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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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between p-e teacher and a male studt right now at 11:00, an inappropriate relationship between a p.e. teacher and a male student is the allegation in fremont. the teacher is out of a job and out on bail accused of having sex with that student. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. >> parents got the news via e-mail this morning. we're learning more about the charges. nbc bay area's bob redell joins us live from fremont. he has been posting updates to twitter and talking to school officials. what do you know now, bob? >> reporter: good morning. coren audiat who until recently taught pe here is expected to
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turn herself back into police to face additional charges related to the alleged inappropriate relationship with the teenage boy who still attends school here. this is a relationship police say started in the late spring as communication between the 32-year-old teacher and student. police say the communication eventually became inappropriate and by early summer led to sexual intercourse off campus. the police say they did not become aware of this until last wednesday when someone called 911. detectives investigated for 24 hours, and then on thanksgiving day, that was thursday, they arrested audiat. police have learned that there were a few people aware of the alleged inappropriate relationship. they're investigating if any of the people were required by law to report this much sooner. the teacher was arrested thursday on charges of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and oral copulation. the district attorney is charging her with five more crimes related to the inappropriate communications.
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>> at this point in time we have no evidence that there are additional victims. however, we have followed up on some leads throughout this last week and through our investigation. and we will continue to do so if anybody brings information to us that leads us to believe that there could be another victim. so we strongly encourage parents to talk to their children and to not feel fearful of coming forward. >> reporter: audiat, who has been with the school district since 2008 used to teach at american high. she coached swimming at mission san jose and has been a p.e. teacher here at washington since 2012. this morning the superintendent of the fremont unified school direct showed us a copy of the letter he e-mailed to students and parents at washington as well as the swim team at mission letting them know what happened. here is one mother whose 16-year-old son attends washington high. >> reporter: what do you tell
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your son in a situation like this? >> oh. well, he have to be careful, you know, especially with the teachers. they are more friendly than normal. and then sometimes, if they are invited to enjoy time apart to the school, it's more dangerous, and you have to be careful about it. >> reporter: the superintendent tells us that the district is cooperating with police and making every effort to make students feel safe, for instance, by having extra counselors on site today. when we asked the superintendent what's the employment status of ca rhein audiat, he says she is no longer with the district. reporting live. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. >> bob, thank you very much. all new at 11:00, the california department of justice is soon going to have a new leader at the helm. governor brown named u.s. congressman xavier bacerra to succeed kamala harris as the
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next california attorney general. bacerra served 12 terms in congress and was making a bid to become the ranking democrat on the house ways and means committee when brown called him to offer the job. bacerra would be the state's first latino attorney general. he put up this statement this morning. governor brown has presented me with an opportunity i cannot refuse, to serve as attorney general of my home state. as a former deputy attorney general i relish the chance to be our state's chief law enforcement officer to protect consumers, advance criminal justice reform and, of course, keep our families safe. close quote. this comes about after kamala harris was elected to the u.s. senate in september. >> thousands of people ride b.a.r.t. in the transbay. but b.a.r.t. directors say they need to spend more than a quarter billion dollars to keep it safe in the event of a major earthquake.
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pete suratos is live in san francisco, where b.a.r.t. directors say, pete, that the tube is structurally sound, but it is predicted to crack if there is a major quake. so how worried should we be? >> reporter: actually the b.a.r.t. board meeting is taking place in downtown oakland. it's still under way right now. they have yet to discuss this issue. but essentially the $200 plus million would be used to further reinforce the transbay tube. they have things in place and say it's structurally sound but this is about preparing for the next big earthquake. b.a.r.t. has done several retrofits at several stations through the earthquake safety program. they say the transbay tube received 60,000 riders and is structurally sound already. two years ago they reinforced the tube's stealing lining but in the event of a major quake, the outer liner could crack and the leakage would make evacuation for riders virtually
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impossible. altogether, if the vote goes through later on as we expect, the money comes from bond money that was passed about a decade ago to retrofit the tube. here is a b.a.r.t. person explaining the repairs that would be done. >> now we have come to the very end of this program, and it's really the heaviest lift. we need to put steel plates inside the tube, and not only that, increase the pumping system that we have in there to make it better and more powerful. >> reporter: so as far as next steps, b.a.r.t. will have to discuss how the retrofit will affect riders. they'll be starting trains at 5:00 a.m. during the week to work around the construction. altogether b.a.r.t. says it will take about two and a half years to finish the project. if the vote goes through the project will start in the summer of 2018. live in oakland, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you very much. we have just learned that within the last few minutes all
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lanes on the dumbarton bridge reopened after a crash and fuel spill brought things to a stand still at 9:30 this morning. that's a gas tank that appears to be hanging from the barrier. mike inouye is telling us they've reopened all lanes. it created major headaches during the morning commute. state wildlife officials had to respond there at one point. as they were soaking up the fuel, five gallons of fuel had to be absorbed. things are up and moving again. put away your umbrella for the rest of the week. it's dry. but the cold is coming. so replace it with a scarf. >> this is a fashion opportunity. come on. a live look at the golden gate bridge. kari, you've been tracking the conditions all week. it's been pretty cool every day so far. >> yes. finally it's starting to feel milder. as we go into the next several
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hours we'll see all the sunshine staying with us. shaping up to be a beautiful day. hopefully you're getting a chance to get out there and enjoy it with long sleeves on. it's only 56 degrees. heading up to 58 later today. looking at today's forecast, a high of 59 degrees expected in the peninsula. and the tri-valley, up to 58 degrees. some lower 60s for the north and south bay. upper 50s for the east bay and san francisco. we'll take a look at some much cooler temperatures in this weekend's forecast and early next week. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks, kari. police are looking for a man who may have been inappropriately exposing himself at san jose junior college. police there say a college staff member reported a man in his 40s standing with his genitals exposed by a tree near garcia hall. officers say they don't know whether the man was urinating or perhaps exposing himself for another reason but they are investigating. a manhunt for two jail inmates that lasted a week and
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spanned multiple counties is now over. both inmates are behind bars and will be back at the jail that they broke out of. this time, they'll be under maximum security. this is a story that we've been following closely ever since it broke on thanksgiving morning. rogelio chavez was caught about 8:20 last night a day after the other fugitive. laron campbell, was caught. chavez was taken into skocustodt the home of a friend of his. the sheriff says at one point chavez was hiding in the attic but eventually deputies discovered him and he was taken without issue into handcuffs. >> thanks to the incredible team of sheriff's office detectives that have been working around the clock on this arrest. and the capture of the two fugitives. and captured within a week. they've left no stone unturned and many, many sleepless nights.
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>> there were others implicated here as well. a woman, carla fernandez, who lived in the home, was taken into custody for several charges including being an accessory to a crime. and emily vaca was charged with allegedly helping chavez get away from the jail. new details in the arrest of the other fugitive inmate, laron campbell, who was cuffed tuesday night. after falling through the ceiling at his sister's antioch apartment. right now nbc bay area's damian trujillo is talking exclusively with someone who was at the take-down. we'll have that tonight an nbc bay area after thursday night football. up next at 11:00, the show might not go on. the new details we're learning about the worker killed while setting up cirque du soleil in san francisco. more people sickened after eating at a community thanksgiving dinner. the restrictions now in place so this kind of tragedy does not happen again.
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plus, a tweet storm at, not from, but at donald trump. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech.
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=cont vo= ad-lib numbers . some mixed results so far in trading this morning. the dow jones is up 53 points. the s&p has dropped about 8.5. the nasdaq is down 76 today. from an educational foundation ringing the bell to airbnb, which is making big changes to the way that it operates in amsterdam. >> scott mcgrew, the changes could find their way here. >> they could. airbnb told the "wall street journal" the website will now enforce amsterdam's rental rules on airbnb. amsterdam says landlords cannot rent their properties more than 60 nights a year.
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you will until now that was not enforced on the website. it will be now. airbnb's been cities have rules and it's important but it's up to the city to enforce them. the 60-day rule is also in san francisco. supervisors just passed that rule. so the big question this morning is will airbnb enforce san francisco rules in san francisco. we've asked, and when we find out, we'll let you know. you remember donald trump tweeted out yesterday he was going to hold a big announcement later this month, in which he will, in his words, leave my great business in total in order to fully focus on running the country. that inspired a little-known government agency, the office of governmental ethics, to tweet out a tweet storm, really, this divestiture will do what handing control could never have been. we're delighted you decided to divest your business. we've told your counsel that we
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would sing your praises if you divested, and we meant it. so, you got all these tweets. yet, guys, he never said divest. the oge is happy to say divest. let me see if i can find it here. divest. i was saying earlier i am not a very good vanna white. they're pushing the envelope on trump. he never said any of these things, and they're saying congratulations. we'll see how it works out. he'll have a press conference and announcement coming up on the 15th. >> either he'll say something or he'll say a million things, is what history has shown. >> that's pretty much it. cirque du soleil shows in san francisco tonight are canceled. the son of a co-founder was killed earlier this week. olivier rochette was hit by a work platform before the "luzia" show on tuesday. he was rushed to the hospital, but he later died. the world famous show is in the parking lot of at&t park. >> all the checks and tests they
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need to do of safety equipment and conditions in the workplace on a regular basis, to make sure equipment is functioning properly -- >> rochette's death marks the third for cirque du soleil since 2009. heart breaking story that keeps getting worse. new details. two more people have been sickened in antioch in a case believed to be linked to a community thanksgiving meal. in total, three people died, and now 16 others have become seriously ill. all the victims ate thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall in an event organized by the golden hills community church. >> regardless of what the source ends up being, our dinner or something else, the fact remains, three precious people died. i mean, and no amount of effort is going to bring them back. >> the effort does pivot to try to prevent it from ever happening again. county health officials say they'll investigate whether a permit should be required of golden hills community church for next year which would subject the serving facilities
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to a health inspection and also require that no food could be served that was prepared in private homes. abuse, starvation, even branding. those are some of the disturbing new details that authorities are revealing in the case of this abducted mother from redding, who was later found in yolo county on thanksgiving day. sherri papini was found beaten and shackled three weeks after disappearing apparently while out on a jog that morning. authorities are now looking for two women who papini says hid their faces and spoke mostly in spanish while holder her captive. >> i will confirm that the suspects did brand her. i will not get into the details of where the brand is located on her body nor what was branded on her for, again, the integrity of the investigation. >> while investigators are still treating this as a legitimate abduction, they have not yet been able to pinpoint a motive. a sketch artist is now using the
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details that papini provided to provide a sketch for investigators. the 75th anniversary of the attack an pearl harbor will be next week. and united airlines is making sure the veterans who survived make it to hawaii for the remembrance ceremony safe and sound and most importantly without paying a dime. the 75th commemoration of pearl harbor is this wednesday. lou was stationed on the arizona and worked to put out the flames. he got a hero's sendoff this morning at sfo. he talked about the men who fought alongside him. >> they knew what they were doing. they did it automatically and they were highly trained. we didn't have time to think about it. we automatically did what we were trained to do over the last two years. >> united is also flying the family of other veteran who passed away recently. the family is taking hetric's ashes for burial at the uss
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arizona. that warship is the only ship that wasn't pulled out of the water and is now part of a memorial. more than 2,000 people were killed in the attack. more than 1,000 of them were on the uss arizona. >> i've been there. it's an amazing piece of american history. >> amazing to think there are still people alive today who survived that attack. turning our attention right now to what is a beautiful vista behind you, kari. clear. >> very clear after a little bit of some fog this morning. we all were feeling some very cold air. so i guess we just better get used to it because the next several mornings look very chilly. here is a live look outside now at san jose. at least it warms up quickly. a lot of shine -- sunshine. that's helping us out. expect it to stay sunny. as we get a live look now at
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56 degrees the current temperature. the high is 60 degrees. and we are going to need some long sleeves as you head out with some comfortable temperatures. this weekend we will continue on with some cool mornings and some pleasant afternoons. and then early next week the coldest air of the season will arrive. and we could be talking about some freezing temperatures. looking at tiburon now, we have some sunshine, it's 57 degrees. in sunol, it is 52 degrees. and in berkeley, 56. so we are still feeling some low 50s and even some mid to upper 50s but it's pretty even across the board after seeing a wider range in those temperatures early this morning. looking at the highs today in east san jose expected to reach 60 degrees. in the east bay toward concord it's 59. up to 59 today in danville. 58 -- also 58 in san mateo. san francisco and the embarcadero, 58 degrees and 60 today in novato.
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in the north bay, lower 60s. winds are coming in from the north. we still have cool and dry air moving in again, but it will be warming for the weekend with highs reaching into the mid to upper 60s for the inland spots. early next week it will be turning cold and we will have a chance of some spotty showers moving in starting in the north bay. that's where we could see that rain chance a little bit higher. but we will have a better chance of rain in the forecast through thursday, maybe friday. and the possibility of next weekend looking wet at this point. you definitely want to enjoy this weekend. even though we've had some very wet conditions, looking at the drought monitor, we are still abnormally dry. and then you head over toward parts of the east bay, and the south bay. we're in a severe drought. an extreme drought as you go over toward the tri-valley. still something we'll be watching as we continue on with some dry weather this weekend. it's looking nice, though, with highs in the mid 60s for the bay and inland areas.
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i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. >> thank you, kari. coming up, free tickets to warriors games. how about it! the questions that oakland city leaders are facing about the free tickets to the hottest ticket in town. first, happening right now, tweeting details on a search for a man who exposed himself in palo alto. police say he pulled his car next to a woman walking her dog, flashed they are and then sped off. the rockefeller center christmas tree back up and running. we've presented a slide show of trees in christmas years past.
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we want to take you to some breaking news. you are looking at a picture from our helicopter that's headed over to valley medical center in san jose. the reason is that a woman is being transported there after a chemical explosion at a plant in hollister. not unusual for air ambulances to deliver patients, but in this one the patient, the woman, is having to be decontaminated along with the staff before going into the er because it was a chemical explosion. we're trying to narrow down where this plant is in hollister, what kind of business it does and whether or not there might be a risk to the outlying public. we are on the phone looking for information from san bernardino county leaders and also from valley medical center. and we will bring those to you as soon as we get them.
11:26 am
also now, a live look at oracle arena, the warriors, of course, the hottest ticket in town. it is also one of the most expensive tickets in all of the nation. >> it can cost thousands of dollars to go to games. some seats for warriors games specifically are estimated at about $10,000 each. for oakland city council members, warriors tickets are free. nbc bay area's sheryl hurd has much more from oracle with some ethical concerns. >> i think it is very important going forward that this city and this city ethics commission and the city council clean this up. >> strong words from public ethics commissioner regarding the city of oakland's ticket distribution policy. >> when you have a ticket at a $10,000 face value and you give it to someone, something is expected in return. >> reporter: the city has free use of a luxury suite at the arena through its lease with the warriors. the commission asking tough
11:27 am
questions about who gets free tickets and how they are given out. warriors tickets were the topic of discussion. for example, eight luxury suite tickets could have a face value of up to $10,000. councilmembers are allowed to use the tickets to make sure the arena is being run properly and can allow family members to use them or bring a guest but only if the transaction is documented properly. the commission believes the documentation process is in question. that was made clear to oakland alameda county coliseum's executive director. >> it's your job to determine whether or not these people should be going to four games in an eight-day span or not, not mine. >> we need to be accountable for our actions but most of all the system itself has to be presented with what are the rules and what's the procedure to be able to create the reporting. >> reporter: sheryl hurd, nbc
11:28 am
bay area news. >> coming up. we want to update you on breaking news that we started with yesterday at this time. a public works employee was shot, and now we have word of an arrest. that was in san francisco, steps away from sf general. in the meantime, a growing number of absences in bay area classrooms. the reason parents are suddenly pulling their kids out and why some may never return.
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breaking news from san francisco - there has been an arrest in connection with the killing of a public works breaking news from san francisco to tell you about. we have just learned there has been an arrest in connection with the killing of a san francisco public works employee within the last hour we've confirmed the 26-year-old michael higgenbotham has been booked on suspicion of murder. we brought you this yesterday. >> the public works employee was gunned down yesterday morning
11:31 am
near the gray electrical box you see in the distance at 25th and vermont streets. he was working, painting over graffiti there, just a few blocks from sf general hospital. the victim was 27-year-old jermain jackson. his family tells us he had two young children and was working to turn his life around. the suspect was arrested early this morning, and sources tell nbc bay area that they are investigating this shooting as potentially being gang related. >> we'll have updates on that throughout the day. the presidential election might be in the rearview mirror but some of the policy promises are not. the impact stretches to a south bay school district. many of the students are u.s. citizens but some of their parents are undocumented immigrants. >> and now many of those parents are taking their children out of school for fear of deportation. >> nbc bay area's damian trujillo is in san jose with the details and a possible solution. >> reporter: administrators say there is no concrete data, but
11:32 am
they know students are staying at home. and they want to put parents at ease. here school counselors say students shared a heart breaking story on november 9th. >> my parents are packing. we are leaving. so their lives from one moment to the next change. >> reporter: the superintendent says the fear of deportation in a donald trump administration is widespread. unable to convince parents to even come to campuses for immigration workshops, she says she'll go to them. the superintendent will conduct home visits during the holidays to put parents at ease, trying to convince them the schools are safe places. >> these visits are not going to be broadcasts, you know. this is a very confidential, personal matter. >> reporter: will you open your doors to one of these meetings? >> yes. >> reporter: this woman is a
11:33 am
parent leader in attum rock and says the district can hold one of its gatherings in her living room, a place where parents can feel safe and more at ease. >> they're thinking of pulling their kids from school? >> yes. >> reporter: dr. bauer says middle schoolers need a crash course in civics so they can better understand how elections works and how laws are passed. the superintendent says she needs to assure parents their kids are safe with her in alum rock. >> the school receives $1,000 per student per year from the state. the superintendent says it's not about the money. it's about keeping kids in school, learning. in san francisco, damian trujillo. nbc bay area news. the supreme court heard oral arguments in a major immigration case yesterday, and our investigative unit has been tracking those details. the case is about whether immigrants in detention should
11:34 am
be guaranteed a bond hearing. a federal appeals court ruled detained immigrants are entitled to a hearing every six months that they are in custody, including those with criminal records. the u.s. government appealed the decision. the lawsuit comes after years of increased immigration detentions and a rising federal immigration court backlog. it was brauought by the aclu an comes before the court at an interesting time. the supreme court is still down one justice following the death of antonin scalia earlier this year. the president-elect, donald trump, has promised to increase deportations when he takes office early next year. we've spent years covering the growing immigration debate. you can find the coverage on our we website at under the immigrations tab. regardless what happens to immigration policy, jennifer na
11:35 am
pall tanno says they plan to help students. they introduced policies yesterday saying no students would be released without a judicial warrant. she says, quote, we felt it necessary to reaffirm that uc will fact upon its deeply held conviction that all members of our community have the right to work, study and live safely and without fear at all uc locations. staying in the east bay, an east bay student is in a lot of trouble right now for allegedly writing racist graffiti on a san ramon valley unified school direct bus. you're looking at past examples that we've reported on. that one was in a bathroom in a high school. racist words have been found in bathrooms that we're talking about in mont vista, california high schools. those investigations are ongoing. the student accused of the school bus graffiti will face
11:36 am
disciplinary and criminal action. back out to the breaking news. this is a scene over valley medical center where a woman was taken after a chemical explosion in hollister. she just arrived via air ambulance. and has to be decontaminated for a second time. san jose fire department says the woman was decontaminated at the scene of the explosion in hollister and then will have a secondary decontamination at valley medical center to minimize the risk to staff and other patients. right now she is in stable condition. she came into contact with lead oxide, which is used in manufacturing. we're still trying to pinpoint what kind of manufacturing plant that was in hollister where this explosion happened and whether or not there is a risk to the neighborhood in the surrounding area. but, again, this is over valley medical center right now. the woman who was transported is in stable condition. she, again, will be decontaminated once more before she is taken into the hospital. we'll follow for you.
11:37 am
also, commute chaos on eastern 580 in oakland last night. this was breaking news during the dinner hour. a man and a woman were shot during around 3 peyton manning in the afterno -- 3:00 p.m. and extended later on. police combed the area for evidence but it seems the victim's car was the only one shot with bullets. police tell us the victims are expected to be okay. we have no word on suspects nor whether there is a description that you could help with. new details now in a triple shooting investigation in union city. police say these three men were arrested, and they are responsible for the shooting that happened on monday night at union landing during what police say was a prearranged drug deal. during the transaction the three suspects opened fire, killing a man and injuring two others. the suspects took off, but thanks to a witness description of the getaway car, police did track down those men and
11:38 am
arrested them a short time later. >> good thing they did. three so-called drifters accused in two bay area homicides are scheduled to be back in court this morning. last year the trio killed a young female backpacker in golden gate park and a man walking his dog on a hiking trail in fairfax. two of the drifters accused shaun engel of being the gunman in both cases. today's hearing has to do with rearraignment and other motions. two of the most well-known high schools in the bay area have troubling charges they are dealing with this morning. a 15-year-old football player at one high school in concord is charged with sexually assaulting a student. the two schools are right across the street from each other. sometime after de lasalle's team wont won a game on friday a member of the freshman team who had not
11:39 am
played sexual assaulted a 15-year-old girl. police say it happened on campus and the suspect and victim had both attended a game. to a crime without much precedent. an unusual item was stolen from the yard of a sonoma county home. police say a totem pole was nabbed from the front yard of a home on eden street. it's estimated to be worth about $2,000. the owner says it was hand crafted in 1996 to mark her father's grave site. it had since been moved to her house. teenagers are attached to their smartphones. the new app that promised to give you as a parent a little peace of mind. as we go into the next several days, we'll continue with some sunshine. a live look outside in oakland, only 56 degrees. i'll have cooler temperatures in the microclimate forecast. that's coming up.
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over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance. how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits.
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and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to have health insurance starting january 1st, you need to enroll by december 15th. visit today. the anxieties of parents experienced in the age of smartphones in 2016. we all want to keep our kids safe, especially when they get to the age when they can't seem to put down their phones. most of the time you probably don't have any clue what they're doing, who they are talking to or what they're typing. >> the age at which they get the phones is getting younger and younger. nbc's jeff roczen will show you three apps you can download onto your kids' phones to monitor
11:43 am
their activity. >> reporter: your kids are leading secret lives. on their phones. but now, secret's out. three smartphone apps designed to help you monitor not just your child's web history but also every text, every phone call, even your kid's exact location. perfect for this family. and their two teenage kids. they're always on their phones. today, we're about to show mom some new tricks. so we've downloaded the apps on your kids' phones. >> okay. >> reporter: we can monitor everything from your laptop right here. >> awesome. >> reporter: everything they're doing. first up. net nanny. this app allows you to control your kids' internet activity remotely. you can actually choose the exact websites that you want blocked on the phones. >> that's awesome. >> reporter: you can also block the type of website. so dating sites.
11:44 am
nudity, pornography, tobacco. you can block those. >> super helpful. >> reporter: it goes even a step further than that. suicide, for example. you can set it to warn mode so you'll get a warning if your kid types suicide in. >> that's super helpful, i think because of cyber bully and everything that happens in a teen's life today. >> reporter: app number two does even more. called secure teen. this gives you your kids' call logs, you know who your kids are calling and you know who is calling your kids. it goes even further than that. you can actually read your kids' text messages. >> that's fantastic. >> reporter: as scary as that may be. we have your daughter's called up. >> i see her. come over. she says to a friend. the friend responds, i can't, i have a cheer scavenger hunt. that's great tool. >> reporter: app number three may be the most advanced of all called teen safe. not only tracking text messages and calls, but it also pinpoints
11:45 am
your child's exact gps location your son is driving age. >> yes. >> any mom who has a kid who lives -- >> yes. >> reporter: this app gives you the exact coordinates of where he is at any given time. we have him called up right here. >> i see him there, in the deli. >> reporter: the app is right. we have a camera with her son, and he is in the deli parking l lot. we also worry with texting and driving. >> absolutely. >> reporter: if you actually think he could, and you know he's going somewhere to somewhere and you don't want him to have the option. pick up your phone and let me show you this. open the teen safe app. see the pause button? yes. hit pause. his phone is frozen. >> my phone is locked. i can't do anything. i can't text. >> reporter:. >> for a parent this is fantastic. >> reporter: you'll use this. >> yes. >> reporter: your son will hate you but he'll be safe now. >> yes. that's the most important. >> jeff roczen reporting.
11:46 am
the technology is not just available for smartphones, you can use the apps on a desktop version. you can install it on the laptops or computers to monitor their computer activity under your own roof. >> you can crack into their phones, but you still may not know -- >> trying to decode that they're saying. what is lit? what? >> you have a couple of years to worry about this. who knows what technology will be out then. >> one app i suggested earlier. nbc bay area. that's good because you get the text alerts for the weather. so that's what we're talking about now. you'll know how cold it is before you step out the door and have to run back inside. here is a live look outside now over san jose. bright, beautiful sunshine. you see the ferris wheel set up there. christmas in the park going on. and of course, during the week is the best time to go, because during the weekends it gets crazy. here is a live look outside in hayes valley in san francisco. 56 degrees the current
11:47 am
temperature. it's starting to feel much nicer than it did earlier this morning. we have widespread 50s across the board now. after we had some temperatures in the tri-valley that were just above freezing, not only that, but you had some fog. so now all of that is gone and it is nice -- heading into a nice afternoon. milpitas today it will reach 57 degrees. in the east bay, also 57 in pleasanton. danville, 58 degrees. in the peninsula, we're at 57 today for half moon bay as well as the mission district. in the north bay, 62. in santa rosa. a lot of shiunshine today. the same thing for the next several days. over the next ten days, it will warm up this weekend. we'll have a couple storm systems passing to the north of us and some cold air dropping in. only slight chances of rain early next week. a more widespread rain, could be quite heavy. for thursday into next weekend. once again, events like christmas in the park.
11:48 am
you'll want to do that this weekend. looking at the drought monitor, this shows where the most severe drought is south of the bay area. there it is extreme to exceptional. we still have some improvement in parts of the bay area even though we had a wet october. though we haven't seen much change. a closer look shows that right along the coastline, dry conditions. inner bay. and dublin, the tri-valley, still an extreme drought and severe in most cases for the bay area. so as we go into the weekend, still fairly dry. and once again, only slight rain chances early next week. it's looking good, though. morning temperatures will be in the 40s. afternoons in the 60s. in san francisco it will be a pleasant one. but the temperature really drops early next week. we're talking about highs only in the mid 50s next week. get ready for that. it's time to go out and get a nice, warm coat.
11:49 am
we could have some freezing temperatures during the morning hours, especially in the valleys next week. we'll keep you up to date on that. kris and sam. >> thank you very much, kari. up next at 11:00, why moms and dads who work at pat agonia don't have child care concerns. return to work after having a
11:50 am
11:51 am
child. this is an age-old dilemma for parents, sam. you have not had to deal with it yet. the question whether to return to work after having a child. for moms and dads who work at patagonia, the popular outdoor american brand. it's an easy decision. >> the company is offering the parental perks that you almost never see these days. for more, here is nbc's jolene ken. >> reporter: for hans every day is take your child to work day. >> my office is 150 feet away from the child care center. i can look out my window and see him playing u. patagonia's day
11:52 am
care is the squealing, laughing heart of its corporate headquarters. >> there is an understanding that children are part of life and a part of work. >> reporter: moms nurse in meetings and dads feed in the nursery. any parent can swing by for a quick hello. the company says offering this kind of in-house child care for 33 years is not a distraction. rather, an investment that's paid off. >> you have 100% of our moms return to work after leave. we figure we recoup over 90% of our costs. >> reporter: parents paying up to $1200 per month per child. a priceless job for jenna johnson whose job takes her around the world. wherever she goes her daughter and care giver go too, all paid for by the company. >> it allows me to excel in my job and also in my life, really. >> reporter: patagonia's model is rare.
11:53 am
on-site subsidized child care has dropped to 2% in 2016. >> often what you find in the market place is people understand something can be positive but they don't have the tools in terms of how to implement it. >> reporter: this boy was brought to day care at 18 months. and 30 years later he designs wet suits for patagonia and has standing breakfast dates with his mom. >> it's kind of like an extension of the family. >> reporter: full circle for a company that hopes to inspire others to put families first. >> we have some unused warehouse space in this station. we always joke that we're going to open a day care. >> a day care but not a patagonia store. >> no. we'll put uncle sam in charge. we'll be right back. surprise thanks to a furry
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
how about a ride. bay area couple was treated to a once in a lifetime surprise thanks to the furry aquatic friend the sea otter. they were peacefully paddling in elkho elkhorn slough when the otter jumped right on the boat. they were a little freaked out. but they grabbed their cameras. after warming its fur and putting on a show for a few minutes the otter bid farewell to its human pals. >> super cute. i can't believe how calm the kayaker was being. "hamilton" fans, the wait is
11:57 am
over. tickets for the broadway hit san francisco shows are going on sale in a few days. >> my girlfriend saw it out east and said it was great. "hamilton" will be shown at shn in san francisco starting next march. tickets go on sale at 10:00 on monday. so set your alrmarms. that's for american express card holders only. general public can get tickets starting december 12th. you can only imagine when people get their hands on the tickets, what's going to happen to them. >> my birthday is in march, just to let you know. >> we'll start saving now! we're sparing no efforts here. it's cold and it will get colder. >> it will be cold over the next few days so enjoy this now. highs today in the upper 50s, low 60s. >> i'll wear more appropriate armwear tomorrow.
11:58 am
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♪ >> okay. i think that is awesome. >> yeah. >> amazing. >> the angels earned their wings, strutting their stuff at the legendary victoria's secret. in paris. >> in paris. 51 models, including show veterans adriana lima and newcomers like kendall, who you caught a glimpse of there and gigi, both appearing for the second time & while gigi's sister, bella hadid walked her first sho a


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