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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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too far from the structure where this took place. hipd me you see the podium. that's where the news conference will take place at 6:00 a.m. as you reported all morning, there's been a work stoppage at 10:00 p.m. fire officials tell us there is an unstable piece of structure in the front of the building that can affect fear fighter safety. that's where 25% of the fire was. this is going to be an impediment to what they are doing here. they are expecting to meet up around 12:00 p.m. with oakland fire and p.d. we do know -- it looks like they are going to start. 33 are deceased. eight victims notified. one minor we are talking about. seven people have been
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identified. as of last night, 40% of the structure has been searched. as i mentioned, there will be a trio of agencies here, oakland fire, alameda county sheriff's office and oakland p.d. working together to remove this debris. there was that work stoppage as of 10:00 p.m. that's what we'll keep an eye on. officials will be arriving any moment. >> we know this conference is going to happen right away. the activity at the site itself, they called off that work stoppage. were they taking a break because of the dark conditions there? >> it looks like they've been working on the exterior of the building. that main issue we are talking about where 25% are saying that fire loaded, that's where we'll be able to find if there is more
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deceased bodies there. that count started at 10:00 in the morning then jumped up to 33. here are the officials giving us an update. hoping to hear from the fire chief. >> good morning. we are going to get started. i want to check the sound with everyone. we have a lot of equipment. how is the sound for everyone? it's okay? all right.
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my name is officer johna watson, public information officer for the oakland police department. we would like to update you. we also know we are coming off a weekend. it's monday morning. maybe not everyone has watched or has information about what has transpired since last friday. last friday december 2 at about 11:32 p.m. a fire broke out in the 1300 block of 31st avenue in oakland. last evening, the victim loss was 33. that's 33 families who lost a loved one. that's 33 of our loved ones who here in the city of oakland we have lost as a community. this morning we would like to update you regarding additional information regarding our losses
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not only to families, but our communities. we have deputy sheriff who will provide additional information rega regarding victims loss and families notified. we have our battalion chief who will update you regarding the work that the fire department has done. >> pyamodet. since our last update, we have located and recovered 36 victims. of the 36, 11 have been positively identified and their
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family members have been appropriately notified. that number is inclusive of the eight that were, the number eight that was given last night. at this time, we won't be updating this morning the list of names of the located and identified victims. we are giving the family members an opportunity to update other family members to notify them and give them an opportunity to grieve together before we release those additional names. >> good morning once again. can you hear me? the fire department last night at approximately 10:00 was asked by atf and our local investigators to stop our recovery work in the back of the building based on the fact we now feel very strongly that we
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have this section of the building that was the origin of where the fire started. the investigators will be here in just a few hours to start building out their team and really getting deeper into that area of the building. it's the back of the building. so when weç enter and go strait back to the back wall, center of the building, we've got a square footage area quarantined off for additional investigation. just after midnight, we had some crews doing some surveiling and reconnaissance on the next door roof. and noticed a slight lean in the parapit at the very top of the exterior wall we have about a three-inch lean going into the center of the building. for firefighters working under a wobbly, potentially collapsing
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exterior wall is extremely dangerous. we will not put our firefighters in danger at this point and will not put alameda county sheriff in that precarious situation with us. we did a full work stoppage at approximately 12:18 last night and have not been continuing with body recovery since. all the structural engineers and contract workers will be here approximately 8:00 a.m. to develop a game plan. we hope we'll be back in the building between 12:00 and 2:00 today to continue the recovery efforts. we know you'll have some questions. >> the top of the exterior building, if you imagine where
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the roof meets the wall, there is a five foot unreenforced section of the exterior wall. it's leaning in three inches. it should be straight. we are concerned that unreenforced area potentially could collapse. at this point we are using the number 70% of the area building we have searched and efficiently and effectively done recovery on. a small area in the back and front area based on the safety concerns has not been searched yet. [ question inaudible ] >> we are no closer to finding a cause and we absolutely believe that the number of fire fatalities will increase.
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[ inaudible ] >> can you speak up louder? [ inaudible ] >> once the search is completed, the primary focus has been on the location and recovery. that's what we've been talking about for the last three days. we are actually on day four. this started last friday december 2nd. we are really on our fourth day. primary focus, to answer your question, has always been on the search and the recovery. once that is completed, then
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we'll start having the conversations and shifting this investigation to whichever direction is appropriate. right now it's a little bit too early. as battalion chief said, atf has been here. they need to do investigative work to determine which direction this investigation is going to go. very good question. we'll keep everybody informed. we have 36 families not only grieving for their lost ones, but they want to have answers. we as the city collectively are working to find those answers. we want to provide answers not only for the families but our community. what can we learn from this in our attempts to prevent this from happening again. there are lessons learned. absolutely. [ inaudible ]
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>> we anticipate the rain will start on wednesday and increase by friday. the fire department feels very reticent in getting in too quickly today, obviously. the natural desire for firefighters and anyone in public service is to quickly get in, mitigate a situation, mitigate an emergency and effect rescue, in this case recovery. we will not be going faster to get ahead of the rain. we'll be just as comprehensive, just as methodical and just as analytical to make sure we are successful in a full recovery in the next few days. [ inaudible ] >> as we stated the last few days, the majority over the last
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two days since i've been on scene were in the center of the building. >> we anticipate a lot of answers to come in the next days beings next weeks. i'm going to answer your question. so any time law enforcement such as the oakland police department, first responders go into any situation and they should notice any type of violation, if they should notice
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criminal activity, we document it and forward it. oakland police department was one of the first law enforcement agencies in the country to have body-worn cameras. a lot of activity we do is often recorded. say we came to this location and there were some concerns, whether it's criminal ly or whether it's a violation. we may have captured that on our own body-worn camera footage. this is a very large, not only incident, but a tragedy. we immediately working with other city services collectively, everyone has been working through the weekend and rightfully so, we have a lot of answers to provide the family and to provide our community. as we are looking at those answers, we are looking at everything from our body worn camera footage, how many calls we have gone to, what types of
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calls, documentation, working with our planning and building department, alameda county district attorney. we have a lot of moving parts to this. we'll find answers to all of these questions. we do request patience. we want to do a very thorough investigation, whether it's criminal or remains right now as an investigation, we want to be factual in our information. [ question inaudible ] >> i think her question was more information about the potential point of origin? based on the significant charring and damage in the building, we've got areas where the steel is actually twisted and wrapped in the back of the building. we can see fire spread and atf
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and our local investigators feel very strongly they have identified the section of the building that is the area of origin. it appears to be the back of the building where we can imagine the artist collective was on the first floor. potentially during this concert, the dance floor was just above. [ inaudible ] >> hot, extremely hot fire. no way of telling. >> that's correct. a couple of folks are having a hard time hearing your question.
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work stoppage, absolute concern for the structure and the safety of the workers that are going in there. additionally, i know we want to get into a lot of the questions about cause of fire, where it started. i think the fire department is doing an excellent job facilitating a lot of complicated situations, but we also want to talk with atf and have them have their opportunity to come in and do a full inspection where we can provide you more information. i'm going to take one last question. go ahead. [ inaudible ] >> it's hard to defrm based on the fact we have fire damage all the way through to the roof on the back wall. it's in the rafters on the steel
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beams and until we have an absolute, i don't want to speculate on whether it was a first or second floor. >> we'll provide more information but we like to have atf onboard, have that opportunity to determine causes, areas and things like that. we are going to conclude this portion of our media briefing. throughout the day we will continue to provide information to you. right now because of the work stoppage and other crews joining us, it's difficult for us to set that time. we want to come back with more information. again as alameda county sheriff's office has stated, we'll provide names of the lost loved ones later today.
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we'll make sure that you do have that information. thank you very much for your patience. >> you have been listening to the first update we've received on recovery efforts since last night. that was johnna watson. there are now 36 confirmed deaths, 11 bodies, 11 victims identified, but not all the names have been released. >> they still have to notify many of the family members waiting anxiously to hear about their loved ones. 36 is the big number that was released this morning. concerns we heard work was halted overnight because of concerns of structural damage to the building itself. we learned moments ago in that live news conference they believe the front wall is leaning three inches. that could pose a big threat and danger to investigators trying to sift through all the rubble. >> they described it as a
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parapit. they addressed the fact there is going to be rain in the forecast and they are not going to rush their efforts to go through all the remains based on weather. this means it could take more days for many families waiting for answers right now to actually get some closure. >> the rain is expected in the bay area wednesday. that will not dampen their search and recovery efforts there. they are not speculating whether it happened on the first floor or second floor as the investigation into this will continue for quite some time. we now know that so many people are grieving in the bay area.
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>> you saw the candles, handwritten notes, folks trying to come to terms with what they are seeing right now. kris sanchez live outside the scene of the fire. >> we know three more families have gotten the dreaded news their loved one did die in this fire. there are so many others. the memorial continues to grow as people who knew these folks and folks who did not know them are leaving mementos and treats. the memorial has been growing since they started to identify those victims. with that common love of art and music. one victim whose name will not be released is just 17 years old. seven other flames are having time to process before names of their loved ones are released.
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32-year-old donna kellogg died in this fire. brandon chase wittenauer, many nick gomez hall, travis hough, david clines, sara hoda was a teacher. there is a candlelight memorial planned for 8:00 tonight. find a link to the specifics at this is the deadliest fire in oakland's history. the ramifications reach very far. a lot of healing to come here. we are getting a better picture
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of the aftermath of this horrific fire and the founder of the ghost ship. derek ion confirmed he's on felony probation. within the last hour nbc news received a response from him. >> bob redell joins us live with more on what he had to say. >> derek ion who we believe is staying at the marriott did release a statement to nbc news to clarify comments he made on facebook which he lamented about the loss of material possessions. "if my previous facebook post i had no idea there was loss of life. this tragic event consumes by every moment. my heart is broken. my heartfelt condolences to family and friends who suffered the loss of loved ones." he generated a lot of anger when just two hours after the file he
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posted on facebook everything he worked so hard for is gone. to be standing in a poverty of self-work. he's seen here on a video posted on youtube, founded and ran the ghost ship that was located inside the warehouse. people say it was full of wooden art projects. nbc bay area confirmed he is on felony probation. a search of court records shows he was convicted in january of receiving stolen property. he spent two days in jail and will be on probation through 2019. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. we have a lot of information to get to. about five or six minutes ago a press conference just finished with oakland officials.
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this is the first time we received an update on the fire since yesterday. the victim count is now at 36. they positively identified 11 bodies. not all the names have been released yet. our coverage continues on you can see a slide show of the ghost ship before it went up in flames. how a family of a woman who owns the warehouse is responding.
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good monday morning. the time is 6:26. we do have patchy fog in parts of the bay area. we will have mild weather today reaching the upper 50s to lower 60s. the complete microclimate forecast is coming up. >> i call out 680 with unusual traffic pattern there. we continue our breaking news coverage this morning on this monday morning. here is the very latest we are learning about friday's deadly warehouse fire in oakland. a news conference just wrapped up moments ago. there are 36 victims that have been recovered. 11 of those victims have been identified. we know the names of eight of them. investigators are not releasing the names of 17-year-old victim
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and three others right now. they need to notify family members. >> more than 2/3 of the victims have not been positively identified. as for recovery efforts and investigation, that was stopped last night about 10:00 as crews were concerned about a wall that was leaning. engineers are brought to that location, crews are hoping to get back inside today some time around noon. this is a very fluid situation. 6
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now with breaking news... a live look over oakland this mornin . good monday morning to you. "today in the bay" continues with breaking news. this is a live look over oakland this morning. you can see that large light in the middle of your screen. that is the scene of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. this morning, we learned so much new information. search efforts still at a standstill because the building has been deemed too dangerous. the death toll has been rising. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. there are details to get to. bear with us as we go through them one by one. team coverage of the devastating warehouse fire. pete is line at the scene where a news conference wrapped up. kris sanchez live there. bob redell is live at the marriott city center in oakland where the founder of the art collective just offered a statement to nbc news. >> we begin our coverage with pete who has an update on the
6:32 am
investigation itself. >> good morning to you. that news conference just wrapped up moments ago. that number is at 36 deceased inside this oakland warehouse. 11 folks had been i.d.'d. 70% of the building has been searched. we also know atf will be here later to conduct their investigation. i want to touch on what fire officials told us. they are saying the point of origin may have been in the back of the building. a majority of the deceased bodies were in the center of the building. i spoke with oakland police. they believe where these art studios were inside this warehouse, this may have collapsed and that's where those bodies collapsed on to the first floor.
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she explained it more indepth. that is a miss of structure near the roof of the building. that is going to be safety concern for firefighters. the decision was made to have a work stoppage as of 10:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. you have engineers show up work with oakland fire. those are the officials searching for those bodies inside. they'll work with them to determine what the game plan will be moving forward. when they show up at 8:00 a.m., they expect to work some time around 12:00 p.m. want to talk about weather. we are expecting rainy weather in the middle of the week. oakland fire will not rush that process. they will respect the process because we are talking about a number of bodies inside this building. they want to respect the families. they want to make sure it's safe for the firefighters and they
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can do the work the way they want to do the work. that's the timeline. we know the work stoppage is in place. engineers coming in the next few hours. they can decide what they need to do moving forward. live in oakland, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> they have to play it safe. >> so many families anxious to learn about the fate of their loved ones. there are 36 confirmed victims and that number expected to rise. 2/3 of the people haven't been identified yet. our team coverage of the fire continues right now. kris sanchez joins us. there is so much grief here. >> that grief coming from people who aren't sure whether or not they are victims. it's a difficult story. the memorial here is growing and
6:35 am
folks have been leaving candles and flowers. there are artistic touches. we saw a painting there. this has been growing while the alameda county coroner has been working to identify victims. we now know there are 36 known victims and 11 of them have been identified. that's three more than last night. each person an individual but clearly with a love of music and art in common. one victim was 17 years old. travis çhough, a musician. 24-year-old nick gomez-hall was administrative assistant by day and david clines. 30-year-old sara hoda was a
6:36 am
teacher in walnut creek. there is a candlelight memorial planned for 8:00 tonight. we'll try to find more stories of these victims as families and friends share them. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> so much loss there. thank you. we are learning new information this morning about the man who ran the so-called ghost ship. >> bob redell joins us live from oakland where ion was last seen and court records reveal about his legal history. >> good morning. derek ion, the founder of that ghost ship art collector we
6:37 am
believe is staying here at the marriott hotel in downtown oakland with his wife. overnight he did release a statement to nbc news to try to clarify some controversial comments he made on facebook. he says in my previous facebook post i had no idea there was loss of life. this tragic event consumes my every moment. my heart is broken. my heartfelt condolences to family and friends who suffered a loss of loved ones. he generated a lot of anger when two hours after the fire he posted on facebook that everything he worked so hard for is gone. to be standing now in a poverty of self-worth. seen here in a video founded and ran the ghost ship the artist collective. you can see what the space looked like in these before pictures. people familiar with the ghost
6:38 am
ship says it was full of wooden art projects which might explain why the fire grew so big, so fast. he is on felony probation. a search of court records show he was convicted in january of receiving stolen property. for that he spent two days in jail and will be on probation until 2019. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you, bob. it is 6:38. continued concerns about possible victims of the warehouse fire still being felt hundreds, even thousands of miles away. our sister station wnbc is reporting concerns for a missing new jersey film maker. on his instagram account, he posted video that appears to be from inside that ghost ship party just one hour before the fire started. since that posting, he's not been heard from. friends in new jersey are
6:39 am
holding out hope he's okay. >> i'm heartbroken. i'm staying optimistic. >> in my head, he's going to be okay. >> he is a director well known in new york for helping musicians. he is also a father of two young girls. >> heartbreaking to learn all the person stories here. we'll talk about donations pouring in. many have been stopping by to drop off notes or candles. people from all over the country are showing their support financially as well. we checked the you caring page. it's at $220,000 raised for the families of the victims of this fire. they were hoping to reach $100,000 initially. so more than double the original goal. our coverage continues on
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our website you can find a slide show of photos taken inside the ghost ship before it went up in flames. you can also read about how the family of the woman who owns the warehouse is responding. stay with us for continuing coverage on air and of course online. good monday morning. the time it 6:40 as we get a live view of san francisco. at times we've seen the fog drifting across the city. all across the bay area. right now we are getting clearing. as far as visibility, we are down to about nine miles in oakland. visibility is the lowest where we have the most dense fog in the north bay in santa rosa and napa. visibility down to about half a mile. allow extra time to get to where you're going this morning. temperaturewise we are in the upper 30s in santa rosa. milder elsewhere. if palo alto, it is 50 degrees and 52 in san jose, oakland and san francisco. we'll talk about mild weather to
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start the week, but then turning p cooler and rain. mike has an update on a crash in san jose. >> we have this crash southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard. as you look at the map, you'll notice the traffic starting to build here. it's been a pleasant morning around the roadways. this crash northbound 101 right at capital expressway moving to the shoulder. it's in an area we typically see the slowing. not as bad as we usually see. mild, into the 50s, maybe upper 40s at their worse. this has been a tough drive. 680 starting to move better now. this issue with the disabled pick-up truck. it was reportedly in the lanes still over there. we take a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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a smooth approach to all the areas. west 24 at wilder there is a crash moving to the shoulder. the peninsula no problem but maybe low clouds. >> thank you, mike. 6:42. a uc berkeley student attacked and sexually assaulted. right now we'll get a quick check of the markets this morning. dow jones industrial average up 78 points in early trading. deadly oakland warehouse fire. this is a live look over oakland this morning-- where you can see the scene of the a live look at oakland where you can see the scene of the fire in the distance. the reason work is at a standstill this morning.
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==mike/trx== (mike ad libs) good monday morning. this is meteorologist kari hall. the forecast for los gatos 50 degrees at 9:00. lunchtime 56 and upper 50s with a mix of sun and clouds. much cooler air will be moving in.
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>> overall mild about 55 up toward 880 and 17. since our last update, we have located and recovered 36 victims. of the 36, 11 have been positively identified and their family members have been appropriately notified. >> our coverage of breaking news continues on this monday morning. here is the very latest from friday's deadly warehouse fire in oakland. a news conference just wrapped up. we now know there are 36 victims that have been recovered. that's up from 33 overnight. 11 of those victims have been identified. we know the names of eight of them. investigators are not releasing the names of the 17-year-old victim and three others right now. they want to notify family. as for the recovery efforts and the investigation that's
6:47 am
been stopped at that building, it happened 10:00 last night. they halted their recovery efforts as crews learned about a lean in the area where the roof meets the wall. it is expected engineers will come about 8:00 this morning hoping to get inside the building by noon today. it's a very fluid situation. police say the sexual assault happened a week ago. the student was leaving the b.a.r.t. station when a man attacked her. police say the attacker had the intent to rape but the student managed to fight back and get away. the attacker is 6'2", white male in late 30s, light brown hair and muscular build. daring burglary this weekend at the apple store in downtown
6:48 am
palo alto on university avenue. the windows shattered after they drove a rented suv inside the store. it happened 4:30 a.m. saturday. they took off with several phones and computers, but ditched them along with the rented car when trying to get away from police officers. that comes after a series of thefts. this is san francisco's marina district which was robbed twice last week. you see thieves grabbing phones off the tables and running off. all that happened in a span of 10 seconds. 6:48. want to get you updated with weather and traffic. we'll see how things are out there. not so bad. first the fog was rolling in through some parts. >> we are starting to see that
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improving just a little bit in some parts of the bay area. still tracking that patchy dense fog. it will be a mild start to the day as we wake up and get this work week started. right now, here's a live look outside at san francisco. as we are seeing the clouds rolling back as of right now. the temperature at 52. highs today reaching 60 with some clouds here and there. in dublin we are earlier seeing very dense fog. now it is starting to look a little bit better. with that fog moving through, we are once again see that drift across the bay area. may cause problems for your morning drive. right now it's down to about seven miles as far as the fog and visibility in the tri-valley. a half of a mile in the north bay. it's now 50 degrees in palo alto. much cooler in the north bay. that will be the case overt next couple of days. our high temperature today reaching the upper 50s to right
6:50 am
at about 60. it will be turning cooler later on tonight as the cold front drops in. it will be dry. we won't see the rain moving in until about wednesday. it looks like it will be raining off and on from late wednesday night to thursday and friday. rain by saturday and sunday. next week we'll have more rain in the forecast. it will turn wetter over the next several days. rainfall totals may reach from an inch to two inches in napa and maybe over three inches of rain over t next several days in santa rosa. in san francisco, expect a high of 60. it will be in the upper 50s the rest of the week, even lower 50s for the highç temperature. and for the inland area, more of the same. get ready for big changes over the next couple of days. how is it looking on the roads? >> hoping for not big changes. so far things moving very well.
6:51 am
very light. we see that typically through december. that is a slow point for the tri-valley. a crash over to the shoulder. let me show you the drive times. southbound 680 under a half hour down toward the dunbarton bridge. it's about a good time for that area. as you're approaching the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic. finally shows us about 40 minute drive from hercules down through berkeley and emeryville and toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we can see the fastrack lanes moving in san rafael. there are low clouds and fog in
6:52 am
the north bay. a quick look at the top stories we've been following all morning. >> pete has been live from the scene bringing new information from investigators. a live report next. our investigative team has been hard at work looking into the oakland warehouse fire. dozens of similar warehouses across oakland where people live in art collectives similar. a judge orderses a voter recount to begin noon monday. this story is on
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stand back, ya hear! breakout the syrup because denny's new fluffier, tastier, better rudolph pancakes are here for the holidays. here are the top stories on nbc bay area... ==la2s welcome back. 6:55 on your monday. here are the top stories. >> we want to start with breaking news we've been following all morning. all weekend long here on nbc bay area. just an hour ago, investigators wrapped up a news conference where they announced the death toll has risen to 36. >> pete joins us live from the scene of the fire. he was there with that news conference. sounds like they stopped operation recovery efforts. this could take a long time to recover those bodies.
6:56 am
>> good morning. that is correct. we are going to continue to get updates as we get new information throughout the morning. we know that 36 victims were inside of that building. they found 36 deceased bodies. 11 have been identified. we confirmed that 70% of the building has been searched by crews on the ground. back to this work stoppage. that happened around 12:00 a.m. due to an unstable piece of structure in the roof area of the building. this poses a safety concern for firefighters. >> the top of the exterior building if you imagine where the roof meets the wall, there's about a five foot unreenforced section of the exterior wall. it's leaning in three inches. it should be straight. we are concerned that
6:57 am
unreenforced area potentially could collapse. >> they will look inside this building to determine the game plan for crews on the ground. they are hoping to resume work around 12:00 p.m. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> as you know, a growing memorial has been set up for victims of the oakland warehouse fire. candles, flowers lined up outside the scene of the fire. at least 36 people are dead. 11 of the victims have been identified so far. >> our coverage of this fire continues on the "today" show. they have survivors who made it out just minutes before the roof collapsed. >> our coverage continues on our there you can find a slide show of photos taken inside the ghost ship before it went up in flames. you can read more about how the family of the woman who owns the
6:58 am
warehouse is responding to the tragedy. president-elect donald trump making a major announcement. he is tapping former rival ben carson for a position in his cabinet. carson, a brain surgeon, has been picked to become the next secretary of the department of housing and urban development. carson recounted his childhood as the son of a single mother in inner city detroit in his books and motivational speeches. motivation to start off your work week. here it is monday. we are seeing overcast skies. no rain in the works right now. >> not right now. it will hold off for a couple of days. it feels milder thanks to the cloud and patchy fog around the bay area coolest in the north bay, 39. highs this afternoon will reach 57 in the peninsula, 59 in the south bay and tri-valley.
6:59 am
61 in the north bay. winds kicking up in san francisco as a cold front drops in. you'll feel the difference this time tomorrow morning. it will be much colder as we will see 30s and 40s. >> there is our cue to bundle up. >> this is a major slowing we see. a lot of green. south bay does show northbound routes slowing in san jose. it's your typical pattern. this is the issue. there is a disabled pick-up truck in the middle of the freeway. because this truck has been there for about a half hour, this caused quite a backup out of pleasanton. we have slowing for 880 through hayward. that is not unusual. that's about standard today. rest of the bay looking lighter. >> we'll be back in a half hour with a live local news update. of course, continuing coverage of the devastating oakland
7:00 am
warehouse fire. >> a live look of oakland. you see that light in the distance. that's where the warehouse is located. we'll have updates throughout the course of this morning. good morning. breaking news. and did city officials turn a blind eye? criminal investigators are on the scene. >> pizza shop scare. a man with a rifle storms into a crowded d.c. restaurant and opens fire, no one was injured. the suspect in custody. why fake news tied to the election may have beeh


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