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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 1, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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>> xfinity sports post game rolls on after dallas win over minnesota. here are the best records in the nfl. that's right, dallas 11-1. raiders patriots 9-2. giants and chiefs three, kc defeated the raiders. they have to go to kc next thursday, a game you'll see on nbc bay area. time for us to figure out, get the low down on the top five teams in the national football league according to our lorenzo neil. are you red sni >> i'm ready. >> are you going to drag? >> number five, where are these raiders going to end up? should i go five? i'm going five right here with the new york giants. and this one easy could be the giants are or the washington redskins. washington redskins should be there. i love what they're doing. offense, read that tight end. watch that team. they're going to make some noise. who is my number four? yeah, i'm going to say my number
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four team right now to me is going to be your kansas city chiefs. these guys can get it down, they play great defense. alex smith, the game manager -- >> they beat the raiders this year. >> you have to realize in the playoffs what does alex smith do? they don't score points. andy reid hasn't had a lot of success. >> can i ask you a question? >> absolutely. >> is number one easy to figure out? >> no. >> go to number three. >> number three, guess what, should it be the raiders? i was going to put the raiders there, but i can't do it now. bron could you say can i is oud. you have to say new england. they lost jones, went over to arizona. they don't have that defense that they need. don't have a pass rusher so that's there. who is number two? there you go, raiders number two, and number one right now best football to me is dallas cowboys. raiders and cowboys have a lot of similarities. both teams good offenses don't play good defense. >> how much is the nfl licking their chops thinking a cowboys raiders super bowl this year?
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that would blow ratings records away. got to give a shout out? >> shout out to granada high school. these guys, i come there and speak to you guys. you had your banquet. thank you, love you guys, i'll be out there soon. >> we owe you super dave in granada high school. >> great people. >> they're the best. >> all right. remember, there's sunday night football. and next thursday the raiseers on sunday night football nbc bay area. for lorenzo neil, i'm jim. good night, everybody. out, we know you're there.'"
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runs=03 ==janelle/contvo== two south bay escapees -- ap /s >> started calling out commands. come out, you're in there. >> two south bay escapees captured tonight in an exclusive interview with one of the u.s. marshals who tracked down the wanted men. the news starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm janel in for raj. >> and i'm jessica for the special edition of nbc bay area news after the game. tonight we've gathered exclusive details from one of the two agents who helped recapture two men who cut their way out of a san jose jail. >> a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. the tense moments in the manhunt for the two fugitives.
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>> so, covertly we evacuated all seven units besides the one that the subject was in. we did that for everybody's safety. >> reporter: deputy u.s. marshal joe palmer recalls the moment he helped capture la ron campbell at his sister's apartment in antioch tuesday night. >> mr. campbell peeked through the blinds and saw us. and at that point that's when they initiated, they started calling out commands to him, come out, we know you're in there. >> reporter: palmer said u.s. marshals and antioch police had the apartment surrounded. only three minutes later the fugitive came out with his hands up. he'd cut his hair, but marshals say he also looked strange. >> we noticed he was covered in pink bone or something to that extent. >> reporter: agents later figured out it was insulation foam from the attic where campbell was momentarily hiding and where he he ultimately fell, leaving a huge hole on the ceiling. >> we think what he did is he saw us from the front, he saw us from the back.
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he went up there, 6'4", 220, 230 pounds. i don't think it lasted that long. came crashing through the ceiling. that fall took most of the fight out of him. >> reporter: once the call came in, the manhunt became the priority. they were helping track down campbell and rogelio chavez. palmer says agents heard chavez was trying to conceal his unmistakable tatoo. that second manhunt ended wednesday night when deputies arrested chavez who was also hiding in an attic in a san jose home. >> i'll tell you what, if i had a dollar for every person i pulled out of an attic or crawl space, i wouldn't have to work for the government any more. >> reporter: palmer says the u.s. marshal's office is glad both fugitives are behind bars. damian, nbc bay area news. >> a san francisco man is under arrest tonight accused of killing a city worker. officers arrested michael
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higgin bossom of murder this morning. he is accused of killing a department of public works employee this morning a couple blocks from s.f. general hospital. est has a long criminal history including being shot himself by an irs agent during a robbery attempt back in 2010. he's now accused of killing 27 year old jermaine jackson. sources tell nbc bay area the shooting may be gang related. >> a potential up side to the downside for bart. they are planning to retrofit the tube, but it could be years of delays for riders. more on possible headaches for commuters, i understand especially early, early morning commuters. >> reporter: could cause big headaches, jessica. transit officials say this is necessary in order to keep riders safe should the big one hit. but for commuters who ride bart here, it could mean even more delays, even trains not running during certain times.
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for some commuters, riding bart is rarely easy. >> there's always a problem every two or three week, there's some delay like you're just stuck on it. >> reporter: it could be getting worse, especially for early morning commuters like gloria lantham. >> the job i work for is going to be different hours. >> reporter: lantham is more than one of 3,000 passengers who uses bart to get in and out of san francisco between 3:35 and 4:45 in the morning. >> i'm not happy about that. >> reporter: they approved a $267 million project so riders aren't trapped under the bay if a catastrophic quake hits. >> we need to put steel plates inside the tube, and not only that, increase the pumping system that we have in there. >> reporter: transit officials say the work inside the 3.6 mile concrete tube could take two years. >> for two years? >> reporter: and bart trains will only be running after 5:00 a.m. instead of 4:00.
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and after 9:30 a.m., only one track will be available, meaning expect delays. >> yeah, that will be kind of a bummer. >> reporter: but for director joe keller represents the area around the pittsburgh bay point station. >> this is absolutely necessary. >> reporter: teller wants to make sure riders who depend on the system the most are not left stranded, especially at a time when bart has had so many issues. >> you know, this has not been our finest year so people are -- have been critical of the district. we have a lot of work to do to regain that trust. >> reporter: and bart officials say they are looking at options like a bus service to bridge the gap for those early morning commuters. the work won't begin until 2018 during the summer. reporting live from walnut creek tonight, nbc bay area news. >> thanks elise. one person is dead and two others are in the hospital after a horrific crash in san francisco. this is the view from our nbc helicopter. you can see several cars
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involved in this crash. it happened just before noon today at lombard and divisadero streets. that intersection stayed closed for more than four hours backing up traffic for miles. san francisco police are still investigating the cause of this crash and who is at fault. an innocent driver and a burglary suspect both in the hospital after a high speed police chase and crash in free mont. the chase ended when a suspect smashed into another driver on walnut avenue. police were attempting to pull the suspect over because he matched the description of a burglary suspect. investigators say he may have been driving 70 mile an hour at the time of the crash. the innocent driver is said to be seriously hurt. no word on the suspect's injuries. police say the suspect faces several charges including residential burglary and evading police. >> president-elect donald trump fired up crowds in since natd i. the first stop on what he's calling his thank you tour of battle ground states. mr. trump hit hard the message that got him elected.
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jobs. >> it's time to remove the rust from the rust belt and usher in a new industrial revolution. we're going to do it. >> mr. trump repeated his message from an earlier stop in indiana saying companies will no longer leave the u.s. without consequences. mr. trump is taking credit from blocking the carrier air conditioning plant from moving a thousand jobs from mexico. former indiana governor and mike pence were key. cnbc confirm the company is still closing another indiana plant and exporting those 700 jobs to mexico. donald trump also revealed his latest cabinet choice. he's confirming general james matox as his pick to be the next secretary of defense. the official announcement won't be made until monday. that puts two retired generals in his cabinet. last month trump named mike flynn national security advisor. and a vacancy in california's political hierarchy is also being filled closer to home
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tonight. governor brown has named southern california congressman javier becerra to be attorney general. senate served 12 terms in congress. if he's confirmed he'll be california's first latino attorney general. >> airbnb is announcing some big changes today for some of its users in europe and this could lead to a major shift in our neck of the wood. this all comes after investigation how people in san francisco are renting out their homes illegally. airbnb is tightening up enforcement abroad. hosts in london and amsterdam from renting out their homes for more days than those cities allowed. we asked airbnb if it would do the same in san francisco and the company told us, no comment. earlier this week san francisco also took steps to limit how often people can rent out their home. lawmakers voted to set a max which is 60 days a year for anyone trying to rent out their home to short-term visitors.
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mayor ed lee has until next week to veto this bill passed by the supervisors. to learn more watch our entire series of investigations by going to our website, nbc bay, and just click the investigations tab. a very popular east bay parking garage is about to shut down due to worries it could fall down. it's located in downtown oakland right by city hall. so we can find nbc bay area ian. some bad news for drivers. >> reporter: yeah, it certainly is. and the city says it's because this garage is 55 years old and recently public works brought some engineers out here to take a good luck. you can even see from the street level some of the cracks on the side of the building. they brought the engineers here. they decided there were a number of safety concerns. that means after tomorrow, it's no more parking period. oakland public works says it will be closed indefinitely because there are potential dangers if a major earthquake were to hit the bay area. there are more than 300 spots in this garage and the drivers we
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spoke with say they now face two problems. one, it's already tough to find other parking here. and two, this was much cheaper than most other garages. >> the one under the, under the devry is three times expensive which is why i park here. >> if i get here, say, at 10:00 or later and can't get into this garage, it's very hard to find other parking now. >> reporter: this garage also offers free parking on city council nights in the dull deal garage. they will now take those folks in. public works is not saying when or if this garage will ever reopen. they did, however, say that they worked as fast as they could once they found it was unsafe and they found other parking. they wanted to close the garage immediately. if you work or plan on visiting here and want to find other parking garages, we put a lincoln our website, nbc bay so you can find those. reporting live in oakland, ian cull in nbc bay area news. >> thank you, ian.
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up next, teachers accused of sexually abusing a student. >> also ahead, a day of remembrance and worry. the concern in san francisco as the city marks world aids day. plus. >> i'm scott bud man. coming up, the future of how we'll watch football games. it looks a lot like this. >> i'm meteorologist jeff. cold four days across the bay area in walnut creek 5:00 a.m., down to 3 and a lot of shine on the way. i have my updated rain forecast. that's in less than ten minutes.
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an east bay high school teacher... accused of sexually abusing a student. ke >> an east bay high school teacher accused of sexually abusing a student. police claim careen started talking with a boy in free mont high this spring. early summer the 32 year old
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p.e. teacher was having sex with the student. they found out about the relationship last wednesday and arrested her on thanksgiving day. she's been with the school district since 2008. the school district says it's cooperating with police and providing counsel if students have any questions. >> hundreds gathered at the national aid memorial in san francisco where they shared their stories of loss and they discussed the medical advances of the 25 years. the same group of residents first gathered in the grove golden gate park to create the memorial. they honor ryan white who died 26 years ago getting the world to pay attention to the aids epidemic. his mother attended today's event. >> it's such a proud moment to be able to remember those that have gone before ryan and, you know, even after ryan. people who made a difference in the aids community. >> on the aid day there is growing concern people are dismissing the continuing health threat from hiv and aids.
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if treatment has led to higher survival rate. >> you watched the cowboys beat the vikings on your tv. it won't be long before you'll be able to watch those games in 360 degree virtual reality. business reporter scott tried out vr, how does it work? >> it looks really good, janel. from large vr head sets to smart holders, lots of companies are working on new ways for you to watch football. this is how we're used to watching football. but add this virtual reality head set, and you're immersed in the game. >> what we're trying to do is completely change the way that audiences and fans can engage. >> reporter: that's aufhauser of voc, recently bought by intel, one of several vr companies creating scenes like this from
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high-tech cameras like this. >> what we're doing is taking, as you'll see from this camera, there are a bunch of little lenses here. of those lenses is a separate camera. they're being brought together, those images are being stitched together. >> reporter: so you can feel like you're part of the game or the after party, or take a virtual walk around the stadium. >> you can feel like you're at the game. you can sit court side if it's a basketball game, on the field if it's a football game. you can say, i'm done with that. i want to go up to the owner's suite and see what it's like to be there and you're in the owner's suite. >> reporter: aimed at the football fan who wants to feel extra close to the action. as to when we'll be able to wear these on sundays, companies like intel are making some nfl games available in vr. expect to see lots of games and events of all kinds in vr in the year to come. back to you guys. >> okay, thank you very much, scott. i think it's a good idea as long as it doesn't mess up getting
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the guacamole and chips in the mouth. you might have to take those glasses off during the commercial break. >> i think you're coordinated. >> that's where we're heading, vr. the forecast, get your glasses on, see the weather maps and clouds flying in your face. >> it will change my performance completely. all right, as we head throughout the next couple days, the reality is here. we are in fall. temperatures are dropping and we're actually going to be feeling a little bit like winter on that extended forecast. a live view hereof san jose christmas in the park. a lot of people out here tonight. this goes on till midnight. so, people with their jackets on this evening, 49 degrees in downtown. it will drop to 44 by 4:00 a.m. but it will be getting even colder right at sunrise. we expect some of our chilly est temperatures down to 41 for the south bay pen inchly 43, tri valley 37. notice the sunny skies here for the east bay, san francisco and the north bay and it's cold at 37 throughout ma rinne, napa and
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sonoma counties. the main reason why it's been cold this start and sunny for the afternoon, high pressure is building in. this is going to stay in place right through this upcoming weekend. now, as an area high pressure gets a little bit stronger for tomorrow, we do anticipate winds to be breeze. coming out of the north 5 to 10 miles per hour, and also dryer air moving in, relative humidity of only 32% in the south bay. this will leave us with 63 in san jose and low 60s for gilroy. throughout the east bay anywhere from 60 in antioch and 62 in dan ville, 61 for hayward. very similar temperatures throughout the peninsula. 62 in palo alto, 60 in half moon bay. when wind kicks up it will make it 60, embark dare owe will feel like the mid oth50s. you'll need the jacket right into the afternoon. santa rose a 62 degrees and napa expecting 64. now, the good thing is whiled wind is kicking up a little bit tomorrow with those breezy
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conditions it will help to keep the air quality relatively good here. across the east bay and also for the south bay, moderate level of owe zone in the peninsula and east bay. we stay dry through this upcoming and it now looks like the chance of maybe some spotty showers only on tuesday to start the week, but a better chance of rain as we head throughout next thursday, friday and maybe even into next saturday. you can see how cool it's going to be for san francisco at the start of next week with the low to mid 50s. for the inland valley, down to 56 for our high by next monday and more widespread 30s. so, again, next thursday, friday, saturday, a bert to half inch coming our way. >> cool weather, chiely weather. thanks, jeff. >> well, the sign he's ready to leave. quarterback colin kaepernick explains why his south bay mansion is up for sale. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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lois prices from grocery outlet. - hi, it's... the rest of us! - hey there. - hi! - hey. loifor over 60 years now, grocery outlet has been selling the brands you know and love, for up to 60% less than what you'd pay at traditional grocery stores. - and check this out. lois: we've got meats and produce, naturals and organics, at prices that'll make you wanna sing. - good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. the moon -- had to be evacuated from the south pole today. 86-year oldbu
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>> one of the first men to walk on the moon had to be evacuated from the south pole today. 86 year old buzz aldrin was there as part of a group when his health deteriorated. he was rushed to a research center on the ant arctic coast before being flown to new zealand. we're told his condition has stabilized. >> it's hard to believe, but next week will mark 75 years since the attack on pearl harbor. one of the few survivors from the bay area is headed to the site of that attack. he got a hero's send off at sfo. he was stationed on the u.s. arizona, one of the ship's destroyed in the attack. he took more than 2000 lives including more than a thousand sailors who attempted to fight back. he told us even under fire, the others refused to run. >> they knew what they were doing. they did it automatically and they were highly trained, and we didn't have time to think about it. we just mat cli did what we were trained to do over the last two years. >> united airlines is flying him
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and his family to honolulu for free in order for him to attend that memorial. >> is it another sign that colin kaepernick's days with the nineers are numbered or is it just a real estate move? the quarterback has put his san jose home up for sale. our nbc copter was over the mansion today in san jose. the asking price, just under $2.9 million. he can opt out of his contract this season. team spokesperson told csn bay area kaepernick put the house on the market as a "information decision." >> unless you're a die hard aids fan, you may not know who davis is. he introduces us. jess/2shot
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and on the >> well, it was party time at the oakland zoo today and on that party list oakland a's players ron heely and chris davis and students from an academy. they showed us how they had a wild time.
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>> kids knew who you were when you walked in? >> a couple, a couple of the parents, which was exciting to see. >> reporter: is live for a's outfielder chris davis. he hit 42 home runs last season, but he did it for a last place team, which makes him the quintessential unassuming superstar. >> i think you just got to be kind of a die hard fan to know who i am. >> reporter: a's legend ricky henderson doesn't think that will last long. >> i think he can be an all-star guy. he's that type of guy, can go out and put up numbers. >> reporter: what a season for chris davis. can he be the next great a? >> there aren't too many a players hit 40 home runs in his first years with as. we look forward to him better things. >> i'm expected to just get as many as i can. that's my, my attitude towards it, and hopefully i just make it rain. >> reporter: in


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