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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 7, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PST

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fbi clea hilly clion agn overer eml scaal. ==jessa-shotthe ws at1 stas now= intee as thprevis 4 monthsthe b nbc y ares peg bunk joinus wi the tailspegg thisatestwist just o dayseforehe pridentl discored nhing jamecomeywrote comewroteis fit letr to congre,-
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nighin re -- ihavinan impa peggy we'll get back to you with audio difficulties there. let's move on and get back to peggy here. that scare at a donald trump rally last night in reno was having an impact tonight in the bay area. >> all right. go. >> might have seen it viral on video here. trump was rushed off the stage in reno. that protestor holding a sign reading republicans against trump made his way to the front of the room and someone shouted gun. now he didn't have a fwgun but along with his family members in the bay area are getting threat. his sister-in-law has been getting direct messages from people threatening her and her family. some messages say when trump becomes president he'll have
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them killed. that family has notified the police. peggy rejoins us to talk about hillary clinton and this scandal with the fbi. >> it's been a roller coaster. a lot happening in the days up to the election. just hours away. not even days away any longer. we did hear from vice president and running mate to hillary clinton tim kaine today. tim kaine had this to say. >> we did have the confidence when we were surprised to be back in this place because they spent so much time looking at it and reached a conclusion so u e unequiv unequivical. donald trump isn't buying it. he made claims that the election system is rigged and that clinton is losing supporters. >> you know what, i told her
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stop you're wasting your time. the people are too smart. too smart. they're too smart. but she just announced an extra visit to michigan. do you know how many people she'll have? like half of the front row. >> now today director comey's second letter to congress said this based on our review we have not changed or conclusions we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. e-mails were examined with the help of computer software. fbi agents have been working around the clock. at the mails were either personal or due mplicates. today in cleveland hillary clinton made no mention of the fbi decision. >> let me ask you this, are you ready to vote? are you ready to volunteer for the next few days?
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are you ready to choose our next president? >> both political parties were pretty critical of director comey's decision to get back into the controversy. his future some say is also uncertain. also uncertain whether all of this controversy impacted any voter decisions. the final poll shows that hillary clinton has 44 points right now. trump has 40. that's down from her double digit lead. she has h that back in october. >> a lot is happening locally as well. the lines were long yesterday. people waited up to an hour but when we checked in today the lines were not quite as bad and plenty of phone banks going. now on election day the investigative unit will have your back. if you experience any problems at all at the polls call 844-nbc-vote. you can also file a complaint on
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our website and also posted a link there so you can check out your rights as a voter. again, nbc bay >> he's been on the run since last month and san jose police tracked him down this morning. officers arrested the man accused of slamming a stolen suv into a police car last month. investigators say the driver rammed the patrol car. it happened near 101. two other officers opened fire but that man got away. now early this morning, he was allegedly driving another stolen vehicle when he was arrested. police say he was in possession of drugs. >> tonight chp officers are looking for the other race aer. they're looking at the aftermath of the crash that happened at the corner of homestead in santa clara. a man lost control of his car and slammed into a tree.
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that stretch of roadway sees a lot of fast cars. >> it certainly does and neighbors are very concerned because they say this is not an isolated problem. street racing is a constant problem here on this expressway and chp officers tonight told me that the driver that was killed was traveling up to 100 miles per hour. >> so mangled you can barely tell this is a camaro. a deadly reminder of the hazards of street racing. the driver killed was in his 20s. he was racing on the busy expressway traveling up to 100 miles per hour when he lost control and slammed into the tree and was killed. it happened around 12:30 this afternoon. it sent it flying over the sound wall into neighbors backyards. >> there was an oil pump that came over and landed on the hot tub in the back. it actually landed on the hot tub. >> his two young nephews could
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have been playing at that time. >> somebody would have been hurt. there were that many pieces coming over the wall. >> the impact sent part of the fence to the ground. other neighbors felt it too. neighbors say they often see or hear street racing on the expressway. >> at night it's constant. >> he says today's deadly crash is a painful reminder that more needs to be done to keep this expressway safe for drivers and neighbors. officers are still trying to find the other racer who was in a grey or silver accura sedan. they have not released the name of the victim. reporting live in santa clara, nbc bay area news. >> thank you marianne. suspects arrested for the murder of a sheriff's volunteer will be in court tomorrow. he is expected to be arraigned for the murder. police say rogers is believed to have been friends with her.
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investigators found her burned body in an oakland park on thursday. another suspect is curtis taylor. his arraignment is scheduled for tuesday. we invite you to stay tuned for continued coverage of the investigation as it unfolds. we'll have the court appearance on air and online. >> the bay area is buzzing did you watch it tonight? one of the biggest wins for the raiders in the past 14 years. sunday night football right here on nbc bay area. the first place raiders electrofied raiders nation. >> i haven't seen raiders fans leave here this happy in a long time. the team of course now 7-2. some fan groups did get here early. they handed out about 10,000 of these signs that are double
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sided. they wanted to make it clear in front of a big audience where they want the team to play. tonight raiders fans have something to shout about. >> keep it in the bay. >> a big win over the broncos. they're on a roll. before kick off all of these signs were gone. thousands handed out in the out blitz by fans hoping to keep the team in their current home city. >> we have gone through 14 years of losing and now we're winning. we don't need this distraction but we're here to give the message this is our home and we're not going anywhere. >> stay in oakland and save oakland sports helped pass out the sign. on the backside, las vegas, if you build it we won't come. money for a stadium in las vegas. >> we don't have the ability to give 750 million in public funds
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like nevada does. >> don't plan on supporting them approximate if they go to vegas financially. it doesn't mean we're not going to be fans. >> they'll continue to play here for a couple of years. >> the issue was addressed in the broadcast with owner mark davis in the house. a banner was flown and draped over the wall. fans have already been through an lflt a. move and they would continue to support them and travel to see them in vegas. >> i feel in my heart the true raider fans will follow them anywhere. >> but many fans say the only name with a ring to it, the oakland raiders. >> raiders! >> now that reaction you saw was actually before the team won. some long time raiders fans say it's even more difficult hearing about a possible move now that the team is playing so well. >> a lot of screams of joy
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tonight. thanks. that is far from a done deal. the raiders still have other viable options and one of them is linked to tuesday's election. we did this back in 1982. not sure if the raider nation can handle another move. >> they might have to but they'll almost most certainly be in oakland for the next two years. after that let's take a look. the city of oakland is saying it won't spend taxpayer money. just can't do it but there's private investors including ronny lott that want a new stadium on the coliseum site. that would be ideal but they don't have a concrete plan. if a viable stadium option is submitted by a local market like oakland they will not accept an application for relocation. let's look at the los angeles market. it's a possibility. they have been down there before and if voters in san diego decide they like the idea of keeping the chargers in san diego the chargers will stay
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there. the vote is tuesday. that could free the raiders to join the los angeles rams at a new stadium in ingle wood. the raiders have a deal in place for a $2 billion domed stadium. you see the sketch here. that's already gotten $2 billion worth of a deal in place. lawmakers approved $750 million tax on hotel rooms to help finance it. the raiders are committed to las vegas. but a big piece of the funding comes from sheldon adelson. he now says he wants a better deal or he's going to take his $650 million and go home. they cannot move until approved and they meet next year. >> levi stadium is built for two hole teams. coming up in about 15 minutes we'll hear from the players after tonight's big win. we're joined from the field at the oakland coliseum. >> next at 11:00, five figures
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paint a house using a color only the pink panther would love. hear the homeowners complaint and see us confront the contractor when nbc bay area responds, next. >> and samsung nagging users to turn in their faulty galaxy 7s. the plan has to do with an annoying software update. >> after a few sprinkles we have lots of clouds across the bay area. your work week forecast straight ahead. plus a warming trend set to hit the bay area this upcoming week. details straight ahead.
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it'lcost ousan to f. ==raj/3st== and s pin conser >> left her home with an unusual and rather unattractive paint job. >> it's going to cost thousands of dollars to fix. chris tracked down the contractor and chris what's his side of the story. we're interested to see this. >> peto bismol pink. >> you'll see why i'm hesitant. didn't get many answers.
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the homeowner says the contractor wasn't up front about how the woman would pay to paint her house. it was from a lean on her home. she had no idea. the contractor wasn't very happy to see us. >> i came here and when i saw the paint job i'm like are you serious? >> last summer the mary jones was approached by a contractor to paint her richmond home and this is what she got. >> it's a joke. >> bright white paint with bright pink trim. the contract says mrs. jones could choose the color. she was strong armed. >> this is the color he said she had to have. >> they painted around the landscaping. >> she was shocked and more astounded by the price tag. >> it's unfair that she would have to pay $14,000 for a job
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that looks like i went to the school and got kindergarteners to paint it. >> her mom doesn't recall many of the details of the conversation inchluding how she paid that $14,000 bill. >> unbelievable. >> so she called to complain. >> i told him this job wasn't worth $14,000 and he said i don't care. i'm going to get paid. i'll put a lien on the home. hero finances energy efficient renovations for homeowners but it's not a bank. it's a company that works with local governments. they put the full cost of renovation plus interest on to people's property tax bill. the money is collected over 5 to 25 years depending on the job. that means as much as an extra $3,840 for five years.
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they didn't explain hero to her mom. >> they didn't expect nobody to come in here. i just can't do it. it's unfair. that arrangement lead to complaints and then landed on the desk of the assembly man in california. >> we felt they either mislead or had bb given bad information on a really major expenditure. >> so they drafted legislation just signed into law. it strengthens protections for homeowners that finance through hero and other programs like it. it requires full disclosure that payment will be collected through tax bills. all cost and interest rates must be clearly laid out and homeowners get three days to cancel the contract. >> providing the information is vital to make sure that people don't get in trouble when it comes to paying off this liens. >> hero rejected the contract saying it didn't qualify as
1:19 am
energy efficient. that means she is off the hook for paying hero $14,000. also means she's stuck with a house that looks like this. >> she is ashamed to come in. >> on top of that they were working under a revoked contractors license when it painted the house. we wanted to talk to e unlimited but when we called they hung up so we took our questions to the address listed for e-unlimited and were thrown out. >> i'm leaving now. can you tell us about mary jones? >> to give them one more chance to give us answers we immediately called e-unlimited from the sidewalk. >> this is your opportunity to send someone out to speak to us. >> thank you. >> a minute and a half later they cut us off again. her mom is still living in her pink and white home hoping she can put this behind her.
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>> i want her to be proud when she comes home like we were before. >> it did talk to hero that agreed to pay her mom $2,300. when we hearned from your investigative team about the lousy paint job we got a check from the contractor for the homeowner to repaint. they financed 80 projects with them. 12 here in the bay area. it's suspending them for operating without a valid state license and said we won't do business with this firm or it's people again. if you have a consumer complaint all us, the number is 888-996-tips or visit nbc bay >> the color of that paint job, technically raspberry. >> the company now has new plans to na fwrks owners that haven't handed them in yet. we're talking about that galaxy note 7. the phone battery can overheat
1:21 am
and catch fire. 85% of customers either returned or exchanged the faulty phones but they want them all off the market. they're planning a software that would limit the battery charge and include a warning message to users every time they charge or restart the phone. >> ann is with us as we head into monday. beautiful at the raiders game tonight. >> perfect. we had rain but it stayed north. >> it's going to warm up this week so get the flip flops and the shorts ready and we'll see lots of sunshine over the next couple of days although we'll start off cloudy tomorrow. we have a storm system across the golden gate bridge. you can see a recap of the rainfall. a lot of that fell north of the golden gate. we did manage a couple hundredth of an inch. a few peaks of sunshine here and that was enough to get us back close to 70 degrees in parts of san francisco. now right now we do have the clouds hanging out and the
1:22 am
doppler radar is fired up but you'll notice the loop showed a lot of that activity north of most of the bay area today. we did manage a few sprinkles but the big story tonight is the cloud cover. very extensive cloud cover and that's going to be with us to start the day for tomorrow. we'll see temperatures into the low to mid 50s for your morning hours and patchy fog but a good mix of sun and clouds. around the east bay, san francisco and the north bay temperatures in the low to mid 50s as well. this is where we think we'll see more cloud cover but it will burn off fairly quickly. 75 degrees for san jose. 76 for east san jose. and 76 for morgan hill as well. off to the east bay we go. low to mid 70s expected there. delay off the 72. you'll start off with grey skies and plenty of sunshine. 69 for tomorrow and half moon bay. same deal for the outer sunset with a little bit of patchy
1:23 am
morning fog. plenty of sunshine. upper 60s to low 70s for tomorrow. this storm system off the coastline right now that's going to move to the north and allow for high pressure to build in over the next couple of days but we will start off for tomorrow but we're done with the activity. high pressure will surge in from the south. that's going to push our storm track well to the north over the next couple of days so we'll be drying out and warming up. close to 80 degrees as we head toward the end of the upcoming week even in san francisco. nice stretch of dry weather and plenty of sunshine and afternoon highs close to 70 degrees. near average. next chance of rain moves in for saturday but not a big storm system. like what we got today a few sprinkles. doing good when it comes to the rainfall. october did us good. >> did he say flip flops earlier. >> are you excited? >> bizarre, right? >> thanks a lot. >> put them all away. >> let's send it out to the
1:24 am
coliseum. >> the big fellas, they impose their will up front and the raiders ran on the broncos on sunday night football. highlights and reaction coming up.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community
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and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. couny -- primtime
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==jess//v= started e par earl..andended at >> the raiders showing the entire country in primetime that they are for real. >> for real. they started the party early and ended late of course. we're joined from the coliseum. what a night. >> pretty impressive. to welcome a true contender you have to have a signature win that proves to everyone else
1:28 am
that you are for real. the raiders had it tonight. they take down the denver broncos and do it in primetime. no answer for the raiders rushing attack in this one. it doesn't derrick carr's arm that won it. it was their running gail. murray rips off a 42 yard run that would set up his second score of the game and make it a 20-7 lead for the raiders and this would be his third. all three of his touchdowns from a yard out. 20 carries. 114 yards. reggie nelson with the late interception. 7-2 and yes top the afc west. >> you know, we just knew we had to run the ball and we knew that we needed to make plays when we needed to make plays. dense played great and we're here to get the win. >> i don't get caught up in numbers. i care about winning and the way those guys were imposing their will and things like that against one of the best defenses
1:29 am
this league has seen in the last however many years, three or four years they have been together it was a fun thing to watch. >> going to have a lot of fun. we have a bye week and we can get healthy so it's going to be good for us to come back and get back out there again. >> 218 yards rushing. twice as many first downs. this was a dominated performance. buckle up raider nation. this team is getting better every week. on the losing game today we'll have a wrap from levi stadium coming up. live at the coliseum, nbc bay area. >> i don't want to say the p word but we're inching toward the playoffs. >> oh, he said it. still to come, how some part tile workers are hurting small businesses. both sides of the bay over devicive measure voters in the south bay will make a decision on. >> that rural farm in south carolina. how a kidnapping case helped solve several cold case murders. important step forward. the time is long overdue... pharmaceutical industry. passes - the ballot.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop ripping off the people of this country. the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together.
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thank you all very much. todathat e agey does n inte to onon aiggedyichin, dold trumblan >> the agency does not intend to criminally charge hillary clinton. >> meanwhile they blamed it on a rigged system and clinton's campaign barely acknowledged the announcement. >> right now she is being protect theed by the rigged system. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in 8 days. you can't do it folks. >> we're glad this matter is resolved. >> the latest nbc news wall street journal national poll shows clinton leading 44% to donald trump's 40%. and in the final election push
1:33 am
hillary clin hillary clinton is drawing on star power in ohio. she was joined by lebron james at the get out the vote rally. >> you have to be knowledgeable about what is going on about what our future entails and this woman right here has the brightest future. >> i can't tell you how exciting it is for me to have lebron and j.r. part of the team that's going to take us to the white house. >> on friday clinton was at a concert hosted by jay-z and beyonce. last night she held a rally featuring pop star katy perry and tomorrow she will be joined by james at a who and bruce springsteen as well as bon jovi in philadelphia. >> voters will tackle this proposal on tuesday. supporters say measure e will give more hours to part timers but business owners argue it will damage the local economy. rick looks at this devicive proposal. >> you have some families saying
1:34 am
this measure is strictly a survival issue. especially for many of the families that share this east san jose home. they say it is vital that this measure pass. >> this mom of three says over the past ten years she has only been offered part time hours as a fast food worker and ait's been hard making ends meet. >> there's no way you can feed your kids with less than $100 biweekly. >> it would force employers to offer more hours to employees working less than 40 hours a week before the employee can hire more part timers. >> they tell you that they don't have hours for you but they're hiring more people. >> the measure could hurt businesses if approved by voters. >> measure e doesn't create any new jobs. it doesn't create any new working hours. >> the measure could cause unemployment to rise rapidly
1:35 am
among san jose part timers at various companies. >> it's going to shift all the hours over to 28,500 employees and the rest of those that is roughly 40,000 employees are all going to lose their jobs. >> but for part time workers barely surviving they believe it's worth it. it helps those families move forward out of poverty while delivering a message to those wanting this measure not to pass. >> we would like them to live at least one time like we do with less money to see if they can survive. >> i want to pass along an important phone number to you. if you experience any problems at the polls on tuesday we want to hear about it. our tip line is all set up. 1-844-nbc-vote. you can also file a complaint online on our website. we have also posted a link there
1:36 am
to the voter bill of rights. >> the body count is growing in south carolina. police say they have now found a second body buried at the property where a woman was found chained in a container last week. the man arrested in the case could be a serial killer. more of this weekend's developments in the case. >> more than a decade after four people were found murdered at a motorcycle shop in south carolina authorities say they have got their man. >> i'm happy to report to you because my god answers prayers we found four warrants with a confession that he did this crime. >> on the 13th anniversary of the killings the 45-year-old was charged with four counts of murder. his alleged role in those deaths uncovered after a woman was found locked in a metal container on his property. he killed the owner, service
1:37 am
manager and mechanic and bookkeeper and gave details only the killer would know. for family of the victims this ends a painful mystery. >> the stars will be shining brighter. >> it feels like you can breathe a little bit. >> he also confessed to other killings and showed officers where he buried victims on his property in south carolina. >> a follow up now to a deadly crash in san francisco. i want to show you video. first responders working on the victim. he was crossing market street about 8:00 in the evening outside of the crosswalk when hit by the car. it's an area that can be a little bit confusing for pedestria pedestrians. >> it's difficult to navigate at time and the crosswalks maybe aren't placed where they need to
1:38 am
be in order to walk across the street. >> the man died and the driver is cooperating with police and not facing any charges. >> a freeway shooting and a wild police chase last night in the east bay. tonight that is the remains in jail. it all started around 9:00 p.m. when one driver allegedly tried to run another car off the road on 680. the officers tried to pull that man over but he kept going all the way to the walnut creek station where he tried to flee on foot. no one was hurt in the shooting. >> a strong earthquake in the midwest leaves significant damage. why the area has seen so many quakes lately.
1:39 am
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>> an earthquake rattled oklahoma tonight. the epicenter reporting near the city of cushing. a number of buildings damaged. nobody hurt. this spike in powerful earthquake throughout the midwest in recent years that scientists say is linked to fracking. >> donald trump no longer has control of his own twitter account. his advisors convinced him to let his aids tweet for him. it's part of an effort to keep trump on message in the final stretch of the campaign. one of the recent controversies is when he tweeted a lash out against hillary clinton and former miss universe. >> three bay area cities will vote on a soda task. pushing for approval and the businesses hoping to get it turned down.
1:41 am
my name is danita seaton. i'm a gas service representative for pg&e here in oakland. when i work in oakland, i feel like i'm home, because i grew up here in oakland, my family still lives here.
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every time i go to the customer's house, i treat them like they're my family. if they smell gas, or they don't have hot water, i'm there to ensure that by the time that i leave, they feel safe and they can go back to their day to day life. to learn more about gas safety in your home, visit together, we're building a better california. whetr to d a n tax
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suga softrinksoakld, alny ansans >> on tuesday voters will decide whether to add a new tax on sugary soft drinks. they all have proposed sew daod taxes on the ballot. we caught up with what has become a bruiser of a battle. >> battle over taxing soda is a
1:44 am
san francisco high school student named -- >> my name is harrison i'm a high school student here in san francisco. >> on a recent saturday. >> we're out in support of proposition b. >> they took the campaign to the streets of san francisco's western edition. >> so you plan on voting yes. >> prop v would impose a new 1 cent per ounce tax on the distributors of sugary beverages. >> it's that they pay a health impact fee. >> the weight of this campaign is reflected in every doorway. >> we'll think about it. >> the soda industry poured $19 million into defeating prop v while michael bloomberg spent $5 million on pro soda tax campaign in oakland and san francisco. >> it's confusing. >> yeah it is. it's really confusing. >> two years ago berkeley became
1:45 am
the first city in the nation to pass the soda tax. proponents like san francisco supervisor say it's needed to confront rising diabetes and obesity rates among children. >> the number one vehicle that adds sugar into our diet are sugary beverages. ie sodas. >> we sell produce to the public. >> in san francisco's mission district, his market has produce so lush it elicits song. but past the aisle of groceries are coolers filled with sodas. adding a tax to his soda sales will hurt business. >> it's already expensive and paying more taxes that's going to prevent them from buying any other thing. >> prop v opponents labeled it a grocery tax meaning businesses would pass the added costs along to other products which prop v supporters deny. >> i don't think i have a right
1:46 am
to tell the customer what to put in their basket. they have a right to buy whatever they want. >> but on the street, he is discovering victories no matter how sweet. one voter at a time. >> we were going to vote no but i'm going to test it and see. >> what a good day. >> nbc bay area news. >> okay. if you have any last minute election questions you still have time to check out our guide. go to nbc bay and put in your zip code and that's the way to get all the details about the issues and candidates specific to where you live. there will be a long list. go through them and check off what you believe in and head to the polls. >> what is today? is it tuesday? >> we have a long list about the commute. >> and tuesday. >> we're looking good. we had some showers this morning but a lot of the activity is dying down and we'll see temperatures warm up. feeling a little bit like summer.
1:47 am
okay. spring, push the envelope too much. we did see some rain across parts of the north bay. the highest amounts across santa rosa and that's about it. but we did have lots of clouds out there today on your sunday and here you can see the time lapse and the clouds are still with us. you can see this big storm system spinning out across the pacific. for us it's going to keep the clouds in place for your monday morning commute. the rain to the north but we're still finding a few light sprinkles north of the golden gate bridge but this is all we're going to see. things are winding down. you can see light stuff out there so your morning commute keep in mind we're going to see foggy guys and mist coming across the peninsula. same deal for our bridges. you can see now in san francisco looking at cloudy conditions not too foggy. we'll see the fog build to recall morning. we'll start off mainly sunny. that will get us up into the mid 70s for places like coopertino.
1:48 am
across the east bay we'll see clouds around the inner bay. generally clear. 74 in livermore. you'll see low 70s in oakland. 69 at half moon bay and we'll see sunshine for the afternoons. low 70s. another nice day in san francisco and a little bit warmer just by a couple of degrees and low 70s for places like santa rosa and napa for tomorrow. this storm system that's with us that's going to keep the clouds in place for tomorrow morning but changes are coming. not big changes but subtle changes. we'll get rid of the morning clouds and see high pressure build in toward the next couple of days. that's going to mean warmer temperatures each and every day. it's going to send the storm tracker well off toward the north. that will make for a rebound in the high temperatures.
1:49 am
lots of sunshine period. temperatures right at or above average. rounding out 70 on friday. the next chance of rain with another weak system. not too many big systems coming in for the next seven days. >> did you hear jessica screaming in the newsroom tonight with the raiders game. >> you could hear me. >> all of us. >> kelly johnson here is the xfinity sports desk. raiders on sunday night football for the first time in ten years put on a show as they battled the broncos for top billing in the division. in santa clara with a 400 yard passing game from collin kaepernick, will it be enough to snap a six game losing skid? find out next in sports. because she doesn't know that it kills 40,000 californians...
1:50 am
every year. because she doesn't understand what cancer is. because she can't spell emphysema. because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes. that's why i'm voting yes on 56.
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the last couple of seasons not only does the silver and black take advantage of the national spotlight putting the nfl on notice but they took over first place in the afc west.
1:52 am
raiders and brob coes doing battle. winner moving to the top of the division. second quarter raiders up 13-7. murray busts out for a 42 yard gain. murray 114 rushing yards on the night. later in the drive murray from one yard out and that's a second touchdown to the game. raiders going to the half up 20-10. he was not done. 4th quarter up ten. here comes murray for more. his third touchdown of the night. first raider with a three rushing t.d. performance of 2010. raiders win 30-20. their best start in 15 years. >> we're growing to expect success now. we know we're a good team. you know, we focus really hard on our pep ration throughout the week. the guys were really on point so the process of preparing to play
1:53 am
well is critical and that's where we have been able to make improvements and put together good performances. >> meanwhile the 49ers coming off a bye week hosting new orleans in week 9. saints up 8 and watch out drew brees. going deep in the end zone and watch the ball juggled but somehow thomas comes down with it for the touch town. just a great catch by the rookie and that was the nail in the coffin. saints and the niners their 7th straight loss. 41 to 23. >> when you're playing against someone ass talented as him you have to make plays and we didn't and the story of the game is we had too many. and we had fumble and against a good team like that you can't do
1:54 am
that. >> to the hardwood, just when it looked like the warriors were beginning to find their groove they went out and lost by 20 to the former assistant coach and the lakers friday night and after film study sunday, plenty to improve on before hosting the pelicans to recall night. >> it's the game of the year. if you ain't taking nothing away from the game you got a problem. you know, they seem to get better. work on the things we need to work and come together as a team. >> of course with new orleans comes another former assistant that knows them well and also it will be a night at oracle arena honoring u. s. military members and veterans. that will do it for sports. more news after the break.
1:55 am
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we respond to every call, every e-mail. commity.wi t a near death experience for a family bail a learning opportunity for the community with the help of the central county fire department. organized free cpr training. jim was at his home when he had a heart attack. emergency responders say he would not have survived if not that his teenage daughter did cpr. they want to spread the word about how important it is to know how to do it. >> we know firsthand that cpr saves lives and we just feel so passionate about spreading the word and getting others to learn so they can also help save lives. >> 80% of cardiac arrests occur at home or in a private setting.
1:58 am
that's why it's so important to do cpr. >> i can do cpr. and i have a whistle. >> and getting trained the way of our opportunities here. >> it's going to be me. you're going to have to save me. >> hopefully not. >> okay. well it is almost monday enjoy your monday and thanks for being with us on this sunday evening. >> go raiders. bye bye.
1:59 am
my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
2:00 am
i felt guilty. i couldn't live with that. i said, "i know something and it's terrible." i'm the only other person who knows the truth. i had to do something. >> he swept her right of her feet. >> i was drawn to him right away. >> he was handsome, he was super athletic. >> a dreamy single dad. wealthy. charming. smitten. >> i'd never been spoiled like that. i remember thinking i was like julia roberts in "pretty woman." >> he'd been through so much. a mysterious accident at sea. >> he went under, and when he came up, he said he no longer saw his wife. >> he was just hysterica


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