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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. wow, everybody! it's our favorite day. it's wines day wednesday and hump day, november 30th. >> yes, it is. >> look at our three hunks. >> every day's wednesday. >> piece of chicken, right? >> come on. >> it's really going to be fun. just -- ours until the lighting of the rockefeller tree, which you know -- >> christmas special, hoed da i part of tonight. >> pouring rain!
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i got galoshes and we are ready. >> and drink and eat and be merry today. a band of merry makers. >> mark mcgrath and all kinds of is a leps. look closely. oh, my gosh is that lisa -- oh, my, is that the guy from -- anyway, they're all there. mark's playing a game of "who knew?" with us. >> somehow we let jill martin talk us into getting into a bathtub? >> did we? >> yes. revealing best skin-care products. >> been awesome. >> so affordable. >> drug store brands frchlts you're in search of a wonderful recipe, award-winning chef michel nischan is in the kitchen. >> the only man i don't -- >> rubbing a raw chicken in your face is also good for your complexion. >> is that what he said? >> if you kiss somebody they get salmonella. >> do you recognize those two brothers? you, two, i didn't realize how
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big you were. i knew you were huge -- >> they're huge. i'm 6'2" and they're taller than me. >> we were in new orleans together, and -- >> of course you were. >> and new orleans fell in love with these two guys. like one of those moments, but there were two different kitchen re-dos happening and drew and jonathan will talk a little about that, and we're also going to see if we can pick between very high-end cabinetry and the lower priced kind to see if we can guess. >> i used to be able to. these days, they do it incredibly well. >> right. >> and that's the -- can't tell the difference with a lot of it. pay for the name or have something that's great but still cost effective. i do everything well, just so you know that. >> mostly hair. >> turn to the side. >> he's going -- >> i love that he did it. >> shorter, and look like me. better looking. >> all right. so we're -- this is our wine bot today, guys. two kitchens were, these two brothers finished. first up is drew's kitchen.
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all right. take a look. this is drew's kitchen. all right? >> ooh, i like that. >> the next one, you're going to be voting. so look. the next one's jonathan's kitchen. okay? >> so one more time, please? >> drew's kitchen is klg and hoda/drew. jonathan's kitchen, klg and hoda/jonathan. >> for drew, a foot massage. >> michel should vote, too. >> and do it on facebook or twitter, under the wine bot. >> we won't know until tomorrow, right? >> you guys, when -- >> tonight is the show? >> tonight? >> that is our thing. >> do you want me to tell who won? >> you are not allowed to tell anybody. security! >> remember, do you want me to say? >> we know how much wine you took -- can't remember. >> you can eat chicken and dumplings later. >> oh, yes. >> drew, by the way, is the red wine, in case you were curious,
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and look at at white wine. >> like that. looks good. >> drew's already alreadhead al. come on. >> can i take a little bit of this, a little bit of the broth? >> guys, time for "words of wisdom," please. settle down. >> here we go. i think the best vacation is the one that relieves me of my own life for a while, and then makes me long for it again. and -- >> i think that's magic. brilliant. >> isn't that nice? >> yeah. or -- makes you realize how much you hate your real life and want to change. >> or that option. that's also there. all right. >> and that -- sometimes -- >> yeah. done with your vacation and think, oh, my gosh, i've got to go back. >> change my life. >> it's happened. >> we changed our life a little yesterday. we went and had a great lunch at our friends, the scottos at fresco on east 52nd street. matt was our host. >> yes. >> only one missing was -- >> carson. >> very busy out in l.a.
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we had the best, best time. thanks to anthony and mary and all the scottos. >> wondered if dylan and savannah were going to give birth right at the table. >> bow, did they -- spaghetti and meatballs. big day, everybody. this is the day, my great nephew shecky turns 2. in honor of shecky turning 2 i want to show you some -- no. he's not in the kitchen. >> we're applauding. >> i'm shecky. i'm 2 years old. >> i live for this kid. he is the funniest kid live. we're going to show pictures? oh, there. ♪ happy birthday to you >> he knows it's out of tune. ♪ happy birthday to you >> oh! [ laughter ] >> whoa! >> he is the most precious. so, and i want to wish his grandfather, bill a happy 80th birthday tomorrow. >> oh, tomorrow. wow. >> turning 80 tomorrow.
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>> and alicia keys son, you wonder if he'll catch on, musical talent, that swizz beatz has? original song called "superboy." ♪ i am the super boy, super boy ♪ i'm a super boy ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i am the super boy >> that kid's going to have his own deal, his own recording deal by the time he's 6, and he's not
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even looking, i know. looking right at the camera. >> intensity. wow. >> his dad. >> it's in his dna. >> his dad #hardwork. and dedication. good for him. >> that's great. harry connick jr. we knew could play the peen oh sing and entertain, yesterday showed off another skill on instagram and watch what happens when you combine harry connick jr. with stale bread. calls is the toast toss. do you believe this? >> he throws -- stale bread into the toaster. look. let's watch. we look, and, in a cubicle, # -- go, go, okay, watch, watch, and go! >> how does he do that? >> how is he doing it? >> #toasttoss. and he goes somewhere else. just keeps doing it. is this for real? >> that's a long way. >> watch, watch, watch, watch. don't cut away. don't cut away. >> i'm sorry. that is unbelievable. >> okay.
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we're going to see who can do it. all right? bring out the toaster. >> toast toss. >> in full disclosure you guys, we didn't have any stale toast, because this is -- "today," but we have some lightly toasted. >> come here, brothers. come here, brothers. get behind us. i want to see if it's really possible. >> and this isn't -- >> stale enough. you have to do exactly. let the brothers try. >> the technique, everyone knows it's the under spin so that it goes into the -- oh, that was a practice, practice. >> uh-huh. >> oh! >> all right. >> sorry. >> that's right. >> okay. watch this? >> oh! >> okay. ready? >> it's all in the wrist. >> can we have the bread back? >> hoda, do it. do it, hoda. >> i'm going to do it, right now. back spin. back spin. >> this is the over -- >> oh, my gosh! [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, harry connick jr.! >> he beats me again. >> hold on, in -- bread drop. that's it. >> oh, my god! that was awesome. >> excellente. all right, now, a quick
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shout-out to guys, they're all here next week and we need your questions for them to tackle. you'll never really get them answered in any positive way, but it will be funny. almost -- any questions or issues how to handle your partner during the holidays? >> we want to know. go to our website and 134submit your questions. >> and we brought you yesterday, the story of a mom, of 16, started a program called "american gold star christmas." souci welch did it for us. a beautiful, beautiful story. allows those to post what they need help make christmas a little better for kids. almost 300 children on the list. by yesterday afternoon, every single one of those children were sponsored. >> that's so -- because of you guys. thank you, guys, for -- >> sharing your kindness. >> on giving day. >> yeah it was. >> i'm sure you all feel great about that.
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find more information on the believe with me gold star program on kathie lee and >> and everybody affected by the fire, 15,000 areas in the area of the great smoky mountains. so beautiful. >> hundreds of homes and businesses damaged. or destroyed. >> and destroyed. >> more than 5,000 people in she shelters this morning and dollywood theme park and the dream resort mostly spared and providing, as good neighbors do, a place for firefighters and first responders to eat and speak. >> dolly parton made a statement saying she was heartbroken and praying for all the families. >> her movie airs tonight. i'm sure promoting it everywhere. you can't be there and take care of your friends and family. >> yeah. >> god bless them all. >> okay. do you want to re-do your kitchen in time for christmas? >> can it be done that quickly? >> wait. who's -- oh.
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there they are. the scott brothers. showing you how to have great everything, plus the kitchen sink, and save some money while you're at it. >> the wine challenge? i'd like to point out -- >> hey, it's a bad angle. you know? we have to move it, but -- >> wait. no, no. i got one next to it. hey, people, people! >> yes, y the honey in honey nut cheerios likes to take its sweet time.
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. they became huge tv stars as the property brothers and now jonathan and scott are branching out with another home makeover show. it's called. >> brothers take new orleans. >> they try to increase the property value. >> great job. they tackle a new space and in this episode, hoda happens to stop by to see the kitchens that they have already renovated. you're not allowed to tell us
10:15 am
with whose kitchen you picked. >> it's showing what the people -- no, now it's getting closer. since to want's episode is about kitchens, they're here to show you money about the upgrades. hello kid. >> why did i not just think of that. her nickname was wine box. everybody says i love what i see on the show, and i cannot afford it and magazines show the expensive pictures. it's like why don't we have a game. we're going to show you all of these things and you indicate high or low. you indicate what's the expensive version and not. here we have two cabinets side by side. one of these cabinets is expensive, and one of these -- >> are we allowed to touch it. >> it's scratch and sniff. >> think what is the expensive one.
10:16 am
okay. >> what's the answer? >> the answer is the far one is the more expensive one and that one is $1,100 and this one is $220. >> what? >> so one for you. >> the quality today is like anything before. >> you can tell by feeling. >> grab the cards. kitchen hardware. these two polls here. which is the more expensive one and cost affective? >> which is it? >> the hardware poles. >> i think i'm going say the same thing. it has more stuff on it. >> okay. i love how what do we do. >> you're correct. the one on the left is $27 and the one on the left is $2. >> you cannot tell. >> you save tons of money. >> that's the thing. people do not think of the little pieces. hardware in the kitchen -- you
10:17 am
may have 20 or 30 poles. >> by the end of the game we will get this figured out. which one is the expensive one. >> boom. >> it's like a zoolander. >> boom. boom. >> you know what, you're correct. size does not always mean bad. >> size does not matter. >> it's more expensive here and this is $216. >> by the way beyond the savings. >> we have a minute, we have to go. think. think. >> you have to think faster. which is the most expensive high end sink? >> boom! >> you are correct. h o hoda is wrong. she is used to it. $250. >> this one is more expensive. >> this fassett is more expensive. >> you can tell by the weight of it. >> look above the head. >> over here. this is an easy one.
10:18 am
tiles. which is high and which is low. subway tile. everybody loves it. >> this one i cannot tell. >> i definitely can. >> this is high. hoda is not good at this. >> tie breaker. tie breaker. >> tie breaker. which is high and which is is low? >> this is impossible. >> which is high and which is low for the dishes? >> i think hoda is high. >> you were pointing at the high. >> you were? >> high over here and $403. >> i prefer those too. >> i think in the future we're only going do this with you at home because -- you're good at this. >> hoda is pretty. >> you are too. yes. yes. before we have -- >> one of us is old, which one is it? >> the brothers take new orleans is tonight on hg tv at 9:00. >> with the property sister hoda
10:19 am
in the house. >> yeah. >> tune in to see which kitchen hoda chooses. for the last time what do the viewers think. >> for the final one on the wine box looks like it's drew. >> the real judging happens to want, so watch tonight. >> okay. thanks everybody. we found the cream of the crop when it comes to skin care products. >> yeah, you can get them at the local drugstores. yeah, and a home cooked meal on this cold wintery day. we can steal these dishes. >> i like these. do you not like these? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i was born a dreamer...
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coming over for dinner can be stressful. not when you have recipes of some of the best chefs in the world. >> our chef is -- >> all: michel nischan. >> a great idea. helps create a sustainable food system. also one of the chefs at last summer's greenwich wine and food festival. >> kathie asked what he would cook for her if she was coming to his house for dinner and what did you choose? >> right. >> i chose my mother's chicken and dumplings. >> you love your mom. >> i love my mom. amazing when we were growing up, we didn't always have a lot of money as a family, but she would put this meal on the table, and we felt like kings. >> ah. isn't that lovely? >> and little princesses and
10:23 am
pr princes, and my mom would take the chicken and dumplings, like fall vegetables, put that on the table. >> and we had a garden. grew our own. so even though we were struggling financially we could always put good food on the table. >> she raised a beautiful man. >> oh, thank you. >> you're a sweetheart. >> well, thanks. anyway, we'll kind of get started. so we have, just like a three-pound chick 23rfrom a groy store. i like to save all the -- nch >> giblibs. >> and that's the stuff she liked. please. awesome. >> chicken stock. >> look, hodi's cooking! >> nice. awesome. let it ring. that's for the gods, for the gots! all good, man, all good. >> everyone got one? >> chicken stock. if we got wet, we're delicious. what we do is, kind of bring it to a simmer for about, you know, for about ten minutes or so and then you can see you get a
10:24 am
little bit of stuff, you want to skim a little bit. once you get it nice and skimmed, a little onions and carrots to give it a good chicken broth stock soup quality flavor. and here is the chicken when it's finished. and -- here, what you want to do is just kind of -- >> tear it apart. >> yeah. >> got about a -- >> dmo. why don't you -- come on back. >> you tear it apart. >> so you tear it apart, you know, and here you have, you know, salt, pepper. a little bit of flour and then you have some chicken stock. some chicken fat and egg. it's kind of like schmaltz, give this a little bit of a whisk and then you kind of like mix the two together to get a loose dough, which is right here. >> making it. >> which you cut. >> yeah. >> with some chicken. >> like this. into dumplings. >> kath, you want to try? >> and put them in here, like this. and the great thing about this dish is that it's really, really inexpectsive and it's rich. >> i was just going to say. so affordable.
10:25 am
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that's why i eat amaz!n prunes now. they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruit. details about the recapture of one of two inmates who escaped fr s happening now, authorities are reviewing new details about the recapture of one of two inmates escaped. ron campbell was arrested in antioch at his sister's house.
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a live report on the noon day news. the show was canceled. it is the third death linked to cirque du soleil since 2007. a teen accused of sexually assaulting a girl on school campus after a football game in the last few weeks. follow that story on we'll take a lock at weather and traffic coming up. trt: 30
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=trx at ck= ck traffic maps we're looking at some cloudy skies all across the bay area. a little bit of spotty, light rain. for the most part we'll see the clouds hanging around and highs reaching the upper 50s. there may still be some light rain even as we go into the early afternoon. a high of 57 in san francisco and 59 in the north bay. peeks of sunshine as well. much clearer and drier weather in the forecast for the next several days. and also warmer in time for the weekend. mike, what's happening on the roadways? >> we're seeing a nice, smooth flow of traffic for almost all of the bay. a little snag, there was a crash reported in palo alto. i don't see problems on our maps. a smooth flow now. southbound 280 right at winchester a quick traffic -- some debris in the roadway. a friend got caught in the
10:30 am
backup. all lanes are clear. slowing north 85 as well as that crash i told you. no slowing through pay loe lo a. bay bridge has a minor backup. back to you. thank you very much. we have an update on all of those breaking news stories we're following for you at 11:00. wines day wednesday. and playing "who knew?." tonight is the 84th rockefeller christmas lighting night. get you into the christmas spirit, trivia. kathie lee is across the street ready to hand out $100 to those who get the answers right. those who don't are still oners. what they get -- one of kathie lee's cds. sheer the lead singer of sugar ray, member of the band of merrymakers, mark mcgrath. >> good morning, hoda. how are you? >> and perform for us later in the show? >> of course we're going to perform. that's what we do. >> we are excited. we love the outfit. >> let's go. >> across the street.
10:31 am
>> lovely lady from chicago. i feel bad because i'm standing in front of a tiny little lady from someplace else and i'm going to reach over to you. okay. here it is. see what you've done? all right. the rockefeller center christmas tree has been featured in all of the following movie s except, home alone 2, elf or christmasry the cranks. >> c. >> she was correct. >> it's not the holiday season until you see "elf" not in my house, anyway. >> excited about the christmas tree lighting? >> are you kidding? one of the hottest things here. >> totally agree. kathie lee? >> lovely lady from north carolina. finishes lyric to this classic christmas carol, please. ♪ you will get a sentimental feeling ♪ when you hear ♪ voices singing --
10:32 am
>>♪ be jolly deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ >> awesome. >> another merrymaker there. >> by the way, what's one of the favorite shoongs you and the merrymakers sing? >> so many. if i picked one, "snow, snow, snow." all the clafcssics. sold 25 million copies, byes way. >> kath, over to you. which artist does not have one of the top five most downloaded holiday songs. xplicted. mariah carey, justin bieber or wham. >> we'll say, b., justin bieber. >> the crowd is turning on you. oh. >> that's all right. he gets a kathie lee cd! >> yeah! >> so the correct answer is --
10:33 am
"wham." >> "last christmas." great song. >> i don't remember that. ♪ last christmas >> oh! ♪ i gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away ♪ >> that's a great song! cranking it. kath, over to you. >> from -- >> michigan. >> michigan. every whodown in whoville liked christmas a lot. but the grinch. who lived just north of whoville? he did not. why? a, never got presents, b, heart two sizes two small or c, his pants were too tight? >> b. >> yep! [ cheers and applause ] >> love it. >> that is -- by the way "the grinch" another holiday classic. yeah. >> nbc airing it's 50th anniversary this year, hoda. >> of "the grinch." >> of course. >> watch these anywhere. something about watching it that night makes it special. >> cozy, warm and fuzzy.
10:34 am
>> all right. one more, kath. >> this lady's from florida. oh, shoot. the last one. so sorry. here you go. this year the rockefeller christmas tree is from new york, onianta. what's the city's nickname? >> city of the stars, b. >> oh. >> it was c. it was c, yeah. >> that's all right. >> city -- of the hills. >> city of the hills. onianta. >> okay. >> mark, you're back in a couple minutes with fellow merrymakers singing a fun holiday tune. guys, we're so happy to have them in the studio today. and treat yourself to a spa day every day with award-winning products coming up after this.
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we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. we brought you the best in hair and makeup and now on this final day of our second annual beauty awards it's all about the skin care. >> yeah. we teamed up -- with "people" magazine to bring you the best of the best in beauty. hundreds of drug store products, tried and tested by "today" and people staffer. now it's time to reveal the winners while we soak it up -- >> all: in the suds.
10:40 am
>> leading the way, "today" contributor jill martin, "people" style and beauty director andrea lavinthal. hello, ladies. >> hello, in the jacuzzi. >> so comfy. >> glamorous morning but our final day. >> oh, what? >> super excited. it's all skin today. how to get your skin revitalized. >> the first product? >> okay. we're going to start with simple. our little cabinet here. this is hydrating cleansing oil. this is to get your makeup off at night. you put it on dry skin. >> calmed simpled simple. >> i like this brand. >> really got everything off and left your skin moisturized. >> you said every day? >> every day. >> love it. >> leaves skin beautiful. next? >> next is our winning exfoliating cleanser. uses baking soda. great if you have a little oily skin. leavesores nice and clean but not feeling tight. >> baking soda, like vinegar.
10:41 am
>> so good. >> it's a little scent but lovely. cleanses your skin. no tightness. >> i like a scent. i don't like it unscented. >> okay. >> all right. what's next? >> okay, hodi. >> day cream. talking yesterday about how great sometimes it is to use drug store products and not expensive products and how well they work. this, our tester said, really works. it really works. this is spf 30 for check, neck and face. a lot of women avoid putting cream, not even avoid, forget, on their neck and chest. and really shows aging. >> a good one. >> our tester said this really moisturized and made them feel good and refreshed. >> seems like a much more expensive. >> and smells so good. >> a good texture to it. >> roc. >> i like it. >> next? >> ladies, no excuse not to wear sunscreen, thanks to -- >> hoda! >> spf 60. 60! >> 60? >> oil-free, it's clear.
10:42 am
>> just stay in the house. [ laughter ] >> yeah, right? >> i know it's a big deal. >> it's not greasy. it goes on completely light. won't mess up your makeup. no excuse. >> oh, yeah. okay. >> got to wear sunscreen. >> a good one. >> you going to use it, hoda? >> yeah. a har. >> avino restorative night cream. the tester said this was so great, because they woke up, and went to sleep feeling totally refreshed and moisturized. you see how moisturizing it feels. >> put it on me? >> i've got it -- >> all on my -- >> star ingredient, blackberry. >> like butter. >> silky! >> oh, smells -- ooh, i love a scent. >> i like that. >> like that. >> love t. all cost under what, ladies? >> so affordable. the most expensive, like $24.99. $25, we'll say. >> is that all? >> not even close.
10:43 am
guy, looks like a basic bar soap. dove dry oil beauty bar, no basic. the most luxurious bar soap. smell it. like an expensive perfume, right? it's creamy in your hand. you lather it, the lather is so rich and creamy. >> look at the bad goin band gou want to get in, don't you? >> smell this. after you use it. two more left. wet skin moisturizer. i've been using this. a lot of people forget to moisturize when you get out of the shower and are wet. put it on. don't have to towel dry or anything. absorbs right into your skin and really works. >> the last product? >> sally hansen airbrush sun, not streaky, doesn't smell. leaves you bronzed and beautiful. >> are you sure it doesn't smell like fritos? >> we have before and after. my pal dl haid half her body. look at the difference. not streaky. >> shop these items,
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daddy!! did you get my surprise? ♪ it's the little things that make life rich. ritz.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. no matter how hard we try, they refuse to leave the building! [ laughter ] >> talking about the talented singers and musicians, band of merrymakers. >> lingering around the studio for hours. we are so, so happy you stayed with us. about to sing a song off their album -- >> all: "welcome to our christmas party." >> around you five seconds you realize it is a party. huh, kevin? >> so much merriment with band of merrymakers.
10:50 am
intoxicated and contagious's in the midst of a whirlwind tour. tomorrow night, b.b. king's here in new york city. december 15th, world famous trib dohr in los angeles, california. >> fantastic. >> what are you going to sing for us? >> we're going to sing "holiday in l.a." >> in new york! >> you like that? >> band of merrymakers! ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh, holiday in l.a. ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh ♪ oh, oh, oh-oh, holiday in l.a. ♪ the sun is rising on the pch, there ain't a cloud in the sky ♪ candy canes are hanging red and white from the hollywood sign ♪
10:51 am
where every day ap movie, more wishes come true ♪ the sun on our face can burn up the sleighs, cruising down the freeway ♪ ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ but it's a holiday in l.a., oh-oh ♪ in l.a., it's a holiday in l.a. ♪ ♪ and the sun never sets until we celebrate a holiday in l.a. ♪ oh-oh, a holiday in l.a. ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ the lords of leaping down on venice beach ♪ there ain't a cloud in the sky jack frost nipping at his nose, melts them every time ♪ and singing with brian wilson, mistletoe in the dew ♪ and gingerbread, ooh-ooh,
10:52 am
ooh-ooh ♪ well, it's a holiday, oh-oh in l.a. ♪ it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. ♪ when the sun never sets and we celebrate a holiday in l.a. ♪ oh-oh, a holiday in l.a. ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, whew ♪ never raining, everybody's singing when you get that feeling ♪ then you'll know ♪ it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. ♪ it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. where the sun never sets ♪ and we always celebrate ♪ a holiday in l.a. ♪ holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. ♪
10:53 am
it's a holiday, oh-oh, in l.a. where the sun never sets and it's something we celebrate ♪ a holiday in l.a. ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ 0 holiday in l.a. snow oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ 0 holiday in l.a., oh-oh, oh-oh 0 holiday in l.a., oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ a holiday in l.a. ♪ >> yes! [ applause ] that was awesome! >> band of merrymakers. >> y'all were great. thank you so much. you were awesome. so fun! y'all are such fun. >> all righty. >> thank you, guys. >> merrymaking isn't over yet. >> it isn't? >> no! >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> what hoda said.
10:54 am
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it's our 23rd annual toy drive. what about day three? >> about to find out who today's generous donor is. drum roll, please. >> it is -- >> all: learning resources senior project manager tom. >> happy holidays. >> hi, tom. >> i come bearing gifts. >> what you do you in? >> $185,000 worth of them. >> translates to 12,000 individual educational toys and games in the hands of underprivileged children. >> so great. >> kids learn as they play, which is -- which -- sorry. >> wow! >> that is what we are all about. learn as you play. >> great because you play and learn at the same time. >> right. what especially this, part of our donation. this is a robot, education learning mouse. what you can do, introduce early coding skills, coding the language of the 21st essentially, what kids are learning, and this is great for them. >> tom, thanks for everything. >> tomorrow, celebrity right now at 11: two breaking
10:58 am
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stories-- first... nancy pelosi is not losing her leadership post . right now at 11:00, two breaking stories. first, nancy pelosi is not losing her leadership post. she was just reelected as the u.s. house democratic minority leader despite some disenchantment from those within her party. why on more this was not a resounding stamp of approval next. more breaking news. this a story we've been following for nearly a week. one of two fugitives who escaped from jail is in custody, a woman in his family, the woman on the right, is suspected of hiding him in her contra costa county home. >> we've had new developments all week and this morning through our twitter feed and mobile push alert. good morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez. this is laron


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