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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> rogue 1 hits theaters tomorrow night at 7:00. it takes place before "star wars" the new hope and tells the story of rebels who steal the plans for the new death star. we keep a close eye on the weather in bay area. >> right now the storm is over northern california. you can see the very heavy rain around eureka over toward reading. that will be moving southward here in the next 24 hours. details on that coming up. plus, breaking right now, a fire erupts as a bay area warehouse, a couple of warehouses there. see dramatic new video of the flames just into our newsroom. it wasn't the black hole but oakland city chambers full of chamber fans awaiting a late night vote that could help keep the silver and black in the bay area. "today" in the bay continues right now. and a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. >> rain is mooching through. even parts of the north bay getting light spotty rain. a live look, mostly cloudy. don't forget the umbrella before you head out. we're seeing the bulk of the moisture. once again, the stronger storm system farther to the north of us. that will be rolling into the bay area as that system moves to the south. now mike is tracking it. >> right. kari, we had a disabled vehicle. look at that south bay peninsula. light rain. we're looking at a smooth drive. including the backup at the toll plaza and as we take a live look out there, also a bridge crew
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had to change the shift. they're going send someone out to check the span. i see. i see the red lights without much of a slowdown. we'll check this. very critical. >> video of several warehouses that were on fire. you can see the fire. >> it broke out. you can see it on your map there. no injuries have been reported. fires contained. but the fire crews right now are closely watching out for hot spots. a push to keep the raider in oakland is getting a big push forward. also alameda officials
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officially approving a last-minute plan to build a new stadium in oakland. kris sanchez live in the newsroom on what this could mean for the future of the team, and, kris, what nfl officials plan to talk about during the meeting today. >> this is actually a plan to come up with a plan, so lots of back and forth. today they're meeting in dallas. you'd better believe they're going to talk about keep playing ball with ronnie lott. it was just as tense as community members watched the council members vote to continue working toward a new stadium deal. the board of supervisors also voted in favor of that yesterday. we're talking about a $1.3 billion stadium where the coliseum stands now. mostly investor money put together by former niners star and raiders star ronnie lott, but it also includes money in city money, no county money.
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las vegas. las vegas is promising $750 million toward the same priced stadium there. as council member rhonda kaplan explained, there is no deal but it's about keeping it alive. >> they're in negotiations for a potential deal which would still have to come back to us to approve. >> i feel departmenconfident, bl is our ticket. that super bowl is hopefully going to happen in january. >> ronnie lott mentioned january. that's when they'll determine whether they stay in oakland or go to. >> referee:. mark davis already has his sights set on sin city. now, three city council members an county leaders either abstained or voted no saying this community needs to spend public money on vital services, not a football stadium. we use a lot of sports analogies in reporting this story, a lot
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of back and forth. but i want to put it to you a little differencely. the votes amount to a promise ring. nobody's getting married just yet. they promise to be exclusive. this ire going steady. no wedding bells just yet. sam and laura? >> who does mark dash want to mar marry? a controversial memorial has been approved in san francisco. that was the scene last night by a vote of 9-1. they approved placing a memorial where police shot and killed him back in 2014 after nieto pointed what looked like a gun at officers. it turned out to be a stun gun shaped like a pistol. they found the officers not guilty of using excessive force. supporters say it will be a place of healing. others feel it's an insult to law enforcement.
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>> we don't recognize the officers injure and killed in the line of duty protecting our residents. >> this announces something happen going forward. the community right now can just begin to start healing. >> the san francisco police officers association issued a statement about the vote last night saying the city should honor, quote, real heroes. >> now to our continuing coverage on the deadly oakland warehouse fire. there's now confirmation on a problem we reported last week. the ghost ship was never inspected. they say there was never a trigger to investigate. however, neighbors tell us the police and fire department were well aware of the illegal living conditions. also the atf is still looking for the exact cause of the deadly fire. happening today, the theater in oakland is opening its doors
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to raise funds for the ghost ship fire. it will be open tonight. some of the performers include dan dieken, road rag, and geoffer. 100% of the proceeds go to the gray area fire relief fund and we checked this morning and about $700,000 has been raised so far. pretty amazing. at 6:07, a man is behind bars after driving his truck through a sports bar. he was locked up after a witness reported seeing this happen. because the ground there was saturated, the tires tore through huge ruts in the grass chewing several inches into the soil of that very popular soccer and baseball park. the damage was so extensive that parts of the park were closed down. the witness called police at about 1:00 in the morning yesterday. when the police arrived they say the truck was going around in circles but the driver quickly turned off the headlights and tried to dodge police before
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ultimately surrendering. the city of pleasanton doesn't know the cost of repairing that field but it seems restitution. >> here's good news. there's a grocery bag give away going on in san francisco. glad church will be handing out thousands. they'll be passing out the bags from 7:30 until 12:30 or until they run out. lines start forming hours before the event. the bags each contain fresh turkey, chicken, pasta vegsable over ingredients all for cooking up a great cooked meal. >> good wednesday morning. as we get a live look outside at all of our microclimates. it's going to get busy. we'll check in with mike in a minute. also a little bit wet in spots like the span across the golden gate bridge. you may have to turn on the windshield wipers. it gets really soggy tomorrow. that's why there's a flash flood
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watch for the santa cruz mountains especially the burn areas where there may be debris flows and flash flooding. we also have a high wind watch that will be in effect for the higher tirr rain and the coast line. that kicks in tomorrow as the winds pick up at 25 to 35 and gusts up to 50 miles an hour. we'll take a look at the wind forecast. the rain forecast and give you a better idea of the timeline coming up in ten minutes. mike has an update. >> we were tracking the report a shift change should happen. unexpect ily light in the south bay unless you atlantic it. for the last ten years we've been talking about the december slide. you know it's going to be lighter here. no problems on peninsula. in the east bay, we have a little bit of a step cal pattern. and hayward toward union city. typical pattern, lighter volume,
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easier flowing. there's no major delays here and no problem for b.a.r.t. and now we have a potential for delays but so far everything is on time. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> coming up next, there are many questions this morning after police in the central valley shot and killed an elderly man who was suffering from dementia. the rb they say they opened fire. plus today measures four years since the sandy hook massac massacre. a special tribute is taking place today for the victims. looking ahead at the markets this morning, the dow industrial is very close to 20,000. we'll take a look at the numbers coming up in business in ten. >> reporter: what happens when you combine toys, holiday cheer, and a family giving tree? well, you get a warehouse of fun. find out how you can trib tot this fun warehouse of toys coming up in a bit. his fun warehouse of toys coming up in a bit.
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good wednesday morning. it is 6:13. our tahoe report is back and here's a look what to expect for squa valley and alpine meadows. we will have some very cool temperatures there. also heavy snow in the past. at the base we have about 15 inches of snow on the ground and quite a few of the trails are already open. we will see that snow moving in with this next storm system expecting the potential of close to two feet of snow in spots. we'll talk about what the bay area will be coming up in about five minutes. in the meantime that means get your chains ready. a couple of earlier crashes. that's why we have a 48-minute drive out of hercules.
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the toll plaza, your metering lights are on. that's a smooth drive. no major crashes. >> mike, thanks very much. here's a story we're expecting to hear a lot more about. friends, family, and neighbors are remembering an elderly bakersfield man who was unarmed and suffering from dementia when police shot and killed him. more than 100 people showed up to give condolences and support to the family. he was shot seven times on monday after he didn't listen to officers when they told him to stop approaching him. investigators admit he was not armed. the man's family and many who attended the vigil say they still have a lot of questions about what led up to the deadly shooting. today is a tragic one in our country's history. we're going to remember sandy hook on the fourth anniversary of that massacre. in newtown, connecticut, the day will be marked with 15 minutes of silence.
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they're asking employees to stop work from 9:30 a.m. to :45 a.m. to remember the students killed inside sandy hook elementary school. the newtown school superintendent says they're going have quiet reflection and age appropriate conversation with the students. >> all right. switching gears on this wednesday morning. 6:15. coming up this morning on the "today" show, willie geist sits down for an exclusive interview with uber co-founder and ceo tra trasher cal nick. they claim they fulfill 1 million rides per day and have more than $8 million users. he talks about inspiration for the app and what's next for the company. >> the story for the inspiration of the uber, you're trying to hail a cab, couldn't get one. >> yes. in paris. >> in paris. you and your buddy went back to your apartment and said we've got to do something about this. >> he was basically like, i want to push a button and get a ride.
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i'm like, that's an amazing idea and that's kind of how it all got started. >> bing. that's how it was formed. you can catch the full interview coming up on the todd show. it's kind of like, why didn't i think of that. >> exactly. oh, yeah, what an amazing idea. it took off. in the meantime uber is very close to releasing a fleet of robot cars. >> it could be a matter of minutes. >> uber has then ready to go in a garage in san francisco. you may have seen one or two of these on the streets in san francisco. they look like this. but there are dozens more where that came from. they will be on the road any time now. look for them today in san francisco. now, there will be a person in the front seat, but the computer is going to do the driving. they're very close to crossing 20,000 this morning. we know the dow is not the best measure of the stockmarket. we know nothing special or magical happens when the dow crosses, but, hey, it's still exciting.
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one notable absence is jack dorsey. twilter is not bag company but it's insflu enchal. as we all know they use it all the time. as we understand, jack dorsey was not on the list. the fed concludes its two-day interest rate meeting. we expect they'll raise rates. that's fairly unusual because it will only be the second time in ten years. the real question is will donald trump react to it? presidents generally don't react to fed changes. it's supposed to be an independent entity free of presidential pressure. question one, sam and laura, will trump react. question two, positively or negatively? he's criticized the fed for raising rates and not raises rates. >> question three, will we hear from him, quite likely.
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>> i'm sure it will be interesting to see. thank you very much. the month of december always bridges out teams of volunteers. >> it's so nice. the family giving tree warehouse in san francisco once again loaded with gifts as they're ready to be wrapped and delivered to those in the need. tod today's in the bay is live at the warehouse to show us what's going on sfchlt. >> i'm here with one, two, three o areas. this warehouse is massive. as you see, we've got tons of volunteers that broke up bright and early and there's everything from toys to diapers to toothbrushes and i'm just going to walk over here. look at this massive pile of things. what have you got in your hand? let's see here? >> jewelry box. >> jewelry box.
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he's one of the folks who makes it all happen. tell us about the event. 27th an you, correct? why is it so important. >> because there's a lot of need in the bay area. we have over one out of four kids who does without and we try to make a difference. this year about 75,000 wishes will be fulfilled. >> wow, speaking of wishes earlier he told me a fun fact. these toys are not unique because they're given but individually it's a wish. they work with a lot of social services in the area. companies like the boys and girls club. this one has an age, age 9, he has requested this toy. these are individual wishes being granted for kids around the bay area. i thought this was something you might have requested, sam, so i thought that was a neat one. another thing i've noticed is aside from the toys a lot have toothbrushes attached. hi, good morning. thank you for joining us so
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early. look at this. toothbrushes. tell me about the opportunity brushes. >> that's something we decided to do a while ago to incur good hygie hygiene. people have a positive reaction to it. >> reporter: thank you so much. they're still looking for toys. they'll have details on where you can find links on terms of how to donate. main, snow, sleet. that's how santa does it. >> i love that that they're marching up toys to kids that they requested, the queen elf is off her feet. we wish her well. she's keeping them up there.
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>> you can take off the ornament and exactly what they want. we've got one in our own cafeteria over there. >> that's a cool way to donate and we're in the christmas spirit and of course during that time of year, we get a lot of rain. it's on the way. we're going have the potential for strong winds and flooding. we're seeing light rain right now moving through san rafael and wet roads. turning on the wichbldshield wipers as you head out the door. we're getting a view of what's happening around the bay area and also the potential of king tides today. tooisd will be co tides will be coming up alt 10:53 and we'll have minor flooding in some areas. tomorrow, shortly before noon. so a lot of things we're watching here. and with us to help us watch this storm is our storm ranger. it's our mobile doppler radar.
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it givens us better radar detail and also higher storm accuracy. it fills in the gaps of the ray da that we have on our mountains around the bay area, and it is already picking up on some light rain around peninsula. it's parked up on san bur noe mountain. the bulling is far to the north of us but will be moving through the south as we go through the day tomorrow. temperature-wise we have the mid-50s in the next couple of days. this will be warmer than our high temperature. get ready for cool air this weekend as we go hour by hour seeing that light spotty rain moving in. that's about all we'll see tore. for tomorrow this rains widespread. very intense, very herb. it lasts seven hours. during that time frame we'll have a chance of flooding. also looking at the forecast. sustained winds at 20, 30, 40 miles an hour and it may be even higher in the hilltops. looking at the potential of about 1 1/2 to 2 to maybe even
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three inches of rain causing some flooding. so the seven day forecast will show it's in the 50s for san francisco clearing out this weekend and for the morning temperatures. mike, how sit looking on the roadway. >> the potential there, lighter drive in the south bay. same thing across the san mateo bridge. one lane is blocked. the walnut creek interchange. very clear. vacuum toward the bay bridge. crash slows you down south of the bridge but it has cleared to the shoulder so you have about a 45-minute to an hour drive from the bridge to the bay bridge. i send it right back to you guys. >> 6:23. coming up next. crews are still trying to repair a sinkhole that opened up in
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pacifica blocking a access to a pub bealic beach. how lock it can take. bay area responds. >> thousands of dollars for new windows that leak. i'm investigative reporter chris chumu chumura. bay area responds next. problem with his home windows.
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==laura/2shot== consumer investigator chris welcome back. it's 6:26.
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nbc bay area responds to a man who had a problem with his new windows. danny wrapped up his home renovation this past summer. included in that renovation, new windows. he took a picture when he noticed his new double-paned windows were leaking. water was getting inside when he cleaned them outside with a hose. he called the contractor who insisted the windows were installed correctly. he reached out to pella, the manufacturer. the company also said there wasn't a problem. danny was frustrated and certain his new windows shouldn't be leaking. he contacted us and reached out to pella. a couple of weeks later, the company refunded danny $5,100. what he paid for the windows and what it cost to install them. in a statement pella apologized and said we care about our customers and the products and services we deliver. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 888-996-tips or go
6:28 am
online to responds. tomorrow we analyze some of the trends when viewers like you call our investigative center. i'll see you then. >> thank you, chris. coming up on the bay, new develops overnight in the presidential cabinet. the former governor now being tapped for the department he wanted to eliminate. a housefire that termed into a crime scene. investigators are treating the case as a murder. drive me wild ♪
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ready for another rain storm to move into the bay area. =cover shot= 6:30 on your wednesday morning. we're preparing for another rainstorm to move into the bay area. >> a little bit of calm before the storm. >> thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. sprinkles, perhaps light rain. >> a little reminder, you need your umbrella. we're getting ready for wet wlv moving into the next 24 hours. so far we've only had minor flooding from the king tides that have been picking up from yesterday into today. the tide will reach its highest point at 10:53 this morning up to seven feet and tomorrow morning shortly before noon. mike's keeping an eye on that what's happening on the roadway. more on that coming up. how's it looking, mike? >> it's like this. the radar. over here, no problem. a good flow of traffic across
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the bay area. the south bay does have two crashes. light traffic flow. 85 starts a little flow toward saratoga. it has cleared to the shoulder without any slowing there north to 280. that crash might be causing a little distraction. look at that. very light throughout silicon valley. we have one slight section over here coming off southbound 680. you're jamming off 422 and 680. clearing by the walnut creek interchange. that still blocks one lane there and it's a lower drive as you get toward berkeley toward the berkeley curve. the metering lights on. we have another incident over here. i'm going to hand it off to you guys. there is water on the roadway. >> that's right. as we get ready for the next storm moving into the bay area, parts of the north bay sighing flooding. >> pete suratos joining us live to explain how the incoming wet weather could make the flooding situation worse, pete. you erie seeing water on the
6:33 am
roadway. >> yeah. good morning to you, guys. you've got to be careful. there was a rolling stop not too long ago. we just got some information that when these king tides start rolling in, we could see highway one. we expect the king tieds to come in about 11:00 a.m. as you see cars coming down, there's a light drizzle right now. this is actually the time according to chp that you see a lot of accidents. they don't see the heavy rain coming down. >> our thing is if you see the roads wet, slow down. be very cautious when you're driving. >> reporter: today you're taking a live look at lucky drive. i know i'm familiar. for folks in the bay, when
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you're driving in this area, it's prone to heavy flooding. they ee preparing for some flooding when those king tides start to come in. we're expecting them roughly around 11:00 a.m. of course, if you're driving in this area, make sure to be careful. we're live in the bay, pete suratos. you can track the forecast specifically in your neighborhood and check out our live interactive radar. that's a free download for iphone and android devices. new this morning, sam, a new kidnapping and carjacking suspect is in custody after police say he stole a car as it sat idly in front of a san francisco atm with people inside. it happened a little before midnight in the sunset district. police say the thief got into the woman's car and drove away as her friends screamed from the car. the woman called 911. daly city police managed to
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track down that car and quickly made an arrest. the two women in the car were not hurt. a deadly house fire in castro county now is a crime scene. we first broke this story yesterday in the bay. that fire broke out early in the morning in the 1-800-block near the elementary school. investigators are now treating this as a murder. "today in the bay's" bob redell with new details and gruesome details at that, bochblt good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. we're about a block away from the house that was set fire yesterday morning. you see that the alameda county sheriff's office has put a blue tarp over part of the house and the driveway to protect any evidence that might be there from the rain. deputies have been out here guarding the scene all night and it appears that the new shifts are coming out for day two of this investigation to figure out what happened here. they believe this was a murder and a cover-up of a woman who
6:36 am
lived in the home in the 1-80 1-800-block of grove way in castro valley. the fire started early yesterday morning. the body of the 59-year-old woman who had lived here alone as she was recently widowed. the sheriff's office believes someone murdered her beforehand and then set the house on fire to try to conceal the crime. investigators are looking into whether this might have been a burglary wlor she was targeted for her vulnerability. they're contacting family and neighbors as to if they have a clue as to what i she was killed. >> it's not like she had a bad bone in her body. she was innocent. >> my heart goes out to the family. i cannot understand, you know, what would cause someone to do something like that. >> deputies are not identifying the woman. they're checking to see if there are any home surveillance systems that might have captured them coming to and from the neighborhood, specifically
6:37 am
looking at times 10:00 monday night and 3:00 monday morning. bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, bob. at 6:36 this morning, new this morning, president-elect donald trump now announcing rick perry. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. with more on rick perry's nominations and the opinions that are pouring in on trump's choice for secretary of state. exxonmobil's ceo rex tillerson. good morning, tracie. >> good morning. they'll both have to go up for confirmation along with the other nominees. as for tillerson last night, donald trump talked about him. the president-elect said he's already a great negotiator, a good business man. but here on capitol hill they want to make sure he can separate some of those business relationships with world leaders
6:38 am
if he becomes secretary of state. touting jobs and lowering energy prices, donald trump confirmed rick perry is his nominee for secretary of energy. at rally, trump talked about his choice for secretary of state exxonmobil c o'rex tillerson. >> rex is familiar with many of the leaders in the world we don't get along with and some people don't like that. >> reporter: tillerson's relationship with russian president vladimir putin is already being scrutinized on capitol hill. >> it's rather alarming and he should have eliminated him, quite frankly. >> we're going to have to drill down his relationship. >> i don't hold it against someone if they have relationships that can, in fact, in many cases establish a level
6:39 am
of trust. >> reporter: here's what tillerson said himself about vladimir putin. >> i have a very close relationship with him. i don't agree with everything he's doing. >> reporter: congress is preparing to evaluate tillerson and montana congressman ryan zinke who trump's tapped to serve as secretary of the interior. now, those hearings are set to get under way sometime in early january, we're told. meantime today the president-elect will be meeting with the silicon valley giants, a number of big companies, apple, microsoft, facebook meeting with him. they didn't agree on a lot when he was a candidate. now that he's preparing to take office, they've got some things to talk about and at least one thing, taxes, that they might actually agree on. back to you. >> dhoilsd be the headlines for tomorrow. tracie potts, thank you very much. 6:39 on wednesday morning. when it comes to debris, desperate times are now apparently leading to desperate
6:40 am
members. the mercury news reports they're deciding whether to fine caltrans. critics wonder if fining caltrans is even in the realm of legal possibility. the state agency didn't comment on it but it's pointed to the fact that caltrans has recently stepped up cleanup efforts. >> slowly but shoely crews are getting to work on sinkholes that opened up in pacifica. it's blocking access to a public pitch. now we're learning it will take a couple of weeks to repair. there was an area demolished because of cliffside erosion. good morning. the time is 6:40 as we get a look at our storm ranger. this is our mobile doppler radar and it's scanning around the bay area picking up on some very high definition -- gives us a very high-definition view of the rain and n the area. tracking light spotty showers
6:41 am
around campbell and elsewhere across the bay area. the bulk of the storm system well to the north. a lot of the moisture streaming in and that will be moving in to the bay area by tomorrow. so we'll be keeping a close eye on that, talking about some high winds and some heavy rain coming up in the forecast and that's in about ten minutes as we head over to mike tracking a crash in wall nult creek. >> that's right. we have that crash. i want to note here also, look at this. the orange highlighting showing up on either side of me, that's taking the weather data and translating it into a possibility of fog. that's along highway one along the coast. it shows a build. typical pattern. liar flow of pattern all along the bay. so everything is much more mild than you might expect except for concord heading into walg nut creek. we had a big jam. that crash cleared over the last few minutes. all the folks are making their way and they'll eventually head over to the maze, expect more crowds heading over there. we do see a slower draft coming
6:42 am
down the east shore area. that will be an issue as well and so now as you head through the area, we have a tougher travel time. look at that. 67 minutes. ore an hour now. back to you. >> wow. that is backing up, thank you very much, mike. >> coming up, tense momentings at an oakland city meeting. a woman goes after a council member and others. it all happens as the nbc bay area cameras were run rolling. we'll show you that. plus a homeless woman in labor for five hours at the park. >> i push and pull and my baby was right there. >> how the parents plaen to take care of their new born. you're watching "today in the bay." plus, a disappointment. the "star wars" movie, not that good. we'll take a look at the reviews. out to the big board, close to 20 k. we're not going to get there with red arrows though. we'll take a look at the numbers coming up.
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good morning, the time now, 6:45. we're watching the river levels. we'll have it below the action stalk, up to 26 feet as we go into the next couple of feet. also for the napa river downtown, that's 13.5 feet as the heavy rain moves into the bay area. we'll get a look at the rain we
6:46 am
can see and the snow report coming up in just a few minutes. look at this. a tougher drive across the bay bridge. that's not as tough as we often see. that's good stuff. look at that speed. it's moving a little bit as we speak. we're looking at the south bay. 280 really shows some slowing we'll check on the crashes coming up. thank you, kari and mike. a cease-fire in the war-torn area of aleppo has collapsed. thousands of civilians are still stuck in the besieged city. yesterday buses were brought in to evacuate people in eastern aleppo. russia's defense ministry says syrian rebels shot at those buses. fearing for their lives, people have been posting good-bye videos online. tragedy back at home now as well. one of the victims of the deadly warehouse fire in oakland is going to be remember and celebrated later today. 28-year-old michaela will be
6:47 am
remembered. she died alongside her boyfriend. they were found in each other's arms. they're holding a vigil for the young couple and the rest of the victims later today. alan thicke, one of the beloved dads of the sit come "growing pains" is being remembered. thicke died yesterday afternoon of a heart attack. the canadian-born actor was playing hockey with his younger son carter when he reportedly started feeling ill. he is survived by his wife and three sons. that includes his singer son robin thicke. he guest started in netflix' "fuller house." president obama and joe biden have signed a 21st century cures act into law. that gives more than $6 billion to an initiative including curing cancer. obama signed it yesterday. part of the bill includes biden's cancer moonshot which
6:48 am
provides $2 billion for cancer research. it was a tense night to say the least. emotions running high during a discussion there and our cameras were rolling. the recipient of that shove is oakland city council president lynnette mackle haeny being pushed by that woman. the woman went on to shout at police and other people there. it's still not clear why. she eventually left on her own and no charges were filed. the homeless woman who delivered baby in golden gate park this week did it without any medical help and did it without even knowing she was pregnant. we caught up with melinda berman and her boyfriend outside the local hospital. berman said she was in labor for five hours monday morning and with her boyfriend's help, she delivered that baby. >> something coming out of my body and i wasn't sure and then i was like, okay, push.
6:49 am
was breathing and held her and just marveled at the beauty of a newborn baby. >> the couple said they plan to move to santa cruz to raise their baby and hope to get donations from strangers. a special flight is going to be arriving in san francisco to commemorate two major airlines joining forces. it just got approved by doj. the new merger is going to make alaska the fifth largest u.s. airline. the commemorative flight will be landing at sfo this morning just before 11:00. >> scott mcgrew, you'll be there. a lot of people are disappoint sthood we want to know here in san francisco what alaska is bringing to the table because virgin has excellent schls alaska has lower price but will we see lower prices with less competition? one of the many stories we're tracking today. we're also keeping an eye on the
6:50 am
market and the possibility that the dow will cross 20,000. right now 19,900, sinks slightly. also the fed announces its decision on interest rates. business day. tech leaders are going to meet with donald trump today. you can think of this as, oh, we're so important in silicon valley but i think you can also say they're guilty of the very things soon-to-be president trump is wailing against, offshoring workers, foreign manufacture, keeping profits overseas. already we're feeling the pressure in tech. the head of ibm says she'll add 25,000 workers. uber is looking to the future with future workers. it releases a fleet of self-driving cars onto the streets of san francisco today. you may have seen one of these test cars, but we're going to see a lot of them starting this morning. minutes ago, amazon released this video of the very first
6:51 am
delivery by drone. it's in the united kingdom. totally automated. jeff bezos says it looks like science fiction but it's real. if you keeping track, i talked about one creating jobs, two creating robots. if you want science fiction, this is not the review you're looking for. "star wars" rogue 1, critics don't like it. "the new york times" says totally meade oh connecter. the "san francisco chronicle" says demoralizing. no fun. i won't say it. i won't say r2-d2, r 2 don't go. >> if an uber driver picks you up, what picture do you see? your driver is no one. >> that's a good question. not r2-d2 but a robot of some
6:52 am
kind. our radar showing more rain tomorrow. >> we start out with light rain as you move out the door, grabbing the umbrella. grab a jacket even though temperatures are fairly mild. here's a live look outside starting with peaks of sunshine. we've got flood watches in effect for the santa cruz mountains. this will be in effect as the heavy rain pours. flash flooding will be likely. also high wind watches for the coast line and higher terrain. this is because of that strong storm system that will be moving in. it's to the north of us now. it will be dipping to the south. we'll see that heavy rain this time tomorrow morning. out ahead of that light rain. the hour-by-hour outlook shows some rain for the north bay and we all start to see that widespread rain developing by tomorrow morning into early afternoon and heavy downpours along with strong winds. it all clears out by friday morning and in time for chilly temperatures for the weekend. wind forecast shows the winds in
6:53 am
miles per hour will be at 30 to 40 sustained. rainfall totals anywhere from an inch and a half to two inches. maybe three or four in some of the hills and the snow report showing the potential of at least 21 inches of snow for some of those peaks. now as we head over to mike giving us a view of the south bay. >> we'll start over there. we have fog registering over there. highway one. a little slowing as you travel northbound on 280. this is as you crash at winchester boulevard. they may have one lane partially blocked. south bay looks really good. if they take you where you're going. 280 is the slowest throughout silicon valley. over here we're looking at pleasanton. 880 starting to build. no major issues. a slower drive compressing.
6:54 am
no surprises, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, a last look at the top local headlines we're following on "today in the bay." that includes breaking news from the north bay where a mass in fire overnight spread through several warehouses in santa rosa started early morning. first, the newsroom has been very busy putting together a coverage plan for the incoming storm. track the wet weather with us by downloading the nbc bay area app. plus walmart removed the mug from its website after shoppers removed it as appalling and offensive. read about the controversy on our facebook page. we'll be back here in just two minutes. in the bay...
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6:57 am
. anim ==laura/vo+rail== including a massive 3-alarm fire that ripped through several warehouses on wilson str welcome back. before you head out the doorks here are the top stories. >> that's right. massive fires ripped through several houses. that fire started at 2:00 in the morning. they were actually pulling apart some of the building. you saw the video trying to get to those flames. no jooirs have been reported. the fire is contained now. crews are still watching for hot spots and the cause is under investigation. from house fire to gruesome crime scene today. yesterday morning's early fire in castro valley is now a murder investigation. detectives believe someone killed a woman inside of a home and proceeded to set her body on
6:58 am
fire in a garage likely to destroy evidence according to investigators. police are not leasing the name. hoping for a clue on a expect. >> bay area tech leaders will meet with president-elect donald trump in new york. that includes alphabet's ceo larry page, tesla's elon musk. cheryl sandberg will also join the group. nfl owners are going have a lot to discuss today when they consider what are now two different new stadium plans for the oakland raiders. that's because oakland and alameda leaders both approved a last-minute plan to approve a 1.3 million dollar stadium in the bay area. it's meant to serve as more of an update on the situations for both the raiders and the san diego chargers. nfl owners may vote on plan as
6:59 am
soon as next month. 6:58. rain moving through the bay area. >> it's going get heavier by tomorrow morning. we'll see that storm system tracking to the north bay and that rain will be light today. up to 57 degrees in san francisco. stormy tomorrow and it will be windy as the temperatures drop on this friday. this weekend is looking chilly as you make the plans to get out there. it is going to be one you have to bundle up. we'll also be bouncing up. >> mike, we're getting better news for drivers. >> and a better note for tomorrow. lighter traffic better for december. we have that crash at winchester that has cleared from the roadway. a little recovery. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. slow and away from it. there are clouds hovering all around it. >> there you go. rain coming. get the errands run today. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back here at 7:ta with a live local update.
7:00 am
>> you might have present shopping to do. maybe this is the week to get moving on that. join us at 11:00. we hope you have a great day. good morning. standing by his man. president-elect trump goes on offense for his pick of rex tillerson as secretary of state. >> rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with and some people don't like that. that's why i'm doing the deal with rex, because i like what this is all about. >> as some new yorkers turn their eyes to the sky and get a scare. why it was all tied to security for the incoming commander in chief. "today" exclusive, famed astronaut buzz aldrin speaks out for the first time since his emergency evacuation from the south pole. this morning what he's saying about that harrowing journey and the loss of his good friend, john glenn. indecent proposal.


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