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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the letter? >> reporter: there is some concern in the mosque tonight. because there are direct threats. the local imam opened the letter yesterday. this is the letter. the opening lines themselves were alarming to community people who red the ledder. quote to the children of satan, you muslims are a vile and filthy people." >> shocked and then we realize there's a handful of people like that who would react to the political climate. >> reporter: the local imam opened the letter yesterday. "there's a new sheriff in town, president donald trump. he's going to cleanse america." >> it's absolutely threatening. >> reporter: supervisor david cortez received the letter from the mosque. >> when someone starts off a letterer addressed to the children of satan and end it by
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saying the same thing's going to happen to them as in nazi germany, i think that's more than a veiled threat. >> reporter: they're investigati investigating. the mosque says officers were at the center within minutes. >> given they reacted in the way they did with compassion and care, it blows us away. it reinforces the belief in the community. >> reporter: the mosque will not be deterred by the letter, vowing to continue their work in the community. i did check the address on that return envelope. that address does not exist. i also speak with the diocese of san jose. the bishop will reach out to the mosque in a show of solidarity. nbc bay area news. and turning now to our microclimate forecast outside here for a live look at san jose where it's pretty clear, chill ea as well. meteorologist standing by with a storm thats are headed our way.
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>> yeah the evening' dry around the bay area. temperatures in the low to mid-50s right now and partly cloudy skies in san francisco. you can see all the way out the golden gate bridge but rain is lurking. right now not on our local radar sweep. you see the rain approaching and this is the first of three systems in three days bringing a chance of wind and rain. that is how the weekend begins. winds 15 to 30 miles per hour. widespread rain for the morning and this weekend could be the biggest in terms of snowfall we've seen so far this fall. as you can see in the sierra maybe as much as two feet of snow but snow levels as low as 3500 feet which means places like mount hamilton could get a
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dusting of snow on saturday night. we'll let you know the timeline of three systems impacting us over the next three days. thanks so much. do stay ahead of the rain. get the nbc bay area app. the hunt for two escaped inmates has moved into santa clara. as we told you yesterday forty-four inmafour inmates escaped. two caught, two on the loose. nbc bay area's robert handa is there with the search team and tell us you learned new information. >> reporter: we're at the south end of the main jail where behind me is the jail window where the inmates made their escape. sources tell me the suspects actually went out the window about half an hour after the
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first two inmates. so the captured inmate may have simply saw an opportunity. and the search dogs apparently picked up their trail from that window and investigators say they're closing in. santa clara county sheriff's investigators say the search dogs were given items belonging to the n mates and started tracking. they followed the dogs all the way underneath the underpass of 880. they confirmed they believe that's how they left the area and based on tips the dogs pick up the trail in a neighborhood near levi stadium. >> one of them speaks of them being seen in that area and with the use of the dogsx that confirmed that. we arer getting closer. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies are looking for chavez recently booked in august. this is a photo of chavez.
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the man with the distinctive facial tattoo was serving charges for numerous charges. and the other inmate is luroan campbell including false imprisonment and criminal threats. >> we will find these two and any person who is harboring or helping or aiding and abetting in their escape will attempt to prosecute. >> reporter: now coming up at 6:30, we'll have anotherer update including the strange journey of one of the men who was caught. >> thank you. now these are the first reports of inmates escaping from inside the main jail but not the first time an inmate escaped from outside the jail. last year josh snell carter over powered a deputy before catching
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a bus to reno. he was later found in mississippi. as for the current search, we'll be working the story around the clock. go to our bay area app and facebook page. the mysterious disappearance of a california mother made national headlines and now her reappearance is even more stunning. she was found tied up on the side of the road thanksgiving morning. jodi hernandez is live in redding where the woman's sister held a news conference late this afternoon. and a lot of questions surrounding this case. >> reporter: a lot of questions. a family friend tells me that sherry is doing surprisingly well as she tries to put the pieces back together. late today her sisterer talked to reporters that church are sherry and her husband were married. she's just so thankful her sisterer's ho e sister's home. >> just been a range of
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emotions and sadness, anger. >> reporter: sheila coaster can describes what the last few weeks have been like for their family. but their prayers have been answered. three weeks after her 34-year-old sister disappeared while jogging, the mother of two was found tied up on the side of a yellow county road on thanksgiving morning. >> everyone's tireless efforts has made our family whole again this thanksgiving evening. >> this afterf campbell randal released video, first asking for a ransom if they returned unharmed. >> there are no cops involved. they have not been involved from the beginning. >> reporter: he says he didn't pay ransom or bounty but believes the aufrs put pressurer oren the abducters to let her go. her sister didn't want to talk
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about the investigation but says she's incredibly grateful to everyone who helped. >> we are overwhelmed with joy of how supportive everyone has been to help bring us together as a family again. >> reporter: shasta county sheriff's investigators say they are looking for two hispanic women armed with a handgun and driving a dark colored suv. they did not release any additional information. >> all right, thank you very much. we're constantly updating this story. also you can find all of it on our website, well, it has been three days and searchers still have not found a woman who went missing in mendocino county. she was last seen hunting for
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mushrooms. she had throat surgery recently and may have had difficulty calling for help. anyone with information is urged to contact investigators. and only on nbc bay area, football legend ronny lot tells us about his plans to keep the raiders in oakland. lot was in the studios tonight. he's rallied several locals to . and lot has received the support of oakland mayorer, libby shaft but he continues to stay committed to las vegas. >> because in life what you try to do is you put something on the table that you hope you can't refuse. that hasn't been the case. and until we are able to do that, then that should be the
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posture he should take. he's got something that is very valuable and that is a bid in las vegas. he doesn't have that here. and until he has that and i think john madden said it. yeah, they want to stay here, they want to be here but it takes all the parties to come together to make it happen and the tough part now is that time is running out. >> okay. we know football fans and raiders fans are watching every twist and turn. this is where it stands. city and county leaders will be meeting in a closed session on tuesday. if they approve lott's proposal, that will head to a discussion the following week. and we'll tell you which prominent sillicon valley businessman might be part of this investment group. and can you believe it? it's already here.
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holiday bargain shoppers are out in full force tonight. live in walnut creek. straight ahead a new twist on black friday. hit in thp head with a skateboard. the update on the officer attacked in south san forirancf. and plan on a chilly weekend ahead. temperatures in the mid-50s as we track rain, wind and thunder. all in the forecast.
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nine straight losses thp. the 9ers worst streak since 1978 and they'll be heavy underdogs against the dolphins team that has won five in a row.
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>> we still have the opportunity to win a game. that's what we have to stay focussed on and take it one week at a time. there is that feeling that we're not going to be in the playoffs and we'll have have an opportunity to build on things for next year.
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a skateboard attack on tape all caught on camera. the skateboarder trying to ride off. and here showing the foot chase coming to a violent end. cristie, there were witnesses who saw this attack? >> reporter: that's right and people on the street were just shocked by what they saw. they say this man was given many chances to cooperate with police but that he didn't. they say there was a short foot chase. suddenly the officer was hit and he was down. i wanted to show you a picture posted on the linkedin page of officer robby chon. they're speaking out against the
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violent attack. >> the people were looking that street. >> reporter: romero own as store in south san francisco. late afternoon he heard a commotion outside. >> i saw exactly when this guy, when the police was chasing him. this guy turn around and hit him with a skateboard in his face. >> this is video from a camera outside. he points out a person on a skateboard and what appears to be a foot chase. shortly after he says the suspect hit the officer. an officer he described as friendly. >> we know him. he used to pass by once in a while, say hi to us. i feel sorry for him, for his family and for all the police department. >> reporter: they say officer robby chon is a 12-year veteran of the department, married with two children. >> he underwent emergency surgery for traumatic head
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injury. >> reporter: the initial call was of a man acting aggressive and irrational. >> this city will not tolerate any violence directed towards its police forces. >> reporter: they arrested luis alberto reyes. and he's facing multiple charges including attempted murder oan police officer. >> when something like this happens it effects every 1 of us. >> reporter: and he took time note the out pouring of support his department has gotten from the community. all right. thank you very much. and black friday turning deadly in nevada after a road rage incident and a confrontation led to a shooting. and all over a parking spot in front of a walmart in reno.
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both had guns, one of the drivers shot and killed the other man. no arrests have been made so far but despite the deadly encounter in the parking lot, the walmart stayed open. and shoppers came out in droves. stores all across the bay area opened this morning and some yesterday afternoon for black friday. elyce kirchner with different kinds of friday deals. a green friday push. what's that? >> reporter: it's a very different twist on black friday. i have to say there are so many shoppers and it's cold. people are out in full force. you take a look over here. you can see the crowds of people. we also found nontraditional retailers here in the east bay all trying to inties shoppers. on the hunt. is you get dragged along by your parents? >> yes.
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>> reporter: black friday shoppers started early. >> we had about 200 people come in. >> reporter: with crowds filling into the streets in downtown walnut creek, a frenzy to find bargains. >> right now i can't find my wife. >> reporter: at the bay street shopping center, smaller crowds but shoppers of all ages came out. what did you get? >> [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: not far from retailers a push to opt out of buying. they say it was built on a sacred native american burial site. >> we come out here every year to keep acknowledging our ancestors that are still buried here. and another twist on black friday. >> people are going to be here every day, black friday or pink tuesday. >> with legalization and the normalization of cannibis, we've
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taken an approach of a bit more traditional retail approach and starting to participate in the same holidays sales. >> reporter: back in walnut creek some are already looking forward to cyber monday. >> i have to find parking. >> reporter: and back here live you can see cars waiting on the street looking for parking. there is not many spots open at this hour and the stores will be staying open late, some as late as 10:00 p.m. this evening. i'm elyce. >> the time to go is at 9:00. early. and you've got to do speed shopping. a lot of traffic around livermore and 580. it's a little bit chilly, especially out towards the east bay. along 680, walnut creek and alamo. close to 50, 47 in lurinda. should see mid-40s tonight.
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increasing clouds will prevent our temperatures from dropping like we had in a few spots. and the winds will be picking up ahead of our weather system that will bring the biggest punch wind and rain wise early saturday morning. the radar should stay that way through 10:00 tonight and there's a wind off shore and even as the skies clear, look at the temperatures tomorrow. only upper 50s. tri-valley up towards vallejo. upper 50s around the peninsula. and into san francisco. it's really just one big microclimate for you. and yes rain at times for our outdoor events. we have ucla in town. tempertures in the low 50s. a better chance of showers at times in the stanford game right into the evening. note this is sunday forecast.
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raider game early afternoon. probably one of the dryer patches we'll see this evening. temperatures in the upper 50s. coming up we'll explain how the cool temperatures could bring snow to the higher peeks in the area. we'll have it for you in the next half hour. well from instagram posts to being featured in vogue, how a san forisko art.
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happening now a gruesome discovery in southern mexico where they found 32 bodies and nine human heads buried in a grave. they found the bodies yesterday where rival gangs are fighting. you can find that story on our home page. and donald trump and team u.s.a. those are the characters showing up in holiday decorations in japan. they usually decorate their homes with characters.
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as we've been showing you shaurpz are hitting stores in a mad hunt for the big gift. and some may hold dreams of a gucci gift. and a artist whose gucci dreams came true in an unusual way. >> reporter: for countless hours artists will toil away hoping
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for that one big break. >> impactexactly like that. >> reporter: but you might say the scenic route. >> i actually studied biology. >> reporter: she was inspired by things like nature and fashion. >> i just love natural forms and animals. >> reporter: even dead ones. >> my taxidermy mouse i taught myself how to do. >> reporter: she started drawing professionally with inspiration from her husband, artist jeremy fish. >> he's so passionate about his work. >> reporter: who also likes fashion. >> reporter: not long ago jade fish started drawing taro cards. >> i love the metaphor and symbolism. i was #sandra mccay lay. >> that's the creative director for the italian line gucci who apparently also looks at instagram. >> reporter: and he saw and was curious if i'd be open to gucci
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acquiring them. >> reporter: gucci bought fish's drawings and this fall they got invited to italy for the gucci fall fashion show. no idea. >> no. >> i was excited, nervous and mostly making sure she didn't explode. >> reporte >> a smoke filled room, dim filled lighting. >> and one by one they started coming down. >> reporter: and that's when the couple saw them. >> clothes go down that had my illustrations plinted on them. >> oh, that's an owl on that and they made patch on that. >> reporter: the same gucci that inspired fish was inspired by her art. >> you get an opportunity this big by literally using a hashtag of a dude's name. it seems impossible. >> like some kind of magical thing has happened to me. >> reporter: maybe these days the shortest distance between
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two points is fine art and a social media account. joe ruzaudo jr., nbc bay area news. >> that's pretty amaezing, right? she will open her first solo show on december 9th in san francisco. coming up, can a cancer diagnoses make your life better? we introduce you to a remarkable young woman living with stage 4 cancer. while she hates her disease, it's actually given her something back. that's next. the search is still on for the two inmates who escaped from the santa clara jail. only now the focus on santa clara and there are still strange twists that have not been solved.
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right now it's a search for these two escaped inmates has shifted from san jose to santa clara. as we've been reporting four inhad main inhi inmated escaped. >> robert handa went out with a search team and you've been posting and tweeting about their progress all night long. >> reporter: one of the things that many peopling were wondering about is how two got caught so easily while the other two disappeared so quickly. although as you've been hearing the search dogs have apparently
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picked up their trail. today they say search dogs picked up the scent of the prisoners. they led searches towards interstate 880 and santa clara. the trail took them to the tazman drive area near levi stadium. they're searching for julio chavez. this is video of chavez when nbc bay area coved a recent court proceeding. and the other inmate is 26-year-old campbell of palo alto. and one of the men captured immediately is 21-year-old desilva of santa clara who we recently showed as one of two men arrested for a violent home invasion in cupertino. >> i want to assure to community that we really are working around the clock.
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it's been an all-hands on deck effort. and we have looked into every public tip and asking for the public's help. >> reporter: the sheriff says along with the search in santa clara, they're still trying to figure out how they cut through the bars of the window and what was used in that and the sheriff says surveillance cameras will now be installed in this area of the the jail. >> we will continue to follow these developments on the manhunt on the air and online. just head to our website,, for the latest news and we posted more pictures of the escapies there. a federal judge says the alleged gunman dillen roof is mentally fit to stand trial. he's accused of gunning down people at historical church last
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year. the judge will not release the transcripts because it might interfere with jury selection. and president elect donald trump has filled two more topped a madministration posts. she's been named the deputy national security advisor. campaign attorney donald mcgone is the choice for white house counsel. tributes continue to pour in today for the actress known as america's mom. flowers were placed on the hollywood walk of fame. she died at the age of 82 from heart failure. she's best known as her role on "the brady bunch." series. anderson was universally remembered as a really nice woman with firm midwestern values. she was the youngest of 10.
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>> she always came to visit when she could and kw even though she lived away all these years, we stayed pretty close touch. >> henderson's tv children mourned her today on social media. she also had four real children who were by her side. a cancer diagnoses is a devastating piece of news but one bay area woman is refusing to threat dev state her life. before she got sick she was a busy sillicon valley ceo working around the clock. now she's living with stage 4 cancer and in some ways has made her life better. >> why didn't i get it? >> reporter: for years ceo and president of the sillicon valley forum worked nonstop creating and supporting all kinds of technology. >> being a person always worked
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so, so hard, had such a career. >> reporter: in 2015 she was busy trying to get pregnant with her new husband when a fertility screening revealed stage 4 cancer. she was 37 years old. >> so when you get stage 4 cancer diagnoses you don't know how many yearess you have. >> reporter: not long after this life long workaholic stopped and says a new chapter of life began. >> the irony now is that i'm living my life more now. >> reporter: it's almost impossible to think of a cancer diagnoses making anyone's life better. but psychiatrist speegal says it can. >> it forces you to realize the trivial and evaluate what really matters the most. >> reporter: he's been studying the psychological effects of cancer. >> one patient says my life has never been the same. >> reporter: barny is the
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epitome of this idea. once a month she takes a trip all over the globe with people she loves. she's determined to live well. >> do i think it's wonderful she's telling a positive story. >> reporter: her oncologist says barny is one of her patients using it to her advantage. >> it almost always changes their out look. >> reporter: barny says don't get her wrong. she's very mad at her disease. >> and i'm really pissed off at cancer. >> reporter: but it's given her something back. >> what's the worst thing that can happen really in life? is that you die or someone near you dies or -- that's the worst thing that can happen and while you're alive, why be dead? >> reporter: she says this is the unwelcomed gift that some cancer patients accept. >> it cures neurosis. you realize some of the things
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you've been wasting on. >> i'm trying to live a life to the fullest. >> she says she'd rather not have cancer but the right response can give permission for people to live better. she's very incredible. >> she does sound incredible and a gift to everyone. not sure about your new black friday purchase? nbc bay area responds with tips if you need to pull off a refund. plus a delay for commercial crab season.
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take a look at this big mess on hollywood 101. a big postal mess here after a postal service employee was driving the big rig lost control of the truck. it flipped over on 101 just before 7:00 in the morning. paramedics rushed the driver to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. no other drivers were involved but they had to close down ramp for seven hours because postal workers are the only one whose can legally pick off mail off the roadway. justices ruled palo alto city counsel illegally put a measure on the ballot which would create binding arbitration. that's commonly used for disputes between fire unions. this week the court says it violated state law. it could ask the state supreme
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court to review the ruling according to the website. no doubt parking -- and they're reporting that a lawsuit has been filed to stop a 300 space parking lot near the popular parking trail. this claims that the park district did not look at alternatives and it could effect the golden eagle paop ylspopula. the commercial crab season was supposed to start december 1st. now they're recommending it be delayed indefinitely. as many as half of the ducngenes samples t s tested over the lim. california health officials say dungeness caught north of the oregon boarder, that did test safe. we're taking a live look
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outside and it is cold. >> it is cold. last couple of mornings we've had temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we're looking at rain, wind, a chance of thunder. what it means when we come back. before you return that unwanted gift learn where to look for your rights. nbc bay area respawns.
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all right on this black friday. we help viewers return
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merchandise and get refunds all year long. not every gift is ideal. >> no. we asked chris chmura to give us ground rules. >> our team has developed expertise in this and you might be surprised to learn that they're not 100% guaranteed by state law. the attorney general's office says they're not required by law to accept returned items unless they're defective. if the return policy contains limitations, the rules must be spelled out at? door, on registers or on tags. a return policy only on a receipt is not sufficient. you can also report them. call your local district attorney or the california attorney general. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. -888-996-tips or visit
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well the winners are. we just announced the winners to our annual grand challenge. three bay area nonprofit organizations will be getting a total of $100,000. hack the hood will get 50,000. it's a 168 hour emrsive boot camp to learn about being an entrepreneur. and hispanic foundation of sillicon valley and finally juma ventures. they help them learn a livable wage while earning their degree. really neat foundation. very deserving of those foundations. man of the hour. when you go out, continue your black friday shopping, you should bring a? >> an umbrella and hang on.
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we're talking about the shopping. if it's rainy and windy, maybe themorning might be your time frame. we'll be watching that and for some spots tomorrow morning. right now no worries if you're outside trying to shop in the cool temperatures in san jose. should not be as cold as we've seen over the last couple of mornings. l low 50s. increasing clouds will keep our temperatures from getting chilly tonight. you can see the golden gate bridge. rain still lurking to the west given the cool temperatures and windy conditions. we have that beach hazard statement for high surf. now extended through 3:00 a.m. sunday. rip currents and sneaker waves on the coast. rain is not on the radar yet but starting to show up in the north bay and look at the effect on
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temperatures tomorrow. upper 50s and mid-50s through the trivalley. even as we see a few sunny breaks during the afternoon. you'll find the same in san francisco. chilly breeze at times out of the northwest and north bay temperatures in the mid-50s. so the time line you'll see as we're tracking two storms for the evening. moving through quickly and given the cold naturer of the storms not bringing a lot of rain. again it's really saturday morning we'll see the potential of wind and rain. and then for the afternoon partly cloudy skies. so improving conditions. we think a break between systems and saturday into sunday. there's the cooler going down the coast. could see a dusting of snow near mt. hamilton and given the cool
6:49 pm
nature of the two storms, isolated thunder a possibility for tomorrow morning and saturday into sunday. this is the time frame. a windy and rainy start. we think the saturday improving conditions by the afternoon. more rain saturday into early sunday and chilly and breezy midafternoon sunday and there you go. a third system by sunday into monday. winter storm warnings could see maybe as much as two feet of snow above 6,000 feet. as the systems are probably the coldest we've seen this far. so you'll be spending more miles driving through the snow as you can see the cool air this weekend. so we'll be looking at widespread wind and rain. more rain saturday into early sunday.
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maybe a few showers towards the middle part of the week but we're looking at really chilly temperatures and we'll have to see if mt. hamilton gets snow posaelk sibly by sunday morning. >> and when it does it's really beautiful. klay thompson has his groove back. coming up next in sports.
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happy friday. i'm mindy balk at the xfinity sports desk and the warriors are
6:53 pm
in los angeles seeking a 10th straight win against a lakers team may beat by 40 points just two days ago. their sharp shooter, klay thompson, he's back. we sat down with klay to find out how he developed his smooth shot. >> you are such a phenomenal shooter. i'm sure kids are wondering when you were growing up, were you a backyard shoot snr. >> there was a middle school down the street from where i lived and they had double rims. so in high school, 18, i would always go down there and shoot every day after i got home from school. because the double rims, it has to be a perfect shot to go in the hoop. tell kids that's how i developed the arc and jumper. you go to the park you miss out on that double rim. >> in new york, when we actually got to play in an indoor gym it
6:54 pm
was like a luxury and the shot went down a lot more. >> it made you better. it's fun being outdoors playing in the heat. playing on the playground in the park. >> do you know about park basketball life? you're from oregon so was there a big culture like that? >> no. we just go to the gym. you would summertime though. i was lucky enough to have a hoop. my dad and my grandpa, mostly my grandpa erected a hoop in our driveway. we were very lucky to have that. mostly my grandpa. 90% gramps, 10% pops. i think he just put the net on or something. >> what is it about the thompson genes. all of you have been proathletes in some way. baseba baseball, your brother probasketball as well.
6:55 pm
>> i think we love sports so much and having two brothers close in age was awesome because we competed and made each other better. play three on three, play football and even when i'm done playing i always have such a passion for sports whether it's table tennis or golf or basketball. i love to compete in something and we've been playing professionally in california. we're so close and we can all see each other play. it's been real nice. >>ers at the sharks. burns and mar low combined for the game winning goal. sharks win 3-2 and win their third straight game on home ice. so we're going to bring you all the highlights from tonight's warriors game at 11:00. even though they destroyed the lakers on wednesday night.
6:56 pm
they've lost their last two at staples. there's some voodo at that place. we'll see you tonight. >> looking forward to it. we'll keep our fingers crossed to make sure the voodo goes away. tonight at 11:00, the day two of searching and still no sign of the two missing inmates. we talk to a family of one of the inmates.. t that story and more at 11:00. evening plans just fine. outside we have clear skies, partly cloudy in san francisco. but you can see the rain on the doorstep. wind and rain for the morning and scattered showers for tomorrow afternoon and cold air, maybe cold enough for snow by early sunday morning. >> i just want to stay home and not shop. >> that's right. i like that idea. >> that's going to do it for us tonight at 6:00. we hope to see you at 11:00.
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our final interview with florence henderson. >> you have to live your life. >> her surprise passing just days after appearing on "dancing with the stars." now on "extra." ♪ ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> she was america's mom on the brady bunch. florence henderson gone at 82. the heart condition she'd been treating for years. >> i wound up in the emergency room. >> and from her tv kids, barry williams and maureen mccormick to her dancing family -- >> i loved her dearly. >> we remember the beloved mrs. brady. the legendary warren beatty on his first film in 15 years and being married


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