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tv   Today  NBC  October 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i i think people made up their minds about the emails. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> you are fascinated with sex. >> we have to stop this. ♪ good morning and welcome to sunday "today," i'm willie geist. we're nine days from a presidential election that feels like it began a lifetime ago.
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both campaigns say they want to know more from fbi director james comey after the revelation that they have flagged e-mails, stoking the story right before the election. clinton on saturday calling the new development, quote, very troubling, calling out director comey to explain. donald trump seizing the opportunity to remind voters of the e-mail controversy. we'll speak live to his campaign manager kellyanne conway later. and justin timberlake to talk about his rise from mickey mouse club, to 'n sync, to solo career. what was your strategy? >> i don't know. it can bring out a lot of courage. at the end of the day, you know you're getting the opportunity to do what you love. >> good conversation with justin a a little bit later. before we get to the presidential campaign. we begin with breaking news overnight. officials in central italy assessing a damage after a powerful 6.6 earthquake struck the area early this morning. buildings crumbled in the historic city of norcia. one city official is saying it's
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as if the whole city fell down. the quake could be felt 100 miles away in rome. so far no one has killed or trapped in the rubble, but there are several reports of people being hurt. this was a tremor from a quake that struck the same area in august that killed 300 people. an update this morning of what sparked a huge fire on an american airlines plane on friday just moments after it took off. the ntsb says a turbine disk broke loose, sparking the fire and sending debris as far as a half miles away. 20 of the 61 passengers suffered minor injuries. and the cleveland indians just one win away from the world series title. the indians beat the chicago cubs last night 7-2 behind ace pitcher, corey kluber. they've been waiting 71 years. so far the cubs have lost both games at wrigley. they get another shot tonight with game 5 in chicago. if the indians take it, it will be the franchise's first world series win since 1948. now to the race for the
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white house. the fallout from the news on friday that the fbi found new emails related to the server investigation. a move secretary clinton calls unprecedented. let's get the latest from hallie jackson. she's outside trump tower here in new york city. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, willie. good morning to you. this morning, we are learning that the fbi director surprised even the justice department with his decision to notify congress of that new information, a decision that apparently defied the departments recommendation, sources tell us. now he is under fire as hillary clinton's campaign looking to get off defense goes on attack. you newest all-out assault from the hillary clinton campaign not against her republican rival, but fbi director james comey. >> it's not just strange, but unprecedented and deeply troubling, because voters
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deserve to get full and complete facts. >> reporter: clinton pushing back hard against the letter from comey about the fbi's review of new e-mails relating to the inquiry into clinton's private server e-mails sources say that come from the laptop of anthony weiner. he's the estranged husband of huma abedin, and under investigation for allegedly sexting a teen. now we are learning that that koemey sent that letter against the advice of the justice department, which has longstanding policies against sharing information so close to an election. those sources say comey himself deciding telling congress was better than waiting and hoping news of the discovery wouldn't leak. >> very, very serious things must be happening, and must have been found. >> reporter: but it's still not clear exactly what has been found since fbi agents have not even analyzed the e-mails yet,
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with both sides calling on the fbi to share more. four top senate democrats now demanding the fbi give them answers by tomorrow, pointing out the e-mails may be duplicates of what the fbi already has, with clinton's campaign says the letter is light on facts, heavy on inknew endo. >> there's no evidence of wrongdoing, no charge of wrongdoing, no indication this is even about hillary. >> and even back up by bill clinton. >> there's sometimes a big difference between the way things look and the way they are. >> reporter: the controversy put a new spotlight on abedin and her estranged husband with trump taking aim at weiner. >> i don't like huma going home at night and telling anthony weiner all of these secrets. i had no idea i was going to be
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that accurate. >> team clinton standing by abedin hoping to show that what looks like a bombshell is actually fizzling out. trump's team really obviously sees it differently, an adviser telling me he will go on offense big time. watch for him to hit this today at his rally later on in battleground nevada. >> lucky for us we have one of those advisers, donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway is with us. let's start with what we know about this, which is not very much. we know in the course of investigating anthony weiner, the fbi found several emails, thousands of emails, according to nbc's reporting, but don't know the content. haven't even read them. last night donald trump said this is the biggest scandal since watergate. do you know something about the content that the rest of the people, including the fbi, doesn't know? >> no, of course not, but what we do know when hillary clinton says this is unprecedented what we should remind ourselves what is unprecedented, indeed unnecessary is her having that private server in the first
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place. she set off the chain of events. she can't escape that. she's playing the victim now. they're doing an all-out assault on fbi director comey, shooting the messenger plus, a full body slam, all day yesterday, and i think that's a risky strategy as well. let's remind ourselves, but for hillary clinton violating long-standing policy setting up this private server, deleting 33,000 emails, failing to turn over an additional 17,000, bleaching them so they would be permanently deleted, we wouldn't be in this position. by the way, she could just hue ma andi zblsh -- telling huma abedin, what is in those emails? she could call us -- call into the "today" show and tell you, willie geist, here's what in the e-mails. >> this is an open investigation on the eve of an election. that's why the doj recommended not to proceed with the letter. if you were on the other side of this, would you think this was the right thing to do on the eve of an election to be so vague about it without knowing the content? >> comey was in an impossible
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position from my view. had he sat on the information, he may well have been interfering with the the election as well. if you go and vote for hillary clinton and she becomes the president of the united states, and this investigation is reopened or i guess is a separate investigation is launched, then what? she's already president under this cloud of corruption that really has defined the last couple years. >> the country has gotten whiplash, because it was just july when your campaign was going after james comey when he announced there should be no prosecution. that was his recommendation to the attorney general in that case. donald trump suggested the process was rigged there, that in fact james comey was acting with the doj on behalf of hillary clinton to help her win the election. have you changed your opinion about jim comey? and his ethics? >> no, these are two separate things. here is why. on july 5th, james comey came forward and told the public we're not going to prosecute hillary clinton, then he went on to completely under cut that conclusion by calling her reckless and careless in her handling of the
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situation. two days later goes in front of congress under oath and says, well, she didn't have one server -- she had many devices, they destroyed evidence. yes, in fact under oath there was national security and classified information being exchanged on that server. so he under cut his own judgment. this is different. this is a separate investigation i think he was in an impossible situation. let's not let him be the victim too much either, in that had he done a thorough job to begin with, maybe we wouldn't be in this position. that's also on huma. she signed, as i understand from the evidence, she clearly signed that she confirmed she had turned over all the devices that was what was demanded of hillary's team, yet we have one with maybe 15,000 e-mails. i think it's incredibly ironic this stems from another investigation, has nothing to do with the republican party, the trump campaign into anthony weiner's sexting. so this is on them. >> do you expect we'll learn the contend of those emails before election day? >> i have no idea. i know that the general nature of these types of investigations is that they take a long time.
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so i think the clinton campaign is pressuring comey to do something that may not be possible given the short time. let's talk about the trump campaign's path to victory. you know as well as i do looking at that map every day that it's always been a tough path. there are many swings states that have gone toward hillary clinton, that are swinging in her favor, leaning that way. many people have pointed out interesting where he's spending his time, places like colorado, michigan, where hillary clinton has pretty comfortable leads, pennsylvania as well. are you spending your time in the right places? >> yes, and he does up to three different states per day. she doesn't do that usually. he was in three states yesterday. throw states the day before. he will be in a few states today, including new mexico, where the public polls have tightened of late. michigan on monday, but he'll go back to pennsylvania many times, so we see the map, florida, ohio, north carolina, iowa look good for us, and then we add nevada, new hampshire, maine too, and we have a lot of other places we're going. >> is your internal policies
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-- internal polling different than the public polling? you mention new hampshire, pennsylvania, michigan, she has leads in much of -- >> she does does indeed, but she never gets beyond 46%. i would worry, if you're an undecided voter, willie, what are you going to learn in the next nine days that's going to say, you know what, i actually do like her and i do trust her, and i've been wrong all along. those undecided voters generally go against the status quo, against the person who represents more of the same. we feel emboldened. we also like the early returns, the information we're getting from the rnc every day, they provide us with information about the early returns, compared to where we were in 2012. >> look at the front page this morning of "the washington post," a story from a reporter david faronhold who is doing exhaustive reporting on donald trump's charitible giving over the years. the conclusion of this piece is
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that donald trump basically hasn't given as much as he's claimed he's given. there's a simple way for us to know how much he's given. that would be to release his taxes. you've made it a year and a half without releasing them. why won't you release the tax returns? >> for the same reason mr. trump always states, willie, the lawyers and the accountants said don't do it while under an active audit. but he has put forward a 104-page financial disclosure form. >> that's not tax returns. >> that journalist and that paper are way against mr. trump, we know that, but from my personal knowledge and from -- this man is a very generous person with his time and with his money and has helped a lot of people over the years. that foundation, the trump foundation, no one is on the payroll, no family member, there's no overhead. all of the money -- >> you acknowledged, though, kelly anne, the irs says he could put forth his tax returns. that's just the advice of his tax returns. >> that's the same organization that's audited him, of course they think that, but he has advice from his accountants and
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lawyers. i think talking about disclosing one's tax returns versus here we are under the second fbi investigation in a year, most people i know are not under fbi investigation, let alone two of them. i think people will look at hillary clinton and saying this has been my hesitation and my reelectric tans in froet -- reluctance in voting for her all along, and i simply can't elect somebody like that. it's too risky of a choice. she does not believe in full disclosures and transparency. >> you're not going to surprise in nine days and release the tax returns? >> we're going to surprise everybody and win the election. dylan is here with a quick check of the weather. >> on this sunday we are looking at heavy rain across northwestern california. we'll see two days of rain, today and tomorrow a second round of storms. we could see all in all about four inches of rain, some of that rain stretching up into oregon as well. we could even see 5 to 10 inches of snow in the sierra nevada.
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even more in the higher elevations. elsewhere across the country, it's all about the record warm temperatures. we're looking at highs running about 15 to 25 degrees good morning, bay area. get ready for a day of rain along with breezy to windy conditions. right now all is calm. this is before the storm. 59 degrees in the south bay. peninsula, 61. and over the next couple hours we may start seeing some light rain in the area. now, no rain is approaching just yet, but we are tracking a storm system that is expected to bring a significant amount of rainfall throughout the day with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms. here is a live look right now at our radar. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including the 97-year-old cubs fan who was there at both pearl harbor and the team's last world series, now back at wrigley 71
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97 years old jim shall layingle was there the last time the cubs played in 1945. he still has his ticket stubs from game 6 and 7. his family set up a gofundme page to raise money. the internet pulled together nearly $13,000, but business marsh and marcus lemonis donated two front-row tickets, so there he was on friday night at wrigley field. watching a world series game 71 years after the last one. more good nunez, since jim doesn't neend the gofundme money, it would be donated to the purple hard foundation. everyone winces except the cubs. >> i love the older fans. also on the cleveland side a 104-year-old woman who says i want to see them win.
6:19 am
>> i heard her say that. you'll have some old fans that haven't seen it. >> and they're all. our ticonderoga, as of name was botched. donald trump was in toledo, ohio lamenting the loss of manufacturing jobs from the state to mexico because of nafta. suddenly a ticonderoga landmine appeared in the teleprompter. >> employees at dixon tie-conned rollinga, right? is that the name? who the hell cares? they're gone, right? >> here's my position on someone who uses a teleprompter, i do not attempt fate and mock them. >> i have botched many cities across the country. i'm not saying anything either. >> i won called colorado springs on cobowabo spring, and then said it again on the reair.
6:20 am
it's running in the hotly contested race for travis county commissioner in austin, texas. the incumbent is gerald doherty and his wife charlin wasn't hen electioned. >> we've got room to get 2700 people in our jail. it costs us about $103 a day. >> gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. >> last year's tax rate was 4.169. this year we could take it down to 3.839. >> is he always like that? >> all the time. most people leave their work at the office. >> we have three light-rail car, of 0 people on each car. even if you add two cars, you're talking maybe 300 people that are affected. >> please reelect gerald. please. [ laughter ] >> that is the ad of the year. >> i love it. i'll bet she came up with it, too. >> she's the star of the ad. she might get him reelected. next goes to the feeling of
6:21 am
horror experienced briefly by drivers along colorado's interstate 25 when they looked over and saw a beer truck barreling down the highway without a driver. it was not in fact a runaway beer truck. it was the successful test of a self-driving anheuser busch truck carrying 2,000 cases of budweiser. the start-up company otto successfully sent out the truck in the cabo wabo spring -- there it is -- good new there was a driver in the backup sleeper cab. i know they have the technology figured out. i'm just not quite ready for it. >> if it goes over the side of the road, a free for all for everyone. >> that was a perspective i hadn't thought about. free beer if it wrecks, from dylan drier. our final high to the chicago area family that found the most entertaining way imaginable way to break the
6:22 am
stress. as their father went into surgery, they thought they would help mom relax on a simulated roller coaster. >> oh! oh! [ laughter ] >> oh, my god. no! [ laughter ] do yourself a favor. go online and watch the entire clip. she goes with the claim. it's amazing. >> i want to try it and see what it's like. >> apparently it's pretty good. my gosh, that was good. i don't fully understand our final low, i'll be honest. let's start with the headline, out of maine, tree impersonator arrested in busy portland intersection. 30-year-old guy covered himself in every green bramplging and stood in the middle of the street. officers saided tree man didn't speak and had no message, when he walked right back into the
6:23 am
intersection, he was arrested. later he said it was a performance to see how his presence would interrupt human choreography. >> so nothing to do with saving the forest or trees? >> not even. i'm not any clear are than when we started that story. coming up next, the rise of justin timberlake. to solo superstar, now dad, our conversation with j.t. is just ahead. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. because my teeth are yellow. these photos?
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dj san francio bigad/2sh you're watching "today in the bay." thanks for waking up with us. a live look there at san francisco. good morning, everyone. we're going to have a look at the forecast. how are we looking vianey? >> a pretty strong cold front. current temperatures still nice in the 50s. you may start seeing some light rain throughout the early morning. we're not expecting the heaviest of the rainfall just yet. it's still pretty offshore. a pacific system is sitting off to the northwest and it's expected to make its arrival throughout the day. the strongest storms are offshore. i want to make mention this system will be more along the
6:27 am
north bay coastal area, but we are expected to see showers, and you're also going to start notices the winds with a possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms as we head into the evening. plus, i'm going to have a look ahead at your halloween forecast. will it be raining or can we expect sunshine? >> hopefully it's not a hescary answer. it is halloween weekend which means plenty of party and plenty of police officers. even without a massive street party, crowds of people still came to celebrate. clubs and bars were busy late last night. it used to attract tens of thousands of people. you may remember in 2006 several people were, unfortunately, injured in a shooting and the big celebration eventually came to an end in 2009. but many told us they enjoyed last night's smaller feel. >> it was intense. the streets were crowded. the sidewalks were crowded. you could hardly walk, and
6:28 am
people were in outrageous outfits. >> it's perfect now. now it's a neighborhood event. it's a family event. doesn't every family celebrate halloween this way? >> police have not reported any major incidents at this year's celebration. new developments in the east bay police sex scandal as the fallout continues. nbc bay area has confirmed that the richmond city manager plans to fire four richmond police officers. they're accused of exploiting the teen who was underage when some of the officers allegedly had sex with her. dozens of officers from other east bay agencies have also been linked to the scandal. and take a look at this video. captured by a neighbor of a large house fire in san jose. it happened at a home on mount diablo drive just before 9:00 last night. one person was trapped in the home, but firefighters were able to get the victim out alive. >> we did find one unresponsive adult male fire victim who we extricated, rescued, and resuscitated and transported to
6:29 am
a local facility. so it's a true rescue, h life-saving moment here. >> the condition of the person trapped in the home has not yet been released. coming up at 7:00 at "today in the bay," a bay area airport has been taken over by robots in a good way. that plus all your top stories coming up at 7:00. for now, we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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because you two binge bongs just lost your snack chat privileges. it means no milk duds, and certainly means for other sweet treats! >> what about s'mores and tootsie rolls? >> well, what about 'em? >> well, if you hike your shorts up any higher we're going to be some more of your tootsie rolls. >> jimmy fallon hosting justin timberlake going back to camp this week on "the tonight show." they have been part of the full public picture. he sings, dances acts, even makes you laugh. steering his solo career out of the frosted hair bye-bye boy bands, he won over, then took
6:31 am
over the music world, taking nine grammys. the academy award winner of his new films compares him to another man of many talents, frank sinatra. the song that was everywhere you went this summer ♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ so just dance dance dance >> by the man who's been everywhere you look for the past two decades. >> are you all ready? ♪ >> purchasing on stage. in the movies. >> i founded an internet company that let folks download and share money for free. >> kind of like naps terr? >> exactly like naps terr. >> on late night tv. ♪ put your junk in that box ♪ make it open the box ♪ that is the way you do it ♪ let's talk about all the good things and bad things ♪
6:32 am
♪ stop. hammer time. and of course in your headphones. ♪ i want to rock your body today a 35 years old global icon, justin timberlake started in show business as an 11-year-old honky torch singer. from there it was on to a couple season on "the mickey mouse club." ♪ let me take you there >> with brittie spears, christina aguilera and ryan gosling. he graduated from disney to 'n sy sync. the boy band, well affair of the long list of child stars who flamed out young, justin began to plot his path to grownup superst superst superstardom. you navigated your way here in a way a lot of people haven't
6:33 am
done successfully. what do you attribute that to? how did you get out of the game? what was the strategy as you went solo? >> i don't know. it can bring out a lot of courage, and at the end of the day, you know that you're getting the opportunity to do what you love, and that's just something that can't be taken for granted. because it could be different. the more you tell yourself that, the more you look around and go like, isn't this amazing? isn't this crazy? versus focussing on some sort of outcome? because i have the ability to set unrealistic expectations? not a lot of people get to say they have a job that they love. i appreciate that. it feels humbling. i think, you know, just continue to love it. just continue to love it. then you stop focusing on, like, well, you know is this going to be successful?
6:34 am
redefine what that means. i guess that's what i'm trying to do. >> are you working on new music now? >> i've been in and out of the studio. we have this soundtrack for "trolls" coming out. i'm excited for that. i wrote four originals. eye kind of enjoying life. the holiday season is coming around, so i'll probably slow down a bit. >> what you're saying is we're going to have to wait a couple more years? >> i don't know. maybe not. it's such a tough question to answer. i don't have the ability to think about, you know, the cart before the horse, because i have to love what i'm putting out ♪ i got this feeling >> with his monster hit "can't stop the feeling" headlining the soundtrack for "trolls" in which he voices a lead role. >> what's your plan? >> to rescues everyone and make it home safely. >> so you're going to scrapbook them for freedom? timberlake is simultaneously
6:35 am
giving his fans a behind the curtain look at his 2020 experience world tour. ♪ if i wrote you a love note >> in the netflix concert film justin timberlake and the tennessee kids. you want you were as nervous to show this -- >> no. >> why? >> it's a personal film for me, and it's about that other thing i do called music. it's just that moment where you're like, wait, other people are going to see this, you know? >> you're not a guy who takes any career decision lightly. you take time to make your next alb album, you choose your movie roles wisely. why was this the right # # # # # it? [ laughter ] >> we thought it a little under two years ago. >> the film is directed by academy award winner jonathan demey. >> i'm looking at your tuxedo, working with jonathan, thinking about how far you come. do you stop and think, this director i've looked up to for
6:36 am
my whole adult life is working with me saying, man, look at the journey. >> yeah, every day, while it's happening. more so than ever, while it's happening. you get to the point you realize that the moment in all of it's sort of like imperfection is, like the best part. that's going to be the part you remember the most. >> perspective inspired perhaps by silence. hi 1 1/2-year-old son with wife jessica biehl. >> are you finding that having a 16, 17-month-old changes the way you look at music. >> it changes everything. you have kids? >> yeah. >> you literally -- it's just like wake up, look in the mirror and go, i have no idea what i'm doing. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> yeah, it changes everything. >> for instance it was s-- i would have never written a song
6:37 am
like "can't stop the feeling." i would be lying to myself by saying subconsciously having a kid s -- you already know. i feel like you're gig me the eyes. >> no, no, we'll talk when the cameras get off. it gets ways worse -- no, man, it's great. >> they teach you. it's crazy. watching him learn things, this new precious for both of them, you know, her and him. so it's humiliating and it's humbling at the same time. >> it's when you realize your wife is a superhuman, has a gear you didn't know she had. >> you watch her realize she has a gear she didn't have, and you go, whoa. yeah. it's true. who news we had little sigh las to thanks for "can't stone the feeling." "trolls starts opens on november 4th. you may have heard about a mini controversy with justin
6:38 am
this week while he took a selfie in his home state of tennessee. he posted the photo, it turns out that photo is illegal to do, and justin deleted the post, and there won't be a prosecution. a fascinating conversation next week with kommon, about the state of election on the eve of the election and release of his new album. dylan has another check of the weather. >> we're looking at a halloween forecast across the country. tomorrow night spooky city colorado 45 degrees by 7:00 on monday, witch lake, michigan. >> i didn't know these played places existed. up in the salem, massachusetts, i'm familiar with that one, 45 degrees for a trick-or-treating temperature. we are looking at some early rain and snow, especially across california. this should help a bit with the
6:39 am
good morning. tracking rain in the bay area yet again. temperatures right now 59 degrees in san jose. san francisco also not a lot of cloud cover just yet, though we are tracking those scattered showers with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms as a cold front approaches. 62 degrees right now in san francisco. let's take a live look at our radar. right now it's showing the majority of that storm system sitting off along the coast, and we are expecting that to push its way through the region into the early morning/afternoon hours. we'll see about halloween. i swear i didn't hit a button. >> that's fine. i'm just glad you acknowledged you know where salem is. >> i wanted everyone to know. donald trump repeatedly has raised the prospect of a rigged election at the ballot box. we asked hey dad. hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better.
6:40 am
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warmth or bruising at the injection site and headache. it's important to talk to your doctor about what situations you may need to avoid since zostavax contains a weakened chickenpox virus. remember one in three people get shingles in their lifetime, will it be you? talk you to your doctor or pharmacist about me, single shot zostavax. you've got a shot against shingles. glue if you've been following the presidential campaign for the last few weeks, and it's been heart to miss you've heard donald trump say again and again the process is rigged. he believes the media is slanted against him, but also said polls questions -- we asked jacob to investigate what it would take to rig the vote in this country. >> reporter: new jersey isn't a swing state. if you're looking to find out if our elections are secure, no better place to start than
6:43 am
princeton where professors have poked and prodded the machinery of democracy to find out. >> this is a voting machine. you can see it's got the instructions for how to cast your vote. >> this has been programmed to play pack man. >> c'mon. >> it's just a computer, so somebody hacked this voting machine. >> yeah. >> so should we be concerned about the integrity of the voting system? >> well, in the ten states that use a lot of touch-screen machines, it's still possible. >> oh, gosh. oh! >> you died. >> reporter: voting machines are known as dres, they were put into wide use after the hanging chad debacle. now most local jurisdictions have reversed course. towards ver fir at paper ballots
6:44 am
and optical scanner. one place that still doesn't use paper ballots is philadelphia, in the crucial ballots ground state of pennsylvania, where donald trump is warning of voter fraud. >> so this is an electronic voting machine. >> that's right. >> the kind of machine you use in philadelphia? >> in every precinct of philadelphia. it isn't connected to the internet. it could be hacked into. >> republican al schmidt is one of three election commissioners in philadelphia. what about voter fraud of a simpler kind? a voter impersonalating someone they're not. >> what would it take for an election to be rigged and affect the outcome? >> it was involve the conspiracy of hundreds of people somehow stealing thousands of votes to change the outcome of a presidential election, and no one finding out about it, which would be truly extraordinary. >> reporter: what's the likelihood of that happening in philadelphia? >> none at all. >> reporter: zero the. >> to coordinate a rigged
6:45 am
election in philly, you would have to get by poll workers at 1,of 86 different election divisions in the city. ? >> so you're training pretty much every person? >> we give every section of the city to come out. almost everybody. is the idea of a rigged election something that any of you are worried about? essentially you're the front line of defense about the idea of this. >> no, no. >> reporter: nobody? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: donald trump seems to disagree. on twitter he's warned of exactly this type of rigging, large-scale, in-person voter fraud. in philly, the man in charge of that effort is local gop chairman joe difelice. >> his efforts may hurt the right to vote. >> we need all the help we can get. 7 to 1 democrats to republicans. >> do you believe the election
6:46 am
could be tipped? >> we're going to have to determine after election day. >> you don't think republicans worried about a rigged election will keep people out of a polling place like this by intimidating them? >> you will not see one instance of republican intimidation in this city? >> reporter: confident? >> 100%. jacob joins me now. good to see you, my man. >> good to see you. >> i've interviewed republican attorneys general in ohio and other states who say i'm for donald trump, but we're we don't have voter fraud on a wide scale. >> it just doesn't happen. i'm a fan of surfing. i'm more likely to get eaten by a shark than it is for an incidence of voter fraud to happen in the united states. as i learned in philadelphia, we basically are 50 un-united states when it comes to our voting system. it's very decentralized. there's 8,000 different jurisdictions across the country, different machinery, different rules and regulations and an army of poll workers who are going to be there to stop this from happening. >> important for people to know you saw that you played pacman,
6:47 am
that those machines are not connected to the internet, so a hack would have to be at the site. >> exactly. >> but what you will hear from computer science professors and others is that we still have to phase out -- we need optical scans and paper ballots for a fail-safe in case something goes wrong with those machines. >> thanks for looking into it, jacob. you can catch more of our "red white and you" series on the nbc news app. it's on amazon fire tv. next on "sunday today," 15 million bats, all in one place, drawing tourists from all over the country. we'll take you inside a real-life hitchcock movie, when we come right back. ♪
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you've probably heard about the migration of the butterflies or swallows of san juan capistrano, but do you know about the bats of central texas? million of them drawing thousands of curious tourists. we have their story. >> reporter: they come in by the thousands in austin, on the grass, riding in boats, and perched atop the congress street bridge. >> it's just something you need to do in austin. we decided to come around and watch. >> reporter: all here for the same show, but not the live music that the texas capital is known for. the performers tonight -- millions of mammals.
6:51 am
>> i saw pictures, and i was like okay, i've got to see those bats take off. >> reporter: mexican free tail bats, they sleep in the bridges crevices. by day you wouldn't know they're there. at night you can't miss them. >> literally it's a vortex. some people call it a bat-nado, a tornado of bats. >> reporter: now one of the top ten attractions before they migrate south. 140,000 visitors a year come to see and learn. >> does she have sharp teeth? >> yes, mainly to crunch down on the pusky insects she's eating. >> reporter: an hour away is the biggest bat show in san antonio. >> this is the big one. we're excited to be here. >> reporter: on private property and by reservation only, people wait months to get in. >> this is the largest concentration of mammals in the world. having 15 million of anything in one place is kind of amazing. >> reporter: so amazing they can be seen on radar. >> the bats have been coming out
6:52 am
for about ten minutes now, but this is just the start. this max exodus will take four hours. traveling up to 50 miles, they consume their body weight in bugs each evening. nature's insecticide. >> i got to touch a bat. it was furry wings. it was cool. >> reporter: a night flight like no other, now among the hottest trends in texas tourism. for "sunday today," nbc news, san antonio. this week, we highlight another life well lived. bob hoover was a war hero, one of the most daring pilots ever to sit in a cockpit, flying with the 52nd fighter group. he flew 58 successful missions before his spitfire was shot down by the germans in february of 1944. he was held for 16 months in a
6:53 am
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dylan is back, as we close this morning with some predictions for the week ahead. tomorrow, as you may have heard is halloween, the one day of the year when it's acceptable to eat candy corn, but really, don't eat candy corn. >> it's just not good. >> it's the worst. kids and adults alike will be canvassing neighborhoods across the country in their costumes. we predict, in keeping with hall -- halloween tradition, at least one debbie downer house on each block will give out mushy apples and toothbrushes. you know that house. this coming tuesday marks one week until the election of the 45th president of the united states. they'll be putting their flags in the ground in swing states that will decide this thing, shaking hands and kissing babies, and suddenly reminding the country of their own personal greatness. we predict the nation will take a good long vacation down to the all-inclusive sandals montego bay to blow off steam together after this long campaign. lord knows we need it. >> we've earned it. >> the drinks are free, too.
6:58 am
>> oh, nice. >> and wednesday night, it's the 50th annual country music association awards in nashville. carrie underwood and brad paisley co-host the big night that gets together about every big name in the countries from legends like george strait, and miranda lambert, diersk, luke, little big town, the list goes on and on. we predict you didn't hear this from you. the starry night might be capped off by a stirring duet of "islands in the stream" by dolly parton and gary busey. kenny rogers has a conflict, so it's busey. welcome back. >> there was a popular uprising last week when he took a week off. so there he is. stay tuned this morning for "meet the press." chuck will be joined by vice presidential nominee mike pence. thank you, dylan. >> thank you. >> happy halloween. i'll see you on tv in our costumes. thank you for spending part of your morning with us we'll see you here next right here on "sunday today." good morning. you'rwatchg
6:59 am
7:00 am
toy in thbay. you'reaking up to a live look good morning. you're watching "today in the bay." waking up to a live look at the bay bridge. it may be dry now, but the rain is on the way. thanks for waking up with us, everyone. happy early halloween. >> happy early halloween, and for those who were out yesterday, that was the best day to go out. >> there is some rain on the way. will it last and when is it to come is the question? >> right now it's nice and calm, but we have that cold front that is sitting offshore coming in from the pacific northwest. now, we are expecting those clouds to start dominating in the forecast. san jose right now at 61 degrees. san francisco also at about 61 degrees. and it looks like today's temperatures are going to be a lot cooler, but


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