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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> a live look outside. you see the winter storm bringing heavy rain. may also bring in potential of flooding. we'll track all of this and the chance of lightning later on coming up. >> reporter: pete suratos on the eastbound, 880 in oakland. the rain is coming down. i'll have another live update for you coming up. >> breaking overnight, the search for the prime suspect in this weekend's attack on a christmas market in berlin. the massacre is over. the deadly encounter that brought the manhunt to an end. taking a live look at radar this morning. we're tracking the winter storm kari has been warning us about moving into the bay area. pretty intense if you're heading out the door. add extra time or plan on being late. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot of people getting doused.
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the beginning of an ongoing event. >> it will be. several hours dealing with this rain off and on through out the month and the afternoon. there will be breaks in between. it won't be a steady rain all day. there will still be that potential of flooding as it comes down fast and hard, especially this morning, as we see a lot of bright reds and yellows showing intense cells moving through coming inland. so far we haven't had many reports of flooding. but given a little time there will be standing water on the roadways, also tough driving conditions and rain as it continues to move through the peninsula up through san francisco and over towards the east bay and the north bay as well. pretty much all of us getting in on heavy rain. it's made the traffic, though still light, but you may have some trouble seeing through the windshield, mike. >> that's right, kari. warning ability the conditions, not that volume of traffic. clearer roadways as far as the volume of commute goes, people will be tempted to bring the speeds up.
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do not. fremont seeing the ponding and puddling toward the tri-valley, off 680 as well. we'll take you over to where we had earlier crashes throughout the area. those cleared through the eastshore freeway and coming toward the benicia bridge, a crash blocking 680 around 780, shy of the bridge itself. you notice the blue highlighting, ponding and puddling moving from the north bay towards the upper eastshore freeway. no major issues getting toward the bay bridge itself. travel times, those are not the concern. these are the lowest we see at any time of the year. we look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we show the rain making things very tough. the little backup for the fast track lanes have cleared out. dou now to pete suratos. >> reporter: we're going to piggyback and show you the conditions right now. you guys got me?
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>> we sure do. go ahead. looks wet out there. >> reporter: yes, very wet. we're on 880 south. the coliseum is to our right. and it is very wet. the good news is there's not much traffic right now because, with the holidays and maybe folks are off, there's not much traffic. of course, if you're driving in these conditions, you want to be careful because the rain has moved pretty strongly towards the east bay. we were in the north bay earlier driving through richmond, el cerrito, berkeley. now on 880 south passing the coliseum, passing the airport shortly. you're seeing the rain come down. we'll continue to keep you updated on this. if you're driving this route, want to caution you to drive slowly, be aware of other drivers on the road. there's not many drivers on the road right now, these conditions are very wet. from here we'll continue going, we're going to head towards the san mateo bridge to check out those conditions. we'll have another update in the next half hour. send it back to you in the
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newsroom. >> thank you very much. pete is in the east bay, chris is along the peninsula up in mountain view this morning. we've got crews stationed throughout the bay area so you're ready to het out the door. >> kris has been a busy morning this morning. you started in redwood city, you were in palo alto. now you're in mountain voo by 101. what's going on there? >> reporter: that's right. this is our fourth stop of this morning, and the rain has been our constant companion all along. we this is the charleston on-ramp onto southbound 101. it's very wet out here. folks are driving this morning, traffic picking up in this location at least a little bit this morning. we started our morning at 4:30 in san carlos at the hiller aviation museum. we saw breezy conditions there at 4:30. at 5:00 we were in redwood city. the rain was constant, and we were this palo alto just a few moments ago. we got a little break in that moment that was a half hour ago. now we're here and it is really coming down. we're definitely seeing some
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ponding on the roadway here and also in the parking lot. so this is a very busy shopping center where we are here at charleston. if you're headed out today, make sure you bring your umbrella, or you'll be soaked this morning. if you're still headed to work, be careful and give yourself lots of time and follow at a bigger distance so you have plenty of room to stop this morning. rain coming down a little heavier. the breeze, not so much. we're seeing our plants and trees, they're pretty steady right now. we'll jump back into the truck, continue driving south. we're hoping we'll hit a little dry patch, but, of course, our producer is hoping we'll get more rain so we can show you what you're up against as you head out the door this morning. we'll be using our nbc bay area app to track the weather. you should, too. in mountain view, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> all right, kris, we'll find out where you pop up next. good advice. our free nbc bay area app is a great way to track the weather conditions in your neighborhood. you can use live doppler radar
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to get a detailed forecast in your community. breaking news we've been following for the last several hours. within the last hour to hour and a half, we saw passengers disembarking from a hijacked libyan aircraft diverted to malta. this is video from earlier this morning. officials say the two hijackers want to keep the pilot, but apparently they were allowing people on board the 118-person aircraft to get off. they diverted a state-run commercial plane flying internally in libya over to malta. they were threatening to blow it up with hand grenades. officials say the flight originally going to tripoli had 118 people on board. more breaking news this morning at 6:06, the international manhunt for the suspect in the deadly berlin truck rampage is now over. >> early this morning authorities in italy shot and killed that 24-year-old tunisian man, anis amri.
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italy's interior minister says this started with a routine security check on the outskirts of milan when police asked amri for his papers. then when pulled out a gun and managed to shoot a police officer in the shoulder before being killed by the other officer. that officer who was hit in the shoulder is expected to survive. authorities right now are looking into amri's ties to isis. this morning some people are saying president-elect donald trump essentially confirmed a new arms race, and he did it through twitter. >> mr. trump was responding to a speech by russian president vladimir putin. "today in the bay's" edward lawrence live in washington this morning to explain how trump's next tweet ended up costing a huge defense contractor more than a billion dollars. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. you never know what donald trump is going to tweet. he had a very busy day yesterday. instead of talking to reporters about foreign affairs, policies and other matters and letting them ask questions, donald trump turned to twitter. >> from a new arms race to
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corporate competition, president-elect donald trump used twitter to start a lot of people talking. he chimed in on foreign policy saying the united states must greatly something then and expand its nuclear capability. >> this tweet may have started a new nuclear arms race. >> not trying to change policy through twitter. other people are nuclear capable. it's not like we'll tell them please stop doing that because we said so. he wants us to be rard. >> russian president vladimir putin agreed. in a speech he said his objective in 2017 will be to strengthen his nuclear strategy. nuclear missiles serve as a ter tirnt to keep the president. >> the state department disagrees. >> nobody walked away from the fact that you need a credibility te ternt for the united states including a credible nuclear deterrent. >> mr. trump called out lockheed
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martin stating because of the of the co-he asked boeing to price out a comparable f-18 super hornet. alluding that lockheed martin may lose the new fighter jet contract. the tweet caused the company to lose $1.2 billion in market value in after-hours trading. >> going back to the nuclear comment, donald trump this morning told msnbc led it be an arms race. he said the u.s. would outpace anyone if it came to that. he said the u.s. would outlast anyone. donald trump doubling down on what he said about his nuclear policy. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> edward, thank you very much for that live report from washington. as the holiday weekend festivities ramp up, bay area law enforcement agencies are cracking down on drunk driving. about two or three hours ago, san jose police wrapped up a holiday sobriety checkpoint downtown on 4th street near san fernando. teams were funneling three lanes to one.
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officers were staffed to evaluate drivers coming through. that checkpoint obviously is over now. more are planned between now and new year's eve. we're still awaiting an update from police on the number of arrests they made. the time now is 6:10. we are in a microclimate weather alert. the rain is getting very intense for spots around san francisco. just saw very intense rain coming down there. it's also getting heavier for the south bay as the rain is showing that we may create some standing water and some flooding, at least street flooding. we see the bright reds here as you go up the peninsula, and the rainfall rates haven't seen it this heavy. over two inches of rain per hour. so that is creating some issues, not only around the peninsula, but san francisco as well. extending over toward oakland, richmond and berkeley. with that we will still see that rain coming down moving closer to vallejo and also into parts of the north bay as well. the east bay pretty much covered with bright reds here on the
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radar and heavy rain. we'll continue to track that in the next few minutes. more drive time than you think, mike, with that heavy rain. >> that's right. the traffic flow very light right now. the conditions demanding you slow down. use caution. we don't have any real delays around the bay. a smooth flow of traffic, typical slow spots through the tri-valley and the east bay. look at the travel times. they're at a minimum. we typically don't see them outside 4:30 in the morning. i want to show you the san mateo bridge where it's soupy and there may be a crash eastbound. pete suratos is heading out in our van. i texted him. he's not driving. he's riding there. >> thank you very much. 6:11. up next, you only have one day before the start of hanukkah and two days before christmas. >> still ahead, the stores that are expanding their hours in an effort to help the last-minute shoppers. the last minute before the holiday weekend. the rain is still pounding here in pacifica and the waves are getting taller. i will have a look at rain
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totals. plus a look ahead at how much rain we're expecting coming up at about 6:15.
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we're in a microclimate weather alert. the time is 6:14. the heaviest rain moving right into the san francisco area, extending toward oakland and much of the east bay. that heavy rain coming down at a rain fall rate of two inches per hour. we will see this rain off and on
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through out the morning commute and another round during the evening commute. i'll track it all. we're out live. this is pete suratos braving the conditions on the nimitz towards the san mateo bridge. we're tracking the conditions and the ef foekts on your morning commute. >> that shot gave you a look across the san mateo bridge. vianey hopefully dry. she's our reporter at pacifica where we can see a very wet morning out there. 6:15. waves of support for a very popular annual event as christmas day approaches. holiday toy tri-valley is just now getting under way. in about two hours, lefty o'doul's toy drive runs through tomorrow night. they usually try to collect about 10,000 toys either by
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drive-up or walk-in. here is a footnote. long-time organizer and media representative lee housekeeper says this year's toy drive is going to be his last. he wants to spend more precious time with the grandkids. amazon says procrastinate all you want with your christmas shopping. it's extending its deadline to order items with prime now rush delivery service available in 30 u.s. cities. now you have until 9:45 on christmas eve which will ensure delivery by midnight on christmas day. that's pushing it. big-name stores are making it easier for pro crafters. toys "r" us opened at 6:00 and will remain open for 39 straight hours. bless those retail employees. be nice to them. many or stores including target will have extended hours as well. i worked retail for a lot of years. i love that christmas rush. >> a great note, be kind to each other. people who are working those
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registers, oh, my gosh. >> all right. in the meantime -- a lot of people walking around with umbrellas, will put them aside as we try to go shopping. >> it is going to be a tough one. when it's raining, you're wedding, trying to lug the kids around and get shopping down, it's hard. hopefully you'll take it easy, allow extra time. also for the drive this morning, here is a live look outside in san jose as the rain continues to come down. we're seeing the heaviest rain now moving through parts of the san francisco area over toward oakland and the peninsula where we see the brightest reds being picked up on the radar. also for san jose, los gatos, you see the yellows indicating steady rain. also showers moving through. once again san francisco and oakland, down into the peninsula and toward the east bay, pretty much all of us are getting heavy rain at this point. and even towards the tri-valley in livermore, going through the altamont pass you see the heavy
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rain. so times of rain all day long and gusts up to 25 to 35 miles an hour. we'll be tracking the potential of thunder and lightning later today. here is a look at the hour-by-hour outlook. it shows still a lot of rain throughout the 6:00, 7:00 and 8:00 hours. then we start to take more of a break. and the next round of rain moving through later on this morning will be more hit or miss, and some heavier rain early afternoon as we see that rain kind of rotating right back in here. there will be the chance of lightning, too, with some of the cells that move through later on this evening and then that moisture streaming off towards the east, but with that cold air funneling in behind that, we may have some snow on spots like mt. hamilton and maybe even the summit at highway 17 early tomorrow morning. in san francisco, highs today reaching into the low 50s. 50s for the rest of the forecast. for the inland areas it will be a cool and breezy weekend. early next week it does start to
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warm up, though. now as we head over to forecaster vianey arana, she's tracking what the conditions are like in pacifica. heavy rain now. i see that coming down. >> reporter: yeah, kari. we haven't really caught a break. i've had to watch my back. as you can see behind me, we got the light back up and running a few minutes ago. the waves actually crashed our light and blew it out. you can see the waves are pretty high, talking eight to 12 feet, will probably get higher as the storm system continues to move through. the national weather service in the bay area released unofficial rain totals. it looks like as of now pacifica over the past six hours has gotten .25 inch and expecting another .50 inch. there is a small craft advisory that will remain in place. we're expecting for the winds to pick up. as the winds pick up combined with the strong waves. this is actually right along the road, right in front of a sidewalk, actually right in front of me.
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there's apartments and homes. hopefully no folks will be outside. the waves are getting pretty tall. the rain is pounding down. mike, i'll send things back to you. >> the volume of traffic is not the problem. look at the water there in vianey's shot. the waves a factor, too. please be careful out there. vianey is along the coast. that's where we've seen the rain cause the poppeding and puddling all morning long. the blue means ponding, puddling and worse. no major roadway flooding reporting. mild slowing across the san mateo bridge high rides. approaching the benicia bridge we have a lot of slowing. the worse for the bay, you take a look at live sensors slowing towards the crash southbound 680 just shy of 780. that's the only slow pot. again, lit up blue all through out the area. wet roadways, soupy conditions. we'll take you to the bay bridge toll plaza. light traffic flow despite the metering lights on. in oak lapd, our camera shaerks
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around. we eeld end with this shot of soupy conditions for the anymore milts towards milpitas, back to you. >> it certainly is wet out there. 6:21. up next, a young boy swallows a snowman figurine and there are x-ray photos to prove it. >> we'll have to see that. plus, did we mention it's rains outside? it is all over the bay area. snow slamming the sierra at this hour which could cause a traffic mess for people heading out there for the holiday weekend. we'll take you live to the sierra to shoe you the conditions to show you what to expect as you hit the slopes. the rain storm hitting the bay
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area is going to bring a lot of w the rain storm hitting the bay area, doing a lot to bring this stuff, snow to the sierra. if you're planning on heading up to tahoe for the holiday weekend or beyond, you're going to want to head out soon. the script say before the snow starts to fall. but obviously it has, all over brian hickey. >> "today in the bay's" brian hickey joining us from blue canyon in plaser county to show us the conditions out there. we can kind of see you through all the snow flaekrks. you have decorations behind you? >> so beautiful. >> i can only imagine what the drivers are thinking as they come by. trying to create a holiday oasis for the drivers calling through what is a pretty intense wenter storm. we'll show you the conditions. we're only at 5,000 feet, blue canyon. it is coming down. it started an hour and a half ago. already accumulated over an inch
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of snow. in the last 20 minutes, the intensity of the snow has really picked up. that's waiting for drivers into the sierra. you'll need the chains, 4 wheel drive and snow tooirs. if you have holiday travel plans, be prepared with a full tank of gas. make sure you stop off and top off the tank and be ready for anything coming to the mountains the day. the worst of this storm is yet to come. make sure you have snacks in the cars for the kiddos, a couple extra dvds. be ready. it's going to be a long haul through the sierra. so far, so good, highway 50 and 88 do not have chain controls. that's going to change any second. with that, the serious stuff, i want to leave you with this. we're going to kill the lights so you can really appreciate the christmas music here, christmas lights. now we need a little christmas music at blue canyon. happy holidays everybody. >> that is truly a gift. it is beautiful. looks like a manger scene out
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there. thanks, brian. christmas spirit shining bright inside an east tennessee boy, literally. take a look at 2 x-ray. 12-year-old said he was messing around with the figurine. it got stuck in his throat. he rushed downstairs to tell his parent who didn't believe him at first. after a series of calls to emergency rooms, aiden was taken to an x-ray technician who revealed the shiny snowman inside his stomach. doctors san jose aiden thankfully will be fine. the snowman is small enough to pass through naturally. >> let nature take its course. up next on "today in the bay," we have team coverage of the rain that continues to wet the bay area this morning. you see the heavy waves of it coming in right now, all over the san francisco bay area. we are in a microclimate weather alert as we continue to track this storm. i'll have more updates with a
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timeline and what to expect even as the storm system winds down later this evening coming up. >> reporter: pete suratos in the live drive. we're bouncing around the bay area, tracking these wet conditions, now driving over the san mateo bridge. it looks to be a backup here. we'll have the details in a live report. >> we'll look forward to that, pete n. the meantime, a live look from the north bay in our san rafael camera. you can see the wet roadways, the storm moving across the bay area. we've got it all covered for you. stay inside, stay dry, keep watching "today in the bay." we have continuing coverage of
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the rain storm welcome right now. '6:30 on your friday morning. the intensity of the rain storm today really starting to pick up. you see the yellows, the oranges there. two-inch rain rate in the heart of san francisco. >> this is a live look at our radar you can see. we have seen it grow as we've been on the air for a couple hours, the rain really coming down. our crews out there, they can really feel it. we're dry inside this morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. this is that first burst we're seeing. team coverage of the storm so you're prepared. our crews are stationed across the bay area. we also got kari and mike tracking the storm from inside our studio. let's start with kari hall. >> good morning. yes, we're in a microclimate weather alert as we continue to track this storm that is
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bringing some intense rain this morning all across the bay area. this is definitely an equal opportunity storm, as we see the heaviest rain snou shifting through san francisco and into the east bay and down the peninsula, now moving into the south bay where the rain is getting heavier there. roads are all covered. there may be standing water as the intense rain, as sam said, has been coming down at a rate of up to two inches per hour. we will see waves of this coming through as we go through the day. i'll have details coming up in the microclimate forecast. mike checking the wet road conditions. >> the blue area is the area ponding and puddling. that's the worst of it. over here, the san mateo bridge, there's one crash we're talking about. over in the east bay, 580 appears to have something going on ap etch proing the dublin interchange. as we track that and i sort out
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the details, it's the san mateo bridge where both directions were showing slower drives a couple minutes ago. slowing on our maps. i know you're talking to pete. i have been texting with him as well. i'll hand it over to you guy for further coverage. >> our team has been out in the elements giving us a look outside. pete suratos actually driving in the storm this morning. he's on the san mateo bridge to show us the wet conditions on the road there. good thing those wind shield wipers are working. >> reporter: yes en deed. we're just crossing the san mateo bridge. there was a little backup. there was an accident back there. we were past that area. yes, the wind shield wipers are in good condition. you need them if you're driving this this area, really all around the bay area that we've seen. the raen has been very consist accident. that marks our third bridge we've gone over this morning. we went over the richmond-san rafael bridge, the golden gate bridge and of course now the san mateo bridge. the raen has been consistent wherever we've driven to.
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i saw sam tweet out something that's very important, the visibility issues that some drivers may encounter this morning. we've got to drive carefully, drive cautiously. take a look through our windows, this is what the drivers will see. you want to make sure you're taking your time. you can see clearly when you're driving, drive cautiously. you want to be careful in general with these wet roads and driving along these highways. right now we're going to be heading towards the peninsula, continuing to track these conditions. we'll continue to keep you updated all morning long. back to you guys in the newsroom. >> thank you very much, pete. our team coverage continues with "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in santa clara. >> kris, you've been all over the peninsula. now the south bay. you see any difference? kari mentioned that the bulk of the rain is in the south bay. that's been our experience as well. this is our fifth stop of the day. we drove down the peninsula. we're now in santa clara.
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we're near mission college, the rain coming down steadily here. we saw breezy conditions on one of our earlier stops, 4:30. that was in san carlos at the hill her aviation museum. we felt the heavy rain coming down in mountain view about a half hour ago, and now hoor the rain is also steady. it's getting colder. i don't know if you can tell that from kari's weather forecast. but it definitely is feeling colder. pete is making his way to the peninsula. we have now moved away from the peninsula and into the south bay. it seems like we are right in that little blob of red and orange. we are with that radar as if we're watching it on the nbc bay area app. we're going to continue to follow these conditions for you. a couple reminders from aaa, if you're hitting the road to head to work or on your vacation plans, make sure to stay away from cruise control in these kinds of conditions. when you get a little slippery, it's best to let off the gas rather than to hit the brakes. you can't do that if you're in
6:35 am
cruise control. if you did hit a skid, you want to steer into it. if you're using chains as you head to tahoe this weekend, you want to make sure you practice. get out in your driveway during maybe one of the dry spots of today and try to practice so you're not caught in the snow trying to get those on. make sure you bring supplies with you. some food, some games for the kids. brian hickey mentioned that in the sierra and blue canyon. that's true even if you're in the rain. you never know when traffic will come to a complete standstill. we kris sanchez, "today in the bay" in the babe. >> our free nbc bay area app a great way to track the weather conditions in your area. you can use our live doppler radar for a detailed forecast for your community. let's go back to breaking news we have been covering for the last several hours since we came on air this morning. there are new details coming in in just the last few minutes as we take a live look from malta. as you see, a plane was hijacked
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from libya and landed there at the malta international airport. we have just learned that nearly all of the passengers on board a hijacked libyan plane have been released. there have been 118 total, 65 were leased first, then add additional 40 after that. the maltese prime minister says there are potentially two hijackers and some crew members still on board that plane. this all started a few hours ago when two hijackers diverted that state-run commercial plane to malta. it was headed the tripoli. they were threatening to blow up the plane with hand grenades. again, these are live pictures you're looking at right now, what appears to be a calm scene for the moment from malta international airport. officials say that flight originally heading to tripoli had 118 people on board. more breaking news internationally right now. the man hunt for the suspect in the deadly berlin truck massacre now over. early this morning authorities in italy shot and killed 24-year-old anis amri.
6:37 am
italy's interior minister says it started with a routine security checks on the outskirts of milan when police at a train station there notice amend ri, confirmed it was him, asked him for his papers. that's when amri pulled out a handgun and managed to shoot one of the police officers before the other shot and killed him. that officer was hit in the shoulder and is expected to survive. authorities right now are looking into amri lease ties to isis. felly sexual assault charges filed gns a de la salle high school football play three weeks after he was initially arrested and released. concord police say the case will be referred to the juvenile court system. the student is not being identified. the assault happened after a football game. say they the victim goes to nearby carondelet high school. one former de la salle student says both campuses will be affected. >> i hope his teammates would kind of hold him accountable for
6:38 am
that. there are things that students do that their classmates have to kind of look and see, make sure they don't see anyone else going down that track. >> police initially arrested the suspect about a week after the report was filed. prosecutors say they needed more time to investigate, and then he was released. we're hearing new details about the brutal beating of a morgan hillman. the suspect facing charges that could put him in prison for life. after a weeks' long manhunt, mark weber turned himself in to police. he appeared in a morgan hill courtroom yesterday. he's facing attempted murder charges with premeditation enhancement that could result in a light sentence. weber had been on the run since december 9th. prosecutors san jose he beat his neighbor with a baseball bat because the man's dog had gone to the restroom on his lawn. the victim is still in the hospital. 6:38. the question this morning, are mountain view city leaders ignoring the will of the people?
6:39 am
that's what some representers are claiming. today rent control measures approved by voters last month were supposed to go into effect. that's been halted. a judge granted the california apartment association request to temporarily block that measure. you see the protesting that happened yesterday as a result. oz solve right now, the city is not fighting the judge's order. advocates for tenants say they plan to fight for what voters want. >> we believe strongly in the constitutionality of every part of measure v. we're going to fight to defend it as long as it takes. it's very frustrating that people can come in with a lawsuit and halt the will of the voters. >> mountain view representers will have to wait until the issue addressed. the city did say attorneys might fight the junl's order at some point in the future. good morning. the time is 6:39. as we track the heaviest rain moving through much of the bay area, it is starting to ease up a little bit in san francisco. but that rain is shifting now into the east bay and will continue to move into the south
6:40 am
bay as well, and all up and down the peninsula at this point. as we get a view of san jose, you see that rain moving in. that may create some water standing on the roadways. we had that rainfall rate in san francisco close to two inches of rain per hour. now it's not as heavy. that has since moved over toward oakland and san leandro through berkeley and also extending over toward concord. as this heavy rain continues to move through for hayward and also fremont, we will definitely have the need for some windshield wipers turned all the way up online. slow it down because you're already reporting crashes around the bay area. >> that's right, kari. we have a number of crashes, smaller crashes and getting cleared quickly from the roadway. be careful. if you're too close to a crash, even if it's a small one, you don't have time to react. the speed sensors look great. it's the blue we're worried about creeping down through silicon valley, ponding and
6:41 am
puddling. this is eastbound 580 toward castro valley boulevard. may still be blocking two lanes countercommute. there's not much of a commute. toward the castro valley y. the bay bridge metering lights have been turned off. that's how light traffic is. we do have the crash at the high-rise affecting as you decline toward the foster city side. >> thank you much, mike. future first daughter ivanka trump heckled while flying to the bay area. what another passenger said that got him kicked off the flight. >> reporter: the waves have been pounding all morning, and they're only expected to get stronger as the storm system continues to push through along the peninsula. i'll have an update on rain totals in just a few minutes. when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert, we've made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smart phone. all you need to do is click on the bar that says weather
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alerts, and you'll get the information you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. ==kari/wsi==
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good morning. the time is 6:44. we are in a mike croat climate weather alert as we track the storm bringing heavy rain to the bay area this morning. there will be some breaks, but this will be a storm that lasts off and on all day long. breezy to gusty winds and rain totals reaching an inch, maybe possibly in some spots. lightning will be possible. on the back side of this, snow in mt. hamilton and the summit at highway 17. i'll detail that and what to expect in about five minutes. kari, i have a crash in castro valley i'm tracking. overall, no real slowing. at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights were turned off. look how soupy the conditions are. the water kicking up off the roadway. check your flights if you're heading out of town. taking a live look at our crews are passing sfo this morning. you could expect travel delays of up to 135 minutes as this
6:46 am
wintery day progresses across the bay area. in the meantime, the waves are certainly pounding in pacifica this morning. it kind of gives you an overhead shot of the waves hitting the banks there. they have been coming up pretty high. we'll check in with our crews throughout the bay area as we continue our storm coverage this morning. 6:46 right now. tense moments on a flight heading to san francisco that got two men kicked off the plane. it started with a passenger tells ivanka trump, quote, the trump family is ruining the country. dan goldstein and matthew lasner were put on another flight, eventually making it back to sfo where tmz cameras were waiting for them. the couple had no comment about being escorted off a jetblue flight at jfk after goldstein confronted trump. lasner tweeted a picture of trump's reaction to his husband's comment. he also tweeted earlier about seeing the couple and wanting to confront them. some passengers tell us removing the men from the flight was the right call. >> as soon as he saw her, he
6:47 am
started shaking, he was visibly shaken. he was agitated. if i was security, i wouldn't take a chance either. >> trump and her family landed at sfo and then boarded a private jet to hawaii. 6:47. a judge declared a mistrial in a corruption case involving a former l.a. county sheriff. sheriff lee baca faced conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges. he trihe retired back in 2014. the judge declared a mistrial because jurors they say were hopelessly deadlocked. a legal maneuver is in the works to block the police commission's new use of force policy for the sfpd that was just approved. as we first reported on wednesday, the oversight agency approved the new plan unanimously. the smigs strengthened its language against shooting at moving vehicles except under extreme circumstances such as
6:48 am
terror attacks with cars. the lawsuit was filed to block the city from putting that policy in place. the poa says officers won't know how to react when faced with someone who fights back. >> if you're going to remove it, you need to replace it with another less leath el. they didn't do that. >> we're going to take a look at -- looking at other less lethal options, whether they be stun guns, tasers or anything to put in its place. >> part of the poa's problem with the use of force policy was the fact they had come to an agreement previously and the wording was changed in the final version. governor brown's pet project to send water via tunnels to southern california is getting another big boost. the governor wants to create twin $15 billion tunnels to send fresh water from the sacramento river south. a new environmental report argues the plans would have little or no impact on fish and wildlife. it also suggests the project would be the best way to modernize california's water system. the plan still faces heavy
6:49 am
opposition and an uphill political battle. consumer reports says it can't recommend apple's latest macbook pro because of concerns over battery life. that's the first time the magazine has ever withheld a recommendations for an apple laptop. consumer report says it's tested three different models and the battery life varied widely even from test to test on the same computer. even santa right now is feeling the effects from technology. you can be sure this year he has more devices and video games on his list than ever before. experts say parents have a lot to think about when it comes to gadgetry and gaming. for one, expect lots of staring at the screen once the gifts are unwrapped. remind your kids they can't over do it, especially when school starts again. when it comes to giving younger kids their first phone, a big question for a lot of parents, parents should probably consider this philosophy first. >> if your child is losing their backpack or their homework
6:50 am
folder all the time, it can be pretty expensive to lose a cell phone. >> if this has happened when i were growing up, i think i would have lost about 50 cell phones. >> we still have to watch you now. >> that's the thing. i'm still a big kid. pediatricians say keeping a sense of balance is important. it's best for your kids to turn off from time to time and maybe get outside. maybe not today when it's raining. >> that's right. go outside. hopefully there will be roller skates and roller blades. boy, not today. >> not today at all. testing out those gifts on christmas day, yes. but it will be cold. today, not so much because we have some heavy rain coming down. that's the reason why we're in a microclimate weather alert as we continue to track all this heavy rain pouring down. the view from the san mateo bridge, the traffic is slowing down. of course, that's what you node to do when you can barely see out of the windshield. wind shield wipers are on. here is the view coming out of the north bay, going down the golden gate bridge and, yes, it
6:51 am
is wet. wet spots on the roadways, temperatures right at about 50 degrees. then we head down to san jose. you can see that rain is hitting the camera and the roads are just sloppy. so this batch of heavy rain now shifting over towards the east bay. there will be a little break. we've seen the rain letting up in the north bay at this point. it's really starting to come down in san jose with the rainfall rate at about .50 inch per hour. san francisco getting breaks in some spots. a fine mist coming down and light rain. over towards the east bay, that's where we have heavy rain from hayward to pleasanton. rainfall rates over 2 inches per hour. you see with some waves, the rain has been very intense. we're seeing that kind of rain coming down in the east bay, the delta, where the rain will last for another 30 minutes and then it will start to back off. the hour-by-hour forecast shows the rain becoming more spotty as
6:52 am
we go through the main morning commute as many more people get out on the roadways. if you plan to travel, you have to keep in mind, by 10:30, spotty showers moving through. then we'll have another batch of heavy rain moving in this afternoon adds the center of low pressure sends that energy in. that's when we have a potential of lightning moving through as well. watching out for many things as the storm system continues to pass. highs today in san francisco reaching 52 degrees. all of this clears out tomorrow. highs in the upper 40s. it will be cold back behind the system. for the inland areas, highs in the low 50s today. also low 50s for christmas eve and christmas day. next week still looking at some dry weather. but today, of course, the main focus as we continue to see this heavy rain moving through. with that heavy rain, also some waves piling up at the coast. let's check in with forecaster vianey arana checking in on the conditions at pacifica.
6:53 am
>> reporter: kari, as you mentioned, as that rain begins to move from the north bay into the peninsula, the rain hasn't let up, it is starting to get a little lighter, still coming down steady. what hasn't changed are the tall waves. as the sunrise begins to rise, we're starting to see how cool this looks, but it can also be potentially very dangerous. if you are planning to head to any of those areas, we're seeing the waves crashes in the area. let's look at rain totals. the national weather service released unofficial totals of the past six hours, as of now, already .25 inch in the pacifica area, san francisco also nearing that amount. the rain totals will increase. the north bay seeing the northwest of the totals, right here along pacifica and the peninsula in san francisco, we could be between between .50 inch, if we fast forward through the evening hours as the storm systems makes the exit, we could
6:54 am
see over .50 inch for parts like san francisco, the north bay, peninsula, san jose staying closer to .25 inch. it could be inching up to .50 inch as well. we'll keep an eye on that. i want to show you the waves. they've been getting stronger and looking pretty good. very dangerous, i'm going to send things back to you. >> you're showing the waves, they were pelting rhee annviane earlier. the blue is the rain deposited on the roadways. we have standing water at the on and off-ramp. in major problems reported, but we do tlak the continued build. an earlier crash around the high-rise. another crash 101 at 92. a third at roll stop. this entire area where the commute is starting the build and wet roads continue, we have a series of crashes. we're tracking the slower drive. continued closure of two lanes because of a crash eastbound 580
6:55 am
toward the dublin interchange. those are the slowest drives right now. as we look at the travel times, no major problems. the transit systems lock great. we'll end with the bay bridge shot. the metering lights were turned off. conditions demand you slow it down. back to you. >> thank you, mime. 6:55 right now. we have continuing team coverage of this wren storm hitting the bay area. let's go back outside for a live peek. you can see the wet roads on the golden gate bridge and plenty of raindrops on the camera lens there. it could impact people for the big holiday weekend trying to get out of town. first our nbc bay area app is the best tool to stay informed during if moik crow climate forecast. you can watch the live doppler radar. find out how it could affect your holiday travel plans and what's happening in your neighborhood. plus, marshawn lynch, barron davis and rapper too short
6:56 am
stopped by the beast mode shop. read more on how the group gave back on our twitter page. we're be back in just a few. before you head out the door -
6:57 am
6:58 am
our top story -- right outside welcome back on this friday morning. 6:58. before you head out the door, the top story is our microclimate weather alert. >> we have our team of reporters out there braving the rain.
6:59 am
we start with pete suratos. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're in the live drive on 101 approaching where old candlestick park was. you can see the raen is coming down. we've seen that all morning long as we've driven along different bridges. right now we're in the area seeing consistent downpours since 3:30 a.m. visibility could be an issue, make sure you drive cautiously during the morning commute. we'll send it back to you in the newsroom. i'm kris sanchez at mineta. this is the heaviest rain so far. rushing to get to their fights. if you're traveling on the roadways, be careful out there. we saw poppeding on the roadway. back to you. >> chris, thank you very much. we've seen the rain rates peck up this morning. getting a heavy amount right now clearly. >> especially heavy over the east bay where the heaviest rain continues to move out of much of the bay area.
7:00 am
still, as we table it hour-by-hour, stillrain through earlyafternoon. join us in half an hour for a local news update and we'll keep you up to date on the traffic conditions as well. have a great holiday weekend. good morning. breaking news. manhunt over. the suspect in that berlin christmas market attack killed in a shoot-out with police in milan. we're live with the latest. going nuclear. president-elect trump calls for an expansion of the american nuclear arsenal just hours after russian prident vladimir putin says his country should fortify their arsenal. this morning, the exchange that could defy decades of u.s. nuclear policy, and we'll ask one of trump's closest advisors to explain it. rough flight. two men kicked off a jetblue plane after one of them is accused of confronting ivanka trump and her family with harsh words for the president-elect. did jetblue overreact? what the airline is saying thi


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