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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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wet weather returns as the first of three storms hits the bay area. we're tracking how much rain we'll get not only from this but all the way through thanksgiving weekend. >> rain coming down in santa rosa on its way to most of the bay area just in time for your holiday travel. also bad blood in santa clara. the city is taking on the 49ers over concert money. will the niners turn over the documents or will the city follow through on its threat? >> and it's a fight that's happening right now. plus -- >> the wells fargo case sat in the back of my file cabinet. >> we investigate employee complaints about wells fargo. what did the back and the government know for years? nbc bay area news starts right now. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening and thanks for being with us.
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i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica aguirre. at this hour a series of storms moving right toward the bay area. the first one already here. want to show you a live look at our camera in richmond. those raindrops are right on the lens for you to see. >> we have multiple reports tonight as many of us will be on the move for thanksgiving. let's start with our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. and sxwrjeff, what's the timeli? >> the storm is continuing to move in across the bay area. starting to ramp up. you can see these areas of yellow on the doppler radar. that's indicating some heavy rainfall. it's now on the way from san francisco down the peninsula. we'll take you to the north bay. it has been most consistent here over the past two hours from santa rosa to petaluma. it's now beginning to push off to the south and also the east and starting to impact san francisco with some pockets of heavier rainfall. right now moving through the arena. the sunset also down toward the embarcade embarcadero. the east bay starting to see activity as well increase from berkeley to orinda down to oakland and moraga. for the south bay little to nothing but over the next three
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hours this heavier pocket of rainfall eventually will make it to the south bay. i'll have more details on exactly how much rain and a look at any airport delays in about ten minutes. >> we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. as you heard, the north bay quite a bit of soak tonight. santa rose awe heard jeff say one of the first cities to get hit by that rain. that's where we find terry mcsweeney who joins us live. you're really getting a soaking. >> reporter: yeah, it's been coming down for the past three hours up here. and the people i talked to, some people saying it's going to impact their travel plans for sure. others say it's going to impact their lifestyle. rain in the north bay coming down fairly heavy at times in downtown santa rosa on the eve of a very busy travel day. >> makes the roads really slippery. i live in st. helena so driving over the hill just be extra careful. >> reporter: some ker7bd about it. >> i'm flying home to orange county. i'm hoping this rain won't impact it. >> reporter: some determined to make it to the thanksgiving celebration. >> i'm going to san jose.
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i'll probably drive down tomorrow night anyway. hopefully after 5:00, not right during rush hour. >> reporter: and we met robbie riggs, a homeless pa r0e8ee struggling to turn things around. >> trying to get my life back together, work my way up. so if i let this get me down, then i'm not going to make much progress for it. >> reporter: most we spoke with not bothered by the weather. >> it just reinforces the desire to stay with my family. my cat family of course. and my boyfriend. >> reporter: talking to people tonight, only one person brought up the rain's impact on the drought. seems to have taken a back seat in all this holiday excitement. live in santa rosa, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, terry. more thanksgiving treks. that one to tahoe. it's already started. if you're planning to make the journey you're going to find plenty of fresh powder tomorrow morning. in fact the crews are pulling all-nighters tonight at resorts like alpine meadows. so the slopes will be ready.
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caltrans is also prepping the roads as that overnight storm is expected to leave behind several inches of snow. tonight they're plowing and they're also sanding those highways. you can track the snow and all this rain we're going to be getting all thanksgiving week. all you need to do is download the free nbc bay area app and get your personalized forecast. we're following some breaking news. that billion-dollar jewel in santa clara is turning into a million-dollar headache. late tonight the city of santa clara calling out the 49ers and moving one step closer to taking over management of levi's stadium. at issue are the 49ers being transparent with taxpayers' money. this is becoming a nasty fight and a lot of people showed up at city hall this evening. nbc bay area's chuck coppola is there. are. >> reporter: the city of santa clara gets a cut for non-football-related events like concerts at levi's stadium. thousands of dollars to resod the field after one of those
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non-football-related events did not come out of taxpayers' wallets here in santa clara, but now the city is one step closer to finding that out for sure. >> it's not in the best interests of that information to be made public. >> reporter: 49ers executives tried to convince the public and santa clara officials that making details of concert and other non-nfl events at levi's stadium public could compromise negotiations for future events. but after nearly three hours of testimony including santa clara taxpayers the city's stadium authority voted to give the 49ers 30 days to comply. the city's mayor says some information can be shared but kept private. >> we have certain aspects. like we have city personnel information that we don't submit to the public even though we're a public agency because it's of a proprietary nature. we would do the same with this information. >> reporter: santa clara was concerned that expenses like resodding the field after a concert were being charged to taxpayers but indicated that some details could be blacked out. >> whether or not what they can
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redact i'd have to ask our attorneys what they can redact and what they can't redact for public records requests. >> reporter: afterwards taxpayers say the city stood its ground. >> we're in the heart of silicon valley. if we can't find a way with all the non-disclosure agreements to make sure that what needs to stay private stays private and if someone violates that procedure they get fired, then i don't know what we can do. >> reporter: the letter goes out tomorrow. the 49ers have 30 days to comply. it's likely the 49ers won't wait that long to pick up the phone. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> and the soap opera continues. thank you, chuck. for more on this ongoing battle between the team and the city head to nbc bay we've got a link to you are o'story right there on the front page. an emotional scene in court today as the man accused of killing his own daughter afaced a judge. police say geraldo mendoza ordas drowned the 4-year-old in the baptismal pool in the church and his older 9-year-old son saw it. family friend claimed he was high on drugs and he was
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convinced his daughter was possessed by the devil. ordas is now facing murder and felony charges. this is hillsburg's first murder since 2008. a man beaten, robbed and then killed after a visit to a pool hall. tonight one man under arrest and two more on the loose and they could be armed and dangerous. this is daniel porter-kelly. police say he was behind the death of william simms, a musician from richmond. now, simms was found beaten and shot outside the capri club pool hall in el sobrante. police are looking for these two men, ray simmons and daniel ortega. all three men face murder charges with a hate crime enhancement. well, this is not a gender issue. it's an issue about sexual assault on the cal campus. an online encounter turns violent. a man attacked a male student. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us from uc berkeley with the details. >> reporter: students here at uc berkeley say this reported sexual assault serves as a reminder to be careful when
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you're meeting people who you talk with online. >> i did get the alert. >> reporter: uc berkeley police sent students an alert about a reported sexual assault. a male student living in a co-op tells police he met a man online and invited him to his room this morning telling police that man sexually assaulted him. >> as tragic as it is i feel like when students read about this they can get a better understanding of what sexual assault is. right? >> reporter: student bryan wong says the assault is a warning for all students about the dangers of online meetings. >> i guess a general rule of thumb is don't trust strangers, especially don't invite them to your rooms. but i mean, that's just tofrom my perspective. >> people actually -- i've talked to people who told me they would always meet the first time in broad daylight or something like this. i guess that's something you should always do. >> reporter: police aren't saying what website the victim used to meet his accused attacker. students say the crime alert indicates university police are taking the report seriously. they say every victim, male or female, deserves justice.
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>> i think it's strong to send a message that no matter who you are you're welcome and you're protected at uc berkeley. >> if you have information about that reported sexual assault or any similar incidents that have happened recently uc berkeley police department would like to hear from you. reporting live in berkeley, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jean. listen to this. a house being used as a brothel which sits right across the street from one of san mateo's best-known catholic high schools. police arrest two men they say were selling sex out of that house. the house is just steps away from serra high school. undercover officers had been watching the home for a couple of weeks and neighbors tipped them off. >> the neighbors were complaining about a high volume of foot traffic throughout the evening. people coming and going for short periods of time. >> investigators are now trying to make contact with the prostitutes who worked at the home, saying some of them may be the victims of sexual trafficking. after a spike in local hate crimes it's now a little easier to report those crimes. a new hotline in alameda county
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available in six languages. the racist graffiti found at edison elementary school just last week was the motivation behind this new hotline. it has outgoing messages in six languages and also offers assistance with a family justice center and human trafficking. that number is 50-510 -- you see it on your screen. 510-208-4824. holiday shopping means holiday crime. b.a.r.t. is now beefing up security. a new program designed to keep commuters safe at two of the busiest stations in san francisco. here's what's happening. new patrol desks in the open areas of both the powell and civic center stations. that's where b.a.r.t. police officers will be when they're not on patrol or on a call. these two stations typically see a 7% increase in ridership during the final three months of the year. holiday shopping a key part of that. well, thanks but no thanks. education reform's most controversial figure is passing on trump. michelle rhee will not be a
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member of the president-elect's cabinet. the first lady of sacramento and former chancellor of washington, d.c. schools met with mr. trump on saturday to reportedly discuss being the next education secretary. today rhee tweeted that she is not pursuing that position. rhee rose to national prominence when she publicly took on the teachers' unions and pushed the common core agenda. rhee now lives in sacramento with husband kevin johnson, who's the current mayor and a former nba star. a democrat, her tweet in part supported mr. trump saying, "our job as americans is to want him to succeed. wishing for his failure would be wanting the failure of millions of american children who desperately need a better education." now, president-elect trump is at his club in mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida tonight where he'll spend thanksgiving holiday with his family. the reappointment notwithstanding, it looks like the president-elect is inching closer toward naming his domestic cabinet members. two former rivals could be moving to washington. mitt romney and ben carson two names that have been floated to
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land big jobs in the trump administration. well, tonight it's official. exactly two weeks after the election the final mail-in ballots have been counted and the measure to reform california's death penalty has passed. prop 66 wins by a slim margin, getting 51% of the votes. the measure is designed to speed up the death penalty by cutting through the normal appeals process. 750 inmates sit on death row. california has not executed a prisoner since 2006. well, a prank that went terribly wrong. now the man behind it pleads not guilty. a video circulating online shows exactly what happened. take a look. [ screaming ] what we can see here is a group of people riding in a slow-paced tractor. this is down in the carmel valley. jeff mozier in an orange pickup truck right there smashes into the tractor. a woman who was riding in the front of that tractor can be seen lying on the street in shock. now, according to prosecutors,
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about 90 minutes after the crash mozier had a blood alcohol level of .16, which is double the legal limit. mozier is facing felony charges of dui, causing injury and assault with a deadly weapon. mozier will be back in court in december. palo alto is slowing down on a proposal to speed things up. palo alto weekly reports the city council discussed raising the speed limit in certain areas from 25 miles an hour to 30. the increase was needed for the city to install traffic radars on main roads like university and middlefield. city council, though, took a u-turn and decided to focus instead on traffic speed bumps. well, tonight we get the inside story. what really happened at wells fargo? former employees are sharing their stories. >> they say they got fired for raising concerns about fraud. our investigative unit has been tracking these former employees. liz wagner joins us. and liz, you have some exclusive new details. >> reporter: jess, for the first time we're getting a clearer picture about the number of people across the country who
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reached out to a federal whistleblower program after they raised red flags about wells fargo. this new information revealing tonight not only did the bank know about widespread complaints, the government did too. >> and i was right all along. and i did what was right, what i was told to do. >> reporter: yesenia gutron raised red flags when she noticed something wasn't right at the st. helena wells fargo branch where she worked as a personal banker. and i think this is intentional. >> reporter: we first told you last month that the company fired her in 2010 after she says she alerted management that other bankers were opening phony customer accounts. >> i took this very seshsly. >> reporter: gutron filed a retaliation complaint with osha's whistle ploeer protection program, warning the government six years ago about potential fraud. the agency closed her case when she filed a federal lawsuit, which the court dismissed. now new data we obtained shows gutron wasn't the only one who contacted osha about wells
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fargo. across the country since 2010 at least 65 people submitted retaliation complaints. 21 of them came from employees who worked in the southeast. 15 employees filed complaints in the west. where osha's regional office in san francisco is less than two miles from wells fargo's corporate headquarters. >> they definitely failed. >> reporter: attorney joseph peretz represents gutron and two other former wells fargo employees who submitted complaints. >> osha did not pay any attention to any type of claim of widespread nationwide allegations of fraud and unethical conduct at wells fargo. >> reporter: it's unclear how many osha cases relate to the bank's fake accounts scandal. but the agency tells us the majority of the complaints filed, 63%, involved allegations of corporate fraud where consumer financial fraud. >> some of us were very vocal. >> reporter: one of the cases crossed sue kamlet's desk.
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>> the wells fargo case sat in the back of my file cabinet and ultimately was transferred from me back to my supervisor. >> reporter: kamlet investigated whistleblower complaints for eight years. nbc bay area confirmed in the wells fargo case briefly assigned to her was filed in 2011 and it's still pending today. >> i'm not surprised. >> reporter: why aren't you surprised? >> because of the backlog. >> reporter: according to this september letter from the department of labor, "osha continues to investigate at least a handful of complaints." the department says, "in some cases the complaints had no merit" and "the majority of cases have been concluded through settlement or other action." but kamlet points out what she considers to be a problem with settlements. she says investigators would gather evidence in response to claims of wrongdoing but unless enforcement agencies asked to see it oftentimes the information would go nowhere. >> the company would settle the case, and the evidence that we had gathered would go to the back of a file cabinet. where's the part where we communicate this evidence to the enforcement agencies?
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>> reporter: did it happen? >> no. >> reporter: kamlet says congress tasked osha with protecting whistleblowers from retaliation and furthering the public interest by preventing activity like financial fraud that could harm consumers. osha fired kamlet in january for failing to efficiently resolve her cases. she believes it's retaliation for speaking up about problems inside osha. the agency says it can't comment on personnel matters. as we reported last month, now the department of labor is conducting a review of all wells fargo whistleblower cases since 2010 to "determine what the facts are and what we can do about them." do you trust the department of labor to conduct a thorough review of these wells fargo cases? >> i've been given no reason to trust the department of labor. >> reporter: now, the agency didn't respond to repeated requests for comment about that former investigator's claims. wells fargo says it has a no retaliation policy. the company says engaging in retaliatory behavior is grounds
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for corrective action including termination. guys? >> okay, liz, thank you. if you have a tip about this story or any other story for liz wagner give us a call. 888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail directly to theunit@nbc bay let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. really tricky time for it to be raining like this because this is when people are getting on the road and trying to get to their next destination for thanksgiving. >> that's a great point. certainly a lot of folks do try to make some early headway on that holiday travel. and the rainfall is coming down heavy at times across the bay area as our cold front moves across. i did want to show you that anyone arriving on a late-night flight will not face any delays, at least the way we see it right now. all california airports showing green when it comes to airports and weather delays. nothing at least right now. now, on the doppler radar you can see the cold front is pushing in. some areas are yellow. that indicates heavier rainfall on the doppler radar. the light green is lighter rain. let's go ahead and zoom in on where things are picking up. it's mainly throughout the san
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francisco peninsula through downtown, also across the bay bridge over toward berkeley and oakland. some heavier rainfall now developing. and this will continually move here throughout the east bay. we expect it to moraga by 11:43. lafayette 11:53. and to walnut creek by 12:09. so again on a quick clip here things will be coming down there for the east bay. for the south bay not too much. a few spotty showers developing right now but some heavier rainfall out here to the coastline will make it through. i don't see a ton of rain for the south bay but we should be good for trace amounts to about a tenth of an inch. as we head into tomorrow morning's forecast, here's the thing. rainfall moves out. sun starts to shine back in. so not a bad forecast here for wednesday morning. it will be chilly with 502349 south bay, 49 for the peninsula and 47 in the tri-valley. east bay starts off at 51 and the north bay as cold as 43. microclimate forecast for tomorrow, i do see improved weather if you're doing any traveling. once we pass 9:00 in the morning our chances of showers really
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begin to dwindle. it will be cool, though. 61 in morgan hill and 59 in cupertino. for the east bay not a huge difference here. when that cold front moves across, it really prevents us from seeing any kind of microclimate extremes. we'll go with 61 in antioch, 62 in walnut creek and 60 for hayward. anywhere from 50 in half moon bay to 59 in belmont and 61 in palo alto. san francisco widespread 50s from the embarcadero down to the ingleside. and for the north bay 58 in mill valley, 62 in napa. winds not too breezy tomorrow, five to about ten miles per hour. on the extended forecast the great news is we dry out again through tomorrow midday and afternoon. sunny weather for thanksgiving. then we see more chances of rain on friday, saturday, and sunday. it's not a ton of rain. a quarter to about a half inch at this point. but do be ready for that wet weather if you're doing any black friday shopping on friday night or any tree lighting ceremonies. we'll be getting through it just fine. it's just going to make it feel
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a lot more festive out there. that's how i'm looking at it. >> we just have to come prepared, jeff. >> exactly. >> thanks a lot. coming up, a beloved bowling alley shutsz down and with no warning. and it's not the only one to do so in the south bay in just the last few months. and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys. sarah jessica parker is here. plus we have scott patterson, liza wild and shawn from the gilmore girls. do not change the channel. >> happening now on our home page, you might be getting a check from facebook. this is no scam. the money comes from a class action lawsuit settlement over facebook's use of members' names and faces in sponsored story ads. and on our twitter feed a new look for this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. giant dump trucks filled with sand. they'll be used to create an imposing physical barrier to any potential terrorist attack. you can watch the parade right here on nbc bay area. we're back in a moment. being recalled tonight.
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==topvo+rail== toyota is recalling more than 800-thousand 'sienna' minivans ... models from 2011 to 2016. a popular brand of minivans is being recalled tonight. toyota recalling more than 800,000 sienna minivan models from 2011 to 2016. the problem is the vans' sliding doors can open while the vehicle is moving. toyota says it will repair the doors for free but it's still trying to figure out a way to fix it. it's a sign of the times. santa clara's only bowling alley
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closed abruptly. soon it might be an apartment complex. moonlight names right off el  camino real has closed for good. a notice on the front door simply thanks long-time customers. in a statement the management says they're trying to relocate that local bowling league that still plays there. developers are trying to convert the property into a 158-unit apartment complex. the city will hold a public hearing on this project in january. well, tonight undocumented students held a rally on the san jose state campus to speak out against president-elect donald trump's stance on immigration. the group says they're rejecting trump's alleged plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. to defund sanctuary cities and create a registry for muslims. students are calling on elected officials and members of the community to take a stand and to protect immigrants. >> do not dehumanize one person just because he or she is an undocumented immigrant. like that's not fair. a muslim's a person. i'm a person.
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everyone's a person. >> students from san jose state, san jose city college and deanza college organized tonight's demonstration. okay. you probably heard the buzz throughout the day. when it comes to the raiders, don't count out oakland just yet. that new plan announced today. but there's also something that wasn't announced. we'll explain next. when it comes to the raiders,
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don't load the moving vans to las vegas yet. =raj/2shot= a lot of excitement today --- because the team could be okay. when it comes to the raiders, do not load those moving vans just yet to las vegas. >> a lot of excitement today because the team could be staying in oakland but there's still a gaping hole in this plan. we'll explain now. oakland's mayor libby schaaf said today she and nfl hall of famer ronnie lott along with a team of investors have a plan to build a new stadium at the site of the oakland coliseum. mayor schaaf isn't sharing the details of that plan yet. the alameda county board of supervisors as well as the oakland city council would need to approve any deal.
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>> we're working with a private partner who has not just the passion to keep the raiders in oakland but also the capacity to put up front the amount of capital it will take to privately finance a stadium. >> that sounds excellent. but here's the sobering reality. the raiders have not endorgsed this plan and owner mark davis is still committed at least publicly to moving his team to nevada. oakland's own tom hanks given a prestigious honor by the president. we'll show you when we come back. ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
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♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united.
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yet another award to go with his oscars and emmys. today president obama awarded okay, oakland. hometown boy tom hanks has yet another award to go with his oscars and emmys. yes, that's president obama award him the medal of freedom. comedian ellen degeneres, basketball legend kareem abdul-jabbar, dodger announcer vin scully and bill and melinda gates also presented with the nation's highest civilian honor. 21 americans in all. >> that's some high-profile people in the white house today. >> what a group. >> you don't know where to look. >> all in one room. before we go raining outside right now. what about through the night? >> it looks like this rain will be moving off toward the south and the east. eventually tomorrow morning we'll see the sun come out with just a slight chance of a spotty shower. most importantly dry on thanksgiving. more rain friday, saturday, and sunday. >> thanksgiving's almost here.
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>> i know. >> thanks for joining us. >> don't stress me out. bye-bye.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sarah jessica parker, scott patterson, liza weil, and sean gunn,


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