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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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shedding new light on what might have led to a horrifying, wrng right now at 11:00, shedding new light on what might have led to a horrifying wrong-way crash that was so powerful it popped an engine from the hood of a vehicle and seriously injured two drivers. word is just coming in of an arrest. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. that wrong-way accident led to an ugly three-car pileup and shut down lanes on southbound 280 in san jose. now we are learning details about what may have happened before the driver took the wheel and went the wrong way down the bird avenue exit into oncoming traffic. the police have made an arrest. nbc bay area's tom jensen has been covering the story since 4:30 this morning and brings us the new information just
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released. tom. >> reporter: police are telling us now that that driver, who went the wrong way, was probably drunk, facing a dui charge right now. must not have seen the "do not enter, wrong way" sign coming off byrd avenue and going on 280 southbound but headed north, ran right into -- you won't believe this video of the other car that she hit right head-on into a red 2014 chevy aveo, small car. it's crushed like a pop can. the woman inside the car still alive, unbelievably. a 23-year-old woman has been arrested. she is from north hollywood. the woman in the red car, a 24-year-old woman from livermore hasn't been identified. she is the a the hospital with major injuries. the wrong-way driver, broken ankle and possibly more. then a 29-year-old woman from san jose crashed into the back
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end of that driver going the wrong way and suffered minor injuries and was released from the scene. just another one of those horrific accidents, you guys. we were out here a couple of days ago on the capitol expressway. it was a fatal drunk driving accident. we hope to get more information as it comes in today. we do know now that police are looking at this as a dui, probably alcohol involved. we will give you more information as it becomes available to us today. we are live in san jose, thom jensen. nbc bay area news. >> thom, thank you very much. right now a christmas eve shopping trip that started as a quest for presents and it ended with an east bay father of four dead. one of two men arrested in the fatal stabbing at the hayward target is expected to be charged later today. nbc bay area's pete suratos joining us live outside the police department. witnesses say this all started with a simple request. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. a request to turn down some
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inappropriate music inside the target store on whipple road in hayward. this is just a claim. when we spoke to hayward police, they are not confirming the claims as this is still an ongoing investigation. but we do know since the gofundme page was set up for the griffin we are talking about tyrone griffin ii. father of four. he died of the stabbing injuries after being taken to a nearby hospital. the two suspects are in their 20s and are in custody. back to the claim you mentioned. a man tells nbc bay area that a witness claims griffin was attacked after telling the two men in the store to stop playing inappropriate music in front of his son. another witness says he saw griffin putting a man in a head-lock while another man punched or stabbed him. this happened as his 4-year-old son was by his side. hayward pd did not discuss the details of all of this but had this to say. >> the first message is it's a very unfortunate incident.
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it was very sad that it happened, especially on the day it happened. it's an isolated incident. keep can rest assured that it's a safe area, safe place to shop. >> reporter: this marks hayward's 13th homicide of the year. the two suspects are expected to be arraigned later this afternoon. a gofundme page has been set up to help out the family. we have the information for you on our website at live in hayward. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> gosh, the four kids, so young there, pete. thank you very much for the report. all new this morning, the search for two people who rammed a hayward police patrol car with a stolen u-haul and led police on a chase to oakland. it started at 3:30 this morning. police received a report of a burglary at east bay motor sports. you see the smashed windows at the store. investigators say three people brought the stolen u-haul to the dealership specifically to load the stolen items onto it.
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officers arrived as the group was still there. police say the group then used the truck to ram the police vehicle and get away. now, that chase went all the way to west oakland where two people in the u-haul got out and ran away. a third person was taken into custody at the scene. it's a hanukah miracle! a menorah maker who heard about the six-foot-tall menorah stolen from san francisco's washington square park created a new one to take its place. he made a menorah valued at about $700 and then spent $300 more to ship it from his home in boston to the bay area. nbc bay area spoke with bogart every skype a few hours ago. he heard about the stolen menorah and knew he had to take action. >> i feel connected with the people of san francisco that they really feel bad this was stolen from them and would like to have a beautiful six-foot menorah. there are four days left. >> kindness coast to coast
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there. that mennora is expected to relieve at the columbus avenue chabad at some point next week. you can see the full interview with the maker on our website at part of the homewood mountain resort in north tahoe closed indefinitely after a fire broke out early this morning at the resort's south lodge. this is new video just in to the newsroom of the fire that started about 3:00 in the morning. no one was injured, and firefighters were able to contain the fire to just the one building. resort officials say the south area of the resort is closed and will remain closed until further notice. to a developing story this morning. a swarm of earthquakes near south lake tahoe. it could be felt close to the bay area. a look at the usgs map is showing the location here. it's being updated as after shocks continue. originally two 5.7 magnitude earthquakes shook minutes apart after midnight this morning. then there was a series of
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smaller earthquakes after that. the two larger earthquakes were centered near hawthorne, nevada, more than 300 miles or so from the bay area. right now we are watching your bay area weather this morning. it's been kind of a jekyll and hyde scenario. chilly start but it is turning slowly but surely into a beautiful morning. here is the live look. clear downtown san jose sky. turning it over to forecaster vee ahny. >> over the next few days we're going to warm up and dry out across the bay area before we start seeing the possibility of more rain. 57 degrees right now in pacifica. this is a nice look using the weather underground cameras. walnut creek also in the 50s. here is a look over san
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francisco. also looking beautiful and clear at 52 degrees. expecting chilly overnight temps yet again. we woke up to the 20s in some protected valleys. the highs for today will be slightly warmer than what we've been seeing. 50s and 60s for some parts of the area. palo alto, san francisco and oakland. the upper 50s finally starting to dominate in the forecast. high pressure begins to dominate. however, if you are thinking about your new year's eve plans already and possible sierra snow, we have some subtropical moisture expected to make its way in. i'll have a more detailed outline of the hour by hour outlook plus an outlook for the new year's day plans coming up in a bit. >> thank you very much. new this morning. nfl officials say raiders' star quarterback derek carr is doing well after undergoing surgery for the fibula that he broke on that play. an nfl reporter tweeted that within the last couple of hours
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carr's surgery went well and he is expected to make a full recovery. very good news for raider nation. it does not like he will be ready in time for the super bowl in the team were to advance that far without him. the raiders just qualified for the playoffs for the first time since 2002. it is a one-of-a-kind fire station that could soon be coming to the san francisco waterfront. with earthquakes and sea level rise in mind, designers are planning a floating fire station. the new $6 million station would replace station 35, keeping it offshore would protect it from rising water and possibly the ground shaking. >> a floating pier. a steel barge. the structure then could go up and down with the sea level. it would be much more resistant to an earthquake should one strike san francisco. >> having firefighters and fire boats ready to respond after an earthquake, city officials say, is absolutely crucial. crews use the fire boat to get
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water to the owners in the marina after the loma prieta earthquake. the new idea has a lot of support right now in san francisco, but the department of public works says it still needs state and federal approval to make it a reality because of its waterfront location. up next, at 11:00, remembering an acting force in hollywood. fans and friends from around the world are sharing their memories of actress carrie fisher who gained worldwide fame playing princess leia in "star wars." we'll take a took back at a life rich in performance from an early age. new developments in the russian doping scandal that led to more than 100 athletes being band from the rio olympics. a new report that points to a massive conspiracy. loss of a true talent-- actress
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and best-selling author, carrie the world right now is mourning the loss of a true talent, actress and best-selling author carrie fisher. her career took off, of course, with her role in the original
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"star wars," but her legacy stretches well beyond the legendary franchise. nbc's stephanie gosk brings us the latest. >> reporter: she wasn't just a princess. she was a hero. in one of the most popular movie series ever made. >> what are you doing? >> somebody needs to save our skin. >> reporter: when news came that actress carrie fisher died four days after suffering a heart attack on a flight between london and l.a. it's not surprising that a large number of fans felt princess leia and a bit of their childhoods died with her. george lucas said in a statement she was our great and powerful princess. feisty, wise and full of hope, in a role that was more difficult than most people might think. leia snuck out the plans to the death star, deflected han solo. >> you stuckup, half witted. scruf scruffy nerf herder. >> reporter: her costar mark
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hamill wrote a touching tribute saying she played a crucial role in my professional and personal life, and both would have been far elementier without her. fisher could not have known then at the age of 19 that the role would follow her for life. >> nobody recognizes you? >> one guy who has seen it 12 times. >> reporter: her appeal stand nearly four decades. her iconic role becoming a pop culture staple. from "friends" to "30 rock." >> i am a princess. >> reporter: her life was much more. the daughter of famous parents. pop singer eddie fisher and debb debbie reynolds who wrote thank you to everyone who has embraced my beloved and amazing daughter. fisher appeared alongside warren beatty in shampoo. then they moved beyond acting and became a writer. especially good at doctoring
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cryp scripts. she was also an author, including the book postcards from the edge, made into a movie with meryl streep. her most recent memoir, "the princess diarist" for she admits to a three-month affair with harrison ford on the set of "star wars." apparently no one had any idea. >> it shocks me. maybe because it was improbable. it wasn't like we were holding hands on the set or anything. >> reporter: in a statement harrison ford writes, carrie was one of a kind. she lived her life bravely. she wrote and talked about her demons. depression. bipolar disorder. stan substance abuse. she returned in last year's "the
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force awakens," appearing on the screen with her daughter billie lord. >> may the force be with you. >> truly full circle there. that was stephanie gosk reporting. other news right now, no surgery, of course, is without risk, but a new study finds that fewer patients are facing life-threatening outcomes after a major operation. researchers at new york university tracked more than 10 million patients between 2004 and 2013 and found an increase in the number of strokes after surgery but a decline in deaths and heart attacks. men were more likely to have complications than women and african-americans had the highest rates of death and stroke after surgery. new details in the russian doping scam. the "new york times" reports that for the first time russian officials admitted to mass doping in the country's sports system. the final part of the world anti-doping agencies independent
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report provided evidence offe a elaborate scheme. the acting director of russia's anti-doping agency told the "new york times" that it was an institutional conspiracy but added that top officials were not involved in it. more than 100 russian athletes were barred from competing at the rio olympics in the wake of the scandal. a live look outside at an extremely clear san francisco skyline and the transamerica building. you know that when there is no cloud cover, no warm blanket, it might be a little bit colder. vianey arana joining us now. that's the case here. >> all morning long, 20s, 30s. still barely in the 40s at this hour. we're finally starting to see a warmup and a dry-out at least through friday.
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in the south bay and the peninsula the microclimates looking very similar. in the 50s and sunny, which is great if you like the sunshine because at least you pair the cold temperatures with a little bit more sun in the bay area. san francisco right now at 52 degrees. near the north bay they've been seeing the coldest of those temperatures. 47 degrees but, yes, we are expecting to warm up. it's going to be slightly warmer than what we've been seeing the past couple of days. i know christmas eve and the day before christmas eve we had some freeze warnings. for today we're topping out into the upper 50s. we may be seeing some 60s in the forecast. now let's go ahead and take a look at your next chance for rain. as i said, over the tonight hours and into tomorrow and over the next couple of days through friday, we are expecting to warm up and dry out. however, we are expecting a storm to move in. we have some subtropical moisture that is expected to possibly make its way in as early as friday. if you have family out in the southern california area or you are making your way down to southern california for new year's, it looks like the storm
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system may be moving in from their direction. so they may be seeing rain as well looking ahead towards the first day of new year's we may be seeing a few spotty showers. this is not official just yet. we're keeping a close eye on the storm system. the models are showing conflicting reports in terms of totals and how much rain and timing. so we'll keep a close eye on that. moving into january 2nd and 3rd we have a second low pressure system moving in from the north. that will bring the possibility of more rain for the bay area. lake tahoe looking beautiful at 28 degrees. we're also expecting some more snow totals to make their way in over the next couple of hours. here is a look at your weather headlines. 50 degrees currently in san jose. by today we are expecting a warmup into the later part of the work week, comfortable afternoons with more dry weather, on the weekend, well, the rain chances are expected to make a comeback. not just for san jose but of course also for the san francisco area. today we did have the cold start
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for the rest of the week. it's going to be nice and dry before we start seeing the rain chances make their way in. hopefully not in time for new year's eve. >> fingers crossed. thank you very much. coming up next on nbc bay area news at 11:00, the latest trump tweet that was heard around the world, just weeks before his inauguration donald trump is taking president obama to task, and he is doing it through his platform of choice, twitter. but first, happening right now, hatchimals the hottest toy of the season but some parents complaining they take too long to hatch. sound off on our facebook page. amid the number of high profile deaths in 2016 social media users are trying to prevent one famous 94-year-old from saying good-bye too soon. a golden plan to keep her safe. back in two minutes.
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new this morning, security is high in germany ahead of the new year's eve celebrations. this, of course, coming after the christmas market massacre in berlin where 12 people died in that attack last week. the german city of cologne announced it will bring in heavy vehicles, even concrete barriers, to areas where people plan to celebrate the new year. the suspected truck driver in the attack was killed in a shootout in italy several days
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ago. now to local or i should say national politics and a security scare at trump tower leading to some nervous moments. in the meantime, the president-elect is getting back to business working on filling out his cabinet ahead of the inauguration. nbc's hallie jackson reports. >> reporter: running and yelling. >> everything is fine. relax. >> reporter: terrified people rushing out of trump tower. inside, a suspicious package triggering an evacuation. outside. chaos. turns out, false alarm. that package, just a bag of children's toys. a senior law enforcement source tells nbc bay area news. through it all, donald trump, thousands of miles away in south florida, surrounded by his national security team. the president-elect announcing a new adviser on homeland security. thomas bossert, a cyber security specialist who served in a similar role under president george w. bush. while trump has made no public appearances since saturday, he
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is publicly going back after president obama for a second day in a row for saying, if he ran again, he could have won. trump tweeting, president obama campaigned hard and personally in the very important swing states and lost. the voters wanted to make america great again. president obama, in hawaii, making history with japan's leader at the pearl harbor memorial. without mentioning trump, seeming to take a subtle dig. >> it is here that we remember that, even when hatred burns hottest, even when the tug of tribalism is at its most primal, we must resist the urge to turn inward. >> reporter: prime minister shinzo abe joining president obama, the first japanese leader to ever visit the site. but it's a different prime minister, israel's benjamin netanyahu, at the center of an international drama over a controversial u.n. security council resolution. that will be the topic of a big speech by john kerry today, a
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senior official telling nbc the secretary of state will candidly respond to accusations the u.s. orchestrated that resolution. claims the obama administration denied. away from the world stage, this stage, now getting set for january 20th when donald trump will take office. inraug ral planners insisting it's all about unity not razzle-dazzle. >> we are not planning coachella. we are planning a workmanlike inaugural. >> reporter: this time, just three balls. some performers like the rockettes, facing back lash for participating. >> the higher you are on the "a" list scale, the bigger the risk. okay. that was hallie jackson reporting. right now claims of dirimination against customers and employees coming from a high-end outlet. we will tell you which couture store in livermore is facing a
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lawsuit for treating its customers differently. chilling details in a deadly stabbing inside a hayward target on christmas eve. what witnesses report seeing in the moments before the deadly encounter.
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an unthinkable crime...committe d on christmas day. welcome back. it is an unthinkable crime committed on christmas day of all days. a gilroy man is behind bars this morning accused of beating his mom to death with a baseball bat. as nbc bay area's robert handa shows us, the woman also happened to be a prominent member of the gilroy community. >> reporter: it's unfortunate the life history of 70-year-old claudia saluski ended tragically. she was a long time leader with the gilroy historical society and wrote the book about the community as an author and was a long time educator at gilroy
11:30 am
high and san jose state university. >> a community contributor. she certainly was in every way you could think of. and a very gracious, thoughtful person who was always kind of looking out for others who needed a little extra helping hand. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says on christmas day deputies got a 911 call from the family home. >> deputies learned a son had attacked his mother with a baseball bat. >> reporter: what happened at the scene? >> when deputies arrived they immediately made contact with the son. they were able to detain him and then ran into the house and found the mother inside the house with significant head trauma. >> reporter: neighbors we talked to were stunned. >> people snap on christmas. either they kill themselves or somebody else. i am just sad to hear it happened on christmas. >> reporter: the owner of the book buyers store downtown said claudia will always be a part of the community. >> i am very glad she left books
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for us to read. it's her legacy. and she is going to be able to be known and appreciated for a long time because of that. >> reporter: robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> quite an imprint left behind. happening later today, more family experiencing profound heartache. a family of six, actually, after their father and their husband was stabbed to death on christmas eve. one of the two men arrested in connection with the stabbing which happened inside of a hayward target is set to be charged today. we're learning new details about the vicious attack of the father of four that happened that day. the victim is tyrone griffin. you see him here with his family. police say he was stabbed in the toy section of the target store on whipple road in hayward and that he was shopping with his 4-year-old son at the time that this happened. the suspects, who were arrested that night, are frankie and jessie archuleta. witnesses report the victim was talking to the men because he felt their music was not appropriate for his kids.
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this morning we're also learning more information with a wrong-way driving crash on interstate 280 in san jose. you see the result of it right there. the red car was hit head-on. we brought you the story as breaking news on "today in the bay." in the last couple hours we've learned the wrong-way driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. within the hour that suspect has been identified as 23-year-old tarike dura sh,,e of northbound hollywood. it happened near the bird avenue exit. that's where the driver entered going in the wrong direction. investigators say the driver was going north in the southbound lanes and collided head-on with the red chevy. a bmw was also hit. the suspected dwi driver and other drivers were both hospitalized with serious injuries. this morning we are trying to warm up. it's been a bit of a process, starting the morning out in the 20s and 30s in some spots.
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but the transformation is under way as we take a live look outside right now at downtown san jose. a lot of folks doing what they need to do, cardioor ju or runnn place. who knows. getting up into the 40s. >> 50s for san francisco. we were at 49 for san francisco. i want to say we may have hit the 50s in the last few minutes. that's good news. it means the temperatures are finally starting to warm up. though we're enjoying a lot of sunshine. 52 degrees and clear skies. the temperatures will be warming up over the next couple of days. we'll also be welcoming drying conditions. here is a look right now for emeryville. 55 degrees. seeing the cold morning but clear skies. which means, like sam said earlier, no blanket of clouds to keep us warm. right now across the bay area, some parts still seeing the 40s. there it is! 50 degrees already in san jose. we were at 48 recently.
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we're expecting to see a temperature trend over the next few hours. if you're just making your way to lunch, it will be warming up to about 59 degrees. finally seeing 60s, at least for a winter day. we're seeing a lot of sunshine. sam, i'll send things back to you. >> it's nice but this morning it had some bite to it. a high end outlet in the east bay accused of discriminating against customers and employees based on the color of their skin. a former employee is suing versace after working at the brand's outlet store in livemore. according to the lawsuit christopher sampino, who is black, says he was told to use a specific code when a black customer entered the store. he also accuses managers of treating him differently and ultimately firing him because of his race. versace filed a response to the lawsuit denying the claims and stating we do not tolerate
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discrimination on the basis of race, national origin or any other characteristic. the decision on whether or not to charge students for sharing sexually explicit pictures sits in the hands of the santa clara county district attorney. mountain view police say they and other police agencies have been investigating allegations at five different south bay high schools for months now. students were said to be sharing hundreds of sexually explicit pictures of other students via an online drop box account. police have since put a freeze on that account. investigators say that it was an anonymous tip that led them to this case and among the possible charges being considered here, child pornography. 11:35 right now. an unusual murder investigation right now in arkansas raising new questions about the intersection of privacy and technology. police are asking amazon for data from its popular virtual assistant, the echo, the one so many of you problem got friends and family members for
11:36 am
christmas. called casually alexa. the online giant is refusing to hand the data over. police in bentonville, arkansas, are trying to tap into the devices to solve a crime. as nbc's gabe gutierrez shows us, the attorney says his client has nothing to hide and that investigators are over reaching. >> reporter: a murder case testing the limits of privacy inside your home. the amazon echo better known as alexa was a best-seller this christmas. now police in bentonville, arkansas, have filed a warrant for electronic data to help solve a murder. >> we know amazon has a copy because consumers can listen to all their alexa requests and delete them. >> reporter: it's not clear how much relevant data is on the device. 32-year-old james bates is alleged to have murdered his coworker, found strangled in his hot tub. bates has pleaded not guilty.
11:37 am
>> did anybody think when this was being created that information that you gave to alexa or to the amazon echo would be used outside your home? and then to be used to have you arrested for a crime you didn't commit? >> reporter: investigators say this new technology is just another piece of the puzzle. >> we have established probable cause and obtained a warrant from a judge to search this device the same way we would search a person's cellphone or a home. >> reporter: amazon tells nbc news it will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us. amazon objects to over broad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course. >> when we give companies data the big problem is not only how will it be used today but how it could be combined with other data in the future and then used against us. >> that was gabe gutierrez reporting. let's go back to san francisco, a live look outside at the transamerica building. i tell you what, a bit of a head scratcher this morning for pg&e
11:38 am
crews still trying to figure out what caused a strange odor in the downtown area overnight. this was not pinpointed to a specific area. they were getting calls from all over the city. at least 30 people calling in and saying they smelled something that seemed like natural gas. crews went out. they were not able to actually detect any natural goes levels anywhere. firefighters say as a result there is no threat to public health or safety. coming up next on nbc bay area news at 11:00, caught an camera. a terrifying near miss as a car loses control and almost crashes into a state trooper who was walking along the side of a road. must-see video coming up next. plus, you may be paying more than you should be for medical treatment and there is a reason. we'll explain. one disease is driving coast
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more than any other--- in medical news this morning, when it comes to your health care, one disease in particular is driving costs more than any other. americans spend the most money on treating and managing diabetes. a new study from the university of washington looked at the dramatic rise in health care spending dating back from 1996 to 2013, and diabetes topped the list at an estimated $101 billion spent. that was followed by heart disease and lower back and neck pain. treating high blood pressure and high cholesterol ranked in the top 20 for health care spending. new research suggests icus are being used too often. data from roughly 800 patients admitted to ucla medical center
11:42 am
in los angeles shows that more than half of them could have been treated in less expensive and less invasive settings. many of them were in need of close monitoring but not icu-level care. others were so sick that they did not even benefit from the intensive care. now that christmas is over, some are left to wonder what to do with their tree. we have a solution for you. the 30th annual tree chipping event started at 10:30 this morning in san francisco. so they are about an hour in. that's an event designed to help you get rid of your tree and help the environment at the same time. just bring your tree to the civic center plaza an larkin street between the library and the asian art museum. city environmentalists say the event is a great way to have your tree turned into energy instead of taking up space in a landfill. a few days away from the new year. many people getting ready to work on their new year's resolutions. good luck with that!
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still ahead. we'll look at some of the apps that could assist you in fulfilling your goals this year. state trooper.
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caught on video. a car sliding on ice that barely misses a state trooper. you see it right there. look how close that came to the trooper in the bright neon jacket. it happened in boise, idaho. the trooper was walking by the side of the road when a car lost control, spun off the road. it clearly went right in front of the trooper and crashed into the patrol car parked in front of him off the shoulder. no one was injured. the success rate for sticking to your new year's resolutions not the highest. if you're hoping to actually stick to them this year, experts have tips. a sports psychologist came up with an acronym called p.a.s.t. p stands for plan. establish your goal and what you need to do to get there.
11:46 am
that's step one. a stands for arrange your environment to help you succeed, put yourself in good positions. s stands for stick to one thing. focus on one resolution and go for that. and finally, t stands for make it too easy to fail -- don't make it too easy to fail. instead of trying to commit to an hour of exercise every day, try something a little less challenging. >> we're talking exercise, one minute, all right. then move to five minutes and then ten minutes. >> experts say that the most important thing of all is to just accept ourselves the way that we are. as people are getting ready to set the resolutions, many folks are turning to technology to do it. nbc's mike wendlin has three apps. >> reporter: pact uses cold hard cash to motivate you to hit the gym. form a pact to work out a certain number of times a week or to eat right. fall short and you will be charged a minimum of five bucks.
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succeed and you get a cut of the pot. settings can be increased to adjust your fitness level. it's free for ios and android. fit star gives personalized programs, offering a variety of workouts added monthly. the dynamic programs continually adjust to your feedback, goals and capabilities, just like a personal trainer. and fit star constantly brings new moves and sessions to keep things fun. it's free for ois and android with premium features available. gym aholic uses 3d animation to help demos jump off the screen. it tracks your calories, heart rate and rest time. set it to increase your workouts automatically and add photos to document your progress. it's free with premium features available. you want more information?
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no problem. head to my pqmike tech blog. i built in drirect links to everything you just now. hopefully that gives you a leg up. apple wants to encourage you to keep your new year's resolutions. it's rolling out an update to apple watch users. it's aimed at getting users to close all three rings of the watch in january. also looking to make it a social event with shareable goals and achievements. set these high-arching goals and everyone knows when you don't get there. perfect! love that idea! thanks, apple. >> if you want ant early start, we're seeing sunny temps, you won't need a wind-breaker in terms of the wind but it's chilly. get started early and then it will feel easier to move into the new year's resolution goal.
11:49 am
south bay right now in the 50s. we were in the 40s a few minutes ago. peninsula at about 52 degrees. a lot of sunshine. the tri-valley also in the 50s. out near the north bay seeing the chilliest of the temperatures. earlier today see started off in the 20s and 30s. it's been a nice wednesday. we're not at the end of the week just yet, but today we are expecting to warm up and dry out over the next couple of days. the high pressure is going to be dominating in the forecast, which is giving us the nice, clear conditions outside all across the bay area. heading over to the north bay, 60 degrees in santa rosa. san francisco also in the upper 50s. san jose finally going to start seeing some 60s in the forecast. though we are still in winter it's going to feel like a california winter, of course. paired with cool temperatures, sunny skies. i don't really complain when it comes to this time of the year. at around 1:00 or 2:00, if you're heading to your lunch hour, should be topping out at 58, 59 degrees. if you're heading out to dinner
11:50 am
the temperatures start to decrease over the next few hours. the overnight lows are expected to once again be a little bit chilly. we'll keep a close eye on that. talking about the next chance for rain. we were talking about new year's resolutions but what about the weather? if you had plans to be outdoors, we are tracking a pretty weak storm system at the moment that could bring subtropical moisture to southern california. that could spread in on new year's eve and then on sunday heading into monday we are seeing a second storm system move in from the north. that could also bring the possibility of a few spotty showers and, of course, i know a lot of people were concerned. the question was raised, what about the parade out in l.a., the rose parade? we're going to keep a close eye on that as well. lake tahoe, 28 degrees right now, looking beautiful out there. we're also expecting sierra snow next week. we've already seen a good blanket. by tuesday, seeing a good amount. if you haven't already made your way up there, you still have time to enjoy fresh powder. over the next seven days that is
11:51 am
the trend. sunshine. we are going to start seeing some cloud cover because we are tracking the low pressure system. it is going to bring the possibility of seeing some showers. we're going to be warming up, though, heading into thursday and friday. the temperatures remain in the 50s. once again, by saturday we are tracking that system that is going to decrease our temperatures and the overnight lows will once again be on the colder side. heading into saturday, that's when the subtropical moisture could push in from the south. but right now the models are showing conflicting totals in terms of how much rain and, of course, the timing. as of now, though, it's looking pretty week. heading into sunday, we do have a second storm system moving in from the north. that is also going to bring the possibility of seeing a few spotty showers. at the moment it's still pretty far out. we have a better rain chance heading into monday. the first week of 2017. yikes. we made it through 2016.
11:52 am
inland. seeing an increase in the temperatures. finally seeing the 60s. we've been seeing a lot of 50s and 40s in the forecast. a warmup will be nice. the system also expected to bring showers inland to parts of the bay area, not just for the northern area. we might see the better chance for rain in the south bay area. the system is moving in from the l.a. area. as you head into next monday and tuesday, the first week of 2017, showers yet again remain in the forecast. so we might be off to -- you know what -- i have a feeling that those showers might hinder some jogging plans, sam. i don't know if you're going to make it outdoors with all of that rain. but, hey, just get it started early. you never know. it might set you up for success. we are going to track a warmup and a lot of sunshine in the forecast. i'll send things back to you. >> as long as the rain doesn't affect my football plans, all will be well with the world.
11:53 am
thank you. a natural light show you can only catch in the wintertime. not where you would expect to see it. this incredible phenomenon, next. we'll be right back.
11:54 am
11:55 am
there it is. the new york stock exchange. is that a pomeranian? a bunch of different dogs out there on the new york stock exchange this morning. opening the markets. the dow jones industrial average actually down in triple digits this morning. if it stays that way, it would
11:56 am
only be the second such occurrence since the election. market has been on a roll, but the dow done to 19,841. folks in china seeing a natural light show that happens only in the winter. the colorful pillars appeared monday night and lasted for two hours. it's reminiscent a lot of people are saying of the northern lights in alaska. it happens when the people are able to brave the cold getting a look at what they call a dreamy scene. meteorologists say the pillars appear when the temperatures are low enough to make crystals out of water vapor in the air and the crystals reflect the city lights creating the colorful beams. have you seen the northern lights? >> i have not. maybe i'll add it to my new year's resolutions. do you have one? >> new year's resolution? >> yes. >> to stick to the running plans, i think. >> you can't use rain as an
11:57 am
excuse because i gave you plenty of time to buy a jacket. >> you did. i came from years ago in the northeast. i have plenty of jackets. bringing in the new year with some rain, you were mentioning. >> maybe, maybe. over the next seven days we're expecting to see a drying trend. friday heading into saturday there is a weak storm system as of now that may bring the chance for a few scattered showers. moving into southern california, though, so folks near the l.a. area may also see rain chances. heading into sunday we're seeing another low pressure system move in from the north. so we're going to keep a close eye on the possibilities of rain. >> you were running around all day here. tomorrow you're marrying traffic and weather. >> yes. >> it will be a busy day for you my friend. >> make sure to join us. >> we'll see you at 5:00 for the news cast. hope you have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ eyes wide open and i got one thing on my mind ♪ >> oh, yeah. how about that for your friday starting it off. let's dim the lights and kick it off with "50 shades darker." friday, natalie just whip med before we went on. >> ouch. >> it hurt. >> that's three times. >> no more. no more. >> what's your safe word? >> waive word is "access." "access hollywood."


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