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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we are in a microclimate weather alert. a live check of our radar right now shows the storm still making it's way through the bay area. the heaviest rain swept through this morning... but more is on the way. sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for the heaviest rain swept through but there is plenty more on the way. >> i was out in the rain earlier following that rain from the peninsula from st. carlos to san jose. this is what it looks like right now. our live traffic camera network looking across the area. the golden gate bridge, richmond, all still getting soaked this morning. we've been tracking the storm all morning long. you had it right all morning
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long. >> the good news is there has been a few breaks, allowing that water to soak into the ground before the next round of rain moves in. we're not completely done with this system just yet. in fact watching some very heavy rain approaching the santa cruz mountains. that will be moving through. and it may affect some of those areas. we're in a rain shadow in parts of the south bay so we will see several waves of this moving through and it will be off and on through afternoon, even into the evening commute. by 2:00, the potential of some of those cells, producing heavier down pours and there will be a chance we could have some thunder and lightning in there as well. so we will continue to see at least some activity on the radar through tonight and also, this storm winding down later before midnight. the winds may gust, up to 25 to 35 miles an hour. and some rain totals possibly over an inch. we've seen that across some of
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the north bay and san francisco into the east bay. there may be some additional rain in there as well. we'll track that chance and some lightning and snow on mt. hamilton. that's coming up a little later. >> all morning we had reporters out and about keeping an eye on the conditions. that included meet is logging plenty of miles and water driving around. joining us from mill valley, last time at this week, it was swimming pool behind you. right now it looks a little better. >> reporter: good morning to you. it did look like a lake behind me. right now we have a pretty large puddle in this parking lot. we had some rain that was hitting not too long ago. but we were logging a lot of miles this morning. driving around the bay area. we got a couple clips that we rolled on. the first clip is the san mateo bridge. there was a little back-up.
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i'm not sure if it was weather-related. when we go to the next clip, you will see some ponding on the side of the freeway near seventh street. and then to the north bay, we got some new videos with shoppers. and then of course there is that problem area in the area off lucky drive over there where when it is raining, we could see flooding in that area. and that's another reason we need to drive cautiously, we spoke about that very subject. >> stay a little different. it will be a lot more people out there. it is the normal message of slowdown. give yourself more time to get where you're going. if you weren't already anticipating where you're going because of it being busy travel day, the rain will add to that. >> looking at the golden gate, they did send out a tweet that said they won't be doing drop-offs. maybe a little later today due
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to potential flooding. it is not an issue but that can change throughout the day as you mentioned all morning. that the rain will be coming in a little later this afternoon. nbc bay area news. >> all right. now to the roads in the south bay with our photographer who i was with for six stops during the day in the bay. we were bringing live pictures from several communities. in san jose, the heavy rain is gone for now. you can see that was not the case early today. there are still some slick spots out there as body showers, so do be careful if you're getting behind the wheel in the santa clara valley. give yourself lots of room to stop. >> now benefitting from the lighter commutes this morning. are you seeing any issues out there? >> no issues. we haven't seen any major concerns even though i know a lot of people are trying to head out for their christmas
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destination. we are seeing the lane closures out here. north 880, it looks like little construction closing down fast lane. some slowing, you may want to take some extra time. we are expecting the possibility of seeing more rain and of course, it could have affected your early morning commute. out here, the 880 where we're seeing the issues, of course, you are seeing the fog in the area as well. so please make sure to take some extra time. slow down and make it through to your destination. >> thank you very much. you are nice and dry right now. this morning though, she was standing right on that coastline in san mateo county. in pacifica, the high winds brought surging waves crashing ashore. this is what it looked like. the waves were so tall, they actually spilled over on to our lighting equipment during our live report. of course, pacifica is a coastal
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community that we watch carefully during storms because it is so prone to erosion. >> today is a busy and rainy travel day for folks in the travel area, waiting an extra hour before takeoff. a look at what the airport looked like this morning. the airport officials say they're getting diverted flights at sfo. so far there have been 43 delays. they aren't experiencing weather-related cancellations but minor delays up to an hour. airport personnel urged travellers to check their flight statuses before heading to the airport. i can tell you the happiest people at the airport were headed to someplace warm. >> a lot of hawaiian trips maybe. a lot of people there happy about seeing this. snow coming in in the sierra. skiing, snow boarding, sledding. more from blue canyon on what
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they can expect. >> the snow continues to come down. we're here at blue canyon. this is 5,000 feet. and you can see a couple of inches on the ground. the california highway patrol busy. a lot of traffic, holiday travel in effect. as the veteran caltrans telling me they're seeing a higher volume of traffic. and that was to be expected with the holiday upon us. and a lot of people, maybe not ordinarily coming into the snow. making the extra effort. wanting to get to their destinations. a number of crashes. if you have plans of coming into the mountains, make sure you have chains. you know how to put them on. if you don't, $30 to have someone else do it for you. a four wheel drive with good snow fires and give yourself extra time. the conditions are pretty nasty. special when i the wind picks up the new snow. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much.
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our free nbc bay area app is a great way to check the weather conditions in your neighborhood. you can use our live doppler radar to get a forecast right for your community. the first lawsuits following the ghost ship warehouse will be filed today. 36 people died in the fire that broke out earlier this month. at 2:30 this afternoon, a news conference will be held outside the alameda family courthouse. one family is filing that lawsuit. she was a 20-year-old studying at sfranl state university. fire officials said she died while holding hands with her boyfriend, alex vega who also died in the fire. international news and a developing story. the search for a prime suspect after the deadly massacre at a christmas market the berlin is now over. the suspect was shot dead overnight on the outskirts of milan. >> reporter: this morning
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italian residents, the most wanted man in the world dead. killed after he was asked for i.d. by police. officials said amri immediately pulled a gun and started firing. >> there is no doubt italy's italian minister said, the dead man is amri. this is what they believe amri did at the berlin christmas market. the truck on the left of your screen is a dark menace awashington in holiday lights. running over people in the market. officials say they found his finger prints inside and outside the truck's cab. italy was familiar territory to amri. after leaving his home town in tunisia in 2011, amri spent more than three years in prison for setting fire to a refugee center. the prison official tells nbc news, he was violent but showed no signs of religious fundamentalism. at the berlin market, it is back
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to business. like amri, she is from tunisia. >> there is a double sadness. but good people are everywhere and bad people are also everywhere. >> the police officer injured in the shooting is recovering in an italian hospital. he is said to be in stable condition and his injuries are not life threatening. near berlin, german officials are thanking their italian counter parts for all their help and cooperation and they are saying they are very relieved that he is no longer a threat. hijackers are being interrogated. the two libyan men had a hand grenade and guns had they took over the flight in tripoli. they did surrender peacefully without making any conditions
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after the maltese government insisted all passengers had to be released. no one was hurt. san francisco police officers say they're being left without options. the fight over a new use of force policy that leaves many officers in danger. plus, the countdown to christmas is almost over but amazon is making it easy if you are still looking for the perfect gift. when we're in an nbc bay area micro climate alert, we've made it easy to get latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alert and you will get information you need to know right when you need to know it. that's how you stay informed for the nbc bay area app. =consumer promo omni!!= ==ancs/radar== welcome back. we have continuing coverage of the rain storm
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we do have continuing coverage of the rain storm hitting the bay area this morning. as we've been talking about all day, this is a series of waves. i felt like that radar was tracking me. wherever i went, it was raining the hardest. we had the heaviest rain during the morning show and now there is another wave of rain moving in. >> and it is pouring in oakland. parts of the east bay with that next batch of rain and the roads are really getting stacked up. that's what you have to deal with. >> as this system moves through right in time for the holiday weekend. as you head out this morning, and early afternoon, make sure you allow some extra time to get there. looking now at san jose, it is
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fairly dry. they're getting ready for that next system with some rain moving in. as far as rainfall totals we had this morning, from the batch of rain we had, it was for most spots, a half to three quarters of an inch. in san francisco, it was closer to an inch. also, closer to the southern parts of san francisco. and it was just below an inch of rain there. but it was a half an inch in san carlos. in the south bay, really had a hard time getting going for some of those spots in the valleys. so santa teresa had about a quarter of an inch. for the east bay, we had a half inch of rain, up to three quarters of an inch of rain. another round of rain moving in and this will continue to move through and may give a little more rain to some of those spots that were kind of missing out earlier this morning at a rainfall rate of about a half
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inch of rain per hour. then as we go toward richmond, there is some steady rain at this point. starting to lessen the amount of rain from oakland. then you see it picking up around union city. so this is what we'll expect throughout the rest of the day. and the potential heavy down pours as we go into the evening commute. and there's still that small chance that we have some thunder and lightning. not expecting widespread but just something that we'll be keeping an eye on as we go into this evening. the center of low pressure rolls on through. as far as what is happening elsewhere on this busy travel day, a snowstorm moving from minneapolis to chicago and then just south of there. there is mainly some rain but definitely some milder temperatures. and traveling here locally, expect it to be wet and windy along i-5. heavy snow and you need tire
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chains going through sierra. from here to l.a., it will be rainy, but all of this clears out for tomorrow in time for christmas eve. we'll continue to keep tabs on what's happening in the radar. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. pretty light trading ahead of the holidays. we take look from earlier at the new york stock exchange. the dow jones up just over a point this morning at 19,920. amazon says procrastinate all want. it is extending the deadline for order hours with the prime delivery service which is available in 30 u.s. cities. you now have until 9:45 christmas eve which will ensure delivery for christmas day. >> two-hour delivery on christmas eve.
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that's pretty good. >> they're making it easier. toys "r" us opened a few minutes ago, let's say a few hours ago. 6:00 this morning. that's when toys "r" us opened. many other stores including target will have extended hours. mountain view city leaders are ignoring the will of the people. that's what the renters say. rent control measures approved last month were supposed to go into effect but now they are being halted. they requested to temporarily block that measure and as of now, the city is not fighting that judge's order. the tenants say they want to fight for what they ordered. >> we approve every part and we'll fight defend it as long as it takes. it is very frustrating that people can come in with a lawsuit and halt the will of the voters. >> the voters will have to wait until issue is addressed. the city did say that attorneys
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might fight judge's order in the future. felony sexual assault charges. those have been filed against the 15-year-old de lasalle football high school player three weeks after he was arrested. it will be put to the interest juvenile court system. the student is not being identified. the assault happened on november 18 after a football game. they stay victim goes to the nearby high school. now, a former de lasalle high school student said both campuses have been swept up by this. >> i was hoping his teammates would hold him accountable for that. there are things that students do that their classmates have to look and see and make sure that they don't see anyone else going down that track. >> police initially arrested the suspect about a week after the report was filed. as for why it took this long for charges to come, prosecutors
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said they needed more time to investigate. we are hearing new details about the brutal beating of a morgan hill man. the suspect is now facing charges could put him in prison. after a week-long manhunt, he turned himself into police yesterday. it was premeditation enhancement. he had been on the run since december 9. the prosecutors say he beat them with a baseball bat because he had gone, the victim is still in the hospital. some legal maneuvers in the works to try to block the picks's use of force policy that was just approved this week. as we first reported on wednesday, the oversight agency approved that new plan unanimously. the commission strengthened its language against shooting at moving vehicles, except under extreme circumstances, like the
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terror attacks in cars in europe. yesterday we learned the san francisco police officers association filed a lawsuit to block the city from putting that policy into play. >> they didn't do that. >> we'll take look at other options, stun guns, tasers or anything to put in its place. >> the new policies will go into effect immediately. as the holiday weekend festivities ramp up the area of law enforcement agencies are down. just about two hours ago, san jose police wrapped up a holiday sobriety check point downtown on fourth street near san fernando. they funneled three lanes down to one. ten officers were asked to evaluate drivers. while this check point is now over, there are more plans between dmo you is the new year.
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>> anybody that we see that is impaired, we will make an arrest if warranted. >> we are still waiting for an update from police on the number of arrests made overnight. ivanka trump's vacation plans put on hold. right now, students and staff at a south bay high school give their custodian ticket or the to have a 49ers game. and the self-driving uber cars have arrived in arizona now. you might remember yesterday they left san francisco after getting shut down by the dmv. radar.
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our coverage of a microclimate weather alert. a live look outside as well as a glance at the doppler radar which has been awfully busy all morning long. >> tense moments on a night headed to san francisco when a passenger confronted soon to be first daughter ivanka trump, telling they are trump family is ruining the country. it is a comment that got him and his family and son removed from the plane. more from sfo on where that family landed last night. >> they are caught on camera by
11:26 am
tmz after landing at san francisco international airport. the couple had no comments about being escorted off the jetblue fight at jfk after goldstein confront soon to be first daughter ivanka trump. passengers say goldstein was upset when he said they ruined the country. now they ruin the flight. >> he said oh, my god. this is a nightmare. >> before his twitter account was deleted, lasner tweeted out the reaction to the comment. he said they were at jfk and his husband was chasing them down to harass them. #banality of evil. traveling with her three children and the secret service, witnesses say trump seemed to try distract her kids with coloring as the jetblue crew stepped in to remove the couple. in a statement jetblue said the decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly. if the crew determines that a
11:27 am
customer is causing conflict on the aircraft, the customer will be asked to deplane. some customers say it was the right call. >> he was visibly shaking. if i was security, i wouldn't take chance either. trump and her family remained on the plane, landing at sfo and then boarded a private jet heading to hawaii. san leandro police stay charges will not filed against the man who managed to turn the tables on his attacker and kill him. police stay suspect pulled the knife on another man in an attempt to rob him. the would be victim fought back and managed to get his hands on that night. he then stabbed his attacker, killing him. police say they will submit their report to the district attorney. a follow-up from a story we brought you wednesday morning. there has been an arrest in the fatal hit and run crash in milbrae. the woman turned herself in yesterday. she hit the victim who was in a
11:28 am
crosswalk. the victim was taken to the hospital where he later died. woo now faces hit and run and vehicular manslaughter charges. coming up, the rain you with a pouring hard this morning and it is not over yet. another round of rain is passing through right now. and you can see that rain on the radar as it continues to move through. micro climate weather alert as we continue to track this rain coming in waves throughout the afternoon. the buses were blatant running a red light. >> he complains about the buses. what we've learned about what the agency has known for years.
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our radar showing what's going on outside. our coverage of a microclimate weather alert welcome back.
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our rafr showing what's going on outside. you see the huge pocket of yellow and orange. that has been sitting off the monday r monday, off the monterey bay coast. >> the rain isn't coming down as hard as it was earlier this morning but the storm isn't finished just yet. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is the calm before the next storm. it was a soggy, shoppy mess this morning. >> it was and it really makes it hard for everyone trying to get out on the roadways. and visibility is low. windshield wyomingers on. water being kicked up in front of you. so be mindful as we get a live look outside. the rain is starting to fall once again. you can see the clouds. and here the clouds rolling up, affecting the south bay. it didn't have as much of the
11:32 am
heavy rain early this morning. he may get a chance of getting at least some measurable rain. quite a bit of that. we can see the bright reds and the yellows, showing intensity. the rainfall, at least a quarter of an inch per hour. and then it is moving into a good chunk of the sablt cruz mountains into the peninsula. and right now, seeing the rain closing in. then we have another batch moving in through the delta toward concord area. we will see this. coming in in waves. some breaks in zbeen that may give a little time for that water to soak into the ground and keep us from having so many standing water on the roadways. still looking at the showers, continuing in the forecast through at least the evening commute. and a chance of also some thunder and line and the individual cells moving this today. we'll continue to keep tabs on that.
11:33 am
also, look ahead to some colder air in the forecast. it is coming in a little bit later. >> now to the roads in the south bay. one of the photographers has been checking things out all morning, bringing us live pictures from several different communities. in san jose, the heavy rain now coming in for another round. that was not the case early this morning. you see there were at points this morning some slick spots. it looks kind of dry. so be careful when you get behind the wheel in the santa clara valley. >> you've been tracking the road sgas the back-ups. >> i think more people are up and at it. chp is starting to report a few fender benders. you may want to take some extra time. it looks like we're seeing back-up. it could be people watching from the opposite side.
11:34 am
the biggest back-up will be on the 880. let's take look at that oakland camera. if this is your commute, make your way out now because the back-up will get worse throughout the day. >> all right. thank you very much. >> you can use the live doppler radar to track the storm wherever you go. you can find a detailed forecast as well. buses running red lights. >> drivers are staying ac transit buses are getting a free pass to break traffic rules. liz joins us with what they uncovered. >> we obtained the complaint database. we found hundreds of accusations from members of the public that bus drivers are blowing through
11:35 am
red lights. this all started with a tip from a viewer after making repeated reports the transit agency, he says with no resolution. he called us. >> come on. let's go. >> steven has a simple request. >> all i want to do is cross the street to take my dog for a walk. >> he says he can't do that safely in his berkeley neighborhood. he said he sees the ac transit buses clearly speeding. walking cross walks and more. >> the buses were blatantly blasting right through a red light. >> he wants ac transit to know, he is watching for red light runners. like the driver captured on this red light camera, or this bus operator. dash cams caught her running a red. taking a sharp left turn and tossing passengers on to the floor. skyler, who is battling hiv, says his high of is already at risk. >> i don't need any help to hasten my death or get injured
11:36 am
by a bus from a driver that is being careless about how they're driving. that's why this is important. >> skyler says this busy intersection near his home is especially problematic. so we decided to check it out. our camera found buses blocking traffic and double parking. this bus is still driving through intersection even while the light for cross traffic is green. and this one is entered on a red. >> is this dangerous? >> well, have been. the transportation consulant reviewed our video. he has provided expert testimony many bus crash cases. >> the bus is going through the intersection clearly on a red light. >> he said these buses should be slowing down to anticipate the light turning red. >> bus drivers well back need to be paying attention to the traffic signals. it sets up all kinds of horrible
11:37 am
scenarios. >> it is under clear if red light running has resulted in a serious accident but many people fear it could. we've revealed many complaints. this person writes irgs do not feel safe when your bus drivers routinely run red lights. another agrees, this is a regular pattern. we even found it in a school zone with a bus full of children. across the east bay we found at least 230 complaints about buses running stop signs and lights. inning does ac transit have a problem with buses running red lights? >> he said his team investigates each complaint and trains drivers. but he said the number we uncovered is too high. >> if that number is in fact true and if it does not dramatically drop, then we are not delivering what the taxpayers are paying for. >> he was appointed to lead the agency a little more than a year ago. he said he hired the executive director of safety to report
11:38 am
concerns directly to him. like the problems we found at the intersection near skyler's apartment near berkeley. >> i appreciate that you brought it to our attention. i would rather we find it on our own. regardless of how we find out about it. if it happens, it will be investigated. we'll respond to it and make sure it is fixed. >> the temporary closure of a nearby bus stop with people and buses here. >> will you reach out to the folks at the city of berkeley? >> we already have. >> the city says signs have been posted to direct more passengers to direct a new bus stop up the street. for his own sake, and for the safety of his companions this is all about her. just taking her for a walk. >> during our interview, the general manager pledged to meet with steven skiler to review his safety concerns. we've created an interactive map of where people have complained
11:39 am
about buses running red lights. he plotted the location and the bus route of each. you can check it out on our website on nbc bay >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to the unit. coming up, making sure kids have a great christmas. >> when we're in an nbc bay area area climate weather alert, we've made it easy for to you get latest information. just click on the bar that says weather alerts and you'll get information you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm jeff ranieri and that's how you stay informed. a live look from our live camera
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in san rafael and our doppler radar. our coverage of a microclimate weather alert. a live look from our doppler radar on the right and the weather outside is frightful. we have a micro climate weather alert. >> but the weekend is so delightful. >> maybe, maybe not. i don't know. it could be sloppy. >> we are seeing the santa cruz mountains really get hit hard. >> so a christmas day surprise
11:43 am
is coming near. a popular holiday toy drive is just getting underway. right now, the last-minute toy drive is in full swing. >> so it runs through tomorrow night. one of the best traditions. right off union square. they typically collect about 10,000 toys. either by drive up or walking. this is the drive. he has more. >> the christmas spirit is here. as they say, we shall you a merry christmas. ♪ this is the 16th annual toy drive here. the toys that people donate, they'll go to some lucky person. >> we heard there are about 13,000 kids that wake up without toys in san francisco. we won't complete happen. we need your help. right now we're starting off a little slow. if you can bring a toy down, just help us out. we need all the help we can get
11:44 am
this year. >> you were telling me, this is a 48-hour toy drive. it is kicking off right now. people can drop off toys. we would like to get each kid about two toys. we're asking to challenge the tech companies out there, if you've been helped, you want to be part of the community. >> and we're just talking to lee. they want to get some good gifts. what kind of gifts do you want people to bring you. >> anything for sports oriented, or if you want to give an f-box or a mplaystation, that would really make kid happy. >> any final message here from lefty o'dual's, this is a really good gift 9/11 message you want to send out? >> yeah. the spirit of christmas is alive. you can feel it. if you come down here, it is
11:45 am
just the spirit of christmas is alive and well. we need your help. help us out. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. and yes, the spirit is on here at lefty o'dool's. not too late. this toy drive is just starting. 48 hours you can donate here. >> he's so cheerful pause he is doing a good deed or because he's dry. >> the latter. but that's a great event. also, the last day of a very popular south bay toy drive. you've covered this one. >> since 9:00 this morning, pre registered parents were able to select toys. this is at south's first street in san jose. it provides gifts for more than 6,000 kids and teenagers. they can always use a few more toys and they'll take your donation through 4:00 this afternoon.
11:46 am
>> let's shift gears with the weather alert. the san jose mountains really bearing the brunt of the rain. >> yes. very hit or miss activity. and the roads very slippery. you can see the streets are wet. the wind shield wipers are on and headlights should be on too. >> cloudy skies. some lighter rain moving through. we'll see some heavy rain that could pick back up as we go to the next hour or so. so we see the bright reds. the very jenls rainfall at this point moving out of the santa cruz mountains. and this is where we had some rain spots. you only picked up on a few
11:47 am
hundredths. and moving up the peninsula, you see the bright reds and the yellows there. some rain moving through. that's quite steady at this point. then some heighter rain for the tri-valley as it moves from concord toward antioch. you will get some cheering here within the next 30 minutes. and a little break from that rain. and the hour by hour outlook shows we will have more waves of this throughout the rest of the day. at times, some cloudy skies and some breezy winds. we can see the activity through this evening with a few individual xrels will have the potential of producing thunder and lightning. something we'll be watching for. and temperaturewise, very cool. along with the rain, temperatures in the upper 40s, low 50s. and we're seeing the snow coming down in the sierras. it is 36 degrees and we have a lot of snow. the potential of another foot of
11:48 am
snow in some spots like south lake tahoe looking at about nine inches in kirkwood. if you are planning to go there, the road conditions are very bad. whiteout conditions and gusty winds. the snow won't end until tomorrow on. christmas day, we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. more of the rain and wind but clearing out tomorrow. we will put an end to that rain in the rest of the forecast. also for the inland areas. we'll be watching out for a chance some of freezing temperatures for the valleys for both christmas eve and christmas morning. next week it starts to warm up. and back into the low 60s 20 end of the week. i'll have a quick look at the forecast. maybe another look at the radar coming up. >> maybe? we can't get enough of it. coming up, a new arms race.
11:49 am
the war of words between donald trump and vladimir putin that has a lot of folks on edge. who says i shouldn't have a soda every day? my doctor. my dentist. definitely my wife. hey wait. we have better bubbles. make sparkling water at home and drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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putting other countries on notice...calling for " a greatly expanded u-s nuclear capability." ==sam//2 shot== trump's new press secretary, sean spicer, saru president-elect donald trump is putting other countries on notice, calling for a greatly expanded nuclear cape bill. >> and his new press secretary said the latest controversial tweet or tweets is a warning that this president isn't going to sit idly by while other countries build up their nuclear arms. >> reporter: overnight, vladimir putin holding his annual news conference at the kremlin. according to a russian government translation saying, the party loses always tries to pass the buck. adding, one has to know how to lose decently. and addressing the controversy over his call for the nuclear arsenal. putin saying if anyone accelerates and speeds up the arms race, it is not us. after a campaign where donald trump's statements on how he
11:52 am
would handle nuclear weapons set off alarm bells, the president-elect went even further tweeting the united states must greatly strength general expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world of comes to its senses. president obama has proposed modernizing the nuclear arsenal but not increasing the number of weapons. last spring, trump said he might use nuclear weapons in europe or against isis. >> they're hearing a guy running for president of the united states using nuclear weapons. nobody wants to hear them. >> why do we make them? >> one month later with savannah. >> would you rule out the use of nuclear weapons in the fight against isis? >> i don't want to rule out anything. i will be the last to use nuclear weapons. it is a horror to use nuclear weapons. >> trump spokesman jason miller saying trump's latest tweets was referring to the threat of
11:53 am
nuclear proliferation and the need to prevent it. kellyanne conway said she spoke to mr. trump directly. >> we need expand our nuclear readiness, our capability to be ready for those who have nuclear weapons. >> but experts say that words matter. and the medium. >> what is your concern when you see what sounds like new policy being made on twitter? >> this is no way to run a country. every word matters. strengthen the nuclear arsenal, fine. expand it? everybody is talking about that. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting there. trump's willingness to dive into issues on twitter on the same day that he injected himself into the relationship between israel and the use is upsetting some. they were expecting the president-elect to observe a
11:54 am
longstanding tradition that on foreign policy, there's only one president at a time. >> we'll check in with terry hall. that forecast, that radar is still cranking. team...
11:55 am
11:56 am
==sam/vo== these are the first photos of draymond green's first warriors added a player to the all-star team. >> i don't think he is actually on the roster for broebl 22 years. he is the starting center on the cuteness roster. >> these are the first photos of
11:57 am
draymond green's first little child. he was born yesterday morning, a few days shy of christmas. his name is also draymond like his daddy. green posted the photos on his instagram page. mom ask dad and big sister, they are doing well. mom and dad are doing well. because of this, draymond did not play last night. >> when he grows up and plays basketball, he might have some competition. because your son is quite the phenom. >> he loves basketball, yeah. he can't play today because it's raining. we have the rain just pouring off and on. and here's a look at the radar. a closer look toward the peninsula in the east bay. that's where the rain is the heaviest right now. >> that's going on throughout the day. we hope you have a great holiday and we'll see you for the news. what's going on back there? >> have a great weekend.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh over the fields we go laughing all the way ♪ ♪ bells are about to ring making spirits bright what fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight ♪ >> what a great way to start the feel-good friday. right before the holiday weekend. that was the festive cheer from the chorus of los angeles. this is my first time hearing them. i love that. >> natalie, this is tradition here for us right here. they come every year and are part of our family here. so i was very excited for you to get a taste of them today. hey,el


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