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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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crews have gone through about 75% of the warehiouse. they could be completed -- by tomorrow. this is also a criminal investiogation -- so multiple of this warehouse. they could be completed as early as tomorrow morning. this was also a criminal investigation as you might already know. multiple, local and federal agencies are working side by side. the d.a.'s office and the atf among them. we have multiple crews that continue to work servlt averal of this tragedy. elyce. >> reporter: we're learning more about the criminal investigation that is underway here. the district attorney says whoever is responsible for this deadly warehouse fire could face charges ranging from murder to manslaughter. recovery crews have been working throughout the hour and now we're also getting a first look at these photos showing exactly what crews are dealing with inside this now destroyed
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warehouse. as the death toll rises to 36, loved ones and friends of those still missing brace for the inevitable. >> very much a loving couple. >> reporter: omere, who did not want to give us his last name says his friend and fiance attended the electronic music party. they are two of the 50 that officials say may have been inside when flames engulfed the oakland warehouse but haven't been accounted for. >> he has two kids, twin daughters and i'm more concerned about his family. >> reporter: nearly 72 hours into the recovery effort, we're getting our first look inside and how much rubble first responders have to sift through. >> it's really awful in there. and to recover the bodies in the most dignified way they can. >> reporter: the body of a son of a deputy was already recovered, making it more
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difficult for this recovery team. and cranes were brought in to go through the wreckage inside the warehouse now being called a crime scene. >> when you look inside there's no question something's not righ right. >> reporter: nancy says a team of fire and police are preserving buckets of debris as evidence to find out who may have caused the deadliest fire in the city pchs history. >> we don't know if -- >> reporter: that has been a pain stakingly meticulous process and the district attorney says her team has met with with several people but could not elaborate on who exactly has been interviewed. reporting live from oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we mentioned the photos just released. here's a look at that makeshift
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stair case as many describe as being created with wooden pallets. this was taken by shaw who had been inside the warehouse several times helping musicians. he says the stairs were quote hard to navigate and you could easily misa step or two and hurt yourself. the property owner's daughters has refuted the claim. approximately 25 people tell us the warehouse had two access points, a door and a makeshift exit. here's an animation of the warehouse and witnesses say two sets of stairs. including that made up of wooden pallets. the fire began on the first floor, upstairs where the dj is where most victims are believed to be killed. the man who operated the warehouse has been praise bide the artistic community or criticized by neighborers and city officials, either way he might face felony murder
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charges. tonight an nbc bay area exclusive. he and his wife sit down to talk with us. jodi hernandez joins us from the scene. you were face to face with this couple. what's their response? >> reporter: as you mentioned, sat down briefly with us this morning. they say they are in a state of shock and grief and haven't felt like they could talk about the tragedy until now. >> we're sorry to the families and all the friends that have lost loved ones. >> reporter: derek and his wife say they're absolutely grief stricken by the tragic fire that took their home and some of their friends. >> i gladly would give my entire life of fortune, wealth, experience again and again. i say this to you and the camera and whoever's watching this that i surrender everything. >> reporter: he is the lease holder of the converted warehouse that caught fire killing at least 36 people who had gathered there for a dance
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party. he didn't organize or attend the event. instead, decided to rent a hotel for his wife and three children. >> i didn't know anything about this event other than i'm dusting, cleaning. i'm going to get a hotel, you guys. because i'm exhausted. my kids have school. >> reporter: the city says the space wasn't permitted as a residential building but he says about 20 people lived there. it was a collective of young artists called such ayuga and he was like the group's grandfather. >> the center that we all lived there in was one of creativety and beauty and optimism. >> reporter: the couple says they're cooperating with investigators and want to offer their hearts to the victims and their families. >> atf interviewed and we haven't been, in any way hiding
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from this. >> there's nothing more important than the lives that were lost there and the lives that are going to continue to be effected. >> reporter: he says he believes the only reason he is alive is because he wasn't at the warehouse on friday night. he and his wife say they are both struggling with the fact that they are still here while many others are not. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> as we mentioned, they have identified 33 of the 36 people who died inside that warehouse but they've only released eight names so far. musicians, business people, even a student and a teacher. sons and daughters of so many families. the youngest identified victim is just 17 and also the son of a an alameda county sheriff's deputy. he was a is junior in san francisco. at school of arts. here with more on the young man
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who had a gift for music and a love for adventure. >> reporter: he loved music. he travelled the world singing with a choir and being described as one of the nicest young men you'd ever want to meet. these are videos of him singing with the pacific boy choir. he went to middle school at the boy choir academy in oakland. he was a junior here that high school. and friends with senior gabriel, the student body president. >> that kid was all smiles. he always wanted to -- he was always looking for a good time. ready to hangout with friends. >> reporter: he called miguel a leader but a quiet one, who led by example. >> the way he interacted with you, there's nothing but good memories. i can't think of a single negative think about him. he's going to be really missed.
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>> reporter: the mood on campus is somber. grief counselors meeting with students this morning. at pacific boy kbier choir academy, artistic director. >> he was perhaps the kindest and gentlest person you could ever meet and that is absolutely true. >> reporter: on a trip to vietnam the group was stranded that airport for hours with nothing to do. >> he made what otherwise would have been bordm into something fun and funny and found something positive and creative out of nothing. >> reporter: a young talented man gone from everything we have heard, very considerate, very kind young man. we reached out to the family and the alameda county sheriff's department. miguel's father, a deputy sheriff. they declined to comment.
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mark matthews. >> certainly a difficult time. thank you. president obama issue ood statement on the warehouse fire saying quote our prayers go out to the people of oakland, california in the aftermath of this weekend's deadly warehouse fire, one of the worst fires in the state's history. oakland is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country and as families and residents pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy, they will have the unwavering support of the american people. moving forward, can this happen again at other live-in warehouses? there are plenty of them across oakland and san francisco. a mishmash opconflicting laws enables these artist colonies. >> reporter: this former owner did not want to be identified by name because it took him nearly a decade to get out of the problems created when an artist
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colony move under to his warehouse. all of it happened without him giving approval or knowing about it. >> when we finally got in the building, we found commercial kitchen, hazardous materials. >> reporter: he watched the horrible images of the ghost ship warehouse and got sick to his stomach. >> we had one person with a blow torch. >> reporter: because he knew it could have been his building. >> as a landlord, we can't even get into our own building, much less see what's going on and this gentleman says we've got this artist colony. in our case, the gentleman actually turned it into a club and had a dance floor put in and had parties in the building. and the city knew about it. >> reporter: there's, at the other end -- on a walking tour of east oakland, he showed us
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several warehouses in other buildings, including this one where he says people are currently living without the proper zoning or permits. >> and i can tell you that's not -- >> reporter: permitted. so why can't the city do anything? >> we're going to address the issue. >> reporter: you believe there are warehouses lieks this all over this area? >> we see these people $500 a month rent. we found a building where airbnb was listing rooms in the warehouse for rent. >> reporter: the current housing shortage will prevent any real reform from taking place. >> we fought this through the courts. we gone ahead and got a relisted commercial lease that said specifically in it no occupancy, no tenants, no living. sfwlr >> reporter: the former owner spent 10 years trying to get the people out of his warehouse, even though he's zoned it for
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commercial and industrial use only but turned into a an artist colony with 13 separate living units. >> reporte >> the rules are completely stacked against the landlord. there's penalties and you'rer sitting there pretty much helpless. >> reporter: he says both oakland and san francisco city leaders choose to look the upther way and in the ghost ship warehouse's case, it cost dozens of people their lives. >> in this case clearly the city missed an opportunity to go in and fix this problem because this has been grown, in some cases, a decade. >> reporter: now as hard as it is to believe, the former owner said he couldn't evict them because the middle man was considered the landlord. he couldn't even go in his own building. this is some of the rules and in
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san francisco and oakland, the tenant's rights laws show once it's been occupied 30 days or longer, it is considered a residential dwelling. >> thank you. right now crews are working to secure the charred warehouse and the surrending storm drains before stormy weather arrives. let's turn to jeff ranieri. >> and we're luked in for the chance of rain increasing. here's what we're seeing. out near hawaii. pushing in california. it's mostly off shore but that's going to be quickly advancing in and that's why the investigators are trying to get as much evidence out of the area as possible so they can secure it and on 2:00 p.m. on wednesday, and widespread rainfall possibly heavy at times by wednesday evening and a continual rainfall into thursday's forecast.
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i i have two weather updates this hour. 6:19 and 6:49. our free bay area app is a great way to keep track of these chilly conditions. you can use our live doppler radar. scrutiny on oakland's art community. up next, what inspection records reveal about other live work spaces here in oakland. and just after the break, a look at how social media gave people a way to mourn after the fire along with a way to help oakland families. many local artists have told us
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-- they are now fearful about the scrutiny they might face w. their own ve well, since friday night's fire, many local artists are fearful about the scrutiny with their own live/work spaces and there are plenty of these warehouses in oakland. here from the fire scene in the fruitvale district. >> reporter: it's a message we're hearing from artists all over oakland. they do not want knee jerk reaction. what they want is for an effort to make these spaces safer, not to push the artists out.
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>> if the creative aspect of your city is decimated, then you're sucking the soul out of that city. >> we spoke with bruce, a musician and artist who makes his living repairing electronic instruments, he and many of his friends have already been pushed out of city centers to make way for high cost housing. that dynamic is fuelling these make-shift live work spaces like ghost ship. we found a place nicknamed death trap. no one wanted to go on camera. but it's one of several alternative spaces that's been on the radar for inspectors. a 2011 complaint about alterations without a permit remains open. she would not comment on reports that they were being evicted. it is exactly that potential that has many unset. they say they need to create
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resources to help them find safe spaces to work and live, not get rid of them. >> create grants or something like that to upgrade working spaces and live work spaces so that people can work and live safely instead of keeping everybody underground. >> reporter: many artists told us that is the responsible lt of the mayor to take action. we're going to take you inside one of these live/work spaces less than a mile from the ghost ship warehouse and show you some of the safety upgrades that have already been made. guys. >> we'll see you at 11:00. since the fire broke out social media has been a gathering place to search, worry and mourn. here how sites like facebook and twitter have brought people together in the face of this tragedy. >> social media has given many
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people a place to cums. rait. president obama sending wishes to oakland. president clinton weighed in with condolences earlier today, sending tweets about what local families are going through. facebook turned on the safety check shortly after news of the fire spread and became a gathering place, knowing there is still more harsh news to come. >> but today is the day that more than two dozen families are going to learn of the luvled ones lost. today is the day that more than two dozen families are going to start an entirely new life. for them, this is day one of this incident. >> the web, as we've seen before gave people a way to support oakland with donations. this is live. it's called you it raised money for fire victims. more than $310,000 has been
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raised and we've seen fund raising from the raiders, a's and warriors. each contributing 10s of thousands to the relief effort. >> thank you, scott. and our fire coverage continues on our website. that's where you can find a slide show of the ghost ship before it went up in flames. >> want to get to other headlines this evening. police in east palo alto arrested a man charged in the death of a toddler. he lived with his girlfriend in this apartment complex on o'keeffe street. the 2-year-old child was having trouble breathing when police were called to the apartment complex. the child died a at nearby hospital. after a lengthy investigation, police determined foul play was involved and arrested the mother's live-in boyfriend. the suspect was arraigned today on murder charges. an accused serial arsonist was
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in custody. and set in the mission and south of market. most were in garbage cans and they were ignited in a bank lobby and camping tent. they say boyle might be connected with other recent fires in san francisco as well. thieves hit the third store in three months and this time on university avenue in palo alto. this time they tried to drive a car through the front window. here with a look at the it damage done by this heist. >> reporter: not even the sealed posts could prevent the suspect's car from ram nothing to the front of this apple store. this is a spot that's all boarded up. others were arrested. it was business as usual today as the apple store on university avenue.
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a board now cov as spot where this small suv tried to ram into the store early sunday morning. the picture was taken by witness. >> the force of the collision punched a small hole big enough to crawl through. >> i thought they were filming something at the apple store. >> reporter: the suv is parked at the police headquarters. they arrested two juveniles and two adults and looking for more suspects. >> eight to 10 people were able to crawl through the hole and basically help themselves. >> reporter: this is the latest in a string of burglaries and robberies across the apple store. and thieves rob a store there. there was a similar robbery at a burling game apple store last week. >> shop lifts and overnight burglaries like this, especially
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this time of year, they're not necessarily that uncommon, unfortunately. >> reporter: three security guards in plain clothes guarded the frupt front of the store. they believe the cost of i replacing the window pains will likely cost more than the merchandise they stole. the rain is coming as early as wednesday? >> it looks like wednesday at this point. the timing is set up so by the afternoon on wednesday we'll see wet weather move in. no rain. we are dealing with cloud cover and you'll be able to see through tomorrow's forecast, it it will stay cool with a mostly cloudy to partly sunny sky. temperatures 5 degrees below average. this puts us at 58 in concord, 58 in oakland and also widespread 50s from santa rosa
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to san francisco to peninsula, anywhere from 57 in palo alto to 58 for the south bay. i want to spend time on the extended forecast and wednesday, 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. temperatures stay in the 50s for the interior valleys. thursday and friday would have the more heavier, at times, consistent widespread rainfall. so these are the two days of the wet weather. we don't see major river flooding at this point. but possibly isolated urban flooding with street gutters and storm drains have not been cleared out and by saturday we'll get a break and possibly a few spotty showers on sunday. again, thursday and friday the wettest days, most dangerous commutes on the bay area roadways. in terms of rainfall seasonal averages we're doing great so far. this will boost things up
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another one to two inches with that thursday and friday rainfall. we're at 160160% of norm al. an elementary school teacher was among those killed in the oakland fire. hear how her classroom. on our twitter feed
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vigils to honor the victims of the oakland fire are planned throughout the week---
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among them -- two benefit concerts on wednesd, happening now on our twitter feed, vigils planned, among them, a benefit fund raising dinner for thursday and on our website, a deeper look at the lives of the victims who have been identified. people are showing their support, including very big pledges from local sports teams. more news in two minutes. they expecting a big crowd
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tonight... maybe thousands of people at lake merritt for a candelight vigil to honor the vti they're expecting a big crowd tonight, maybe thousands off people for a candle light vigil for the oakland fire. >> they will remember a school teacher from walnut creek. here with more on sarah hoda and details on tonight's memorial. michelle. >> reporter: memorial starts at 8:00. people will start to arrive here at lake maerit shortly. they'll honor all victims but
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especially one, teacher at montessori charter school. students presented in an emotional moment with cards and stories about their favorite teacher, sarah. they want a safe and open space for students to cope with this horrible loss. >> they were offered space to express their feelings and if they needed more direct attention, grief counselors were on hand to help them. >> reporter: the directors are planning a memorial tonight. the lake vigil here at lake merit will be by grand avenue. they're asking people to leave the lighters at home and instead bring a flashlight or glow stick. expect it to run until about 10:00 tonight. nbc bay area news.
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did she ignore warnings from the city? the investigative unit is tracking new details about the owner of the ghost ship warehouse. coming up next we uncover city records that reveal owner failed to act on multiple code violations over the past decade. we're now hearing the first
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details on the potential criminal charges stem averages tragedy and a crime scene. we're hearing the first details on the potential criminal
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charges stemming from the oakland fire. >> requirit's a sensitive and important part of this tragedy. the district attorney spoke at length about this investigation. >> reporter: she did and we spoke with her one on one after she addressed the press here behind me. she says they are going pain stakingly through all of the evidence, bucket by bucket, bringing out what will hopefully be evidence to figure out how this deadly fire started. tonight she is saying whoever may be responsible could face charges from murder to manslaughter. meanwhile, i want to show you the latest from this scene. now on day three and you are looking at live look at a crane that has been brought in to help first responders access the now destroyed warehouse and we are also getting an inside look at why this recovery has taken so long. late this afternoon newly released photos show how much
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rubble first responders have had to sift through. nearly 72 hours into recovery efforts, those cranes were brauts to go through the wreckage. it's now being called a crime scene. three more bodies were discovered. among the victims, is the 17-year-old son of an alameda county sheriff's deputy. making the work even more personal for first responders on the ground and for the first time we're hear flumg alameda county district attorney. a team is removing evidence to determine who may have caused the deadliest fire in the city's history. >> i haven't seen a case of this magnitude in terms of the tragedy of so many people dying as a result of a fire or any other crime and that alone makes it an enormous case with enormous amount of
6:36 pm
responsibility that we have undertaken to make sure we're doing everything exactly the way w we should. >> reporter: and as investigators try to determine the cause all day, we have seen loved ones and friends of those missing brace for the inevitable. lighting candles at a growing make-shift memorial at the site of the warehouse. there are 50 that may have been inside. but still haven't been accounted for and we're also learning that victims have come from all over the world. there are victims from finland, korea and from south america. it's unclear how long the recovery efforts will take. as you can see behind me, we're seeing just how difficult it is inside of the now destroyed warehouse to get to all of the hot spots. there are still areas first responders cannot access.
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reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. these crews are working long hours, 16 to 20 hour shifts. earlier in the news cast, we had an exclusive interview with the manager. it appears the owner knew about the problems with the warehouse for years. liz, she knew about the complaints. what did she do about it? >> records we obtained show the city sited the owner for code violations as far back as 2005. the city filing leans for failing to pay the city back for cleaning up the property. these records pertain to the lot next door to the warehouse that went up in flames. they notified her of hazardous or injurious conditions on the property. the records indicate the city had to step in and clean up the
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property when the owner ignored those violations. they failed to reimburse the city each time. we showed these records to an oakland attorney and listen to what he has to say. >> i would say it's abnormel for a responsible property owner to have a number of notices of violation issue and fail to address it. >> now records show the city filed liens involving at least saevl other properties. they date back to the '90s. three have tocode violations. we spoke with a worker at a bakery and says they received multiple nuisance complaints, and sometimes the owner response and sometimes he wouldn't. >> thank you. a native american group impacted by the tragedy held a
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small prayer service to remember the victim. staff of the native american health center burned sage in a traditional pot outside the warehouse. the center is less than a block from the fire. they say this tragedy has impacted them because when one part of the community hurts, the entire community hurts. >> they were just going out to have a good time, friday night. but they're not coming home. >> the center also run as mental health center across the street. that remains closed during the investigation. you can go to for continuing coverage of this deadly warehouse fire and we're updating our twitter pages 24/7. don't be deceived. how can you safely donate money that will benefit the families of these fire victims.
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it is a hot ticket in town. the rush to see the broadway smash "hamilton." in the bay area. california's next attorney
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general, sat down with reporters today, after being formally introduced by governor jerry brown... ==take vo== california's next attorney general sat down with reporters after being formally introduced by governor jerry brown. he covered immigration reform and other issues. he hopes to continue pursuing progressive immigration and coms on what it's like to be the first latino attorney general.
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>> my dad would tell me when he came here and signs said no mexicans and dogs. and to have me be his son means we're opening the doors now. >> kamala harris is replacing barbara boxer. and it must be confirmed by the state senate and assembly. for once the hottest ticket in town isn't for the warriors, it's for "hamilton." the musical is next manch san francisco. but a lot of people disappointed. they're now looking for plan b. what are we doing for christmas presents now? american express card holders were invited to get tickets online. many waited for hours saying there were 80,000 people ahead of them in the digital line. by this afternoon they were sold out and lucky buyers were
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reselling them for 2500 bucks on stubhub. tickets go on sale to the general public monday. so this is when we need to look at janelle's connection. >> why do you always think i have connections? >> you dialled in. >> zero connections. never watch that musical. >> do you have connections? >> oh, wow, okay. >> we'll see what we can come up with. >> let's focus on the rain. right now it is lower levels. but we have cloud cover moving over head in san francisco, currently 52. 40s by 11:00 p.m. and check this out, a huge stream of moisture from hawaii, stretching all the way up parallel to california. i'll let you know the timeline in about five minutes.
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that bright light you see in the middle of your screen ... is the site of thest a live look at oakland right now. that bright white in the center of your screen is the sight of the ghost ship warehouse. they continue to work around the clock. there are 36 confirmed deaths from friday night's fire. 33 have been tentatively identified and the search for more bodies continues. and even if they had no connection to this tragedy. >> but there's a concern that comes with it. we asked to find out where the money is going and how we can donate with confidence. chris. >> requirit's very numbing. >> reporter: requests for donations began online.
6:48 pm
so far the largest recipient is called gray area foundation for the arts. 6,000 people have given more than $300,000. that the foundation is vowing it will devote to fire victims. >> it's numbing but humbling to know the community that exists around this tragedy. >> reporter: the gray area foundation isn't managing the flood of donations itself. it's bringing in the red cross to make sure every penny goes to someone who deserves the money. >> everyone can trust we are going to do this properly. >> reporter: it's a coordinated effort, yet individuals can ask for donations as with el. >> charity as fraud is a century pfls old problem. >> reporter: ask questions and if you don't get answers, hold off. >> get the people you know. most of the time the fund raisers are for individuals in your community. >> reporter: a heart broken community that wants to give. chris chmura, nbc bay area news.
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let's get back to our weather. winter is off to a great start in the sierra. this is new video from kirk wood mountain resort. october and november were the wettest months in the mountain range and another storm is expected later this week and so this is good news for all the ski resorts up to tahoe and in the next couple weeks. >> the rainfall, a couple days, right? >> it will be a warmer system but it's not going to guarantee a one to two foot snow storm. but we should get at least six inches for the higher elvasevats and possibly more. the big headline again is we have the storm system that is going to bring the return of rainfall from wednesday evening right through friday at this point. while it is just one storm, it will meet up with the subtropical moisture from the south. that's the warmer angle of it and that's why we see the
6:50 pm
rainfall coming back. i'll have more in less than two minutes. and currently 54 degrees wewe have cloud cover that's been with us throughout the day. currently in downtown and we'll see temperatures drop off to 47 by 11:00 p.m. we're setting ourselves up for chilly morning tomorrow. but does not look as though we'll drop below the freezing marks. peninsula, 43 and the south bay, 41. and for the east bay, 42. san francisco cloudy at 44. and north bay, drizzle and fog mixed in for our morning commute. as we get you in the microclimate forecast, no rain. temperatures staying chilly. nooiv degrees below average with a partly sunny to mostly cloudy sky. and cupertino, 55. throughout contra costra and alameda counties, 58 in concord and upper 50s in oakland and 59
6:51 pm
for fremont. weather looks about the same for the peninsula. 57 in palo alto. and out of the northwest at 12 miles per hour. that could actually make this 54 along the embark daro feel like 40. so, do not forget your jacket, even if 50s are something you can handle. it's going to pick up on your fast and you can get sick in. so remember your jacket. 54 in santa rosa sqa and 58 for sonoma. storm system begin to develop, 2:00 p.m. wednesday and widespread rainfall by 11:00 p.m. on wednesday and again the thing that makes the storm system different is likely continual areas throughout thursday morning and into thursday evening. possibly heavy at times and
6:52 pm
potentially continuing into friday morning before we see it break up. one to two inches on average and a lot of the bay area will see totals that are similar here from the north bay to the south bay. on the extended forecast, the wet weather arrives thursday and friday. a spotty shower for sunday's r forecast and on monday. plan extra time for the commute. the good news, if we get what we think, it could boost rainfall averages anywhere from 2 to 300% normal for this time of year. the latest numbers from the oakland fire and more from our exclusive nart view with the manager.
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we're sorry to the families and all the friends that have lost loved ones. i gladly would give my entire life of fortune, wealth, experience again and again. i say this to you and the camera and whoever's watching. that i surrender everything. >> that is the manager of the warehouse in oakland, along with his wife. part of our exclusive interview we shot earlier today. here's what we know so far. there is an updated death toll. 36 bodies have been recovered. 33 of those 36 have been identified. among them, victims from korea, guatemala and finland. 16 families have been notified so far. five more are pending. crews have cleared out about 75%
6:56 pm
of the warehouse. they could complete clearing this out by tomorrow. >> many artists are hoping the tragedy will trig arcrack down on other live/work spaces. tonight at 11:00 after an all new episode of "timeless." and they actually talked about the city official work crews clearing out the storm drains in anticipation of the rain. >> and i think it's for good reason to get all the efrds they can because everything is pointed towards widespread rainfall with possibly heavier pockets and the weddest phase on thursday and friday, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. a few spotty showers on sunday and monday. get ready for the rain. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. have a great evening. >> see you at 11:00. bye, folks.
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>> another great retweet. >> now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra ♪ extra, extra where is my chief strategist, steve bannon? >> donald trump's new twitter tirade. >> stay off twitter and do your job. >> trump gets antagonized when you all do it. >> kate mckinnon, will they ever stop taunting trump? and jen aniston, the morning after her surprise cameo. >> no. >> she was really -- >> our new a-list interview with jen aniston. her return to tv, her holiday plans with justin. >> yeah.


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