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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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weather alert. we're tracking another storm -- moving into the bay area -- at this right now, at 11:00, a micro climate weather alert. we are tracking a storm moving in to the bay area, at this hour. the news at 11:00 starts right now. thank you for being with us. jessica has the night off. a short break between the storms, the new one may impact your weekend plans. let's go to jeff. >> right now, raj, we have storm ranger going along the peninsula, positioned at san
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brew oh, mountain, it's picking up pockets ahead of the main storm system. so i want to track some of those larger pockets that we are seeing right now. one of them, right across berkley, it will pick up in rain intensity through 11:33 tonight. another location in pleasanton, with moderate to heavy rain fall. pushing off to clayton 11:42 and rain moving in to san leandro. that will impact hayward for 30 minutes. not much for san jose, we have had a few sprinkles, but a better shot at wet weather off to the north that will likely impact the south bay. as we get you in the future cast for tomorrow morning, once we hit 5:00, the cold front starts to drop down and we will get more consistent rainfall. i will have another update at 11:10 tonight. >> here is a good resource, our
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app connects you to our live doppler radar. the same radar that jeff uses. you will know when and where the rain will arrive and you can get a personalized forecast for your neighborhood. we are following a developing story, a crash on montrae road. north of capital expressway. two cars crashed earlier tonight, one person is dead and the other person has minor injuries. no word yet on the cause. investigators are not saying what caused the crash right now. parts of montrae road have been closed for most of the night. well, there's new developments with the oakland fire, here is a look at the 36 people who died. all of them had a unique story. today, the complete list of names was released. it was exactly a we-- exactly a week ago at about this time when a fire erupted on the ground floor. we have more heart felt vigils. federal investigators will remain on site through the
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weekend. they are still searching for a cause. they did rule out of the fridge as a source of the fire. they are saying, there's still no evidence of arsene, a special team is creating a digital map of the inside of that warehouse. we have multiple reports tonight, let's start with nbc bay area at the scene. >> reporter: well the street in front of the ghost ship is blocked off as the investigators continue to do their work. no one knows how long the investigation will take, but tonight, the community wants answers. a ritual is how the memorial service began. with the counselman leading the way. he holds the march here in the fruit belt district every friday, this march took on a whole new meaning in the wake of the deadly ghost ship fire. he does not want to see another warehouse tragedy on his watch. tonight, he is demanding answers from the city of oakland. >> how many code enforcement individuals did we have?
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how many fire marshals do we ha have. >> reporter: he said that the city was looking for hiring people to inspect places like ghost ship, but it was put on the back burner. >> we didn't know to what level we were short. all right. we had already made commitments to the fire department to enhance their numbers. and it was over a year we set aside millions dollars, but no one has still been hired to accommodate those positions. >> reporter: while city leaders look for answers, as to why the ghost ship was able to exist without fire alarms, sprinklers and emergency exits a community walked the street tonight and ended the vigil at the side of the burned out building with prayer and testimony. >> even though we don't know personally each of you, we love you. >> stop being discriminatory against people that don't make a
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lot of money. please, don't let my friends die in vein. >> reporter: the councilman would like to head up his own task force to get answers sooner. bay area news. >> across oakland, hundreds of people gathered to honor the 36 people who died. we heard songs filled with love and bubbles symbolizing hope. we have the coverage also in oakland. chuck? >> reporter: raj, a small art galleries and the oakland museum where the entrance way behind me was filled from side to side about people. the general public dug deep and embraced the city's art community. >> i want to encourage the arts community. >> reporter: several hundred people observed a moment of silence with the 36 fire victims, and then blew bubbles as thoughts and prayers for those lost.
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>> i don't know if there's a person here that does not someone directly impacted or a degree of separation. it's a close community. many of our staff members are artists. we had staff and former staff members there that evening. luckily they got out. >> reporter: one that did not get out was alex. tonight, a wooden installation shared vict shared -- shared information about the victims. some foldly paper cranes in their memory. >> it's great that we came together to support the community, what happened was a tragic event and the fact that the community just seems so together and strong, it's a beautiful thing. >> reporter: at oakland's first congregation church they dedicated the performance in memory of seven-year-old draymond mcgill. >> it's the shame, he was the
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youngest one and it's not fair. sung his heart out, and loved his fellow singers in our choir. >> there's a lot of raw emotion, anger, that is coming out of this moment too. and i'm hoping that the art -- the artistic community and cultural community can come together and say, how do we sustain and support our artists and art community moving forward. >> reporter: it's not clear how much money was raised throughout oakland tonight. 500 people attended the concert earlier this evening and the academy is raising money for a scholarship fund. bay area news. >> beautiful images in the story. thank you, chuck. a programming note to pass along. tomorrow night, we are hosting a nbc bay area news special on the oakland fire. we investigate the loopholes and oversights surrounding this warehouse and profile many people who died. i will be hosting this program tomorrow evening at 6:30.
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happening now, a major clean up and fix in san francisco, crews have been at it for hours and they are making progress. a water main broke on howard street early this morning. it was a wet mess, water rushing in to a nearby parking garage and parking site. this is what it looked like earlier today. the water pipe dated back to 1895. the city shut down the intersection at fourth and howard, a major intersection. there's good news now at this hour, that road is expected to reopen at 7:30 tomorrow morning. the biggest issue so far tonight are wet weather slowing down the drying of the concrete. we will continue to update the road repair across the digital platform. two weeks ago, ronny lott gave us details of his proposal to keep the raiders in oakland.
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other parts of the deal have been exposed and next week the city and county will vote whether to green light the deal. bottom line, it's oakland's best shop to keep the raiders. ear is ian cole. >> reporter: details released show how oakland and almeida county are coming together to keep the raiders in the east bay. it would include a new stadium at the coliseum site, among the finances, the city would invest $200 million toward infrastructure cost but no money toward the construction of the stadium and it would not come from the city's general fund. it calls for a revamp to the coliseum b.a.r.t. station and carves out a plot of land for the a's. so they too can build a new stadium the plan laid out includes $400 million from an investment group led by hall of
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famer ronny lott who we recently spoke with about the deal. >> this is one of those things in life where, get it done. do the work. you know, wear your hard hat and get it done. >> reporter: the deal is aimed to make oakland the attractive choice to the nfl and the raiders over the other plan. >> we need to say, we are real, we want you as owners to see the competitive package. >> reporter: perhaps the hardest to convince, the owner, mark davis who said he is only negotiating with las vegas where a deal has been in place since october. oakland hopes this plan will change the game. ian cole. >> we should add that the taxpayers are not off the hook, the taxpayers will still owe $95 million, from 1995 when the raiders moved back from los angeles. we have the two inmates that escaped from the santa clara
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county jail is back in custody. they broke out of jail on thanks giving eve. sawing through the bars of a second floor jail window and lowering themselves to the ground with sheets tied together. there's that jail cell. both were captured several days later. campbell plead no contest to his char charges. a follow-up of an inmate beaten to death. his family will accept $3.6 million from the county in a settlement deal announced today, he was killed inside of his cell last year. the three guards accused of killing him have plead not guilty and a trial date is set up next month. storm ranger is active right now, and we are finding a few moderate, even a bit of heavier rainfall developing here from walnut creek down to alamo, i'm
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tracking the wet weather in to your saturday morning forecast at 11:19. >> and dressed like santa, but he is the grinch. why police are searching for this man and what a neighborhood is trying to do to stop him and did hackers help donald trump win the election? the new allegations and push to find out if it happened. more problems from the stanford band, marriage changes are on the way after another alcohol related violation. a scolding from university leaders. ♪ music: it's a small world after all ♪
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francisco. he says he's helping the needy, but he was caught on camera helping himself. there's a bad santa in san francisco, he said he is helping the needy but he was caught on camera helping himself. we have more on a grinch who is trying to steal christmas. >> reporter: lots of holiday spirit here, but people are on
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edge tonight. a man, in a santa hat, who said he is raising money for charity is caught on tape burglarizing a home. a doorbell with a camera showed a san francisco homeowner, a man wearing a santa hat and a bow tie was at his front door. he did not think anything of it until the camera kept activating. >> pulled up the video and saw they had broken in the front door and were moving in and out of the house. >> reporter: the victim who wants to remain anonymous, shared his video with his neighbors. turns out he was working the neighborhood thursday, this shot is taken a block away from the burglary. the woman said the man said his name was happy feet and he and his friend were raising money for charity. >> i feel something. >> reporter: while she had a nagging feeling that outfit eased her suspicion. >> i said, oh, well, i think it's okay. >> reporter: with a broken door
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frame and missing valuables the victim wants everyone to know they are not helping the needy, they are stealing valuables and spoiling the season. >> people are willing to burglarize your home, they want to look like somebody you can trust, right? >> reporter: in the south bay, a hint of relief at san jose state after police arrested a man accused of sexual battery. this is one of what could be many suspects. he is in custody tonight on charges of groeping a woman at the student union. it's there on campus. there's one other suspect in recent sexual assaults. the university said they will take steps to make sure that the san jose state campus is safer. including hirie ining police officers. another alcohol violation
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has received a bitter response from the university leaders. in a statement today, the university said, it violated their suspend shun, the band will no longer be recognized as a campus organization and will be disbanded until 2018, upon it's return, it will be led by a professional music director and band members say they are being punished hasher than any other organization. here is the letter that was sent out today. we do not feel that the current leadership or membership is capable of creating the necessary cultural change, we feel there's a total lack of accountability and responsibility in the current organization. so, in this case, jeff, the band won't play on for stanford. okay, how are we outside? it's wet. >> yes, that rain is kicking up, i know you like the storm ranger, we have it active tonight and it's hard to see the picture of our live doppler
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radar on wheels. the rain is picking up so much at san bruno mountain, again, the rainfall and visibility on the peninsula, it's all due to the latest storm that is moving in. i will get you to the live doppler. it's ahead of the storm system. we are finding the scattered areas. it's in heavier pockets. and other times, it's been a few scattered showers, we have been tracking the heavier rainfall. it's been across berkley and a heavy pocket near walnut creek and alamo, we will see rainfall moving in to the area until 11:49 tonight, down toward the tri-valley, getting moderate rainfall, moving in to san ramon and in to pleasanton, just enough to keep the road ways slick for the south bay, it has not again been too much this evening, but hit and miss
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showers. there's a lot more potential of rainfall to come with this storm system as it is still off to the north. you can see the huge rain shield right here, we should get a good amount of this, pushing in as we head in to tomorrow morning's forecast. let's go ahead and get you in to that. as you see, the cold front arrives, temperatures will be dropping, a more chilly morning, 47 for the south bay and 46 in the peninsula and 45 in the tri-valley. so not only the umbrella to start for tomorrow, but of course, the jacket with the chilly temperatures. 5:00 a.m. saturday. first on tap for the widespread consistent rainfall chance. and as we head throughout the morning hours, looks good for 9:00 for the east bay and the peninsula from san francisco down to the mid peninsula, and a moderate rainfall and heavier pockets. and eventually to the south bay
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by right around the noon hour. we anticipate wet weather for san jose, and again, the higher elevations here near mount hamilton, and the santa cruz mountains will steal most of the moisture. as we go to the evening, things clear out, if you are getting holiday parties tomorrow night, we should be dry. let's go to the micro climate forecast. temperatures similar across the board, 59 in morgan hill, 61 in coopertino and we will find the upper 50s and low 60s across the east bay. and 61 for palo alto. san francisco, 56. and 59 expected for the marina. and throughout the north bay, 60 in santa rosa and 55 in mill valley and right back towards napa, 62 degrees. rain here, will mean snow for this year. totals will have a bit. it will be slick on interstate
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80 and highway 50 in to tomorrow morning and early afternoon. we may only get 1 inch here in kingvale, and maybe 5 to 11 inches. what about the extended forecast, we want to see what is coming our way, dry weather on sunday. best day of the weekend to get outside. tuesday and wednesday, a few spotty showers and by next friday, another chance of rainfall coming our way. you will also find here, for the interior valleys, we will see the same rain chances throughout the next seven days. so it's really all about tomorrow morning for this wet weather and then, you know, by the afternoon, we will start to dry out. >> i'm thinking of morning coffee and activities tomorrow. >> i know. >> good sleeping in weather. >> sure. >> thanks, jeff. >> the software update that will forever shut down a popular smartphone, that is coming up and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, dwayne johnson is my guest tonight and we have kevin neiland and music from
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gary clark, jr., do not change the channel, it's great. >> should be a good show, and happening now, san francisco's plan is backed to raise $30 million to get homeless families off the street. and long time days of our lives actor, joseph masc oolo dies at 87. he is the most memorable villain of daytime television. stay tuned.
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♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. concluded that russia acted secretly -- to hurt hillary clinton's chances in the u.s. intelligence agencies have concluded that russia, acted secretly to hurt hillary
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clinton's chances in this past election. investigators say one of the details that led them to this conclusion was the evidence that russian hackers broke in to the computers in the republican national committee. but nothing from that hack was released. president obama wants any and all evidence of russian influence made public and has ordered a full review of any election related hacking. president--elect donald trump is calling for the country to simply move on. it's the end of the line for the samsung galaxy note. it has been recalled after the batteries were exploding. most customers returned the phones but 100,000 are still unaccounted for. the company said that it will update the smartphone that will keep the phone from charging. killing the phone. no more explosions. okay, up next, we meet the giants, big money closer, he showed up for work and the 49ers
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making a big move tonight financially. next.
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well the 49ers, making some interesting headlines tonight. so are the giants. let's go to the comcast
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sportsnet studios. >> hey, raj, i have not seen you for a while, i'm excited to work with you tonight. christmas came early for the san francisco giants, they got something on their off-season wish list, of course, and that is signing closer, mark melanson, and he was introduced, and had flattering things to say about the giants. take a listen. >> coming up and visiting and sitting down with bobby and larry, and you know, they could not have reiterated the things that i thought more than -- it was so impressive. they were all about winning, and we are all in. and it's a family oriented organization. which is high on our list. there's been about eight to ten guys that reached out and you know, it's only been, 24, 48
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hours, that is impressive. everyone has been just on the same page, all about winning and very excited. very welcoming. >> and the 49ers signed him do a extension, $35 million, and 16 of which is guaranteed. this season, mcdonald set a career high in receiving yards and touchdown. duck -- sharks down 2-1. logan couture, goes cross ice. ripped it in to the net, ties it up at two. in the third, lindholm screens jones and that will be the game winner. sharks go down 3-2. so, a tough loss for team teal, all three games against the duck this is this season have been decide bid one goal.
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the sharks have lost two of the three. raj? >> okay, thank you. we will be back in a moment with jeff, stay with us.
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ing on, this is the point of the night, where we game lplan the hour by hour tomorrow. >> we have the rain fall moving in. you can see, a few pockets of isolated heavier rainfall in west oakland and a complex of wet weather from mill valley to richmond. how do we plan out of the saturday? it looks like we are good here for rainfall through the morning here from the north bay to the south bay. we will dry out for the evening and then it looks like dry weather on sunday as well. >> that looks like a nice few days. thanks for joining us here on friday night, have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- dwayne johnson. kevin nealon.


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