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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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haz-t sittion center ecuate..aa rites now at 11:00 dozens of workers are sickensed after recycling center was evacuated. good morning. and thank you for joining us. >> it is veterans day and we begin by saying thank you to men and women who have served this country. we want to first take you to the recology center on pier 96. we're live from the scene. fire has calmed down within the hour what's going on with the people who work there?
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>> well two workers who are sifting through household repsychables are still in the hospital for observation, the fire department said someone in san francisco put something in the recycling bin that they weren't supposed to. >> whatever sickened those people was so bad that everyone all 67 workers in the recology recycling transfer station at pier 96 had to evacuate while team from the hazmat and the department of public health came in around 7:30 this morning sifting through recyclables. an unrelated story about a year ago at one point workers were overwhelmed by the fumes, some with itchy skin and "s and shortness of breath and few vomited. 24 employees were releetaserele.
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two taken to the hospital are going to be okay. >> they have deemed this to be natural, normal trash by product anything from household garbage to paint to household cleaner. they get everything at this facility even though we're told not to put those into our recycling. >> the san francisco fire department phrased recology for responding so quickly to evacuate their workers and reduce their exposure. cal osha will be responding. and in a written statement they are asking you to please be careful and only put repsychables in your recycle bin. >> thank you very much. a gruesome crime scene in oakland. started with fire crews came to
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a burning home near the coliseum and once contained the flames found three bodies. there's so many questions to be answered about this crime. police won't say where they found the bodies. >> they are still trying to determine the exact location of those bodies. right now dunbar drive remains an active crime scene. fbi were at the location. there were reports of gunshots. >> the scene was chaotic just after midnight near the coliseum in oakland. officers responded and found three people dead. >> we're questioning a person involved in this and still in the process of gathering evidence. >> firefighters also dueced a small fire at the home that caused minor dj. damage.
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a team also responded after day break to help gather evidence. >> we have a lot of tools we don't have. >> police are not releasing a motive for the killings nor are they saying how the victims were killed and they describe the area as a quiet neighborhood, a community woken up by gunfire this morning. and again oakland police say it is routine for them for the fbi to show up at crime scenes like that because they do have so many of those forensic tools available to them and will be here at the scene until about 2:00 this afternoon. >> thank you. our nation's veterans are honored by barack obama as president by laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. laid athe tb of e unkwn soldr at
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>> each year on november 11th at precisely 11 in the morning a wreath is lain at the tomb of the unknown soldier at the arlington national cemetery which holds those who served in the armed forces. now preparations for a parade in santa clara. this is our camera on the ground. the parade starts at noon, it's part as an annual tradition. ends with a ceremony at the sap center. less than two hours ago korean war veteran spoke about the sacrifices that men and women in uniform make in service to our country. those remarks came at at
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ceremony at veterans plaza near city hall. lots of events going on right now, oakland, san jose, find out on in other news, people urging protesters to not vandalize their city but some proefrteste did throw bottles and rocks and even blocked highway 280 and two people were arrested. 7,000 people started protesting the election of donald trump. some got on to 580 shutting down both sides of the freeway for about 30 minutes. chp did arrest two people. this is the scene overnight in portland, oregon, as demonstrators vented their
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frustration about the outcome of the presidential election. they did that for the third night in a row as well. 29 people were arrest the in portland. according to portland police many them in the crowd were trying to stop the people responsible for vandalizing property and spray painting hateful messages. >> earlier this morning president-elect donald trump took to twitter about the protests saying this -- love they have passion for our great country. all come together and be proud. that's an about-face from a tweet on thursday where he lashed out an protesters and claimed their marches are very unfair. speaking of protest a local, not-my-president chant has now turned into a cry to bring their principle back. this after the principle was put on administrative leave for using profannity during a rally.
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there he is. during a rally on campus, he allegedly used profanniity in describing the president-elect. nearly 400 signed a petition asking to reinstate the principle morales. >> we welcome him for a reason. he's turned things around for our school. >> so far we've not gotten comments back from the district. also looking at walk outs in concord and pleasant hill and in san francisco about 2,000 representing 10 different high schools all merged together on the embarcadero. 48-year-old ken champman told a friend he was assaulted
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on april 18th but his condition worsened the the next day and he was hospitalized and fighting for his life ever since. just days ago a suspect was arrested. victory was expected to survive but spent the last month in intensive care unit and his death is the 47th homicide of the year. police behind a deadly three-car crash, 48-year-old gomez now is in custody. this is the scene at 4:30 yesterday afternoon at santa clara and 4th street in san jose. a pedestrian was killed in that crash. two other victims including a kgo reporter and photographer were taken to the hospital. . gomez is facing dui and
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manslaughter charges. venice avenue is under going a major over haul and crews will be at venice and broadway reconfiguring those southbound lanes. left turns at van necessass wil removed in all but three intersectio intersections. expected to be finish in 2019. >> up next the new place the city is hoping to fill the men and women who serve our country. plus we'll show you moments after a deer is spotted in a store. the video is going viral. >> plus we'll look at a sell at macy's. nice combination of clouds and sunshine a dorning san jose right now.
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we're in for warming temps plus a look ahead at your weekend forecast. >> nbc bay area forecast. . e. p. . . . . . . a look ahead at your weekend ad-lib nbers
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you see our nation's veterans represents in the stock exchange. -- macy's is shutting down its big men store. hard to believe. where are we going to shop now. >> right across from the main location. >> that's right the main macy's faces the square across the corner. the men's store is down stockton
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just off the square. the san francisco business time says macy's will sell to morgan-stanley will get as much as $230 million. a ceo in mexico who runs hawkers sun glasses has this tweet -- it's in spanish but it's definitely a strong apology. he says he regrets the whole thing. you heard of sponsors dropping athletes in this case one of the company's star spokesman dropped them. speaking of donald trump his policies have us thinking what it will mean for silicone valley. what happens to dc 1 visa holders, mr. trump has called for boycott
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of apple products. and wants a tariff 45% any product made in china and he doesn't support net neutrality. you could fill whole tv shows, i have that tv show, we've examined mr. trump's policy papers and figure what is going to happen to our money, our region, our jobs, it's a wide discussion with u.s. times and u.s.a. today, it's on press here, it will be on after meet the press this sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. guys? >> very informative hours, i assure you. man hospitalized after an assault on april 19th. we'll move on to the next story a retired oakland police chief, a captain i should say, is
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facing charges in a wide-range sexual assault scandal out of contra costa county. prosecutor has charged 81-year-old with one count of soliciting prostitution, accused of paying sex with the people at the center of the scandal when she was under age. total of 12 police officers and 11 officers in richmond have been disciplined for their involvement in this scandal. there's all sore thes of measures to prevent this from happening, this time a trespasser made his way into the restricted airfield around 1:00 yesterday morning where he ran into a electrician who was working on the airfield and that electrician called airport police station. this breach comes after many
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upgrades. >> including fences. >> in many areas we increased to 11 feet, and changed the mesh lines so it's very infrastructure difficult to scale. >> this is the sixth time someone's got into the airport in eight months. one san francisco ceremony is paying special tribute to the casualties of the vietnam war. will have a plaque that honors 163 san francisco men killed in the vietnam war and has been in san francisco embarcadero for 15 years and has suffered for lack of maintenance over the years, now is getting a home. >> the american legion war
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memorial commission is having it mored inside the war memorial building. five new names have been added bringing the total to 168. helping homeless veterans in san francisco on this veterans day mayor dedicated 75 new homes to veterans, more than 700 homeless veterans have been housed and still several hundreds in need of a place to live. this is part of a larger effort in san francisco and there are also 30 units now available at the crown hotel for veterans. >> more than 130 restaurant chains are saying thank you to our nation's veterans and active members, ihop offering red, white, and blue pancakes from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. what is more american? and to get deals make sure to
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have your military id or some proof of service and everyone could get free admission at national parks today. speaking of things to be thankful of, the food bank is putting a call out for turkey donations, they need some 2,000 turkeys, foster farms will donate 600 turkeys today. you can help cover the rest. the food bank is also taking monetary donations if you don't have a turkey to give. that seems like the sort of thing you would see for grand opening of a store but it was very real. the video of a trapped derozeer leaning through just to escape. a passer-by saw the deer inside the american eagle store on thursday night. upon impact that glass shattered
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and the deer continued running into the open. not clear how that wild animal got inside the store in the first place. that person passing by probably thought it was a prop, right. >> definitely. does not even look real. totally terrified. some of us are definitely ready to leap into the weekend. what's in store weather-wise >> i think you will like the forecast into the weekend. it's shaping up very nice. not a lot going on with the weather except a lot of sunshine with a mix of clouds. slightly warmer than the norm for this time of the year, right now san jose 72 degrees. not a lot of breeze or wind. the forecast is expected to stay pretty nice overall. seeing a combination of low clouds and patchy fog. temperatures in the 60s. 65 degrees. yesterday they did warm up into those 70s.
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now overall your highs for today are going to be very similar to yesterday but slightly cooler. yesterday we did top out at 79 in san jose. today should be seeing 75 along the coast. san francisco did manage to hit the 70s and today should top out into the upper 60s. overall it's going to be pretty nice. here's a look ahead at your veterans day head out doors because by noon we're talking 64 in the bay. 72 inland and by 3:00 and 7:00 not a lot of changes. a little bit of increase in cloud cover. we're tracking a cold front that could lead to rain in the forecast. i will have a look ahead at that. coming up in just a bit. hour by hour forecast showing that cloud cover. if we do see any rain it will be early in the morning, overnight hours, 4:30, 5:00. in the north bay.
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saturday by 10:00 a.m. we'll see cloud cover. that should clear out by saturday night which is going to make way for a very nice football sunday. your overall bay inland temperatures for saturday in the 60s. nice in the 70s on sunday. not a lot of changes, early morning showers on saturday. possibility of more rain returns wednesday and thursday. as we head inland as well going to be tenth trend of the 70s and combination of sunshine. going to be perfect. to enjoy the outdoors. >> yes i can't wait. coming up next, the transition to the trump administration has officially started. so who could be in the next's president's cabinet. the people who the president elect to be leaning on. first happening on our home page, veterans day events across
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the area, not too late to get out and honor our veterans. we have a list on our web page as well. and you can look at issues plaguing airlines. check your weekend plans. just what airport had to hand out boarding passes more news after the break. could fi key sitio in t
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feder begranted e nt who could fill the new position in the trump administration team. the government nation should they hold the nation's highest security clearance. >> let the questions begin. high profile to high controversy. >> donald trump's white house taking shape, his transition team working fast to figure out who goes where. multiple sources tell nbc news high profile people are in the mix for high profile positions like chris christie, newt gingrich and rudy guiliani. all on a special list for
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special security clearance. exclusive reports the president-elect's team have at least 30 people for american foreign policy including current and former members of congress and the military like certainty jeff sessions and retired general jeff flynn, maybe not outsiders but some are outspoken. like u.s. ambassador for bush his decision and every move under zrigs. -- federal law does not allow for family to have paid positions. the transition team will have
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five options for each cabin position. aiming for geographic diversity. not all from new york or d.c. trump values loyalty and will likely be rewarded. one option for chief of staff and another ryan chiefs. >> will he honor anyway i can. >> the trump transition team has a website it's many are wondering about appealing obama, trump campaign saying it is a priority. repealing obamacare could once again leave women without coverage for planned birth control. some are concerned funding will be cut off from that group.
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>> we've also received number oof calls from clients who are concerned about what does this mean for them. >> planned parenthood said despite whatever happens with federal care act and funding their doors will remain open. >> you may have heard of a new york mom who was heartbroken on tuesday. she was in for an encouraging surprise. she went on a hike in one of her favorites places where the clint clinton's live where she bumped into hillary clinton and bill clinton and their dog and says the two looked wonderful and the two exchanged pleasantries, before going on their way got a picture with the former president. >> probably a nice release for her on that nature trail. change of pace. exactly. new at 11 a home taken away.
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>> it's like having your kids taken away from you. it's hard. >> our six-month investigation reveals wide-spread abuse surrounding evictions in san francisco. even if you're never evicted we'll tell you who this could cut your flent half. cut your rent in half. s fransco, ere a 16mai
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legally i the rental market is a hot topic no matter what circle you're in. in san francisco there's 16 main reasons a landlord could evict someone ranging from not paying your rent to having too many roommates. >> one specific reason is all about family. these kind of evictions have spiked almost 200% in recent years. we have much more.
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>> greg: even if if y have tip r ourinveigati it . >> even if you haven't been evicted you might be living in a home where someone was kicked out illegally and that mines you can lock if had that person's rent price even if it is thousands of dollars less than what you currently play. our investigation unit spent six months and found landlords abusing it's system and majoring a lot more money in the process. >> all righty. >> ashe and her daughter live i this apartment two years but this is where they say they should be living, a san francisco apartment that was their home for nearly a decade until they were forced to leave. >> i was trying to do my best to stay there with my kids in school and my whole community there. >> your whole life was there. >> it's still there. >> in san francisco landlords can legally kick out their
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tenants of they or their relatives want to move in. it's called owner move in eviction and when michelle, single mom, got her notice, she and her three kid hz to move out of their home that had been under rent control for ten years. the two oldest went to her dads and her daughter went to oakland. >> it's like having your kids taken away from you is hard. >> san francisco is home to 413 of those evictions last year. the most seen this decade. find out what's behind the spike. we obtained city records for an entire year's worth of eviction. hundreds of pages with every landlord or family member that was supposed to move into a home as part of an eviction in 2014. by law they had to intend to live there for at least three
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years before renting to someone new. but our investigation uncovered what appears to be widespread abuse. >> what we found was pretty astonishing. >> that's my producer and we and other members travelled around the city for six months going door to door to 300 of those homes to find out who is actually living there. we interviewed over 100 people and in 24 pacases 24 cases represent 1 in 4 of all cases, the person who should be living in the home is not, an apparent violation of the city's own laws. >> does anyone check if the people that should have moved in are the ones that should be there. >> no we don't check. >> this is the director of the san francisco rent board, the agency in charge of investigating wrongful eviction. they do investigate cases if someone files a complaint.
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>> so the person evicted has to be their own private investigator. >> at this point, yes. >> he says the best option for people is to take their landlords to court. if you've been wrongly evicted law allows you to collect damages totaling millions of dollars. >> there's really no way to minimize the importance. >> it's tragic and very unfortunate. >> where has the city been. why doesn't there appear to be over sight. >> like many laws on the books we're a complaint-driven enforcement system. it would help if we start doing these random audits and prosecuting owners that were flagrantly evading the law. >> the rent board has a random sampling to the district's
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attorney office each month to investigate but we discovered not a single person has been prosecuted in nearly the past ten years. it's difficult to prove that landlords intended to commit proud when they evicted their tenants. which brings us back to angelique, the owner told her his mother was going to move in. >> at one point she was going to help with the family. >> the file shows the mom should be liveing there until at least next year. we checked the building ourselves, we didn't find the landlord's mother instead brand new tenants are renting and the apartment has been completery renovated. the listed price $5,000 a month. nearly three times the price of what rachel was paying. >> your whole life changed because they said a family member is moving in and you have
11:38 am
to move out but it turns out that familiariy member isn't li there. >> not sure what to say to that. surprise. >> the landlord and new tent ant didn't want the to speak with us but if their land lord can't defend that eviction they are entitled to rachel's old rent. countless others may also be eligible and not know it. >> you may have much better rent than you ever thought you would have. >> extend that to a year that's savings of $30,000 in some cases. >> angelique rachel said landlords shouldn't be allowed to kick anyone out until their family members are moving in. >> bye boo boo. love you. >> they definitely need to show that's what they're doing. >> on a website we've mapped
11:39 am
every single owner eviction in san francisco for the past three years. it's easy to find your neighborhood. zoom in and see when the eviction took place. many of these are totally legal. if your address is listed and you're not the landlord or family member chances are someone was wrongly evicted and you might be able to lock in chir cheaper rent. just go to our website and find our map and contact us we want to hear from you at nbc bay area do guys back to you. >> if you vary a tip for our investigative unit just call or send an e-mail. you can find that map at all right, coming up next, an appetite for delivery. now a new way to get it on the peninsula, where people will be peeping these robots.
11:40 am
the food carriers of future generation shlgs copping to a neighborhood near you. >> patchy fog still lingering along the coast with terms in the 60s. how much are we expected to warm up as we head into the weekend. a look ahead in just a bit. >> nbc bay area response. if you want help call or visit response. to san fncischomeoers w
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becau of t shor termrental aze. nbc bay area responds to san francisco home owners. >> it's what has become a real estate mess. >> in san francisco home owners are required to register with the city when they have air bnb. but not everyone registered. now some landlords are responsible for thousands of dollars in fines because tenants are breaking the short-term rent allow. >> i was unemployed at the time. i couldn't even focused on the job search. i was too consumed with this. >> tonight at 11:00 we find out why the city is fighting home owners not the tenants, city is trying to find what they call serial stenants. that's at 11:00.
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see you tonight. ready for robot deliveries. it's about to become a reality on the peninsula, the redwood city council approved nine-month pilot program to test video robe oats that are able to navigate streets and curbs to make deliveries and then you can use an app to track your delivery and the robot. service will launch with 20 robots next month. >> don't steal r 2 d 2. los angeles hoping to yank away george lucas' museum. he showed off a version of his museum that could be built in lount los angeles. l.a. county supervisors agreed to support it now it's san
11:45 am
francisco's turn to say yes and may be some kind of bidding war for that. well the weather is beautiful to honor the veterans. it's going to shape out to be a pretty nice ending to the work week just in time for your weekend festivities. right now in san jose, a nice 72 degrees, mostly clear skies, expecting to see lingering clouds through the early afternoon. look at san francisco still seeing patchy fog that should stigma around to about 1:00 or 2:00. but into the overnight hours we're tracking a weak cold front ha could bring early morning rain. in san francisco, highs will yet again be slightly warmer than the average for this time of year. about ten degrees above that. morgan hill 76. san jose 79 yesterday. didn't quite hit that 80 but
11:46 am
today can still see 75. still fairly warm for this time of year. along the peninsula, half moon bay staying in the 60s. san matteo, the 70s. near san francisco did manage to climb into those 70 yesterday and staying into the upper 60s. along the north bay, possibility of few showers. 70s through the weekend ahead. now if you have plan all day, let's plan your day. by about noon, nice lunch. 72 degrees inland. by 3:00 nice evening dinner. going to be quiet out there. nothing too heavy. hour by hour forecast. early saturday morning. drizzle out near napa. north bay, mid day saturday those clouds are going to start covering the bay area and should clear out nicely by the mid daye. let's look at the saturday
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forecast by 9:00 a.m. could see possibility of showers heading into sunday, you're getting ready for game day. going to be nice day. maybe go enjoy flag football. let know what you play outside. maybe snap a picture and i might feature in the weather forecast. sunday mild temperatures. monday, high clouds, with a chance for some rain coming back by tuesday. not just along san francisco but also inland. partly cloudy skies will remain in the forecast by sunday. topping out by 74. high clouds. on tuesday, 70s before we drop to the 60s yet again chance for rain. make sure you enjoy this weekend ahead. i know i will. let us know what you're planning. back to you.
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>> flag football is for everybody. know what we're doing this weekend. coming up, she's making all the right moves to motivate her students. >> they thought i was crazy and then they started dancing with me. >> the east bay principle that started a lot of smiles. she's our bay area proud. specillean emionaleek becausef
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it's been an emotional week because of the election. but there is a story to cheer you up today. specifically a bay area woman who does something on a daily basis. >> generates good vibes on a daily basis. she's a school principle in san ramon and what she's doing is so much fun.
11:51 am
>> sue goldman says she's not shy sharing with her students the fact that she when she was in middle school didn't like school in fact she came close to not graduating high school. maybe what sue needed back then was a principle like she is today. >> good morning. good morning. >> when sue goldman became principle in san ramon four years ago she had found her dream job. >> i landed in heaven, best school, best staff, best kids, best parents. >> still, just because sue loves middle school doesn't mean everyone here does. >> i mean, let's face it, middle school is hard. and it can be an awful three years for kids. >> and so it was in her quest to make middle school a little less awful. >> this is what we do. >> then last march sue decided to try something a little more creative.
11:52 am
a way she thought to start kid's day off on the right foot, then the left, and the right again. >> you ready? you ready? we're going. >> it was the day sue hooked up her phone to a speaker, dragged it in front of the school and danced. >> have a great day. >> danced like no one was watching. which of course they were. >> they thought i was crazy. thought i was crazy. and then they just started dancing with me. >> whose dancing? >> none of them have stopped since. it was at first a quirky idea, a way to shake up the routine but not any more because ever since sue started dancing she noticed something happening even after the music stopped and the bell rang. >> when kids get here in the morning and bad stuff happened at home, in the media, they get here and guess what, it's all okay, because we love you and we're waiting for you and we're
11:53 am
dancing and we're having a little party. >> the kids clearly love it. and their parents. >> we love you so much. >> well, they just love sue. sue guesses she's got another ten years of her career left and she promises to not only keep dancing but to keep trying off beat, because you just never know when they will end up being right on the beat. sue says she's been out dancing with the kids every day since she first tried it last year and has no plans to stop any time soon. nbc bay area news. >> just such a nice story there. maybe she's got a career in show biz after the whole school principle thing is done. thank you. fans mourning the death of musician leonard cohen, his most famous song "hallelujah" has been covered hundreds of times.
11:54 am
he moved from canada to new york in 1966. he was already a celebrated poet and before long was compared to bob dylan for his song-writing skills. cohen was 82 years old. >> we'll be right back.
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of course it is veterans day. so many ways to honor members of the armed services and former members. how about this a sky high
11:57 am
tribute in florida. >> from the rafters here at the bbc center. >> wow. >> four navy seals repealed down from the rafter and then took part in the ceremonial face-off with the captain as of both the sharks and panthers. it was also military appreciation night the sharks won it 4-2 making those veterans proud. >> so we're looking at ice rinks and talking about hockey it doesn't feel like that outside. >> no it doesn't feel like november. here's how your veterans day is going to shape up. by noon in the 60s. 72 degrees overall. at about 3:00 to 7:00 as you head out to a late night evening and high to about 75. thanks so much for joining us. have a great weekend.
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♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ >> get it. >> oh, my goodness. i love her so much. right there, shopping cart. >> get it. >> oh. what's that move? pull it, pull it. work it, work it, round it. oh! >> with me today, carrie ann is with me today. >> friday. we want to say happy veterans day, thank you to all the men and women serving and for their families. we thought we needed this. take it right there. >> one more time. >> and pull it


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