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tv   Today  NBC  December 8, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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of damage in that area. >> in the meantime, that's what's happening on "today in the bay." a live local news update at 7:25. good morning. massive good morning. massive manhunt. the search intensifies for the gunman who shot two police officers, killing one of them near a college campus in georgia. the community on lockdown. we're there live. disturbing scenes, shocking video showing a high school student in nevada armed with knives and lunging at classmates before being shot and critically wounded by a campus police officer. was it excessive force? this morning the boy's parents and police are speaking out. environmental disaster in controversy sparked by president-elect trump's pick to run the epa. >> it's a sickening and saddening choice.
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>> the ongoing lawsuit against the very agency he's tapped to lead and his position on climate change, putting a dark cloud over his nomination. and deep freeze. the brutal cold gripping much of the country intensifies as a new storm develops that will impact people from seattle all the way to boston. millions of americans bracing for snow and bitter temperatures. today thursday, december 8, 2016. from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on thursday morning, tamron's here for savannah. good morning unless you're living in casper, wyoming. >> it's brutal. >> look at al's map. >> it's minus 28 degrees. that's the air temperature. that's a 24 degree drop from this time yesterday.
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>> we kept asking, that was a real number? >> don't make it enough. >> al's going to talk about this polar plunge in a little while. let us begin with some overnight developments in that shooting two of officers near a college campus in georgia. the alleged shooter is on the run and the focus of an intense manhunt. kerry sanders has the latest, hi kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning matt. the authorities established a dragnet. they may have lots of places to hide, with daylight, they are confident they will find this man who they're accusing of shooting and killing one police officer and seriously wounding another. this morning, the search for a gunman in southern georgia intensifies, the suspect, minquell lembrick considered armed and dangerous. accused of shooting two officers, killing one and critically injuring the other. overnight, officials raised the reward for his arrest up to $50,000, just hours after asking
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lembrick to turn himself in. >> everyone's safety is important. contact us to end this in a peaceful manner. we want the violence to end today. >> reporter: outside the police station last night, community members gathered to honor nicholas smarr. a four year veteran who was fatally shot. they also prayed for jodie smith with the georgia southwestern university police. officials say he's out of surgery. his condition this morning, unknown. the manhunt began wednesday morning when the two officers responded to a domestic disturbance call. shots were fired. the officers hit, and lembrick took off. the nearby georgia southwestern university put on lockdown and students asked to stay indoors overnight. >> this is a very dangerous individual. we need to have him off the streets. >> reporter: police say lembrick is also wanted on kidnapping and
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other charges. this morning, more than 200 officers across different agencies are joining the search. >> it's a tragedy beyond words. it's one of our family members that's been taken from us. >> reporter: we've just learned that second officer remains in hospital in critical condition. they've upped the reward money to $70,000. one university student told us he slept with a pistol next to his pillow last night. tamron, matt? >> kerry sanders on this story, thank you. now to the shocking video we showed you. a teenager armed with knives being shot by a campus police officer. at a high school in reno, nevada. this morning, that boy's family is speaking out and questioning the officer's actions. nbc's stephanie gus is in reno, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. a fight here turned into a life-threatening situation quickly. now you have one of those students in critical condition at the hospital after being shot by campus police officer.
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a bit of a warning, these images may be disturbing. this morning, cell phone video posted online shows the troubling scene at a nevada high school as it unfolded. students in reno scattered as a 14-year-old boy wielding two large knives, lunged at classmates. another video show's the student scrambling, then -- [ gunshot ] then a campus police officer fires one shot. >> he just shot the kid. >> reporter: the teen falls to the ground and appears to clutch his neck. >> we have all units bdw. shots fired with a student down. >> reporter: this morning, the teenager is hospitalized in critical condition. the officer employed by the school district placed on routine, administrative leave. authorities say his use of force was appropriate. >> the officer gave verbal commands to drop the knife. ultimately firing his service weapon, stopping the threat. once the threat was stopped it, the shooting officer immediately began to provide medical aid to the student.
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>> reporter: overnight, an tone -- attorney for the boy's family told nbc news their priority is to fe us can on the and it's condition. saying, there are many questions to be answered as to what happened and what could have been done to avoid the use of lethal force. we believe options were available to law enforcement that were not pursued. with the school on lockdown, worried parents waited for hours before being reunited with their kids. authorities are in the process of interviewing dozens of students who witness the attack. to find out exactly what sparked the incident. preliminary information points to an altercation between the teen and another student. his son, d.j., is friends with the boy who was shot. and is also concerned about the officer's use of force. >> he's actually a really good kid. he's got a really good heart. >> anybody's kid, you know, that gets shot, it would hurt because, you know, this doesn't have to be their friend.
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i mean, anything senseless in school just doesn't make sense. >> reporter: the friend of the student who shot who we spoke with said that he was bullied and possibly acting in self-defense. police are asking for anyone with pictures or video of this incident to turn it into police. tamron and matt, back to you guys. >> stephanie gosk, thank you very much. president-elect trump heads to iowa today. it's the third stop on his post-election thank you tour. this as the latest pick for his administration comes under fire. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander, just a few blocks from us here at trump tower. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. that latest pick among donald trump's most controversial. just this morning announcing his selection to head up the epa as the oklahoma attorney general, a friend and ally of the oil and gas industry, signaling trump's pl
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obama's efforts to combat climate change. new details about president-elect trump's plans illion dollar business. he's planning on handing over the reins to his two adult sons, but he intends to keep a stake in the business, resisting calls to divest. daughter ivanka reportedly considering a leave of absence. the clear assigned the possible move with her husband to d.c. today's outrage over the latest administration pick. oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt is head of the epa, an agency he's currently suing. democrats are now lining up to oppose him. >> it's a sickening and saddening choice. >> this is certainly a fire. this is a really the worst case scenario. >> reporter: environmental groups too. >> pruitt's career has been spent undermining the agency
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he's been chosen to lead. >> reporter: the transition team remains unswayed. >> attorney general pruitt has great qualifications and a good record as the a.g. of oklahoma. >> reporter: trump's choice for homeland security, john kelly. more than four decades of military service. >> i think he's got a real knowledge of the issues, but mostly, this is an officer of tremendous integrity and good judgment. >> reporter: kelly knows the cost of war both professionally and personally. a gold star father, his son was killed in combat in afghanistan in 2010. tasked to lead the small business administration, the former head of wwe, linda mcmahon. even though trump's wrestle mania days are in his rearview mirror. trump's emerging cabinet showing signs of a trend, millionaires, billionaires, and military generals. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> reporter: still overseas,
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soothing attentions, not inflame them. terry branstad and president xi enjoy a friendship that dates back decades. as for donald trump's plans for his business this morning, a trump spokesperson tells us nothing has been finalized. also overnight, trump ignited another twitter feud. this time after criticizing a local union boss that the carrier plant in indiana that he visited last week. after chuck jones, the union boss claimed that hundreds of jobs at carrier would still be headed to mexico. trump tweeted the following, chuck jones who is president of the united steel workers 1999 has done a terrible job representing workers,s no wonder companies flee. the national steel workers union responding writing chuck is a hero, not a scapegoat. you, others know about carrier because of his, our members tireless work since day one to save all jobs there. jones tells nbc news he's been harassed and threatened since trump's twitter attack. matt and tamron. >> peter alexander, thank you. and now to the arctic blast
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that has temperatures plunging coast to coast. this morning, tens of millions of people are in the deep freeze. a new winter storm packing plenty of snow is firing up. nbc's ron mott is in the very cold and snowy chicago for us this morning. hi, ron. >> reporter: good morning. the calendar still says fall for another 13 days, but that is not stopping old man winter from barging right on in. the first major blast of super frosty air this season has crossed the border from canada, revealing a sudden new reality this morning. winter's come knocking early and it's packing a punch. especially in north dakota, already over a foot of snow. and still a mountain of problems. >> some of the main through fares, we got cars stuck on them, so we're trying to get that cleared off too. >> reporter: in denver, whiteout conditions slowing travel to a trickle. in kansas city, slick roads and sidewalks made for uneasy
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commutes. and in the pacific northwest, ice in oregon. sending a pickup into a building in portland no one hurt. >> hit ice and turned 180. >> reporter: elsewhere, bitter cold and even more snow in the forecast. especially in the northern great lakes region from cleveland into upstate new york. here in chicago, single digit windchills overnight out of nowhere. >> it's like another level of cold. >> no, was not prepared to go christmas shopping in the weather like this. >> reporter: now as cold as it is today, even more chilly news next week. the high temperature next week expected six and seven degrees with the low temperatures well below zero. bundle up, everybody. matt, tamron? >> ron, you had us clutching ourselves with that temperature. thank you very much. >> how long is this going to last? >> you know, we're getting into winter. this is what we do. >> so you're saying until april. >> well, yeah. look, july 4th, it's going to be spectacular. but in the meantime, look at these temperatures. the difference in the last 24
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hours. we have had an 11 degree temperature drop in oklahoma city. albuquerque, 15. 17 drop in denver where right now the air temperature is minus 2, and we've got more coming. now there's no wind blowing right now in casper, so the windchill is the same as the air temperature, same in denver, but omaha, it feels like 7 below. 7 in chicago. st. louis, 10. even as far south as little rock, it's 27 degrees right now. and here comes the cold air. and what looks like in the next 24 hours we're really going to see the bulk of the cold air. minneapolis, bottom out at 17 on friday. today, kansas city, friday, chicago, you'll only be at 23. we make our way toward the end of the week and into the northeast. boston, 30 degrees. 40 in new york. 41 in d.c. charleston, 32. look, even as we get down to the south, you can see those temperatures still awfully chilly. lake-effect snow is going to be firing up, up to a foot through
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today, but we're not done yet. it's going to continue through the day tomorrow. before it's all over, we're talking snowfall amounts one to two feet. the leeward side of lake superior, one to two feet. lake ontario, the big one, where we see over three feet of snow in some spots. portland schools are closed today. seattle schools. there are some closings and some delays. they could pick up anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow. the mountains up to a foot and a half. as ron mott kind of mentioned, we've got siberian express coming middle of next week. >> dogs and cats living together. >> mass hysteria. i haven't told you about twinkie yet. >> ever see him so excited? >> never. we're in pain. thank you very much, sir. columbia, south carolina, officials are searching for an escaped inmate. the officer was stabbed multipl shoplifting call at a walmart
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last night. officials are looking for michael williamson. he was caught on surveillance camera before the stabbing. he had escaped earlier in the day from a prison about 80 miles away where he'd been serving a life term. according to police, the officer is recovering from those injuries. we have an update now on the devastating wild fires in tennessee that killed 14 people. two juveniles are now in custody and they're charged with arson. the suspects haven't been identified because they are minors. the wild fire started late last month. they destroyed or damaged more than 2,400 buildings in the gatlinburg area. you think about buying a car, listen up. the insurance institute for highway safety has awarded 82 new vehicles the top safety picks for 2017. toyota and the luxury brand lexus led all automakers with nine models making the list. honda had five. the institute toughened standards for headlight performance this year and only seven of the vehicles in the top category earned a good rating for headlights.
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find a complete list of this year's winners actually on our website. all right. the stars were out at madison square garden last night right here in new york. lebron james and the world champion cavaliers were in town to take on the knicks. it was a rough one for the hometown fans. total blowout and prefacing why are we doing a typical sports day? the cavs had a lead, lebron and teammates got so bored, they had to find ways to entertain themselves and they did it with the bottle flip challenge. that, of course, became very popular on the internet. apparently lebron still mastered that skill. that's one of those things where i'm not sure you want to do that during the game. >> you're the other team -- >> little showy. >> what are you thinking? >> you were there. >> yeah, it was a little depressing. >> did you see that? >> actually, yeah, it was sad. when they started knitting.
7:17 am
>> the end of the fourth quarter they had macraméed a hammock. >> it was a little rub. we enjoyed ourselves. my little new york nick, we went to see the knicks. >> that's cute. you're back for the forecast. >> we are looking at that arctic air coming in. windy conditions around the gulf coast. breezy conditions. northern california, sunny skies here in the mid-atlantic states on the northeast. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good thursday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall, tracking very soggy weather moving through the bay area. here is a look at our golden gate bridge camera. only 50 degrees right now. heading to 58 degrees today. here is a look at the radar as we're seeing lighter rain moving through most of our bay area. there will be some breaks, but also heavier rain starting to move back in within the next hour or two. and that's your latest weather. coming up, inside the controversial mistrial of a former south carolina police officer charged with murder. this morning, the jury forman and his attorney will speak out in a live interview. she sat down with facebook's cheryl sandburg. what she's saying about the criticism over fake news spread online. we'll get the social network's year end review. first this is "today" on nbc.
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majestic broth also starts with majestic chicken. now ours is made from 100% antibiotic and hormone free chicken. ==cam== a live look at downtown san jose .. w p a very good thursday morning to you. it is :26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's wet out there. a live look at downtown san jose where people are waking up to a soggy morning in most parts of the bay area. the rain has been coming down since at least last night. there's more in store for today through the rest of the week. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall for an update. >> we're seeing rain taking a break for most of the bay area. also looking at higher intensities as far as what's happening on the satellite imagery. a lot of people on the roadways for the morning commute. as of now, light rain moving through marin county through san francisco and along the
7:27 am
peninsula. then it's a lot more hit or miss as you go south of san francisco looking at light rain coming down there. in san jose we have some light rain that's moving through the downtown area and toward 101. then you go up 880, and it's not as heavy at this point. once again, there could be more rain moving through. we're seeing that as we go through our hour-by-hour outlook this morning. a little more coverage of the rain. also breezy winds and heavy downpours at times through at least early afternoon and tapering off as we go through tonight. we'll have more rain in the forecast for tomorrow. still a lot more wet weather on the ray. mike, how is it impacting the drive? >> that is the major factor for the drive. traffic volume a little lighter as you expect this time of year. the south bay, the northbound rounds a slowing the rains, wet roadw roadways. slow across the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge. the golden gate bridge shows you the rain on the lenses. the bay bridge has the backup as
7:28 am
welcoming off the maze. >> wow, it's really coming down out there. another update in half an hour. see you then.
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. all right. 7:30 now on a thursday morning, 8th of december, 2016. nice crowd outside on a slightly chilly morning. not as chilly as other parts of the country. we're happy about that. and we expect to see an even bigger crowd tomorrow when pharrell williams takes over our concert stage outside. if you're in the area, come own don. that's going to be first down. inside studio 1a. here are the stories making headlines. massive manhunt under way in goo for the man who shot and killed one police officer and wounded another. it happened near the campus of georgia southwestern state university. the suspect identified as 32-year-old minguell kennedy lembrick. investigators have announced a reward for information leading to his arrest.
7:31 am
president-elect trump will be in iowa tonight for a stop on his post-election victory tour. in the meantime, the "new york times" is reporting this morning that mr. trump is considering handing over his real estate company to his adult sons during his time in office, but, they say he intends to keep a stake in the business. and in a new report being released by the u.s. surgeon general's office today, e-cigarettes are being called an emerging public health threat to young people. the report says while more studies are needed, too many teens are using them and that could lead to a new generation addicted to nicotine. we're going to begin this half hour with new insight on the mistrial declared in the trial of a former police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in south carolina. for four days, the jury deliberated over the fate of michael slager, but could not reach a unanimous decision. dorsey montgomery served as the jury foreman, he's along here with his lawyer, ross miller,
7:32 am
gentlemen, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> i'm doing fine, thanks. officer slager said he feared for his life. he fired to protect his own life after he thought walter scott had gained control of his taser, we -- so many people have seen that video, that cell phone video mr. montgomery that shows mr. scott in the back as he ran away. when you got into that jury room after the trial, how did you deal with that? >> well, at first we looked at the evidence that's been presented and looking at the video, of course the video is something that is very shocking. so not knowing everything that we know now, of course we can speculate, but after seeing the video and the evidence, we understand just label the different now. >> do you personally -- when you prepared and started deliberating, were you prepared to kick the officer slager? >> at that point in time, yes. that the point in time. >> of whatinitially it was goin
7:33 am
murder. after we looked at the evidence and read the laws that was presented by the judge, he didn't do anything malicious. he had manslaughter. a brief disturbance and reason for that moment. so based on the law that would be classified under manslaughter. voluntary manslaughter. >> it was reported that there was one lone juror who held out, you say that that was not the case. this was an evolution of a number of people. what happened inside there? >> that's why i'm here to correct that and speak up for my jurors who were with me in the deliberation room. i come to find out that the media miss construed that letter when that letter was submitted o than friday, it was because we had one individual who was just deadlocked that he wasn't changing, yet we had five other individuals who were undecided. and so because of that, we went and when the judge asked me, that i believe we could have deliberated just a little bit more to see if we could suede that particular juror. and get those undecided to make a decision.
7:34 am
>> you're referencing a letter sent to the judge on friday where the juror said that he or she could not in good conscious consider a guilty verdict. how did that juror explain that sentence, that letter to you. >> he just had his own convictions. and i'll leave that right there. >> you're the only african american on that jury, correct? >> i was. >> 11 other jurors all white. do you think race played any role in the deliberations and the outcome of this trial? >> due to the society that we flif, race will always be a factor, but at that point in time, i do believe some jurors will have that in their mind, but the majority of them didn't have anything in reference to race that may have played a factor in the decision. >> let me bring in your attorney. ross, there's been a lot of talk about race, but also how jurors see police and the difficulty in coming to a conclusion to convict an officer involved in a shooting. this officer said he feared for his life.
7:35 am
how -- >> did what his training told him to do. >> how, in your experience, do jurors process that firsthand account from officers? >> they'll take under consideration what the officer says, of course, but the people have a preconceived notion as to what police should and will do. regardless of whether or not they've obviously never been in a similar situation, but the people of these preconceived notions of what police should do, that they will do under intense circumstances -- and i can't really speak to what the officer in question did or why he did what he did. >> mr. montgomery, walter scott's mom after the mistrial, it's not over until god says it's over. what would you say to walter scott's mom? >> at this point in time, i believe that justice shall come forth. and whatever that outcome is, it's what the outcome shall be. i would just play the small part in this particular part of it,
7:36 am
but whatever the outcome will be, that is what the outcome shall be. >> mr. montgomery, we appreciate the time. >> mr. miller, thank you as well. let's go to al with the forecast. >> all right. we were talking about that next batch of cold air that's coming in. this arctic blast. we're calling it the siberian express, the air does emanate from over the pole back in siberia. we're talking by today, temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average. friday, saturday, sunday, by tuesday, we're talking 20 to 30 degrees below average across the plains into the mid-mississippi river valley. look at some of these temperatures. these are going to be air temperatures. minneapolis, 7, sioux falls eight and bismarck will be four below and it's going to get even colder on wednesday. as you can see, we've got lake effect snow around today. we're also looking at heavy snow in the pacific northwest. nicest weather's going to be
7:37 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. tracking heavy rain moving through the bay area. at times we will have breaks, but also a burst of heavy rain may move through in time for many people to get out there on the roadways during the busiest time of the morning commute. still light rain falling in san francisco and down the peninsula. again, there will be breaks, but still looking at rain in the forecast through at least early afternoon and some pockets of heavy rain with some breezy winds through the day. >> be sure to get the forecast you need. check out the weather channel on cable. channel on cable. >> thank you, sir. up next -- >> facebook's year end review from the serious to the silly. we'll talk to the social jay knows how to keep his wheels spinning. nice shorts dad... they don't make 'em in adult sizes? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... uhhh... look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops...
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eventful year from the election to the olympics and pop culture craze, people took to social media to share their thoughts and reactions. >> before savannah left for maternity leave, she sat down with facebook's chief operating officer sheryl sandberg. >> last year, i remember the number one topic was the u.s. election. this year, not surprising, number one topic on facebook, the u.s. election. >> people come to facebook to share what matters to them so the top list is always a reflection of those moments, everything from the election to black lives matter. and the stuff in between like chewbacca mom. people took to facebook to share what they care about. >> this was a global list but the u.s. election was number one. after the election, facebook itself found itself in the news because there was a criticism that facebook played a role in disseminating some of this false information or fake news that was out there.
7:43 am
in retrospect, looking back on it, do you feel like that's something that facebook and mark zuckerberg have come to realize was more of a problem than originally thought? >> well, we've been working on this for a long time and we've taken important steps but there's a lot more to do. we know that people don't want to see hoaxes on facebook and we don't want to see hoaxes on facebook. and so, we're working on it because misinformation is something we take seriously and shotg something we're going to continue to iterate on. >> did it play a bigger role than you expected or thought in retrospect? >> there are claims that it swayed the election and we don't think it swayed the election, but we take that really seriously. we're working with third parties, helping to label false news, doing the things we can do to make it clearer what's a hoax on facebook. >> it's complicated because facebook's philosophy has always been to kind of be a blank canvas. so, is it a difficult thing to
7:44 am
wrestle with in terms of finding a solution but keeping this free marketplace of ideas that i know facebook treasures so much? >> of course. anything at the scale we're operating on is complicated, but there are a lot of things that are going on on facebook, you've seen this year, which show people taking the steps to connect that matters to them. so, one of the things that happened this year in the election, but didn't happen before, was facebook live. we didn't have it last time there was a u.s. election and that meant that people could connect to the video moments like the debates right from their phones anywhere they were. and so, that's also part of what's happening with black lives matter. black lives matter has been happening for years. this was the first year it broke into the top ten on facebook and we think that's partially because the power of live helps people bear witness. >> that's why the top ten list is always kind of interesting because there are some very serious and substantive things that we see on the list and then we see number three, pokemon go. so that was huge on facebook this year. >> absolutely. anyone with a kid, you know, it
7:45 am
was certainly hard to get my son to pay attention to me while driving in cars since pokemon go and there were 7,000 groups on facebook. our number one facebook live this year was chewbacca mom, viewed 160 million times. the laughing was infectious and there was something about the power of video watching her laugh that really brought people in. >> and then of course there's the olympics. clearly a true global event, a big item on the list, i think it was number six this year. and you do see the whole world rooting for the home team. >> that's right. and people coming together around sports and around the competition. we also had great personal moments like michael phelps announced his retirement on facebook during the olympics. helping people connect to what he was doing, much as athletes did all over the world. >> and number nine and ten on the list really speak to facebook's role as kind of a meeting place and a community. a place where our culture gets together, obviously, the passing of david bowie and mohamed ali
7:46 am
and really a place for people to share their mourning and their remembrances. >> absolutely. and we see that over and over again. we see people connecting with the big moments, connecting with the small moments and sharing the things that matter to them. >> sheryl sandberg, it's always fun to look back through the eyes of facebook. thank you so much and happy new year. >> and by the way, for the full list of facebook's most talked about topics, just head to >> and just ahead, the highlights from last night's live production of hairspray. i love this. here on nbc. and what you're saying about the pick of donald trump as time's person of the year. we'll fill you in on that, but first, these messages. s as you r increasing the risk for me, the shingles virus. i've been lurking inside you since you had chickenpox. i could surface anytime as a painful, blistering rash. one in three people get me in their lifetime, linda. will it be you? and that's why linda got me zostavax, a single shot vaccine.
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we're back now it's we're back now at 7:50 with how people are reacting to something we revealed here on "today." >> good morning, guys, no surprise, the response to "time's" choice was strong with support as well as criticism online. social media was quick to call out that the m on the word "time" looks a lot like devil horns on trump's head. but "time" responded saying it was entirely convince dentinga coincidental. they're saying that was just completely coincidental but other people are also showing this progression of covers featuring trump that showed the "time" coverage over the last few months going from meltdown
7:51 am
to total meltdown to president and to "time's" person of the year. you can be sure it will spark conversation online. >> the controversial "m." . >> that never caught my attention. i can tell you that. >> dylan, thank you very much. still ahead, officer copy? hoda goes undercover. she's sharing her kindness and surprises for some unsuspecting drivers. and here's something we love saying. we got a live concert in studio from james taylor right after your local news. oh, life-sized dragon hand back scratcher. if only it came in a luffa. it does! oh, a raisin re-hydrator. it turns them back into grapes. wow, what an exhausting journey. that's a good wedding present. good call. thank you... and thank you, lady blue. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. oh, look at this. disposable microphone for my uncle bob's 75th! a one and done. yes. find your voice and then dispose of it. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express.
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good morning i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're in a microclimate weather alert as we see haef i have rain moving through the area. watching the burst of heavier rain approaching the coastline as we speak. here is what to expect. once again, pockets of heavy rain and street flooding and winds may gust up to 30 miles an hour today. so creating very slick roadways. towards the sierra we have freezing rain and some snow. the futurecast and the hour-by-hour outlook shows we will at times have some rain when we start to see the dark greens and the yellows, shows more intense rain through early afternoon with breezy winds. it does blk a lot more spotty as we kbo into tonight and still some rain in the forecast for tomorrow. rainfall totals on top of what we've already had may reach up to .25 inch for today. let's head over to mike for a look at this morning's commute. >> the rain and the fog now
7:57 am
factors for your commute as well as the fact that a lot of folks dropping off kids at school. that will be issues for local traffic. the south bay, no major crashes. a lot of slowing through san jose. a typical pattern. north of the san mateo bridge, that's where it shows fog will play a factor. 280 jammed up both directions out of daly city. 101 very slow. a look at san rafael shows the north bay fog. a crash just reported at north san pedro road. you can always get the latest weather information online any time and sign up for our alerts on our nbc bay area app. happening now, members of a national task force will be meeting in oakland after requests from mayor libby schaaf, coming up with new ways to boost oakland's building safety. link to details on our home page. learning more about the victims of a fire on our twitter feed. it shows a picture of each of
7:58 am
the people who died and information about them.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today" and coming up, that's the ticket. >> let's start this thing. >> hoda goes undercover as a meter maid handing out fake parking tickets. >> ma'am, you got to open your ticket. >> what? >> but wait until you see what these unsuspecting drivers really get. >> thank you! plus, "hairspray's" highlights, best moments from last night's live production of the broadway hit. and a reason to smile ♪ whenever i see your smiling face i have to smile myself. the one and only james taylor swings by studio 1 a to perform some of his classics just in time for the holidays, today, thursday, december 8,
8:01 am
2016. >> michigan loves "today." >> go hawkeyes. >> hey to all our family and friends in parkville, louisiana. ♪ >> all the way from houston, texas, we're excited to announce it's a boy! >> happy holidays to all our family and friends in louisville, kentucky. we're back now, 8:00 on a thursday morning. it's the eighth day of december, 2016. this is a good crowd. >> it sure is. >> it's a little -- you can feel some moisture out here. little damp. >> it is. but it's -- it's feeling like christmas. >> yeah. >> i'm matt lauer.
8:02 am
savannah is on maternity leave, we got dylan, hoda kotb, al roker. >> this morning, i got here a little early and got to hear james taylor warming up. he sounds absolutely fantastic. hiss wi his wife is one of the back-up singers, we're ready for his concert. >> first a check of the headlines. it's that time. good morning, and this morning, we begin with the latest from the president-elect. i'm hallie jackson in new york. today, donald trump will head to ohio to meet with first responders after last week's attack at ohio state university. after that it's off to iowa for the third leg of his thank you tour and he'll be joined by iowa's governor, now named his new pick to be ambassador to china, all of it amidst new questions about how he will handle his business and how he handles his twitter account. >> reporter: he's promised to put a wall between his business interests and the country's interests but this morning, word the future president may keep a stake in the trump organization.
8:03 am
"the new york times" reporting donald trump may not fully divest and is now considering handing over the reigns to his sons, donald jr. and eric. the times also reporting ivanka trump may take a leave of absence from the trump organization, sparking more speculation she's headed to washington to advocate for her father. a spokesperson says nothing has been finalized and we look forward to discussing further on december 15. all of it as one of the president's newest picks for his cabinet courts controversy. trump's choice to lead the epa is kurchtly suing that agency. the oklahoma attorney general will be tapped by trump to lead the environmental protection agency. the pick of pruitt, a climate change doubter, may be the clearest sign yet the incoming administration will try to down the current administration's moves on climate change. environmentalists and others
8:04 am
slamming the pick with one of trump's top aides brushing off the backlash. >> we're very acustoms to the nay sayers and the critics. >> reporter: and in another agency, multiple sources familiar with the decision tell nbc news retired general john kelly will head the department of homeland security. the four star retired marine general with a painful personal connection to the war in afghanistan, his son killed there in 2010. >> to lose a child is -- i can't imagine anything worse than that. >> reporter: and over at the small business administration, the president-elect's choosing long-time supporter linda mcmahon. she's the former wwe head behind wrestle mainer. chuck jones claimed hundreds of carrier jobs are going to mexico. trump tweelted, chuck jones has
8:05 am
done a terrible job representing workers. no wonder companies flee. the national steelworkers union responding, chuck is a hero, not a scapegoat. you, others, know about carrier because of his members' tireless work since day one to save all jobs there. jones tells nbc news he's been harassed and threatened since trump's twitter attack. today, we also expect to hear from the president-elect's former campaign rival, hillary clinton. she is making a rare trip to washington to speak at the portrait unveiling on capitol hill for the current outgoing senator minority leader, harry reid, who's retiring. >> hallie, thank you. an tuesday, we told you about the michael slager mistrial in south carolina. we showed an image from a protest unrelated to that case. we've removed the image from our story on and regret the error. an urgent man hunt is underway in georgia this morning. police say 32-year-old is
8:06 am
considered extremely dangerous. the shooting happened while those officers were responding to a domestic dispute near georgia's southwestern state university. one officer died. the other is in critical condition. a $50,000 reward is being offered for lembrick's arrest. up next, what sof sofia vergara's attorney is saying about the actress. then the highlights from "hairspray" live, including the performance that has everyone talking. >> it was great last night. and geds who's going undercover? why you'd want to get a ticket from me right after this. we're only human. we rely on our courage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it.
8:07 am
courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. this holiday, on america's most awarded brand, during the ford year end event.
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8:09 am
sflmpbl we're back now at 8:08. sophia vergara being sued by the trust representing her frozen embryos. >> it's the latest twist in the legal battle with her former boyfriend. hoda is here with more. >> the story is going on and on. nick lobe is not a plaintiff, but he's been fighting to get custody of the embryos and use a surrogate to carry them over vergara's objections. the embryos are stored in los angeles, but the lawsuit was filed in louisiana. a state that actually allows embre embryos to file lawsuit. lobe would be their sole parent. sophia vergara and nick lobe haven't been together since 2014. she's now married to actor joe manganiel manganiello. the name is not on it. it refers to the embryos as emma and isabella, and is the latest twist in the former couple's battle over the future of their
8:10 am
embryos. the suit asks for lobe to receive full custody of the embryos and seeks to define vergara as an egg donor. her lawyer responded with a statement. lobe apparently thinks that he will garner sympathy from the public and the courts through his latest maneuver. one that we believe will also result in failure. the statement noting that the eggs are still technically pre-embry pre-embryos. if it is a family that lobe wants, he should hire a surrogate and create one without dragging vergara through another unnecessary legal battle. a trust was created for the fertilized eggs in louisiana, which has laws that allows an embryo to sue a person. the suit claims that by preventing them from being born, vergara is depriving those future children of their inheritance. >> the caveat is that the state of louisiana is very pro-life, and while this might seem like an extreme, bizarre kind of
8:11 am
case, in louisiana judge could very well say, i'm going to protect the lives of these two embryos. >> reporter: lobe declined to comment about the latest court filing, but told me last year that these embryos are his highest priority. >> they're already alive. they're on a journey and a pathway to being born. why go the other way? we're talking about equal rights, why err on the side of doubt? err on the side of life. >> reporter: when they started trying to have children. he signed an agreement that any embryos could be brought to term only with both parties consent. >> that's the biggest hurdle he has in the case. and to prevail in his new louisiana case, the judge is going to have to say, that contract doesn't matter. >> again, they were never married. she has a 24-year-old son from her first marriage. now legal experts say if a louisiana judge agrees to take the case, vergara could file her own motion in california seeking to enforce the contract that she and lobe signed at the fertility clinic and lobe told me before,
8:12 am
he said i'm not in this for the fame or money. we'll see how this all shakes down. >> that's one of the stories that keeps coming. it is now 8:11, good time to trend, ready? >> let's do it. >> writers at usa today are asking people for some help to settle a big dispute. so we want to show you a picture, all right. put the picture up. what are these people doing? waiting in line or are they waiting online? >> in line. >> in line. >> online? >> what do you say? >> i think i may go back and forth. sometimes i say online sometimes i say inline. >> online is phone call or on the internet, in line, yeah. >> back in the day when i learned to say online, it was on that line. >> that imagine their line that everyone's standing on. >> do you think people go in line because of what online means something else? >> that's a smart observation. >> we should have one authoritative decision here so it does not continue to be a
8:13 am
dispute. james taylor, if someone comes to see your concert, do they wait online or in line? >> in line. >> yes. >> are you sure? >> i'm sure. >> you're positive? >> yeah. >> is it? >> new england. >> he's a new englander. >> yeah, my husband gets on, it's in line. but i'm in texas, and i say inline. >> maybe it's a southern thing too. >> maybe it's an all around thing. >> maybe it's just a me thing. >> james, they could buy tickets online. >> well, that's true, but if they were waiting in a line, they'd be in line. in line. >> okay. >> more about it. it's said. >> done, it's written, it's law. there is no single right answer depending on where you live. most people say in line, but tlrl parts of the country where people say online. i don't think that matters because we have james taylor. >> my phone service. >> oh. >> we have some other examples, you want me to tell -- some other words and phrases.
8:14 am
caramel or caramel. i say caramel. tennis shoes or sneakers. >> sneakers. >> tennis shoes. i'm southern. >> even if you're playing basketball in them. >> that's what i grew up saying. this is the troeshl, pecan or pecan. >> i say pecan. >> you are a nut. >> sandwich you call it a sub, a grinder, hoegy. >> sub. >> sandwich. >> really. >> that's a philly thing. >> yeah. >> wedge. >> or a pough boy. >> that's a fried sandwich. >> come on now. >> that's different between a sub and a pough boy. >> this time of the year, everyone's out at the mall christmas shopping. what do kids do? kind of run off from your parents and get lost in the crowd. one dad has found a smart way to deep track of his baby daughter. her name is jordan. he tied a red balloon to her belt loop. he knows exactly where she's
8:15 am
doing. >> smart. >> jordan's posting all kind of parenting solutions on the interface. how to dad. >> what if more people start doing that? >> come here sweetie, oh, that's not you! >> your luggage on the conveyor belt. check the tag thoonl kid. >> dylan, how about pop start? >> and let's get started with the show that kept hoda up last night. nbc's production of hair spray live. life in 1960s baltimore. maddie make the most of the lead role. tracy and everyone's talking about the power house duet between jennifer hudson and ariana grande. >> that was good. ♪ ♪ >> you have the show the dancing. >> what dancing. >> this side of the table is going nuts. kristen, harvey, and derek huff.
8:16 am
next live musical next december. jennifer lopez tweeted this teaser video saying she is so excited. >> she's in it? >> yeah. >> announced it on pop start. >> are you excited? >> was i sitting here? >> that was yesterday's first story. and next, to one of the most anticipated movies of 2017, baywatch. a big screen remake of the tv classic starring zach efron. we have an exclusive look at the first trailer. >> martin is the elite of the elite. we're the heart and soul of this very beach. we protect when other people don't want to protect. and we go above and beyond. >> help me! help! >> if you want me, semi-truck me. >> some other time. >> is the whole thing on slow
8:17 am
mo. >> this is nothing like the tv show. >> that's what i thought. >> well some of it's like the tv show. woman running on the beach. >> slow motion. >> i never saw david hasselhoff jump into a flaming ocean. maybe i missed that one. >> i can't help but think of matt lauer. >> keep going. keep going. >> you can wait just until memorial day weekend because that's when it hits theaters. to see the full trailer, check out and finally who wore it best? these are fun photos of the stars wearing the same outfits. here's drew berrymore and kate middleton both looking gorgeous. same dress on the same day. and kendall jenner and rihanna showing love in the heart. >> what are the odds? >> very strange they both picked that outfit. that is your pop start. >> one more. jerry seinfeld or tamron hall? >> i was like, what is don saying hurry along. now i know.
8:18 am
>> do you want to be a pirate? >> i got a birthday cake. it's like be with your sisters and brothers. >> that was worth it. >> having to wait an hour and 18 minutes to say that. anyway. mr. roker, check of the weather. >> keep going with the forecast. >> that was fantastic. >> all right. so we are looking at wet weather making it's way to the pacific northwest. snowy conditions. in fact they've already got schools closed in portland, oregon. we've got lake effect snow starting to fire up around the great lakes, and we've got cold air filtering in. single digits and teens, 20s through the plains. the only warm spot down in florida with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. you can see the arctic air working it's way in and gale force winds northern california, the s ferndale. good morning. item kari hall. we're in a microclimate weather
8:19 am
alert as we tract storm system moving in. a lot of spots taking a break as far as the heavy rain. there will be a burst of some rain that could be moving in within the next couple of hours right now, we are once again seeing many areas not seeing as intense rain but there will be pockets of heavy rain as we go through today. the possibility of some street flooding, gusty winds and very slick roads heading over to see airra, there will be more freezing rain and snow. now if you're heading out the door. turn only today show radio channel 108, matt. good idea, thank you, al, our share kindness campaign and it's off to a really good start if you need proof, look outside at our lego kindness counter. >> it's keeping track of the kind actings you do this month for up to 566,322. that places us half way, more than half way on our goal to a million. >> and in honor of the campaign, we decided to put a little twist on our efforts and hoda went
8:20 am
undercover. >> i did. it was half prank, half good deed. to pull it off, i joined forces with a ticket master and then you guys, i went in cog knee toe. south orange, new jersey, a quaint manhattan suburb is about to get hit with the dose of undercover kindness. let's start this thing. >> like the tip a little bit. >> changes the look. i'm opting for the unibrow. my look is so convincing, no one will recognize me all day. >> scoot up, scoot up. the ploy is that i'm impersonated a meter maid handing out tickets for ridiculous parking violations. the catch, attached to the phony tickets are much better tickets. to the hottest events around. >> okay, get the lady in the first car. >> to catch the action, we've outfitted with hidden cameras and i'm even wearing a strategic button cam. >> i'm sorry about that.
8:21 am
>> excuse me. >> transmit to your ear. >> six inches from the curb. you get a ticket. >> regular voice? >> no. >> yes. >> i'm going to judge. >> that's better. >> hey yo, talk to the judge. >> no. >> with that settled, i am officially on duty. >> they are expired by the way. i soon forget -- >> one minute left on his meter. >> that this is not my day job. >> you've got no time, put some money in there. >> yes, i'm helping citizens left and right, but that's nothing compared to the joy i'm about to spread. i'm sorry, guys. >> we're leaving. >> sorry. >> i just -- >> you're too far from the curb and your meeter is not set. >> are you serious? i just parked the car. >> read your ticket. >> and we're off. >> ma'am, you've got to open your ticket. >> what? >> you've got to open your ticket.
8:22 am
>> what? >> is this a joke? why are you doing this? >> just for you. >> i feel so bad, i just yelled at you. >> just for you. >> have a good day. >> wow, thanks. >> you're welcome. bye-bye. >> i thought i'd give you a ticket. you're too close to the curb. this has to be more than that. >> just take it to the judge, okay. >> too close. >> too close to the curb. >> oh god. this is turning into a nightmare. >> she finally opens it to find -- you open it? >> what is this? >> it's a random act of kindness, enjoy yourself. >> thank you. >> enjoy yourself. bye-bye. >> i was really going off. like how are you supposed to be too close to the curb?
8:23 am
thank you! >> oh god. i'm exhausted. i think people might want to kill me. >> some folks have no idea what to make of the situation. you read your ticket, right sir? >> i'm trying to understand it really. >> looks to me like you got two tickets to see the knicks. >> oh yeah. >> looks like you're in section 112, row 22, seat six, you've got two tickets. >> oh. >> to see the knicks. >> so it's not a parking ticket. >> no, sir. have a good day. >> thank you very much. god bless you. >> some get it right away. >> what! what! >> oh wow. >> i just. >> reporter: i just have to give you that ticket. that's the ticket for you. >> this lucky lady scores orchestra see the seats to the christmas spectacular. she seems pretty cool with that.
8:24 am
luckily, after they figure it out, all is forgiven. >> going to see that. >> oh my god. >> thank you. >> thank you, whoever this is from. >> hello. why are you ticketing me? >> the best exchange is with a guy who was already having a really bad day. >> hello, i'm talking to you. >> please read the ticket, sir. please, read -- you're going to want -- okay, okay. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. i'm so sorry. i apologize. oh my god. >> it's all right. >> he even comes back to find me, vowing to pay it forget. >> i am so upset right now. >> don't be upset. >> i'm going to give them to
8:25 am
somebody. >> i am. >> a little mischievous, maybe, but in the end, i hope it's a reminder that it pays to be kind, and to feed the meter. >> that was the sweetest thing done in a long time. >> you've got it. >> thank you. >> i love that. >> i love this. >> i love this. >> you know what the people, you sort of understand why people who give tickets are tough because people come at you. the people were awesome. we to want thank ticket master and live nation for providing those, and guess what you guys. i have some extra tickets. i've got -- >> who wants ariya da grande? right here. >> who wants to go to jimmy fallon. jimmy fallon. >> jimmy fallon! >> ringling brothers. >> you've got it. >> go to the side. i've got the ringling brothers, i'm going in the bailey circus,
8:26 am
to the circus. >> come i'm ... ==cam== a live look at downtown san jose h a very good thursday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a live look at downtown san jose this morning. people waking up to a pretty wet morning. more in store today. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall with an update. >> good morning. we are seeing breaks as we get another view of san jose as you head out on roadways, but in san francisco, it is still pouring. we are seeing rain drops hitting the camera lens. all depends where you are. it's also cool. 50 degrees. here's a look at the radar. once again, we're seeing more breaks in the rain. it looks like there is a plethora of moisture moving inland as we go into the next 30 to 40 minutes. we'll be tracking that. otherwise, we are once again seeing drying conditions can
8:27 am
where we had some heavy rain overnight. there will be more rain throughout the day. let's head over to mike to see how the roads are looking. > the weather is playing the most factor for the morning's commute. no new jersey crashes reported throughout the south bay or peninsula. slowing into the rest of silicon valley. very slow through san mateo where hooe we had rain. a crash at 101 ties up a couple lanes. and on the east bay, 880, 5 0 and the east shore freeway tough visibility. there's that's why they've lowered the speed. >> anotherup date in half an hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning, december 8, 2016. and a big thank you to everyone donating to our annual holiday toy drive. look at this this morning. they're getting to hand off their donations to taraji. henson. >> of course, we love her as the one of a kind cookie on empire. and now the new powerful film hidden figures. we're going to talk in a moment. then james taylor is here to perform some of his biggest holiday hits live in studio 1a. and the football food at it's finest. the recipes you're going to need if you're watching the game tonight or over the weekend. all right. first mr. roker, check of the weather. >> let's show you what we have starting with today.
8:31 am
arctic cold and looking into the weekend for tomorrow, frigid conditions in the plains. lots of snow in the pacific northwest. wet weather there as well. then as we move on into saturday, snow spreads into the upper plane plains, more snow back to the northwest and into the cascades, sunshine, but chilly. sunday, sunday, snow stretching from the plains on into the great lakes, we're also looking at wet weather and more snowy withins through the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine through the south. lots of nice people here. what's your names? >> pam and john. >> where are you from? >> florida. >> all right, wish you were back there today? >> no. >> we're glad you're here. . we have light rain and low visibility in san francisco. here's the view. and also temperatures that are cool. only now at 50 degrees. heading into the upper 50s today. here's the view from oakland. once again, hard to see in those spots where the rain continues. also some fog. mostly light rain as you go
8:32 am
towards the south bay and some clearing in spots. we will have times of rain off and on. now mostly taking a break but we could have more intense rain moving through later on this morning. that's your latest weather. and coming up tonight, we've got all your football action you need right here. kansas city chiefs, that's right, they're going to be taking on the -- oh, look out, the raiders. clear skies in kansas city, but it is going to be bitterly cold at arrowhead stadium. 18 degrees, a windchill of nine below. raiders versus chiefs, thursday night football night in america starting at 7:30, bundle up to watch. >> bundle up indeed, sir, thank you. taraji. henson nabbed a role for empire role as cook we. now katherine johnson in the
8:33 am
missouri "hidden figures." real life math my tigs helped to advance the space program while facing opposition due to gender and race. take a look. >> i will have you know that i was the first negro female student at west virginia university graduate school. on any given day, i i analyze the levels for air displacement, friction, and velocity. and compute over 10,000 calculations a hand. so yes, let women do things at nasa, mr. johnson, it's not because we're in skirts, it's because we wear glasses. >> oh, taraji, good morning. as the kids on the internet say, black girl magic. >> aw. >> but this is girl magic. this is all things celebrating really that independent spirit. >> uh-huh. >> that women have. >> which brings know cookie. the most independent woman on tv. how has she changed your life? >> i can't shop at target anymore. >> oh. >> if i do, i have to dress like
8:34 am
a unabomber. >> okay, explain, please. >> well, you know, cookie has become a phenomenon, and people actually think i am her. they hit me, hey cookie and slap me, they grab me at weird hours of the morning when i'm traveling and it's just like whoa, kind of early for that. >> wait a minute, i'm taraji. >> coffee first. >> you've been famous far very long time. >> i know, but it's characters like this that brings in fame. like, i've never experienced fame on this level before. i was kind of like under the radar. but cookie takes it to a whole other level. i have no personal life basically. i like to people watch. it's become very difficult for me to do. >> but you have a golden globe to keep you friends with at home. how is that taking home the golden globe? >> i mean -- >> for best actress nonetheless. >> yeah, those are things that you hope to accomplish in your career. that's not -- i didn't -- i didn't set out to be an actress to win awards, but, you know, if you do the work, that stuff will
8:35 am
come. i never focus on awards. i just focus on doing the best performance, bringing, breathing truth into these characters. so people can relate. >> well katherine johnson is someone that, you know, i've talked to octavia and kevin costner how we went our lives without knowing about her, this woman is incredible. she's 98 years old. you got an opportunity to watch this film with this hero that you're portray ugh. what was that like? >> i actually haven't -- i didn't get to watch the film with her, but i met her. i sat with her and her children and her grandchildren, and i mean, to sit with a hero, that's what it felt like. i felt like i was in the room with a real live super woman. and her humility was what i remember most because, you know, she never said i and i'm looking at all of the, you know, interviews and cutouts from all the magazines and newspapers of her receiving all of these medals and awards. and all second say was we, we.
8:36 am
and i asked her about, you know, how hard was it during that time and she was like, well, it was what it was. this is a woman who never saw obstacles. she just saw an opportunity. you know, and she seized the moment. she was prepared so that when opportunity crossed her path, she was ready. >> when this role crossed your path, mine, this is a mathematician, brilliant people, i think most of us would ever be able to meet. i heard you went to math boot camp. >> lay it had a mathematician on set because they had to make sure that all the formulas and everything that we wrote on the boards were accurate. i'm not a mathematician. i failed math. i wasn't good at math. >> that makes two of us on this set. >> i still use my fingers. proud of it. >> so when you're doing the empty at a restaurant. >> i use iphone, siri is help vl with percentages. >> well you know, she's an incredible woman -- >> she is.
8:37 am
>> and brilliant performance by you. thank you. u and by the way "hidden figures" hits select theaters nationwide january 6th, this is so good. game day treats to satisfy any size crowd. but first, this is today on nbc. >> start out the morning like that.
8:38 am
8:39 am
back now 8:39 with today loves football. and we know what carson's going to do tonight. watch his beloved raiders take on the chiefs. here with great recipes to get you ready for the game. author of mad hungry family. good to see you. >> you again too, matt. >> i've already eaten half a pound of this stuff. >> my family ate it on monday night. this is one of the gem of the cookbooks. >> what do you call the recipe? >> caramelized orange pork roast which basically your marinade is a whole party of flavor. >> not all that much ingredients, it's simple. >> garlic and brown sugar. white wine. you could use beer.
8:40 am
>> you need a nice big roasting pan. >> and this is all the work you're doing. orange and zest. >> okay. >> hot sauce, good amount. you could use whatever you want. >> red pepper flakes or something like that. >> vinegar. and whole grain mustard. and that is what you're doing. what do we have here? >> looks like red wine. >> this is the soit sauce. this is important, matt. okay, so if you can just mix that a little bit. >> got. >> so this is all the work you're doing for this which is so amazing -- >> so is this the marinade? >> and here is a -- maybe a six pound bone-in park roast. you can't find better value for feeding a large group, and i have all brothers, all sons, we're going to marinate that -- >> do you need to flip it over a couple times. >> you're doing this business, you're flips a little bit. if you have overnight, good, an hour, just do as much as you can. here's what it looks like when it's done, right. it's all stoet go in the oven. you don't have to do anything else.
8:41 am
i like to just tint it, not cover it. and then it goes into an oven -- >> what kind of heat? >> 325 degrees, an hour per pound. >> and i will tell you, when i got to over here, it falls apart. >> it can fall apart. this is your money recipe. item telling you. this is almost done. we would marinate, here's one tip. whenever you have the marinade, if you don't want to scorch your pan, use water if your marinade has evaporated. >> show me how you're going plate this up. >> i knead into a football-friendly deal. so we have what i like to call the -- these are collard greens that i finely sliced, cooked with garlic. and then you can slice like this. >> guys down stairs, sign this. >> don't bother us, we're eating. >> leave us alone. >> it's so delicious. >> anything better than the crust of this. >> tamron got one of the ends.
8:42 am
so fan it's a pick. >> in for the end. >> you have this beautiful sauce here, right? so what i've done, i made the collard greens, made this beautiful meat, and then what i like to do on football night with my family, is i like to take a large baguette and just smear all that yummy sauce that you can't like stay away from, and then i put on the collard greens and the pork and cut it and just chill back and watch the game with everybody else. >> guys, i'm going with best thing i've eaten in a. month. what do you think? >> this is pretty darn good. >> i agree. >> that's way to go. >> i'll that i can one to go. we're going to post all the recipes on between the raiders and the chiefs, catch it tonight right here on nbc. thank you so much. up next, james taylor performs live in studio 1a. i'm going to bring him some pork roast. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
the city concert series on today is presented to you by citi. 8:44, we're back with one of our favorites, james taylor. earlier this week, he was one of the hon rears. he's also celebrating the. tenth holiday of his holiday album, james taylor at christmas. ladies and gentlemen, james taylor. ♪ ♪ ♪ well it's coming on christmas, cutting down trees, putting up reindeer singing songs of joy and peace ♪ ♪ and i wish i had a river, when the light could skate away on ♪
8:46 am
♪ oh, but it don't snow here, it stays pretty green, i want to make a bunch of money, maybe quit this crazy scene ♪ ♪ oh, i wish i had a river that i could skate away on ♪ ♪ yeah i wish i had a river so, i could teach my feet, fly away ♪ ♪ and i wish i had a river i could skate away on ♪ ♪ i'm so hard to handle, i'm selfish and i'm sad and i think that's the only best way that i
8:47 am
ever had ♪ ♪ i wish i had a river i could skate away on ♪ ♪ she tried hard to help me, tried to put me at ease ♪ ♪ she loved me so more is made me weak in my knees ♪ ♪ i wish i had a river that i could skate away on ♪ ♪ yeah and i wish i had a river so i, i could teach my feet ♪ ♪ fly away on ♪ i wish i had a river i could skate away on ♪
8:48 am
♪ and i've been baby crying, yes, i made my baby say good-bye ♪ ♪ and i wish i had a river, that i could skate away on ♪ ♪ i could skate away on [ applause ] >> james taylor, he'll be back with more music in just a little bit. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:49 am
8:50 am
james taylor has been making music for nearly 50 years and shows no signs of slowing down. >> the five-time grammy winning is playing a summer ball park tour next year. first the holidays with us here in studio 1a. >> good morning, kim his wife is here. hi kim, happy holidays. gang, happy holidays. ten years ago, you released that holiday album.
8:51 am
were you releasing it on vinyl, thank you, i'm a vinyl guy. do off favorite sole judge on that? >> i love that song we just did of joni mitchell's "wish i had a river." that's a beautiful tune, but there's -- that's the thing about christmas is the music is so great. and from carols to sort of standard christmas stuff and yeah, it's a rich -- it's a great bag of music. >> it's fun that kim's here, your adorable wife. >> thank you. >> she's got to be an inspiration for some of your songs, huh, james? >> yeah, she is. i've written a number of songs about kim now. >> well, that's -- >> kim is blushing. there you have it. and were you blushing at the kennedy center honors? quite the crowd ensembled there. where are you keeping the medal. >> service surreal, it's in my suitcase. >> still? >> back at the hotel. >> what voroom is that again?
8:52 am
>> heading off on this ball park tour. which is a better ball park, fenway or wrigley. don't answer wrong. you don't to want get booed when you get there. >> doyle another analysis this summer. we'll check them both out and i'll get back to you on that. >> they're about to play one of our favorite songs, it's called "only one," james taylor. ♪ ♪ you are my only one, you are my only one ♪ ♪ don't believe in me now, now you're my only one ♪ ♪ i've got two long legs like to
8:53 am
carry me look for the light ♪ ♪ i've got two strong arms to hold on tight, two good friends on my left and my right ♪ ♪ you're the only one, only one ♪ ♪ you are my only one, you are my only one ♪ ♪ i'm telling you now, now you're my only one ♪ ♪ so there's only one road for me, too many turns in the wings ♪ ♪ thousands of things to do today, millions of moments i must admit ♪ ♪ but only one, only one
8:54 am
♪ and you you are my only one, you are my only one ♪ ♪ don't believe in me now, you're my only one ♪ ♪ taking for granted and pushed aside, all that i wanted was a place to run and hide ♪ ♪ missing the decision of all the dreams, getting deep inside of every memory seems like dreams ♪ ♪ hundreds of hopes in the past ♪ ♪ nevertheless it was never the less, but you hold on stronger ♪
8:55 am
♪ there's only one, only one ♪ oh you are my only one, you are my only one ♪ ♪ don't believe in me now, now you're my only one ♪ ♪ you are my only one, you are my only one ♪ ♪ don't believe in me now, believe in me now ♪ ♪ i'm telling you -- now you're my only one ♪
8:56 am
>> yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! >> can i tell you something? you brought this one to tears. >> thank you. >> thank you for that. >> kim, thank you, guys i. that was awesome of you. >> thanks you guys. i'm kari hall. we have our storm ranger fired up. san bruin fellow mountain, this is the only doppler radar on whees in the world and gives us a better view what's happening in the bay area. light showers continuing to move through. we are taking a break from the rain in the south bay and still spotty downpours in parts of the east bay but the bigger picture shows we will at times have rain moving through and we may have
8:57 am
some bouts of heavier rain by later this morning. let's head over to mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> moving pretty well. north of the san mateo bridge fog combined with rain and slick conditions. that is a problem for the morning commute. 101 drags between 92 and the city dras bostewincityin cityin's. foggy conditions through the hills. west 24 slow. back to you. >> there's the highway in there somewhere. happening right now, the latest weather information online anytime. sign up for our alerts which can you can get through the bay area ap. >> members of a task force are meeting trying to cop up with new ways to boost safety in buildings.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's" take. madonna makes a surprise confession during car pool karaoke. sfwlmpblts crash course in motherhood. not one, but six kids. plus the sweet sound of sweet baby james. five-time grammy winner james taylor, right now. from nbc news, this is "today's" take. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this is thursday morning, december 8, 2016, and we are here and somebody is feeling a little grinchy right now. >> my christmas has been ruined. i'm just going -- >> not yet. it's only december 8th. >> i think you need to clarify that. >> okay. so remember when i asked you at home to help me pick out the
9:01 am
color of my christmas tree i wanted. overwhelming choice was turquoise, i found that was like $600, that's not happening. so i found a gray, gray was a second choice. i immediately order my tree from here's a picture. i'm still waiting for my tree. it's been like ten days, and this is my super bowl. >> so did you -- >> it's missing. have you seen it? >> you ordered it with an express card. >> fedex crown. >> have you put in the tracking number. >> no. >> where did it originate from? where's the tree coming from? >> but what part of the country? >> it's the artificial tree farms. >> santa claus land, i don't know. >> northwest, maybe there was some weather troubles trying to get it across the country. >> i only -- i have one more week, i have one more week. >> can you call?
9:02 am
but do you have the order? >> i have the order. >> why don't you send it down to adam, and they can put -- >> walk outside in new york and grab a temporary tree. >> i'm using my job and position -- >> and you're absolutely right. >> here's the deal. dylan giving birth maybe as early as tonight. this is the most important thing in my life. >> dylan's going the distance. >> i have one more week -- >> is the tree going to get here before dylan's baby? baby hashtag tree, which one comes first? >> it'll be interesting. especially if your doctor's name was fedex. that would be great. dr. fedex. >> dr. fedex, we deliver. >> baby's here. >> absolutely, positive. >> here's what i don't understand. >> you can track yours, i can't track this. >> that's right. >> well the doctor did say something -- >> i know. >> you know exactly where it is. it's not missing. >> 12 is it warm in here? >> have you never ordered anything before? >> yeah, but i'm going to trust
9:03 am
system with the world. >> no, that's -- trust to verify. that's why you have the tracking number. >> i just know that i have one week left to enjoy because i'm going to texas, thank god to visit family for a week. i have one week left -- >> that's what you should focus on. >> #tree, #babydylan. what did bosco do last night? she's been acting weird. and i think because the whole baby thing. i think dogs have -- >> they sense. >> i thought it was a girl. >> her full name is long, but we call her that for sure. it rolls off theening to easier. so i've been taking the photos of her staring at me from weird parts of the house. there she is there. we have another one -- >> but she keeps her distance. >> she keeps her distance and stares at me. >> there she is, there's another one where she's kind of. >> reporter: oh. >> when i actually do sit down, that's when she -- >> is that her on the belly? >> and she just rests her head
9:04 am
on the belly. >> when you wake up, is she there looking at you? >> look at this one. >> i'm sorry. >> she just peers around want corner. >> whoa. okay. now i'm starting to freak out. >> but this is what i've noticed over the past couple of weeks. it's this weirdness or she's real snugly. so i don't know what it means. >> dog psychic, i think you need to get snb there because listen, bosco looks like she's got something planned. >> she's up to something. >> yeah. >> she's got a tracker. >> yeah. >> lock the door, bosco is not heading around. what did you do last night? >> well, the cleveland cavaliers, you know, nba champs came in to play the knicks last night. and my son and nick, is a knicks fan. he's a knicks fan. i had my new york knick with me at the knicks. >> is he standing on something or that much taller than you?
9:05 am
>> no, he's not standing on anything. he's not standing on anything. >> what's so interesting, and your child is supposed to look like you because it's your child -- >> i hope so. >> that's so rude. he has mother or father morphed. >> well, that's my boy. >> the smile. >> it's the smile, but it's the sweetness in his face which is like you when you're not talking. >> i must tell you -- and that's very nice. and i'll stop right now if you'd like. so it was a blowout. i mean, it was good for the first six minutes. and then -- >> and bored. >> no, we were enjoying it because we were sitting there, the basket -- but, then the knicks kind of -- the cavaliers pulled away. to the point where -- and in the fourth quarter, lebron james and his other cleveland cavalier teammates decide to try, during the game the bottle flip challenge. >> disrespected. >> so people online people are wondering, is that bad
9:06 am
sportsmanship? poor sportsmanship. >> you have to be in the game. pay attention to the game. >> you can't treat them -- guess what, nba they trade all the time. you could end up with one of the knicks on your team, j.r. somebody -- >> yeah, in fairness, for those who are following this, phil jackson kind of talked some smack about lebron, and -- >> so this was. >> reporter: some would say this is -- he wasn't flipping a bottle, he was flipping off phil jackson. >> oh. >> he's flipping something. >> i don't care about that, what was your snack game like? >> we just did -- we did a carbonated beverage and a soft pretzel. >> well, i would expect more from you. like a pepsi or a beer? >> i did a diet coke and nick had a beer. no, no, no. >> like i am taller than you. >> no, nick had a gin and tonic. no, he had a sprite. >> but i would expect you guys to have like nachos. >> no, it's like my father and
9:07 am
my uncle when they would take us to sporting events would say did you come here to watch a game or come here to eat? i came here to eat. >> eat too. >> anyway. >> oh any gosh. >> like a fenway frank. >> speaking of the bottle flip. we've got a great one. grandma -- >> granny. >> giving it a shot. here she does. >> boom, nails it. >> can we please replay that again. >> oh yeah. >> oh my gosh. >> you've got the shoulder shimmy. >> sthez all. >> the swagger. >> let's bring that sound. >> the confidence. >> look at the shoulders. >> granny. >> yeah. >> all right. >> the shoulder. >> that's so great. >> fantastic. >> she wasn't even looking. >> just boom, just like that. >> living until you're 90s, like that's that. you don't -- >> and you're enjoying yourself. >> fantastic. >> madonna, speaking of somebody that is fantastic.
9:08 am
>> i didn't know which one. i could tell you were uncertain. >> she was hanging out with one of our favorites, james accordion, car pool karaoke, here's the moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> put your leg up. here we go, vogue. >> is it tleel drive like that? >> james. >> she's very flexible. >> yoga and athletic, all of that. >> and credit for putting fish nets under the pants. >> very sweflt, i think he's getting in shape. >> his grammy game on. >> besides singing, madonna opened up about a fling with another major pop star. >> you were fwrends michael jackson. >> i was.
9:09 am
>> what was like that like? with michael jackson. >> you want know kiss and tell then, don't you? >> did you kiss? >> of course. >> no. >> of course. >> you and michael jackson -- >> i mean, baby, i've been around. >> full french kissing. >> yeah, mouth kissing. >> i did not know that. i did not know that. >> well ichblt had the chance to talk about it. no one ever asks me. >> so hang on, so who makes the first move you or michael jackson? who leans in? >> well, i did. if you want to know the truth. because he's a little bit shy. however, he was a willing accomplice. >> okay. which one's british? >> yeah. >> what's going on there? >> that's a good question. >> she's from uk, michigan. >> it's in and out. >> but you know what, in certain celebrities, there's a joke, you probably have some in your head that suddenly have these accents and they're american. >> i know she lived in london
9:10 am
for a while, but not long enough to pick that up. >> maybe she's impressionable. >> might have picked it up from james. >> we love your honesty. coming up it's the most wonderful time of the year. do you know why -- >> if you have a tree. >> because we get a brand new batch of santa photos. we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i like b better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works., and my sweethearts handsome,gone sayonara.rance... this scarf, all that's left to remember.
9:11 am
what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. your favorite things come together at the holidays, with our new flavorfilled pairings. enjoy our freshly filled pastas bursting with indulgent flavors. and perfectly paired with irresistible steak, shrimp or chicken. comfort and joy, love and laughter, happiness and cheer. served with all the salad and breadsticks you want. bring flavorfilled pairings and your family together this holiday... at olive garden. pain from a headache whecan make this...d, feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand.
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tylenol® when you have a cold, pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol® if you're taking does your mouth prescripoften feel dry?s, a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. biotene can provide soothing dry mouth relief. and it keeps your mouth refreshed too. remember while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
9:13 am
okay. all right. >> when we go on tamron's phone and hit the tracking number, it was ordered on november 28th. it was picked up november 20th from barington, new jersey, the wilds of barington, new jersey, where they are acres of fake tree farms and it was delivered on november 30th. >> i was home. >> 12:36. >> i was home. >> how were you home? >> this is over at noon -- >> in 36 minutes? >> you know don't realize fast i run from this place. >> wow. so your package -- so i think, i think treetopia did her job. you unfortunately -- fedex did their job. somebody ripped you off. >> the grinch stole my tree. >> ho, ho, freaking, ho. >> that sounded so wrong.
9:14 am
>> there you go. >> my expression, much like the children -- >> tree stolen, it turned into a sad story. >> like these kids when they met santa for the first time. >> that'll put a smile on your face. >> today holiday card which went viral. especially -- i don't know, that's the one i love. >> that's the classic. >> other holiday classics caught -- nothing like kids melting on santa's lap, melting down. here's dylan's nephew. >> not yet. >> these are several. >> oh. >> that kid is, oh santa might -- >> and is that -- okay, that's a little girl not too happy. >> oh, now see that's history got stolen. >> shouting. >> he's like i'm in church. >> trying to get away so bad. >> it is terrifying. >> let's get to dylan's nephew. >> i love how beautiful the two girls are. >> those are my nephews. >> all right. there you go. >> neither one very happy. >> they were not happy.
9:15 am
>> santa put him in a head lock. >> how does that make santa feel? >> i think santa helper -- they're used to it by now. >> and if you're a little kid and suddenly he's real, he's there and looking at you. you don't -- you know. >> and you freeze up and you want to order a bb gun. >> it's a movie. >> really? >> good job. >> haven't seen it, but i've known for ten years. >> 24 hour loop. >> grilled cheese fan. >> me. >> all right. martha stewart did a facebook live. she revealed the secret to a great grilled cheese which i've been doing for years. >> it's true. >> that's right. >> instead of butter, mayonna e mayonnaise. >> really? >> what does that do? >> gives you a crunchier texture an the butter. >> put it on the bread or the pan? >> bread. smear it on the bread. here we go. >> white bread. >> only white bread. >> if you're going to do grilled cheese, do it right. >> which is is which. >> one's butter. >> i can already tell. this is the butter. >> this is butter.
9:16 am
>> uh-huh. >> that's good cheese. >> wow. >> you think we hadn't eaten in a week. >> full slab of pork a minute ago. >> this one's better. >> which one do you like? >> i like butter. i'm traditional though. >> sometimes, i do a little of both. but this is the mayo. >> i like kraft american cheese, white bread -- >> amen. >> doesn't get better than that. >> bowl of tomato soup. >> the only thing that makes it better, a little bacon. >> that would be good too. >> oh yeah. >> i like the mayo. i like the mayo better. >> hold the mayo. that was from the movie "airplane." let's go, look at these temperatures. this is the temperature change. look at casper, wyoming. this is air temperature. it is 30 below. >> huh. >> denver right now. you are four below with the windchill it feels like 15 below. >> there's no wind in casper. >> it's cold. >> and this brutal air is coming
9:17 am
in toward the end of the woke. for a lot of folks friday is going to be the coldest day. and it's going to echblg chully make it's way to the east. it will moderate a bit as it comes this way, but it's still going to be chillier than it's been. gets down to the south. this ain't nothing, next week, siberian express, baby, temperatures 20 to 30 degrees below normal. we are tracking light rain moving across the bay area. heavier rain fell overnight. and now we're still left with the cloudy skies, and a little bit of some clearing for the south bay. taking a break there, there may be another round of rain moving in later this morning. and we are also seeing some spotty showers for the east bay. right now the bigger picture shows that we'll continue to see this moisture streaming in. at times, rain throughout the morning and early afternoon. it also continues into the day tomorrow.
9:18 am
that is your latest weather. coming up next, will drinking more water help moisturize your skin during the winter or rubbing grilled cheesen to help? >> mayo. >> more cold weather skin solutions after this messages. are my teeth yellow? have you tried the tissue test? ugh yellow. what do you use? crest whitestrps. crest 3d whitestrips whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah. crest whitestrips are the way to whiten.
9:19 am
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9:21 am
it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet? as the mercury drops, so does the moisture in our skin. before you go slapping a bunch of oil, listen to this. >> myth versus fact to help keep your skin from drying out all winter long. >> here to help us, dr. natalie azar. >> good morning, guys. how are you? ready to go? okay. we're going to go right in. we have a lot to cover. number one, drinking a lot the of water can help dry skin.
9:22 am
>> myth. >> dry skin. >> help with dry skin. >> fact. >> it's a myth. excellent, tamron. no, think of it this way, we're not like plants. drinking water it's important for you, it definitely is absorbed by the body, hydrates yourselves, but it won't do anything to combat dry skin. what you want to think about is using a moisturizer twice a day. we're going to talk about what kinds, and how to apply it in a little bit. question two, frigid air makes your skin peel. >> peel? >> peel. >> i think myth. >> that's a myth. exactly. so basically it's not the cold air that makes your skin peel, but rather it the hot air from inside. and also people who have conditions like eczema and things like that, what to do about it, let the peeling skin fall away. don't pick. >> in the winter time, you know, it's dry air, hot air. should you add a humidifier. >> yes. and that's part of my answer for the next question. >> okay. >> okay. >> that's exactly right.
9:23 am
number three, cozying up in front of a fireplace can dry out your skin, fact or myth. >> i think fact. >> that's -- no, it's a fact. sitting in front of a fireplace, using also a space heater, a wood burning stove, all of those things can cause dryness of the skin. >> i try to not turn on the neat my house a lot. make you wear a coat in my house. it dries out your skin. i want even to have moist skin. >> absolutely. the two things you can do is add a humidifier, definitely, and number two, don't turn the heat occupy so high. get to the lowest point to be comfortable. >> humidifier that's a cold air. it blows out cold steam instead of warm steam. >> what does that do. >> i'm not a humidifier expert. >> it doesn't work that well. >> no idea. >> follow the manufacturer's instructions. number four, during winter months, oily skin does not need moisturizing. >> myth. >> good you guys. that's true.
9:24 am
yeah, oily skin, doesn't matter, you still have to use a moisturizer. perhaps you use a lighter one. okay. number five, taking long, steamy showers helps prevent dry skin. >> i'm going be fact. >> i think it's a myth, but i love long hot showers. >> actually, we recommend taking short path baths for showers which defeats the purpose. five to ten minutes. and also lukewarm water, not hot. when you get out, pat dry, not rub dry. and apply moisturizer right away. >> got time for one more. >> number one. >> number six, you should have, you should shave your legs less often when it's cold outside. >> myth. >> fact. >> it's a fact. >> shaving your -- >> i do that all the time. >> how do you shave your legs. >> it is very, very irritating. you want to do it right after you get out of the shower, moisturize, use a clean blade. all of those things. >> our winner. you get a warm moisture humidify
9:25 am
per. >> interesting. >> the moisture contest. >> there you go. >> i see what you did there. >> dr. azar taking winter solutions live on facebook. dylan goats see what motherhood is like with five can't see it. can't taste it. but there's so much more to it. here's how benefiber® works. inside each of us are trillions of good microflora that support good digestive health. the prebiotic fiber in benefiber® nourishes them so they can thrive. and what helps them, helps you and me every day. clear, taste-free, all natural benefiber®. nourish the goodness inside. also try benefiber® healthy shape. it's proven to keep you feeling fuller longer. ♪ h♪ but they only see hisfrom farwrinkles. ♪ ♪ if only harry used some bounce, to dry.♪ ♪ he would be a less-wrinkly winning guy. ♪
9:26 am
==cam== a live look at interstate 580 in dublin .. where drivers are good morning. 9:26 on a wet thursday morning. i'm sam brock. a live look at 580 in dub lip where there are some -- dublin where there are some visibility issues. drivers contending with a wet and soggy start here. in most parts of the bay area the rain's been coming down consistently sips last night. there's more in store for the rest of the day and of course through the week. in a moment, meteorologist carrie hall will provide an update on that. first to local news. investigators still do not have the definitive cause of friday's deadly open warehouse fire. the area around the warehouse is now starting to open again to pedestrians and to local traffic. with the search for victims now over, the city of oakland is launching a new push to improve building safety procedures and
9:27 am
complaint procedures. members of the national prevention task force are assisting in the process. oakland officials admit that building inspectors hadn't been inside for a routine inspection in 30 years. now we'll have an update on when the rain is going to make its way out after the break.
9:28 am
good morning. here's a look at our storm ranger. the only doppler radar in the entire world. it will fill in gaps for radar as we continue to track the storm system moving in. and we've been watching it all morning. now we saw that shot before the break of dublin where the rain was coming down. in san jose, it is bright and sunny. even though we did have rain earlier. golden gate bridge, really socked in with the rain and fog. temperatures are only in the lower 50s. we are seeing the rain as it continues to stream in. the storm system will be off and on and definitely in effect with the microclimate as we continue
9:29 am
to see very -- a lot of different weather across the bay area. still raining in san francisco over toward the east bay. mike, how's it looking on the roads? >> kari, what the store ranger points out is what we're seeing on the roadways. south bay looks good after the accident cleared from 7th. north of the san mateo bridge, seeing slowing because of the fog here. again, getting at this from storm ranger on the peninsula. bart slowing due to weather conditions. fog, low clouds, and rain. a ten-minute delay systemwide. the toll plaza has the backup for fast track. thanks. see you in 30 minutes.
9:30 am
it says here dylan is just days away from having her baby, but maybe a day. so we thought why not give her a taste of thingings to come. >> so we sent her to hang out with 19 month old quintuplets and they're the kids of adam and danielle busby. outdaughtered. >> that's right, i did catch up with them recently to see how they're handling the wild ride. and to find out just how ready i am to become a mom. >> quintuplets, that's one, two, three, four, five, all under the age of two. and all girls. just an average day for the busy busby family. how is life with the sheer
9:31 am
number of children that you have? >> it's a nonstop movement from the time they wake up in the morning to they go bed at 7:00 p.m. >> and let's not forget, they also have a sit daughter, five-year-old blake. >> she talks about like other people like one baby, that's weird. >> i'm having contractions. >> they catapulted to fame last april after danielle give first to the first ever set of all girl quintuplets in the u.s. at the time, mom and dad even found a few minutes to joan us on the show after welcoming their newborns. >> you look wonderful. i mean it's hard to believe that you just had the babies. the babies last week. are you feeling okay? >> i am. surprisingly. i feel pretty good. it's kind a shock. >> and as if life wasn't wild enough, adam and danielle quickly signed on to star in a reality tv series on tlc. "outdaughtered" follows the family through feedings, diaper changes, and soothing tots. what's it like to jug al
9:32 am
supersized family and a grueling tv schedule? >> it makes it that much more fun. >> so what can we expect in season two? >> their own little personalities. they started walking. so that means they're climbing. they just want to do whatever they want, go wherever they want, just destroy whatever. >> to want go shopping. it's time to put me to the test. i don't know what i'm getting myself into, but i'm going to give danielle and adam a nice break. and i'm going to watch the kids. let the mayhem enshoe. one, two, three, slide. oh, what's wrong? i don't know what to do with crying babies. this is so overwhelming. i don't know where they all are at once. two, three -- i've lost a baby. hello. hello. what's your name?
9:33 am
so one, two, three, four, five. we've gained a kid. oh no. okay, it's time to call in reinforcements. blake, you got everything under criminal? she's good. i'm going to have a baby soon. do you have any advice for me about how to make babies laugh? >> tickle them. >> tickle them. i might be getting the hang of this. ready? i kind of made it through an afternoon with five babies. i think i can handle one. i think. we're good. >> oh, you're good now. >> yeah. it was overwhelming to say the least. yes. >> five. >> and an extra five-year-old to tack on to that too. sop you could see more of the busbyes every tuesday night on tlc. >> by the way, your one will seem like five at times. >> oh gosh. >> so not that easy? i heard this is easy. smooth sailing, lots of sleep. >> oh yeah. >> put him on speed dial. uncle al.
9:34 am
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9:38 am
this morning on "today" style, it's that time of the year when your calendar is booked with seasonal soirees. >> if you still don't know what to wear, we have you covered with fun looks from britany levine, host of the facebook live stream show the fix, good morning, looking lovely yourself this morning. >> i've got my holiday fashion going. >> we are talking about the holidays and first up is the office holiday party. >> yeah. the office holiday parties are coming up. i have a few to attend too. they might be awkward, don't be afraid to take your fashion up a notch. we have rocking some of the green and red colors, but in the patterns from ellen tracy. this printed chic dress here and bobble accessories. those are really inexpensive, 70, 80, and $34 for her earrings. and then benny's suit, i'm sorry, it's from jack threads. and the whole suit is $167. it's an amazing men's site. fashion forward designs and all of the guys i know are flocking
9:39 am
to this one. >> i love this. >> and his tie and his pocket square, that's where you want to amp it up a notch for the holiday parties. they have tons of fabulous patterns, tons of fabulous colors. so they're really looking great for your office party. >> going as a couple to coordinate. like they're coordinated. >> they look amazing. >> they look adorable. >> but you don't have to, no. i just suggest really kind of playing up the ties, the pocket squares, you don't need to do the red and green for your office holiday party. >> you look beautiful. let's go to the neighborhood holiday party. how is that dimpb from the office party? >> well this is where you can really let your hair down. you can have more fun. this is the weekend where you want to have fun with your friends and your neighbors. we have here thomas in nick graham, and nick graham knows thousand play up the regular collared shirt. if you see on his basically his sleeves right here, they have those contrasted designs. they're very slim. and his shirts are only $59.50. very affordable for guys.
9:40 am
black slacks and shoes on the bottom. >> easy. >> then jackie is playing into my gold book here. she's wearing one of my favorite over the pond brands. and they're very affordable party dresses. under 100. and they have those bows and that gold designs. she looks absolutely amazing. >> so chic. >> and a fun bag and finally, jennifer, she is wearing what all the teens are wearing from justice, and that's like the hot store right now. this rose mesh dress here for $39.90. he's looking absolutely beautiful. that's where all the teens are going. and then she has these gems own her hand. the teens love stacking these bracelets up their arm. >> yes. >> well this is it right now. choose their gem color. that's really fun. and those bracelets are $15 each. they look beautiful for their neighborhood party. >> that family shows up to your party. oh gosh, thank you, guy us. you look amazing. >> you look great. >> last up we have the holiday party at home with your family. >> yeah. this is where you want to be more comfortable. with my family, comfort is key
9:41 am
because we're eating, we're yelling, we're just having fun. definitely, and this whole look on benny, i'm sorry, this whole look on benny is basically under $75. jcpenney. st. john's, we have our stafford shirt underneath, arizona flex jeans. so affordable. and guys love it wear those zip-ups, but coordinate a checkered top underneath. and then we have miss julie here. she is doing our look. it's one of my favorites because they have stylish designs. so affordable. which is amaze pg. amazing. >> and it's so comfortable. >> it's what it's about. she has the slipper sleeves, over the knee boots are what's up. nose are only $39 and everyone's asking know where find them for less than 50. people decent believe me, $39 from unbelievable. and finally we have mr. jake. okay. who's rocking our h & m kids
9:42 am
look. >> jake's got the best hair on tv. >> he really does. i know. he looks so buttoned up, but these waistbands are expand sobl he can grow into them which is nice. and then his tie. and his tie is also elastic. he can put it on. the sneaks are amazing. also h & m. jake is looking great. >> al roker, looking at al roker envying jake's hair. >> i'm envying his expandable pants. plan on getting those in time for christmas. anyway. for our weekend outlook, frigid air-conditions. that was a refrigerator my grandma had. coming out from the plains, a lot of snow. the pacific northwest. rain along the coast this. pen saturday, we're looking at more snow. big swath of know across the plains into the upper midwest. we're looking at heavy rain in central and northern california. lots of mountain snows in the pacific northwest. sunshine, but cooler through the southeast. sunday, sunday, hu looking at
9:43 am
more snow, lake effect snow for the great lakes all the way into the plains. more snow in the cascades, saw tooth and look for showers and thunderstorms down through the lower good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have storm ranger set up and tracking the rain as it continues to move in. this gives an h.d. view of what's happening around the bay area and especially san bruno mountain where that truck is set up. and we are seeing some heavy rain approaching pacifica at this point. also south san francisco. elsewhere we have light rain, some mist and drizzle will continue as we go into the next couple of hours. and this rain will be off and on throughout the day. at times we'll have pockets of heavy downpours. that's your latest weather. coming up next, we've got a friend. five. time grammy winner, sweet baby time grammy winner, sweet baby your favorite things come together at the holidays, with our new flavorfilled pairings.
9:44 am
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9:48 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> james taylor has sold over 100 million albums, been making sweet music for the better part of the five decades. he's here with a song from his latest album called "before this world." ladies and gentlemen -- >> james taylor. ♪ you and i again, these days go by and i wish i could slow the whole thing down ♪ ♪ have it all back again, just one more time ♪ ♪ then again maybe we can't because i can't escape this feeling that we feel this way
9:49 am
together you and i ♪ ♪ there you are again i climb so high ♪ ♪ high enough to finally see your sign shining in the distance ♪ ♪ you were tending your own fire and we were biding our time ♪ ♪ we were both waiting for the moment when our bats drawn together ♪ ♪ you and i ♪ see how fierce you are, never this world will drag us down ♪ ♪ how serious you are, standing
9:50 am
on holy ground ♪ ♪ so although i know we're only small in the time we have here ♪ ♪ surely we have it all ♪ see how fierce you are, never this world would drag us down ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ see how fierce you are, never this world would drag us down ♪ ♪ how serious you are, standing
9:51 am
on holy ground ♪ ♪ so although i know we're only small in the time we have here ♪ ♪ this time we have it all ♪ >> james taylor, thanks so much. we're back in a moment, but first, this is "today." on nbc.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
everyone is getting into the spirit of giving for our 23rd annual toy driver this morning. taraji. henson collected toys from generous visitors on the plaza. here to tell us about the donation, steve and sally from one of our long time distributors. good morning to both of you. you're a staple of my life. i evolve to the more sophisticated style. tell us about your donation. >> this is our ninth year participating and we're happy to help you out. we're giving over $150,000 of beautiful poodles bags and trunk cases. >> it is amazing to be able to give this holiday season. why is it special for you? >> you know, as a woman growing up with mine it's special to be able to give them this holiday season to so many deserving young girls. >> and you're involved in other activities over the yeefr. >> that's right. we're active with polish girls. which is a group that gets into hospitals to make patients feel good. paint their nails and talk with them. and also a sponsor with american
9:55 am
heart association sweetheart group. >> we're grateful for this donation and girls will really enjoy it. thank you so much. by the way, don't forget if you're coming to the plaza, bring a toy far child up to the age of 18. and you can donate online at check out our website for all the details. and thank you again, love these. >> staple of life, seriously. >> kit and a caboodle. >> tomorrow of course we'll update you on tree gate. we'll find out whether dylan's had the baby. and
9:56 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're under a microclimate weather alert even though we've had a break from the rain. a heavy downpour earlier this morning. we have storm ranger on top of san bruno mountain giving us a scan of what's happening in the
9:57 am
bay area in an h.d. view and filling in the gaps for some of the bars on some of -- radars on some of the mountains. showing lighter activity as far as the rain now. once again, there may be pockets of heavier rain later today. we'll keep an eye on it. let's head to mike for the commute. >> reporter: we're looking at all the information you have on your system. it shows as you said, calming down, the commute, the volume of traffic is not the issue, it is the fog and moisture left in the air. of course, the slippery conditions, look at that, northeast, san francisco, 101 at a crawl. 880, you see the slowing on the map. a live shot by the coliseum shows on the right, a crash affecting the on ramp at 66th. the bay bridge toll plaza still has a wet commute showing up. the toll plaza itself has a backup, and the camera has water on the lens. back to you. >> needs little windshield wipers. happening now, you can get the latest weather information on line any time. you can also sign up for alerts via our nbc bay area app. get them wherever you are. members of the national task force will meet in oakland today after requests from mayor half
9:58 am
is. they schaaf. they will come up with ways to boost building safety in the wake of the deadly warehouse fire. you can link to the details on our home page. more local news coming up in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody, it's thirsty thursday. it's december 8th. have a terrific show today. hoda goes undercover. i hope you get a chance to see this. as a meter maid. she's handing out tickets in new jersey. you can imagine how that went over. >> yeah. >> but you did so well. >> it was a little scary, i got to say. >> you were really not even recognizable. >> nope, not one person.


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