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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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right now at 11: the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a man in san jose... propelling the number of homicides in the cy, right now at 11:00, the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a man in san jose, pro pepelling the number homicides in the city more than it's been in ten years. thank you for joining us. >> it has been a violent year on the streets of san jose. we still have is a few weeks left in the year 2016. a shooting had police canvassing an area near a gas station at the canada border all night long. bob, this latest homicide brings san jose to territory we have not seen in a long time. >> reporter: unfortunately, you are correct. good morning to you, sam and chris. san jose police tell us this is
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the 46th homicide of the year for the city and one of hea heartbreak for this young woman we spotted outside the crime scene this morning, breaking down in tears as she lerarned that it was her boyfriend who had been shot and killed last night at the mobil gas station. a lieutenant tells us this happened around 11:50 last night. when officers first arrived, they found the victim, a young adult man, suffering from at least one gunshot wound. he was declared dead later at the hospital. we spoke to the gas station manager this morning who tells us her employee was in the back at the time and did not see what happened. it appeared that he was shot in front of one of the gas pumps. police will be looking into whether this might have been gang related. >> we're still working right now on getting a suspect description. we're in the early stages of the investigation. we're looking at witnesses, surveillance video, anything we can to help us identify the suspects. >> reporter: if you look at your tv screen, you can see the number of homicides for the city of san jose dating back to the
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year 2006 and all the way up to now. now, 2012 had been the most deadly during that time with 45 murders, but last night this year, 2016, marked its 46th homicide for the year making 2016 the deadliest in at least a decade. we reached out to the san jose police officers union this morning. they point out the department is down 600 officers over the past five years, and the detective bureau has been reduced in order to fill patrol slots. a spokesman with the police officers association sent us this statement. i'm quoting right now. any homicide is tragic for the victim's family. we at the poa know the importance of having a fully staffed police department to address these crime increases and hope to begin rebuilding the sjpd sometime soon. >> bob, thank you very much. we are following breaking news right now out of turkey. a russian diplomat was assassinated. the russian ambassador of turkey was shot in an art gallery in the country's capital of onkara.
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andre carlov was minutes into his speech when a man wearing a suit and tie shot at least eight shots after yelling the words, aluha akbar. that is god is greater in arabic. police shot and killed the gunman right after that. they condemn that attack on the russian ambassador in turkey. back home now, an investigation under way after a big crash in the east bay that left a driver dead and hundreds of packages littered across the freeway in danville. we brought you this as live breaking many coverage on today in the bay. we're joined live from danville right now. pete, you just spoke to a u.s. postal person by phone about the accident. we see the fact there is still packages and debris behind you. what did he tell you? >> reporter: yeah, good morning
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tourks s to you, sam. that cleanup process is still under way. he just got off the phone with me and he's netelling me it was contract driver behind the wheel. they were carrying fedex packages en route to san jose where they would take over. apparently a process they do all the time. they're still picking up a lot of these packages that were sprawled across the area as a result of that overturned big rig. we'll show you some of the video earlier. it looked like hundreds of them sprawled out here across the freeway. this big rig turned over at 3:30 a.m. heading on 680 south. they said this driver drifted onto the right shoulder, even hitting an abandoned van before crashing into a nearby freeway sign. chpd does not know what caused the driver to drift in that direction that turned out to be a deadly crash. now, speaking to the u.s. postal team, they're saying since this was a contract driver, it was hard positito pinpoint where th
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was coming from. >> that's the other mystery. we can't determine where this mail truck actually originated from because it was a contract service. we thought originally it was coming out of sacramento but then sacramento has reported to us that all their drivers are accounted for. >> reporter: but since that conversation, he tells me this truck was actually coming from sacramento and that the packages they were to cover will now go to the san josefa silt where it will be redirected to the right destination. chpd has not identified the victim at this time. they had one truck take away all these packages and now we're being told this is the truck here that's going to take away these latest packages. we still don't have an eta on when this lane right next to me is going to reopen. we're live in danville, pete suranos, nbc 7 news. >> this is a backup that's still affecting traffic even this many hours later. >> even in an ultra light volume
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of traffic because it's before christmas, a lot of schools out starting last week. others, this is their last week of school, so a lot lighter volume of traffic. this has been a horrible drive in addition to the tragedy, of course, loss of human life here in el pentato. only one lane is blocked, remember that. you take that for 90 minutes in concord to pass that scene. to get around it, you have to go to 113 and back around here. folks are just going to tough it out here. that's the big delay. the rest of the bay moves very nicely. authorities in the santa clara area are at the scene of a deadly accident where a woman was struck and killed while she was pushing a shopping cart across the street. it happened around 6:30 on northbound lawrence expressway and cabr cabrillo avenue.
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we does talk to a witness who said the woman was crossing against a red light. the driver did remain at the scene and is working with investigators. the bay area is thawing out after a frosty morning. there was a frosty warning of a freeze over bait area. you could feel the chill. >> pretty clear right now, but the temperatures are very cold, and keri, my basil froze over the weekend. >> we really have to take care of those plants. also for your animals, don't leave them outside. we won't have weather as cold going into the next couple days, but still pretty chilly. a live look outside now at san jose. bright sunshine helping to gradually warm those temperatures up. tim ron, 45 degrees, and in sunol, it's 50 degrees. feeling a little bit milder now. well above freezing. we're up to 46 degrees in
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concord and morgan hill and livermore. 48 degrees in napa, now at 46. heading into the day, we'll reach into the mid-50s. still cooler than average, and it warms up as we go through the week. we'll talk about what to expect coming up a little bit later. sam and chris? >> all right, thank you very much, keri. rain in the bay area this time of year usually means this in the sierra. this is video from the slopes of kirkwood yesterday, and you can see what those storms left behind to the delight of that snowboarder, especially. the resort said so far this winter it has gotten 54 inches of snow which is enough for a lot of people to have fun, but if you look at that video closely, you'll see some rocks sticking out of the snow in some places. conditions are expected to be sunny and clear and an avalanche warning in the area is now expired. a lot of you sent pictures to us of yesterday's frost on the grass and the cars, even on decks and pools, although it was a kiddie pool. we do want to see more of them, so make sure you tweet us at nbc
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bay area. you can also check out our gallery at see what your neighbors are in for. see how your neighbors fared. san francisco police right now investigating a deadly double shooting in the mission district that happens last night. investigators say somebody shot a man and a woman at about 9:00 sunday night on 16th and south van ness street. the woman was in her 20s and 30s. she died at the scene. the man later died while getting care at a hospital. they were shot by a homeless encampment and we're told one of the victims may have lived there. so far police are not confirming that information. they're also trying to determine if the shooting could have been tied to a separate shooting about 7:00 last night not far from that. in that case, a man suffering non-life-threatening injuries, a man shot him at 14th and valencia streets. now a story a lot of people
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are still trying to come to grips with. a north bay father accused of trying to drown his daughter in a baptismal font. last month he drowned his four-year-old daughter in that baptismal pool inside a church. his public defender raised new doubts about ordaz's mental state. the judge ordered a second doctor evaluation. right now the electoral college is voting. all 538 members are gathering across the country, and afterward donald trump will officially be elected the next president. he won the election with 306 electoral votes to hillary clinton's 232. protests are expected to start in about a half hour. the demonstrations are not aimed at california's 55 electors, though.
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kerry carried the vote in 55% of the vote and the largest in a number of years. they operate on an all system, though, which means all 55% of electoral votes go to kenton. the cardinals take on the sun bowl on december 30. things just got a little less interesting at the sun bowl. christian mccaffery tweeted that his football is about to end. he tweeted he's leaving to focus on football. tragedy took place. a tree collapses on a wedding party. the damage left behind in southern california. plus, sky high prices for a spot in the li'l mmillennium to.
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=sam/2shot= a check of the markets this morning and stocks. scott mcgrew was calling this the santa claus rally. the dow jones is up almost 63 points, closing at 20,000 at 1906. we're listening to see what uber will do after they said they were going to continue using their self-driving cars on the roads in san francisco. >> might the police pull the cars over? will the state impound the cars, maybe? uber on friday held a phone
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conference with reporters to say those cars are going to stay on the streets of san francisco, because although uber does not have a license to operate self-driving cars, its cars, it says, are more like teslas than robot cars, and it says tesla doesn't need special permission to be on the road. california disagrees. we're getting a first look at waymo's first look at cars. they're chrysler pacifica brand. there are all kinds of new names this morning. two unusual quirks of the calendar means your mail carrier will be very busy this week. first, christmas and hanukkah both fall together this coming weekend, and secondly, there is no weekend leading up to the days before christmas and hanukkah. last chance to get to the mall. i mean, this year of the last weekend was just over. there is all but work here. a lot of people are expected to use on line, and thus your
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postman is going to be very busy. back to you. >> scott, thank you very much, my friend. san francisco's sinking millennium tower may not be losing property value after all. we've been following this story since the beginning, even bringing new evidence to light. this month the tower's penthouse just stold soold for a record p $13 million. according to the wall street journal it went to tech street journalist tyler ramsey. but here's the thing. other tower homeowners have actually slashed their prices taking listings down or even sold at a loss in light of the building's faulty foundation. consumer news now and happening today. volkswagen faces a deadline in the still unresolved portion of its emission scandal. that deadline centers around 80,000 diesel cars that skirted admission tests that the company believes it canaffecting the ca
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performance. the car owner reached a deal with nearly a half million other cars involved in that scandal. in southern california, two families are reeling today after an enormous tree fell onto a wedding party as they were taking pictures at a park. one person was killed, several others are still recovering in the hospital. but the unusual tragedy happened in a park known for its picturesque trees. the couple was waiting to take a picture under that particular tree. as they took the picture, the tree came crashing down. >> reporter: a park filled with the sound of chain saws as frantic emergency crews pull victims out from amid huge branches and a toppled tree trunk. >> i heard the crackling, and i'm looking up because it was just an odd sound. >> reporter: moments earlier, these witnesses say they were under the same tree taking photos for quinceanera.
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when they finished, a large wedding party gathered around the eucalyptus tree to take pictures. >> the tree got most of them. >> reporter: cell phone video shows from all over the park, strangers ran to help. >> there was a lady with this little baby, and i didn't know what to do, but shee was screaming so i held the baby, and i put her down and she had a very big bump on her head. she was bleeding. they were both bleeding. there was blood all over. >> reporter: firefighters pulling out victim after victim trapped and crushed by treat while a small child prayed with his family nearby. in the middle of all the chaos, witnesses described seeing the bride. >> they had the bride in their arms. there was limbs in the way of them getting out, so me and another gentleman and my husband went and we yanked a huge chunk of the tree off. >> reporter: overnight a family member confirmed the mother of
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the bride was killed. they were taken to the hospital, including a four-year-old girl in critical condition. the entire park now closed off as investigators wait for ann arborist to tell them why the tree fell with no wind. the question of whether other trees in the park could pose a danger after a wedding celebration turned to unbearable grief. >> tragedy for that family. local news right now. and there will be another memorial concert for the people killed in the ghost ship warehouse fire. that's going to be held at the new parish in san pablo, oakland. so much attention right now placed on the living spaces, their safety, and who is actually living in those warehouses. >> it was just a misunderstanding. i guess communication. they didn't understand, it was just so fearful that i was coming after them. >> within a couple weeks we had formed a plan to, you know, have them generously donate their space, to have us put some bans
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to show we had raised funds for warehouse fire safety improvements. >> you heard there from the local business owner, a barbecue owner, as well as the artists living in that warehouse. both sides say they were able to come together with a common goal, and that, of course, is to keep oakland as a place for artists. well, it is cold here, but it is nothing compared to what some other parts of the country are experiencing right now. in the upper midwest, record lows and negative teens and 20s. some of the country's coldest weekend temperatures were in north dakota where the wind chill was negative 24. at denver international airport, more than 500 flights were canceled on saturday and sunday. and in chicago the bears played one of the coldest home games in the team's long history. game time temperature of 11 degrees with a wind chill of minus 4. check out how the fans were dressed up. >> games like this, man, in chicago when it gets really
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cold, you dress for the element and it's just like any other sunday. >> despite the elements, fans were still fired up at the tailgating before kickoff, i think, because they wanted to stay warm. >> they had to do whatever it took. by the way, it was minus 6, minus 7 degrees without wind chill in chicago this morning. i mayor may not have relatives in town right now from chicago, and by comparison, this is paradise. we're still looking at cold temperatures, too. >> i think they'll be staying around for a while. >> i think so. you may not be able to get them out. >> i hope they stay here forever. >> yes, it is cold. my family back in louisville, kentucky dealing with some teens this morning. now as we take a live look outside in san francisco, it is starting to warm up, but hey, it's still chilly in our standards. 48 degrees. and it will reach up to 54 later on today. a lot of sunshine. let's go around to pleasanton, also 48 degrees and mostly sunny skies. woodside 45. and with a breeze it does feel a
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few degrees cooler than that, but if you want to feel some freezing temperatures, head right on over to lake tahoe. you see right now it's 25 degrees and heavenly. still a lot of people out there enjoying that fresh snow. now it's 46 degrees in napa and concord, as well as san jose and morgan hill, 49 degrees. 49 in oakland. looking at those national temperatures, now in the middle of the day for much of the country it's still below freezing, and little rock, arkansas, it is 30 degrees. new york city, 28. and we also have some widespread 20s elsewhere. if you want some warm weather, right now in miami, florida, it is 86 degrees. well, that's about it. as we see some mid-50s in the forecast for us today, in the tri-valley 54 degrees, 56 in the south bay and 55 degrees in the east bay. north bay up to 54 degrees after such a cold morning. and we just got word that the spare of the air alert has been extended from today into tuesday
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as well as wednesday as our air quality stays low. no woodburning, even though these temperatures are cool. it means no fire pits or fireplaces will be burned, and also you want to make sure you take better care of our air quality. it will be unhealthy in the north bay. if you have breathing problems, try to limit your time outdoors. if you're wondering how we're doing as far as the rainfall has been for the year, it's been up to 17.5 inches in santa rosa. compare that to last year at this time with el nino. they had about 6 inches of rain, so we're doing much better than last year all across the board. in san jose we're right where we should be with close to 4 inches of rain. we go throughout the rest of the week with some dry weather, also some breezy winds. temperatures warming up. this next storm system moves in on friday. there will be another one in time for christmas day, so we'll keep you up to date on that. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit
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later. >> thank you, keri. coming up, the raiders doing something that has not been done in more than 10 years. they are now in the playoffs. next, the win that's making the raider nation very happy. going to new heights there. but first happening right now, the new movie "patriots day sna "which covers the boston marathon and its aftermath is facing some criticism. the film doesn't mention the death of officer simmons. officer simmons died a year after the bombing from a head injury he suffered during the explosion. plus, miriam webster announces its word to sum up 2016: surreal, meaning unbelievable orphan task. there were spikes of people looking up that word throughout the year. for more words to sum up 2016, check out the full story on our facebook page. we're back in two minutes. jails are still taking shape.
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today leaders will discuss the costs associated with those changes. the county's finance and the santa clara county jails are still taking shape, and today leaders will discuss the costs associated with those changes. the county's finance and government operations committee is going to meet and they're going to take a closer look at some of the changes now being recommended and the potential impact for taxpayers. the city of san francisco is expected to make a major announcement of the case against the actademy of art today. san francisco sued the for-profit art school for dozens of land use violations. one of the violations is unlawfully converting hundreds
11:28 am
of alleged housing units into student dorms. the university says it wants that matter resolved, but adds it's disappointed that in its opinion, the city attorney is acting as planning commission. the city attorney says the art school has bloomed into an art center. they almost forgot what this felt like, but they did not. the raiders doing this in style. they started off on the right foot. there's michael grabtree. he grabbed the touchdown. came down with both feet barely inside the end zone there. the three-point lead late. they would hold onto it by holding off the chargers offense here on a late drive. the raiders are now the number two seed in the afc. >> when a group of men come together, how we did and continued to stay the course and
11:29 am
everybody believes in us, we can do things like this. >> meantime, here's the play everybody was talking about from yesterday's action seen here on nbc sunday night football. that is ezekiel elliott. that is a kettle that is lifesize. why not jump, instead of into the stands, into a salvation army kettle instead? >> he was expecting that he was going to be fine, and he said if there is a fine, i will make a donation in that amount to the salvation army. but then nfl insider sources say he will not be fined. hopefully ezekiel will still make the donation, anyway. >> he'll probably still make the donation. >> i think he could fill that bucket. it's official. the electoral college is meeting across the country. protests also popping up. we'll take a look at the last-ditch stand to stop donald trump from becoming president.
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as the nation's 45th president today. although hillary clinton won the pul a big day in politics. the electoral college is poise to do officially pick donald trump as its 45th president later today. however, hillary clinton won the popular vote by almost 300 votes, trump is posed to win by 636 electoral college votes. >> anti-trump forces are still trying one last time to deny him the white house. let's take a look at the electors in colorado. they are voting right now. we have more on this whole fight. >> reporter: today the last last-ditch attempt to try to reverse the election of donald trump. protesters plan to persuade elect to electors not to place votes for donald trump.
11:33 am
37 would need to flip to stop trump temporarily as he tweets, quote, if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned and called terrible names. it's a hail mary even with star-studded support from one famous fictional president. >> our founding fathers built the electoral college to safeguard the people from a demigod. >> reporter: some fear russian influence in the election is reason enough for electors to defect. >> i want the information to be out there so the public and ele electors know who is involved and protect the integrity of the united states of america. >> hillary clinton's former campaign chairman, john p erode. >> the americans have a right to know what it's all about.
11:34 am
>> ethe electors are trying to use the hacking incident to change the election results. i think it's unfortunate and that undermines any other conversation we're having right now. the chief of staff flatly denying any connection between the election and team trump. >> of course we didn't interface with the russians. this whole thing is a spin job. >> reporter: trump now at his mar-a-lago property for the holidays, but not before a final stop on his thank you tour in alabama. silent so far on this week's edition of "saturday night live" spoofing today's electoral effort. kate mckinnon reprizing her role as hillary clinton, alec baldwin reprizing his as donald trump. >> we are so happy you will become the president. >> thank you. >> we think you are the smartest candidate. >> no doubt. >> the merchurian candidate.
11:35 am
>> i don't know what that is, but it sounds marvelous. >> this was town hall as people protested the election of donald trump. some held signs denouncing donald trump and the so-called out right movement. a similar movement happened yesterday in los angeles. they are trying to make sure people are treated with respect. >> he said he's going to start rounding people up and deporting them. that would be a civil rights violation. i'm here to make sure that the public knows that the naacp is here, we're involved. >> organizers and speakers at both events said that they are very concerned by the plans of president-elect donald trump. a woman is killed in the east bay, now there is a man who is facing homicide charges as a result. police say somebody reported
11:36 am
suspicious activity at a house on myrtle wood court in vallejo. this is late saturday night. when police arrived, they found the body of a 35-year-old woman inside that home. police say she had been shot. it did not take long for police to catch the suspect. ishmael zino seen here. details of his relationship with the victim, if any, have not been released. police have not identified a woman killed yesterday morning in an east bay fire. it happened right near castro valley elementary school. neighbors tried to save that woman. they even tried to hose down the house before firefighters arrived. the fire house is less than a block away. >> the flames had to be 30 feet in the air. >> well, firefighters have not determined what caused that fire. flames engulfed an apartment complex in east palo alto. 60 residents had to evacuate yesterday.
11:37 am
firefighters say this wcaused about $5,000 in damage and was started by an electrical malfunction in the clothes dryer. nobody was hurt. everyone eventually did get to go back home. chris, this is a great event that will live up to its name. santa clara theme park tonight getting into a holiday spirit. the park will be offering a free night of fun to bay area's boys and girls clubs, aptly named winter fest. and it feels like winter. they will hop on 20 amusement park rides all night long. they will also enjoy a special holiday meal and that event gets underway at 5:00 tonight. >> i love a roller coaster, but going fast through the cold air does not sound like fun. what a lucky day for boys and girls in oakland yesterday. >> green signed autographs.
11:38 am
he was bearing gifts. two pairs of basketball shoes for every child in attendance. >> you're always thankful for a giveaway, for somebody to invite you to something like this and bright ning yoening your day. >> draymond green was on his own embodying the spirit, but the warriors also had a great weekend. >> the warriors announced $100,000 in donations to bay area schools. travel tips you need before heading to your holiday destinations. don't let your current company stop you from switching over your car insurance. >> you don't have to wait for your car insurance to expire to switch around. you can switch carriers
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so many of us hitting the road this week...and it can get
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you may have a lot of friends you want to see this week. that's the good news. the bad news is this becomes one of the busiest travel weeks of the entire year. it can get expensive. you've got the hotel, maybe the airline fees. sometimes they lose your bag. hopefully not that. >> nbc's jeff ross has some travel hacks before you go out and spend money. >> reporter: it's the holidays and we're out of here. one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. the hassles are endless, but now these three hacks to save you time and money. let's start the way most of us start our trip, sitting in our living rooms on our couch planning it on a computer. there is a really cool app you can download right now and this is the logo right here. it's called hotel tonight, and you can get great cut-rate deals across the country, including luxury hotels, as long as your trip is within the next week. this is the official website for
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the hollywood roosevelt hotel. the cheapest room they have available tonight is for $305.15. but here on the hotel tonight app, i can get a room in that same hotel for just $219, an $86 savings for doing nothing but downloading the app. and the savings only get bigger. check out the langham hotel in boston. on the hotel site, the cheapest room is 289. but the app finder is just 145. this hotel, the cheapest room is 379. on the app, just $171. now it's time to get packing. but is my luggage too heavy? those overweight bag fees can cost you a fortune. now you can realize how heavy your bag is before you even leave for the airport. you clip it right onto your luggage just like that, then you
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pick it up like this and just hover it above the ground and wait for the beep. there it is. 50 pounds, right on the money. all right. but we need to know if it's accurate. that is heavy. so i'm lugging my heavy bag right to the authority. this is armando from the new york city department of public affairs. you're the guys who do this. >> that's what we do. >> this is your official scale right there. >> this is our scale to weigh things and you can load the bag right on. lug that on. there it is. here's the official readout. 50 pounds right on the nose. okay, now you're ready to check your bag in at the airport. but what if the airline loses it? this device called the lug lock can tell if your luggage never left or ends up at a different airport in a different city. okay, let's give this a shot. this is my producer lindsay and
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you're going on a trip. >> i'm going to chicago. >> this is your bag right here. >> my big purple bag. >> it is a big purple bag. this is the lug lock. you can see it's pretty small, pretty thin, too. smaller than the size of a phone. just stick it in your luggage. >> and it pairs with my phone, so if my luggage gets lost, i'll know where it's at. >> you're going on another trip. >> i'm head to do d.c. >> technically when you get to chicago and your bag is not there, you should know where it is. >> it should tell me right on the app. >> let's see. safe travels. and they're off, traveling hundreds of miles away from each other. >> made it to d.c. >> just touched down in chicago. i'm here at baggage claim and obviously i know my big purple bag isn't coming. the question is, does the app know where it is? i'm calling up the app right here, pulling up a map and look at that. there it is, right at the d.c. airport. >> the app is right. >> lindsay's bag is here in d.c.
11:46 am
here with me. >> reporter: simple apps to save you time, money and headaches. >> i like that last one. links to the devices and the prices on the today show website, right now you can find that at >> you have to clear your head sometimes during these very, very frustrating travel days. it is very clear outside right now. that's the good part. >> yeah, and you probably don't want to leave when you look at the temperatures elsewhere, right? have everyone come here to visit. here's a live look outside in oakland. as we get that sunshine, we are finally getting a little bit milder outside. it was such a cold morning. and walnut creek now 48 degrees looking toward mt. diablo, all that sunshine helping to warm things up. at mt. tam, beautiful scenery there, 46 degrees. it's still cool, but at least it's not raining or snowing.
11:47 am
that's what we see happening across much of the pacific northwest along the coastline. this will dry out before it makes it to the bay area, and we will see our temperatures warming up as the weather stays mainly dry. 46 degrees in san jose, 50 in morgan hill. that's where we had some upper 20s this morning and it's rebounding quite nicely with, once again, all of that sunshine. this is what i'm talking about. you don't want to really leave because it's one of the warmest spots we have all across the country. for the northeast in boston, it's 24. that's in the middle of the day. 28 degrees in new york city and some teens for chicago, detroit and minneapolis. they've had some bitterly cold weather there. it looks like it does start to get a little bit warmer over the next few days. here we're looking at some mid-50s today. in san francisco 54 degrees, 55 in napa. we've extended the spare of the air alert because of some very unhealthy air quality, especially for the north bay. just got word that it's been
11:48 am
extended into tuesday as well as wednesday, and that means no woodburning for anyone, especially as we try to stay warm in this cold weather. over the next few days, mostly sunny skies. once again, warming temperatures. our next chance of rain not in the forecast until friday. on saturday it looks like there will be a little bit of a break before the next storm system moves in, and that will happen on christmas day, so a couple of storms moving in by the end of this week. winter officially begins this wednesday, and it will be the warmest day in the forecast. up to 59 degrees in san francisco. for the inland areas, low 60s. it will not at all feel like winter. actually above average. and the rest of the week will be right about where we should be for this time in december. looks like a great forecast. we'll get the rain by the end of the week. once again, we'll be needing it by then. sam and chris? >> we look forward to that. thank you very much, karen. a hollywood icon passes. the legendary zsa zsa gabor died
11:49 am
leaving behind a lot of memories. a look at her life, next. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day?
11:50 am
my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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another legend today. zsa zsa gabor passed away over the weekend at the age of 99. ==sam//2 shot== the hungarian born actress had a prolific career in film and that mirrored her real life off stage. nbc's miguel almaguer has more on the life of zsa zsa zoosa zsa gabor passed away over the weekend at the age of 99 years. >> miguel has more on the life of zsa zsa gabor. >> reporter: no one could say it like zsa zsa gabor. that unforgettable accent, her string of husbands and jewels and that wind. >> marriage should be 50-50 proposition. he should be at least 50 years old and have at least $50
11:52 am
million. >> reporter: late sunday, zsa zsa's long-time husband princeton van alt wrote, she had a heart attack in her house. i am grateful she died with no pain. her film career began with "lovely to look at" in 1952 accide, followed that same year by perhaps her most famous film "moulin rouge." she appeared in over 40 television shows, from everything from horror films to comedy. born sari gabor in budapest, hungary in 1914, zsa zsa was the sibling of three beautiful sisters. her mother wanted them to marry kings. zsa zsa didn't marry a king but
11:53 am
she did go to the altar five times. she made headlines for legal trouble. in 1959, she was convicted of slapping a beverly hills police officer at a traffic stop and spent three days in jail. overnight, friends and fans remembered the actress, larry king tweeting, there will only be one zsa zsa gabor. and actress joan collins writing, sorry to hear that zsa zsa gabor has died. she was such fun. even miley cyrus instagramed, what a long and beautiful life. i have been beyond inspired by your style and grace. in recent years, medical problems plagued the actress, but the star known simply as zsa zsa bfs always hollywood royalty. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. >> she changed very little, right? >> yes, she aged very beautifully through the marriages, the movies and the sayings. that's the best part about
11:54 am
reading about her life. we'll be right back. been working non-stop to
11:55 am
11:56 am
complete four figures of sculptors at london's madam tru sr trusseau artists are working non-stop to create some
11:57 am
sculptures before president-elect trump becomes president. he is going to be the first american president to already have a wax figure since he did a sitting version for the museum almost 20 years ago. >> yeah, the hair is not right. >> moore of a poof. like the cold weather swooshing in these days. >> bundle up out there. it's still cool, tri-valley 54 degrees. lots of sunshine. 54 in the north bay and san francisco. not too bad considering it's been very chilly lately. it will be warming up over the next couple of days. wednesday the first day of winter, and it will be the warmest day this week. >> sounds about right, all things considered. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> you can get additional information on
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ joy to the world the lord has come let earth receive her king ♪ ♪ let every heart prepare him room and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ and heaven and nature sing ♪ and heaven and heaven and nature sing ♪ ♪ and heaven and heaven and nature ♪ >> yes, that's one way to start our week. oh! [ applause ] >> yes. >> is there more?


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