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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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victory at the polls tomorrow, hitting five battleground states by the end of the day. here in the bay area, in just two minutes, santa clara county registrar voters office will close. but this is what it looked like all day long. voters standing in line, and waiting their turn to vote. nbc bay area's damian trujillo live at the registrar's office with the unusual way some people voted because of the big crowds, damian. >> that's right. in fact, the voters office now closed and people driving up, and, in fact, walking up to this booth here and turning in their ballots. it's been like this all day, all morning, all afternoon. people voting early here in santa clara county, in the south bay. they are already counting the votes.%!,yky+#s the line snaked around the corner at the elections office in san jose. >> this is really exciting. our turnout so far, our early voting turnout, looking four times like what we had in the june presidential primary. >> reporter: after waiting in line a half hour, a sense of relief for many voters today,
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calling this the most difficult election season ever. >> what's it like to know you're done with it? >> i am so happy to be able to vote. i am also so happy to be done with the pain of this election. we need to come together and be a nation. >> reporter: some people chose not to mark their ballots at the booth, but rather in plain view of everyone. >> too hidden back there. >> reporter: you want people to know you're voting. >> exactly. >> reporter: the registrar says if you don't care about privacy, you too can vote outside the booth, but within your polling place. but they don't recommend it. >> there could be some lines tomorrow. be prepared. get out there, vote early. but make sure you vote. >> reporter: the ballot is the longest in the history of santa clara county with 129 different contests on that ballot. >> pride. >> reporter: and, again, if you are signed up for early voting, you can do that at any time. you can drop off your ballot
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here at this location at the registrar voters' office. drop it in this slot here but make sure it is signed. otherwise they may take a while before they process your vote, if at all. again, folks have been dropping off their ballots. 6:00, then after that, you're on your own to check your ballot and make sure everything is okay. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. it's been one of the most talked about ballot initiatives in the campaign this season. should the state of california legalize recreationville marijuana. big names like lieutenant governor newsom and sean parker have thrown their support behind that initiative. nbc bay area's michelle roberts joins us live outside san francisco city hall with why some people who also support legalizing marijuana held a rally today to urge people to vote no. michelle. >> reporter: that's right. some people who are advocates of medical marijuana fear that if prop 64 passes, it will make it more difficult to access affordable marijuana. but supporters of prop 64 say
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that's not the case. >> we're really looking at a crisis in compassionate care. >> reporter: shawna wants marijuana to be legal, but she doesn't believe prop 64 is the way to do it. >> we're fine with slowing down and working out tkinks in the state law and protecting patients' access. >> reporter: this morning, a dozen people rallied. they believe medical marijuana providers will face stricter regulations and patients who depend on marijuana for care will have less access. >> we're going to lose a lot of our small farms and our smaller compassionate businesses. >> proposition 64 in no way alters proposition 215, which established the medical marijuana system in california. >> reporter: he is a spokesperson for yes on 64. even if the measure passes tomorrow, people will not be able to legally buy marijuana until january of 2018.
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will youing time for state and local government to set up a commercial system. >> the licensing process determined whether or not how many dispensaries they may want to have in their locality, and that's very important. local control is a part of this measure. >> reporter: if prop 64 is passed, you can legally smoke in your home on wednesday. but it still will not be legal to smoke in public. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> millions of people who ride b.a.r.t. and in this election, b.a.r.t. is asking for people to keep the trains moving. supporters of measure are gathered in oakland today. the measure would bring in $3 billion for upgrades. spotters say it would repair the infrastructure. voters in san francisco, alameda and contra costca counties bond will be paid through a property tax. >> this is about the faith and future of the next generation of residents in this region and state. >> opponents of the measure say
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they want more accountability on b.a.r.t.'s end when it comes to money management before asking taxpayers to pay up. this election has become one of the most contentious in history. with everything from potential hackers to extremely long lines at the polls, it's going to be closely watched. that's why we have our investigative unit on this story from beginning to end. nbc bay area's senior investigative reporter, steven stock, joins us now to preview his team's preparations. stephen. >> we have one of the largest investigative units on this story until the polls close at 8:00 tomorrow night. over the last few weeks, our team has told you about potential security concerns around voting machines and counting machines. the people that people listed as dead on the social security death index are still on some voting rolls and how voting officials are taking extra precautions to secure this year's election. we're here to make sure your vote counts, so if you see or hear any issues tomorrow or
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between today and tomorrow, or problems at the polls, you can contact our tip line. 844-nbc-vote. that's 844-622-8683. or you can e-mail us at the special web page on that's where we've also posted a copy of the voters' bill of rights to make sure that your vote is assured. we'll see you tomorrow night. our election coverage isn't just over yet. there are some perks to get you to the polls tomorrow. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, will have that story coming up in about nine minutes. a tragic story unfolding today. a sinking boat in the bay. you're looking at the view from our nbc bay area chopper. about an hour ago, in alameda. it's not clear how the boat started sinking, but we flow the coast guard is on the way. we'll pass along any new information as we get it. a driver intentionally runs down three people in front of the martinez courtroom, and tonight police say that person
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responsible has sadly taken her own life. martinez police say the woman ran down her estranged husband and two friends as they left family court around 10:30 this morning. not only did she hit the trio, she threw her car into reverse and hit them. at least one person, again. police say after the attack, they believe the still yet unidentified woman drove to the benicia bridge and jumped to her death. witnesses say it was just horrific. >> lying on the ground. just bloody, and -- not even -- they couldn't move. i mean, filled with fear. but completely, you know -- their face -- >> reporter: all three people hit in front of the courthouse were taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. police do think they will be okay. new details tonight involving a teenager who was stabbed to death and buried on the campus of universities. investigators searching for a bicycle like this one, a white
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men's 2011 cannen dale quick mountain bike. kimberly was found stabbed to death and buried last week. anyone with information about the bicycle is asked to call the sonoma county sheriff's department. high speeds, high danger and death. tonight, chp officers trying to find the man involved in a street race that killed a 20-year-old santa clara man. nbc bay area's marianne favro live at the expressway in santa clara with more. marianne. >> reporter: janelle, chp officers say the driver was traveling 100 miles per hour, just before he crashed. and now officers are looking for the other racer, and they say he could be charged with vehicular manslaughter. the chevy camaro hit this tree so hard, it sent debris flying over the sound wall and into backyards. >> somebody absolutely would have been hurt. there are that many pieces coming over the wall. >> reporter: he says if his two
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young nephews had been playing out back like usual, they would have been hit by flying metal. officers say the 20-year-old driver of this car and a man driving a gray acura sedan were busy racing yesterday around 12:30. officers say they were likely traveling 100 miles per hour when the camaro driver lost control, slammed into this tree, and was killed on impact. now investigators are searching for the acura driver who could face serious charges. >> in a speed contest, one of the parties is injured or dies could have the other party facing vehicular manslaughter charges. >> reporter: chp officers say they have seen straight racing on this expressway before, but mostly at night. neighbors say it's a constant problem that involves motorcycles. but this is the first time a crash has hit home, knocking down this backyard fence, and more. >> and this house shook.
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>> reporter: and now some neighbors are calling for stepped up enforcement to prevent this expressway from becoming a deadly raceway. chp officers are now checking surveillance video from nearby businesses to see if it can help them track down that other racer. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. hayward police still struggling to solve a double homicide from last night. what investigators have to go on and how the family of the victims tried to help their loved ones. if you're worried about getting to the polls, bay area tech companies want to give you a ride. i'm scott budman. just ahead, the companies lay out what they will do to help you cast your ballot. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. for election day, temperatures start off at 54 degrees and a few clouds. sunshine for the noon hour, right into the afternoon, with temperatures in the low 70s. we'll have details on how warm it gets this week.
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that's in about seven minutes.
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two men gunned down and police hoping a witness can help understand why. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from hayward police headquarters.
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what do we know about this? >> reporter: police investigators acknowledge, there is still very little to go on and say they will need help from the public to solve these murders. neighbors say off camera, there was an argument that turned into a fight last night here in mannen avenue and that clash may have been what led to two latino men being shot and killed. police found two victims shot and lying on the street. a young woman who tells us she was the niece of one of the victims said the shooting happened fast. >> heard the gunshots, and i ran outside, and when i came outside, i saw them on the floor already gasping for air, for their lives. >> reporter: she said family members rushed to try to help. she said she stood by the victims, trying to keep them conscious. >> i was saying, don't go, please just stay awake. don't close your eyes. we are all here, just wait for the ambulance. please, just breathe slowly. but it was no use.
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>> reporter: police officials say they will not release the names of the victims, pending full notification of kin. again, this violence marks the ci city's 11th and 12th homicides of the year. anyone with information is asked to call hayward police. live in hayward, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. a major cleanup under way in an east bay family's backyard. around 9:30 this morning, a dump truck rolled into a palm tree and then slid down the hill right into the family's backyard. this is at saratoga and strange in san leandro, close to 580. the truck driver and people inside the home are all okay. back to our decision 2016 coverage. a live look at the front of the santa clara registrar's office. the office closed 14 minutes ago after processing ballots all day long. from now until tomorrow morning, the only option is to drive up to the drop-off box and deposit
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your ballot there. there are some incentives to get out and vote this election day, and bay area tech is trying to clear away any last-minute excuses. our business and tech reporter, scott budman, is here. scott, you can even get driven to the polls. >> driven with a discount. a 45% discount on lyft, as in we're about to elect the 45th president. here's how you can get some tech help. if you need a lift or an uber to the polls, you'll get a discount. bay area ride-sharing services are offering deep cuts on rides to the polls tuesday. at the same time, zipcar will make hundreds of vehicles available for free from 6:00 to 10:00 on election night. the campaign to give employees time off to vote started in silico silicon valley. as of now, more than 200 tech companies are telling workers to take all the time they need to hit the polls.
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one of those companies, google, says it will begin to show election results in real-time as soon as the polls close. it will also live stream election news from tv networks. count on this election night to be one of the biggest second screen events ever. >> meanwhile, the stock market may have already voted. as word got out yesterday the fbi was not going to charge hillary clinton. stock futures shot up. today the dow closing with a gain of 371 points. janelle? >> thanks so much, scott. again, if you experience any problems at the polls tomorrow, we want to know about it. just call our tip line, 844-nbc-vote. you can also file a complaint online on our website, let's talk about election day weather. jeff ranieri here. going to be good skies. >> yeah, beautiful, no matter where you're headed across the polls here throughout the bay area. you're going to be standing probably in some long lines and weather is going to cooperate.
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let's get you into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout at least the next few hours and a beautiful sunset, no matter where you are in the bay area. a weak disturbance moving over california, to help produce this array of colors throughout the sky. san francisco, right now, 67 degrees. and we'll see low 60s as we head throughout the next few hours. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast, i don't think we'll start off too overcast. we'll have fog at the immediate coastline, though, here in the peninsula and 54. otherwise, partly sunny for the south bay and 55. throughout the east bay, we begin in the mid 50s and go as cold as 47 here for the north bay. temperatures start off in the cooler side. we have plenty of warm air on the way as we head throughout tuesday. this area of high pressure back in play this week. it's going to push numbers above average tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. so get ready again for some dry weather as that area of high pressure is pushing all of our rain chances well out here towards the pacific.
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as we get you into the microclimate forecast you'll find in the south bay, no problems at all tomorrow. partly cloudy skies through the afternoon. 73 in millipede as. 79 expected in morgan hill. for the east bay, also widespread 70s from vallejo down to pleasanton, and for the oakland and also the hayward areas, just slightly cooler here with low to mid 70s. near the coastline, relatively light wind coming out of the south at 4 miles per hour. we'll be as mild as 74 in palo alto. san francisco, 60s here from the marina down toward ingleside. my warmest temperature here the mission and 68 degrees. and for the north bay, light winds, as well. only at 4 miles per hour. 72 in mill valley. 75 in santa rosa, and 77 in napa. in terms of that election day forecast, i wanted to give another way to look at this. this day part view. and you'll see at 6:00 a.m., a few clouds and 54. heading out to vote at lunch time, 71 and mostly sunny.
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then by 4:00 p.m., a mild afternoon by the bay and inland with 75 and mostly sunny skies. on the extended forecast, unfortunately, no big chances of rain coming our way the next seven days. it looked like we might have gotten some wet weather this coming friday. that's kind of out at this point. mainly clouds here and 60s for san francisco. for the inland valleys, temperatures as warm as 79 by thursday. we cool off with clouds by friday's forecast. and then for this upcoming weekend, partly cloudy and temperatures in the low 70s. certainly quite a contrast from the very wet october we have seen. at this point, i don't see anything over the next 14 days that shows any kind of big storm systems moving our way at this point. >> okay. thanks so much, jeff. up next, pulling the plug on a big change tesla is making to its super charging stations.
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there aren't enough police officers to fill the ranks. when most of us make a mistake, we own up to it. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety. madison nguyen is the wrong choice for assembly.
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happening now, a former surgery reportedly arrested on suspicion of prescribing or selling opiate narks. no formal charges filed. the surgeon worked at the affiliated veterans' affairs medical center until he was fired last week. a moment ofzen, courtesy of san francisco's red pandas. the zoo will work with firefox to stream the red pandas tomorrow.
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the first woman ever to serve as u.s. attorney general is being remembered tonight as an american original. janet reno died from complications related to parkinson's disease. she battled the disease for two decades and first announced the diagnosis while still in office. she served as attorney general under bill clinton's administration. reno was criticized for approving a raid on waco, texas, that led to dozens of deaths but won praise for accepting responsibility. they are called comfort women. the 200,000 women and girls sexually enslaved by the japanese army. tonight we're getting our first look at what a memorial honoring them would look like. today three finalists were chosen for design. the plan is to build it at saint
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mary's square park in san francisco. tomorrow the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on whether or not the project moves forward. judge lilian sing said she retired solely to work on making this memorial happen. >> we need to publicly speak about the atrocities that happened during world war ii and not bury it under the rug. >> the memorial has plenty of detractors. opponents say the project would fuel anti japanese sentiment and unfairly single out japan's warm time wrongdoing. palo alto company says drivers will have to pay fees for people who buy new cars to use tesla's 700 charging stations around the world. that will end january 1st. new tesla owners will get 1,000 miles free charging credits and after that have to pay. tesla says fees will help the company build more charging stations. still ahead, big bucks for a bobblehead. the soaring price for a version of a bay area football star.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, flight where a man shot trying to protect his girlfriend finally gets his chance to get his pilot's teaching license. and the inspiring words he received from american hero, sully sullenberger, the pilot. that story and more coming up tonight at 6:00. a bobblehead handed out in berkeley this weekend before cal's football game is extremely popular. so popular, that it's fetching a lot of money on ebay. the bobblehead is a former cal running back, marshawn lynch, riding on a golf cart ten years ago, lynch hopped on a golf cart following a win and rode around the field. now the commemorative bobblehead is going for as much as $500 on ebay. 10,000 fans received that fig e figurine on saturday. >> that is crazy. $500! >> i know. that's phenomenal. >> i'm sure there are a lot more on ebay, too. >> kind of makes you smile. a bobblehead on a golf cart. >> kind of fun. we have grady weather coming up
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this week. >> we do and a little bit of cloud cover moving over this afternoon. a beautiful sunset tonight. for voting day, getting out to polls, weather not a problem. bay and inland, we start with temperatures in the 50s and a few clouds. might need a light jacket. 9:00 a.m., really bright here as that sun begins to come on out in the light wind. by the noon hour on your lunch break, mostly sunny, and by 4:00 p.m., mid 70s, especially inland and really clear skies. as you look at the rest of the week, it's going to stay mild through thursday. upper 70s. looked like we might have gotten some rainfall here this upcoming friday, but the storm system looks to stay too far to the north right now. so we're calling it mostly cloudy and 72. and this weekend mid 70s. tomorrow, man, it's going to be some exciting stuff. i can't wait to get out there. >> a big day tomorrow. thanks so much, jeff. and thanks so much for joining us. "nightly news" is next. >> we will see you at 6:00. hope to be with you. bye.
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tonight it's crunch time. the whirlwind final hours for hillary clinton and donald trump. the campaign nearly over, the polls soon to open, both sides barnstorming battlegrounds with rallies past midnight. and after a marathon campaign it all comes down to this, the math and the map. who has the upper hand? also tonight, securing the elecon. intelligence sources tell nbc news it's all hands on deck. an unprecedented plan, top secret facilities, secure locations underground, and a massive show of force in new york city, where team clinton, team trump and the eyes of the world will converge. we have it all covered, our team is in place. "nightly news" begins right now.


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