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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  December 15, 2016 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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everybody if you're thinking about heading out in the next hour or so, roadways are dangerously slick. i want to take time to zoom around to where we're seeing the most consistent rainfall from san francisco to richmond, moderate rainfall, heavier pocket north of richmond so expect that to continue and from concord down to danville, you'll likely stay wet over the next two hours at this point. as you move off towards the south, the peninsula is wet. anyone traveling this evening, even at this late hour should expect traffic backups like this after effect. so much water on the roadways really limited visibility down to about szero in some cases. as you move to the south bay, a dry pocket but heavier rainfall in the santa cruz mountains that will eventually be moving in. as we get a wider look, i want to stress anyone living in the santa cruz mountains under a
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flash flood warning until 10:30 tonight and this basically means some of the small creeks, rivers and streams may actually be flooding at this very moment. those of you that have the rivers and streams behind the house, you know who you are and need to be monitoring that because that water could be rising fast. we may get some mud and debris flow with some of the excessive run off and a last point before i leave tonight, if you aprep standing water in your car, i know it's tempting to drive through it, but you got to turn around and go the other way. flooding is the number one killer when it comes to weather. we've seen the pictures and video tonight. anyone in the santa cruz mountains, approach the water turn around and go the other way. coming up in about 15 minutes or so, we'll talk about when we could be expertiiencing ice kiy conditions on the road. >> a lot of concern in the
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mountains rig mountains. mudslides in the area ravaged. ian cole joins us along highway 17 at the summit, ian? >> the rain and wind continue to pound the summit here and a lot of people who live up here are worried not only about their homes but the road to get to those homes and tonight, they are getting extra help from firefighters. the pushed landscape left from the fire serving as a dangerous drain through the santa cruz mountain. nothing, not even this small dam is stopping the water from rushing downhill. >> mostly right here but over there it's starting to washout. so it's an on going project. >> a small part of the hill already giving way. they hope today's storm won't cause more erosion. >> that's starting to get heavy. if you look at the bank here and that eventually will slide onto the road. >> the problem with the rain can be seen right here, none of this charred foliage is actually absorbing any water meaning that
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this continues to go down through this burned area into colverts and creeks and taking trees and branchs with it. the ground is very unstable which is increasing the chance of a mudslide. >> 73. >> reporter: because of it, cal fire is on hand to clear out streams and roads. so people can access their homes. do you do this every time it rains or this is special? >> this is because of the fire. there is so much more run off because of the burned score normally it would absorb nicely. >> now they hope to protect that scared area from being scared again. >> a long night, too. >> ian coal in the thick of things. the residents are happy for the help but say they hope the county will do more to maintain the road and make them safer for when storms like this hit the area. >> in san francisco and parts m one-two punch turning sidewalks and streets into lakes.
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christie smith continues the storm coverage for us. >> reporter: along the san francisco embarcadero, the king tides turned pedestrian plaza into waterways that drew crowds. >> i seen pictures where it spilled out all the way onto the streets. so not sure if it's going to keep going. we'll see. >> reporter: cars did venture through standing water. >> just fantastic to see and it's a little scary. if the speed level gets up in the future, it's going to be a problem. >> reporter: on the bay bridge, signs warn drivers of high winds. along rain-soaked hillsides crews work to fix a fallen tree and high tides flooded a nearby school parking lot. flood gates were out near businesses as water pulled in the streets. folks who work around here say
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the tide is a factor but with this rain all day to see it stay this high for this long is unusual. >> this is about as bad as we've seen it in six years we had our office here and you see this plywood barriers to hold the water back. >> reporter: in marin county, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> strong winds and king tides also creating volatile conditions along the coast. pacificia has seen more damage that it can handle and big news there today. nbc michelle roberts has more. >> not good. not a good sign. >> reporter: rain or shane neighbors that live near the bluff come to watch the waves pound the shoreline. >> that's what you get when you live in california. >> reporter: last week along a popular beach walkway gave way leaving a massive sink hole that won't fully be fixed until the storm passes. there is no fix for this. the apartment building at 310. d
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city leaders announced today taxpayer money will be used to tear down the complex teetering on the end of the cliff after the building's owner failed to sure up the bluff below. >> we're pursuing all actions available to us to be reimbursed for the cost of the demolition. >> reporter: earlier this year the city spent $240,000 to tear down the vacant apartment building next door owned by tom who did not respond to the phone calls today. >> eyesore. and it doesn't seem like it would be safe. >> reporter: some cheer for the demolition, the city is focused on a long-term erosion plan. >> rewe are focussing on the streets part of the infrastructure. >> right there along the edge of
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the cliffs. pacificia will pay to demolish this home a block away 310 esplinod. the city manager says the owner is cooperating in exchange to the rights for the land, the city will cover the cost of the demo scheduled is the next year. you can imagine viewers have been sending photos and videos that are pretty startling. here are a few. if you have a photo you want to share, it's easy. send them to i se see >> the headaches the weather is causing at the local airports. >> crews are keeping a close eye on the creeks and rivers along silicon valley. the concern is coming up next. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. right now in san francisco, visibility still limited, rain coming down, wind guests up to 5 miles per hour. let's get a look at the storm moving off to the south and east
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gradually clearing in the north bay. we'll track when it moves out and an icy forecast in the next 48 hours. >> closed captioning sponsored by airport appliance and home mattress.
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weather alert.. looking live here at 101 in san jose 9:00 at night and the weather is still making a mess of the roadways. you're looking at traffic now on 101 in san jose, roads are slick and lots of cars still on the road. nbc damian trujillo has been tracking the rain and joins us live in sarah toga and boy, they got a good dousing there. >> steady rainful here in sarah toga, jessica, for the last half hour or so. so far, no major problems to report from the valley floor but a few creeks and rivers that the folks are keeping an eye on to make sure there are no major problems, especially here at west valley college, obviously where one of the creeks that runs right to the middle of
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campus. one campus police officer told me he is keeping a close eye, a watchful eye on that creek throughout the night to make sure and downtown san jose the rain was steady through the late afternoon and early evening but it never came down really hard in the south bay, no major problems to report. public works was keeping an eye on the rivers in case something did come up. the guadalupe river was a concern. it seems every year rescue crews are trying to save a homeless person being swept away by the rising waters of the guadalupe. everything is pretty calm here along the silicon valley. it's been a steady rainfall here at west valley college in the west end for the last half hour or so and the police officers, campus police officer are keeping a close eye on that creek. that's the latest from the west valley, i'm damian trujillo. >> not just the roads we're talking about but up in the sky at this hour, one to four hour
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delays at sfo. >> peggy bunker has more on the storm related troubles at the airport for us. >> today's storm didn't take long to reek havoc at sfo, pounding rain and strong winds made for a hazardous ride and lots of delays at the airport. by 11:00 this morning, 85 flights had been cancelled and delays averaging three hours. >> i don't really pay attention to the weather that much usually. but probably should today. >> reporter: well, with this storm overhead dumping inches of rain and cancellations and delays of over two hours on the board. the airport says they have no choice but to land full planes in other locations. and alaska airlines flight bound for sfo landed in san jose instead after hearing how long they would have to wait circling in the air to get on the ground. >> they were probably getting to a point where they had to make a decision and based on traffic conditions, they made the decision on their own to go to san jose. >> this portland passenger just
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got off the flight that land in san jose. >> i was supposed to go to sfo but rerouted to here. i think originally i was supposed to be routed to oakland but now taking a shuttle to sfo to catch our other flight. >> reporter: the alaska airlines passenger were greeted by a shuttle bus but with weather related traffic on 101 north, many weren't sure they would make the connections. at sfo, peggy bunker. >> thank you, peggy. the good news is this is almost over and we get a lot of sunshine after this, right? >> yeah, couple more hours in the clear and clear skies for the deal lalays? >> exactly right. temperatures will start to plummet as we head throughout the next three days. hold on. wild ride on the boards for us. as we get a look now at the doppler radar that stands around. you'll be able to see the consistent rainfall near the coastline right now. for the east bay, that's also we're finding some areas of
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rainfall moderate from concord to danville and dublin and hayward. it's going to continue like this off and on probably for the next two to three hours or so. i want to take you to the north bay with a tremendous amount of rain in just about a ten hoff ho -- ten-hour period. we're starting to see things dry out. i want to focus on the water fast rushing into tomorrow morning. that's the napa river. it got very close to flood stage around 5:00 this afternoon. down through st. helina, stay away from the river banks. now as we take you off towards the santa cruz mountains, this is where we had a tremendous amount of rainfall, as well. two to five inches in some cases. still moderate, roadways dangerous and remain under the flash flood warning until 10:30. the warning means we likely still could have some creeks, rivers and streams overflowing
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their banks. if you have any kind of creek or stream behind your house, you know who you are, monitor that closely because that water could be quick rising. we may have mudslides with this excessive run off. santa cruz mountains under the biggest threat at this point for any kind of flooding. as we take you back down into the south bay, sarah toga had quite a bit of rainfall today starting to get into some moderate wet weather where we find rob. it was quite heavy there at times and still looks like it's coming down for you. >> reporter: yeah, as your radar showed, jeff, the rain did pick up in intensity. seeing moderate rain here once again, almost two inches of rain so far and a very interesting rainfall season today as we take a look at the numbers. the difference in the north bay versus the south bay if you compare this year to last year, huge change in places like santa rosa. about 180% plus.
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ten inches more rain at this time of year than we see in an average year and more than a foot at the same time last year. in the meantime, different story, san jose running close to average. that was before this rain started to come in as we come back out live you can see the rain bonds come through. the wind picks up over to my right we got a lot of water on some roadways here near sarah toga and keep in mind even though the rates will come down as we head through the overnight hours, ponding very likely possible on the roads and as our temperatures drop this weekend, jeff, as the temperatures drop, we could be seeing some of this maybe changing over to ice in some of the mountain roadways. i know you'll have more coming up but in the meantime, sarah toga not letting go in the south bay. back to you. >> thank you so much. that is an excellent point. a lot of roadways will remain damp so you pick up this much rainfall in a short amount of time and it will have a hard time draining out and as you'll be able to see as those temperatures do start to drop we could be getting into some icy
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situations. so how much rainfall did we get? if you missed this earlier, it is phenomenal. up into the north bay, 4.65. that's an 18-hour period. 3.39 in yonkville and napa 3.3. as you head to the south, did become less but a good number of 1.43 in wall net creek and still at about a half inch for south san jose and could see it go to .75. a healthy zone of wet weather, 1.29. big, big storm for us. as we head into tomorrow morning, temperatures do drop as those skies begin to clear out. 39 in the south bay. there is some chill for tomorrow morning and peninsula 41 and tri-valley 36 and sunny. definitely on the rebound for tomorrow morning. 40 in the east bay, 43 in san francisco, but look at this,
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north bay 34. that's where we may have patchy ice especially over the bridges and overpasses. please take it slow. they call it black ice because you just can't see it. as we get a look at the micro climate cast friday, it stays breezy. blustery temperatures here. when the wind kicks up, all of the south bay could feel like uppup 40s. wear the heavy jacket tomorrow and layers. as we get a look at the east bay winds up to 11 miles per hour out of the northwest, 51 in pleasanto pleasanton. throughout the peninsula. 54 in palo alto and look at this into daily scity for the high. may feel like mid and low 40s throughout the day. there is the chill we've been talking about and as we get a look at the extended forecast, you'll be able to see dry weather friday, saturday, sunday all the way through the next seven days but again, very cold
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overnights coming our way with temperatures in the upper 30s and also low 40s. a look at the inland valleys has the cold temperatures continuing next couple of mornings. i think the problem with ice could come on saturday morning. we may go down to 28 on saturday morning. and i still think the roadways will be damp and that could get certainly very slick for us. >> good reminder on the black ice. >> thank you, jeff. up next, other headlines. ready to pay more to cross the local bridge? it's up to you if you want to pass the toll hike. we'll explain. would you pay $8 to cross the
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bay bridge? it could happen. a toll hike for almost all of our local bridges. ===take vo=== this would be the first increase in 6 years. the "metropolitan transportation commission" is would you pay $8 to cross the bridge? the transportation commission is considering asking the voters to approve the request like they did in the 1980s and in 2004. bridge toll would increase by $1 to $3 beginning in 2018.
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state and federal butt gdgets h been shrinking and administrators worry money will be more skras understacarce und trump organization. facebook is fighting back against fake news. the company admits it has an obligation to combat the spread of the organization so it's teaming up with groups to better fact check posts on the site. >> none of it will be perfect or work perfectly the first time around and the nature of social media is when somebody announces something like this, you know, people pile on before it's ever happened. people pile on and say oh, this is going to work because of this and this and this. i give them credit for trying something. >> earlier today, the research center showed nearly a quarter of americans say they shared a made up story. good night to catch a movie, especially a "star wars" movie.
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it's opening night of "rogue one." people are braving the rain in costume. scott budman is in line. >> reporter: they lined up in costume in the rain. >> somebody will bring umbrellas or something. >> reporter: to be among the first to see this. >> keep going. watch out! >> reporter: "rogue one" the newest movie in the "star wars" franchise. >> i got my comfortable shoes and chewbacca onesie. >> reporter: you got here when? >> 6:15. >> reporter: for which show? >> the 10:00 p.m. show. >> reporter: if it's old school to line up to see a star wars movie. consider the technology. they are not watching this digitally but on an i max film
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reel. ready to feel the force inside where it's warm. in san jose, scott budman nbc. >> we have a chance after the news to get in line and go watch the midnight show. >> the tickets are sold out. no chance. [ laughter ] we want to do one last -- another check of the forecast after the break. the most colorful man in the
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sportsworld -- has died. long time nba sideline reporter 'craig sager' passed away, after a lengthy battle with leukemia. well, the most colorful man in the nba died. he passed away after a lengthy battle with lieukemileukemia. he was first diagnosed in 2014. he was inducted into the sports broadcasting hall of fame just two days ago. >> i'd like all of you to join me in an applause for a great man and a lifelong lived. thank you. >> nice touch by the warriors.
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that's head coach steve kerr that used to work with sager. he held a moment of joy before tonight's game in oakland against the knicks. craig sager was 65 years old. >> all of those jackets were custom made. he would get the fabric himself and have them taylor made. >> he was such a nice man and great reporter. >> jeff, how many more hours? >> four hours left before this thing finally starts to move on out. i want to get a look at the rest of the micro climate forecast tomorrow. 49 and winds up to 21. you need your jacket in san francisco and much-needed drying, sunny skies and temperatures in the mid 50s and extended forecast a quick look, sunny forecast and maybe icy conditions though saturday morning, lows down at 28 degrees to start for saturday morning. so people just need to be careful on the roads for maybe black ice. >> thank you, jeff. >> back to the football coverage. >> not just tonight's game but check in with the raiders and
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49ers. we will be back at 111:00. heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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how are you doing, everybody? we'll come to "xfinity sports." done with holiday shopping? >> no. >> lead me through the way. >> i'll lead you. the raiders are one game away from clinching their first ever play-off appearance at least since super bowl 37 back into


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