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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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we are in a microclimate weather alert. we will have times of heavy rain, strong winds and potential of lightning as well. as we look at the radar, we see very intensive rainfall moving in. that will continue off and on all day. i'll have a look at the impact coming up. pete surratt totes in tatos.
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as we head over the golden gate bridge, we'll have live updates coming up. >> breaking news from overseas, suspect killed. italian police confront the man wanted for the massacre in germany after days on the run. the reason the intense search ended with gunfire. "today in the bay" starts right now. we start right now with a live look at the radar this morning. as you see, there are pockets of yellow and orange and a quick moving system that was hanging off the coast. now it is moving inland. we'll have live reports for you. three different reporters out, one in the north bay, one in the peninsula, one in pacifica every half hour. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. to give you a look at what's going on, that radar shows it as well. >> really heavy, especially compared to when it initially moved in. this is more of a quick, heavy rainfall. there will be breaks in between
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allowing for some of the rain to soak into the ground. still the potential of flooding as it quickly moves through. that will be a couple of batches. if you try to make plans, there will be a few more breaks early afternoon. gusts might reach 25 to 35 miles an hour. rainfall totals up to an inch in some spots. maybe a little more where some of the heavy rainfall moves over the same spot over and over again. lightning will be possible this afternoon. by early tomorrow morning, there could be snow on mt. hamilton and the summit at highway 17. i'll talk about this and a look ahead to the holiday weekend coming up. as the rain moves in, crashes reported. >> we can track it on the chp report. despite the light volume of traffic, we do have the conditions. all the blue moving over the peninsula. blue means ponding likely, conditions where spinouts are very possible. over on the east bay, we had a crash reported southbound 880. i told you about it last report.
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it's also moved quickly to the shoulder. chp on edge and easily moved things to the shoulder. eastbound 80 toward the carquinez bridge, a report of a crash at willow that's moved off the roadway. slowing that can pass by highway 4. westbound towards the bay bridge toll plaza, a live look out there. we'll show you the toll plaza itself. rain really starting to kick in. you can see it coming down on the shot. definitely puddling on the toll plaza. we'll track this with a light commute so far. >> all right. thank you very much. that's one bridge. here is another. pete suratos just crossed the golden gate bridge this morning. he starts our team coverage this morning of our reporters out there on the roads. it has been coming down for quite some time, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. yes, it has been coming down for quite some time. listening to the newscast, kari mentioning an inch an hour in the north bay area. we're really seeing the rain come down. we left the north bay and just  crossed the golden gate bridge
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where you've seen a steady rain coming down, since about 3:30 a.m. we bounced around and just went over the bridge. this will be a good time to make sure those windshield wipers are working. you'll need it during this morning commute. some of the areas -- we'll circle back and get back to the area on the other side, but the flooding areas, lucky drive and shoreline highway in the north bay which really starts to flood. when the flooding picks up, you'll start to see caltrans placing down the cones to make sure drivers avoid that area. we'll check that out. right now we're driving through the city limit of sausalito where you're seeing the rain come down. we'll keep giving you this bird's-eye view of what the drive will look like. we'll continue to monitor the conditions and give you updates as we go. back to you in the newsroom. >> that's pete suratos in san francisco. let's go to downtown redwood city and check in with "today in
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the bay's" kris sanchez who does have the rain gear on. how is it looking? good morning. >> reporter: i tried to stay under that overhang at the hiller museum, aviation museum, we got booted -- actually we didn't get booted, we wanted to follow the storm. the raindrops very big, very juicy. you can see it's falling a little faster now. kari mentioned the difference between the last storm and this storm. this storm being a much faster storm. the raindrops are actually different. last time we saw a lot of misty, swirly kind of rain, very light, but constant. these are very big drops here. we have been following that radar. we didn't see too much rain in san carlos. we did see some breezy conditions. i saw a flag kind of waving around. here in redwood city we are feeling the breeze. it is feeling a little cold this morning. we've also seen folks driving a little too fast for the conditions. make sure you give yourself enough time to get where you're
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going. or just decide to be late because it's better to get there than not get there. give yourself proper following distances as well. we're going to head to palo alto, unless we see a bigger patch of rain, we'll stop before we get there. we're tracking the radar. it looks like it's going to keep us pretty busy. this morning we're following the blob. kari might have a more meteorological term for it. that's what we're calling it. in redwood city, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> good to break it down for the layperson. thank you very much. appreciate that. our free nbc bay area app is a great way to track the weather conditions in your neighborhood as obviously things are changing very quickly this morning. you can use your live doppler radar to get a detailed forecast for your community. now to a story we've been following as breaking news and new developments in the last couple minutes. passengers have started to disembark from a hijacked libyan aircraft in malta.
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officials say two hijackers want to keep the pilot and the crew. this all started a few hours ago when those hijackers diverted a state-run commercial plane to the island of malta, tlet ening to blow it up with hand grenades. they already landed the plane and there are threats of using grenades to blow up that plane. these are live pictures from malta international airport. all flights intimal that international have been diverted. officials san jose that flight was originally heading to trimly. this was an internal flight from southwest libya to tripoli. we'll continue to follow this breaking story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> more breaking news this morning. the international manhunt for the suspect in the deadly berlin rampage is over. early this morning authorities shot and killed 24-year-old anis amri. italy's interior minister says it started with a routine security check in milan when police at a train station asked
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for amri's paperers. that's when he pulled out a handgun and managed to shoot one police officer before being killed. that officer was hit in the shoulder and is expected to survive. authorities are looking into amri's ties to isis. san leandro police say charges will likely not be filed against a man who managed to turn the tables on his attacker and kill him. this happened early yesterday morning. police say the suspect pulled a knife on another man in an attempt to rob him. the would-be victim fought back, managed to get ahold of the weapon, stabbed the attacker and killed the man. the popular holiday toy drive getting under way. >> in about two hours, the lefty oh dowel's last minute tool drive kicks off. it runs through tomorrow night. the popular sports bar near union square. they try to collect about 10,000 toys. long-time organizer and media
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representative lee housekeeper says this year's toy drive will be his last. he wants to spend more precious time with the grandkids. >> such a giver. so nice. let's take a live look outside, maybe give somebody an umbrella this morning or a rain coat when you head out the door. live look in the north bay. we have a microclimate weather alert. kari has been warning us about the storm all week. >> this is a busy travel day, laura. a lot of people taking to the roadways and lls jumping on a flight to head somewhere else. we see some very heavy rainfall. this may cause flight delays. make sure you call ahead. bright red ts and yellows here on the radar. that once again indicates we are seeing some very heavy rain. it started to ease up in the north bay from santa rosa, petaluma, light rain. you go over toward napa. it's still fairly steady downpour and heading to the east bay now for pittsburgh, over to
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concord and down towards tassajara, it is very heavy. richmond to oakland, rainfall coming down at quite a bit of a pace, about .6 inch per hour. sausalito also getting in on very heavy rain, san leandro down to hayward roads are very wet. when the rainfall comes down this heavy, over an inch per hour in parts of the south city down to the peninsula and also palo alto, we will see some problems out there on the roadways. down to morgan hill in gilroy, much lighter rain, but there's heavier rain moving out of the santa cruz mountains that will be making it rain a little harder there within the next few minutes. we'll continue to keep a close eye on the radar and tracking this. also the potential of lightning as we go into this afternoon and this evening. the hour-by-hour outlook once again showing the bright reds and yellows there, very intense rainfall. winds not as strong as last week with that storm system.
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we'll keep an eye on that as well. now as we head over to mike, a crash on the bay bridge. >> no wind advisory, a little calmer than last week. wet roadways for sure. blue ponding and puddling likely, continuing to move east and down the peninsula into the south bay with wet roads, and over at the bay bridge we have reports of a crash westbound 80. you see the slowing changed from yellow to orange. slower speeds approaching treasure island. that's where the two left lanes are reported blocked. we'll see if the lights are slowing around the bend. they appear to solano atop the line. somewhere along this stretch, a crash reported blocking your left two lanes. the treasure island off-ramp is to the right. >> as we zoom out, also that rain coming in. we just got a report, chp says they got a call of flooding 580 at 27. >> gives you a good idea of the change in conditions out there. we have our weather wall up.
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i took a peek -- i should say the radar on our weather wall. the orange pocket of rain coming over san francisco. that is where pete suratos is heading at this moment. there you see it for yourself. we have reporters in pacifica, vianey arana as well as kris sanchez in redwood city. live reports from all of them coming up momentarily. saying president elect donald
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trump confimred a new arms rac coming up on 5:15 on your
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friday morning. some people say president-elect donald trump has confirmed a new arms race, responding to a speech by russian president vladimir putin. >> nbc's news correspondent edward lawrence joins us to explain. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. big day for donald trump. instead of talking to reporters about his plans for foreign policy or other mat terts and taking questions, the president-elect went to twitter. from a new arms race to corporate competition, president-elect donald trump used to twitter to start a lot of people talking. mr. trump chimed in on foreign policy saying the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability. >> this tweet may have started a new nuclear arms race. >> not trying to change a policy through twitter. other people are nuclear capable, that's not abating, not like we're going to tell them
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please stop doing that because we said so. he wants him to be prepared. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin said his strategy will be to strengthen nuclear strategies. the state department disagrees adding president obama viewed the reduction in nuclear weapons as a path towards peace. >> nobody has walk away from the fact that you need a credible deterrent for the united states including a credible nuclear deterrent. >> reporter: mr. trump called out lockheed martin stating because of the cost, he asked boeing to price-out a comparable f 18 super whornet. the tweet caused the company to lose $1.2 billion in market value in after-hours trading. >> going back to a nuclear arms race, donald trump told msnbc this morning that, if it is a
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nuclear arms race, he said let it be a race. he went on to say the u.s. could outpace anybody if they wanted to. live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> thank you very much, edward. let's turn to business news. amazon has a message for procrastinators. this is positive. >> it could help you out. are you considering apple's latest macbook pro as a present? let's check in with seema mody live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning. let's start with the markets. wall street will try to head into the holiday market on a positive note. they did fall for a second straight day yesterday. the dow has not had back-to-back losses since before the election. still on pace for its first seven-week winning streak since 2014. today it's all about home sales and consumer sentiment. the nasdaq slipping by 24 points in yesterday's trading. consumer reports says it can't recommend the latest macbook
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pro. it's the first time the magazine has withheld a recommendation on an apple laptop. it says it tested three different models and the battery life varied widely even from test to test on the same computer. amazon says procrastinate all you want. it's extending the deadlines the orders with prime. you have until 9:45 on christmas eve to ensure delivery by midnight on christmas day. >> just in time to give that gift. >> cutting it a little tight. back to our top story of the day here in the bay area, our microclimate weather alert, already raining in the north bay. pete suratos is up in corda madera this morning, traveling through the bay area. >> pete will bring us a live report in just a few minutes. from the north now, south to the city and down to the peninsula, we're seeing rain all over the bay area map.
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>> pretty good coverage this morning. going to be hard to avoid it as you go out for your drive this morning. also, if you're planning on traveling, getting on an airplane, we'll make sure you call ahead. we have quite a bit going on as far as the weather. a live look outside at oakland. looks like a fairly slow go. you need to take it slow because the roads are wet. windshield wipers all the way up on high. there may be puddles on the roadway. here is a look at the golden gate bridge as the drivers come down from the north bay and looking at some rain that continues to fall also in the south bay, just starting to get going here, but there will be some heavier rain moving through. looking at the bigger picture, some widespread heavy rain targeting the bay area. is what we will see off and on through out the day. there will be some breaks. we're seeing a little break now around santa rosa. you go toward napa, still fairly heavy rain falling at this point and extending down to concord and also san ramon.
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bright reds there, also around muraga. you go over around the bay bridge and rainfall is about .6 inch per hour. when you see it coming down that hard, it makes the visibility low. once again, standing water on the roadways. from oakland to dublin, san ramon and hayward, bright reds there on the radar and rainfall rates in the peninsula at over an inch per hour. we will see this lasting for more than an hour. there's the potential of flooding as well. the ground is already wet. it's a little lighter going down the peninsula, from palo alto down to san jose, morgan hill seeing also lighter rain. we will see this off and on all day long, and once this wraps up, we will have some very cold air moving in right behind this, over toward half moon bay and extending toward south san francisco, bright reds on the map there. as we go into the rest of the day, expecting some rain off and on. once again, there will be breaks
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here as we go into the futurecast for later this evening, and by early tomorrow morning, all of this wrapping up. now, as we head over to forecaster vianey arana, she's showing us what conditions are like in pacifica. >> reporter: kari, the rain is really coming down here. you can see it all around me. the real big concern here is going to be these tall waves. these waves are really crashing. they're coming up actually on the road. we're seeing waves from eight to 12 feet. these could get even higher as the day and the storm moves on. we're seeing winds starting to pick up. i had my odd mom ter and i dropped it. it's going out a little bit on me. let's pop up the futurecast wind graphic so we can take a look at what we're expecting in terms of the winds. we are expecting the winds to kick up from 20 to 30, 35 knots per hour as we head into a later portion of the day. we're expecting the possibility of thunderstorms in the area.
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we'll keep a close eye on the waves as they get taller. we'll keep a look out for coastal erosion. we'll have a look ahead in terms of what you can expect in rain totals. i'll send things back to you. >> i that say never turn your back on those waves. >> clearly not. thank you very much vianey. saving the holiday for a family who thought they lost everything. >> i'm happy. it makes my heart happy. i am happy. >> you can see it was an emotional surprise for an east bay family. ic
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well come back. 5:25 friday morning. a reporter out there at blue canyon. brian hickey usually does our live reports out there. we'll check in with him momentarily. look at it coming down. the snow really falling. pretty decorated tree. take the chains if you're headed to tahoe this weekend. >> we're following breaking news this morning. these are live images coming from the malta international airport. that's a bus that you're looking at right now. more importantly, as you see, officials there and first responders trying to help people who have been disembarking from a hijacked plane. we have been watching and listening to reports of passengers disembarking from a plane that landed at the malta
5:26 am
international airport after it was taken over by two hijackers who are now saying they still want to keep the pilot and possibly the crew. there were 118 people in total on board that plane. it was an internal flight in libya that was hijacked and taken to the malta international airport. all this starting a couple hours ago. it was a state-run commercial plane heading to tripoli when it was taken over. those two hijackers threatened to blow up the plane with grenades. this is a live picture from malta international airport. we are waiting for more information. we have not gotten visual confirmation yet of the passengers safely moving from the plane to that bus. but reportedly, we are hearing news that many of them have been able to disembark. we're going to continue to follow this breaking story and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> an east bay family who lost everything in an apartment fire earlier this year is getting much-needed holiday help. >> it was so nice. volunteers spent the day setting up a new home for a single
5:27 am
mother and her 10-year-old son who were trying to get back on their feet. while the mom was at work and the sun gone yesterday, volunteers furnished their empty home with everything they need for a very happy holiday. when the pair returned home, they got the surprise of a lifetime. >> i'm beyond surprised, beyond surprised. i don't know what to say. i'm shocked. i can't even put the words together right. >> i'm happy she's happy and seeing her son happy, it makes my heart happy. i'm happy. >> that makes us all happy. what a wonderful thing to do. the 10-year-old boy, his birthday is actually christmas day. now he has a bed, a room full of clothes and toys. he and his mother says the holiday house warming they certainly won't forget. they lost their father years ago. it was a really nice surprise for them. having to endure a fire, and
5:28 am
let alone over the holidays. becoming a happy story. the rain is coming down across the bay area. take a look at the radar, the red, orange, yellow colors there shows where it's most intense. we have crews across the bay area covering this for you. if you should be traveling today or heading out the door. stay with nbc bay area for the latest. 5:28 right now. --tracking the storm moving in
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-- live pi from our oakland camera
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==sam//radar in wx wall== a live look at the radar. live pictures tr morning from our oakland camera. a lot of people heading out of town on this holiday weekend as we approach it. we're in a microclimate weather alert. we'll have more coming up. san francisco getting rain, the peninsula raining for a little while. we have crews tracking the latest. we'll have their live reports every half hour. good morning and thank you for joining us on this busy friday. i'm sam. [. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you take a look at the radar. you really see it coming down. >> it's coming down fast and heavy in parts of the bay area with rainfall rates over an inch per hour in some spots. as we see that rain coming down, we will also have the potential of flooding. windshield wipers up on high trying to see through this rain
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that's creating low visibility in spots. you see the bright reds and the yellows there. that indicates some very intense downpours. it will continue, even though some spots like santa rosa taking a bit of a breakdown to petaluma. it will get heavier as you drive down through novato. you see heavy rain. also the bright reds picking up in concord and tassajara and san ramon. that's where we have the heaviest rain moving through the central parts of the bay area. this will continue off and on as we go through not only the morning, but this evening as well. so it looks like a very soggy day. a dangerous for travel, and we have also had a couple of crashes reported. let's head over to mike for an update on that. >> light volume of traffic around the bay. we had crashes in oakland affecting drivers through the area. that blue continuing to show the ponding and puddling. the roads in the south bay also getting wet. not slowing a who lot. we have slowing 16th southbound
5:33 am
at 880. the crash moved quickly to the shoulder. more slowing toward high street. we've machine you the camera a couple seconds ago. we have a crash at the oakland coliseum, it did clear after a quick traffic break. the bay bridge clearing from treasure island. better recovery around the incline. because the traffic is light, it didn't cause any backup at the toll plaza. the rain coming down hard across the area. the rain, the conditions are the factors you watch there. not the 1r08 yvolume of traffic will have to alter your speed. we have ikea, home depot, we know the roadways are wet down here. we can't quite see it on the cameras, but it affects your drive. >> sometimes shopping centers are landmarks in the bay area. up in corda madeira, that's where pete suratos is.
5:34 am
it's really been coming down. >> reporter: yes, that is right. good morning to you. we're in live drive. we'll be approaching the lucky drive in the corda madeira area that's prone to flooding. not seeing too much even though you've seen the steady rain power. there's lucky drive as we exit here. right now we're seeing some ponding a little bit, but not too bad. this rain continues to come down. here goes a pretty big -- there you go. it's starting to pick up, guys. of course, with the rain coming down, you want to drive cautiously, slow down at your different speeds. it looks like this is starting to pick up with this downpour coming down in the north bay. we checked out the park and ride onshore line highway. it looked fine not too long ago. as the rain continues to come
5:35 am
down, we'll continue to track it. right now we're leaving in area, we're going to go on the richmond bridge where we're hearing that the rain is moving into that area. so our next report at 6:00 a.m. we'll show you how it is looking in that area. if you're driving in the north bay, the rain is still coming down. it it is on the look like it's letting up any time soon. we'll send it back to you in the newsroom. >> looks like the rain is coming down. >> we saw the rain kicking up. let's go to downtown palo alto and check in with "today in the bay's" kris sanchez. we saw only of the water on the roadways. what are you seeing downtown? >> reporter: we definitely have seen water on the roadways, on the highways, 101 from redwood city where we were a half hour ago. now we're in downtown palo alto. there's ponding on the surface streets here. you can see the rain coming down
5:36 am
pretty steadily. my cameraman alan put up a camera so you can see the raindrops. not a lot of breezy conditions out here at this point. we have seen breezy conditions in other other sports. our first stop was hill ler aviation museum. we saw breeziness there. our crew will be keeping an eye out. hoping to minimize the impact of the rain and minimize the flooding on the roadways. you have to do what you can do as well. make sure you're driving slow enough for the conditions. the speed limit is for perfect conditions. these are not perfect conditions at all. by the way, if you do hit a skid, you want to steer into that skid. if you're going to tahoe and you have chains, make sure you practice and are ready to have those. make sure to keep things in your car in case you get stranded. i have a blanket inside my computer bag.
5:37 am
always keep a granola bar at the bottom of my bag. you might want to do the same thing. downtown palo alto, we'll be heading south. what do you think? mountain view next? >> be careful out there, folks. we'll be see you back in a half hour. >> stay safe, stay warm, kris. our free nbc bay area app is a great way to track the weather conditions in your neighborhood. use our live doppler radar for a detailed forecast for your community. breaking news at 5:37. the international manhunt for the suspect in the deadly berlin truck rampage is over. early this morning, authorities in italy shot and killed 24-year-old anis amri. italy's interior minister says it started when police in a train station asked for amri's papers. that's when he reportedly pulled out a handgun and managed to shoot one place officer before being killed. that officer was hit in the shoulder but is expected to survive. authorities are looking into
5:38 am
amri's ties to isis. it's 5:38 on your friday morning. felony sexual assault charges have now been filed against a 15-year-old de la salle high school football player three weeks after he was initially arrested and released. concord police say that case is going to be referred to the juvenile court system. the student is not being identified. investigators say the assault happened on november 18th after a football game. the victim goes to nearby carondelet high school. a former de la salle student says both campuses have been swept up in this. >> i would just kind of hope his teammates would kind of hold him accountable for that, that there are things that students do that their classmates have to kind of look and see that they -- make sure they don't see anyone else going down that track. >> as for why we're hearing about charges now several weeks after the incident, police say they initially arrested the suspect about a week after the report was filed.
5:39 am
prosecutors say they needed more time to investigate and he was released. 5:38 right now. a woman in the warriors knew as their oldest fan has passed away. helen brooks was better known as sweetie. she lived to be 107 years old and only recently started getting national attention for her love of the warriors. her family says she died in a senior care facility yesterday morning surrounded by so many friends. good morning, we're in a fle microclimate weather alert. there will be rain all day long and the winds will be gusting u especially later this afternoon, up to 25 to 35 miles an hour. rainfall totals may reach up to an inch for most spots across the bay area. later today also lightning will be possible as we're seeing a little more energy with these storms. the cold air moving in behind
5:40 am
this, may see snow flurries on mt. hamilton. and the summit at highway 17, we'll be watching that early tomorrow morning for a chance of a wintery mix. this rain continues to move in. we see it's quite heavy as it continues to move right into the middle of the bay area. the south bay also getting in on rain as the roads are just starting to get wet there. also down toward morgan hill and gilroy, the roads may be wet. it's caused quite a few problems. let's head to mike to see what's happening as you move out. >> the volume of traffic is not the major issue. the conditions demachbd you slow down. a lot of o caution. north of the dumbarton bridge, the worst of the bay. the rain continues to move south. everybody getting at least damp or wet roadways. spinouts reported. those cleared relatively quickly. this crash south 880 at high street, although the slowing has cleared a bit, let's look at the live camera. i did check in. there were flashing lights up until about 30 seconds ago
5:41 am
blocking the fast lane. they cleared off the shoulder behind the trees. we're getting recovery right now. lighter traffic flow should aid that heading away from the bay bridge toward the san mateo bridge. if you're heading toward the bay bridge, let me show you what it's like for the travel time. a nice easy flow of traffic. get out there. typical time. you get to work or your destination early, safely, enjoy a cup of coffee. along the peninsula, we're showing bad conditions for the roadways and visibility. we'll show you the san mateo bridge where we can see soupy conditions corporate across 92. there may be an issue eastbound. i'll track it. our weather coverage continues throughout the morning. first of all, a fight over police policy. the reason police officers say they may fear for their lives after the commission approves a new use of force policy. >> reporter: we're live in pacifica where i'm tracking tall waves plus an hour by hour outlook at the wends you can expect coming up about 5:48.
5:42 am
when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert, we've made it easy for you to get the information on your smart phone. click on the bar that says weather alerts and you'll get the information you need to know. i'm jeff ranieri. that's how i don't stay informed with the nbc bay area app. - hi, it's me. [imitates fanfare]
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kari weather tease . good friday morning. we're in a microclimate weather alert. the time is 5:45 as we track very heavy rain moving through the middle of the bay area from san francisco toward concord and now moving into san jose, and the rainfall totals in the north bay have reached over .50 inch. there will be a lot more on the way. rain here means snow in the sierra with the possibility of over a foot of snow. more on this and the timeline of the rain moving up. we've shown you the conditions, real and radar. here are the travel times. those look great. do not be fooled. allow yourself more than your typical amount of time. those conditions will demand that you slow down. here in the tri-valley, no problems out of the altamont pass. be careful on the surface streets as well. >> be careful if you're headed to tahoe this weekend. this is what you will encounter. live pictures from blue canyon just off 80 as you head to the
5:46 am
sierra. up to two feet of snow this weekend. live report from brian hickey out in the thick of it this morning coming up in our next hour. 5:46 right now. tense moments on a flight headed to san francisco that got two men kicked off the plane. it started when a passenger told ivanka trump, quote, the trump family is ruining the country. dan goldstein and matthew lasner were put on another flight right after that and eventually made it to sfo where tmz cameras were waiting for them. the couple had no comments about being escorted off a jetblue fight at jfk after goldstein confronted trump. lasner tweeted out that picture. he was also tweeting out about seeing the couple at jfk and wanting to confront them. some passengers say removing the men from the flight was the right call. >> as soon as he saw her he started shaking. if i was security, i wouldn't take a chance either. >> trump and her family did
5:47 am
remain on board that flight. they landed at sfo and boarded a private jet to ha wu'. a legal maneuver is in the works to block the police commission's use of force policy for the sfpd. wednesd as we told you on wednesday, the commission strengthened its language against shooting at moving vehicles except under extreme circumstances like the terror attacks with cars in europe. yesterday we learned the san francisco police officers association filed a lawsuit to block the city from putting the policy in place. they say officers won't know how to react when faced with someone who fights back. >> if you're going to remove it, you need to replace it with another less lethal. they didn't do that. >> we're looking at other less lethal options, whether they be stun guns, tasers or anything to put in its place. >> the police officers association says it wants an alternative like stun guns. >> a live look right now in the
5:48 am
north bay. that's san rafael and the s curve where a lot of drivers are waking up this morning and finding very wet roads out there in front of them. our pete suratos who actually was in court in madera 15, 20 minutes ago. we watched him jump onto the richmond-san rafael bridge. he's now approaching the maze in berkeley. we'll have a live report coming up. >> it gives a good background of where the storm is heading and how thick it is. we're experiencing a lot of ponding out there, a lot of spinouts and whatnot. be careful. >> also seeing waves. going to be a long day. >> it is going to be a long, wet day with rain moving through at times. there will be breaks in between. there will be more rounds moving in as we go into this afternoon and evening. you see it's a slow go as you head across the san mateo bridge. the roads are wet, windshield wipers are on. a live look outside san jose where the rain more reisn'tly
5:49 am
got falling. it is not yet creating any standing water. that will definitely be a possibility as we go throughout the day. looking now at bright reds here on the map, showing very intense rain. we're starting to also pick up on some yellows here indicating heavy rain moving out of los gatos and over toward morgan hill, light showers falling at this point. and then as you go up 101, some rain at times that may be heavy. the rainfall rates anywhere from a half inch to an inch and a quarter falling per hour. so some very intense rain creating low visibility heading up through san francisco, even coverage of heavy rain through sausalito, over toward la vay oh. we also have heavy rain. as you go through the east bay, it's pretty much coming down for all of us all across the bay area as we go all around the map here. we see that rain even going through the tri-valley. some heavy rain toward livermore at this point.
5:50 am
going hour-by-hour throughout the rest of the day, still some rain throughout the morning commute, and then we start to see more breaks here. but once again, the rain won't be over. there will be some more rounds of rain moving through as we go into this afternoon. heavier early afternoon for the south bay and the potential of some thunder and lightning as well. as we see the center of this storm system rolling right overhead and that cold air funneling in right behind that may create some light snow for spots like mt. hamilton and our peaks around the bay area. once the cold air moves in, we will see the drying conditions kicking in early tomorrow morning. in san francisco, highs only reaching 49 degrees tomorrow. we'll be close to freezing for both christmas eve and christmas day. those mornings and highs in the low to mid 50s. a little more dry and mild for the rest of the week. now, as we head over to forecaster vianey arana, she's showing what conditions are like in pacifica. high waves there, huh?
5:51 am
>> yeah, kari, the rain has been non-stop. the biggest thing has been these really tall waves. i want to say maybe 20 seconds before you made the toss to me i was completely soaked with a wave. we actually had a live right by the waves. that wave might have take even out our lights. as we look at the radar, we'll see the rain. as the storm system continues to move through and this rain continues to pound in the pacifica pier, while the rain will get stronger and the estimated rain totals are expected to increase into the evening, afternoon hours as well. we're expecting between half an inch. i know along the coast, you can see behind me the waves. we are seeing a small craft advisory that is in effect at the moment. right now these waves are looking at about 12, maybe 14 feet and i think they'll get taller because, like i said, they literally just soaked me a couple second ago. we'll keep a close eye on this. for now, the winds are pretty al calm but the rain is pounding. mike, how is it looking on the
5:52 am
road? >> vianey, stay safe. she's on the correct side of the fence. she's been doused by the winds and the waves. the speed sewn source and volume of traffic out there, those are not the issue. allow yourself the time, folks. we're talking about conditions heading across the bridges as well, getting down along the peninsula as vianey just showed you. reports of an earlier crash that should have cleared quickly. the conditions in palo alto not far from there, down the peninsula, shows the wet roadways, slick conditions. be careful for the off-ramps and concentrate on the roadways. i know we have a lot going on. as we get back to the bay bridge as well, we're showing the traffic flows there. we have backup for the fast track lanes. bring your cash and ease through the bay bridge toll plaza because the volume on the approach is moving well. we can see the rain coming down at an angle here. back to the maps, we're talking about a smooth flow for the transit systems as well. b.a.r.t. will adjust the speeds if weather demands.
5:53 am
issues for the ferry system if the winds get too high, but probably not today. back to you. showered nou in love. the warriors added a special player to their all-star team. >> the first photos of draymond green's first child, a little boy born yesterday morning a few days shy of christmas. he's also named draymond. green posted these photos on his instagram page. mom and dad both said to be doing well. they're college sweethearts and met at michigan state. because of little draymond's birth, green didn't play last night in the game against the brooklyn nets. he was probably already on daddy duty. >> good family time. they're tracking his sleep patterns. we're tracking santa. we have more on the norad pathway coming up here. we continue to follow our big story of the morning. heavy rain across the bay area. three different crews moving around the whole region. we've seen vianey, pete in the east bay. >> it's not going to stop santa
5:54 am
from the big ride, rain, sleet, snow, it doesn't matter. you better be good. last few minutes before christmas arrives. >> first our nbc bay area app is the best tool to stay informed during this microclimate forecast alert. you can download it. it's free. you can activate the radar. watch it in the palm of your hands and figure out how it will affect your holiday travel plans. >> also, marshawn lynch, rapper too short stopped by the beast mode shop on thursday so that kids in oakland can climb on the laps of black santa. read more on how that group gave back on our twitter page. we'll be back in two minutes. we have continuing coverage of
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
the rain storm hitting the bay area this morning. welcome back. we have continuing coverage on this friday morning. the rain storm hitting the bay area very hard this morning. take a live look at the radar. you see the intense colors of reds, oranges, yellows. it shows the intensity of the storm. >> that's just the first wave of it. we'll be covering all morning. a berkeley man made repeated reports to ac transit about unsafe drivers. >> liz wagner joins us with details on what the
5:58 am
investigative unit uncovered and what the agent' cease top boss plans to do about it. >> good morning. our investigation started with a stip from a viewer. stephen skyler has a simple request, he wants to walk his dog down the street safely, so he watches for red light runners, like the driver captured on this red light camera. he points to a busy intersection near his berkeley apartment as problem area. our camera easily found this bus entering on a red light. we also obtained ac transit's complaint database. we found more than 230 complaints across the east bay since 2014. we took the complaints and our video to michael hirsh, ac transit's general manager. he says the agency doesn't have a red light running problem. the agency retrains and disciplines drivers caught breaking the law. hirsh says the number of complaints we uncovered is too high. he vowed to investigate skyler's concerns and fix the problems at the intersection near his home. if you go online, you can check
5:59 am
out an interactive map of where people complained about red light runners, head to our website, >> thank you very much, liz. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 1-888-996-tips. are or send an e-mail to the christmas eve is tomorrow. little ones may be wondering if and when santa claus may come to their area. they'll be able to keep tabs on santa by using norad's santa tracker. they've been tracking santa for 61 years. kids can check santa's whereabouts at they can play games and learn about the history of santa. most of all, go to bed early and be good. right now at 6:00, tracking the storms hitting the bay area just as people are heady to head out of town for the weekend.
6:00 am
>> a live look outside. you see the winter storm bringing heavy rain. may also bring in potential of flooding. we'll track all of this and the chance of lightning later on coming up. >> reporter: pete suratos on the eastbound, 880 in oakland. the rain is coming down. i'll have another live update for you coming up. >> breaking overnight, the search for the prime suspect in this weekend's attack on a christmas market in berlin. the massacre is over. the deadly encounter that brought the manhunt to an end. taking a live look at radar this morning. we're tracking the winter storm kari has been warning us about moving into the bay area. pretty intense if you're heading out the door. add extra time or plan on being late. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.


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