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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a new day and a new nomination. donald trump announces his pick for department of energy as the reaction continues to pour in on that secretary of state's election. complete coverage coming up in a live report. and it wasn't exactly the black hoeshlgs but it was a packed house as the city of oakland decides the future of the oakland coliseum. kris sanchez will have more on that. we're tracking the rain. we've been on since 4:30. we're not even starting right now. >> whatever. >> in case you weren't on earlier. that's right. welcome to wednesday morning. a dry one at least right now. >> it is. kari, you said a little rain in spots. the big story we're running all week, tomorrow the big changes. >> yes.
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that's when the big storm arrives with heavy rain and strong winds. we start out this morning with light rain and winds. you'll still need the umbrella but it won't be as wet. a little bit of mist in spots. it may be enough to turn on the windshield wipers. as you see, much heavier rain well to the north of here and that will be rolling south in the next 24 hours. i'll detail that. we'll have a live look coming up. that's coming up as we head over to mike. more info on that crash in san pablo. >> listen to kari. we've got that system coming ahead. more details to come. over here, not a lot of problems here. south bay or even through here, they all move very well. we look at the upper freeway moving very slow here. basically anywhere past highway 4 you're slow because of lanes blocked by a crash. minor injuries. we have chp.
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minor injuries. bad news again, still half your freeway is blocked. the north bay shows you the glow for the lights. we do have some injuries out there. keep that in mind. we have breaking news this morning, mike. just into our newsroom, new video of several warehouses on fire in santa rosa. you see the fire crews there pulling apart the building trying to get to the flames to put them out. the fire broke out just after 2:00 a.m. no injuries reported. the fire is considered contained, but fire crews are now watching out for hot spots. and the cause is under investigation. >> all right. new this morning, the trump transition team continuing to fill out his cabinet. president-elect donald trump officially announcing rick perry. rex tillerson was chosen as
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secretary of state. it's causing backlash. tracie potts joining us live from washington with the details coming in just this morning. trac tracie? >> good morning. trump already said rex tillerson has a great relationship because of his work through exxonmobil, but that's skpablly what has some lawmakers concerned. touting jobs and lower energy prices in texas, president-elect trump made his choice. he talked about exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson. >> he's friends with many leaders we don't get along with and some don't like that. >> he's already being scrutinized. >> the coziness with putin is very alarming and should have
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eliminated him frankly. >> they want to know if his ties to russia are an asset or liability. >> we're going to have to drill down during the confirmation hearings to understand his relationship with mr. putin. >> i don't hold it against someone who has relationships that can in many facts establish a question of trust. >> i have a very close relationship with him. i don't agree with everything he's doing. >> congress is preparing to evaluate tillerson and montana congressman ryan zinke who trump tapped to serve as secretary of the interior. now, those hearings set to get under way early in january today, as you know, he's meeting with the silicon valley giants. there were a number of issues where they butted heads during the campaign. innovation and campaigns and other things. they plan to talk about that, plus taxes which is one area they may actually agree. >> tracie, thank you.
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that's actually a perfect segway for us because we're going to be talking more about that this morning, a crucial one for silicon valley. president-elect trump meeting with several skexecutives in ne york. moving ahead in a very long process, a live look at the oakland coliseum this morning, the current hope of the raiders and now thanks to a late night vote, the team could be here to stay. kris sanchez with more on what it could mean. >> this morning they're meeting in dallas and you'd better believe they're going to talk about that vote. the oakland city council chamber was a far cry from the oakland coliseum on game day. it wasn't that packed, but there were a lot of community members watching as the council voted
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nearly unanimously in favor to continue to negotiate a deal to build a $1.3 billion stadium where the coliseum stands right now. that price tag includes mostly investor money put together by former niepers and raiders star ronnie lott but it also includes about $350 million in city money. no county money here. a note, though, the las vegas stadium deal promises $750 million toward the same priced stadium there. there are the numbers. now, as council member kaplan explains, this is not a done deal. it's just a vote to keep the talks alive. >> what before us is to vote to authorize entering into negotiations for a potential deal which then still would have to come back to us to approve. >> i feel really confident about where we're at, but the nfl, yeah, that's really the ticket. i mean that's our super bowl and that super bowl is going to happen hopefully in january. >> ronnie lot mentioned january.
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it is a critical vote and there is one critical owner in this deal. we're talking about oakland's mark davis. he has his sights set on sin city. the final stadium plan still has to get approval from alameda, county and oakland and as one councilman said, who abstained, some folks are telling him that the raiders should stay but that the community needs money for things other than a football stadium. so not quite done just yet, laura. >> no kidding. we'll keep watching for sure. thanks so much, kris. 5:07. a controversial memorial is approved in san francisco after a first reading. by a vote of 9-1 a board of such advisers voted to place a memorial for alex any toe. that's where police shot and killed him in 2014 after he pointed what looked like a gun at officers. it turned out to be a stun gun
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shap shaped like a pistol. the jury found the officers not guilty of using excessive force. supporters say it will be a place of feeling but others feel it's an insult to law enfor enforceme enforcement. >> we don't recognize the police officers who have been killed in a line of duty protecting us as residents. >> this acknowledges that something happened going forward. the community right now can just begin to start healing. >> the san francisco police officers association issued a statement about the vote last night saying it believes the city should honor real heroes. now to continuing coverage of the deadly oakland warehouse fire. there is now confirmation on a problem we reported last week. the ghost ship was never inspected. oakland's fire chief said that's because fire chiefs aren't required to inspect buildings that they believe to be vacant can and there was no trigger to come out and see the potential fire hazards. but neighbors tell us the police
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and fire department were well aware of the illegal living conditions there. also the atf is still looking for the exact cause of the deadly fire. happening today, the fox theater in oakland is opening its doors again to raise money for the victims of the ghost ship fire. it will be full of music and stories. tickets are $35 for a balcony seat or just under $50 for floor/general admission. 100% of the tickets go to the gray area fire relief fund. over $500,000 has been raised so far. good morning. it's 5:09 as you get a look at what's happening this morning. it's mild. 58 degrees in peninsula. 51 degrees in the tri-valley. 51 in the north bay. wet roads, and lit get even wetter tomorrow. we have a flash flood watch in effect. here's a look at the santa cruz
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mountain. just west of gilroy and to the west of mountain view toward palo alto. that's where we'll have the potential of flooding and brief flows. that's the san bur noe mountain. so far tracking light rain. it's enough to have to turn on the windshield wipers as you head out this morning. heading over to mike, you're tracking roadway flooding in the north bay. >> yeah, kari. someone called in as flooding. all lanes have water. one of your usual suspects, light rain. it could be a factor. but so far chp is going to go out there and check it out. we're looking at a smooth flow of traffic including a little bit of flooding reported near south 80. the bigger issue is two lanes blocked approaching el portal heading over toward richland.
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that's a slower drive. earlier delays were significant out of daly city recovering there. potential delay down in toward san jose but so far no delays reported. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, one of the most iconic land marks in the world shuts down. the reason why and when it's expected to reopen. a tech summit at trump plaza or trump tower. who's going, who's not. we'll take a look coming up in business in ten. a popular east bay sportsfield destroy. the man now behind bars accused of vandalizing it next.
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good morning. the time now is 5:14. the tahoe ski reports are back and we'll have snow in the forecast for the next couple of days and look at how cold it will be. we have at the base about 20 inches. 15 to 20 inches of snow already on the ground and there's a lot more in the forecast, expecting in some spots close to two feet of snow in the next couple of days. we'll talk about what the bay area can expect coming up in about five minutes. >> look at the top of your screen, that red number. yes. it drags through the section at the crash through san pablo. highway 4 drive to the bay bridge, virtually in emeryville it moves slowly.
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there's a crash on 580 as well. it's just a 24-minute drive over the interchange. >> thank you very much. 5:14 on your wednesday. a man is behind bars accused of driving his truck through the pleasanton sports park. he was arrested after a witness reported seeing this happen. and because the ground is saturated, the tires tore huge ruts in the grass there. look at that. chewing several inches into the soil of the popular soccer and baseball park. the damage was so extensive parts of the park were closed down. the witness called police around 1:00 yesterday morning and when officers arrived, they say the truck was going in circles but the driver quickly turned off the headlights and tried to dodge police before finally surrendering. the city of pleasanton doesn't know the cost of repairing the field but is seeking restitution. we remember sandy hook on the fourth anniversary of the massacre. in newtown, connecticut, the day
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will be marked with 15 minutes of reflective silence. town officials ask employee to stop work from 9:30 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. to remember the 26 people killed inside sandy hook el mintry school back in 2012. the newtown superintendent says the schools will have queets reflection and age appropriate messages for the students. before class begins a private prayer session will be held for staff. eiffel tower was closed yesterday because of a strike. about 40 workers walk off the job. this marks the third strike at the eiffel tow never the last six months. >> high tech executives, we've been talking about this, are going to gather at trump tower to talk business. >> they're already promising
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20,000 new american jobs which is surprising because ibm is getting smaller, not bigger. trump will meet with members from apple, google, facebook, and elon musk as well. twitter is not a big company. it only employs about 4,000 people and it's influential. it's our understanding dorsey was not on the list. the fed concludes its two-day interest meeting today. we expect they'll raise rates. it's pretty unusual. it's the second time in ten years. the question is will donald trump react it to. the fed's supposed to be an independent entity free of presidential pressure. question one, will trump react, two, will he react positively or critically? he's criticized the feds for raising rates and criticized
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them for not raising rates. either way, we know wo's keeping an eye on it, landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> the dow is less than 90 points to hit 20,000. the dow has surged 9% since election day from about 18,300. as we mentioned they're widely expected to raise interest rates for the first time this year and signals whether the economy has improved since the election. the dow rising 114 points tuesday to 19,911. the nasdaq up. scott, back over to you. >> thank you. sam and laura, this time yesterday i was wondering out loud whether apple's new air pod earbuds would make it. yes, they can. they'll be in stores next week. next week, that is days before christmas and hanukkah. and here's a bummer for you.
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this is not the movie you are looking for. the reviews are in on the new star wars movie "rogue 1," and critics don't like it. i would say r 2 d don't. >> ba da bump. >> i've got dead star and oh by want ka no we won't go. >> i don't know. i like yours. >> pretty dried tomatoes. >> he's here all day, everybody. hey, happening today, this is always great to see. there's a grocery bag give away going on in san francisco. not just the totables we keep in our trunks. no. these are filled. glad church will be handing out bags to individuals. volunteers will be passing out those bags from 7:30 to 12:30 until they run out. organizers say lines start forming hours before the event.
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each bag will have a fresh turkey, chicken, pasta, vegetable and other great ingredients for a good home cooked meal. that will be nice it's nice to see the generosity. >> keep it coming all year long. >> can you believe christmas is next weekend? >> no. usually christmas gets like -- you're hearing about it for weeks and weeks and weeks. it seems like it's more middle of the road. >> i guess so. we've been talking about all the rain coming in. we've been talking about this all week long. as we get ready for the next storm system which looks pretty significant, we will be keeping a close eye on it. we'll have team coverage all morning long. as we get a live look out there. this is just a preview of what to expect. light rain moving through peninsula. it's hard to tell, but we have mist and a little bit of cloudy skies and drizzle right now. it's really not coming down just yet and then we're also keeping an eye on the king tides.
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we had high tides yesterday right at about 10:00 in the morning. today it will be at 10:53. coming up at seven feet at golden gate and tomorrow we'll see the tieds shortly before noon coming up close to 7 feet. so still it will be causing coastal flooding. you'll have to keep watching those water levels. right now we have storm ranger. this is our mobile doppler radar. we are the only one who have this. it gives you a debut of what's happening around the area. it picks up fine mist and drizzle. so far we're tracking heavy rain well to the north of us. it's whipping to the north and then back to the south as we see that weather system starting to make a move across the region. it's been steady streaming moisture over the bay area for almost a week now and we are going to see this wrapping up. before it does so, it will bring in heavy rain and also some strong winds as that center of low pressure and that storm
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system well off to the west moves in. as you head out the door now, it's in the mid 50s. grab the umbrella. we'll start to see the rain pick up late tonight and into the day tomorrow. still not much tishts until about time for that morning commute tomorrow. we start to see more coverage. heavy rain by early afternoon and gusty winds once again and rainfall totals at about 2 to 4 inches. more updates on that. let's head over to mike with more. >> we talk about the team coverage. as well, they're teaming up with the traffic. even though we're having a lighter volume. anything could be a big problem. so far on this map, you're looking at it. up in the upper east, something like this would be much more at issue complicated by the rain. right now the roads are misty but we have two lanes blocked. now you're slow all the way down into san pablo. once you pass the scene of the crash, it's clear sailing.
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look at that. that slowdown right there makes it about 45 minutes over toward the bay bridge toll plaza itself. way tonight tell you about the times across the bay bridge. it's a little bit of build. no problems for the bridge center. a quick look at the toll plaza itself. we show you all the mist and a little bit drizzly. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you very much, mike. coming up, nbc bay area responds. >> thousands of dollars for new windows that leak. i'm nbc bay area's chris chumura. nbc bay area responds.
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to a san jose man who had a several thousand dollar problem with his home windows. =sam/2shot= consumer investigator chris chmura is here with his nbc bay area responds. he had problems with his windows. >> chris chumura joins us. >> he wrapped up his renovation. it included new windows. he noticed his new double pained windows were leaking. water was getting inside when he cleaned them from the outside with a hose, so he called the contractor which insisted the windows were installed correctly. danny then reached out to pella, the window manufacturer. the company also said there wasn't a problem. danny was frustrated and certain his new windows shouldn't be leaking. so he contacted us and we reached out to pella. a couple of weeks later, the company refunded danny, $5,100, what he paid for the windows plus the labor to install them. danny tells us he'll use the
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money to replace the windows. in a statement pella apologized and said we care about our customers and the products we deliver. if you have a problem, call us at 1-888-991-888-996-tips or go. i'll see you then. >> that will be interesting to hear. 5:27. coming up, frightening moments after a trip to the atm. the reason one man is in custody for kidnapping charges. >> reporter: law enforcement trying to solve the murder of a woman that culminated with a fire in the east bay. the possible reason investigators think she might have been targeted. light rain is falling now, but a bigger storm system is on the way. i'll have a look at the timeline and what you can expect coming up. a live look from across the bay
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area-- we've been tracking it all week long. i should say kari most certainly has. a big dose of rain. a live look from across the bay. four different perspectives there. some parts being hit with wet weather right now. elsewhere it's on the way. not just yet though. a time line of when the rain be coming to your area coming up next. good morning. i'm sorry for taking credit. >> we do. we're all working together. >> he's been driving storm
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ranger. >> we're activating that again tomorrow. >> yes. we will have heavy rain and we'll have team coverage of that all morning long as we track the storm system moving in. now we start out with light rain as you head out the door. kind of that reminder that you need to grab the umbrella as we go into the next couple of days. right now we're looking at mild weather and highs today reaching the low 60s in peninsula and 57 degrees in san francisco. you can tell on that camera there it's already wet and this is what we're expecting. high tides with king tides today. heavy rain tomorrow and some isolated street flooding. we may even have some power issues. more on that coming up with a wind forecast. heading over to mike. already flooding for the north bay. >> kari, it's classified as flooding. it's water across all lanes. let me show you. nothing of note anywhere south of the bay bridge. as we get a look over here, we're talking about your area
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through green bray, flooding over this area. the usual suspect when we have any sort of rain and there's drizzle. we're preparing for tomorrow with much morishes like that. the upper shore freeway recovering. back to you. >> thank you, mike. all new this morning a man is locked up on kidnapping charges. this followed an incident at an atm. >> reporter: good morning to you, guys. we're standing in front of the police station where the suspect is in custody. the suspect apparently jumped into a car while two victims were sitting in front of an atm in san francisco. mere here are the details. it happened around 11:23. there's a woman getting money out of an atm and she hears screaming behind her. turns out there was an adult male suspect who drove off in her car. two of her friends were inside.
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she calls out the p.d. they put out an alert and within an hour they track down the suspect and make the arrest. we're being told that the victims are oklahoma and thankfully they did not experience any injuries. as for the suspect, he was not armed when all this took place but we do know he is in custody right now and he's facing charges of kidnapping. in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay. still no answers as authorities searched a south bay home filled with suspicious chemicals. yesterday neighbors were evacuated as they searched the home. authorities also briefly detained and questioned one person who lives there. they returned today to remove the chemicals. some neighbors say they often smell sulfur and smoke coming from the garage. we spoke with one man whose
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mother lives nearby. >> shocking to me. i come here once or twice a week and to find out like it's shut down. >> so far milpitas police say the chemicals are not illegal and they do not believe there's a threat to public safety or any link to terrorism. from a deadly house fire to a gruesome crime scene. we have new details on a story we first broke on "today" in the bay. a fire is now a murder investigation. bob redell is still there. they're still trying to figure out what happened there. >> reporter: they've put a large blue tarp over part of the house and the driveway to protect any evidence, to protect it from the rain. the deputies guarding the scene as their colleagues continue to investigate what they say was the murder and coverup of a woman who lived in that home here. this is in the 1800 belove of
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grove way in castro valley. the fire started early yesterday morning. after it was put out, the firefighters found in the garage the body of the 59-year-old woman who had lived here alone as she was recently widowed. the sheriff's office believes someone murdered her beforehand and then set the house on fire to try to conceal the crime. investigators are looking into whether this might have been a burglary or whether she was targeted for her vulnerability. law enforcement has been interviewing members of her family and neighbors as to a clue as to why she was killed. >> she didn't have a bad bone in her body, you know. she was just innocent. >> my heart goes out to their family. i just cannot understand, you know, what would cause someone to do something like that. >> reporter: deputies are not identifying the woman. they are checking to see if there are any home surveillance cameras that may have captured the suspect on video. they're looking at the times between 10:00 monday night and 3:00 a.m. yesterday morning.
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reporting live, bob redell, "today" in the bay. >> thank you very much, bob. it's 5:35. happening today, a man accused of critically injured a police officer on sthafg scheduled to appear in court. he's expected to enter a plea and date is expected to be set for his preliminary hearing. he's accused of attacking south san francisco police officer with a skateboard. the officer suffered major head injuries and was released from the hospital last week. >> 5:36. the city of berkeley is debating plans. the city's mental health commission is hosting a public meeting tomorrow. that's going to be at the north berkeley center. you see the information on the screen. they're trying to finalize an $8 million budget which includes rehn oh vating a health clinic. the commission is taking public feed back.
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some san francisco college students may have something to look forward to. they just approved $9 million for free college tuition following a very active public campaign to do that, but families shouldn't be banking on free tuition just yet. here's why. m mayor a spokeswoman said they're going to try to use the money for students who are desperate to pay. they're considering to try to fine caltrans for what they perceive to be excessive roadside debris. critics wonder if finding caltrans is even in the realm of legal possibility. caltrans so far has not commented but san jose's mayor points out that caltrans has recently stepped up its cleanup efforts. showily but surely, crews are getting work done on a sinkhole that opened up in pacifica. it damaged a cliffside trail and is blocking access to a public
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beach. now we're learning that it will take a couple of weeks to repair. the sinkhole is near the site of an pareapartment complex that w demolished because of cliffside erosion. we'll be watching for more cliffside erosion as this next storm moves in. good morning. it's 5:38. here's a live look. as drivers make it across, you can tell the roads are wed and it's misting. you may have to turn on the windshield wipers. also we have king titan at golden gate. we'll see the tides coming up at the highest level over 7 feet and for tomorrow, high king tides shortly before noon. we'll be watching this. also some gusty winds and rain in the forecast. that's coming up in about ten minutes. heading over to mike, you have a new crash in pinot.
5:39 am
over here, recovering through here, there was a crash over there but it's cleared over. still slow past highway 4, but we actually have about a ten-minute better drive, 30 minutes from here to the bay bridge toll plaza. let me show you the incline as we're heading across the span itself. a disabled vehicle somewhere across this stretch. it looks like traffic is really slowing down. part of it is an optical illusion. we'll track that and whether or not there are any lanes blocked. back to you. >> he's like david copperfield. coming up, tense moments at an oakland city council meeting. a woman goes after a council member. it all happens as the cameras were rolling. the video coming up. the dow is this close to 20,000, plus the "star wars" movie probably not the movie you're looking for. coming up, business in ten. plus a homeless woman in
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labor for five hours at golden gate park. >> i just push and pulled my baby out and she was right there. >> how the parents plan to take care of their newborn. you're watching "today" in the bay.
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i'm watching this morning. the river will be up by six to
5:43 am
eight feet as we see heavy rain still below the action stage. at the napa river, we'll be up to 13.4 feet. once again it will be rising quickly but not expected to flood. wheel talk about the potential of some flash flooding coming up in the microclimate forecast. and we're already hearing about wet roads, 101 at lucky drive. the usual suspects. the city of aleppo has collapsed after one day. fierce fighting has resumed. ta means thousands of civilians are still stuck in the besieged city. yesterday buses were brought in to evacuate people in eastern aleppo. syrian rebels shot at those buses.
5:44 am
>> they're calling on a meltdown of humanity. 5:43 on your wednesday. backhom backhome, she was a junior. she was killed in the fire along with her boyfriend. they were found in each other's arms. sfsu is going to hold a vigil for the young couple and the rest of the fire victims. sanding news yesterday. alan thicke, the beloved dad of the sit come "growing pains" that they watched when they were younger, myself included, he died yesterday afternoon of a heart attack. the canadian born actor was playing hockey with his youngest son carter when he started to feel ill. he is survived by his wife and three sons including singer rob
5:45 am
inthicke. he recently made a guest appearance on netflix "fuller house" which is sets in san francisco. possible has signed a 21th cure act into law. republicans and democrats worked together on the law. obama signed it yesterday. part of the bill includes biden's cancer moonshot which provides $2 billion for cancer research. biden recently lost a son to cancer. a possible showdown is brewing over offshore oil drillin drilling. president obama agrees it would likely conflict with the incoming trump administration. new funding amounts to more than $3 billion in bond sales. that would cover costs for two new segments. that includes $600 million to
5:46 am
electrify plans. a wind farm in wyoming and an energy plant in utah. both are expected to boost the power grid in california. power lines for each project will extend hundreds of miles. combined, they may provide enough power if 200 homes. it's 5:46. a tense night at the city council meeting. obviously emotions were running high during a housing discussion as our cameras were rolling. >> get off me. >> you saw pushing and shoving. >> you see her being pushed by that woman. she went on to shout at police and others. it's not clear why. she eventually left on her own accord. no charges were filed. a special flight will
5:47 am
appear. seattle based alaska cn airline is buying san francisco's plane. lit make it the fifth largest flight. it will be landing at 11:00 followed by a ceremony at the airport. scott mcgrew is talkijoinin. you've been talking with alaska. >> yes. a lot of our viewers say they're going to miss virgin and its service but they hope for cheaper prices from alaska. flank can alaska bring any of the joy that virgin brought into its service? that's one of the questions. we'll bring in the ceo. that's five figures. it's going to be fine. nothing special happens. i mean there are no balloons
5:48 am
unless you brought some in. we're going to watch it carefully. tech leaders will meet with donald trump. you can think of this as oh, we're so important but i can also say tech is guilty of the very things that soon-to-be president trump is railing against, yaufr shoring workers, foreign manufacturers, keeping profits overseas. already the head of ibm says she's going to add 25,000 workers. she calls them new collar jobs that employees in many industries demand but which remains largely unfilled. cloud computing, data science, that kind of thing. looking ahead to the debut of "rogue 1." reviews are in. they cut like a light saber. they do not like it. "the new york times" says thoroughly mediocre. "the wall street journal," delie-free, zero chemistry.
5:49 am
that's what "the wall street journal" says. demoralizing. >> thanks for lifting our spirits. >> i'll still go. >> will you? >> of course. happening tomorrow former astronaut buzz aldrin is speaking to al roker about his evacuation from antarctica. >> what happened? >> i got out of breath. you know, that's nothing new but it's a little more concentrated. cold. you've got a lot of heavy stuff, around you're -- not much air to breathe up there. >> could he be the new most interesting man in the world? aldrin also talked about john glenn's recent death. you can actually watch the exclusive "today" show interview. it's right after "today in the bay" coming up at 7:00 this morning. 5:49 this morning.
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the homeless woman who delivered a baby in golden gate park this week pretty much did it all on her own. we caught up with molina berman and her boyfriend outside the hospital. she said she was in labor for five hours monday morning and with her boyfriend's help, she delivered that baby. >> something coming out of my body and i wasn't sure and then i was like, okay, push, i was breathing and held her and just marveled at the beauty of a newborn baby. >> they plan to move to santa cruz to raise their newborn baby and hope to get help from strangers. mike, you were hearing reports of flooding on the north bay? >> sounds dramatic. water across the roadway. we call it standing water. yes, there's flooding around morin county. >> there's going to be a lot of water everywhere. >> yes, especially after we get
5:51 am
several hours of rain coming down. only light showers here and there, but just a reminder that you do need the umbrella. as we get a live look outside at the san mateo bridge, things are flowing well. so far not seeing any windshield wipers on, but we will be watching this bridge and all of the other ones as we may have wind advisories issued by tomorrow morning as the winds piks up. once that heavy rain moves in, we see there's flash flood watch and especially the burn scar areas where we have basically no trees and roots to keep the water from flowing down the hills. that's where we may have debris flows. we're tracking it. this is the mobile doppler radar. we have it parked. we can move it anywhere across the bay area as we see the need but right now we're just tracking spotty light rain.
5:52 am
also for the south bay over at san jose, it's drizzling and also extending down toward campbell. that's about all we'll see for most of the day. spotty light showers. the heavier rain still well to the north of us moving across eureka, toward reading. this will start to dip to the south as we go to tonight and heavy rain by early tomorrow morning especially for the north bay. we've only seen light rain at this point. as yo you head out the door, the roads may be wet. we're in the 50s. the hour-by-hour outlook shows the moisture starts to stream in. most of us only seeing light rain and cloudy skies. we start to see a wet morning commute for tomorrow and very heavy rain getting very intense by early afternoon all across the bay area where we start to see the reds and purples that shows a very heavy you up pour and also strong winds to go along with that. so there will be the potential of wind damage, downed trees and
5:53 am
power lines with sustained winds at 30 to 40 miles an hour and gusts up to 60 miles per hour in the hills and the chance of up to one to three inches, possibly even four inches of rain in some spots. once that clears out, it will be a very chilly weekend and clear weather extending into next week. as we head over to mike giving us a look. >> that's right, kari. the crashes have mostly cleared. at least the big ones we were watching. the south bay, very light build here. no major problems for haywood and planeton. pleasanton. over there, both cleared from the roadway. a stalled vehicle reported around treasure island. the live current i've been watching has moved steadily. in a second we'll check on that. i want to note, this is the area we're talking about. standing water around lucky drive. not unusual. we're looking toward the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:54 am
we have the backup filling in and it looks a little slower. the bridge crew should arrive very quickly to help out there. we're looking at a smoother drive here just 16 minutes from 236 to the dumbarton bridge. back to you. >> thanks very much, mike. coming up, we're following breaking news. several warehouses on fire. firefighters are ayes, sirrively tackling the flames. the new details we're learning about the blaze. first, though, happening right now, our newsroom has been busy putting together the coverage plan for the incoming storm as kari has been talking about. the brunt of it expected tomorrow. you can track the weather with us by downloading the nbc bay area app. plus walmart removes a mug on its website after numerous viewers call it appalling and offensive. we're back in just two minutes. over an apple store in reno.
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5:57 am
police just released the surveillance video of the new video is out. we saw this a few weeks ago. this is a mob of robbers taking over an apple store. this is in reno. police just released the video of the crime. it happened last week. you see a swarm of people heading indoors, grabbing merchandise and heading outdoors. they were wearing hoodies to hide their identities.
5:58 am
they got away in two separate cars. two were arrested. happening today you might spot santa motoring around on moims. officers delivered toys on motorcycles. it starts in less than an hour. it starts at the east municipality police substation. so get up early, kids. also happening early, rusty oh dool's restaurant kicks off its 16th annual christmas eve toy drive. it starts at 10:00 this morning. santa will drop by and bring toys for the entire school. kids will also get a visit from santa this morning. firefighters, police, and odile's all teams up. they will collect toys until 2:00 in the morning on christmas day. and if you're interesting, you can bring it to lefty y oh doo.
5:59 am
a line has formed for tomorrow night's premiere of "star war "star wars" rogue 1. it's for the latest "star wars" film that's going to raise funds through that's the same group that's lined up early starting with the phantom menace back in 1999. fans have already bought tickets but a raffle for the charity is going to decide whether they get their seats in the theater. >> it's camaraderie. you have a bunch of friends who hang out with you while you're all "star wars" fans celebrating together. it's amazing. >> we know people want to come and see this mean anyway. we use it as a vehicle to get a bunch of fans together who like to do things for charity anyway.
6:00 am
>> rogue 1 hits theaters tomorrow night at 7:00. it takes place before "star wars" the new hope and tells the story of rebels who steal the plans for the new death star. we keep a close eye on the weather in bay area. >> right now the storm is over northern california. you can see the very heavy rain around eureka over toward reading. that will be moving southward here in the next 24 hours. details on that coming up. plus, breaking right now, a fire erupts as a bay area warehouse, a couple of warehouses there. see dramatic new video of the flames just into our newsroom. it wasn't the black hole but oakland city chambers full of chamber fans awaiting a late night vote that could help keep the silver and black in the bay area. "today" in the bay continues right now. and a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura


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