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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 8, 2016 8:30pm-9:31pm PST

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six in the box. >> al: third and one. carr, to the end zone. and one-handed away by marcus peters. intended for andre holmes. de one second until the demarc >> well, he's the guy, marcus peters. watch him get his head around and make the play. and that was the play of the night if they can make one here. >> here's the play of the night right now for oakland. crabtree is back in the game. final play before the two minute warning. fourth and one. oh, man. who moved? oakland did. >> false start, offense number 77. five yard penalty, first down.
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>> tackle austin howard. >> just a little flinch by howard then gabe jackson reacted. right there is going to be the first flinch. >> so, back to the 19. ten penalties tonight against oakland, and it's fourth down and six. brad stamping his feet. four-man rush. down the left side line. battered away, incomplete. terrence mitchell. big night for him. intended for roberts. that takes us to the two-minute warning and gives kansas city the ball with 1:56 left in the quarter.
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♪ ♪ this guy' guy? been through a lot. dogs bring out the good in us. pedigree brings out the good in them. feed the good. >> all right. right after the game, stick around for the volkswagen post game report. the star of the game, coming up
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right after this contest. kansas city cannot run the clock out. they can take it down to under a minute, though. remember, oakland had to use a time-out with about 4 1/2 minutes to go, so, they have two. from the 19 yard line, they give the ball to wear, wear with a nice run. that puts oakland in the box. they have to take a time-out. but they also have to stop kansas city from getting a first down. and for the moment, del rio looking up at the clock, he figures he'll save those two time-outs to see what happens after the second downplay. but, boy, you're taking it down to the 1:10 right now before they have to snap it. >> one way or another, the clock had run on one play in this series. so, he just chose to take it there. >> second and two from the 27 yard line. and now they have to stop it
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with 1:07, and clearly what you have to do here, a first down would in effect end the game. if you can stop it then you take your time-out, and you will get the ball back. >> well, what should have been a fourth down and one turned into a fourth down and six. and instead of coming back to the crossing route to the pick routes underneath, they tried for the fade one more time. and give credit to terrence mitchell who had to come into this game and start for philip gains. i thought he was terrific for the most part all night. >> he has -- he's done quite the job. >> i thought he was terrific, too. >> free agent. he was a free act third year. played his college ball at oregon. been all over the lot tonight. 67 seconds, it comes down to this. stop them. he's going to get the rim.
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and wear is going to lunge forward. but he picks up the first down. if he does, it's over. they're going to measure. kansas city thinks they have it. did they stop the clock for a time-out? they stopped it very, very quickly. there's wear backing. where's that mark? the mark is going to be at the 29 yard line. and there you have it, folks. so, the kansas city chiefs who were down 3-0 score all 21
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points in the second quarter first, withstand two turnovers early in the third quarter, leading to only three oakland points. hold them off at the end, and the chiefs will have the same record as the raiders, 10 and 3, but will have won the season series and will go into first place in the afc west. >> look at that. one win in the last 44 years with a 3-0 turnover differential. >> take one more look at this spot. nothing is challengeable inside two minutes. so, new york just wants to take a look and make sure. and, so, mccauly will take a look himself under the hood. amee and i'm a co-founder at she leads africa. i definitely could not do my job without technology.
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♪ had my ups, downs, run-arounds ♪ ♪ my dark and despair ♪ but the best stuff came ♪ when all the sweat wasn't there ♪ ♪ you gotta say ♪ hey-y ♪ ho-o ♪ hey-y ♪ ho-o >> the ruling on the field he stands. first down kansas city. >> that makes it official just about. unless they fumble, but don't count on it. >> very disappointing night tonight for the oakland raiders. they have a 3-0 turnover advantage. to miss the opportunities they had in the passing games, and to simply not take advantage of the kind of game that kansas city typically does not play, they don't make mistakes like they
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made tonight. and the raiders, unable to take advantage of it, and they find themselves dropping from a one seed to a five seed on one night in kansas city. >> well, when you look at the numbers, carr tonight threw 31 passes, 117 yards, that means the raiders tonight averaged 2.85 a yards per pass a semt ttn a game in which the quarterback threw 40 more passes. second best in the nfl, i promise brent mus burger. jesse was the guy, carolina 2.6. >> jesse probably wishes you had not. >> yeah, but, you know, what can i tell you? we're here to serve. we're praying journalists. >> congratulations to andy reid and the chiefs. that was a monster win. >> all 21 points, he had a hill
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run back. smith got red hot. and all 21 points for k.c. came in eight minutes and 26 seconds. coming up next volkswagen post game report. thursday night football presented by bud light. t football" presented by bud light.
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mussberg >> welcome to the volkswagen golf all track post team report. >> well, despite scoring no points after halftime and turning the ball over three times, the kansas city chiefs score as many points as degrees on the thermometer and it's good enough to beat the raiders to kickoff the week 21-13 is the final score. they swap spots with the oakland raiders in the afc standings. it's the raiders five seed and "the chief"s are now the one seed and would stay that way if the ravens beat the patriots on monday night football. it is now time to send things over to heather cox to take on a conversation with alex smith. >> alex, first place in the division and positioning for the playoffs on the line, what was the key season sweep against the raiders? >> it was a hard fought game. on a short week, late in the year, you know, we knew it was
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going to come down to the end like this. it's a big, big rivalry. it's a good football team. there are so many things. it's doing the little things, play in play out, playing good football. to get the win, turnover ratio down three is pretty special. >> and you guys have now won eight of the last nine. what has been the key to sustaining your success so long this season? >> i think if just starts with practice and preparation. coach is putting together good game plans. guys doing the detail, coming out on game day and executing. >> your tight end travis kelsey, what kind of impact did he have on the offense tonight? >> he's always a spark for us. whenever we need a play that can get it done, consistently make good plays, a tight end that has tools. run after the catch, go for ball, great feed. a guy we feel really good about. he did it today. >> alex, congrats. enjoy this win. let's go upstairs to al. >> all right, heather.
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you think of the kansas city chiefs. they get off to a bad start last year, then they're on the table at the end, won a playoff game. 20 and 3, 20 and 3 in the last 23 regular season game. >> and you have to be careful with a team that can play defense and play special teams with tyreke hill the way this team can, right? because you're always in it. you're always going to be in the football game. and the more these wins they put together, the more likely it is they're going to be playing games right here in this stadium. and they're tough to beat here. >> speaking of defense, derek johnson, remember at one point it looked like, wow, the raiders took advantage of that after they came out of the game, they were able to regroup and did a masterful job in the second. >> it's amazing, the raiders, if you look at the numbers, ran for better than four yards per carry. given the circumstances how the chiefs were playing on defense, if they had osimle, they would have run eight yards a carry and got them out of a defense they
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ultimately could not beat at the end of the game. >> christmas night, denver kansas city game is going to be interesting. division league at stake. could have wild card ramifications. the afc west, a lot of drama this year. >> no doubt. >> okay. volkswagen post game show from arrow head stadium in kansas city continues after this. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies ♪ oh the fishes will laugh as they swim out of the path ♪ ♪ and the seagulls they'll be smilin ♪ ♪ and the rocks on the sand it's so peaceful out here. yeah. introducing the new turbocharged volkswagen alltrack with 4motion® all-wheel drive.
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soon to be everywhere. >> and on to the middle, nfc east battle between zach prescott, eli manning, dallas and the giants, can cowboys make it 12 in a row next thursday? on to seattle, against the seahawks. coming up next on nbc except the west coast, stay tuned for your late local news. and those on the nfl network, the mazda post game is next. dell michaels, heather cox, good night from arrow head stadium in kansas city. al michaels, cris collinsworth, heather cox, good night from kansas city.
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>> i contacted nbc and two days later the check was in the mail. >> we recovered over $400,000 for our viewers. >> i was so happy and so thankful. i thought i would never, ever see that money again. >> get results. contact our consumer investigative center where we answer every call, every e-mail. >> once nbc got involved, there was immediate action. >> nbc bay area. we investigate. thank you.
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and get ready for a wet friday. >> right now on nbc bay area, a rainy thursday night and get ready for a wet friday. we'll have your complete micro climate forecast. also. >> the raiders on national tv, but making a special local impact. how the silver and black is helping people heal following the deadly oakland fire. >> and remembering an american hero, the legacy that john glenn left here in the bay area.
8:54 pm
the news starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this special edition, primetime edition of nbc bay area news. i'm raj mathai. >> and i'm jessica. we have raiders coverage. and also update on the oakland fire and warmer weather. >> let's get right to our meteorologist rob. rob, this could be a sloppy friday commute, right? >> looks like we're going to be dealing with light rain so far. south bay not that impressive around san jose, but out towards the tri valley, half inch and climbing. north bay half inch to an inch of rain. and downtown san francisco close to an inch of rain and some of the wet est spots seen around the bay area. smat to san bruno mountain and the burlg game hills and that is where deployed our storm ranger as we take a look at that on the radar scan over the peninsula. we'll take you in on some of those lighter rain showers from downtown san francisco to the bridge. we've been seeing the rain at times in the commute across this evening. not as much rain out towards the
8:55 pm
tri valley in north bay. these light pockets of showers which continue to move on through and the future cast will show you that between now and tomorrow morning's commute generally less than a tenth of an inch of rain falling. that will make the roadways a little slick for tomorrow morning. a reminder as the weather gets more active download our nbc bay area app where you can take a tour of your own interactive radar and future cast much like you saw over my shoulder. it allows you to stay connected with weather as i talk about this moving forward. the numbers you saw could double by the time we get into the weekend. you'll get those notifications in real time on the nbc bay area app. storms arriving this weekend and weather forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. i was on the peninsula today and we got hit hard. now let's look at 880 in oakland. traffic is moving, but it's been a sluggish commute. the evening commute was a little slow. should be the same as we were mentioning for the friday morning commute. also tough in the skies, the
8:56 pm
rain and wind causing a lot of delays. at one point sfo briefly grounded all departing flights this afternoon. high winds, along with the rain, 60 to 90-minute delays throughout the day. now, if you're flying out of town in the next few days, check your flight status before you head to the airport. and here's a good resource. our morning newscast today the bay, meteorologist kerry hall will have a detailed weekend and travel forecast so you know what to expect as you head out the door. >> well, it has been nearly a week since the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. and tonight all 36 victims have been identified. but as that grieving deepens, the investigation into how that fire started is just beginning. we continue our comprehensive coverage now. we begin with nbc bay area's jody hernandez who joins us live from the scene. i understand a special freorenss team is going to be on-site soon? >> that's right, a special forensics mapping team will be at the site tomorrow. they will be diagraming the location and its contents.
8:57 pm
now, this is the closest that we have gotten to the warehouse since the fire broke out nearly a week ago. investigators still do not know the origin of the fire, but they tell me they are determined to bring answers to the families. >> people made a list, a string of butterflies. >> jane still water visited the scene of oakland's deadly warehouse fire to pay her respects to one of her son's best friends, alex gasan, a talented film maker and one of 36 people who died in last friday's fire. >> he was just wonderful. he was so -- he was fun to be with. he was a very positive person. >> investigators are still searching through what's left of the building that housed a collective of artists called such a yuga which means era of truth. trying to get to the truth of how the fire started. >> to bring answers to the families and friends and this community as a whole as to how this tragic fire happened.
8:58 pm
>> atf says they called in a special forensic mapping team to help out. they're expected to arrive tomorrow. >> what they will do is do a diagram and document what our investigators are looking at. >> meanwhile, friends and family of the victims continue to come to this site. marcus schultz brought flowers for his friend and fellow artist jonathan burn balm. >> he was a one of a kind talent. >> he said burnbaum traveled all over the country. learning the cause of the fire isn't as important as moving forward. >> i just pray and i hope that, you know, we can look at safety for our other artists. >> we're back live. you're looking at some of the contents investigators have pulled from the warehouse, propane tank. i can see a paint bucket there, possibly we can assume they're
8:59 pm
flammable materials. again, investigators do not know the origin of the fire yet, but a special forensics mapping team will be on-site tomorrow. hopefully they can help out and they will help bring some answers. but right now investigators do not know how long it will take. reporting live in oakland, i am jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> so much work yet to be done. all right, thank you, jody. well, oakland has officially declared a state of emergency as a result of that fire. the city council approved an emergency declaration just hours ago. the declaration allows victims, family, nearby businesses in the city to file for state funds to help in that recovery effort. today members of the city's arts community gathered in front of the council to voice their concern about a looming crack down on other warehouses being used as live-work spaces. the council is also facing growing questions about whether this tragedy could have been presented. last night we broke the news that no fire inspector had been in that building for more than a decade, and why no building code inspector had been inside for 30
9:00 pm
years. >> i don't have an answer to that, but that's what we have to look to find out what happened, what was missed, and what information did we not receive. >> i think it is a surprise. and at this moment i can't tell you what the scope of it is. is it less than 1% of our building? is it 5%? we don't know, and, so, we want to give the administration the opportunity and the public the opportunity to let us know. >> at this point councilmembers are blaming years of budget cuts but are vowing to do more to keep this from happening again. >> it's been a very emotional on the cow campus, grieving families and friends came together today. five of the 36 people killed in this fire had ties to uc berkeley. people gathered to write condoleances, messages and memories on poster boards outside of the hall. inside about 50 people paid their respects, including the twin sister of one of the victims, vanessa plot kin.
9:01 pm
>> [ inaudible ]. >> very difficult to hear and to see that. a series of memorials and public vigils are set to continue throughout the week. it is just after 9:00 now. if you're just now tuning in, we're on a little early tonight because of the raiders game. not quite what the raider he nation had hoped for. tough loss in kansas city, but as sports often does, it gave a lot of people a mental break from what's been a difficult week. nbc bay area cheryl herd from ricky's sports bar in san leandro. cheryl. >> it's somber out here tonight. when the game was over the thing i heard over and over is you can't win them all. it was really lively here earlier today. folks were lined up around the building around 3:30 today. but as i said, it is just silent right now. this was the reaction earlier today when the team made their first touchdown.
9:02 pm
well, you can't really call it the black hole, but these fans went wild when the team got into the end zone. there's no doubt about it, this was a big game for the raiders. fans stick by their team no matter what. but tonight it felt good for some folks to get out here and get their minds off of that horrible warehouse fire in oakland. >> it take way from all that, the negativity and brings some positive to the town. >> it's a positive game. people want to look to something instead of a negative thing, they want to see a positive thing and this is a positive thing. your team winning and playing. >> so, while the raiders have been winning, bay area sports teams have been showing a lot of heart. if you drive along 880 past the coliseum, you will see this, a huge sign that says, heart oakland, and upped neeunderneat that it says #ghost ship.
9:03 pm
a tribute to the fire and their families. win or lose, the raiders didn't make it tonight. the raiders fans are loyal and they tell me they can't wait to make it to the super bowl. reporting live in san leandro, i'm cheryl herd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. wouldn't that be something for the city of oakland. we'll continue the coverage. you can stay with us for our continuing coverage of this warehouse fire. we profiled the people who lost their lives. it's right there on the front page of our website, >> new tonight a san jose high school teacher is under arrest tonight. she is accused of having a sexual relationship with a male student. she used her position to sexually exploit a 17-year-old student at santa theresa high school. the relationship took place between august and november of this year. the superintendent sent out a letter to parents and staff today saying they are shocked and disturbed by these allegations. >> a scare on campus, it's happened four times in a week.
9:04 pm
a sexual assault at san jose state. nbc bay area's damon is at the site of one of the recent attacks with the warning that the university is giving to the student body. >> the latest incident happened here yesterday on the second floor stairwell of duncan hall. a female student was walking down the stairs when the suspect groped her, then ran up the stairs. university police were very visible all day at san jose state. security even walked the campus a day after a female student says she was groped inside duncan hall. the assault comes just two days after another student says she was groped after walking into the student union. campus police released these pictures of who they believe is the suspect in that case. >> i'm always cautious because like this area. >> another similar assault last wednesday. this time in the stairwell of sweeney hall. that's near the same location where two other women say they were assaulted by the same man within seconds of each other on
9:05 pm
november 21st. >> there it is. yeah. >> alexandria hernandez says she carries pepper spray wherever she goes just to be safe. >> all the women here who definitely carry a pepper spray just in case. >> university police say it is unclear if one or more suspects is committing these sexual assaults. we're at san jose state. i'm daimion, nbc bay area news. >> a roller, not a jolter. that's how fern dale residents summed up the 6.5 earthquake. it was 100 miles off the huh bolt county coast line. they told the horse racing site it shook ourselves. it did not trigger any tsunamis. well, smelly, foul tasting water. customers from the south bay to san francisco are complaining about their tap water. and tonight the water provider
9:06 pm
says while the water is safe, it does stink. and a fix is underway. nbc bay area is live in san francisco with more. at least they're saying it does stink. >> that's right, jessica, the water provider here in san francisco says there is a smelly problem with the tap water and it's related to this rain. the san francisco public utilities commission says it was making room for rainwater at the san antonio reservoir in the east bay. it started adding water from that reservoir to the delivery system on november 28. the change delivered a flow of complaints from customers in san francisco all the way down to sunnyvale. people say their water tastes like dirt. testing reveals the cause is a naturally occurring by product of blue green algae. >> we normally drink from the faucet. it seemed like dirt or something different. so, we stopped drinking, well, last tuesday. so, we're buying bottled. >> it is a by product of blue green algae. in and of itself, it's not
9:07 pm
harmful. it's not toxic in any way, but it does have an earthy or musty odor. >> the utility says it stopped adding the san antonio reservoir water to the system today and is switching to the san andreas reservoir in mill bra. but it will take time for the compound to flush out of the system. they expect the water to be back to tasting normal in about a week. now, the customers we talked to say they are relieved a fix is in order and their water will return to normal, but others say they now are a little bit skeptical about water safety and they may continue to drink bottled water. reporting live in san francisco jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> an american hero has died. john glenn was a war hero, groundbreaking astronaut and politician. he helped the nation dream beyond the stars. here's nbc's tom costello. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. zero. >> john glenn was more than an american hero.
9:08 pm
for more than half his life, he was a 20th century icon, perhaps best known for what happened on february 20th, 1962. the first american to o rbi t the earth and put america back in the space race with the soviet union. >> i feel fine. oh, the feel is-free men did you say. >> john glenn returned to a hero's welcome. and invitations to address congress. >> as our knowledge of this universe in which we live increases, may god grant us the wisdom and guidance to use it wisely. >> john glenn's roots were always firmly planted in ohio. he was born in cambridge, went to a local college and married his childhood sweetheart annie. he flew combat missions in world war ii, then shot down three migs in korea. and in 1957, a coast to coast super sonic record. los angeles to new york in less
9:09 pm
than 3 1/2 hours. >> these are the men -- >> then the early days of the astronaut core, later immortalized in the movie, the right stuff. >> john glenn through three days. >> glenn was someone who could walk down the street in mid town manhattan and literally have cabbies say, hey, john, how are you doing? >> after a career in business, glenn was elected to the u.s. senate from his home state of ohio in 1974. and made an unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1984. then in 1998, nasa came calling again. at the age of 77, john glenn got his wish to return to space aboard the shuttle discovery. >> ignition and lift off. >> john her shell glenn, pilot, astronaut, politician, husband and father, an american original. tom kos tell owe, nbc news,
9:10 pm
washington. >> a humble hero. president obama said, "we know that our future here on earth compels us to keep reaching for the heavens. on behalf of a grateful nation, godspeed, john glenn." >> glenn's history inspired us coast to coast including here in the bay area. join ug us live from the space center where evidence of glenn's legendary life is on display there for people to see. >> that's right, it is quite an exhibit here in oakland. now, john glenn's son lives in berkeley, although we could not reach him tonight for comment on this. and here we should also say that when he went up again, he mentioned in an earlier report he went up and wanted to talk to his grandchildren from space. principal at the grandchildren's school from oakland helped make the connection, so, that actually happened. the space and science center, there is a full-size example of
9:11 pm
the mercury spacecraft that glenn flew in 1962, room for just one astronaut who had to be shorter than 5'11". a space suit like what he wore. more importantly, the inspiration that glenn provided people who work here. >> we need people who will inspire us and give us something to think about other than politics and the economy and things, something that's awe inspiring. >> after the space missions, glenn came to the oakland school that his grandchildren attend and toured it. and at that time the principal of the school recalled when he was 12 or 13 years old and he brought his own report on john glenn from -- that he made when he was a boy. and showed it to glenn. glenn took a look at it, gave him an a on it. signed it with his ought graph as well. we'll have more coming up at
9:12 pm
11:00. i'm chuck, nbc bay area news. >> something to treasure for sure. thank you, chuck. >> we see some of the light rain in oakland, san jose. you'll be waking up to cloudy skies. a chance of light rain and tonight we have storm rains deployed. bruno tracking some of that light rain. we'll let you know how much to expect for your morning commute and a stronger storm on the way to start the weekend. we'll look at that and your micro climate forecast straight ahead. >> i'm garvin thomas. a girlfriend of one of the victims from the oakland warehouse fire said she needed a facebook miracle, which is exactly what she got. >> also the delicate procedure at a local hospital offering separate futures to conjoined twins. the new challenge that these girls now face. the aftermath of the oakland
9:13 pm
9:14 pm
9:15 pm
fire -- stories of 36 people -- and the i >> we are hearing so many stories in aftermath of that oakland fire, stories of 36 people and their incredible lives. >> tonight the girlfriend of one victim is sharing their love story and an intimate moment captured on camera. nbc bay area's garvin thomas tells us about a times square kiss that will last in her heart forever. >> the word bitter sweet was invented for stories just like this. the bitter part is obvious. the loss of 36 lives, including griffin madden, a 23 year old berkeley glad. when his girlfriend heard the news, she was devastated. still, she wanted to remember the good times they had. one time in particular. she just needed the internet to come through for her, which it did. this was the night, but not the picture she explained on her
9:16 pm
facebook page. it was a summer night in 2015. saya and boy he friend griffin madden had seen -- and they were on their way to times square. it was there that the two kissed and a stranger captured that very moment with his camera. he showed it to them, but they didn't get a copy. saya so wanted that picture now. so, she asked for a facebook miracle, for people to share her story far enough and wide enough that the picture taking stranger would hear and recognize her plea, which is just what happened. >> some of my police officer friends, they showed it, can you look at the photos in your archive? i went to my hard drive, and i found it. >> arkan is his name. he is a new york street photographer who hangs out in places like times square and rock feller plaza looking for
9:17 pm
tender moments just like the one between saya and griffin. >> and these guys were absolutely adorable, i will tell you, because i think he's realistic here on the cheek and she was having a pretzel. that was an interesting moment. i couldn't resist the photograph. please keep this for your memory. >> she now has the picture. she posted again today on facebook thanking all the friends, friends of friends, and strangers who made this small miracle come true. she remains devastated that griffin could not be saved, but now at least she can save this moment, and that will have to do. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> a moment and a photograph that she will treasure forever. >> that is really nice. we posted all the profiles of the people who died on our website. it's a nice resource for everyone to go to. we're going to talk about the
9:18 pm
weather now. it is raining and probably going to stay that way a couple days. >> the rain will be more intense especially the nighttime hours. throughout the day we have our storm mobile ranger radiating on scene there. from the top of san bruno mountain, you have misty skies right near storm ranger atop san bruin oi mountain. we can show you the view as you transition from that view to the radar. we'll show you where it is. we placed it here today because we saw the highest rain total especially early this morning right near san mateo and up towards the burrling game hills. morning commute, peninsula, pockets of light rain. we'll call it heavy drizzle at times. closer to the north bay, pockets of lighter shower on the fringe of what storm ranger is picking up there. the tri valley, some misty skies. san jose kind of missing out, but around the santa cruz mountains, still some areas of light rain.
9:19 pm
san francisco up towards kent field, one to 2 inches. keep in mind by the time we get into friday night and saturday, these numbers will likely double and we hope we see a little more rain than we've seen so far in san jose. just under a tenth of an inch of rain. check out ben low man on the other side of santa cruz mountains. patchy fog is an issue. you're seeing some of that san francisco. clear skies with high clouds into san jose. now, what will likely drive up rain totals the next couple of days is prop cal moisture being drawn into these incoming system and in the case of the coastal mountains very interesting. you saw the difference in rainfall between ben loman and san jose, southwest air flow aloft. all the rain tends to fall on the west facing slope of the santa cruz mountains and hill tops. the pattern is not going to stop the next two to three days. it's like a runway or conveyor belt of moisture we think could mean another two to 3 inches of rain coming up the next few days. that is the progression you see the areas of blue and purple could pickup another two to
9:20 pm
3 inches of rain over the next two days. tomorrow morning 40s and 50s to start with scattered showers. high temperatures during the day tomorrow into the low 60s around san jose. toward the tri valley highs in the mid 6 0s and around the peninsula, toward san francisco kind of a cool day with light rain showers. highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. so, hour by hour with your forewe'll take you through it here. friday, look at the light rain for the morning as you move evening. still light rain. the next round of heavy coming in right thereafter midnight tomorrow into saturday morning, that rain will get pretty intense at. keep in mind as you make your weekend plans, saturday is going to start off with a lot of rain, sunday, though, looks dryer. notice the first half of the day looks pretty dry. sierra travel will be tough. g gusty winds at times. look how the storm will play out and a full forecast at 11:00. >> thanks, rob. let's get back to theers. tough night tonight. you saw it on nbc bay area.
9:21 pm
the bigger issue will oakland lose this team. the big vote comes next tuesday. a few days. east bay officials will decide if they'll approve that proposed $13 billion deal to build a new stadium right there in oakland where the come see um is. our sources tell us alameda supervisors have in favor of the deal. oakland city council will vote on this proposal next tuesday in a closed door session. this is a proposal from a group led by nfl legend roni lot. the deal reportedly calls for $600 million from lots' group.500 million combined from the raiders and the nfl, and 200 million from the city and county. an approval next week might be enough for the nfl owners to vote against the las vegas deal. a lot happening off the field with the raiders. after what we saw tonight, i guess the big question is what happened? raiders, lorenzo neil joins us from the studios. lorenzo, good to see you. been quite a long time.
9:22 pm
21-13, take it a way. you're the expert. >> you saw the tight end position just really, the raiders all year has been something like a sore thumb, really tough with the tight end position. had over 100 receiving yards as a tight end. that's entirely too much receiving yards. but you look at carr. tonight he was a little off, off on his throwing, wasn't able to complete the passes and didn't have k.o. which is an offensive guard which is one of the best in the league. so, just tonight was an off night. but you go in kansas city and lose by eight, that's a good showing by the raiders, but saw a lot of different things they can improve on. >> lorenzo, you talk about derek carr. you're fresno state guys. he wasn't connecting with the receivers. what set him off tonight? >> the last two weeks this guy played really well against buffalo, saw what he was able to do. even when he hurt his finger, in carolina you saw him get back on track. i just think this is one of
9:23 pm
those off nights that on the road just wasn't able to hit the target. kind of just rushed it a little bit tonight. the offensive line gave him some time. it was an off night by a quarterback that's possibly going to be the mvp. they're going to arrow head. trust me, guys. i've played there. it's a tough place to win. that was still a great game. it was a tail tale of two tales. they kept kansas city scoreless in the second half. it was just that first half, too many points that they allowed early. >> okay. lorenzo, the sky is not falling. the raiders are still in first place. they're 10-3. moving forward now, they drop from the one seed to the five seed. what would you tell the coach or the players if you were the head coach? >> right now, guys, you have to have thick skin. you have to be able to bounce back. you have to let this one go. deal with it, let's watch film, let's see what we can correct thing, but we have to get ready for the san diego chargers and indianapolis koemts and then denver. this is a good team. special teams, marquette king puts one down the middle of the
9:24 pm
field. special teams, punt return, that can't happen. too good of a team. but let me tell you right now, city chiefs to me is the best team in the afc and they went toe to. this was a better competitive game. this is a game that this could have went either way. midfield goal, bad snap by condo, that doesn't usually happen. you're down 16-21. and you would have been going in for the winning drive. so, guys, everyone needs to pump their brakes and really look at this for what it is. two good teams played and the better team won tonight. >> very nice, lorenzo neil, you played many seasons. yes or no, do you miss playing ten degree weather er? >> god, no, i do not. it was freezing out there. >> all right, thanks, lo neil. we'll see you later on the season. >> no worries, thanks, cheers, guys. >> nbc bay area news called in to testify, important new developments linked to the san francisco's sinking millennium tower. >> plus how a set of twins are doing after a delicate procedure in the bay area that's given them individual new futures. in its efforts to get to the
9:25 pm
9:26 pm
9:27 pm
bottom of the "millennium tower" debacle, several san francisco supervisors >> in an effort to get to the bottom of the millennium tower debacle, they issued a subpoena to a u.c. berkeley engineer. jack mayly is the professor of structural engineering at u.c. berkeley and one of two engineers who reviewed the foundation of the 58-story building. the tower, as you well now know, is sinking and leaning and supervisors want to know who is responsible. mayly has repeatedly declined invitations to testify before supervisors prompting today's unusual decision to subpoena him. >> the first excuse was he was busy with the class. the second time it was, you're going to have to subpoena me. now it's i'm going to be in south america for a month. but it's just a matter of when, not if. >> today's vote was by supervisors government oversight committee and will now go before
9:28 pm
the full board of supervisors for final approval. >> the city sky line is changing right before our eyes. the new sales force tower will replace the transamerica pyramid as san francisco's tallest building. also, today developers broke ground on the tower that will be the city's second tallest sky scraper behind the new sales force tower. it's called the ocean wide center, going up at first and mission. it will be a he blend of office space, condos and a waldorf astoria hotel. scheduled for 2021. it isn't far from the millennium tower. this tower's foundation is expected to reach all the way to bed rock. >> we have a developing story just into the newsroom. an arrested san jose state linked to the sexual battery. we'll have the latest coming up for you. plus. >> the raiders lost, but the raid lost, but the city has heart. we'll tell you why this game was a big distraction for a lot of people. right now at 9:30: the first
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9:30 pm
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