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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 7, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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searching for more signs of a cause. the recovery process now appears scouring the warehouse searching for more signs of a cause. the recovery process now appears to be at an end for oakland fire, but new evidence is emerging about what may have caused the deadliest fire in the city's history. a new wave of victims' names announced last night, from local students and photographers to one woman who came from halfway around the world. we're getting new insight into the people killed in the fire. rescue efforts in indonesia at a critical point following a shallow 6.5 quake that has already claimed almost 100 lives. "today in the bay" starts right now. middle of your week. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> you made it to wednesday.
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halfway there. i'm laura garcia-cannon. kari, you mentioned earlier in the week it was going to be cold today, and it is. >> it is. this is the coldest day of the week and possibly the coldest day we've had so far this season as we continue to see those temperatures dip this morning. so bundle up. here is a look at some of those numbers right now. it's 34 degrees in livermore, 32 in santa rosa and morgan hill, it's 35. we'll continue to see it dipping a few more degrees as we head towards sunrise. also tracking the next storm system moving in. we're starting to see the clouds move closer as we speak. i'll talk more about that, give you a timeline and how much rain we could see. that's coming up heading over to mike, something going on already in oakland. >> this has been going on for a few minutes over there. the commute very easy right now. it's been a lighter week than it was last week and the week before. we tend to see that. slower drives 880 southbound an
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earlier crash. it got over to the shoulder. no slowing shows up. one note, heading toward the coliseum from the bay bridge. no problems for your trains, your rails are moving smoothly. no delays or problems this morning. thank you very much, mike. following breaking news out of pakistan, that company's national airlines says one of its planes is missing after taking off. there were about 40 people on board. we'll continue to follow this breaking news and bring you the very latest on air and online. a developing story here. a grim conclusion to a heart-wrenching last few days. overnight recovery efforts at the oakland warehouse were expected to come to an end after days of relentless searching, but there's still a lot of mounting questions left unanswered this morning. here is what we know for sure. city leaders declared a state of emergency. that happened yesterday, in the hopes of receiving more money to help with recovery efforts. all but one of the 36 people who died in the fire have been
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identified. authorities don't expect to find anymore victims. we're learning more about the victims, 35-year-old billy dixon from oakland moved to california to pursue his dreams of being an artist. 21-year-old vanessa plotkin, an undergraduate student at uc berkeley grew up in lakewood. 28-year-old nicole siegrist originally from nebraska. >> 34-year-old amanda allen also perished in the fire. families say she loved music and photography and was very involved in both of those communities in san francisco. >> 22-year-old alex vega is from san bruno. friends say he pursued the arts from your gan graffiti and painting to electronic music which led him to the event at the ghostship warehouse. the other victims include 34-year-old johnny eye gaz who worked at green apple music in san francisco, 29-year-old ara jo from oakland, 23-year-old griffin madden who just
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graduated from cal last year and 32-year-old hannah ruex. the focus is shifting from recovery to investigating how this tragedy even started, how it happened. officials are zeroing in on a specific area. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us from oakland. investigators are saying that fire could have started from an appliance. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. we're still at the scene at 31st avenue and international boulevard where we usually have these news updates or conferences e right behind us. we're being told it might take place at a different location. if we have to change to get that information, we'll let you know. crews are saying they're about 90% complete when it comes to the victim search. still a little bit to go. apparently they were supposed to wrap things up at midnight. once we get confirmation, we'll
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bring that to you. we do know the number still stands at 36 victims located inside the warehouse. 90% of the warehouse search has been completed. for the last 10%, crews have to knock down some walls in area. as you mentioned in that intro, the city is declaring the warehouse fire a state of emergency. there's been no official confirmation on the cause. officials with atf say this could have been an electrical issue tracking back to a refrigerator or appliance. they said last night during the news conference they will make sure the search is done thoroughly for the sake of the families affected. >> the fire department will be on scene until we can look the family members in their face and tell them, yes, we have completely searched this warehouse. >> reporter: at that news conference in oakland, oakland mayor libby schaaf and congresswoman barbara leon hand
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for the conference. the mayor discussing past complaints against the property. congresswoman lee was on scene to show her support. we're still gathering details. when that news conference starts, we'll break into that newscast and give you that information. live in oakland, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> our fire coverage continues on our website as well. that's where you can find photos and more information on those who died in the fire. it's all at breaking news right now. a powerful earthquake in indonesia leaves at least 97 people dead. officials say the number is expected to rise. you see the build deposition and excessive damage suffered as a result of the quake. right now emergency crews are frantically trying to save people still trapped in the debris of the collapsed buildings. it was a magnitude 6.4 quake that hit off the coast of sumatra last night. there are reports of hundreds of
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people injured. more than 40 buildings including mosques, homes and stores totally leveled. the usgs at this point says there's no risk of sue nam ma. this is the same region devastated by a 9.1 magnitude quake in 2004. this time again a 6.4 quake. coming up, waking up to freezing temperatures and blanketing the bay area. blanketing is a funny thing to say, isn't it? we need a good one. >> need a good blanket, and you'll need a good umbrella as the rain starts to move in. and what to expect the rest of the week coming up. that live look shows you san jose, northbound 101 with the few headlights. there's a lot of space between the headlights. we'll show you how the tri-valley is shaping upcoming up. plus, warning signs about dangerous conditions at a warehouse that might not be so unique to oakland. a local artist is speaking out this morning about what he is
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seeing at art collectives in his city.
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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good wednesday morning. the time now is 4:40. here ask a live look outside at san jose, mostly clear skies and very chilly temperatures. at 8:00 we'll be at 43 degrees and slow warming temperatures throughout the day and not making it to our average high of 59. we'll track some rain coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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>> looking at the tri-valley, your travel time is not a problem for 580. i have one incident over near the castro valley y. we're looking at the approach towards the bay bridge as well. 13 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. >> continuing our coverage of the oakland warehouse fire. we know living in those conditions were hardly unique. >> according to a young artist who lives in san jose. he believes there are south bay collectives who may not be meeting safety codes. he said living in areas where the rent is so high -- >> you talk to the electrician and they say this whole place can burn down at any time. you really should get this fixed. out can't go to the landlord for that because they'll raise your rent. >> he says as for safety issues it's a much slauler issue than ones someone might face living in a car or on the streets. >> new this morning, an unusual
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main break times two triggered evacuations at an apartment complex. it started a little before 9:00 last night when a ruptured gas main sparked a small fire outside the apartment complex in menlo park. the flames burned through a water main which started spewing water into the street. crews eventually lifted the evacuation order just before midnight. up next, protecting immigrants facing deportation. a bay area county takes a huge step forward. what might still be standing in its way.
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welcome. weather and traffic at 4:45. this will wake you up. freezing conditions right now in wine country. >> just open the front door. >> seriously. lots of spots waking up cold. >> lots of spots where the temperatures are just above freezing. may have frost on the car, something to scrape off. allow extra time to get out the door and get on the road. here is a live look outside in san francisco. it's cool there, too. only 42 degrees and heading up to 51 for the high today with breezy winds, we'll start to see the rain moving in. i'll be tracking the temperatures as they continue to dip, even the 30s in palo alto. we'll continue to see it falling another few degrees before sunrise this morning. so we do still have at least another two hours and 15 minutes before the sunrises and we'll
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see the temperatures dropping. only to make it up to 52 degrees today in the peninsula. 51 in san francisco, and the north bay, the high today 49 degrees. so, yes, some very cool air. that will continue as we go into the next couple days and also combine that with some rain. we're in for cool weather the rest of the week. as we get a look at what else to expect, we will see some of those showers starting to move in later on this evening, and once again it will be off a and on for late tonight into the next couple days as we will have those showers moving in for tonight, into the day tomorrow, as well as friday before we take a break this weekend. and going on with our forecast of what else to expect, it looks like we will have some wet weather staying with us for quite a while. let's head over to mike now heading to castro valley. >> that's right. with that wet weather, we'll watch for slick roadways.
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over here we have a change for oakland, crash south 880 at high street, that cleared. mostly green on our sensors all over the bay. we'll show you eastbound, coming away from the castro valley towards dublin, we have one disabled vehicle that should have made its way completely to the center divide by now. we have only slowing way back out here, westbound 580 off 205 out of the altamont pass. that's a typical spot and very light for that slowdown there. as we get over towards the bay bridge, a smooth flow of traffic for the south bay, and here is the san mateo bridge as welcoming across the bay. no delays for san jose, showing a nice smooth drive. 92 towards the bayshore freeway, all clear. >> let's hope it stays that. google unveiling major news that it's close to using its goal of using 100% renewable energy at all of its data centers around the world. >> for that and all the rest of the news before the bell, let's
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check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you both. wall street will attempt to extend its winning ways. today futures are higher, markets rising with the dow closing at another record high. telecom stocks leading the way after president-elect trump announced that japan will invest and create 50 million jobs in the u.s. google is close to going fully green, the company says by some time next year solar and wind energy will generate 100% of the power used by office and data centers around the world. that's significant because google uses 5.7 tara watts of power a year. apple and square unveiling a partnersh partnership.
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users can tap their phone to spend money from square cash anywhere apple pay is accepted. the goal is to give consumers better and more secure options than they currently have with credit and debit cards. 4:49. contract change means many peninsula residents won't have the option of having hazardous waste picked up from their home. extending the program was considered too costly, considering the low participation. so come the new year residents will have to drop off their hazardous waste at county facilities. south bay leaders are banking on beefed up surveillance in an effort to stop any future escape attempts at legislator's main jail. the board approved $300,000 to buy and install cameras for the area two inmates escaped from right before thanksgiving. sheriff had cameras installed in
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the main jail earlier this year after reports of officer abuse and inmate fighting. the older south wing didn't get cameras because the facility is scheduled to be torn down and replaced. supervisors have now decided not to wait. 4:50 right now. santa clara county took a big step to help immigrants afraid of being deported. a long line of bay area community groups urged the board of supervisors to take action against mass deportation they say is being promoted by president-elect donald trump. they say it would break up many local families. the board voted unanimously to have its administration develop an action plan to provide community outreach and legal representation to victims. >> the first thing we're wanting to make sure of is we want people to be protected and part of the community. >> an action plan will be brought before the board at their meeting next tuesday.
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4:50. the supreme court gave a victory to samsung in their legal battle against apple. a ruling made them pay almost $400 million. samsung said it shouldn't pay full profit for only paying parts of the patent. apparently the supreme court justices agreed. the decision sent the case back to a lower court to decide how much samsung should be paying apple. 4:51. a south bay city pays special tribute to the boys in blue. happening right now, we're staying on top of development from the deadly oakland warehouse fire including a new state of emergency that was declared by the city yesterday, and new details surrounding a possible cause to that fire. pete suratos will have a live report coming up in minutes. you can look for developments all day on our home page and social platforms. authorities yesterday identified nine more victims.
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you can go to our facebook page to learn more about who they were and where they came from and the impact they're having on loved ones.
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===laura/1xvid=== the battle over "martins beach" is escalating.. access to the property, south of half moon bay, is the i. a live look at san jose, downtown area this morning, very cold start to your wednesday, also a very clear start. kari hall will have much more on that in a couple minutes. the battle over martin's beach is escalating. access to the property south of half moon bay is the subject of a long running fight between venture cappalist bernard coast la and the city. the commission has never used
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the tactic in the 78-year history and wants to reach an agreement. he closed off public access to the beach when he bought that property eight years ago. it is a special christmas event in the south bay honoring fallen police after sers across the country. ♪ >> each of the 132 ornaments around that tree represent 132 police officers killed in the line of duty in the u.s. this year. the ceremony last night was put on by the silicon valley lodge of the fraternal order of police. it's part of christmas in the park in san jose. it is especially touching for the wife of fallen san jose police officer michael johnson. his wife nickie placed his ornament on the tree there, and that is a beautiful gesture here as part of the annual christmas in the park. >> hey, something to watch on tv tonight. >> nbc started the tradition a couple years ago. it started with "the sound of
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music" in 2013, followed by "peter pan" and "the wiz" last year. >> the back lot of universal studios has been transformed into 1962 baltimore. many stars on the role call including jennifer hudson, harvey fire stein, newcomer marry ballio, she actually won 1300 person open casting call. very cool. harvey fire stein is on broadway. kristen chenoweth is in it. i was at universal studios not too long ago. >> live in l.a. >> live is fun, isn't it. >> live tv. we're staying live here, getting you alive and awake this morning as the cold weather is continuing to dip, kari? >> here is a look at some of the
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temperatures. down to 31 degrees in napa and 32 in snaen rosa. we're right above freezesing in the tri-valley as well. tracking the storm system as it continues to move closer to the bay area. we'll see the rain by this evening and meantime we have well below average temperatures. a look at all this coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> i thought we were going to see a crash. almost saw a crash here at the bay bridge toll plaza. some folks avoiding those cones by inches. not a lot of problems as we have room to move. a little slowing on the left approach at the bottom of the screen. slowing down as they approach the cash lanes. we'll check in a couple minutes and show you how things are shaping up around the rest of the bay. from recovery to the investigation, officials focusing on a certain section of that warehouse that caught fire killing dozens in oakland. the appliance that may have sparked the flames. "nbc bay area responds." we've recovered over $300,000 for our viewers.
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if you want help, call us or visit
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. now the investigation into how this tragedy happened... we're live in oakland as recovery efforts wrap up for the deadly warehouse fire.. =kris/vo= kris live tease =kris/live= kris live tease =laura/vo= >> reporter: and we're also learning more of the identities of the victims who died in the fire. we'll tell you more about who we
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know was identified overnight. >> also breaking overnight, a strong earthquake rattled indonesia, killing nearly 100 people, and the death toll could still rise. a frantic search for survivors this morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. bundle up. this will be the coldest day of the week and maybe the year? >> so far, yes. we're below freezing in the north bay. that's what we're watching for, not only that, but also tracking the next rainmaker that will be here later this evening. here is a live look at some of the temperatures now. it's 36 degrees in concord, 44 in oakland and san francisco, and yes, you see the below freezing temperatures in the north bay. we're headed there in the tri-valley and parts of the south bay. as we once again take a look at all the clouds moving closer, we'll see


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