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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  December 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> i'm terry bunker. san francisco beautiful and clear, of course contributing to these extremely low temperatures. a microclimate weather alert is in effect. meteorologist rob mayeda is tanning btan i standing by. >> by 3:00 a.m. we'll drop to the lower 30s. notice locations inland, tri valley into the north bay, you could see upper 20s by 3:00 a.m. under those clear skies towards the tri valley. san jose temperatures, look at this, 10 and 11:00 already in the 30s as we approach midnight on our way to some low 30s with
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some freezing conditions heading into tomorrow morning. out there tonight, cold temperatures in a few spots in the north bay and tri valley, could dip to freezing by 9:00 tonight. speaking of the south bay, there's where nbc bay area's marianne favro joins us live. the freeze warning doesn't appear to be slowing down shoppers around willow glen this evening, marianne. >> reporter: rob, you certainly have all the science behind it, but i can total you i feel it in my bones. it's not stopping the holiday shoppers tonight. 'tis the season to be bundled. even those with fur and four legs. as rob mentioned, in san jose there is a freeze warning, but hold shoppers told us while it's surprising, they're adapting. >> i guess i'm just weather confused. i've been switching from shorts and jeans to jackets. she's always freezing. >> reporter: some commented that
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the cold weather made this feel more like it's the christmas season. others told us the cold snap wouldn't stop them from shopping, because this is the last full weekend before christmas. for those late night shoppers heading back to their cars tonight, you may even see some frost on your windows. and judging by all the people we've seen walking by, hot cocoa sales will be through the roof tonight. back to you. >> if you see any, marianne, bring some back for us, that sounds pretty good. travelers are bracing weather storms coast to coast. take a look at some of the issues here, in fact some deadly issues, major headaches, even deaths on the roadways. in baltimore two people are dead after a gas tanker skidded off the highway and exploded this morning. maryland police say icy roads caused over 300 crashes. drivers in indianapolis are facing similar problems. hundreds were trapped in their cars overnight after weather-related crashes caused highway gridlock. >> been here for about nine hours now. haven't really moved. >> officers say drivers even
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chose to drive the wrong way on an exit ramp just to get out of those traffic jams. our coverage of tonight's cold spell will continue in about 15 minutes. later here in the newscast, we'll see how tonight's chill across the bay area is taking a toll on a popular activity. some would say it's a necessity that's taking place this weekend. a domestic dispute in a peninsula neighborhood ends with a woman dead and the suspect behind bars. it happened overnight in dahl d city, the first homicide they've had in two years. laura malpert joins us live from the scene with more. >> reporter: it is unusual for daly city. within the past few minutes, police took down the crime tape here and took off. neighbors say this is the last thing they expected to happen here. >> my son was doing a project at the kitchen table and he said, dad, dad, look outside. >> reporter: when daniel constantine looked out his window, this is what he saw. his neighbor's house surrounded
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by police cars and crime tape. >> they had a suspect on the ground. it looked like cuffed from the hands but maybe from the feet too, because they carried that person up and put them in the car. >> reporter: police say the suspect is 23-year-old fredrick tran. the victim, his 23-year-old girlfriend, ariana hatami. police say for some unknown reason the two started arguing and police were called to the scene. hatami was later taken to san francisco general hospital where she died from blunt force trauma. the police wouldn't get specific. >> the yellow tape like that, i knew it was something big, had to be murder or something. >> reporter: a crime that rarely happens in daly city. >> i've seen them both around. >> reporter: constantine agrees and is still surprised it happened in his neighborhood. >> nothing like this goes on around here. it goes to show you it can happen anywhere, any time. >> reporter: the suspect was booked into the san mateo county jail on murder charges.
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police are asking anyone with information in this case to please come forward. live from daly city, laura malpert, nbc bay area news. >> laura, thank you very much. a bowling alley becoming a crime scene on the peninsula. police say late last night gunfire erupted in the parking lot of the bowling alley in san mateo. the victim had been shot a number of times. >> this individual we believe was targeted. an assailant ran up to him in the parking lot and fled in a vehicle. and at this point we have clearly a lot of potential witnesses. >> i was inside and trying to leave, hang out with some co-workers. the whole building was barricaded by police. >> police say the bowling alley was crowded with people at the time of the shooting but nobody else was hurt. they are talking to witnesses and getting more information. the victim was taken to the hospital but police say his injuries do appear to be life threatening. san jose police headed down to the mall this weekend.
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they're shopping for officers the future. sjpd recruiting at oak ridge mall, trying to overcome a staffing crisis they've had for years. since 2012, the department has lost nearly 500 officers. those who are left are forced to work lots of overtime, obviously. the crews at the mall say they're interested in applicants who know san jose. >> because they grew up here, they live here, they know the city inside and out. and what better people to be able to police our own community. >> when asked about the unusual location, going out to the mall, recruiters said they targeted the mall simply because that's where a lot of locals are this time of year, especially today. >> that's for sure. still to come, how russia is reacting to the election scandal in our country. the response from the kremlin that may take people by surprise. an east bay food bank gets a little star power this holiday season. and here's a live view from outside, willow glen this
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evening. shoppers braving the cold in the south bay. we'll show you where a few spots have already dropped into the 30s at only 6:00 this evening. just a few moments ago. look at that, your microclimate forecast when we come right back.
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taking a look outside, this is san jose, of course, christmas in the park there, cesar chavez.
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looking at the it was out there, if you were out at the ferris wheel or at the christmas tree, you're cold. >> i'm looking if it's moving. there it goes. >> it is moving, on cue. moscow largely ignoring the accusation by president obama that the kremlin was responsible for the hacking of politically sensitive information before the u.s. election. there have been no comments from senior officials or vladimir putin. statewide media is barely covering the story and when it does, it's painted as a campaign to denigrate russia or as an excuse of the hillary clinton campaign. family and friends and dignitaries paying final respects to john glenn in columbus, ohio today. the senator and astronaut passed away last week at 96. he was the first u.s. astronaut to orbit the earth in 1962.
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vice president joe biden attended the ceremony to honor his friend. >> we served side by side in the senate for 25 years. we traveled around the world together. john was one of the happiest people i ever knew. >> the late senator and astronaut will be buried at the arlington national cemetery next spring. one of the biggest bands in rock is playing an intimate show in oakland tonight. the fans have been lined up since last night, despite that cold weather. metallic can a is taking the stt the fox theater in a few hours. proceeds will support the alameda county food bank. some people waiting to get in brought bags of food for the occasion. the food bank is thrilled to have the food since donations are dropping. >> temperatures are cold outside. >> dedication out there for a good cause. most places in the 40s for most of the afternoon. we're on the western fringe of a major arctic outbreak of cold
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temperatures all around the country. if you look at today's highs nationwide, we don't often show that to you, but it's part of the weather story affecting the bay area. temperatures below 20 degrees from minneapolis towards the northern plains. look at dallas and little rock, highs today in the 70s. tomorrow, 30s. that is weather whiplash occurring in about three-quarters of the country. and around here, look how quickly our temperatures have dropped. you've got belvedere down to 41 degrees, san francisco, closer to the water, not as cold but relatively chilly, 46o alto, 47. closer to dublin, 40 degrees, almost 30s, already in the tri valley and into san jose right now. we have those temperatures in the mid-40s. napa has already dropped to 39 degrees. we're running cooler than the same time yesterday. nine degrees cooler in fact at napa, where we began the day in the low 30s. subtract nine degrees, gives you
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a good indication where things are headed tomorrow morning. as we head towards tomorrow morning, most of the bay area could see some upper 20s to low 30s. solano county to the central valley, prime agriculture concerns here. you could see some ice damage or freezing with that hard freeze warning for locations that could have as much as four hours below 28 degrees tonight. coldest spots likely around the north valley. it's canadian air conditioning coming into the bay area, dry north wind, clear skies, will keep the weekend dry. but chilly even during the afternoon. monday morning will be pretty chilly as well, slowly warming as we head towards the middle part of the week. for the morning, upper 20s in livermore, 32 in san jose, upper 30s near san francisco. as we move into the afternoon, notice the temperatures there in the low 50s around san jose. likely still seeing some upper 40s out around livermore as we head towards the afternoon. as we go through the week,
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there's one chance we could see showers. not on tuesday, but then wednesday night into thursday, here comes the system which we think may bring us some showers. a relatively drier system without access to trip to moisture. if anything, it will bring in more clouds and moisture in the air. it will have to bring those overnight temperatures up. so mid-week, that one chance of showers into thursday. friday, heading towards christmas weekend, christmas eve, to christmas day on sunday. looks dry, abnormally dry this time of year. seven-day forecast with the weekend, one chance we think of rain on thursday. meantime, the headlines will continue to be those cold, frosty temperatures. freezing temperatures likely in the valley. san francisco and coast, overnight temperatures on the left side of the screen, 30s and 40s. across the valleys, 20s and 30s. probably another round of this tomorrow night into monday. a slow warm-up and daytime highs
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by wednesday with chance of showers on thursday. cold here, but much worse into the sierra. next, becoming part of the community, one note at a time. >> it was culture changes on multiple levels. >> the musical journey for one member of the gay men's chorus. and when you can see them perform.
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let's take you out live to a chilly, chilly night, but hot inside. warriors 7-2 in december. they're doing so well, they're on a winning streak. >> you should be in sports with the information you're reeling off here. the wonderful thing about
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the holidays is of course the giving, especially when it is very unexpected. >> we're paying for someone's bagels as they're walking up to the counter to pay for them, just saying merry christmas. >> in san carlos, you can thank a group of local families who for the third year in a row hit the streets for operation joy, as they call it. they and friends from their church are criss-crossing san carlos buying people meals, handing out gift cards, sharing holiday wishes because they're in the spirit. they say even if the people receiving the gifts don't really need the money, they get something out of the exchange. >> sometimes you see people walking along, in their zone, doing their own thing, you stop them and say merry christmas, and they're like, somebody actually was kind enough to think of me. i don't know, it's just that kindness that people don't get maybe enough. >> this year, operation joy even made a stop at the mcdonald's drive-through. they surprised people here by
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paying for everyone to have christmas. the ultimate happy meal. >> indeed it is. the silicon valley gay men's chorus has a member who went quite a long way to be part of the choir. >> the story begins with a coincidence. >> he told me his name was jason. i was like, okay. >> they said, you're both jason, how will we tell you part? i said, you can call me j.w. >> what's your middle name? >> his eyes got as big as saucers because -- >> we have the same middle name as well. >> especially moving from arkansas and the south and from very conservative evangelical christian environment, and coming out as a gay man all at once, it was culture changes on multiple levels. i had to completely change my identity because i lost everything.
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i lost my job for coming out as a gay man. it was also the end of my previous marriage, because i had been married to my wife for ten years, with three daughters. i started singing when i was in high school. the friend that helped me move out to the bay area had been involved in the gay men's chorus. he said, i think it would be a really good place for you to check out, it would give you a community to plug into. and i was suddenly introduced to over 50 gay men when i had deliberately avoided gay people for 36 years. and i saw that there was a wonderful diversity, just like there is in the straight community or any other type of community. i was happy. i was allowed to start flourishing as an open gay man, having the mooring of the chorus to make sure i didn't get lost
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in the storm of change that was my life at the time. the part of the divorce decree was that i was not allowed to tell them i was gay. it was put in there if i met somebody, they weren't allowed to meet that person if they became my partner. it was very punitive. in 2010, i started working to change that divorce decree. now i have visitation like any divorced person. i'm hoping the fear has abated. it did them a lot of good to see their mom and me be able to sit down for thanksgiving dinner together. it was -- we were a family. and it hasn't been that way in a long time. >> the name of the show is "sparkle," there's another performance tonight, a matinee tomorrow. for more information go to
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let's take a look now, what is coming up in sports. we' we know they're going to do well tonight. >> you should be a sports anchor, you were doing so well. the warriors looking to keep things going at oracle arena. in case you didn't know - the
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pride of oakland is on their team - damian lilard. you guys, welcome back. tonight the warriors welcome the trailblazers to town. the pride of oakland is on their team. he would love nothing more than to beat his hometown team. as of late it hasn't happened. it's been a house of horrors for the trailblazers, they lost seven straight in oakland, including in the semifinals.
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even with the recent success, they'll have to be at their best to instead that win streak. >> you know what type of teams that are out there, obviously playing at a high level, play offteams last couple of years. and when you see them in the regular season, you know you've got to show up in order to get a win with us at home or on the roads, how explosive they are. we obviously know them very well from playing them in the playoffs last year. and the battles we had in the regular season last couple of years. they're always energetic, high intensity games that you look forward to. >> college hoops, santa clara taking on washington state. in the second half, matt townser misses a jumper. broncos go up 11. then later in the half, charles
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has the easy bucket. 12-0. they go up one. santa clara down one, misses a free throw, santa clara with a chance, it's blocked, santa clara lose, 69-68. the dallas cowboys, they've come to realize they're kryptonite. the new york giants have lost twice this season. both losses have come to the giants. cowboys look to get back to their winning ways on sunday when they square off against the red-hot buccaneers, looking to extend their win streak. the cowboys can clinch their division title with the one. nbc football night in america crew has a preview. >> welcome to the set football night in america. tampa bay at dallas on sunday night on nbc. you've been telling us about tell me pa bay. now they get their prime time chance in dallas. >> i'm so excited to see them.
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first of all, i think they're going to give dallas a great game because of their defense. and they've got some people up front. it's different than what dallas is used to. it's going to be quickness. gerald mccoy, lavante davis play like i used to play. >> they've got problems, a small qb. he can stretch the field. mike evans is a big play threat. doug martin runs hard. >> it will be tampa/dallas sunday night on nbc. see you on "football night in america" at 7:00 eastern. you can catch all the action on sunday night football right here on nbc bay area. the cowboys and bucs kick off at 5:30. coverage begins at 4:00. raiders are in san diego tomorrow. if they beat chargers, they'll clinch their first playoff sinsince 2002. i was just a freshman in college
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then. >> i won't say what i was doing. >> i know, exactly, we're not going to date ourselves, fallon. >> we'll be right back.
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the city of san francisco, the topic is weather. rob was just telling me that right now it's 46. >> already 46 degrees. >> going down to? >> frost advisory, upper 30s around downtown san francisco. across the bay area we have cold, colder, and coldest coming
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up. a cold advisory in san francisco, colder. san jose, freeze warning. a hard freeze warning from solano county towards sacramento, upper 20s to mid-20s around the north bay and livermore. highs tomorrow going to feel cool again outside, upper 40s to low 50s at 2:00. the frost could stick around tomorrow morning. >> not used to that, for sure. thanks, rob. thank you so much for choose nbc bay area news tonight. >> see you back tonight at 11:00. an nbc news special is next. >> take care. male announcer: you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, "we investigate." david campos: folks have been robbing residents of that housing, and airbnb has essentially been driving the getaway car. enough is enough. announcer: a showdown over home sharing sites in san francisco. we examine a bitter legal battle between the city and airbnb.
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plus, blinded by the lights at levi's stadium, we uncover what the county is doing about the problem following our investigation, and what happens here could impact stadiums elsewhere. then, this doctor says his practice was shut down after he was targeted for treating injured workers. we explore whether the fight to end worker's compensation fraud has gone too far, but first. vicky nguyen: there was no incentive not to tamper with the device? juan castillo: no, none. announcer: when parolees cut off their gps tracking bracelets, what happens? we investigate how often these bold violent criminals fall off the grid. here's senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen. vicky: thank you for joining us. for the next 30 minutes, "we investigate," exposing stories, uncovering issues, and holding the powerful accountable. we begin tonight talking about crime. right now, roughly 6,000 sex offenders and gang members are


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