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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 21, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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breaking overnight, two ambush style attacks on police officers in two separate states. one is dead and the other critical. a manhunt is under way. >> president-elect donald trump had a busy weekend interviews potential cabinet members and slamming saturday night live. >> president obama returned to the white house with advice for the donald and fellow democrats. >> and snow storms all over the country having an impact on pre-thanksgiving travel. "early today" starts right now. >> good monday morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin. >> i'm francis rivera. we begin with breaking news. police are on the hunt for a suspect in the murder of a san antonio police officer. detective benjaminmarconi was
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shot in broad daylight, making a routine traffic stop just outside of police headquarters. that's when this vehicle pulled up right behind the detective. the driver got out and walked up to the detective's window, drew a gun and shot him twice in the head, fatally. >> in my opinion, what we know right now this was nothing short of an assassination of a police officer. he happened to be wearing the wrong colors, blue. >> police are searching for possible witnesses and a person of interest seen in this photo. they don't believe he has any relationship with the original motorist who was pulled over. after the shooting, san antonio officers were advised not to make traffic stops alone and have been ordered to call for backup instead. >> new, the suspect involved in another officer involved shooting has been shot dead. police officers carried out a massive manhunt overnight and vench waem located the suspect this morning. the man fled on foot, firing
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shots at police. the officers fired back, ultimately killing him. no officer were harmed in that shootout. sunday's ambush attack happened in the evening when a suspect pulled up alongside a marked police car and fired add the officer's face. the officer was merely sitting in traffic. the 46-year-old married father of three is in critical but stable condition and is expected to survief. >> moving to politics. it was a weekend of almost nonstop meetings for president-elect donald trump as he med21 potential cabinet members, holding court at his bedminster golf club. he met them, including michelle ri, and wilber ross. they also included rudy giuliani, todd ricketts and james mads. and while trump teased a couple deals reached on cabinet appointments, no news was made since the transition team announced general mike flynn for
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nsa, senator jeff sessions for attorney general, and congressman mike pompeo as head of the cia. and perhaps the most high-profile meeting came when trump sat down for a one-on-one with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. a meeting described by aides as very good. and one saturday night live quickly lampooned with alec baldwin and jason sudeikis, but it also took trump to task on his policies. >> you came and said you were going to bring every single job back to our town. >> every single one? >> yes, sir. hell, if you could build a wall that's 2,000 miles long on the mexican border, i'm sure you can help us. >> how long is that wall? >> 2,000 miles. >> 2,000 american miles? >> when we found out you had a secret plan, it really energized us. >> that's right. a plan. very secret. google what is isis?
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>> that was enough to draw instant criticism from the real donald trump on twitter. he said, quote, i watched parts of nbc saturday night live last night. it's a totally one-sided biased show. equal time for us? alec baldwin responded saying, equal time? election is over. there is no more equal time. now you try to be president and people respond. that's pretty much it. >> well, trump's twitter tirade came one day after he demanded the cast of hamilton apologize for what he said was harassment against mike pence when he received a speak from the show. >> truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our americans values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> however, pence says the entire controversy was much ado about nothing. >> what i can tell you, i wasn't
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offended by what was said. >> the back and forth regarding hamilton, overshadowed other big news, namely the $25 million settlement reached between donald trump and erich schneiderman in the lawsuit of trump university. and we now have news that incoming first lady melania and first son barron will be staying in new york city until the end of the school year. >> president obama returned from his final overseas trip just a short time ago, getting off air force one and making his way back to the white house after wrapping up his trip to peru. it's the final stop in his summit tour, and the president said while he doesn't intend to become trump's constant critic, he won't rule out criticizing him once he becomes an american citizen. >> as an american citizen, who cares deeply about our country, if there are issues that have less to do with the spesks of
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some legislative proposal or battle but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if i think that it's necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then i'll examine it when it comes. >> so those comments came during the president's final overseas press conference after he met with russian president vladimir putin. both leaders said to have discussed the crisis in ukraine and syria in a four-minute face-to-face. >> i'm sure the administration is also watching this. tensions flairing in north dakota with hundreds of protesters clashing with law enforcement. the demonstrators are trying to push past the backwater bridge which had been closed since september. they're using tear gas and fire truck water cannons to push back. medics the are concerned about the potential loss of life from severe hypothermia.
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about a dozen fires have been set and one arrest has been made. rocks and burning logs have been hurled at law enforcement with one officer hit in the head. the $3.7 billion project has drawn steady opposition from environmentalists and activists, also native americans. >> so it's a big travel week ahead. a lot of people going all over the country. great news for drivers hitting the roads this thanksgiving week, but maybe not so great for those flying. also, unfortunately, at least two deaths blamed on the winter storm in minnesota along with hundreds of sdnlts on some of those treacherous roads. >> slick conditions caused problems for drivers in new york state. lake effect snow falling at a rate of 2 inches per hour in some locations. making driving really difficult, even impossible for some. high winds with gusts up to 30 miles per hour hit some other drivers. officials are urging residents in the area to avoid unnecessarily travel because of icy conditions and poor
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visibility. bill karins is here with the latest on the pre-thanksgiving forecast, including two storms in four days for the west coast. >> right now, the worst is the snow in the northeast, but over the next couple days, the weather in the northwest is where the problem will be. we have a storm in southern california, even in the highest elevations there. even in arizona, wet weather, too. in the northwest, showers out there now, but we will have heavier rainfall in the days ahead. now, here's the timing. this is 6:00 a.m. this morning. this forwards through the day today. you can see this plume of moisture. that's at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. today we're okay, but this comes onshore tomorrow. tuesday is one of the worst travel days of the next most a of northwest. some clouds mixed with breaks of sun. any showers should be light
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today. we mentioned two storms in four days. unfortunately, thanksgiving day in the northwest, possibility of that second storm. >> uh-oh. might be messy. we'll watch it. bill, thank you. just ahead, meet the oldest division i football player ever. he's 55 years old. and he's just made senior day history. plus, breaking details out of france of a possible paris terror plot thwarted just in the nick of time. that's next. of dollars on my car insurance with geico. i should take a closer look at geico... geico has a long history of great savings and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more.
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failed attack in 2000. 43 terror suspects have been arrested in frangt in the month of november alone. >> also leading the news this morning, a dramatic rescue caught on camera in georgia. the start eed when a wheelchair-bound man called 911. >> there's a fire in my bedroom. >> how many people are in the house? >> i need somebody to hurry. my bedroom is going up. >> okay, i need everyone to get out of the house. >> i can't. >> police and firefighters arrived there quickly and they were able to drag him out through the smoke, which was just about a foot off the floor. what made it difficult for the elderly man to get enough oxygen because of all that smoke. he suffered burns on both arms but he's expected to be okay. the local fire chief said it was a matter of minutes between having a completely different and tragic outcome. >> from the l.a. times, president obama offers strong support to house minority leader nancy pelosi while in peru.
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while also saying that democrats do need to change if they expect to grow the party and take back control. >> i don't think that there has to be a complete overhaul here. i think that there does have to be better organization, a smarter message. my advice to democrats is know what you care about and what you stand for. and fight for your principles. even if it's a hard fight. >> especially when it comes to breakfast foods, not really good news for all of you out there who eat hummus and add it to all kinds of foods during the day. the sabra dipping company is recalling some of its products over possible listeria contamination. the contamination was found at the manufacturing facility, not in the tested finished products. the company is encouraging consumers to look at the best before date on a product lid and throw out anything before
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january 23rd, 2017. listeria can be fatal to people with weak immune systems and also young children. >> if you're a calorie counter like me, there's news in the food industry. this from chipotle. it's been slapped with a lawsuit for misleading customers with the amount of calorie s packed into one of its burritos. the choreezo burrito is estimated to have 300 calories, but the estimated count triples that. three customers have filed a class action lawsuit against the chain, accusing them of misrepresentation. the company has not responded to requests for comment but did apologize to followers saying the calories accounted for the chorizo alone. >> never mind the wrap, the cheese. >> it's 100 calories per serving and there's 5 servings in a bar. >> just ahead, we have news for travelers hitting the road and the airports that will impact your wallet. >> first, toys "r" us announced
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beats and where to find them conjured up $175 million at the box office in its opening weekend. knocking out dr. strange from the top spot. >> jimmie johnson through three and four. make room. richard petty and dale earnha t earnhardt, there's another seven-time champ. jimmie johnson wins his seventh nascar sprint cup championship. >> jimmie johnson is celebrating lucky number seven, tying richard petty and the late dale earnhardt for most sprint cup series championships of all time. >> no easy feat there. in good company as well. >> later on "today," wou"," cou volume in movie theaters be damaging your hearing? >> aaa predicts almost 49 million people will hit the road for thanksgiving, driving 50 miles or more, aubt million more
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than last year. landon dowdy has good news for many of those drivers. excited to hear about the good news. >> i'm excited too because i'm taking a road trip myself. prices at the pump are falling just ahead of the busy travel period over the thanksgiving weekend. the average price of gas is down six cents in the past two weeks to $2.20 a gallon. analysts cite weaker demand as they wrap up fall maintenance. workers at chicago's o'hare airport will announce when they plan to walk off the job. about 500 employees who work for private contractors voted to strike last thursday. the union says they don't expect to shut down the airport but it could cause a disruption during the busy holiday travel week. meanwhile, walmart is kicking off cyber monday a few days early offering web-only deals on black friday. they would boost the online inventory by more than half this year. the move comes as black friday is losing its importance as early discounts and online shopping keep people from stores. and a new survey reveals the
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list of the most hackable holiday gifts. laptops and pcs are first followed by iphones and tablets, media players, home oughtimation and drones. they start using devices when they get them, 42% say they take proper security measures. >> be careful what you buy for your kids this christmas. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead, the big winners from last night's american music awards. plus, a new starbucks cup controversy to tell you about. you don't want to miss this one. you're watching "early today." they should express how you feel. new olay eyes collection treats every eye concern. lift depuff brighten smooth or ultimaltely all of it. express every emotion. without showing your age.
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my check-up was great. all right. look here. number 42 on your screen. you can't tell because he's got the helmet, but under that is 55-year-old joe thomas sr. he's a running back for south carolina state. he enrolled with his son who also played football. thomas is believed to be the oldest division i football player to ever take to the peeld. it was a dream 36 years in the making. >> follow your dream. it's all about you. a lot of people don't follow up on it. i didn't pay that any attention. >> look what happened on saturday. he carried the ball three yards in a play against savannah state on senior day. goes to show you when you think it's all downhill. >> i love the fact that the opponents, the other team, were also celebrating him.
4:24 am
that was a big moment for him. >> a big night for pop music at the 2016 american music awards. selena gomez won the favorite pop rock female artist. amas was also her return to the spotlight after revealing in 2015 she's battling lupus. other winners include justin bieber, ama artist of the year to ariana grande, and another win for bieber. hisong "sorry" was named song of the year. >> this is going to volve you. there's a sandals scandal and it involves these flip-flops. some say they're gold and white, others say blue and gold, even black and blue. it brings you back to the dress, right? blue and black or gold and white. we think white and gold. >> definitely white and gold. you're watching "early today." what are you doing right now? making a cake! uh oh. i don't see cake, i just see mess. it's like awful. it feels like am not actually cleaning it up.
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all right. let's take you through the travel forecast. today is not too bad. getting rid of the showers in l.a. heading through arizona in the day. as we go through tomorrow, the next storm moves in from san francisco upwards north up the cost. wednesday, the storm will be moving through the inner mounter west. the northwest, chance of showers. and thanksgiving day, this is where we could see a good soaking in the northwest. i hope the forecast changes. still four days away, but yeah, maybe plenty of turkey in the backyard, could be the mud bowl. >> that could be fun, too. >> thank you. >> this morning, a frantic search for survivors continues after a train derailment that left at li 146 dead and more than 200 people hurt. 14 train cars were thrown from
4:27 am
the track. rescuers are using trains to lift the twisted wreckage to check for more bodies. >> a new controversy brewing at starbucks. the #trumpcup emerged after this video went viral of one barista refusing to write trump on one man's cup. dozens are ordering coffee under the man's name in protest. the coffee giant saying they do not require their partners to write or call out names. it's a fun ritual they hope customers will continue to honor. they never get my name right. >> i'm sure you have seen every version. >> everything. >> there's a lifetime supply of toilet paper left sprawled across a california highway over the weekend after cool weather conditions led to a li-vehicle accident. the massive cleanup was needed for -- look at this -- 29,000 pounds of toilet paper. and also 80 gallons of diesel
4:28 am
fuel that filled the freeway south of sacramento. authorities say the tractor trailer hydroplaned and hit a guard rail and overturned. the driver suffered only minor injuries, but good thing about the toilett paper, they stay intact. not like somebody toilet papered the highway. >> if you don't normally buy lottery tickets, now may be the time to change course. there were no jackpot winners in the powerball. that means wednesday's now up to $359 million. get your wallets ready. that means the winner could walk away with more than $219 million in a cash lump sum amount. the odds, a mere 1 in more than 292 million, but you know it's fun to think what could you do bethat money. >> we talked about it and how extended our families we would share this to. >> a lot of people coming out of the woodwork. >> i'm frances rivera. >> i'm ayman mohyeldin. thanks for watching "early
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today." we'll see you right back here tomorrow morning. right now at 4:30:
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a birthday celebration - ends in tragedy - as three boys are involved in a deadly accident. what went wrong inside a car - that killed a four-year-old right now at 4:30, a birthday celebration ends in tragedy. three boys are involved in a deadly accident what went wrong that killed a 4-year-old child. a san jose home catches fire overnight. it was where the flames started that made this tricky for crews responding to the scene. turkey shortage. the way you can help out to make sure thousands of families have a full feast in time for thanksgiving. "today in the bay" starts right now. a good monday morning. >> want to check the forecast. >> we get a break in the rain


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