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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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more names and more stories emerging from the tragedy in oakland. this as a father shares his broken heart, talking about how his daughter was trying to pursue a beautiful live. getting a better grasp of the recovery scene. the process of identifying victims takes another step forward. >> i would rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents than answer these ridiculous questions. >> those remarks just moments ago. the controversial response after derrick al mean ma is asked about his responsible in the
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death of dozen of people. "today in the bay" starts right now. good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to the forecast. a cold start to your tuesday morning. >> yes. as you step out this morning it is much colder. tomorrow morning it will be colder than this. we're getting ready for the coldest air we've had so far to settle in as we get mostly dry weather and some mostly clear skies. in san francisco, it's only 46 degrees. highs today reaching 56 and a look at all of our temperatures around the bay area. 33 in santa rosa, 43 in livermore and san jose 46 degrees. today the highs reaching only into the mid 50s. i'll talk about that and the chance of rain in the forecast. heading over to mike. you're watching the eastshore freeway. >> right. we had an earlier crash involving a big rig and a lot of debris. we zoom toward the eastshore
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freeway where a short time ago all lanes reported clear for westbound 80. i was watching for residuals but none in sight. heading toward the north bay, seven mississippi us across the richmond bridge to san rafael. only on nbc bay area, just a few minutes ago, the man who operated the oakland warehouse that went up in flames friday spoke on the "today" show airing live on the east coast. derick almena is very defiant when he was asked about if the warehouse was up to code or not. he insisted on talking about the victims instead. >> i'm an honorable man, a proud man. i'm not going to answer these questions at the level. i'd rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents, i'd rather let them tear at my flesh
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than answer these ridiculous questions. i am so sorry. i'm incredibly sorry. what are you going to say? i'm not going to answer these questions. i'm just going to say that i am sorry. if you have to hold my soul accountable, hold my soul accountable for believing in something and artists and beautiful people who believed with me. for three years we built something every day and improved ever thing. >> "today in the bay's" chris san chesz will have more coming up in our next hour. we're also learning more about the victims this morning killed in the fire. ten more people have been identified. among them 20-year-old michaela gregory, 35 regard alex ghassan from oakland and general tanouye
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and em bohlka the alameda county sheriff's department released six other victims including 28-year-old my key danemayer, edward lapine, chelsea coal land and 21-year-old jennifer morris of foster city, also lost their lives in that fire. as we start to put faces to names, we're learning more about the recovery efforts still under way. >> let's go to "today in the bay's" pete suratos who has been on this story for the past 72 hours, continuing to stay on top of the latest developments. expecting another news conference about an hour and a half. also learning about a gut-wrenching text message from one of the victims. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura.
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in about an hour and a half, another news conference, a third consecutive morning we've been getting these brief tinges from oakland police on where they are in this investigation. they can hop up on the podium at any moment. it has definitely taken an emotional toll on first responders. the number of victims standing at 46. we'll learn possibly during the 6:00 a.m. press conference if there's more. there was a report around 2:15 that said there was a coroner's van leaving the site in the warehouse. crews are able to search 75% of the warehouse as of last night. yesterday we saw work stoppage due to stability issues with the structures. interesting to see if they are running into similar issues this morning. we want to mention crews had to use a large crane to get in and out of the warehouse and get that crane on site, the city had to do a planned power outage if you were in the area of 31st
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avenue and sbefr national boulevard. one of the biggest challenges for crews is keeping the evidence intact for investigation purposes while removing the victims from the warehouse. the al media county d.a. nancy o'malley explaining the possibility of the deadly house fire turning into a crime scene. >> we don't know if a crime was committed. we don't know if there's any cal liability, but we needed to make sure we were preserving any potential evidence. >> here are pictures from inside the oakland warehouse following the fire. you can see the firefighters standing in the aftermath of the deadliest fire in oakland history. you mentioned a text message. this tragedy is taking a toll on first responders. we'll have more on that in the next hour. live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> our fire coverage continues on our website. that's where you can find a slideshow of photos taken inside the warehouse before it went up in flames. you'll also find photos of the victims identified so far. all at
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in the meantime getting used to the chilly start right now. kari, you'll notice this the second you wake up and get out the door. >> yes. the cold air is here and this storm system is starting to move closer. i'll let you know how much rain we'll see coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> there is a little glow in the middle of the screen. fog not much of an issue as it was yesterday. tracking 580 through dublin. with very company, but we'll show you how the travel times shape up. plus a retired fire inspector speaks out about the difficulty of inspecting so many buildings with code violations as oakland assesses the depth of this problem.
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an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. good tuesday morning. the time is 4:40. a live look outside at san jose. mostly clear skies and chilly temperatures. evergreen we'll be at 42 degrees at 8:00 and highs reaching into the lower 50s today. i'll detail what else to expect coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> all green for the speed sensors. 11 minutes for 680 through pleasanton and sunol. low clouds spotted on our dublin camera but no problem. we'll see how big the commute shapes up this tuesday coming up. mike, thank you very much. it is 4:40 on your tuesday morning. federal agents and those who
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lived in the ill-fated oakland warehouse reveal to us there were only two access points on top of this huge warehouse. a main door and makeshift emergency exit. we have an animation of the building to show you what we're talking about. you can see the two exits and two sets of stairs. the fire began on the first floor, but most of the victims were upstairs. one of the staircases was created with wooden pallets. this photo was taken by someone in the warehouse several times, describing the stairs as hard to navigate and dangerous. some in the warehouse says there were rules, but rules are not enough for such spaces. john darmin says fire inspectors can get overwhelmed in a litity like oakland which rife with
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such buildings. >> catch the eye for people looking for a place to crash and a lot of promoters of a lot of events, music events, they see these warehouses and they actually track down the owners and pose the question, do you want to rent your warehouse for a night. >> the couple who ran the property say they are being unfairly blamed for what happened. >> we'll hear more from his interview on the "today" show momentarily. we'll be back with more news.
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welcome back on this tuesday morning. officials have not updated the death toll since last night of the horrific warehouse fire from friday night. we're waiting for a news conference set to be again in a little over an hour from now. 36 bodies recovered, 22 victims positively identified and their families have been notified. an additional ten victims have been tentatively identified. we know that crews have cleared out about 75% of that wear laos. of course, the investigation into what caused this fire will continue today. 4:45 right now. you will notice there has been more than just a slight drop-off here. cool yesterday. today it's downright cold. >> it will be even colder tomorrow. i guess we better get used to it. try to stay warm, definitely a thicker jacket or coat. here is a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. pretty sure all the drivers have
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some heat cranking up in the car, along with some music to maybe wake you up. we will see the cold air staying with us and mostly clear skies. so far visibility has been fairly good except for the tri-valley where we have patchy fog. now it's 43 degrees in concord, 42 in livermore and san jose at 46 degrees, almost at freezing in santa rosa. the cold air is here. now we're watching a storm system that will be arriving by late tomorrow night with some rain. here is a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. we see the clouds increasing today. we will still have some sunshine. it stays all dry until late tomorrow evening. by :00 tomorrow we'll see the rain moving into the north bay and it will be off and on, and then here we are on thursday afternoon. this shows some very intense rain along with strong winds. i wouldn't be surprised if we had a few thunderstorms in the mix. that's something we'll be
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watching as this moisture continues to stream in from hawaii. we will see the rain still pouring through thursday and friday as well. looking ot how much rain we'll see over the next several days, before now and monday morning we will have the potential of about two inches of layne for parts of the south bay. computer models still going back and forth. this is something we'll be fine-tuning over the next few days. it stays cool with highs only in the 50s, the coldest day will be tomorrow in san francisco. only seeing the high up to 51 degrees and for the inland areas, it will be the mid 50s, morning temperatures into the 30s. we'll take a closer look at this as we head over to mike now. what's hang on the hpg on the peninsula. >> we initially thought it was a crash, but it's a disabled vehicle. no slowing in the south bay. on the peninsula, the south san francisco exit off southbound 101, reports of one lane blocked by a disabled truck.
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that may be at least a distraction. folks shift to the left as you pass through sfo. no delays for the transit systems either. that's great stuff on the peninsula. b.a.r.t. moving all the way over to the east bay. no problems for your dublin area, that earlier patch of low clouds has cleared out and the bay bridge toll plaza is clear. well, make me a liar, a few folks waiting at the cash. investors hoping for the markets to reach a new high. apple has broken a new record and facebook is looking to users to fix fake news. >> for that and the rest of your news before the bell, we turn to landon dowdy who joins us live from cnbc world headquarters. land landon, good morning. >> good morning to you both. wall street will try to add to monday's gains although futures are mixed this morning. stocks rising yesterday with a dow hitting a record high, solid
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economic data with concerns about europe in the wake of sunday's no vote in italy's referendum. you want to look -- dow to 19,216. nasdaq up 53 to 5,308. sales of the apple watch set a record, the best ever for the device. cook was responding to a report estimating apple watch sales are down 71% from last year, although cook would not give specific sales numbers for the watch. facebook may be asking users to rate the quality of news. facebook has been in trouble recently for failing to stop the spread of fake news, especially relating to the election. back to you. >> facebook looking for some do
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it yourself fact checking. 4:49 on your tuesday morning. president-elect trump's thank you tour is continuing in north carolina this morning. we're expecting the official announcement of something that we essentially already know. his official nomination for secretary of defense. trump has said mad dog mattis is his unofficial choice for defense secretary. his latest cabinet appointment, dr. ben carson as hud secretary is drawing praise and criticism from members of congress. that partly because carson said he didn't have the experience to lead a federal department. >> we had decisions today that will be make public in the days ahead. >> sources tell nbc news that joe manchin is being considered for energy secretary and mitt romney is now back on top in the search for secretary of state. it is 4:50 right now. in the midst of trump's transition, kau lawmakers are
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trying to protect immigrants. one measuring trying to protect immigrants in deportation proceedings. others trying to protect information in databases. riders will be noticing an increased law enforcement presence at transit stations in los angeles because of an anonymous threat. fbi officials say that threat came to a public safety line yesterday, the caller indicating that something would occur at the metro red line station in universal city sometime today. officials say that threat was obviously very specific, but the credibility of it needs to be vetted out. >> this could be real, it could be a hoax, but we must remain calm but vigilant. we're asking the public to take the same precautions they would take on any other day. city officials and undercover deputies will also be riding the transit system today. 4:51. coming up, going courtside, you can't stop klay thompson, the warriors shooting guard sets a
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career high in points. that wasn't even the most impressive part of his night. happening right now, the warehouse fire in oakland is prompting fear from artists all over the city, hoping city officials or building owners will start cracking down on those warehouse conversion spaces. you can read mourp on our facebook page. a drowsy driver is a dangerous driver. drivers with one to two hours less sleep than the recommended seven are at double the risk to having a crash. more on that on our website, back in two minutes.
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a live look now at oakland. that bright light you see in the middle of your screen is the site of the warehouse that
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burned. investigators continue working around the clock at the fire scene. there are 36 confirmed deaths from friday night's fire. that is the same fact your we had last night, but we are expecting another news conference this morning. again, roughly two-thirds of those recovered vic tichlgs have been identified. the tragedy in oakland is being recognized across the country. >> we want to show you a picture of downtown dallas. a building lit up with the word oakland. the omni hotel often recognizes holidays or tragedies with its light display. the cities across the country right now showing their solidarity. thapg today amidst, mayor libby schaaf announcing new efforts to boost the arts committee. many have been at risk to degree displaced due to rising rents and lack of long-term leases. the mayor' office scheduled
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today's event before friday's warehouse fire. >> there's being in the zone and there's really being in the shown. that's about all you can say when it comes to clklay thompso during last night's warriors game. >> look at this celebrity crowd on the sidelines. the man of the hour, of course, would have to be klay thompson who dropped 60 points last night. that's an amazing feat in his own right, did it in just three-quarters. thompson sat the entire fourth quarter because the dubs had such a huge lead they didn't need him, winning the game 142-106. >> hot out there. we're cold when it comes to walking out the door. a cold start to the tuesday. >> a cold start and getting ready for rain for the middle of the week. i'll let you know when exactly that rolls in coming up in the microclimate forecast. a look at the bay bridge. doesn't look like all the cash
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lanes are open. we'll talk about the span coming up. another look right now at obviously the scene from oakland a couple days ago, friday night. in the aftermath, so far 36 confirmed deaths. the man who ran the building in the artist collective there spoke to the "today" show minutes ago, lashing z out in a confrontational question and answer session. we'll bring it to you right after this. "nbc bay area responds." we've recovered over $300,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call or visit
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make the oven one of the things they're most excited to open. it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury. more victims identified in the oakland warehouse fire. i'm sharon katsuda. i'll have an update. >> reporter: the search continues for victims inside the oakland warehouse fire. i'll have the latest on where things stand this morning. >> i'm so sorry, incredibly sorry. what do you want me to say? i'm not going to answer these questions. >> words from the founder of the art collective, his emotional response to this tragedy coming up. "today in the bay" starts right now. it is an interview you will certainly have to see. good morning to you on this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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first let's get to what you'll be facing this morning. very clear start. this time yesterday there was fog everywhere, kari. that's the big difference. >> we'll have a lot of changes over the next few days, from cold air settling in to some sunshine, then turning to rain as we go into late tomorrow night. now we have, once again, mainly clear conditions. compared to yesterday you do have an easier drive as far as visibility. it's 43 degrees in the peninsula. a little cooler in spots. we dip down to freezing in the north bay with some patchy frost. today's highs will come up to the mid 50s, not as warm as yesterday and still some sunny skies. i'll detail that, what else to expect as we go through the middle of the week as the storm system arrives. as we led over to mike, he's giving us a few of the bay bridge. >> the rest of the bay really uninteresting. that's what you want for your morning commute. at month pass westbound a 80, st


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