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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  December 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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you can buy creams and sprays. i am princess leia. deal with it. >> reporter: we talked to "star wars" fan this is afternoon who hadn't heard the news. >> wow, that's big news. i mean, i'm -- you know, i'm not a huge massive is "star wars" fan but she is super iconic and that's heavy-duty. >> that's news. i didn't know about that. that's shocking to hear. >> reporter: we talksed to folks from lucas films, they said they could not talk to us on camera because of company media policies but off camera they told us they are saddened by the news. live in the press video, thom jensen, nbc bay by a area news. markham mill tweeted "as if the 2016 couldn't get worse, sending our love to carrie fisher." and peter mayhew tweeting "our
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thoughts and prayers for our friends and everyone's favorite princess." >> you can leave your comments on the story as well, it's pinned to the top of the nbc by a area page. and "nightly news" will have continuing coverage of the health scare for fisher. fans across the globe showing their support for her. the bay area getting a good holiday soaking. >> a strong storm brought a significant amount of rain today. let's begin with our chief meteorologist. jeff, where's the storm heading now? >> right now the strongest portion of the storm system is moving towards the south in the central valley near los angeles but we still have some instability back behind the main branch and that could bring us hit-and-miss showers as we head throughout tonight. rainfall totals impressive from about 4:00 to 8:00 a.m. we pick up the bulk of the rainfall that tallied up to
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one-tenth of an inch. eight-tenths of an inch in walnut creek. a half inch in san jose and one inch for the santa cruz mountains. on the doppler radar you can see it's hit-and-miss in terms of activity. most consistent throughout the peninsula from east palo alto, that's going to push off towards the south in sunny vavale and s jose. the computer is picking up a rain/snow mix across mt. hamilton. that will continue as these temperatures start to drop and fast. heading up to the sierra tonight, watch out. treacherous travel here. thick and heavy snow on interstate 80, also highway 50. that snow line starts at about 3,000 feet. another update at 5:10 and 5:19 tonight. >> thanks, jeff. some of the heaviest amounts of rain falling in the bay area. we're in courte madeira with
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what the rain did there. >> reporter: it's been raining off and on all day in marin county. you can see highway 101 here in marin county is still a bit slick. but people aren't letting the wet weather slow them down too much. ar soging a soggy day in the north bay have folks in san anselmo on alert. >> i have the sandbags and positive thinking. >> reporter: just last week people were caught off guard when san anselmo creek nearly flooded and it happened in a flash. >> it rose within an hour. one hour we were thinking everything was okay and the next hour it was at the top and they were saying it was good to flood. >> reporter: thankfully today the rain has been coming in spurts with blue sky and sunshine in between. last-minute shoppers are getting a mixed bag of weather. >> it's not too bad and it's fun because it's rain then sun then
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rain so we plan how much time we spend in the store based on that. >> it's mixed up. >> reporter: flooding worries are low but intermittent showers have slickened road. travelers need to be careful. >> i'm more worried about people who don't know how to drive. other than that, i'm not worried about sledding. >> reporter: we're still seeing a few sprinkles here and there. you can see the wet wind sheesh of this car in the parking lot in the corte madera mall. people are looking for a much drier holiday weekend. . in marin county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. and rainy conditions here meant snowy conditions in the sierra. on 80, drivers had to stop to put on the chains to continue. right now several inches of snow are covering the ground which is great news for skiers headed up there for the holiday. our free nbc bay area app is a
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great way to check the conditions in your neighborhood and the sierra. you can use our live doppler radar to get detailed forecast for your community. the ghost ship tragedy enters a new phase. the parents of an artist and a student who lost their lives in that fire filed a lawsuit today. we're live from the alameda county courthouse in oakland with who the parents are trying to hold responsible. elyce? >> reporter: we heard the parents of a 20-year-old student who say they want justice for their daughters death and for the death of the 36 others who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire. late this afternoon they filed these claims here and civil lawsuits inside a courthouse here in oakland. the loss of a child is unimaginable. >> she just loved life and she's never coming home. we'll never see her again. >> reporter: parents david and kimberly gregory say it's worse when it could have been prevented. >> we just want justice. we just want justice. >> reporter: their daughter mikaila attended the electronic
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music show with her boyfriend alex vega inside the ghost ship warehouse on december 2. >> her and alex loved each other. they just wanted to have a good time. >> reporter: the 20-year-old san francisco state student and vega are two of the 36 people who were trapped inside when fire ripped through the white house. >> it's just reprehensible. gross negligence in the highest degree to have this happen. >> reporter: lawyer mary alexander is representing the gregorys and the parents of griffin madden, who also died in the fire. today they filed the first two civil lawsuits against the owner of the rouse, the music promo promoters who put on the show and the building's leaseholder, derek almena. >> we've filed claims against the city of oakland and the county of alameda. >> reporter: alexander wants to hold oakland and alameda county accountable she says for failing to respond to safety complaints and make sure the warehouse was fire safe. >> it all could have been
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prevented. >> reporter: that lawyer says she believes more civil lawsuits and claims like this will be filed and it's likely that all of those individual cases will be consolidated into one court with one judge. reporting live from live from oakland elyce kirschner. nbc bay area news. a man who thinks he's say tonight is accused of vandalizing a school. students returned to campus to see destroyed windows, broken i dos, computers smashed. police say the man, andrew faulkner, broke in and vandalized the school. today in court he told the judge he was satan and working with the fbi and the illuminati. the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation for him. this is no ordinary holiday greeting -- or is it. today president-elect donald trump released a week-old letter sent from russian president vladimir putin. it starts out "dear mr. trump, please accept my warmest christmas and new year
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greetings." president putin goes on to say he would like the two countries to cooperate together. trump called the letter very nice and says he hopes sides live up to those thoughts. but right now it seems mr. trump is playing hard ball, specifically when it comes to nuclear weapons. in a statement today to msnbc he said "let it be an arms race, we will outmatch them at every pass." the statement comes one day after mr. trump tweeted the u.s. must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. now this tweet contradicts a four decades old u.s. policy when ronald reagan called for a reduction of nuclear weapons. president obama proposed modernizing the u.s. nuclear arsenal but not expanding it. nuclear experts blasted trump's tweet. >> this is no way to run a country. every word matters. strength in the nuclear arsenal? fine. expand it? everybody is harping on that word whether donald trump meant it or not, he is changing u.s.
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policy policy. >> trump's new press secretary tried to clarify the president-elect's remarks saying his statement is meant as a warning to other nations not to undermine u.s. sovereignty. new developments in the wells fargo scandal. federal prosecutors are now investigating the bank over its sales practices and new documents just obtained by nbc bay area's investigative unit revealed a former employee has been subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury. we first spoke to the woman in october. she worked at the wells fargo branch in st. helena. she was fired in 2010 for raising red flags about fraudulent customer accounts. now the subpoena orders her to provide documentation about the bank's sales practices and copies of her complaints. the u.s. attorney's office and wells fargo have declined to comment on that issue. still ahead a man walks into a liquor store with a gun. what quick-thinking employees
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did next that saved the day and it's all caught on surveillance video. a welcome sight in the south bay, the impact of today's rains on the ground of the silicon valley. i'm damian trujillo, the details are coming up in a live report. now that the rain is starting to push off towards the south, it's the cold air back behind it that's going to hit us tomorrow, 1:00 a.m. 39 degrees inland. by 7:00 a.m. 34. we'll have another look at your morning forecast and what's happening for christmas in about eight minutes. hayward ..
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and two cs caught in the act. dramatic surveillance video showing a robbery in hayward and two clerks who were on duty boldly diving into action. new at 5:00, nbc bay area scott budman showed us what happened next. >> reporter: the owner of royal market, who asked to stay anonymous, describes what happened when a 16-year-old gun-wielding robber suddenly entered the store tuesday night pulling a gun on the clerk. surveillance video shows how the clerk and his brother, also on duty, fought the attacker, quickly subduing him.
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>> money's not important, i told him don't think about the money. >> reporter: by the time authorities arrived, the gunman was on the ground and needed to be taken out of the store on a stretcher. >> i come to this store everyday. >> reporter: regular shoppers at royal say the robbery left them shaken. >> everybody around the neighborhood knows them. if you don't have money to pay for something they'll let you get credit and come back and pay so it's like why would you try to rob a local neighborhood store? >> reporter: sheriffs officers tell us both the employee and the suspect were briefly hospitalized and then released. we're told the employee will soon be back at work. the suspect booked into juvenile hall. in hayward, nbc bay area news. if you've been outside you know the roads are slick and that could be the reason a car careened into a home in petaluma. let's give you a look. firefighters say the driver may have been speeding on a turn and then slid on the wet road right into the house. the driver on his way home from
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a night shift. two people were upstairs luckily at the back of the house, that's why they weren't hurt. the woman who live there is says they just finished remodeling that room and now it's destroyed. firefighters are making sure the rest of the house is still in stable condition. farther south in san francisco, a water main ruptured near evans and rankin. it happened this morning, it caused a huge sinkhole and flooded the streets. firefighters closed evans but it's scheduled to reopen in 45 minutes. they said the water main was built in 1935 and most likely broke because of old age. steady rainfall in the south bay, lots of it, having an impact on valleys and waterways. >> damian trujillo is live in the east foothills with that part of our coverage. damian? >> reporter: this is a welcome site for those who live in this part of the silicon valley. the water doesn't flow this briskly here nor on other waterways of the south bay.
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this dam is once again feeding the los gatos creek down below. the murky look of the water is because of all the runoff coming from the santa cruz mountains. one of the breaks in the weather allowed these fishermen to try their luck on the lake. >> i'm just doing some finishing, trying to get some bass. hopefully, i haven't had a bite yet. >> reporter: on first and alma streets in san jose, pedestrians had to cut through traffic to avoid flooded crosswalks. because of the holiday weekend, there is only minimum staffing of maintenance crews in san jose today. and at san jose international, delays of up to an hour because of weather problems in l.a. so passengers came prepared. >> we leave the house two or three hours early to make sure we cover for problems. >> reporter: weather problems that might be easier to accept after years of drought. i just checked the web cam for
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the observatory up in the east hills, no snow yet but plenty of rain. live in east san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, damian. we got a good soaking but it looks like it's clearing out. >> a lot of the action is moving to the south and it was like getting power washed this morning across the bay area. had so much heavy rainfall this a four hour time span from 4:00 to 8:00a.m. check out this viewer photo coming into us from santa rosa and david macon on twitter. he said his overnight storm total was three quarters of an inch in downtown santa rosa. thanks for this photo. that was representative of what the north bay had but also the peninsula and east bay. let's show you the doppler radar. we're still tracking instability behind the score of the storm and that may fire off some activity the next three to four hours. we're tracking heavier pockets of rain right now just
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approaching sunnyvale expected to move through downtown san jose through 6:04 tonight. we'll get dry by tomorrow morning's forecast and that's what i want to focus in on next. with the storm gone look at these temperatures, back to another cold 37 in the south bay, 39 in the peninsula. in the trivalley, 33 degrees. i do not think the roadways will be completely dry. temperatures dropping that cold could create some black ice so trivalley, be on alert. keep an eye on the car thermometer and if it's near 32, reduce your speed. we may see black ice in the north bay, especially the higher elevations with 32 and east bay begins at 39. the primary reason why it's not only going to stay cold in the morning but into the afternoon is because because our storm system dropped down to southern california, it's dragged down a copious amount of this arctic air that will stay in place
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across california through the christmas weekend so check out our micro climate forecast for saturday. you need that winter jacket for sure. daytime highs may not get out of the 40s down here to gilroy. a high of 49 degrees. east san jose 53 and cupertino 50. take note of the wind out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. when the breeze kicks up these temperatures no doubt will feel like the mid-40s with a slight windchill. 50 in antioch, 49 in livermore. 52 in palo alto, 50 in belmont and it will be breezy in san francisco, winds out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour so these low 50s, again, we'll be feeling like mid-40s. into marin, napa and sonoma counties drying out after our storm system, 52 under sunny skies and 53 expected in sonoma. i want to spend time on the extended forecast and we do dry out again for tomorrow's
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forecast. we'll be dry all the way through christmas day. good news for santa getting here kids, don't worry about that by 10:00 p.m. sunday night maybe a spot citity shower then we are dry through the extended and san francisco temperatures. we have a chance of a spotty shower by christmas night and dry through next week so kids that get bikes and footballs and all that good stuff, you'll have lots of great weather and if you're heading up to tahoe, we have a few snow showers tomorrow and it remains sunny throughout next week. look at this, zero degrees near the summit and four on sunday. >> brr. tomorrow some people are still doing last-minute christmas shopping. not me, of course. but if you had to go out, what's the best timetable? >> i'd really say probably about 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. >> crunch time. >> it's going to be busy but at least you'll be out of the super frigid temps in the morning. or maybe do the 5:00 to 7:00
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a.m. and hit the early stuff. >> good shopping tips. thank you. he does it all doesn't he? >> i try. still ahead, more room for students. the site being eyed at san jose state. plus the treat dozens of people were lining up for today. ==janelle/animation/cu==
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happening now on our facebook page. ==reveal== the world-famous "radio city rockettes" are scheduled to perf happening now on our facebook page, the world famous radio city rockettes are scheduled to perform at donald trump's inauguration next month, but some dancers have voiced their displeasure and want to boycott it. and we're almost at the end of the year and we've put together photos from the biggest events of 2016. you can find them on our home page. more news in two minutes. days after they were pul
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good-bye, california, hello, arizona. uber's fleet of self-driving cars have arrived in phoenix days after they were pulled from san francisco streets. the dmv banned the cars from california roads because of safety issues. today arizona's governor touted the state's business-friendly environment and had a special message for uber. >> california may not want you. we want you to know arizona does
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want uber. we are a state that is open for business. we are a state that welcomes business and new people and technology. i. >> uber hasn't announced a date when the cars will be tested or how many will be included. uber previously had 16 self-driving cars registered in california. >> reporter: governor brown is issuing his annual pardons and sentencing reductions for california inmates. today he reduced the sentence of a man who was part of a gang shooting where a woman lost an eye almost 20 years ago. he also pardoned over 100 other people governor brown traditi traditionally grants leniencies around major christian holidays. most pardons were people convicted over a decade ago for non-violent crimes. possible new housing for san jose state students and faculty. leaders are eyeing a site near one of the busiest pedestrian walkways in downtown san jose. in september, the camera 12 theater downtown closed its doors.
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that's where university leaders are looking as the home of their new housing project. they would say they would need approval from the board before making an offer. early house proeg posals suggest the building will be 20 stories high and have more than 500 apartments. a christmas tradition meant lines out the door. >> and more than an hour wait. well worth it. talking about the tamale factory on white road in san jose. the store made 30,000 tamales for today and tomorrow. it's been at it since december 2, working 24 hours a day to meet the demand and there were lots of people willing to wait for them. >> reporter: what is the big deal? >> i was wondering that myself. this is the first time i've come here, my wife talked me into it and i don't like lines but here ai am. >> it's a holiday tradition for hispanics. here's history for you. tamales date back to pre-colombian times when the as ti aztecs were prepared to go to war. the women gave them tamales
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wrapped in corn husks to keep them fresh. it's part of the holiday tradition. >> it would be really part of a holiday tradition if they sent us some. >> that will be a new one for next year. we'll switch out pint glasses for toys, that's another holiday tradition in san francisco. we'll tell you about it next. we've recovered over $400,000 for our viewers. if you want help visit n (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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started. ==vo== the "lefty o-doul' christmas just two days away, but a popular holiday toy drive is just getting started. the lefty o'duals last minute toy drive is in full swing. they will celebrate and collect toys for kids who need it most. organizers say about 13,000 san francisco kids wake up without toys on christmas. they're trying to fix that. you can help by dropping off toys until tomorrow night. >> that's so sweet. >> that's great. >> good thing to do. make you feel great about the holidays. >> and we're getting through most of the rain? >> there's a little left right now, not a lot but in san jose expect to get wet by 6:04 with moderate rain moving your way. more look at the extended forecast into christmas at 6:00 p.m. >> looking forward to that.
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thanks so much, jeff. see you at 6:00. bye. tonight, let it be an arms race. president-elect donald trump ratchets up his nuclear rhetoric, vowing to out-match any country in a push for global weapons dominance. plus, a new trump versus obama controversy erupts over israel. breaking news, legendary actress and writer, carrie fisher, princess leia from "star wars" suffers a massive heart attack on a flight to los angeles, rushed to the hospital. we have late details. isis church threat, stepped-up security around u.s. houses of worship amid a new advisory from the fbi. dramatic takedown of the suspected berlin truck attacker, killed by police in italy. how was he able to travel so far? and family surprises. bringing the 12 days of christmas to life and inspiring america.


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