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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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first let's get to what you'll be facing this morning. very clear start. this time yesterday there was fog everywhere, kari. that's the big difference. >> we'll have a lot of changes over the next few days, from cold air settling in to some sunshine, then turning to rain as we go into late tomorrow night. now we have, once again, mainly clear conditions. compared to yesterday you do have an easier drive as far as visibility. it's 43 degrees in the peninsula. a little cooler in spots. we dip down to freezing in the north bay with some patchy frost. today's highs will come up to the mid 50s, not as warm as yesterday and still some sunny skies. i'll detail that, what else to expect as we go through the middle of the week as the storm system arrives. as we led over to mike, he's giving us a few of the bay bridge. >> the rest of the bay really uninteresting. that's what you want for your morning commute. at month pass westbound a 80, westbound 80, a flat tire
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reported somewhere around treasure island on the approach, one lane blocked from what chp has told me. looking at our live camera from emeryville, no slowing around the bend here. the camera shaking a bit, too. no wind advisory. we'll track the prij carefully. back to you. only on nbc bay area, the lease shoulder of the warehouse is speaking out. derick ion almena spoke ut on the "today" show. >> that was an emotionally charged interview, chris. >> reporter: good morning to you both. derick almena and his wife spoke calmly with nbc exclusively last night. again this morning he was set to talk calmly about the situation here, but when the questions turned to building codes, property rights and responsibilities, things got very passionate. >> i didn't do anything ever in
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my life that would lead me up to this moment. i'm an honorable man, a proud man. no, i'm not going to answer these questions on this level. i'd rather get on the floor and with trampled by the parents, rather let them tear at my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions. i'm so sorry, i'm incredibly sorry. what do you want me to say? i'm not going to answer these questions. >> reporter: now, in that exclusive interview with nbc both this morning and last night, derick almena and his wife micah allison talked about renting this space three years ago and he thought it was up to code at that point. it was never intended to be residential space. he spoke clearly that he and his wife lived here at the ghost ship warehouse with their three children, put them to bed every night. he was criticized immediately after the fire as well because he posted about his sadness over the warehouse fire but did not
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mention the loss of life. he said he did not know there was a loss of life at that point. he could still face criminal charges because of the situation here at the ghost ship warehouse. coming up at 5:30, we'll show you more of that impassioned interview with him, how he described life here with his children in what was supposed to be an artists collective and creative space that has become an utter and complete nightmare for so many people. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> now we have new faces to go with this tragedy that has been unfolding for the last 72 hours. we now the names of ten more victims who parished in the devastating fire as the bay area mournings those lives lost. you see tears from last night's memorial. learning more about the hea heart-wrenching final moments of those trapped inside. "today in the bay's" pete suratos has more on the overnight recovery process. also expecting a news conference
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at 6:00. >> reporter: yes. we'll get the news conference with details to see where investigators are as far as progress goes in that search for the victims. of course, we've taken an emotional toll on the first responders. hearing stories from the alameda county sheriff's office of a mother getting her text message from her daughter moments before she passed away in this deadly fire. we can now confirm according to officials that there are 36 victims. we could possibly learn if there are more coming up. crews able to search roughly 75% of the warehouse as of last night. they are making progress. yesterday we saw the work stoppage due to stability issues inside this structure of course, they'll resume this morning. they had to get a crane on site. there was a planned power outage near 31st and international boulevard, since the crane had the potential of hitting power
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lines. one of the biggest challenges is keeping the evidence intact for investigation purposes while removing the victims from this warehouse. alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley toured the scene yesterd yesterday. >> we don't know if a crime was committed. we don't know if there's any criminal liability, but we needed to make sure we were preserving any potential evidence. >> reporter: you're taking a look at pictures from inside the oakland warehouse following the fire. you see the firefighters standing amongst that damage in the aftermath of the deadliest fire in oakland history. this tragedy has taken an emotional toll on first responders and the community as a whole. we'll get more in the news conference in less than an hour. live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, pete. in the meantime getting a glimpse into the young lives lost. late last night we learned several new names of people who didn't make it out of that blaze. "today in the bay's" sharon
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katsuda has their story. >> reporter: you can see the police officer behind me. here you can see a makeshift memorial, a poster made by seventh grade students, flowers out here, phone numbers from grief counselors and the american red cross, anyone seeking help. you can see candles are still lit here for this moment oral. we're learning more about the victims killed in the fire. ten more people have been identified. among them, 20-year-old michaela gregory from south san francisco, 35-year-old alex ghassan from oakland and jennifer kiyomi tanouye, she was 31. another one of the victims has been identified as 33-year-old em bohlka from oakland, her father posted on instagram she was recently transitioning to become a beautiful happy woman. the alameda county sheriff's
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department released the names of six other victims, 28-year-old micah dane meyer, 34-year-old edmund lapine and benjamin runnels. 33-year-old chelsea dolan from san francisco, 29-year-old feral pines from berkeley and 24-year-old jennifer morris from foster city also lost their lives in the fire. of the 36 victims who died back here live, 22 have been positively identified, and their families identified. the makeshift memorial is growing. a lot of people coming here to pay their respects. three of the victims have to have scientific identification. live in oakland, sharon katsuda, back to you. >> thank you very much. such a loss there. loved ones joined complete strangers for a vigil at lake merrick. the parents of 35-year-old
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travis huff went to the party on friday night to support one of the musical performers. >> worked with trouble kids, trying to help them through whatever crisis they had. everybody at the school knew him as mr. travis and they all loved him. >> there was a lot of emotion at last night's vigil, there was also some anger. we're told gatherers actually booed mayor libby schaaf when she addressed the crowd. members of the bay area transgender community held a vigil. at least three of the people who died in the oakland warehouse were transgender. one pastor who helped organize the vigil says in the transgender life, victims may have struggled to feel safe and belong. our fire coverage continues on our website. that's where you can find a
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slideshow of photos taken inside the oakland warehouse before it went up in flames. you also find photos of the victims identified so far. all at good tuesday morning. mostly clear skies, 44 degrees in oakland and 45 in san jose. 35 in napa and right at freezing in santa rosa. as we go into the day, we're in for cooler temperatures, only reaching the mid 350s. we'll also get some sunshine before the clouds roll in tomorrow and major changes for the rest of the week. we'll talk about a storm system arriving and how much rain we can see. that's coming up in about ten minutes. mike is getting us a view of what's happening on the peninsula. >> we're going to check back in on highway 101 around south san francisco, the south bay itself not looking so bad. 580, that little billed out of
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t the altamont. just before you get to the south san francisco exit, reports after a low lane blocked by a disabled vehicle. shift over to your left. over here, no problem into the city. the bay bridge, cash lanes off to the right are clear, but the left backing up. >> thank you very much, mike. now we continue our coverage from oakland. the words and tributes continue to pour in for the 36 lives and lost. how or commander-in-chief is sending his condolences. the fight against hate and fake news on the internet. we'll take a look at new ways trying to get rid of them. >> as we go to break, we remember some of the people who lost their lives so tragically. we'll be right back.
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good tuesday morning. the time is 5:13. as we get a live look outside over san jose, a clear start and chilly temperatures.
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we'll start out in the 30s and 40s and eventually reach only into the mid 50s today with a mix of sun and clouds. i'll let you know what to expect coming up in about five minutes. at the top of your screen, you see 34 minutes from grant line toward the dublin interchange. there's a crash that may be blocking part of the lane back in greenville. the rest of river moore and dublin do move at speeds. >> mike, thank you very much. 5:14 on your tuesday. he's had to confront deep pain and loss of life many times throughout his presidency. now president obama must do it again in the historically deadly oakland fire. he said, quote, our prayers go out to the people of oakland, california, in the aftermath of this weekend's deadliest warehouse fire. he says, oakland is one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country, and as families and residents pull together in the wake of this awful tragedy, they'll have the unwaefrg
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support of the american people. we'll shift gears and talk about business and tech news. facebook is still trying to figure out how to fight fake news. >> scott mcgrew joins us. >> facebook users, laura, say they've started to see questions next to some news articles asking whether they think those articles are authentic. facebook of course trying to fight that fake news. mistrust and hate are easily the biggest threats that facebook has ever faced. the stock price is based on the future investors' hope for facebook, but the futures a lot less clear if people don't trust what they're reading. meanwhile, facebook, microsoft and google are teaming up to identify terror videos to help each other scrub their sites. videos create finger presents of sorts, relatively easy for a machine to recognize a video, often used in copyright cases but now can be used to check
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terror. now we'll check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> wall street adding to monday's games, futures are higher this morning and stocks rising yesterday with the dow hitting a record high as solid economic data offset concerns about europe in the wake of sunday's no vote in italy's referendum. look for data on productivity and labor cost. the dow rising 45 to 19,216. the nasdaq up 53 to 5,308. back over to you. >> ikea just announced it will give its employees up to four months parental leave, regardless of whether they're part time, full time. just as long as they've been at the store for at least one calendar year. the new policy goes into effect january 1st. ikea has locations east in east palo alto and emeryville. netflix gives an entire year, twitter 20 weeks, google is 18 weeks. it's extremely unusual for a retailer. >> interesting to see if the
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trend will change. >> remember wall met recently raised z its minimum wage. >> you said parental leave, for both dads and moms? >> correct, and for adoptions as well. >> that time with kids is precious. 5:17 right now. after the escape of inmates from the santa clara county jail, county officials are reassessing their surveillance vis stem. today at 9:00 a.m., the santa clara county board of supervisors will be deciding on the addition of 224 surveillance cameras. among ahead of the escape, one of the supervisors proposed adding new cameras to the jail for the safety of those who housed and work there. they'll be remodeling the jail in the next few years and will today revisit that recommendation. you might say it's a new addition to the san francisco international airport that could leave you squealing. a female pig named lilu has
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joined the wag brigade which brings animal therapy to travelers. lilu is the first airport therapy pig in the country. officials are hoping she can impress travelers with her costumes and tricks. >> a pig in the airport is fine, but when pigs fly -- >> right now we're waking up to much colder weather. >> bundle up this morning, another cold start. it will be even colder tomorrow morning. and then the rain arrives. we'll talk about all of that. a live look outside over san jose, all clear, no major worries about visibility and dense fog settling in. here is what to expect. it's now 45 degrees. a high today of 55 expected, and definitely long sleeves a necessity. it will be sunny with cooler
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temperatures moving in and then the really cold air continues with the arrival of a storm system and some rain late tomorrow evening. and this weekend we'll have a break on saturday, and then the rain comes back on sunday. so looking now at san francisco, it's 45. and we'll only reach 56 today. we have 40 in concord. in san jose once again 45. morgan hill 42. and 32 degrees in santa rosa. we dip below freezing as well. napa with highs today reaching 56. mostly 50s today. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. here is a look at clouds moving through the south bay by :30 this evening. it will clear out tonight for a cold one. by tomorrow, mostly cloudy. by 3:30 we'll start to see showers moving into the north bay. the rain will be off and on. look at what happens on thursday. we'll see the bright pinks and purples, that shows a very intense rain and it may also be windy. we'll be watching to see if
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we'll have the potential of brief flooding as some of those localized areas as that continues to move through. this moisture stream tapping in all the way from hawaii. as it continues to do so, it will bring in the potential between now and early monday morning of about two inches of rain and maybe a little higher. we see this going back and forth. looking at how much snow we can see in the see area, this also changes. we'll have the potential of at least a foot of snow in some of the higher elevations. here in the bay area looking at 50s in the forecast. looks like a pretty soggy forecast and maybe a break on saturday. it looks like you're catching a break as far as your morning drive. >> we talk about the end of the year slide, as we slide into all the winter holidays, an easier drive overall. however, we will have your compression of your commute, so it will be a shorter duration, but it will likely be your typical spots. tuesday, watching for more
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traffic build, but gentle at the dublin interchange and over in hayward and union city. looking at no major slowing here. 580 has the slowing way back this the altamont pass. the crash is still there around north greenville. by the time you get towards vacaville, everything fine towards the change. 15 minutes at most, highway 4 to this spot where we see the cash lanes starting to build. we have cash lanes open, but in problem on the peninsula. how you can safely donate money to benefit the families of the fire victims. >> we'd like to runs again remember some of those victims who lost their lives in the oakland fire. we'll be back in two minutes.
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the goodness of people here and across the bay area is really showing. no shortage of people who want to help out the victims and family of the warehouse fire.
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>> at least 6,000 people have donated about $300,000 to the gray area foundation for the arts. its executive director says it's looking to the red cross for help disbursing the money to people who need it. >> this is what they do. they're good at it. >> many other individual campaigns are under way on crowd sourcing websites. with so many organizations coming together to pitch in, how do you ensure your money isn't squandered. >> we asked consumer investigator chris chmura to find out where the money is going and how we can give with confidence. >> it's very numbing. >> reporter: almost as soon as the flames flashed on tv screens, requests for donations began online. so far gray area foundation for the arts with more than 6,000 people giving more than $300,000 that the foundation is vowing it will devote to fire victims.
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>> it's numbing, but also humbling to understand the community that exists around this tragedy. >> the gray area foundation isn't managing the sudden flood of donations itself. it's bringing in the red cross to make sure that every penny that's contributed goes to someone who actually deserves the money. >> everyone can trust we'll do this properly. >> reporter: it's a coordinated effort. yet individuals can ask for donations, too. >> fraud is a tradition. >> reporter: ask questions, if you don't get answers, hold off. >> give to people who you know. most of the times these fund-raisers are for individuals in your community. >> reporter: a heartbroken community that wants to give. chris chmura, nbc bay area news. >> a look there at the victim. we know 17 of the names have been released, and two-thirds of the 36 people identified. up next, we continue our coverage on the tragedy in oakland. we have a team in place to get
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you up to speed on where things stand. >> reporter: the search continues for the victims inside the oakland warehouse fire. the emotional toll it's taking on first responders. >> reporter: the man who created this created space as a dream that's now turned to a nightmare is speaking exclusively with nbc this morning. he's very upset. we'll show you what he has to say about living here. before we head to break, we remember the young lives lost in the deadly warehouse fire. we'll be back in two minutes.
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i would rather get on the floor and be trampled by the parents, rather let them tear at my flesh than answer these ridiculous questions. >> those remarks all new this morning, the confrontational response after derick almena is asked about his responsibility in the death of dozen of people in the oakland warehouse fire. the interview you'll only see on nbc coming up. a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we'll have that interview in just one second. a lot of people complain about the fact that we don't get a real winter in the bay area. today just a little taste of it. >> a little taste of winter. that's all we need. we don't need anymore than this, because it will be cold, and
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we'll all be complaining about this. even colder tomorrow morning as we talk about some freezing temperatures. yes in the north bay we have to protect those plants and make sure we take extra care of the pets as well. seeing those temperatures in the north bay dipping below freezing. at 45 in san jose and livermore 41 degrees. highs today reaching the mid 50s. it will be a cool one with sunshine and the storm system. we're seeing that to the west and it will be moving in with rain. mike has a new crash in san jose. >> we do. we have a nice flow of traffic for most of the north bay. there is a crash shy of that point. that's about it for the major slowing. the new crash north 680 at capital avenue. we have a couple of cars involved. one has made its way over to the right shoulder. another in the center divide, both clear from the lanes without any slowing here. the bay bridge toll plaza, we expect to see the metering lights on. we do have them on. i was wrong -- they don't have
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all cash lanes open. one is closed on the left, complicating it a little bit on that side. 5:31. only on nbc, emotionally charged and near tears, the leaseholder of the warehouse is speaking out this morning. derick almena spoke on the "today" show as it was airing on the east coast. >> kris, he was lashing out at accusations that he's at fault here. >> reporter: he admitted he and his wife were living here at the warehouse with their children and he knew it was illegal. when he was pressed on the questions about building codes and property and responsibility, that's when he got very upset. >> i don't even want to -- i don't want to talk about me. i don't want to talk about property. this is profit? the loss of mass lives? i'm a father.
5:33 am
i laid my three children down there every night. profit? this is not profit. this is loss. this is a mass grave. >> reporter: in that exclusive interview this morning on the "today" show, derick almena and his wife micah allison talked about renting the warehouse three years ago, paying about 5,000 -- collecting $5,000 in rent, living here with their three children. they also talk about why they weren't at home at the time of the fire. in another exclusive interview last night with jodi hernandez, almena said he thought the building was up to code and police knew they were living here illegally. he admitted to doing electrical work himself without permits and now the landlord has turned her back on him. he has been criticized in the first hours after the fire because in a facebook post he talked about what he had lost, not mentioning any of the victims. he said at that point he did not know the fire was deadly. again, the most passionate
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response came when he was asked whether he and his wife were profiting from a potentially deadly situation. in oakland, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> you can see the full interview on the "today" show coming up at 7:00. thank you, kris. we're learning more now about the victims killed in the fire, ten more people identified. among them 20-year-old michaela gregory from south san francisco, 35-year-old alex ghassan from oakland and jennifer kiyomi tanouye from oakland, 31 years old. another victim identified as 33-year-old em bohlka from oakland. her father posted on instagram that she was recently transitioning to becoming a beautifully happy woman. six other victims include 28-year-old micahh dane mayer, edmund lapine and 33-year-old chelsea dolan from san
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francisco, 29-year-old feral pines from berkeley and 24-year-old jennifer morris of foster city also losing their lives in the fire. as we finally start to put faces to the names in this tragic fire, we're learning more about the recovery efforts still under way this morning. >> tai"today in the bay's" pete suratos continues to stay on top of the latest developments. we learned yesterday they were going to be using a crane to come in to stabilize the building and get in and out. they shut down power in the area for hours. where do things stand this morning? >> good morning. the news conference will take place in less than half an hour. to get to that, that crane you're talking about, we saw it moving around not too long ago. of course this has taken an emotional toll on first responders. we're hearing stories of these victims, sending last-minute text messages to loved ones momenting before they passed
5:36 am
away. we know 36 victims were found inside this warehouse and about 75% of the structure has been searched by crews, and crews use that large crane you mentioned to get in and out of the warehouse yesterday. there was a planned power outage near 31st avenue and international boulevard because the crane when it was brought in could possibly hit power lines. they had to turn off power in the area affecting hundreds of customers. one o of the biggest challenges was keeping the evidence intact while removing the victims. we talked about the emotional toll on them. the alameda county sheriff's office saying a mother received a text message in her daughter saying, quote, i love you mom, i'm going to die. >> this is a type of incident that will take a toll on you. >> reporter: here are pictures from inside that oakland warehouse following the fire. you have the firefighters standing in that damage in the
5:37 am
aftermath of the deadliest fire in oakland history. alameda county d.a. says this could possibly turn into a crime scene. we'll get more information on that in the news conference set to take place in less than half an hour. we're live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> we'll cover that live. federal agents, those who lived in the area revealed to us that there were only two action es points into the warehouse, a main door and emergency exit. we have an animation to show you of the building itself. it gives you a better idea. you see the exits and two sets of stairs right there. the fire began on the first floor. most of the victims were upstairs where people gathered for the music party. you see how difficult it would be to get down in the face of a fire. witnesses say one of the staircas staircases was actually filled with wooden pallets, it was created there. this photo was taken by someone who was inside the warehouse
5:38 am
several times. he described the stairs as very hard to navigate and dangerous. >> documents show that complaints against that oakland warehouse date back to 1999. that includes two as recently as last month as we reported. the complaints cite high amounts of garbage outside and an illegal interior building structure. one resident says rules included no candles and no smoking due to concerns specifically about a fire. >> if your ideal situation is living in a warehouse rather than the street, you'll live in the warehouse. >> while the focus has been on the building manager, the owner hasn't been seen publicly since the fire. it is 5:38 right now. happening today, oakland mayor libby schaaf is announcing new efforts to boost the city's arts
5:39 am
community. many have been at risk of being displaced due to rising rent and a lack of long-term leases. the mayor's office, by the way, scheduled today's event before friday's warehouse fire. >> the tragedy in oakland is being recognized in cities all over the country today. >> this is downtown dlaps. the building lit up with the words oakland. the omni hotel often recognizes holidays and tragedies with light display. >> nice to see other people joining in the pain being felt here. our fire coverage continues on our website. that's where you can find a slideshow of photos taken from inside the warehouse right before it went up in flames. you'll also find photos of the victims identified so far. all that on an attempted burglary led to gunfire at a vallejo home. the home envision happened yesterday afternoon. it is near ascot parkway and not too far from jesse bethel high
5:40 am
school. police say they got a call from a man who heard someone kick in his front door. the man grabbed a gun, shot the intruder and climbed out a second story window. police say the intruder was taken to the hospital where he died from the gunshot wound. he has not been identified. good tuesday morning. the time is 5:40. it's mostly in the low to mid 40s. we've had spots dipping into the freezing mark in the north bay with patchy frost there. mostly clear skies will give us sunshine this afternoon. it will be cooler with breezy winds and a high of 55 expected in the tri-valley, and in san francisco it will be 56 degrees. it will be 56 in the north bay and a very cold night once again for tonight as we will see more spots dipping down to about 33 degrees. i'll detail that. but mike is tracking a very slow drive for 580. >> yes, for a very short section on our maps.
5:41 am
it's for folks coming in out of the stockton and tracy area. for most of the bay, you're at green. the bay bridge metering lights are on. a big slowdown ap etch proing altamont road and greenville. a crash is blocking one lane there. the rest of the drive shows a little build typical for sun snoel and hayward, and the approach to the bay bridge not a problem. at the toll plaza you do have to wait. 5:41. coming up, we continue our coverage on the tragedy that continues to unfold in oakland where at least 36 lives were lost. we have an update from the scene coming up next. pete suratos has been following the developments there. in the meantime as we go to break, we'd like to remember some of the people who lost their lives so tragically. we'll be right back.
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good morning. the time is 5:44. a live look outside at palo alto. all clear, not much, fog around
5:45 am
the bay area. cupertino lunchtime temperature in the lower 60s and a mix of sun and clouds, slightly above normal there. heading into the forecast, rain is on the way. i'll have details on that in about five minutes. >> this is bad at the top of the screen, 47-minute drive registering out of the altamont pass. the backup is before you get to vasco because of a crash blocking one lane. past that, clear toward the dublin interchange. 5:45 on this tuesday morning. we're showing you the setup where there's supposed to be a news conference in about 15 minutes. we're awaiting new words, any developments on the deadly warehouse fire. we know so far, 36 lives lost and the crews have cleared about 75% of the warehouse so far. we have pete suratos live on the
5:46 am
scene, and we'll take that news conference live when it happens about 15 minutes from now. here is a live look at the warehouse overhead. pg&e having to shut down power to the area for about 12 hours shutting down power. we'll continue to monitor what is happening in oakland this morning. 5:46 right now. local news, an east palo alto man is behind bars charged with the death of a toddler. the 24-year-old man lived with his girlfriend in this apartment on o'keefe street. police were called to the house a week ago because the 2-year-old girl was having trouble breathing. the child died at the hospital. police determined foul play was a factor and they arrested the mother's live-in boy friend. it is 5:46 right now. riders will notice an increased law enforcement presence at transit stations in los angeles because of an anonymous threat. fbi officials say the threat came to a public safety line yesterday. the tip came from a man using a
5:47 am
pay phone in a western country and the concern over the tip is relatively low. the caller indicated something would occur at the metro red line station in universal city today. officials say the threat was very specific, but the credibility still needs to be vetted out. >> this could be real, it could be a hoax. but we must remain calm but richmond-san rafael bridge leapt. we're asking the public to take the precautions they would take on any other day. city officials and undercover deputies will be riding the transit stims today. >> if you thought your water tasted a little musty. the earth think overtones are from the blending of water supplies. they say the water is still safe to drink. it happens annually during maintenance that stirs up sediment in the pipes. they suggest you run your water to a few minutes just to clear everything out on there. not a bad suggestion. >> no kidding. maybe bottled today.
5:48 am
5:46 right now. google can speak many languages to many people but having trouble talking to conservatives. >> is there no google translate for conservatives? >> the search giant has a job opening for what it's called a manager of conservative outreach. the description says you will act as google's liaison to conservative and libertarian and free market groups. if you're interested, you need a college degree and eight years direct experience in politics or activism. "the new york times" says congress is starting to push back against donald trump's plan to add a 35% tariff to products made in china, things like iphones. under mr. trump's plan, the cheapest iphone 7 will go from $649 to $876. iphones are mixed up in the taiwan controversy as well. electronic components for the iphone are made in taiwan, shipped to mainland china to be put together and shipped out to the u.s.
5:49 am
there's a lot of worry in the business community about mr. trump's radical change in policies toward tie wans. google has a new app for its android phone to allow people who care about you to know where you are. someone can ask your location. you can deny the request. if you do nothing because you're hurt or whatever, after five minutes that location will be sent out. it will tell you if the other person's phone is simply out of batteries and that's why they're not answering. the doubt starts at yet another record high despite genuine concerns about the health of italian banks. italian voters said no to reforms and the prime minister said yesterday he would resign. sam and laura, he may be replaced by a populist who used to be a tv entertainer. imagine that. >> where have we seen that play out before? >> there is being in the zone and then there's really being in the zone.
5:50 am
did you watch this game last night? klay thompson during last it in's warriors game went gangbusters. he did it in front of a zip crowd. derriek carr, they picked a goo game to go to. thompson dropped 60. you'll see some of his points right here. actually that might have been k.d. off the dunk from a steph curry feed. in just three-quarters, thompson sat the fourth quarter. the dubs win this one 142-106. >> amazing. they make it look so effortless. >> we have friends tweeting back and forth saying klay lost to the pacers, the warriors won but klay thompson had them beat for two quarters. >> almost. >> you've got to run out there this morning. getting a little blood flowing.
5:51 am
>> it's cold and will be colder tomorrow. i guess we'll have to do what we have to do to stay warm out there. not only that, but we'll throw some rain in the mix. here is a live look outside at san francisco. mostly clear start. compared to yesterday this looks much better. we don't have to deal with that dense fog. it's 45 degrees, heading up to 56 degrees today. here is a live look outside at san rafael. we had dense fogg there as well yesterday. it's looking clear, but there's still some patchy fog, especially in the north bay with temperatures dipping down to 32 degrees. 44 in oakland. 35 in livermore. also patchy fog in the tri-valley be mostly clear skies. the clouds will start to move in by tomorrow out ahead of this storm system that is tapping into deep moisture, extending toward hawaii. this is the way it plays out in the hour-by-hour forecast. by this afternoon, still dry and mostly cloudy.
5:52 am
the clouds roll in by tomorrow. by 3:30 we start to see green on the maps indicating rain. when we start to see these really bright colors, that shows an intense downpour. that may lead to some brief street flooding. now is the time to make sure you clear those storm drain, move away the leaves and get things cleared up before the heavy rain starts to move in. there will also be gusty winds through at least thursday evening. looking at how much rain we could see, the potential of about one to two inches of rain across the bay area. it will be cool to go along with that. in san francisco highs only reaching the 50s. morning temperatures tomorrow will be down to 42 degrees, and right at about freezing with patchy frost in the valleys tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about that. mike is taking us back to the tri-valley. >> let me be very clear. pretty calm around the bay. we have all this green contrasting with this red we see off 580 and the tri-valley.
5:53 am
we had an earlier crash shy of north greenville that is reportedly clear. it's jammed up now just starting to recover. something else was going on there. a clear drive toward the dublin interchange. look how nice that is by comparison. the only other issue we have is there's a sign truck left over from a construction zone, southbound 680 at monument boulevard that might have been dinged by another car. there might have been damage to that truck. sts is lanes. south from 242 right at the merge there. approaching the bay bridge, the eastshore freeway moves well, just a 21-minute drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza. a live look at the toll plaza itself. the backup is here. even the fast track lanes are moving easier than a typical tuesday. back to you. at 5:53, we continue our coverage live from oakland this morning. the words, the tributes pouring in for the 36 lives lost. only on nbc we hear from the man who leased that warehouse. what he had to say.
5:54 am
also, we're awaiting updates this morning, laura, expecting a news conference at 6:00 or so roughly in the next ten minutes. we'll bring it to you live as we are hearing such emotionally painful insights into what the victims were telling their families as the fire happened. first, half right now, this morning, derick almena speaking exclusively with the "today" show during a nearly six-minute emotionally charged interview. he defended himself and tries to shift blame to the city of oakland. you can watch the entire interview on our website. a new study that says drivers who get one to two fewer hours less than the recommended seven hours overnight of sleep, are at double the risk of being involved in a crash. much more on that story in 20 minutes.
5:55 am
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5:57 am
we have continuing breaking news coverage of the deadly oakland warehouse fire as we see images from the burnt-out building and the recovery process still under way right now. we are expecting a news conference this morning sometime around 6:00 in the next couple minutes. as you see in the figures there, there's been some progress there. >> that's right. at least 36 people were killed
5:58 am
in the fire, it broke out about 11:30 on friday night during a dance party at that warehouse which was an art collective. 33 of the victims have been identified, but not all of their names have been released. crews have cleared about 75% of the warehouse. working to reenforce the remainder of the building because it is considered to be structurally unsafe. stay with nbc bay area. we'll bring you the news conference as soon as it starts, expected in mere minutes this morning. in other news, a mistrial declared in the trial of a former south carolina police officer who shot an unarmed black man. the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the trial of former north carolina police officer michael schlegel. video recorded by a bystander showed scott running away before the officer opened fire, striking scott in the back. it's unclear whether prosecutors will seek a retrial. the georgia farther
5:59 am
convicted of murder after leaving his 22-month-old son in a hot car was sentenced to life in prison without parole. a jury convicted ross harris last month of murder, the judge handing down the maximum sentence and said the court found harris intentionally and unnecessarily inflicted severe mental and physical agony and pain on his child. that child sat for nearly seven hours in the back seat of his father's suv on a sweltering day in june of 2014. slount leaders will start reassessing the surveillance vis tell at the county's main jail. this will happen at the santa clara county chambers there. the supervisors are deciding on the addition of 220 surveillance cameras. just a month before the inmates escaped from the jail, one of the supervisors proposed adding new cameras. the administration didn't recommend the cameras since they'll be remodeling the jail in the next new years. today they'll revisit the
6:00 am
recommendation. >> the clock is still ticking on a possible new stadium deal for the oakland raiders. the team already has a firm place in the works. east bay cities are trying to stage a fourth quarter rally to keep the team led by hall of famer ronnie lott. alameda county supervisors are meeting to discuss the plan and tomorrow oakland city council members are holding a closed door session. "today in the bay" continues right now at 6:00 with continuous breaking news coverage of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. a live look at the podium outside the staging area by the warehouse on 31st and international boulevard. it looks like they're just getting ready for a news conference which is expected to start any moment now. we'll have an update on the investigation. >> that's right. we've also got a live look at oakland, the bright light in the center of your screen. that's the scene of the fire where investigators are still trying to clear out the warehouse. they got 75% cleared so far. good morning and thanks souc


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