the loma fire marching towards hundreds of homes. we'll have that story coming up. i'm rob mayeda tracking the return of low clouds as seen from san bruno mountains, helping our fire danger and
6:00 am
bringing a big drop in temperatures across the bay. that's coming up. protests and prayers in southern california after a man is shot and killed by police. the controversy surrounding this latest officer-involved shooting coming up. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll be sure to get you to the cooling trend coming up in a second with rob. first, let's check out the cool traffic forecast. >> we have a trend slowing around the bay, around the commute. as we look at the map, seeing a smoother slow drive developing for 101. i should say slower drive. nothing unusual about that. the only unusual slowing we see is on the uper eastshore freeway. there was a dear hit earlier so chp looking at that. a


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