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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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"no clown costum" on lloween--one of the rgest school disicts in theouth y is taking preventive asus to safeguard thousands of its stents. sam/vo and a sexual assau.. >>. >> no clown costumes on hollywood. taking measures to safe guard thousands of students. a sexual assault committed in a b.a.r.t. bathroom. the agency is alerting the public after a teenager with down's syndrome is targeted at an east bay station. >> police shooting in hayward started after a park rapinger confronted a man in an rv.
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oh monday morning, but it is halloween. >> treat for the ground but trick for the forecast. next system aliving for the afternoon for parts of the north bay. for the morning commute, patchy fog and break in most of the action. you see 40s and 50s. jump ahead to the afternoon forecast. san francisco and north bay, you've got the rain at times. this is the change the next 12 hours. increasing clouds as that weather system aims in on the bay area. how many rain and snow we are expecting. >> not a lot of folks left for their morning commute so not a lot of traffic. this crash southbound 87.
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i don't see any slowing here. your drive times toward the bay bridge just fine. 13 minutes. highway 4 down to the maze. >> thank you, mike. we are learning more about disturbing crime. sexual assault of a boy with down's syndrome in a busy b.a.r.t. station. he was identified as a 38-year-old. police say it happened saturday night in a rest room at the pittsburgh bay point b.a.r.t. station. a man is accused of following the teenage boy inside the rest room. the boy's mother is credited with noticing something wrong and alerting police who quickly responded. other riders were stunned something like that could happen. >> it's weird this station. i go home. >> the victim was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. b.a.r.t. is reminding riders to lock the door and be aware of their surroundings. a man shot by police
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officers is still in the hospital this morning. police say he used an rv to try to run down the officers. some dramatic video captured the moment officers fired on that man saturday night. investigators say this all began when the driver had an altercation with a park ranger who then called police. police say the rv slammed into a rogue car during that chaos. as officers were firing at the suspect, it happened near a house party with guests running for cover. >> we heard a screeching, like the car screeching. my mom turned out the lights because she got scared. >> police expect that suspect to survive his injuries. no police officers were injured. >>. >> the fbi has a search warrant to go for recently discovered e-mails. >> friday james comey announced a new batch of e-mails related
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to clinton's use of a private server. these latest e-mails were found on the laptop of long-time clinton aide huma abedin, estranged wife of former new york congressman anthony weiner. agents say once they get access they'll quickly scan the e-mails and see how many are duplicates they have seen. those not copied will be checked for classified information. at campaign events over the weekend, clinton promised supporters she would not be knocked off course by anything. >> there have been ups and downs and all we've gone through over the years, and even in this campaign, but i am focused on one thing. you. your lives, your futures. >> director comey is not releasing details about their investigation leaving top democrats to accuse the director of playing politics. harry reid is among those accusing director comey breaking
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the law with the investigation. required sent a letter saying he may have violated the hatch act which bars government officials to use their authority to affect elections. your actions in recent months have demonstrated disturbing double standard with what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over the other. the fbi has not responded. >> that political party looking to take advantage. donald trump trying to pound on the e-mail controversy to boost his campaign. he thanked disgraced congressman anthony weiner for the distraction. >> i have a feeling they just found a lot of them, don't you think? we never thought we were going to say thank you to anthony weiner. >> but he did. trump promised if he becomes
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president, she would special prosecutor for clinton's e-mail case. as the election nears, check out our nonpartisan voter's edge guide. next, a political war over soda. when they told you it was a grocery tax, were they lying to you? >> yeah. you find out later, it's too late. >> the investigative unit reveals the tactics, spin and big money used by both sides to win your vote. seeing a dry start for the morning for most of the area. 55. our halloween forecast in south bay changes. rain showing up by this evening. how much more rain and snow we are expecting coming up. >> rain gone but slicker spots for those drivers out there. we are tracking a crash in hayward. one side calls it sa tax,
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the other - a grocertax. you're cfused, you' not we sent seor investigiveo a wha reporter steph stock >>. >> one side called it a grocery
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tax, the other side a soda tax. >> if you live in san francisco, oakland or albany, you've been bombarded by conflicting messages about this proposition on the november ballot. according to records filed with the san francisco ethics foundation, the american beverage association, for instance, has spent more than $20 million so far to defeat this tax. supporters, including san francisco supervisor cohen and former new york city mayor michael bloomberg have spent a little more than $9 million in support of the tax. supporters say the 1 cent tax on every ounce of sweetened beverages sold would help reduce consumption and fight obesity. opponents say the wording is problematic, that the measures will actually tax drink distributors and that means the tax, if passed, would be passed down to consumers and spread out by retail outlets through other
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things like higher grocery prices making a grocery tax. read more about this and find nonpartisan voter's guide on >> if you have a tip, give us a call. coming up, treasure island. the latest move to build a george lucas museum. >> one bay area homeowner is putting a political twist on a haunted house. the way he wants to make america scared again. the rain in the bay ea -- turne
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mountas, ough to slo the rain in the bay area turned to snow in the sierra. several inches of snow in the mountains and enough to slow down that traffic on interstate 80. not quite cold enough for tahoe ski resorts to open again. they are hoping conditions will allow the season to start in the next week or two. >> snow in the sierra. we've seen all this rain the last three, four days. our year-to-date total are far more than we've seen. >> it's a 1/2 foot more rain in the north bay than last year. it was a strong el nino year and we didn't see much through october. it has been a big start. most of the bay area, including san jose, thanks to the wettest day since march last friday. you can see 200% to 400% of average. that was last year.
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almost nothing around the bay area certainly well above the average. all this doesn't include one more system to come later this evening. the main concern after all that rain is patchy fog. you see that around santa rosa down to 1/4 mile this morning. which mentioned the snow in the sierra. you can see up towards interstate 80 and highway 50, that's where the last remnants of our weakened storm firing up snow showers across the sierra. around the bay area, a few light showers. sunset comes up at 6:11 tonight. you might have to include a little bit of rain. south bay may not have a whole
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lot. certainly areas from the peninsula northward will deal with rain showers by 7:00. it looks like spotty showers around san jose south. as we head through the rest of the evening into tomorrow morning, this system moves through quickly. mid morning tomorrow, showers shut down and a much drier forecast taking shape. rain totals again, not a lot. will pick up in the north bay and temperatures because of the all-day clouds in the low 60s. look at changes now in the seven-day forecast. san francisco after this last system goes through, most of the week is actually looking dry and warmer for inland locations. we'll see highs in the 60s then back into the mid 70s. some above average temperatures for a change thursday into friday. looks like a dry weekend ahead approaching next weekend. >> i will stick with you for the changes. the roadway, not a lot of changes in those speeds. top of the screen in petaluma.
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maybe some fog for parts of the north bay. chp hasn't reported any problems. this is southbound 880, a crash involving a big rig. that rig is on the shoulder. a minor distraction heading past 8 street. no problems down toward the san mateo bridge. tri-valley, slow traffic out of the altamont. you're at speed in the dublin interchange. 22 minutes from the grant line. san jose moves well. this is 101. no problem. that capital expressway should be clear. we'll check on that. >> thanks so much. some people having fun with this halloween. one homeowner says the scariest think he could think of would be a donald trump presidency. >> jay wants to make america scared again with.
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that is his home decorated with several trump-themed decorations. >> we get upwards of 750 to 00 trick-treaters every year. this being the crazy election year, i thought i'd have fun with it. >> you can find news coverage critiquing the republican candidate, too. he wished everybody a happy halloween and encouraged everyone to get out and vote. >> looks like the george lucas planned art museum has a good chance ending up on treasure island. they plan to introduce a resolution this week in support of that project. the san francisco "chronicle" reports the progressives who often stand in the way approved plans so far. lucas released his spaceship design for treasure island site last week.
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>> tomorrow starts open enrollment for health insurance. experts say there are ways to make this process less frightening. common mistake is paying too much attention to monthly premiums. >> you could pay up more out of pocket to fill prescriptions or see your physician even when you pick what seemingly is the least expensive plan. >> dr. ken thorpe professor of health policy at emory. he says the scariest part is not knowing where to start comparing plans. 93% insured americans are covered through employer-based health insurance, medicare or medicaid. each offer pl is to lower health insurance cost. halloween. americans are expected to spend a record in halloween. >> just for candy alone. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning to you. happy halloween.
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hopefully the markets will not be swift because they are set to start in posterity. futures are higher. stocks coming up a mixed week. dow ending higher. there were big springs friday afternoon following the news the fbi was resuming its investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails. look for data today on personal income and spending and manufacturing. on friday dow slipping to 18,161. nasdaq down 25 to 51,090. a big deal brewing this morning. it has confirmed general electric and baker hughes are merging their oil and gas businesses in a deal worth about $30 about. the partnership could help ge become a bigger player in the energy sector to compete with market lead er schlumberger.
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>> when you measure all the categories, san jose comes in 34th overall. the national retail federation expects americans will spend $8.4 billion on halloween, an all-time high. >> my problem is i bought so much candy and my kids have been eating it prior to halloween. >> if you have leftover candy, this is not a problem. >> i know where to go. ç coming up, after a nascar race, a car plows into a crowd of fans. first happening, the weekend storms bringing weekend rainbows to the bay area. check out spectacular photo gallery. if you're looking for halloween or other fall events in the bay area, it's not too late. we have a fall fun list. strong aftershockcontinue torip
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earthquake hit there strong aftershocks continue to rip through central italy after a 6.6 magnitude quake hit that area yesterday morning. you can see the damage is extensive. the earthquake turned buildings to rubble and left roads heavily damaged. the epicenter was about four miles north. the earthquake was stronger than the one in august. a braising parking lot abduction caught on camera. you see two men dragging someone into a car trunk.
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some wonder if this is a kidnapping. they dragged their victim to the car, parked outside a store in woodbridge, virginia. witnesses say they saw those three play fighting moments before this video was captured. another shows the victim talking to the driver before the instant tent. police don't know where any of those men are. 4:55. pretty scary moments at a nascar race over the weekend. nearly 2 dozen people hurt after a driver plowed through a crowd of fans leaving yesterday's race at martinsville speedway. the driver was attempting to pass another car in post race traffic when it struck a crowd of people. most of the people injured are expected to be okay. >> this was a great moment for chicago. you already had two world series games at wrigley. so far no victories for the
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cubs. third time was a charm. addison russell squeaks out a run. they go on to win this game 3-2 in a tight ballgame. setting the stage for game six. >> it's really adding to the drama. >> two cities starved for a world series championship. >>. >> coming up, halloween forecast that may spook some parents. >> ghostly cloudy skies k. changes in the forecast. rain by the afternoon in the north bay. vo plus -- a stbing cre in a publbathroom.
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say he sexual usedd ter they a boy in a bart restom.
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"this is my right. jt bause shs a pitull does nomean, because he afraid ofpit bulls i =laura/convo= d a contrersy takinghe inrnet by b.a.r.t. station where a disturbing crime takes place involving a kid with special needs. those details coming up in a live report. confrontation going viral after a man is kicked off of a cable car because of his pit bull. the crucial move 49ers are expected to take today as a battle between the team and city of santa clara escalates.
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a whole new theme to this monday halloween. people are looking to the forecast, especially tonight. >> morning commute good news, candy commute, not too much. change is coming up. patchy fog. how much rain and sierra snow we are looking at coming up in a few minutes. >> we had a car fire in oakland at 40th and san leandro. just over there as well.


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