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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  October 31, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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he vanished. two months ago they unearthed bones. the dna is now being tested. >> you can see it here so it was not very well preserved. >> george didn't forgive his wife for the affair. he divorced sophia and she was locked up in prison for 30 years. at 6:00, following two major breaking news stories. one out of oakland, the other on the peninsula. this is a massive fire burning right now near lake merritt. we have been following this the last 30 or 40 minutes. that is a construction site there blocks away from lake merritt. still very much engulfed scene as it is a three-alarm fire. i'm bob redell. another fire overnight damage et cetera a popular watering hole
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in redwood city. sexual assault committed in a b.a.r.t. rest room. the agenty alerting the public after a man was targeted. very busy monday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> let's get right to it right now. breaking news out of oakland. this is in the east bay. dramatic images. these are live chopper images coming in right now from a fire that is burning in oakland just blocks away from lake merritt. hanover and lester. currently a three-alarm fire at a construction site there. we do not know at this point how much progress has been made. it was so bright, so powerful that people were reporting seeing this from blocks away.
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>> you can see firefighters attempting to fight this from all angles. is there a huge ladder trying to get to the heart of the inferno right now towards the center. we have someone on the line who lives close to there. you thought the sun was coming up the flames were so bright? s. >> my wife and i woke up around 5:15 in the morning. we can peer out directly that shows this structure. i looked out and say, the sun's
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coming up. she goes it's 5:15 in the morning. there is this huge ball of flames and smoke spewing from the construction site we've been looking at the past six or eight months ago. >> the center has been carved out by the flames. how close are nearby businesses or homes? >> i was telling her, i'm so thankful we had three days of rain because it's close. it's six blocks away from our apartment complex. this street has several bars and restaurants on this main street. there are apartment units and condos next to that. it's made progress over the last
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eight months. they had the structure up and put up panelling. we've been seeing progress on that building being made over the last eight months. >> that progress is gone. firefighters will have a tough one. even investigating how this all started. van, we appreciate you joining us. stay safe yourself. i imagine the smell of smoke has to be thick where you are. >> yeah. we were walking outside on the back deck and can see all the ashes are spewing all over the place. thank goodness there's not a lot of wind out there i hope everyone is safe out there. >> are you seeing any indication that the structural integrity of the building could be at risk here? >> the building is completely done. it's gone. the firefighters made a lot of progress. it was a huge ball of flames, maybe about 15, 20 minutes ago.
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structurally, there is nothing left as far as i can tell from my back deck. >> it is hard to see. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> we have more from both directions. firefighters can try to get a handle on flames burning at a popular bar there. and other nearby businesses threatened. bob, tell us what you're seeing. >> good morning, sam and laura. el camino shut down while redwood city fire department does cleanup on a fire that started about 4:30 this morning.
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it's that beach colored building with the red letterings. around 4:30 this morning there was a fire that started in the back. the fire is out. fire department did have to call for second alarm. took about 30 minutes to put out. fortunately the damage inside is not destruction. there's fire, water and some smoke damage inside, but what they believe happened this started in a small structure out in the back and it spread from the outside in. the ba ar was closed at the tim. i asked if this was suspicious. it's too early to tell. they'll have an investigator come out here. sadini's lounge had a fire last night.
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brewster will be shut down. we'll have the northbound side open within the next 45. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. >>. >> we know that's a lot of information to take in. two big fires burning. one in redwood city and you see the oakland fire burning right now. how is this potentially impacting traffic? >> we are looking at pictures from the chopper overhead. this is the fire we are tracking in oakland. not far from lake merritt. we have a lookout over here off the main roadway. lake shore boulevard is open. this is at leicester and hanover. we'll show you what we are talking about. the slowdown you see the red at the bay bridge toll plaza. there is lake merritt. we'll zoom in. about two or three blocks away
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from lake shore boulevard. b.a.r.t. station nearby but no impact as far as that service. we have lester at hanover, a couple of blocks away from the road lake shore boulevard. here is 580. these are the two main roadways. those are unaffected by the fire. this fire will be visible from 580 from park from the area, often 880. look at the oakland camera. i want to show folks, this is high street, a familiar shot. up at the top of the screen, we have this big ball of orange. the flames were visible. that will be a smoother drive north past the coliseum. getting back to the maps, we'll show you the rest of the traffic for the rest of the bay, most commuters should be fine. we have that fire in oakland. saw the smoke drifting around. what do you have as far as winds in the area? >> given there are buildings on both sides, we are lucky the winds aren't much stronger.
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southeast winds about 5 to 10 miles per hour. 57 east/southeast wind 3 miles per hour. partly cloudy skies and you see the wind flow there. hour by hour, we have patchy fog in the north bay. san francisco north bay. by the afternoon and evening, 7:00 now some rain spilling back to the bay area. the full forecast in just a few minutes. 6:0. learning more about a disturbing crime. sexual assault of a boy with down syndrome in a busy b.a.r.t. stadium. the suspect is 38-year-old. it happened saturday night in a rest room at the pittsburgh bay point b.a.r.t. station. the man is accused of following the stage boy inside the rest room then assaulting him. the boy's mother is credited with noticing something was wrong and alerting police who quickly responded and detained
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the suspect. other b.a.r.t. riders were stunned something like this could happen. >> it's weird at the b.a.r.t. station. >> police say the victim was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation. b.a.r.t. is reminding users of the rest rooms to lock the door and be aware of their surroundings. a man shot by officers is still in the hospital this morning. police say he used his rv to try and run down those officers. dramatic video captured the moment officers fired on that man. it happened on saturday night by hayward. investigators say this began when the driver had some altercation with a park ranger who then called police. police say the rv slammed into a row of cars during that chaos. officers fired at the suspect which happened to be near a house party, sending guests there running for cover.
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>>. >> we heard like a screeching, a car screeching. my mom turned out the lights because she got scared. >> police expect that the suspect who hasn't been identified yet will survive his injuries. no police officers were injured. 6:11. up next, new solution for people with peanut allergies. the patch that could change people's lives. from nasa back to napa. bay area astronaut returns home to earth. and we go back out to oakland at a scene that is starting to look more controlled this morning. this was a fire that brokeç ou at a construction site by lake merritt. this was a three-alarm fire.
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==rob/w== (rob ad libs) ==mike/trx==(mikad libs) a break after that sunday rain. 53 in san jose. temperatures in the low 60s by noon. rain making a comeback by the evening commute.
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>>. >> we are looking at travel times. despite that fire in oakland off lake merritt, no delays as far as that flow of traffic. 49 trains reported on time. let's go back to oakland. live aerial spots from our nbc bay area chopper. flames tearing through this morning. there are still reenforcements. firefighters pouring water on top of that building, using cranes and ladders and hoses. this is a three-alarm fire. right by lake merritt. hanover and lester in between lake merritt and 580. this caused quite a stir.
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one man thought the sun was coming up at 5:15 in the morning. winds are mild in that area. 6:16. a skin patch might be available to help kids with peanut allergy. they could consume 10 times more peanut protein than before they started treatment. children with the biggest benefit were ages between 4 and 11. the patch didn't have as much of an effect on kids over 12. remember back many people in
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silicon valley thought it was odd when theil stood up for trump? that was back in july. think of all the things said about trump or by trump since then. theil has been criticized sticking by the candidates thick and thin. theil's company which works with the cia is going to be in court today suing the pentagon for the right to bid on defense contract. pentagon told congress palantir was not qualified enough to bid this. dispute may have targeted when palantir officials made a sales call to the inner ring of the
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pentagon underdressed wearing open-necked shirts. analysts like that stock and rate amazon a buy. kate ruben is back on earth. she spent 115 days in space. one of the world's leading experts in microbiology. got a ph.d. at stanford studying cancer. she will return home to america.
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60th woman in space. >> what a talent. right now it's halloween. kids of all ages are going to bring home candy by the buckets. with all that candy in the house, are you guilty sneaking a couple of pieces yourself? chances are yes. redbook surveyed thousands of parents and found 62% secretly ate onto their kids' candy stash. >> they did a study, really? share, share, share. not affecting a lot of roads in that area. >> affecting local roads. this is at lester and han xwroefr.
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lester and hanover and the spectacle of this big glowing orange orb some see from 580. we are looking at live shots chopper. we could see it from 880 at the coliseum. most isolated here to our chopper shot. that will be the issue there. i want to take you to the maps and show you this is not showing any disturbance on the roadway. the fire is on the west side here. those two smaller roadways are
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affected. there is 580, park boulevard. those are all open for traffic flow. the b.a.r.t. station open on this side here. other than the fire in oakland and that small stretch of el camino where there is a fire in redwood city, bob is there following that fire. let's get the live look out there. there was a stall reported westbound. still very slow as that tow truck making its way across the highrise. we get our drive times across the bridges. at the bottom of your screen, 22 minutes across the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge is a better drive. there is no visibility problems.
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we are talking about that fire in oakland. anything else a factor? >> we are lucky the winds are relatively light in oakland. we have no rain to talk about. wind speeds out of the southeast. generally light winds. heading off to the north for you this morning. right now our temperatures in the 40s and 50s outside. and patchy fog in the north bay. we'll probably see that the next couple of mornings. visibility just over a mile in santa rosa. rain for halloween afternoon, around napa to san francisco for oakland, by the evening, we'll see the rain drops arrive. south bay probably after sundown tonight. sunset at 6:11. only expecting lighter rain showers around the south bay. here is a view of our time line of the next and last storm. there you see the rain approaching the central bay as
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we head toward 6:30. rainfall projections, higher totals through about 8:00 in the north bay. just enough to keep the umbrella on stand by around the south bay. sierra picking up another 3-6 inches of snow today. mid to upper 60s. low 60s in the north bay. notice the forecast after today, looks drier and warmer as you approach next weekend. more news after this break. ==sam/chop live=(oakla fire)
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>>. >> an update to breaking news we have been following almost an hour. you're looking at efforts to contain a fire at a construction site in oakland by lake merritt. this season looked very different 40 minutes ago. >> it was just burning. this is from earlier. it is at lester and hanover. lake shore boulevard is not far away. you see firefighters tackling it from all angles here. it was a three-alarm fire. we'll get an update from the scene after this. joining us on thihalween.
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i'm laura rcia cannon a very good monday morning to you. thanks for join us on this halloween. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. major breaking news out of oakland. >> massive fire as a construction project goes up in flames at lester and hanover near lake merritt this morning. it's been burning at least an hour now. firefighters managing to tackle it. it was an inferno. a glow seen for miles away. >> pete arrived on scene.
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we understand this was an apartment complex under construction. what are you hearing from oakland fire? >> we just got here. we are waiting to get more informati information. you can see we are on the backside of hanover and lester. you can see water coming down on that fire. we are waiting to get more information on what may have caused this fire. i can tell you this as being a person who lives here in the east bay. it's on the lake shore side away from where you would see shops and restaurants. more on the grand avenue side of lake merritt. we are talking about more residential. this was a construction site. you can see fire crews are at work here. i've seen a number of residents from these nearby apartment complexes outside wondering what's going on. i heard that call as we were
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driving in about that guy talking about the massive ball of flame he saw there. i'm sure that's a lot of reaction we'll get from people. it is near lake merritt but on the side of those folks familiar with lake merritt area where it's mostly residential complexes. not on the side where we see bars and shops. it's on the side where lake shore avenue is. we'll go around and get more details and bring them in our next live report. >> thank you very much, pete. that gives us good perspective what is around there from the ground. here is another aerial perspective of this situation. a construction site if oakland. we had spoken to someone earlier who described what it was like to wake up and see the flames erupting. that person is van nguyen. he joins us on the phone. i imagine your nerves have to be more settled at this point. talk about what you saw when you woke up.
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>> yeah. around 5:15 this morning, i woke up to get ready to go on a run. i look out my window and it looks like the sun is coming out because of this huge orange light coming from my window. i turned to my wife and said the sun is coming out, we've got to go. she says it's 5:15 in the morning. there is a big ball of flames outside at this construction site for the apartment complex we've been seeing built up the last eight months or so. >> you say she being your wife saying this is not the sunrise. you mentioned the construction site is in close proximity to a lot of homes, businesses there. was that your initial concern that it could spread? >> absolutely. when we woke up, it was ashes and ambers shooting out. there's a lot of single family
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homes. lots of apartment complexes over there. our apartment complex is about six blocks away. we live on east 18th street which is close to restaurants and bars and a lucky's. i was worried about it. i'm so impressed how quickly the fire was able to be contained. >> no kidding. the size of this fire was huge. this is video from earlier this morning when the fire was really at the height of burning there. good news is that the winds have remained mild there. the threat of burning embers flying into neighboring building has diminished. you were about to go out for a run. that looks like it's cut short today. i would imagine the smell of smoke is thick out there you don't want to breathe that in. >> yeah. i was out on my porch a couple of minutes ago. the smell of smoke isn't all that bad, but i see that the
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smoke is blowing to the opposite direction. looks like it could be bad in the option direction. lots of smoke in the air right now. >> take caution wherever you are in that area. >> van mentioned he was about five or six blocks away from where this happened. the exact location with hanover and lester right on lake merritt are close to it. a couple of surface streets. mike has been watching this situation monitoring how that is going to affect traffic in the area. >> we were concerned when we are heard the lake merritt area. there are a lot of shops and restaurants on the western side of the lake. this is a little bit toward the eastern side. this is not much business. it's densely populated. there is an issue. you notice from time to time you see the flash lights on the left side of your screen. looks like crews are going through making sure things are under control. back in high school in mountain vow my house burned down. we were fortunate to get
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everybody out without problems. the fire crews stayed some time to make sure there were no hot spots and didn't have a chance to spreading to a neighbor's house. let's get you out to the map. you did ask how this is impacting traffic. there is the bay bridge. traditional slowing. you'll see a normal pattern except the san mateo bridge. b.a.r.t. station here. this fire is on this side off lake shore avenue. about three blocks from that. here is park, here is macarthur. 580 has not seen any slowing, especially after the earlier flames are no longer visible from the freeway. that smoke will be a distraction. your commute looking good except for the san mateo bridge.
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a car crash mid span. you want to use the dunbarton bridge. we'll end with the live shot here. showing all that slowdown. the dunbarton bridge, shortest distance from the south. very calm and easy drive across the bay. today we see we have wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. that is not the case today. that helps this span and helps condition for the fire. >> wind speeds in oakland generally 5-10 miles per hour southeast. good news in terms of the fire. that smoke not moving all that far away so the smoke concentration north of where that fire is burning might be high there. mainly if the wind is out of the southeast. 57 currently near oakland. you begin to see the rain. by 7:00, notice that sunset 6:11 tonight we'll see rain pushing
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back to the bay area. the evening commute you'll look at more rain. more on big changes coming up in a few minutes. >> a lot of umbrellas for the trick-or-treaters. breaking news on the peninsula, as well. a fire here. both directions of el camino are shut down as firefighters get a handle on what was once a rapidly burning business, a popular bar there. >>. >> bob redell joins us live from the scene near el camino real and brewster avenue. >> as you can see behind me, redwood city fire department was able to save the sadini lounge. fire started around 4:30 in a small structure. firefighters called for a second alarm in about 30 minutes.
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it did sustain some damage from fire, smoke and water. we spoke with a woman who owns the bar with her husband. >> it means a lot to us. it's our place we come to hang out, to watch football, to watch baseball, and to just get away from the day and have that family. we look at sadini's as a family. >> how are you doing now? >> i would be doing better if you knew more. i'm doing okay. >> the el camino is shut down between broadway and brewster as the fire department cleans up what happened here. the southbound direction should be reopened at any moment. it could be another couple of hours for the northbound direction. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you, bob. right now, one of the south bay's largest school districts is not clowning around. >> no kidding.
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east side union high school district in san jose is banning clown costumes because of those creepy clown sightings and threats we've seen across the country. kris sanchez joins us live with more on the restrictions. they are banning them in my kids' schools. >> they are banned in my kids' schools, as well. we get handouts with guidelines about halloween costumes. this is the first time i've seen clown costumes on that list of banned items at school. across the nation, police departments have investigated sightings and incidents of people dressed in scary or creepy clown costumes approaching children and grown-ups. that's the reason costumes are offlimits at eastside union school district. the district specifies there has not been physical or theshl confrontations but because of inappropriate and threatening posts on social media the district banned those costumes
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outright. in addition to the clown costumes, many schools ban masks or costumes that disguise the student's identity, fake weapons, fake blood and overly gory costumes, and costumes must be appropriate for school. consult your student handbook for that one. if you have questions, check with your local school where your kids go or get something super cute and cuddly. those are my favorite. >> especially when the kids are little. 6:40. coming up, more on the breaking news we've been covering out of oakland. massive fire at a construction site. the wells fargo scandal continues to expand. we'll look coming up in business news. out to the big board. dow industrials gaining seven.
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good morning. willow glen looking at mainly clear skies. eventually rain approaching 5:00 and 6:00 and yet another storm system. how much rain you can expect coming up. breaking news, the fire in oakland, the bigger of the two fires we are tracking. talking about the traffic impact just off 580. look at the drive times and 580 looking all right at the bottom of your screen. it is your typical backup for the east shore freeway and bay bridge. talking about a problem on the san mateo bridge. video making the rounds online show a man getting kicked off a san francisco cable car because of his pit bull. the woman hoe posted it says the dog is a service animal. the video was posted saturday to
6:45 am
facebook showing a man arguing with the police officer about a dog being onboard. a spokesperson confirmed they are investigating what happened and service animals are allowed onboard. cable car operators have a duty to keep passengers safe. >> in this case, the operator did not feel it was a safe situation for the passengers onboard or themselves and did ask him to leave. >> it's not clear if the dog was a service animal or not. dogs are allowed on cable cars. if they are not a service dog, they must be on a leash and muzzled. 6:45. a teacher accused of molesting young boys heading back to court. ginto recruited his victims while teaching at a charter school in richmond. he was fired and later hired at another school. there he started to plan an
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unauthorized trip to yosemite with his new students but was arrested before this trip happened. you've seen homes with solar panels in your neighborhood. >> future solar panels could be all but invisible. >> that's right. they are built into the shingles themselves. the folks at tesla showing them off friday afternoon. elon musk calling a press conference at universal studios. if you say that house looks like the one from wisteria lane" on "desperate housewives" it is. it put solar shingles on it. >> as you change the angle, it reverts to an orangey color. >> making these shingles is totally contingent on tesla merging with solar city. our parent company owns universal studios, but we do not have a business relationship
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with tesla other than renting them the space. elon musk knows a lot about business. i would warn him. solar city is trying to get more business now by putting in regular solar panels on people's roofs. if you introduce something better that's not yet available, people will wait and that will hurt solar city. that phenomenon is called the osborne effect. in the '80s this was a portable computer in the '80s. the head of osborne said this is cool but wait till you see our next mold. everybody said we'll wait till we have the next model. it killed the computer company. taking a look at the markets, the nasdaq mildly higher. fed has a two-day interest rate meeting this week, as well. this is a letter from u.s. senators to firm kpmg. they sent one to wells fargo asking how its employees missed the fact wells fargo had created millions of phantom accounts.
6:48 am
some employees say they were fired for raising the red flag for calling this in, then negative information was put on their permanent record. it is a permanent record in a bag. it follows you around from bank to bank. some employees are saying they can't get more jobs in banks. >> retribution trying to do the right thing. >> thank you. it's 6:48. turn our attention back to the massive fire we've been watching burn at a construction site in oakland. these are live pictures from our chopper overhead. if you joined us about an hour ago, it was aglow. it was a ball of flames. an inferno burning that could be seen from miles away. >> looked like a dark hole as it looked like firefighters have
6:49 am
gotten the flames under control. that is a construction site by lake merritt. >> good morning. we are on the back side of that fire in hanover. want to show how this season is looking. you can see smoke in the distance where the fire took place at that construction site. we are waiting to get more information. they saw the big ball of flames. we've been running and went up the hill between that last live hit and spoke with a familiar and his family. they said they lived at a nearby apartment complex and saw some of those flames coming in and were told to get out of their apartment. here he is describing what he saw earlier this morning. >> we heard, get out, get out. by the time we get out, and we
6:50 am
come outside. fire was in our apartment like this. >> it was in your apartment. >> it was in my apartment. >> you guys are taking a live look on the ground on the backside of lake merritt where the smoke is brewing. we are trying to get more details. as you can imagine, there's a ton of people out here. they will have this section closed down for a while this morning. >> thanks for gathering new foerg. this is a live look overhead. you see firefighters are going to be out there all day long watching for hot spots as investigators try to determine what started this fire. >> couple of different looks there. pouring water on top of that apartment complex. let's bring in mike. there are a couple of major highways.
6:51 am
>> once the flames die down, we saw a big orange glow there. like you see in this live picture here, we don't see any slowing on 880 or 580 i can attribute to the fire. you see the smoke rising, that will be an issue. you talked about it being a few blocks away from 580. we'll get you oriented. that's right here on the screen. just off 58 a, there is that fire activity. lake shore avenue along the eastern side of the lake, that's affected right there. hanover a couple of blocks over from lake shore avenue which take you over toward lake merritt. all those are unaffected.
6:52 am
as you look at the rest of the map, that is the concern. we are following that closure between brewster and broadway. that's where bob redell is reporting. flowing northbound to the south bay. san mateo westbound, we have that slowing. the dunne bartton bridge is a much easier drive. in oakland talking about that smoke. that may be an issue. that smoke is coming straight up there. there's not a lot of wind right now. >> surface winds you mentioned from the live picture from the chopper, winds out of the southeast at times 5 to 10 miles per hour. overall light winds which we think have been helping
6:53 am
firefighters there. temperatures this morning, 40s and 50s. a dry start but as early as lunchtime we'll see changes around the bay area as another storm makes an approach. halloween forecast, rain midday and also an increasing chance you could see an afternoon or evening thunder shower. san francisco to oakland, rain moving in for the afternoon for the halloween forecast. rain last to arrive toward the late afternoon and evening. lighter rain totals around the south bay. more significant totals around the north bay later this afternoon. still snow showers as the air is cold enough to support that. there you see the outer fringe of our next storm system coming in. there is a slight risk of afternoon thunder shower and evening for north bay. mid to upper 60s. from here, temperatures are
6:54 am
going to warm up. notice the rainy pattern goes on hold as we pass the middle part of the week. after that the forecast dries out and things warm up as you approach next weekend. >> thank you very much. it's been our top story all morning long. that three-alarm fire in oakland happening right now. we are collecting your pictures and tweets from the scene. we are working to post the photo gallery. crews on the ground tweeting updates from fire officials soon as they get new information as they continue to contain that fire. we are back in two minutes. before you head t the doo-
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here are the top sries onbc baarea...s welcome back on this monday morning. here are the top stories we are covering on nbc bay area. big breaking news. >> these are our chopper shots from oakland. this is right by lake merritt on the scene of a three-alarm fire. what a difference an hour makes. as you mentioned earlier, this was flames erupting in the oakland night sky at about 5:15, 5:20 this morning. huge balls of fire reported at a construction site only blocks aw away. it's still a 3-alarm presence as
6:58 am
they try to tamp down the hot spots. this has been an evolving situation. >> people could see these flames from the freeway. we had cameras parked far away. you can see the glow. firefighters say no one is hurt. very good news there. it is a construction site. they don't believe anyone was there it was the early morning hours when it broke out. the investigation will continue as they are looking into the cause. >> other breaking news, redwood city. a live look of el camino real. it was shut down in both directions after a fire broke out over night. >> it was a two-alarm fire. burned early this morning. it's between broadway and brewster avenue.
6:59 am
we are told the flames broke out at the back of the bar. an investigation under way to find out how this happened. good news here, no one wasç injured. >> they did save nearby businesses. nice job there. >> that bar is not far from the c cal train traction. >> later we'll see rain and wind making a comeback. storm due in later today will bring rain toward the evening and chance of thunder in the north bay later today. >> disruption in your commute. >> san mateo bridge recovers after an earlier crash. not far from 580. not affecting lake shore avenue. major streets on that side of lake merritt. we'll see that smoke as the sunrises. >> busy morning out there.
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we'll continue to follow both fires that started this morning. that is what's happening today in the bay. be back in a half hour. good morning. clocks ticking, with eight days until the election the fbi obtains a warrant to search a reported 650,000 e-mails on a computer owned by anthony weiner and hillary clinton's top aide huma abedin. the chaos. accusations flying. >> i think that's called the mother load. >> no matter what is thrown at us we need to stay focused. >> this morning the fbi under pressure for more clarity with time quickly running out. the suspected gunman is dead. the massive week-long man hunt ending in a high-speed chase and shoot-out.


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