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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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"no longer on the run" -- a second fugitive is back in custody this morning. . no longer on the run. a second fugitive is back in custody this morning. he was caught last night following a local tip and a flurry of s.w.a.t. activity. "today in the bay" starts right now. zbr thanks for joining us on this thursday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll have more on the arrest of rogelio chavez in just a moment. first let's get a check of your weather this morning. >> cold again this morning. i feel like a broken record. as we will continue on with this kind of weather over the next several days, as you get up, make sure you're having the heater on full blast. here is a beautiful shot of san francisco this morning. it looks so colorful. even though we have a lot of clouds overhead and once again some chilly temperatures, 46
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degrees there. mid 30s in napa and then head down toward morgan hill with 45 degrees. into the next couple days, we'll get a little warming. i'll detail that coming up. heading to the tri-valley now with mike. >> not a lot going on, kari, we have a smooth flow of traffic. a little fog registers in patches for livermore, although our live cameras don't see that, we'll note that for the system. talking about a sign of what the traffic will be like. it looks like it's going to be light this week. we're looking at a sign in the roadway from an overnight accident at the dublin interchange. we have no delays, no problems. we have construction at vallecitos and isabel. that's a slow point as always. we just learned within the last few minutes a standoff in tacoma washington has ended. a man who killed a tacoma police officer is dead after being shot by police. that suspect barricaded himself
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into side a home with two kids inside for hours before police killed him. those kids were rescued and we're told they're doing okay. that standoff all started because the suspect shot an officer several times last night and that officer later died at the hospital. this is the first officer to die in the line of duty in tacoma since 1997. >> back at home now and back in handcuffs, both inmates who escaped from the santa clara county main jail are now in police custody. the second fugitive, rogelio chavez, was nabbed last night at a friend's house in san jose. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell has more on what led authorities to that inmate and to that house in particular, bob. >> reporter: good morning, kris and sam. you might recall yesterday morning during the news conference the sheriff's office said they were highly confident they would be able to recapture rogelio chavez. that was about 9:30.
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about three hours later, law enforcement had this four-plex surrounded. a tip led deputies to this home that happened to belong to a friend of the escaped inmate. it turns out chavez was en side. at one point according to the sheriff's office, hiding inside the attic. when law enforcement entered the home, chavez was found inside a room, was compliant. at 8:25 led outside in handcuffs, ending what had been a search-day search for him. >> thank the en credible team of sheriff's office detectives working around the clock on this arrest and the capture of the two fugitives and captured within a week. they've left no stone unturned and many, many sleepless nights. >> reporter: the sheriff's office also took i represented custody carla fernandez, the friend of chavez who lived in the home. she faces charges of accessory,
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resisting arrest and obstructing an investigation. deputies also found a gun inside that four-plex. on tuesday night, u.s. marshals escaped laron campbell after a tip led him to his sister's home in anti only. he hid in the attic but crashed through the ceiling. his sister also under arrest. when campbell and chavez escaped last week of the main jail in downtown san jose behind me, the sheriff's office believe both men went their separate ways. they're back in jail this morning, this time in the maximum security section. in san jose, bob redell for "today in the bay." authorities investigating a deadly head-on crash last night, about 8:30 on buchanan road at pittsburg and meadows avenue.
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investigators say a woman's car drifted into on coming traffic and the other driver did not suffer major injuries. commute chaos on eastbound 580 in oakland where a man and woman were shot near the fruitvale exit. it happened around 3:00 in the afternoon. eastbound traffic, you can see, it was slow and shut down for hours. officers combed that roadway for evidence, but so far police say the victim's car was the only one hit with bullets. despite that hail of bullets, police say they're expected to be okay. no word on any suspects. a new development in last year's berkeley fatal balcony collapse. six people were killed when that balcony gave way. the contractor state license board is moving to suspend or
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permanently does. if segue fails to respond within 15 days, it will for get its license. "the examiner" reports the san francisco planning commission is meeting to figure out how to keep the sapd from eroding. higher sea levels rising causes more erosion there. some of's beach actually sits below sea level. police are picking up patrols in the area near laviolette reservoir after a mountain lion sighting. they're advising people who live in the area to keep a closer eye on the pets, maybe a shorter leash. in the meantime in one san francisco community neighbors have reportedly been feeding a coyote and the humane society is telling them to stop. according to the blog, because people have been giving her food, she's running toward cars
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and chasing after garbage thrown from vehicles and losing her natural fear of humans and has been witnessed approaching people likely for more food. the humane soes side says human food is bad for the kay oh tea. >> don't try to domesticate the coyote. up next, trying to keep warm overnight. shelter services expanding as these temps dip, kari. >> it will be cold for the next several mornings. getting ready for even colder air but it will be nice this afternoon with highs reaching upper 50s to lower 60s. we did see the fog register in patches through livermore. i expanded our camera view. dublin sees low clouds. not a problem for the drivers on 580 though. an elite high school turned crime scene.
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the sex crime allegations against a football player the night of a varsity game.
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good thursday morning. the time is 4:40. as you head out this morning, it is chilly once again. here is a live look outside in san jose and in loss gat toegs. it will be 48 degrees at 9:00. reaching the upper 50s. slightly cooler than average. into the weekend it will warm up before a big cooldown. more on that coming up in about
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five minutes. we're looking at times in the tri-valley. a smooth flow in the east bay shows a smooth drive as well as 580 and the bay bridge. the brajs themselves, no delays. mike, thank you very much. a followup now. we have new details regarding a triple shooting investigation in union city. police released the mug shots of three men arrested. that shooting happened monday night at union landing during what police say was a prearranged drug deal. that's what the catalyst was here. during that transaction, the three suspects opened fire killing a man and injuring two other people. the suspects took off. thanks to a witness description of the getaway car, police were able to quickly get there and arrest those men a short time later. two of the most well-known high schools in the bay area have troubling charges swirling around them this morning. a 15-year-old football player at dela salle high school is charged with sexually assaulting
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a student. police say sometime after the dela salle varsity team won the game, a member of the freshman football team sexually assaulted that 15-year-old girl. and it allegedly happened on the de la salle campus heil the suspect and the victim were attending the game. up next, deadly fires ravaging tennessee, still with flames coming near dolly parton's theme park. the message and the way the country singer is hoping to help the fire victims there.
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in tennessee where wildfires ravaged two popular resort towns-- nowuc the death toll continues to rise in tennessee where wildfires ravaged two popular resort towns and they're now reduced to rubble. at least seven people are known dead near gatlinburg and pigeon forge. more than 400 structures are gone or damaged. firefighters are working quickly to get those burned out areas obstructed by trees and fire lines opened up again. >> i know it's been a trying time for my people, and this assistance will help. beginning friday, you can join our efforts to recover from these deadly fires by visiting i hope you'll soon visit our tennessee mountains and experience the tennessee spirit. >> 70-year-old dolly parton is
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from tennessee and is pledging to donate $1,000 per moat for six months for each family who lost their home in the wildfi wildfires. >> we've been to gatlinburg before and talked about it. it's an interesting place. all these museums and restaurants and smoky mountains, one of the most beautiful landscapes i've ever seen. >> one of the most visited national parks in the entire country. a lot of people touched by that. we'll continue to watch that situation. >> here at home, it is all about the chill. it's been so cool. a live look at side at san francisco once again. a nice and quiet morning with mostly cloudy skies. it's drying out. 46 degrees with a high today expected to reach 58 degrees. and looking at all of our microclimates and where we be
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bin in the tri-valley, watching patchy fog. only 39 degrees. it's 37 degrees in the north bay and 49 degrees once again in san francisco, highs in the peninsula reaching 59 with mostly sunny skies. up to 62 in the north bay. it will shape up to be a very nice one. over the next ten days we keep the cold mornings and mild afternoons. as we go into early next week, there will be a front dropping in that may bring us spotty showers between monday and tuesday. we will have some very cold air, in fact the coldest air we've had so far this season, dropping in. by the end of the week, more significant chance of rain that may carry into the first part of the weekend. looking farther down the lien. in the near term in san francisco, a mix of sun and clouds today. a high of 58 degrees. 60 tomorrow and then this weekend, once you get outdoors in the inland areas, it will be in the mid 60s, a mix of sun and clouds and it will start to see
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the clouds moving in, mid 50s next week for the high and morning temperatures will be dropping down into the 30s. we could even have some freezing temperatures and that cold air will be with us for that first whole week of december. so it is looking like a very cold start. heading over to mike now, expecting an easier drive overall. >> we're beginning the end of the year slide. it usually starts about the third week of november. a lighter flow of traffic. when people are traveling at a higher rate of speed, sometimes we can get a bigger crash. we'll see that. so far nothing big. that's good news for the south bay and peninsula. livermore, a little low clouds and fog registering. our cub lynn camera shows low clouds creeping in. we can't see the clouds past el char row. we can't even see the lights. that will be an issue for the camera. close to the speed limit. visibility on the roads okay. back to your travel times and your transit systems.
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no delays here except for the reroute, 61 and 65 for the vta. construction in san jose, but no delays for the freeways. thank you, mike. we're expecting to learn when shows will resume for cirque du soleil performances after a worker died on the job. we now know who that was. it was this man, olivia rue sget, the son of the co-founder of the show of a being struck by a work platform right before the show. he was rushed to the hospital and that's where he died. the world famous show is in the parking lot of at&t park. >> all the checks and tests they need to do with safety equipment and conditions in the workplace on a regular basis to make sure equipment is functioning properly. >> his death marks the fourth for cirque du soleil since 2009. an unusual item stolen from the kbrard of a sonoma county home. petaluma police say a totem poll was nabbed from the front yard
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of a home on'd digtd street. that totem poll is about six feet tall is estimated to be worth about $2,000. the owner says it was hand crafted in 1996 to mark her father's grave site. a lot of sentimental value. it's since been moved to her house. >> looks heavy, too. a scientific breakthrough when it comes to chocolate. >> all ears on that. i'm happy to do the testing. for that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. good morning, sam and chris. great news for us chocoholics. first a quick check of the market. wall street could start december by treading water today. the dow coming off its best month since march. the nasdaq and s andp 500 since july. oil prices are flat holding above that 49 bucks a barrel after they surged nearly 10% yesterday as opec members struck a deal to cut production for the first time since 2008.
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look for data today on unemployment and manufacturing. the dow inching up nearly two points yesterday to 19,123, the nasdaq falling 56 to 5323. nestle says it made a scientific break tlup that could reduce the level of sugar in its candy by 40%. using natural ingredients the company can change the structure of sugar to less can be used in chocolate without affecting the taste. necessaristle will start using 2018. more than 100 million in stocks donated. sandberg lost her husband last year in a treadmill accident while they were vacationing in mexico. her donation follows the decision by facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife to give $3 billion away over their lifetime to plans to cure, prevent or manage disease.
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sam and kris, back over to you. >> quite the life. thank you very much, landon. some good news for you. netflix is going to let you download movies and shows to watch when you are off-line. that means your flight just got a little better. users can get content for their mobile devices at no extra cost. the goal is to keep people on the netflix app even when their signal is spotty. the new feature is available for all android and ios devices. up next, kris, it is world aids day today. the touching memorial thousands attended to remember those killed by the deadly disease. first, happening right now, protecting our waters on our facebook page. how bay area kids are pulling out all the stops including ghost buster uniforms to get other kids engaged in ocean conservation. drones are coming to a store near you. on our home page why star wars enthusiasts will love these drones. back in two minutes.
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let's end this. reportedly in the works .. to assist bay area 4:55 now. a new micro loan program is in the works to help bay area nail salons that hope to achieve healthy status. the "east bay times" reports the bay area asian health services is in line to receive a $120,000 grant from the environmental protection agency. the money will be used to pilot an interest-free loan program that allows salons to purchase nail products that do not use toxic ingredients. even before the trump administration takes over, the university of california is taking a stand against changes to federal immigration policy.
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janet napolitano issued a statement yesterday saying the university system is not going to cooperate with other agencies to enforce federal immigration laws. she also laid out a number of steps the uc system is taking to protect undocumented students. as we mentioned today, world aids day, time to remember the 35 million people who have died from that disease worldwide. >> in san francisco last night, close to 1,000 people gathered for a remembranceality a fund-raiser at the national aids memorial in golden gate park. some people placed candles on the names of loved ones who died of aids. >> i feel his presence. he is with me all the time, but here i feel him around me, and he is happy where he is now. >> that event raised $400,000 for the aids memorial. later today there will be a ceremony at the memorial in honor of world aids day today. approximately 700,000 americans have died of aids.
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up next. kari hall, starting off chilly again. >> very chilly, sam. good morning. visibility dropped to a quarter mile in livermore and also some patchy fog around napa. here is a look at those temperatures. we'll talk more about this and i'll let you know if it warms upcoming up in a few minutes. a crisp, clear drive for palo alto. 101 not a problem on the innocence. i have an issue a little further on the coast. back in custody, both escaped inmates are back in jail after breaking out nearly a week ago today. the place they found the last fugitive.
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fugitives behind bars-- after a captured and no longer on the run. authorities now have both fugitives be heaped bars after a week-long manhunt. the clues that led deputies to that second inmate there on your left coming up. plus trump on the move. the president-elect launches a so-called thank you tour. the details we're learning about his first public rally since the election. two more people say they got sick after eating that thanksgiving meal in the east bay. what the county may ask organizers to do to make sure this doesn't happen again. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning here on this thursday as we inch our way closer to the weekend. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura
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garcia-cannon. can you believe it's the first day of december? >> we call that meteorological winter, not the astronomical winter. >> which is december what? >> december 22nd, i believe. i'll have to check on that. yeah, it's cold. you don't need me to tell you it's winter outside and we're heading closer to christmas as well. a live look outside in dublin. tracking patchy dense fogg. low visibility in some spots. after the fog clears, we'll have a beautiful afternoon. i'll have details on that and a look ahead to the weekend. mike has an update on a tree on the highway. >> that's right. you don't want trees to be there, kari. typically we'll talk about farther along the coast. it's an issue for visibility but not for those speeds. we'll get you over toward the coast where we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic, highway 1, despite the fact there's a tree down getting from highway 1, east 92 at main street.


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